Stanford FCU Mobile Banking

4.6 (2.4K)
47.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stanford Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stanford FCU Mobile Banking

4.56 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
2 years ago, RodRob1969
I love this bank
I love this bank. The app is cool (I haven’t gone through all the features and functions yet … 🤷🏾‍♂️). I love this bank for many reasons (too many to name). For starters, I came out here from Georgia. I ran out of cash, so I needed a credit union that ‘sister-traded’ … I was almost destitute … my debit card was severely compromised and had purchases that I didn’t make, so I disputed the charges. My bank in Georgia cancelled the card and refunded/restored my money. I had to wait at least 10 days to receive a new card from them. I desperately needed a bank to get me some cash from my account across the country. SFCU was the ONLY credit union in the Bay Area that would ‘sister-trade’ with other states’ credit unions. Even without a debit card, they got me some cash from my Georgia Credit Union account. Once the woman at the bank handed me $1000 cash from my out of state bank account, I IMMEDIATELY opened an account with SFCU. I’m a licensed electrician here and SFCU took care of me. Every time I go to a SFCU location … i am treated with sheer excellence … even in humor (really). So, the app can’t be too far behind the excellence that they have shown me thus far … 👍🏾
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4 years ago, Blueandmagenta
I use the app more than I do logging in on my web browser!
I have always preferred logging on to my desktop computer to handle banking matters so when an SFCU encouraged me to get the app, I was hesitant. I figured I’d give it a chance just in case. That was 2 years ago. Who knew that since then, I’d deposit checks, apply and get approved for a loan, make credit card payments, and transfer funds completely on the app! It’s incredibly easy to use and very intuitive. There have been a few times I couldn’t find a feature so I’d ask an SFCU rep and they’d tell me how to find what I was looking for! Overall, I’d say that I use the app more than logging into my account on my desktop computer. I love the app and am so glad I have it. I encourage you to get it on your phone!
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3 years ago, Gs Unit
App Problems Since last update
I extensively use this app because like everyone I am always on the go. However, since the last update I have had the same problem come up and it is starting to get very frustrating. I noticed that if I do not use the app for a few days it stops working and will not allow me to log-on. Keeps saying “error server cannot be reached at this time, please try again later.” The only way I have been able to fix it is by deleting the app and reinstalling. Really frustrating because then I have to reregister my device. Please fix this! They fixed it and it even better! Keep up the great service!
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2 years ago, Mountain of Green City
Failed online banking! Not working! No helping!
The new app does not allow me to log into my account! The SFCU full website has changed as well and it does not allow me to access my account either! Called 888 number few times and they said I was the only one who have complained this problem and they can not help me till next day business hour!!! Shocking! Should I worry about my account? Before me, there are 3 out of 14 members left 5 stars, 1 out of 14 left 4 stars and 10 out of 14 left 1 star! With all the concerns I am looking for the option of ZERO star.
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3 years ago, evajee3
Good bank
I was a victim of fraud check when I was younger and ended up getting reported to the Federal Trade Commission, which led to years of all banks (Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, etc.) rejecting me from opening a new account in their banks. SFCU was the first bank to allow me to open an account, although only a Savings account it was still really relieving that I finally had an account with a secure bank again. I now have a checking and two savings accounts with them and couldn’t be more proud of myself for never getting overdrafted, or in any other disputes with the bank. Thanks SFCU!
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7 months ago, PHDJM
SFCU is my favorite credit union
Basically anything expected from a major bank can be found at SFCU. Great service, attentive staff, convenient locations make SFCU one stop shopping. Over 25 years membership there’s no better institutions that offer level of personal service as SFCU. Finally, they never rest on laurels and are always looking for a better, more convenient way to serve customers. SFCU Banking app has gone through several transformations designed to push bar higher in ease of use, and functionality for their customers. I could not be more pleased.
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4 years ago, MattSchlottmann
I can find things!
Great app I can find things I need unlike other bank apps, I don’t have to spend hours on here just to find out what is going on with my funds. Amazing customer service, quick to respond and LOCATE the issue I am having. I would love a call back feature, like if you don’t want your giving to charities to be auto deducted. Or some other emergency occurs on the account. An alert would pop up and say we have notice irregular behavior on your bills or auto pays. Would you like a call back on this issue(and give the date and account in the alert) or give you time to resolve the issue. That way I can press yes and immediately be talking with someone about and issue with accounts and money in and out. Great app. I want new themes for my account on my app. Customizable backgrounds and colors. And Dark mode!!! I would love dark mode to be a feature!
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1 year ago, b. W. S
App usage
I think the credit union online part of banking has come a long way for the better and I like The app because it’s Easy for deposits and most banking needs. I have yet to visit a branch in years. However I do appreciate my member service folks when I call in so please don’t go anywhere I’m happy now that our debit and credit cards allow touchless option which came in useful during covid-19,however touch less option is not completely touch-less because you still have to touch pad to enter password boooo Bibi Soto
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2 years ago, codwncjr
I’d never go back!
SFCU has everything you could possibly need from a financial institution, and they treat you like a real person, not a number. I’ve had accounts here for close to 20 years and they have been exceptional in every single way. Nothing would ever make me go back to a “major” bank. Most of my connections with them have been through live human beings not extensive voicemails and I appreciate that.
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2 years ago, bhafz
work in progress
while most of the other bank apps are so easy to use sfcu apps remains slow and sometimes frustrating to use. I have sfcu as my major bank but i wish they make the apps simple and easy to use. trying to do paperless statement is almost impossible, i had to contact customer support to do it for me after several trials using my apps setting. im not sure if it worked because few weeks ago i received a paper statement . i also tried depositing check using the app, it didn’t work. i hope they improve the apps. thanks
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11 months ago, Faerie me
Rate app
I believe the app is super efficient and easy to navigate once you get used to it. I really like the fact that I can see my Stanford credit card information. However, it would even better if there were a way to pay it without having to manually add it. Oh, and an easier way to contact the bank. You know search for number etc.
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11 months ago, Black Cat with a Red Bow Tie
Has all basic function but Still a lot to improve
This app is OK. It has all the basic functions, but the design is not intuitive. You need to put some time to find and get used to the path. Also some functions have bugs that are needed to be fixed. For example, I signed up for the e-statement to save the trees. It kept kicking me back to the hard copy statements. Until I contacted the customer service, I realized I need to sign an agreement for e-statement, which was never show on the app when I signed it up.
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2 years ago, PaintTheSilence1218
Needs REAL Alerts
This app is okay, but it lacks one major thing: alerts. If you request a push or text alert for, say, a credit or debit transaction of a certain amount, or if your balance falls below a certain amount, SFCU sends a vague alert that a transaction “matches your criteria.” This then requires you to log back into the app, and navigate to the secure messages to find out the exact details. That entirety defeats the convenience of an alert. Please just tell me the transaction amount and my account’s current balance in the text or pop-up and *actually* save me time and effort.
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11 months ago, at_ninefouro25
I like the SFCU App
Because I have funds in several different banks I can compare several different apps that are meant to accomplish the same tasks. The design of the SFCU app is by far my favorite in terms of usability, functionality, and aesthetics. I like being part of a credit union that puts community over profits. The SFCU CD rate tends to be higher too. I’ve already brought several friends into their fold. They are happy too!
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3 months ago, Cold Food 30 min late
SFCU are the best lender, period
Need an extra star to be honest, they go above and beyond for their clients. Can’t say it enough, if you’re not banking with SFCU you’re probably getting bad service and even worse rates on your loans. If you ask for help, you can have faith they will be there to guide you, and their management are in lock-step with their front-line workers in terms of customer experience.
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2 months ago, ViveChurch
I have been with this bank for several years. It was also my first in over 20 years Stanford Federal. Credit Union has helped me tremendously in so many ways Only thing I would have to say that has been a bummer is I recommended so many people to this bank and never got paid for it as it has been stated on their website
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5 years ago, dmaiab
I like how fast SFCU processes my transactions, especially my paychecks. ☺️ The app incorporated signing in with Touch, which is fast and convenient. I have another banking app that requires a password each time I open it. Meh. I’ve had some trouble with messages, though. The other day the app said I had -3 unread messages. Sometimes it won’t open messages. Other than the message glitches, I have no complaints.
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2 months ago, Likey Clock
Credit Union
Great place to save, website is very good to check things out. $ transferred and saved. Great concept to continue. Love your app. More apps should be like your app. Menu with all on it and sign out on same menu. Don’t like it when you have to hunt down the sign off button. Nice Appearance!! Like apps that have an exit button on each page!
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8 months ago, BroYoureNotLocal
User friendly/“Easy to Navigate”
This is app is very user friendly in my opinion. I’m still new to it but whenever I try to do whatever I’m doing, I just read options and push buttons. 10 times out of 10 I’m able to narrow things down through the steps this application supplies. All from my iPhone…
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3 months ago, danrl1337
Could be more trustworthy
It’s a web wrapper riddled with progressive loading jitters. Why? Because of the ads. For what in the world does a credit union need to show ads to their members on the most important screen in the app, the balance overview? It should be a native app without any ads or offers on the landing screen. SFCU is a good bank, but their tech is just behind. Just show me my balances. Also, I am only here because the app keeps asking for a review. You want “engagement” instead of doing trustworthy bank business? Well, you got it.
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3 months ago, EastBayRey21
Outstanding Service
Stanford Credit Union is the best bank account I've had. They're always there when I have questions. Also when I want to grow my money or make plans, they also got my back. I built up my credit score with SFCU by opening a secure credit card with them. Hassle free bank, is the best way to describe SFCU.
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5 years ago, seanzinho mackie
Very convenient
Excellent app. I don’t need to go to the bank more than once a year. Only complaint: the three or four different bill paying options are confusing. I always forget which is which until I open them. Another problem. I can’t seem to see payments I’ve scheduled for the SFCU credit card. If I forget whether or not I already scheduled the next payment, I can’t seem to find that information in the app.
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3 years ago, Hot Stuff 🔥
Easy to use and very secure !
This app has many more security features than any other financial app that I have. In addition, all the information regarding my account is available and accessible. Also, I have called customer service multiple times and was very pleased with the help that I was given.
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5 years ago, Kymberley D
Definitely could use some updates
When trying to scroll through transactions, it will bring up the side menu a lot which is super annoying. Also, it’s down A LOT. Both the app and the actual website have a lot of issues, recently there was one where I could see my balance but could not see transactions. Luckily, I was just trying to see what recurring transactions came out during a certain timeframe, so I could look at statements for that. As far as I’m concerned, I shouldn’t have to think of workarounds for my bank app.
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4 years ago, Tickled by this :)
Functional, could use some improvements
I can do everything I need, though it’s sometimes a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Example 1, scrolling through my transactions. I can’t scroll without the left hand navigation menu popping up and covering the transaction list. Example 2, scheduling donations. I have to manually plan each monthly donation, instead of authorizing a recurring monthly transaction.
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1 year ago, Amasosa
Last update made alerts worse
I have always enjoyed the app. The latest April update alert settings is not working for me. I liked getting a text after every transaction, that was how I could detect fraud right away. New update removed the alert. I went back to settings and my alerts are all on. I removed the app and installed it again, and I still can not get the app to alert me on any transaction done with my card.
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3 months ago, Parmesh1993
Multiple server errors & Crashes when traveling
App seems to be crashing multiple times on my phone. I’m unable to view my own account details at times because of this. I’ve come to understand that this is because of an IP restriction that can be overcome only by a VPN.
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1 year ago, BillBPA
Check deposits
The check deposit feature is really the only part of the app I use. It saves me a trip to the Credit Union a couple times each month. Except for that feature I use everything else on my laptop.
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11 months ago, kimmyy101
good functionally, UI needs a bit of work
logging in is easy, and i love how secure the app is. everything works smoothly, but i just wish that the user interface was a bit better. i don’t know how to describe how, but it looks a bit dated, and not very user-friendly. a more modern look might be better and allow for a more smooth experience :)
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2 years ago, —na
Hard to function when needed overseas
Not much use when overseas. For instance, can’t move money without having access to a US phone, even if email authentication is set up. A little ridiculous, which stinks because unlike nonCU banks, SFCU doesn’t skim on exchange rates, charge outrageous ATM fees abroad, etc. It’s a shame the app isn’t better—SFCU is great most of the time. UPDATE: App no longer shows SFCU accounts when trying to transfer money to another account. Therefore cannot transfer money through the app or the website. This is ridiculous. 0 stars.
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11 months ago, ricol
Disappointing- antiquated interphase
Do I really meed to click on 3-5 places before I get to services like Zelle? Why not Move Money > Zelle? The entire UI is obviously not iOS native and feels like a old website. One huge menu where you have to drill into services you want. On the positive it’s nice that most services are actually available in the app, but it’s 2023 so expected. Stanford FCU is in the center of Silicon Valley and it’s surprising it’s app is not native iOS with a modern look and feel like Chase or BofA apps.
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5 years ago, Pablito-san
What the heck happened?
This app worked seamlessly until 2-3 months ago (maybe June 2019), when all of a sudden there are regular, long, very irritating “loading” messages that often never resolve. This happens to me most often with the “deposit checks” function – I get all the way through the entry process, only to have an interminable “loading” message. Even if I wait 10 minutes, it doesn’t resolve, just spins and spins, so I’m forced to quit the app and try again, often with the same result. There was nothing wrong with this before – what happened?
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1 year ago, Alona Vino Panlaqui
Very easy to use
Very easy to use and it’s like a one stop shop. All of my accounts are in one place. I can move money internationally in just few minutes and higher exchange rates and low transfer fee compared to any bank or remittance center.
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4 years ago, SFCU Feedback
Need Better Bill Pay and Check Deposit Features
You need a better bill pay feature, both for the app and your traditional website. I don’t have any info on the address the bill is being sent to. Compared to traditional banks (BofA, Chase, etc), the interface is confusing even for a technologically savvy person. I know those organizations have more resources, but the layout is just not the best. Also, I can’t view my deposited check images, so it makes a pain for traceability.
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2 years ago, southbayresident
Application needs work
The user interface and security protocols should be better and more user-friendly. It’s become much better than it once was .. but still lags the ease of use and ease of password reset/access functionality that most other financial institutions today have. There needs to be more improvement in terms of password management/identify management and ease of use still in order to match the amazing and great Customer service of this institution overall!!
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1 year ago, blancayv
Online banking Sfcu
Trying to deposit check now like I always do....but now can’t do it because 0 is not there only 1 to 9 is appearing for choices. Need to deposit $1500... not 15 cents. Tried several times today and not able to do it
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3 years ago, Willie Rock
Good App
The SFCU Mobile Banking app works well. The options are organized intuitively. It is easy to navigate and responsive. The app has been stable for me on the iOS platform. I like that I can transfer to/from external accounts as well as between internal accounts.
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2 years ago, deadmoon
I love SFCU but the app is… not great.
I mainly got into SFCU when preparing to buy a house. The folks are nice, and they looked after my account to make sure no bad things were happening. But the app design is pretty horrible. Things are not logically laid out, different parts of the app have different functional behaviors, making it difficult to understand. If you call for help, prepared to be transferred multiple times as no one understands how it works or takes responsibility for getting you to the right place.
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4 years ago, tls66
Works Great !
The Ap for Stanford Federal Credit Union is easy to use and has a lot of great tools available at your finger tips. I can check my credit score, free of charge, to see how I’m doing. Check bond rates and even request a loan or apply for a credit card. Definitely great perks available to members! I’ve referred several friends and family members to the Credit Union.
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1 year ago, anehu
Please fix
Terrific when it works. Many many times the app hangs with message that I do not have”permission”. after a day or two that problem seems to have been resolved. (me: “OK whatever” ; a few days later - me:”now what the heck!?!?!”) Please get to the bottom of this-it is so very annoying.
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11 months ago, Travelbarbo
Been a customer for decades
The new up grades to this app have made it easier to use & easier to find services. I’ve had an account since the 80s. And stay with them because of the excellent quality of services & reasonable fees.
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2 years ago, vi.saturn
Easy and user-friendly
The only problem is that it doesn’t send me notifications immediately when my card is used. I love the messaging system and their quick responses.
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11 months ago, Dr Big Brother
Card balances no longer showing
Mostly good app, but new version removed the ability to view statement balance of the credit card in the details and settings section (which helps track spending minimum for high yield account cutoffs).
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3 months ago, Pool Sharrk
Love this App is user friendly.
This app is easy to use and has good options to pick from...There is no guessing what you are looking for..and customer support is professional and friendly service.
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5 years ago, Jellys view
This app doesn’t work well.
This app does not refresh in a timely manner. When I think there’s money available it isn’t. Also theres a lot of downtime and maintenance with this app. The App is unavailable until the maintenance is done refreshing. This app has locations of where you can go to find the closest Bank. That doesn’t work well because the banks are not associated with Stanford Credit Union any more or is showing that it is a bank when it’s an ATM.
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2 years ago, Lisa Conchas
Reliable App
Great app, features are great! I pay my bills check my balance deposit my checks. I had some issues with the app crashing but SFCU resolved within a day. A simple update brought my accounts back up.
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10 months ago, Bay Area Pete
Convenient and works well
Don’t have to make special trips or mail for the occasional check deposit and we can do most of our banking from the mobile app
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9 months ago, Sandiego1977
Doesn’t always load
Sometimes when I open the app it goes to a blank screen for a long time and when I try to log back in and open it up again it goes to login screen instead of my face ID it’s not very consistent
Show more
11 months ago, Alfred Qaida
Great App
Just switched to SFCU after years of BofA and I couldn’t be happier. The credit union itself is amazing and the app is so convenient and easy to use. Highly recommend anyone who can switch, to make the switch now.
Show more
2 years ago, StudentofTech
It works well
The main features that I need are well covered in this app. I can check balance, cleared items and payments for all related items in one account. I have never encountered a bug.
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