Stagecoach Festival

4.9 (2.9K)
78.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Stagecoach Festival

4.87 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
5 years ago, moms2boiz
The ap is awesome! However you weren’t allowed to buy the merch like said. You need to be more detailed on the food and cocktails. The bars need the menu especially if looking for a margarita blended or something specific. Little more details on the food location with menu items. Plus more notifications!! Had a blast for a first time goer!!!
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2 years ago, krftykris
Feedback on wrist band registration
Only recommendation would be to provide some type of validation that ur wrist band is activated correctly, I got the one message but then kept getting messages about how I should register so makes me question if I need to do it again. Otherwise fantastic! Thanks!
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2 years ago, heartbbaby
This app is working well but there isn’t anywhere to buy merchandise..
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2 years ago, Firfam
Portable generator rule
Your anti-portable generator rule is a joke. I have a rented RV that the onboard generator does not work. Your staff confiscated my portable generator and now I have no AC and no power in my rig for refrigerator, etc. You charge a lot of money to not have better customer service. We’ve been coming every year since the second year of this festival and I am very disappointed at this rule. Meanwhile there are many portable generators everywhere for lighting emergency power etc. Once again, your anti-portable generator rule is a joke.
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5 years ago, ajshfjeu
Problems activating wristbands on App.
The app is weak. I am trying to activate 5 wristbands with 5 different emails, but the app won’t let me register more than 1 wristband on my iPhone (i.e. per device). All different contact info on each, but once I have activated 1 wristband, it won’t let let me do the others. Apparently you can only activate one wristband per device even if all of the info input is different for each wristband.
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6 years ago, Mbfaith
Inadequate App
This app is lame. Yes it has the talent listed 3 different ways. But it DOESN’T have: a map, vendors, food offerings, helpful tips, background info on the performers, playlist, door open and close times, shuttle info. But it has 2 items on its main menu devoted to social media. How about making the app more useful to attendees rather than giving so much attention to ways to promote it which only benefits the promoter?
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2 years ago, Seanandme
❤️ Stagecoach
I love the music, camping and friendly people at Stagecoach. We have missed you the past 2 years!! Welcome back Stagecoach!
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2 years ago, Sean Rock Hard
Keeping us on track
Well done on the app I’m planning all the band I want to see right on the app. Nice
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12 months ago, default1432
Check the padding on your bottom tabs nav bar
The icons/labels are mot shown on iPhone se (4.7" diagonal)
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2 years ago, CJ Franey
Southern Comfort
Just hanging enjoying my 8th year of Stagecoach. ❤️🥰🥃
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5 years ago, Frankeetank
This app doesn’t help
I want to love it, because I love all things stagecoach. But this app is NOT HELPFUL. Not smooth, it’s slow. Its not user friendly. It’s missing All crucial information it could have. Can the creator of this app put more pride into their work and actually make it functioning?
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2 years ago, Stephanie George
No shade and water not allowed…. Heath risk
So hot, need water and no shade ….very difficult to enjoy until 7pm… if you want water have to wait long line to fill a bottle. Health risk in this heat.
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5 years ago, LuckyPDP
Can’t activate wristband
If you are going to force everyone to use the app to activate your wristband to get into the festival please spend more than $25K to build the app. It doesn’t work. Why not create a mobile experience that works. Cheap.
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2 years ago, 111111111112221112337649402
Have friend location share.
Walking in, looking to get a beer in Vip.
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2 years ago, Vegtable53
Stagecoach review
Disappointed with the lack of tables/seating, shade. No nonalcoholic drinks available except lemonade. Water available was warm. Will not be making a return visit.
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5 years ago, sorensonszoo
Merchant tent is way busy but we thought we could order using the merch order part in the app. But it’s not working and the festival has started.
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5 years ago, Sassycstr
App needs work!!
The postmates app within this app is so frustrating. It doesn’t load at all
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2 years ago, tonya tucker
Straight Men
They are so nice here.
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10 years ago, Dianastars6
First timer
I loved this App, it was so helpful. It guided me through each performance and I was able to make a list of artist I wanted to see only. I also liked that it had a playlist of the artist performing, I found I recognized songs I have heard before and liked. They even sent alerts on the weather, and things that were going on through out the day.
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12 months ago, See d see s ex z
I ccan’t we wee red to yellow e
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9 years ago, Rach.Dilb
Says 2014, but is updated with 2015 lineup. Still missing the schedule for the lineup though....
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8 years ago, Stagecoach1stTimer
Stagecoach 1st Timer
At the moment I can only rate this app 3 stars. :( I am attending Stagecoach for the first time this year and I am so excited!! I downloaded this app because it looked extremely helpful, but it is still only showing last years information. I really hope it gets updated for 2016 Stagecoach because I would love to be able to use it this year. Once it gets updated (if it does) then I would definitely rate it 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Trulybee
Everything works great except the pins are so big it hard to actually see the map and where things are. Love all the artists daily with the sample song to play and check out.
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7 years ago, Abuonarati
Updates for the 2017 lineup
Hey! It was super convenient last year when you had the line up and artists time and stage information so we could plan out our day! When do you guys plan on updating the app for the 2017 lineup?
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7 years ago, alphakg$
Not very good
It saves your favorites and puts them in order by date/time. Everything else in the app is either broken (map) or "coming soon" even though stagecoach is in 4 days. It was much better last year. For the price of tickets, they should do better then this!
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9 years ago, luvou88
Lineup Times
I think this app will be helpful if they would only update it with the lineup schedule. It is 2 days away and you still can’t see when everyone is playing.
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8 years ago, Berryking85
Not a big fan of new design
The last app was easy to do! There's too many glitches in this new app! Most the songs don't play! Should've just kept it how it was and just updated it too hard to navigate around! Most likely won't use the app during Stagecoach this year :(
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10 years ago, __Me_
Amazing app
Great app for the line up. The map needs some help, but everything else is great!
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10 years ago, MichaelRParis
1st to download app!!!
Looks useful. I will be using this often since it's our 1st time attending STAGECOACH
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7 years ago, Cooper4663
Nothing works
How is stagecoach 3 days away and the map still puts me in the middle of the ocean by Africa.... would really think after doing this for a few years they would have done better with the app, not worse.
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7 years ago, MohlerMusic
First review wudddup
Stagecoach > all other festivals Can't wait, shoutout to the partiers Orange County like myself!
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12 years ago, awestonion
Freaking loving this app. Map is killer, now playing is killer, leader boards are cool. #ragecoach!
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12 years ago, Dammad178
No line up info!
It is Friday and even after the info update there is no line up or set times. This is info we received in an email yesterday! Behind schedule stagecoach app!
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12 years ago, fxchick21
So glad it's finally here!!!
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12 years ago, Gibfoot13
Great app
Love the app almost as much as I love stagecoach!
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8 years ago, SueDell1955
2016 app
Three days to go and the app isn't all done....who's Clueless???? Enjoyed using it last year:) Hard to make hook up plans when there's no map
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12 years ago, LuvTigger2
Need ios4.3 to download
iPod says the software is up-to-date at 4.2.1 but this app needs 4.3. What to do! I need this app!
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12 years ago, Risyroo22
Pretty sweet!
Thanks! Helps alot!
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11 years ago, DanCaban
Slow to Update
It's 8:30 on the first day of Stagecoach 2013. Shouldn't this be up and running already?
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12 years ago, MinimezSD
So Sickk. This is gunna come in handy!
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9 years ago, kelweb5
stagecoach 2015
where is the new app?! 8 days!!!! 2015!!!!!!
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8 years ago, Jspronk
What update?
What was updated for 2016? The lineup still reflects 2015. Come on, Stoogecoach.
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8 years ago, Rgn2222
Stagecoach app.
It would be a really good app, except it's not updated for 2016, it's for 2015... So it's absolutely worthless.
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11 years ago, Front porch sitter
2013 app
Why are last years artist listed?
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11 years ago, ant8er
Where's Stagecoach 2013?!?!?
Less than a week away, and no 2013 app update. Boooooo!!!!!
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9 years ago, Zoebean99
One week away!
Show more
11 years ago, James57original
Lineup is wrong....
How do you mess that up on an app?
Show more
12 years ago, Dba901
Can't update. Useless
Show more
10 years ago, Jacob favela
Show more
10 years ago, JettMcC4
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