4.3 (42K)
173.9 MB
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Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Stack

4.34 out of 5
42K Ratings
5 years ago, KallianaCorus
Calm, enjoyable app but it lost all my data
I was obsessed with this game for a while, got all the designs and slowly started playing less... I remember being really excited when the Art ones came out, but otherwise it has become just one of a number of apps I play when I’m avoiding social media... I clicked on it and could tell there had been an update since I last played and immediately went to get a new design... All the diamonds I had collected since the Art designs came out were gone. Which wouldn’t have been a huge deal to me, but I also apparently no longer have any designs and the idea of having to start over is just too stressful for a fun game, so I’m going to be deleting the app. But it is still a fun game if you aren’t one to get too caught up in collecting that potentially losing designs bothers you...
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4 years ago, Yaddahada
Overall fun and relaxing [Ad suggestion below]
I absolutely enjoy this game. It reminds me of tap and stack games you would see at arcades. The piano tones that emit from the slabs after stacking them perfectly are relaxing. I also like that there skins for the slabs that you can get by simply playing the game and those skins alter the background (for example the fish slab skin adds bubbles to the background alongside the gradient colors). Just to mention, there are some skins that you can get only by liking through facebook and instagram. [Ad suggestion] I recommend there a title screen transition into an advertisement. Like a view screen of the Stack’s logo, the creator’s logo and a notice that an ad is coming up next. The reason I recommend this is due to how sudden the ads appear when I simply open the app or finish a game of Stacks. It’s uncomfortable to get immediately hit with an ad. It’s as if it’s being thrusted into my face and I’m so annoyed I’m not even paying attention to what’s being advertised to me. Especially when it’s an ad that has a loud sound or theme. I’m aware that ads can be removed for $2.99, but I feel the sudden burst of an ad will negatively effect the app’s presentation. In conclusion, I just want a warning that an ad is about to appear.
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2 years ago, ParkerApplejax
3 major issues. Otherwise great game.
1. You can’t save your progress, even though sign in is an option. When you delete the game, all your designs, diamond, achievements/ challenges go away. Very frustrating after countless hours of collecting. I’ve now unlocked and lost every design twice, I recently uninstalled and lost my 3000 diamonds and my 300 high score, along with all the designs. 2. The game can get laggy, especially if you leave the app and come back. I have an iPhone 14 pro, and had this problem on my iPhone 12. Can’t play a game that is won with timing if the game lags. If you don’t leave the app, this probably won’t be an issue, though so not a huge deal. 3. It’s almost impossible to find a good design because they change colors and it gets too dark to see the corners. This will almost definitely cause you to fail. A few have outlined borders, which makes it easier.. but even these will get too dark sometimes (retro, art V). I will get 40 perfect in a row and then it turns black and I can’t even see the corner. It’s so frustrating and obvious that this should be an issue. I wish there were more than 2 or 3 that remain the same color each time (gold, platinum) because even these are hard to see. I love this game and it’s a really good thing to do if you like to waste your life away on your phone, but I wish just a little bit more attention to detail was put in. Maybe some new designs, progress tracker, etc.
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8 years ago, nehamapajama
Amazing game, but one problem.... THE ADS ARE MORE FREQUENT THEN THE GAMEPLAY
I downloaded this game about a week ago and it has been spectacular. It requires amazing skill to stack the rectangular prisms exactly on top of one another and how they designed the game to have pieces of the prism fall off when you didn't set it down perfectly. The only problem is the overwhelming number of Ads. Sometimes when I launch the game, I have to repeatedly clear and reopen it due to no escape button appearing after a said amount of time. When I do get the game to work, I feel that the Ads take up more of my time than playing the game while opened. I understand that ads are the only way to make money on free games and I can accept that. The amount of ads that are being pushed on this game is outrageous though. Not a lot of people want to purchase the ad blocker as it is a waste of money. Please maintain the amount of ads that you push into the game because it is making your customers extremely frustrated and it is ruining our playing experience.
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1 year ago, timetravler_3005
Back in the day ads were rare
So I’ve had this game for a pretty good couple of years now but I just redownloaded it and the first greeting I get were ads after ads after ads I give this a 50/50 rating not for the ads but it did calm me down when I first got it. This game had the relaxing feel for it now when you play it you can’t even get 2+ stacks in before an ads slaps ya in the face from going to a calming feeing (the game) to a jumps scare (the ads) isn’t what first timers were expecting. For me when I first got this game the ads weren’t even there. Not saying anything bad but most games who grow to become popular with the community they’ve built build up until they fall due to constant ads or annoying pop ups. My opinion get it if you may there’s no force deciding for ya but come a couple of years don’t know if imma keep this for much longer. ~Happy gaming
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1 year ago, CaiusNotPlaying
Love the game, wish there were more updates
I love this game, it helped me practice to be able to win two jackpots on Stack at an arcade. I just wish there were more updates. More skins would be nice and missions too. I wish there was more variety in the missions but there isn’t much you can do when it’s a game as simple as this so it doesn’t affect my review personally. There isn’t much to add and I get that but it would be cool to see. Maybe there would be some sort of challenge mode or extras menu, but since this game hasn’t been majorly updated in 4 years I doubt that’ll happen. Still this is an extremely fun, simple, and addictive game. I seriously recommend, it’s great for if you’re not doing anything and just want to relax. 10/10; 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Ninicheeky🌊🐬
This game is the perfect lazy/fun pastime. It is a great cure for boredom. When my friend first sent this game to me I was so excited, since when I was little I always loved playing stack games anywhere I could find them. The rating is +12, but I'm not sure why. Other than the difficulty range might be for people in the older range, you can improve quickly. Adds haven't really been a problem I have only gotten 1 or 2 adds, but I only played a few times for two days now. It is a great game to play with friends to see who has the highest score😁 It's always really pretty to see the end of the tower seeing all the gradients throughout it. Short disclaimer- I might not have the most experience only playing for a few minutes😂😬
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6 years ago, selsel01
Love the new update
I’ve been with this app for a long time, and before, it was pretty decent of a game for me to play. Not the most exciting, but definitely time consuming and enjoyable. Now, this new update boosts the creativity level by a lot, because of adding missions and new features overall. Also, I really like that you can watch a video to revive after the block has become too small and, whereas in the old version, that’d end the game for you. However, with the new changes, it makes it much easier to surpass high scores if you want to continue. I, of course, believe that there will be even better updates in the future, which is why I rated this app a 4/5. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to play a game that’ll really get you focused on it and involved. Love the new update!
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5 years ago, wsddgvcghfdf
Amazing no problems
This is the first game I downloaded on my phone it’s an amazing game there is not that many adds you can also watch ten ads for a new type a block I’ve collected all of them but lucky gold do not listen to the other bad ratings they just don’t like games like this. This is the best game ever there is absolutely no in app purchases. I’ve had this game on my phone for over three years now and still love it. Sorry it took me so long to write this review but I was to busy playing it so you should defiantly get this game if you like quick fun games if you like stack you might also like helix jump which is another one of my favorite games well to the developers can you please make a pug block or a dragon block that would be really 😎cool
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8 months ago, RonDycks
Ad BEFORE Playing? Delete, I will NOT spend more time watching ads, than actually playing.
It’s insane that Apple allows Developers to produce games that COST end user more in time watching ads, than the time allowed for gameplay. What’s worse? YOU WATCH ADS BEFORE PLAYING THE GAME AT ALL. And the, When you play for 20-30 seconds, U R then FORCED to watch 60 or more seconds of commercials, this is a Rip Off. Ask your self, how much is your time worth? For every 10 minutes of game play, you WILL spend at least 20 or more minutes watching ads, to keep playing. I’d rather be given a free hour or even 30 minutes to gain information regarding the game, and if I like it, then PAY. But “paying” with Ads? I cannot waste THAT much of my time, when Free Time comes at a premium already... Look at the REAL math. For every hour you play this game, Fully 45 minutes will be dealing with ADS, trying to “X” out of simply get back to the game, well the minutes ADD UP.
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4 years ago, ANNOYED X A BILLION
I had this game while back and loved it so much. No complaints at all. Super relaxing & fun & challenging at times. I grew bored after awhile (no hate, just had the game for a while and started playing different games, I tend to go through apps alot). anyway i thought about this gamr and was super excited to re download it and play again! except when i downloaded it and dtarted playing it wont stop glitching. the whole point of the game is to balance the blocks on top of eachother until you miss. well i cant make it past 50 bc the blocks keep jumping or glitching or whatever you want to call it. ive re installed it 3 times, tried to let the game fix itself by just leaving it on the screen for a minute while the block moved back anf forth and nothing is working. very frustrating. so until the app can work itsself out and stop glitching, i wont be playing 😚
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7 years ago, thepyropig
Are you aware?...
I love this game and recently i got a vr phone headset. I was looking for some apps to play with my new headset and "vr stack" was one of them. I was so excited I was gonna be able to play my fav game in vr! But when it started up the first thing that's shown is a picture of george washington stabbing a dragon with the words "Taxation is slavery, Protest against immigration" So in sitting here a bit uncomfortable but I get over it and try to play the game. However, It's unplayable. You have to tap the screen to do anything. How am I supposed to tap the phone when it's in a headset, closed up? I was angry and kinda disappointed but the main thing I hate is I think this is copyrighted material....The game is called stack and looks exactly like this game. just in crappy vr. I doubt you'll read this but still. Thanks. --------------Random idiot------------
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2 years ago, \-𝚆𝚊𝚏𝚏𝚕𝚎𝚜-/
Great App!
I love this game! When I was in… first grade maybe, I played this game with all my friends in the computer lab and we loved it! It was a big trend in my school for a while (it wasn’t a very big school, mind you) and I loved being able to play it again! I don’t have any big complaints. And for the people who are saying the ads are bad, they really aren’t all that bad! I do have one complaint, though. (It’s not a very good one but whatever) I think the buttons are a bit confusing. Like, the box with the arrow is obvious, but I just think that in the settings you could add a little switch that turns on text underneath the buttons. I’m no game dev, but I think that would be helpful. That’s all! It’s overall a great game and you should keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, The karate kid 3.0
Great app but the ads pop up after almost every round
I got this app like 2 days ago and it's a great app but the AD'S pop up after almost every round but apart from that this app is really good you should definitely get it :) :) :) It would be 5/5 but because the ads pop up like after almost every single round I'm going to have to give this app a 4/5 but even if I rate this app 4/5 you should still try this app out for yourself a see how you like it and if you don't like it then you can always delete this app :) But you should definitely try this app out because from my perspective stacks is really good the only problem with the app is the ads pop up after like every round but it's still a really really super good app and you are not wasting your time playing stacks :) :) !!
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5 years ago, Wiley05
Stacks is good but...
I like stacks because it has this calming feeling to it with the music and everything. It just relaxes me and I really enjoy it. But there are some things I would like changed. The first change needed is to have more missions to do because it gets boring having the same missions every time just a little more difficult. The second change needed is when you are playing and in your rhythm then the game randomly speeds up really fast. Then you get into that rhythm and then it slows down. This is usually when I die and this relaxing game then makes me start raging like any other game, so you just took away one of the main things I like about the game. Developers if you see this I would really like those updates. Thank you for your time.
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1 year ago, Dinosaur52789139
A fun game but it still has ads when you pay for no ads
This game is very fun and aesthetic. I really enjoy it. However, it is basically unplayable with ads. Your best bet is to force close the app everytime a full screen ad pops up (which is almost every round). The ads that pop up while your playing actually make the game spaz a bit and I messed up a lot because of ads popping up. I actually purchased ad free and THEY STILL SNUCK SOME ADS INTO THE AD FREE VERSION. Also I wish they would make the high score table easier to use. I literally don’t even know what the highest score is because I would have to scroll through thousands of scores to get to it. It’s a fun app that could use some UX improvements. Im really annoyed that there are still ads even after you pay for ad free also.
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2 years ago, loveuube
cool game, but the glitches are annoying
okay, so i really like this game. i just started playing it today though, and im already experiencing issues. 1, at first my skins werent loading, which was fine by me since i didnt really care ( i only had one since i just downloaded it today ). 2, my game freezes an doesnt come back on until i close out and reload the game. its VERY annoying, and it starts happening when i get to 10 - 20 blocks. and, after i close out the game, my phone starts making weird noises. like one of the times, i heard a bouncing noise? which bouncing noises dont come from the game at all. overall, this game is great, but i cant really play it until the glitch is fixed.
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8 years ago, Hjinxed
Alright, so straight forward, I love the game. Second of all, I finally got to 1000!!! 😄😄😄 Its so addicting and fun. I love it!!! Here comes the downside of things... ADS OH ADS. I've experienced ads popping up in the middle of the screen, during gameplay. It stops the game and looses track of what you are doing and it's frustrating!!!! 😡 Second of all, I have a hunch that the creator isn't listening to anything people are saying on reviews. I see a lot of people are saying ads are a problem. I read a lot of them from like A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO 🙄 They still haven't changed anything, from the past updates which is ANNOYING AND CRAPPY! 🤔🤔😶😶 Please for the next update fix this. Thanks.
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7 years ago, 3029871
The most captivating app EVER! ❤
If you are reading this you should download the app it's super fun and awesome. The stacking works really well and is realistic. I can play it whenever I want and be so entertained. The only bad thing is sometimes I CAN'T STOP! 😂 At this point in reading you should be convinced. Ketchapp is a really good app company and you should check them out. I honestly have tons if their apps. That should show you how great it will be. It's really amazing to play. The colors are so pretty and vibrant. Now STOP ✋ reading this and go download this app Stack 📚. It's like a hidden gem 💎. Some think there are too many adds, but not really. There's only like two per 30 minutes. So go download it... NOW!😂
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1 year ago, washinjacket
banner ad lag kills the game
have had stack for years and it’s been my go to time killing game, or playing with my wife and seeing how far we can get. but now the banner ads on the bottom while playing have made it to where the game will sometimes stutter when it brings the new one up, which in playing a game based on timing makes it so your run can just randomly get ruined outside of your control. i’ll play a few rounds back to back and at least half of them get critically impacted by the game freezing when an ad pops and i’ve already tapped so i either lose a chunk of the square or i miss the stack completely. as mentioned i’ve played for years so i keep it downloaded for all my progress and when it doesn’t lag it IS fun, but if i was a new player i’d have tossed it by now
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7 years ago, KayMarie0319
I love this game!!! ♥️😍🦄
If you like cool, awesome, and completely fantastic games, I recommend getting this game. The only reason I deleted this app was because I got a new phone. I switched from an iPod to an iPhone 5. 😢 The only reason I didn't get it again was because I didn't have enough space. I take a lot of photos and videos and have 8 games. I definitely don't want to get rid of any of my other awesome games (like rolling sky, pineapple pen, or smule magic piano). When I tried to download it, it didn't work. 😭 I'm truly sad, but I recommend this game for anyone who loves to play great games (once I get a new phone, Stack is going to be the first game I am going to download. ✌🏼)
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8 years ago, soheilkd58
Nice but...
I really love this game. I recommend it to all my friends. Every thing is alright but... Ads, the thing that ruined game. I 'MUST' disconnect my internet connection to play game. If i don't, in middle of game, EXACTLY when i want to break my own record, an ad ruin my game, why? Because i need to tap fast on higher numbers. When i tap fast and connected internet connected, an ad will appear and because of tap speed i tap on ads by mistake. Then wait to open safari, wait to open appstore, Waste all my internet traffic, then reopen stack and lose last mood then fail to break record 😐 I wonder how a good game company made this mistake, I can't even buy 'no ads' because of some government rules of my country. Just not showing ads during gameplay will change my 3* to a full5*
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Fun, but something bad happened!
I love this game, even if I can never get the timing right. However, when I clicked on the look that requires going to Instagram, it took me to safari. Since I have no Instagram, I closed the tab and went back to stack. I had beat the system, and it had given me the look, but the game crashed. I could deal with the game crashing, so I went to try the Facebook one, since I had beat the system one time and could do it again, and so I did. I went back to the app and everything looked fine... until my entire screen went black. Then the Apple logo showed up, and it was apparent that it had restarted my entire iPad! (Not the data, just turned it fully off and back on again.) Needless to say, I deleted the app.
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2 years ago, waterbeangria
Spectacular game
I’m a teenager and I don’t get much sleep anymore lol. So when I got this app I was so happy because it was really relaxing especially with my sound up. School is so stressful and this game is exactly what I needed as a stress relieve. I even started playing this game every night before I go to sleep I’ve been playing this game for months now let me tell you, it never gets boring people say that a lot but it really doesn’t I mean if your stressed out I say this game is the way to go and way better than any other relaxing app I’ve ever seen or played. Keep up the good work creators. - Your average teenager
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5 years ago, SkittlezGurl12
Amazing game with one problem
This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played! The game is challenging and fun to play whenever you’re bored. I love al the skins or blocks that you can unlock! But, every good game has its flaws. This game has WAY TOO MANY ADS! Like I understand when you first open the app but not when I just finished playing a round. I get u gotta make money but that’s just insane. Also, could y’all please add some more skins or blocks or whatever? It just some more to make it more fun and challenging. Y’all probably never check these but I just wanted to get out my opinion. I really suggest that everyone should download this game but, be warned cause there is a LOAD of ads.
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8 years ago, 10100001010001001111
This game is spectacular.
Game Design: 5/5 This game is gorgeous and simple. Unlike many other games, it completely avoids any flashiness whatsoever and stays very minimalistic. The bricks that you stack change colors very gradually to match with the background, and stack in a way that results in a sleek large tower. The design isn't missing anything, and is absolutely perfect! Game Play: 5/5 The game is very easy and fun to play. Even small children can do well at the game because of its simplicity. Because of how leisurely the pace of the game is, the game maintains a calm atmosphere and losing does not induce any rage at all. Criticisms: Although I love this game and have no overall issues with it, I have a one criticism: too many ads. The ads on this game are nearly intolerable. Often, they pop up immediately after opening the game and have no way to exit them to get to the game. Other times, they pop up while playing and destroy any progress you have made. Overall: This game is amazing! Besides the ads, it is flawless!
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5 years ago, creeperawman7568
Read this review before downloading!
Best app in a long time! Great work and thanks for making this app! But I have a few suggestions for the app. Make a skin menu so you can pick a type or effect because I have the jelly effect and it is very annoying to have lost the original effect and it has reduced my score because the jelly effect is confusing. Other than that, everything seems a-ok. Another suggestion, make a every-six hour surprise box which gives you a random effect or skin or color or something. Thanks for making this app. I recommend this app to all people of all ages. Thank you bye
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8 years ago, Awesomeness sauseomness
A few things for the creators to change
1 the ads have caused me so much lag that it's unbelievable. Now I have all the updates and I still get lag. 2 as I was playing the game I kept getting random lag spikes. I thought nothing of it until my game crashed and my 200 score was GONE. I re-entered the game and all my scores were gone from the leaderboard. 3 The game gets boring after a while. There isn't anything but "new blocks" to strive for. That isn't really a prize considering that the blocks already locked take several hours of playing time to unlock. So please take mine and others opinions into consideration Ketchapp and fix all our problems OTHERWISE, IT IS A MAGNIFACENT GAME
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7 months ago, That slay444444444
I love this game, but it has a lot of ads
I love this game. It’s really fun and relaxing my sister and me Brad all the time about it because I had the biggest score. my sister no she doesn’t but anyways it is super fun and this is Wi-Fi free so if you are a place like road trips or something else that you don’t have Wi-Fi you should definitely download this game if you can but the thing I don’t like about this game is that it has a lot of ads I only get like two tries and it has ads but it might not do that for you but yeah but other than that I think that you should definitely download this game. Yeah OK bye now.
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7 years ago, who lika a shehshh
I was told about this app who does the guy look like he knows guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who is like an old guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy in it like it is really low die it was a client and a guy and his guy who's a lawyer who is guy who is the guy who's guy who's guy and his guy who is in a diet who's guy in Woodlawn who's guy and his guy we go to guy who knows a guy and his guy and who knows guy knows guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who is like this fat and obese and would love to shoot a gun at a park ranger but the park when you're doesn't matter because you got to shoot one because bullet get beat up and up
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2 years ago, pleaseADDmore2unlock207
All fun and games until it’s over
Such a simple game it’s amazing and addicting. I played it for a few hours every night for close to 2 weeks straight. I wouldn’t want want to stop or put my phone done. As I got closer to unlocking all the designs I would start slowing down knowing that once you unlocked them all the fun is over. Now I might play it 1-2 times a month. The main reason I haven’t deleted the app yet is I keep hoping they will add new designs to unlock. Playing a game where you earn credits each round loses its fun when you run out of items to unlock. Please add new unlockables otherwise this is a great game to play for 1-2 weeks
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8 years ago, Alahmushintins
Look the creator of this game I want to say this in the most respect I have we need a better update we need prices on blocks lower. We need a lot of power ups or there is no achievement in this game but getting diamonds to pay for blocks. We need these Ads OFF They are so annoying, am not trying to be mean but there are so many Ads and they pop up on the screen and messes you up on the game. WE REALLY NEED AN UPDATE. Again AM NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN But If I Don't See An Update. Am Deleting This APP. Am SO SORRY BUT WE NEED IMPROVEMENT!! Do YOU Want US To Be Satisfied With Your App Then Get Working And Start Designing!!! ASAP!!! Am SORRY. WE JUST NEED INPROMENT
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2 years ago, The gamer of all games
Just short details
I really like the game and it is very fun. I would suggest getting the app and playing but it gets boring after a while. I always was excited to see what design or color pattern I would get but it would mix random colors and I didn’t like it to much. It also was a little glitching. I would be in the middle of the round doing super well and a pop up add would show up that I could immediately skip but it would set me back or cost me the round. Even with all the setbacks I still do think it is a very fun game and you should try it out. 🖤🖤🖤
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2 years ago, kick&kill the buddy
Adds and Frustration
It’s ok but it gets really frustrating. With all the adds it is just so annoying. It’s an ok game but with getting caught up in it there is so much stress over nothing and WAY TOO MANY ADDS! There are adds between each time, on the Home Screen, and at the bottom while you are playing, etc. There will be multiple adds every time you play and for me it starts to give me a headache. I know that is not everyone, but with having headaches and being addicted it’s not good for me and hurts my head. Otherwise still an okay game without all the adds but like I said it will still be very frustrating and stressful over something annoying that doesn’t matter in this case a game.
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7 years ago, Él Fabuloso
I love this game very addictive. There are so many complaints about the ads making it unplayable. I think they must have fixed that issue or it doesn't bother me. You play for free someone has to pay for it. If you don't like ads pay for ad free. The only time I see ads is because I choose to so I can get the free 20 diamonds which helps to get to the 200 needed to change the design of the blocks. I've gotten all 30 designs already. Need more because I have so many diamonds now and have no use for them!!! Please do something so i can spend my diamonds.
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7 years ago, SkyWingtheDragon
Good mindless fun
To be fair, I've just started playing, but I find this game both fun and challenging. It's fairly mindless-you have a moving sheet that plops down on the stack when you tap it, and parts of it fall off if you tap it when it's not quite directly over the stack. It gets smaller and smaller as you mistap more and more. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. Its simplicity also makes it a good game to pass time with while not draining your data and also letting you pay attention to your surroundings. This is the first review I've done because I feel like it, so it's pretty good.
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2 days ago, NCCHLyn
Fun game but weird
So I’ve been playing for about I think a month and it’s really weird I don’t know if it’s just my connection when I’m playing but it’s super glitchy and it will stop every once in a while and freeze and I will tap and I will lose it is really really weird to me. It might just be my connection every time I’m playing. I might be doing something wrong, but if it is the game, please try to fix this. This is super weird to me but other than that it’s super fun game. I love the textures and colors and the matches. In all the sounds great. It’s fun and a great time killer
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8 years ago, Balfour Trenderson
Visually Beautiful, Trains Brain
This game is visually near perfect. The colors, graphics, and edges are just nice to look at. It is also of course very fun and I'm sure good for your brain's hand-eye-ear coordination. I play it lefty sometimes as well as this is also good for your brain. I also like how it's challenging. This app is free, so I have no problem with the ads, and I usually can't stand the in-your face capitalism that ads represent. I think it's a very entitled person who criticizes a free product for exposing you to ads. My favorite new app in years. It provides multiple services.
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7 years ago, Niko Whittleep
Cruel ads
I originally thought stack was pretty fun. It's simple, and gets repetitive and boring really quickly though. Most apps are like this though, so I was going to give it a good review when it started doing something terribly annoying. Mid game while I was stacking it would give me a popup ad and because I was stacking I would accidentally click it and then have to deal with the ad. I though this was a glitch, so I closed it and kept playing. Then it happened again, and again, and again. It was unbearably stupid and annoying so I immediately deleted the app and wrote this review. I'm sure I can expect this low quality in the rest of Ketchaps apps, so I will not install anymore of their apps. Do not waste your time with this app, move on and find something better.
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1 year ago, 2245127728828291991910
Fun game but….
Ok so I literally LOVE😍 this game but there is a few issues. 1 is the adds. Every time I start a round it gives an add. This is really annoying because I watch more adds that playing the actual game. Don’t get me wrong so people just Really😑 like adds and could watch them all day but, not me. I can’t even watch add for 3 seconds. So if this game is going to be more adds than the actual game, You might as well call this “ADDS”. Another issue is it’s a little glitchy and doesn’t cooperate the way it should and all that other stuff. But overall it’s a great game other than the glitching and adds.👍🏻
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1 year ago, thebestloveit
It’s ok
It’s OK, but sometimes when I try to do it even when I win, it says loss and it should give you the options of ads at all times because they when you like accidentally turn off your phone and you have to like start over the whole thing or you have to lose because you were there and they don’t know if you have to like go or something but like you can go for like two seconds and then you will have to lose but it’s still a good game but I still give it a four star rating
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6 years ago, Rockdrooper123
Its a good game but...
When I downloaded this game it was fun. I’m not saying that the game isn’t fun. I am trying to say that the game takes forever to get different skins. It takes 200 gems or whatever they are called. The only way to get them is to watch a video and to get 10 of the blocks stacked. The amount you get from stacking 10 blocks is only one! You must stack 4000 blocks!!! That takes (for me) around 3 hours for one of around 20 different skins! You can just ignore the different skins but I need certain skins because it is hard to play the game when all of the colors are changing constantly! Other than that problem then the game runs fine and I don’t mind one add per time boot up the game.
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8 years ago, JoDaus
Concept: 10/10 Gameplay: 0/10 Ads: -10/10
I've played this game on a friend's phone before I got it myself and I thought it was the coolest simple game out there for me. Simple concept, check. Great use of colors, check. Speed of game, check. I got over 100 the first time I played. But once I got the game on my phone, gameplay was horribly different. My friend didn't have ads and I did... I figured there would be some waiting in between rounds of gameplay from watching, but nooo. The creators had to place ads at the bottom of the screen that change very often and cause a lag. This throws me off so much that I can't even regularly pass 50. It's become more of a frustration than a relaxing game now. Please Ketchapp, change the way you format your ads!!!
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5 years ago, Bella.Jar
Ok let me start here and say that this game is not for people who don’t have patience. This game can be really addictive. I have read the 1 star comments and I am here to tell you that there are no reasons to not like this game unless you aren’t patient. Being honest the one star reviews are really dumb reasons (sorry for whoever wrote them) and some are just emojis. I think those people are just mad at themselves because they can’t play it right. Once you get into it more it can be pretty fun. In my option you should get this game.😄
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8 years ago, longtemps
Simple, satisfying. I enjoy the "skyscrapers" that result. There is a built-in photo capture mode, but it only shows the top portion. I wish one could save the entire structure without ads or icons. Add that and I'll pay to get rid of the ads. Update: You did it, thanks for the full capture! I will do my part and pay. And for the reviewer who complained about the ads causing a lag in the game: Ads don't pay for free versions, they allow a free version to exist. If you want ad-free, if you like the game, pay for the developer's hard work.
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3 months ago, lemonade pie
Great game, fun to play but
This game is really fun and sometimes even calming at times. Yet at times there are sometimes an overwhelming amount of ads that it almost becomes unnecessary and makes the game less fun to play. Ads can occur even when I just barely open the app and these ads can get up to a minute long with no skips. Besides from the ads, the game is also very laggy and sometimes glitches which causes me to fail at playing the game sometimes. Overall some improvements I suggest is lessening the amount of ads. Great game over all, just annoying times here and there.
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4 years ago, moothecrew
good.. but..
So, i’ve had this game forever. It’s simple and fun, but it gets boring. There’s other “skins” for the blocks, but obviously you have to pay for them.. using the gems you earn from playing the game. Which is hard! it doesn’t give you anything! Every “skin” is about 100 gems and up, and i’ve been playing forever... my high score is 137, and i only have 77 gems! Like wow! I would also like to see different worlds almost, just new features so you don’t get too bored too fast. And please lower the prices of the “skins” or make it so you earn more gems! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Vxjgjxjgdzjgdzgd
I like it a lot but...
I love the app! Its extremely addicting and everything but there are 2 things that I don't like let me start of by saying that the gane for some reason doesn't let me buy the different designs and I know for sure that I do have enough coins to bye them but it doesn't let me anyway the other thing that I don't like about the game is the massive amount of ads in it! Its just incredible (in a bad way) the amount of ads that just randomly pop up! Sometimes Im getting extremely close to passing my highscore, an ad pops up and I end up losing.
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3 years ago, mmrrr99
Fun game but needs updating
Really liked this game while I didn’t have all the designs. Finally when I collected all of them there hadn’t been a new update in a very long time with anything new to win here. So I basically stopped playing since I have nothing left to collect or basically play for. I haven’t deleted the app since I feel like that might come out with something new soon but it’s been like two years so I’m losing hope. Otherwise if your thinking about getting the game, I highly recommend it!!!
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7 years ago, mikeyshmikey
Too many ads but good game concept
The game is fun and the graphics are beautiful. Normally with ads, you can x them out and enjoy an app. But with this game, the ads keep coming, occassionally while you play. Furthermore, the ads load while you are playing, which can cause a lag between the app and what the user sees on-screen, which affects gameplay. I would rather pay a nominal fee to enjoy the game than deal with this, as the frustration over ads outranks the enjoyability of the game, hence the low score. Edit: I paid the nominal fee to get rid of ads. The game still lags, moreso when the animation appears for properly stacking consecutive blocks. This is regardless of wifi connection. Until the app developer fixes this, the game isn't worth it, fee or free.
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