Star Girl: Beauty Queen

4 (488)
123.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Animoca Collective
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Star Girl: Beauty Queen

3.97 out of 5
488 Ratings
5 months ago, karina_gggg
Got disappointed when downloaded
I would give 5 stars because I used to play this when I was younger and I loved it, nothing was wrong. I decided I needed a break from reality so I redownloaded this game. The first problem was when you open the game and it asks for existing user or new user and I clicked the existing user and it always says “there was an error try again later.” So I had to make a new girl. The next problem is I can’t update the game and save and sync it whatever it’s called when you save the game progress. I press on the cloud and it just loads for forever. Another problem I can’t join the competition. I am already on level five and it just doesn’t let me even click on the building for competition.
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5 years ago, kennethbuchanan19
A waist of a good app
I’ve had this app for quite a long time and I’ve put up with the glitches and the loading saved data stuff over and over again and again it’s really pointless to keep uninstalling and reinstalling this app just so it would stop I be seeing everyone else apps doing the I can long I’m a different phone and it still would do the same thing it’s like a virus that won’t let me go and play this app in peace I broke a phone because of this app I get mad at other people because of this app it make me feel like all you guys are doing is taking money and laughing at the people this is happening to and my and plenty more people are starting to get tired of it I lost $74 dollars on this app and tbh I don’t even care about the money I care about lost time I don’t have all day or all night fighting this stupid app going back and forth I just want to play it why is this so hard nobody understands how stressed out I am just from this game doing this to me I love it I really do but it’s time for me to let it go I don’t care if u fix it because I can’t take it anymore it’s to much to handle 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 I cant get back the time I waisted on this app and that’s what make me upset my
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3 years ago, Bunny Brawler<3
Can you maybe fix this? Also some suggestions
Please read. Soo basically I can’t buy any promotions for some reason, I don’t know if it’s a glitch or it’s on my end. If it’s a glitch can you guys fix it please that would be great! And.. can you guys maybe add more stuff to the game it gets kinda boring after a while no offense. I’ve been playing it for almost 5 years I lost many GOOD accounts I’m currently starting fresh since I didn’t log into Facebook which that should be changed some teens and kids aren’t allowed to have it maybe people should be able make accounts that they could log back into so we wouldn’t loose them like I did many times. On the other hand the game is fun and all but there needs to be more updates to add more excitement to the game, and also please fix the promotion glitch, and maybe add email account making. Thank you for your time :)
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7 months ago, Sadie852357
this game is so good bro, ive been playing it for like my whole life. but there’s obviously something that happened w yall developers. some ppl say the game got hacked and thats why you cant participate in the star girl comp thing and cant add ppl, but i think that the developers just completely forgot about this game. this was MY childhood and if yall could update these games again i would jump for joy. come back bro i miss competing w random girls at tge club or wtv to win ppl over and doing the competitions👎👎
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2 years ago, Mckenzie1456
A lot of Glitches…
I’m Currently using this game on the My Iphone 11 pro max, for some reason I can’t load my existing star girl account so I had to make a whole new account. When I clicked to load my existing account It never loaded. I tried closing out the app to see if that would fix it, still kept staying on the loading screen. It does the same thing when I go to buy promotions as well. I’m unable to sync my Facebook account to my game, When I go to put my Facebook info in, it says that the game is still in development mode.. It’s still a fun game just has a few bugs.
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2 months ago, 💘m💘
needs to be updated
i used to love this game as a child and when i found out i could still download it again i did. everything went well until there are some things that still haven’t been updated like some stores in the mall that still say “coming soon” the place where u can win men over but you need friends is not playable because the app does not connect with facebook and the regular version of winning men over hasn’t been updated. overall it was my favorite fashion game as a kid and is still entertaining and enjoyable today it just needs some updates.
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6 years ago, سارونة 😃😃
Hello It’s nice game although it needs bug fixes but I have some suggestions: 1) Be able to text friends in the game it’s would be nice if i can take to my friends in the game so there should be a list of all my friends in the phone and i can choose a friend and sent a text and we can chat also be able to send the same message to all my friends so there is an option to select all friends or specific friends and also the friends that are online a green dot appear on the corner of their photo. 2) 5 diamonds for each video is not enough 10 diamonds would be good just like it used to be cause no all users can buy diamonds the game is boring without diamonds cause most of the good stuff and that has high kisses needs diamonds at least i can earn some diamonds and buy some good stuff. Please put my suggestions in consideration and thanks..
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8 months ago, scarletrarstorm
Super fun game buuuut…
I have had this game on and off for many many years. I thought I would play it again (I am 21 now I started when I was a lot younger) I was so excited then got disappointed because I can no longer sign in through Facebook to get my old account back! Says that the developer knows about the issue but still… I had to start all over after being such a high level and having almost everything in the game… super upset by that :( I don’t know if I can get myself to restart and do it all again.
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4 years ago, please help fix this problem
It’s a good game but I’m having some problems
When I try to link my Facebook to it so I can get my account on another device it just says “app not setup this app is still in development mode and you don’t have access to it switch to a registered test user or ask a app admin for permissions” and i don’t know if this app is just that old and no ones taking care of it anymore or y’all are working on it or something but it is slightly upsetting cause I had a lot of stuff on it on my old Device
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5 years ago, melizabethg
4 Years ago when I was about 9, my cousin told me about this game and I have fell in love with it ever since. But I deleted it ever since I had a REALLY BAD nightmare about it. And I got scared. I downloaded it again when I was 11 years old, I downloaded it back thinking that was just my mind running wild. But after a week of having it, I had another really bad nightmare about. And ever since that happened I always felt strange vibes from the game and that there’s something odd about it. The nightmare I had still scare me now that I am 13. Other than that, this is an amazing game. But.. I don’t think I’ll be able to play it again.
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6 years ago, wompbompboom
Traumatic incident while playing this game
Years ago, maybe 5 or 6, there was a feature on this app where you could actually text your boyfriends. I remember how fun it was but one day, I was talking to Matt, the teacher one, with my friend. We were having fun, making inappropriate jokes on the app when all of a sudden he said something very creepy, I can’t remember what but it still scares me to this day. I’m not sure how that feature worked, but I was positive a real person responded to me. Does anyone else remember the texting option???
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5 years ago, Becky73664
Great but..... and ID
The game is absolutely awesome and the bug was fixed so that it no longer crashes. Then again there are some problems like you can’t enter a persons ID if you don’t know them in reality so that makes it kinda hard to add friends. But if we can have more people write reviews and add the ID this game would definitely be better. KSAJA9
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4 years ago, TiannaMarieW
This app is really fun and it helps me with my personal style, but there is a bug in the game when you try to buy continuously says “synchronizing game progress”. I tried clearing the cache and reinstalling; nothing worked. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, Isabella ur worst nightmare
For me " star girl " isn't letting me go in some places like " star wow “ or " star travel ". It's also not letting me use customer service , add friends, save data and not seeing buttons that are supposed to be in the app. I used to play this game when I was probably 8-12 I’m disappointed. not for the owners, but for the people hacking and rigging the game. I would've rated this a 5 star…smh. It’s unfortunate but— now I guess —— it’s over.
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4 years ago, Jimin-ie Oppa
Lost information...
I had to uninstall the game because it wasn’t properly updating contents. I didn’t have my Facebook account linked because it wouldn’t let me, it always said it was in development mode and brought me to a 404 page. I spent real money and achieved so much on my account, I really went it back. The last time the creators checked in was 2 years ago, please respond ASAP, I really love playing this game despite being 16. Please help me.
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11 months ago, 𝓘𝓻𝓪𝓾𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓸𝓻𝓷17
I miss this game bring it back!!
I use to play this game in like 2021 and now the servers are down and I was hoping that this year that i would be able to enter companions but its almost been 6 months bring this back please Show more
4 years ago, Mira🤓
I love this game but I wish I could win that bar game it’s impossible and if I’m win by a lot and I’m really close the timer goes off and says that the mpc wins not fair and also you should make a mini game for the jobs so they have to do something and please make some things free!!!!
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3 years ago, I love tik tok🤍
Make some changes pls
Ok so this keeps on happening when I start the game it always changes my character to a noob and I have to keep updating it and it keeps happening. Also it’s not fair bc it’s the same people who get the most votes and sometimes when I try to buy promotions it takes to long to buy them and it’s not fair I never won 1 time!! So please fix this!
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4 years ago, DeeIsHere❤️
I am fully and thoroughly unhappy with this game, I have had this game since I was little, and that’s a long time! Eventually after a few YEARS of playing it a bunch of my stuff disappeared, out of nowhere. After another few years, I decided to give the game another try, and after a few months with that gameplay, a bunch of my stuff disappeared AGAIN! I have emailed them through customer support MULTIPLE TIMES, and surprisingly, they didn’t respond! This game IS TERRIBLE, D O N O T GET THIS GAME!!!
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2 months ago, thtbrat1
Star girl favorite app
What’s going on ??? Is this app no longer available? Everytime I reach level 5 I can’t enter the beauty contest ? I see no other players to add as friends nothing ??? Pls update app I really love this game it’s entertaining
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6 years ago, Aria Mitchell
Disappearance of clothes
I have lost all of my clothes that are dresses and shirts which I have gained from star wow and from the store which I paid for. I believe this is not a problem of saving because I save my game constantly. This happened to me right after I opened a gift from one of my boyfriends in the game. I am furious and I would like some assistance in getting all my clothes back.
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6 years ago, I love Tiffany!😍😍😘
Great game...but
When I opened this app, I downloaded the new contents and even when it get to 100, the contents won't download. Please fix this problem. Wasted a lot of time because of this!
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1 year ago, Ehybohy
Please update the game
This game hasnt been updated in 4 years!! Pls update it, its such a fun game but many features dont work, such as competing in contests/voting and linking facebook account. Its a great game but pls fix it.
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6 years ago, tiff the dog
Lost the clothes I bought with real money
The problem with this game is that I bought some wings and clothes with real money and the next time I logged in they all disappeared. Idk why but I have so many accounts on star girl so I think it took my other account ( the one where I didn’t buy anything) and I have no way to switch back to my account. Please fix the bug.
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6 years ago, LadiiTway
Active player WFE53C
I really like star girl and dressing up my character. There’s many items to choose from in the shops and cute hair styles. It also has mini games too.
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4 years ago, Chloelovesdogs
Lost things and diamond currency
Today, I went into the star girl app, as I joined, I saw my diamonds that were lower because of my earlier purchase, when I went to put on a different outfit, the purchased item I bought earlier was gone. I’m pretty sure a bunch of people already have experienced this issue, I am not happy about in. 😕
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3 years ago, qothibae
Please update the game so I can get my saved data back I’m trying to log into my face book and it keeps saying error maybe fix this? And also fix some bugs I’m having some problems saving the game to
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3 years ago, Xbittyboox
Game wont synchronize
It takes forever to synchronize as if it doesn’t even synchronize and you wait for nothing. I get impatient and end up stop trying to synchronizing my game. It stops me from purchasing fliers because when i try to buy fliers for the contest it wants to synchronize and it doesn’t work. Please fix this
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6 years ago, Dr.WhoLuva119
Was loving this game but...
Now after I downloaded the newest content the game resets every time I try to do something! Like I got notified that I was done with a job so I went to get my pay and clicked the thing to receive it and got it but then as soon as I got it the game reset, went to the loading screen and I ended up back on the street! Fix this GIANT bug please!!!!!
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3 years ago, maddie_hitzing
ok honestly i loved this game growing up. like was obsessed so it would be unfair of me to rate this game low but i just redownloaded the game after so long and it won’t let me log it. it says i can only make an account and there’s no option really to log in. i was pretty far and wanted to get back into the game. kinda disappointed
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4 years ago, Keshley Madrid
Needs bug fixes
IT keeps making me reinstall the app so I can enter to be star girl, I pay for banners and stuff but then it all disappears and says I never downloaded the updated stores, worst part is my diamonds and coins I spent on banners stayed
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3 years ago, BigronG619
Rip off
Played this game for about 10 years. One day all my paid for hair, accessories and diamond bought items and contest winning items GONE! I did everything suggested and still gone. I’ve contacted support and never heard back from them. What a shame, take our money and not help. Every game does updates yearly not this one thou!
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9 months ago, BratzCoutureTv
Please bring this game back with contests and traveling
Please bring this super styling game back. It was a game for y2k baddies and it was so perfect and pretty to use in life
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4 years ago, izz_•_•
lost clothes
this game is fun and really great but after playing for like 2 months, i lost ALL my shirts and dresses. they just disappeared. that’s so annoying because i spent a lot of money on them and didn’t even get my money back. it’s also super glitchy in general.
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1 year ago, luv4ryl33
if you’re going to make the game on playable for new people, you might as well just take it out of the App Store because you can’t progress after a certain level because you need friends and you can’t add them either so…
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2 years ago, Punking Patskh
Update the game
I used to love this game years ago and recently decided to redownload it on a different device. However, nothing works. I can’t buy gems or coins with money, I can’t add friends, and I can’t enter the pageant despite being a high enough level. Disappointing😕
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3 years ago, rat gonzales
Hi <3
Can you please fix the Facebook login cause I been playing since like forever in my childhood and I’m not gonna lose my childhood
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4 years ago, Foxfire elite
How does this work?
How do you add people?! I can't get to a higher level without adding friends! Help
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5 years ago, Cutiepietry
Fun game, but..
I think it’s a great game that is fun and addicting! But a lot of the times it tells me to save my game on my phone or local save. Then when I pick one it keeps popping up save things and I can’t play my game! Fun game though!
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5 years ago, Queen🌸💕♥️
Dear,Star Girl My game is literally not work I just uninstalled it and I’m about to see if it works now! But that characters were naked and if I tried to go into the place where I sign up got the contest it well just black out and exit out the app!! Please fix that bug!!
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4 years ago, Phantomdrakprincess
This app is my favorite (other than Gacha life) because it has money and all dat stuff but what I wonder is there actually REAL people out there!!!Second I go into star secrets expecting dresses and all dat stuff but I see inappropriate stuff like bras and underwear seriously!!!???!!!!Thats just...just wrong wow......
Show more
5 years ago, FR4nk1310V3
I’m conflicted, because I do like this game. It’s just ridiculously glitchy! I uninstalled it because it drove me nuts. It’s really fun, but badly needs bug fixes. If you play just know you have to have a lot of patience.
Show more
4 years ago, AshleyRocks 123
An Error Problem
I love this game but I have a problem with the error button, it will not let me go through the game. Can u fix this error problem please Animoca.
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4 years ago, Aaliyah or Liyahh
It took my clothes I bought for money!!!
So I woke up, and I went in star girl to claim my jobs money, next thing I know it asks me lvl 29 or 28 I pressed 29 because that’s what I was at, next thing you know my sets I bought were gone!
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4 years ago, u need to read this plz
Hey read this please
You should be able to gift others like gems and cash and clothes
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2 years ago, sassoo_girl
How to update Star girl
I can't download yoga challenge game and the parts that are supposed to unlock at level 5 don't unlock I can't participate in fashion contests I can’t add friends
Show more
2 years ago, starbekah290
Why can i not buy promotions? This is annoying. I also cant buy gems and stuff.
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2 years ago, 6371k
So I bought some stuff yesterday now it’s gone I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what but I worked hard and ima end up deleting the game if it won’t come back by tomorrow Please fix it.
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4 years ago, lilprincesskiki
I lost everything
I lost most of everything I lost my wings stockings shoes dresses and more and I connected to Facebook even so that should not be so and I am most upset about losing wings than anything those were expensive
Show more
2 years ago, Minecratf lover
I used to play this game all the time as a kid never had a problem I’m 21 now downloaded it for old time sake and now it’s glitchy everything takes a life time to load
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