Star One Mobile Banking

4.7 (1.8K)
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Star One Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Star One Mobile Banking

4.72 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Etv15
Best Credit Union
I have been with a few different CUs and switched to Star One many years ago as the interest rates are the best. Definitely won’t go back to banks. I moved to a smaller city and can do majority of my banking through the mobile app. I use a network of other CU atms for cash withdrawals without fees. The app is easy to use, efficient and even includes Zelle for money transfers. I love that I can make sub savings accounts to separate savings for taxes, vacation, home improvements etc. All my accounts receive the same high interest rates including checking. Their VISA cc has low interest rates and high rewards paid. Love Star One!!
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4 months ago, Superdude1million
Solid app, in my top two favorite banks
My dad set me up with a star one account when I was a kid. It served as a savings account for years until I finally got fed up with Wells Fargo’s banking fees and all their nonsense. Since then I’ve been using star one and CEFCU as my main banks and I’m equally pleased with both. Star one tends to be very conservative with cards and loans (which I appreciate). It tells me they aren’t going to have any problems with my funds. CEFCU is a little more flexible so I get most of my loans through them. Either way, I’ll definitely never go back to a “bank”. Credit unions all the way, StarOne in the front of that.
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7 months ago, ConnieVee
Star 1 CU
I have been a member of Star 1 Credit Union for only 2.5 yrs and I am very pleased I became a member. I am excited to share with others how this credit union gives me their undivided attention. They are not only professional but they respond in a thoughtful way to the need of the person. When I purchased my automobile, the representative went beyond my request and helped me to get a better interest rate. After the deal closed, I had a few questions and I received the same quality of service. I’m really glad I joined Star 1 Credit Union. Thank you Star 1 !!!
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2 years ago, Ristosapps
Great credit Union great technology!
We became credit union members trying o avoid the never ending non explainable fees imposed by our bank. Star One came in recommended by friends that have been in California longer than us. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to banking anywhere else. It’s been convenient, clean, always on point, available for services institution we are very proud to be part of. On top all of the above is available online/digital without having to visit a single branch in years.
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4 years ago, E2DV
Love StarOne
I have been using StarOne for over 30 years. And have been able to have my family join in. I moved out of state and continued using StarOne for all my financial accts. I especially enjoy the new check capture for depositing checks. That makes it so much easier to deposit checks quickly! I also have an auto loan which makes it easier to pay the monthly payment online. I just noticed that you continue making more enhancements and now have zelle capabilities. You make my life easier! Thank you StarOne.
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1 year ago, BigKahuna59
New version’s deposit camera is unusable
New version isn’t as well laid out as previous version. Also, on my iPhone 13 Pro Max the deposit camera image slides arounds and rotates like I’m playing a video game where I can never get the check in the view. Cannot use the deposit camera without going into ‘Manual’ mode. When I requested tech support, I was sent an email where I would have to communicate with the support team by creating a new account on a support website (come on, this is just too hard for the average person). Bottom line: new version of app is too wonky to use for camera deposits and tech support is almost unavailable.
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3 years ago, Lisssakathryn
I’ve been with StarOne for about 10 years now. I pulled all my money out of BofA and haven’t regretted it. My fiancé did the same. From my first account with them, car loan, credit card, additional accounts… I have been extremely pleased. I’ve now moved out of San Jose and I’m an hour away from their closest location, but I’m sticking with them anyways. I’ve recommended friends and family to this CU and all of them have been very happy as well. Their customer service is phenomenal!
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3 years ago, jim10181
Just the best CU and app
I’ve been a member for over 37 years. Joined when I first began working for Lockheed in the Sunnyvale Ca. in 1984. Everything they do is just super. Superior customer service in every department. I alway comment after I have any communication with them that this is how customer service should work. I still have accounts (loans, checking and savings) with them even though I moved across the country to New York State after I retired from Lockheed Martin in 2002. No plans to ever change. They’re the best.
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1 year ago, MandyLab
Great CU
I have been a member of star one since approximately 1987. Even though we moved out of California 20 years ago, star one is still our one and only bank. We’ve had mortgages and car loans in addition to normal savings and checking. Everything has been handled so efficiently and accurately. Their rates are great and much better than banks and other credit unions in my opinion. I would not give up my membership and star one for anything.
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1 year ago, sparko63
I’ve been a lifer
I have been with Star One since my first job at a college when I was 21 years old. (1985) At that time it was Lockheed missiles & space and then became Star One. This is the only banking I have used for my personal finances as it is convenient, very economical and has great deals on all kinds of loans. We’ve got mortgages, credit cards cars and my kids have accounts. The convenience is unbeatable, and the customer service is exceptional.
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2 months ago, MatthewHall83
Unusable for Viewing Statements
I’ve been attempting to view my statements through the StarOne Credit app, but it has been an incredibly frustrating experience. The app redirects to a mobile website where I can only access 3 statements from three years ago, with no recent updates available. I’ve tried accessing the site in desktop mode from both my phone and iPad and even switched between different browsers, but the issue persists. It’s disappointing that such a basic and crucial functionality is so poorly implemented. This app is currently useless for anyone trying to manage or review their financial statements, as is the mobile website. Shame on StarOne.
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2 months ago, RockDance
Easy and Simple
It has just the right amount of options to choose from. Mobile deposits are very easy. And it’s simple just to check my balance and recent transactions. Also very easy to transfer money between accounts, which I had to do today to prepare for an upcoming credit card payment. That was easy!
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2 years ago, xRuisuCepi
Fresh UI, but a little slow
I love the new UI! It’s a great refresh, however, it’s still lacking some features I am looking for such as: looking at credit card’s reward points, be able to use it through the app, and no customized shortcuts. Overall, the UI is great, but it’s a little slow when it comes to navigating back and fort in the app, and the face ID back drop was stretched. It seemed like the back drop was only meant for low res display screens.
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2 years ago, JerryTeslaOwner
Great value
I have banked with starone for years and have been very happy with their service and value. They have constantly had the lowest loan rates for auto loans as well as being among the highest interest rate on checking and saving accounts. They also offer free notary services which has come in handy. I do not know why anyone would use major banks like BofA or Wells Fargo when Starone is available.
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7 months ago, Makaikarl
Best CU/Bank I have found.
Great app, and better yet, very personalized service. Everyone at every branch I ever worked with was kind, knowledgeable and friendly. So much more of a feeling like family than any other bank I have ever been too. I rarely write reviews, but good service like this deserves to be acknowledged and recommended! Keep up the great work and culture team!
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7 months ago, CandiWebb
Best ever!
My husband and I have been Star One members since 1994! We are coming up to our 30th year with the credit union and we have no intention of leaving. From our deposit accounts to the financing of cars and the safe keeping of our IRA accounts, we couldn’t be more pleased. You won’t regret developing a relationship with Star One Credit Union.
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2 years ago, RPManfredo
Great App
It is quick and intuitive. On top of that, it is smart enough to know whether you are on a stable or a cell phone and whether the display device is in portrait or landscape mode. Once again, Star One shows why they are a great provider of banking services and why credit unions are preferred by discerning adults.
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2 years ago, Rebel Call
Previous app 5 star, current update several steps backwards :(
The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind after the most recent update. It reminds me of a formerly beautiful person who succumbed to societal pressures and ended up with a botched plastic surgery. Previously, the app was simple, easy on the eyes, and intuitive. After the most recent update, the app is cumbersome, clunky, and a big ole visual mess. Because of the chaotic new visuals, it’s become a lot easier to make transfers by accident, which is pretty scary. I wanted to give it a few week for me to adjust to the change, but even after months of regular use age, the new update is just as bad each time I log on :( I feel bad leaving a low review, but my partner and I can’t be the only ones left in a cloud of disappointment over the update! Developers: any way we can streamline this? Bring it back to basics? Thank you!
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3 years ago, Bauble Bling
Your “Hometown” Credit Union
The StarOne app is easy to use and even easier to open sub accounts without having to go into an actual building! We’ve been with StarOne since my hubby and I were first married, and we’ve taken it with us wherever we’ve moved. It’s an easy app to navigate too!
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2 years ago, CUhappyCustomer
Great institution!
I have been a member so nice long before it was called Star One and I have been happy with the offerings, service and low costs the whole time. I have recommended many family and friends over the years who have also been very satisfied. No down side at all so far…
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2 years ago, avlismit
App crashing after redesign
The app constantly crashes after the latest release when logging in. The crash occurs during the process of retrieving my login credentials though iOS password manager. This happens via Face ID and (after turning off Face ID in settings) when entering entering my iPhone passcode. The only way to log in has been to turn off Face ID for the app, then press cancel when asking for my iPhone passcode. One this process is avoided, then the app won’t crash so I can manually type in my banking credentials.
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1 month ago, Kaysree
True mobile banking app
Anything I’d need to go to a branch for, I can do it on the app. And all features on the app works flawlessly. App has certain features even before you login, like your actual refi rates and such. Someone put a lot of thought into it and built it diligently.
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1 year ago, wmontara
Life time member
My parents opened a Lockheed credit union account when I was a child . I am now 69 years old and still happy to be a star one member. I have tried banks in addition to my StarOne account, but got tired of the outrageous fees . I have not had any other account but Star One for 28 years now.
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1 year ago, guerremaps
Deposit camera rotates weird so it’s hard to deposit
Latest updates have been ok. I have a to tap to get into accounts which I didn’t have to do. Worst issue is the deposit camera. It rotates in a weird way so that it’s hard to capture the check in the photo. I’ve found that if I click the help button in the camera mode, then back out if help, the camera rotates normal. So at least there’s a way to work around the problem.
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3 years ago, GizmoGirl67
Cant get a better financial institution
Been with Star one well over 25 yrs. thought of moving funds from time to time but have remained loyal to them. I’m based in Texas and there in Cali. Do all my major financial banking with them. Rates are better than here in Texas. Can’t recall how many times someone here will say we can get a better rate, we have X companies we use. I laugh and tell them. Let’s see it then. Hasn’t happened yet. Things got sticky during COVID-19, they weren’t doing certain business out of state. I get it, it sucked but still not leaving them. There a great banking institution.
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3 weeks ago, cheeky2
Over 40 years
I have been with Star One since 1983 and I wouldn’t have done if they were not just the best. They have always been very helpful and responsive to all my needs. I believe this app is one of the best I have ever used. Don’t hesitate, they’ll be there for you.
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7 years ago, lwf16
A very bad “upgrade”
After being unable to access my accounts for more than one week due to a major software “upgrade”, I have finally been able to access them via desktop. My iPhone app, however, will not work at all. It tells me there is a problem. Then, when I call support, for a full week I got only a busy signal. Now I can get through after waiting most of an hour each time I call, but they cannot fix it. Major screw-up. I am considering other credit unions after 30+ years with StarOne.
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2 months ago, lcabbey
Easy use app and Star One is awesome
I’m a long time member of Star One. The app is consistent with my Star One experience—easy to use and allows me to do all of my banking without having to go into a branch. I can complete my banking tasks on my terms- quickly, easily and conveniently.
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3 years ago, Bman2071
Best CU and Banking App Ever
I don’t think I’ve ever had a better CU and a banking app! It’s user friendly, easy to transfer between accounts, easy to deposit checks, and is secure. I also love that they have unlimited amounts of transfers now. Star One is such a great CU and I wouldn’t leave them for another one.
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4 years ago, Angels For Brazil . ORG
Greatest CU Ever!
I bank with StarOne for over 10 years and I have nothing but praise for them. I totally trust them, they are upfront and I always feel they have my best interest at their core. I have multiple account types with them and I always receive effective, efficient and courteous service from them. I highly recommend StarOne!
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4 years ago, Susan Kontich
We started with Star One over 30 years ago. They are the best. They are always wonderful. They go the extra mile. They are on top of it if the suspect credit card fraud. They have called right away if they think someone is using my card. I would not go anywhere else!!!
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7 months ago, Iram49
Long time satisfied customer
I opened my first account at Star One in 1984. I used the credit union for mortgage, auto loans, savings and checking. I moved out of state and still use Star One as my primary banking institution as do most of our family.
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2 years ago, Ca_jeffo
Yuck, hate the new disorganization.
Love the app, but the disorganization when viewing All Accounts in the latest upgrade is terrible. With the old version, I’d readily see my accounts and could then view the accounts of my two kids. Now, it’s all jumbled together with an overly-complex filter thingy that makes it much harder to distinguish between the 6 accounts + mortgage.
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9 months ago, Wizardwoof
Does everything I need to do
Easy to use. Clear clean interface. Can’t get better than this. Not cluttered with graphics all over the place. I don’t have to search all over the app to find statements or other info I need. Excellent.
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1 month ago, punkmomster
Best Credit Union & Best Mobile App
I’m delighted with my experience at Star One / they have been helpful every time I needed something. I also love the mobile app which actually works like it says it should - haven’t had a single failure yet! Bravo!
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2 years ago, 100 Notifications
Push Notifications Gone Haywire
The app itself functions great. But every morning I wake up to over 100 push notifications for no reason. I check my alerts and notifications after opening the app and there’s nothing to be found. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, jules4jewels
Top notch banking
Star One has been my primary bank of choice for decades. They have personal service (including phone interactions) located at local branches. They have the lowest fees and often waive fees for mortgages and other accounts. Spectacular service each time. The App is super easy to use also :)
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3 years ago, Kcritt50
Awesome credit union and super app
Started banking with Star One in 1974, and they’ve financed house, cars, personal loans and more. Couldn’t be happier with their customer service and quality of operations. Oh, and the app works really well and keeps getting better.
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3 years ago, RRNCR
This is such a great asset(mobile banking); it would be even greater if a check could be deposited directly into our savings account without having to be deposited into the checking account first & then transferred to savings! Can you work on that issue?
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3 years ago, Sahara Styles
Star One is exceptional!!!
I have banked with Bank of the West, USBank, State Farm Bank, Mechanics Bank, Santa Cruz County Bank and Lighrhouse Bank and Star One’s customer service exceeds all of them. I have been banking with Star One over 25 years and have been blown away by their customer centric approach to banking.
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2 years ago, thetimeseptember
really dated UI
the UI is really dated, it looks like no one's updated the design or interface in over a decade, which makes me not feel super confident/comfortable w the security, even though i know they're not related. I'm also not able to set up zelle at all. i click the zelle button and it loads for a little and then nothing happens
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3 years ago, Sparkymat2016
App is easy and effective
All functions I need are easy and intuitive. The check-photo feature was improved recently and that makes a huge difference.
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3 years ago, Diane_MB
Love this credit union!
Mobile banking is great! Online banking great now that they added picture of checks written. Staff friendly and extremely helpful every time I’ve called. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, NDYNAMICS
Major improvement -NOT
It’s not often a major rewrite of an app UI goes so downhill it’s almost unusable. They accomplished that with this app. -filters don’t save between sessions or even after you viewed an account. It’s dumb. We don’t always want to see our kid’s linked accounts -the login timeout is even shorter than before -the transfer process is incredibly more difficult, especially with a ton of linked accounts -in trying to improve aesthetics, everything is so huge so you are constantly scrolling -the biggest issue always was the account list items were so big you would always click them accidentally. No improvement there. Frustrating with very little gain. It went backwards.
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3 years ago, DoctorWSW
Mobile app
I’m a long time customer with Star One. After retiring and moving out of the Bay Area I was concerned about maintaining SO as my bank. Well, the mobile app keeps me up to date on my account and allows me to do all normal banking functions. Easy to use and works great.
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1 year ago, Jpereira59
Great app. Love it.
I’ve been a member of Starone CU since the mid 80s and even before the app, I always loved the phone interaction. Your app rocks. One of the first financial institutions that offered check deposits through the app interface. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, venkas72
Friendly and functional
I’ve been using the StarOne mobile app for 4 years now. I find it very intuitive to use, and rarely find the need to go to the banking site to get something done.
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3 weeks ago, Maxsymillion1
Great Rates Top Service
These folks are very helpful and interested in You. If you don’t join Star One Credit Union, at least join a Credit Union. Banks are the biggest rip off around, next to Used car salesman & lawyers!!
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2 years ago, Bodacia the Exalted
More convenient than website
Since using the app, sending money through sellers and activating my new debit card and transferring funds are quicker and even wasting navigate. Thanks Star One.
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4 years ago, Wally's son
Really good app, great credit union
Overall the app works very well, there’s a few clunky things about it, but not worth complaining about. The clunky items are the only reason it doesn’t get a five star in my opinion. So much more useful than going into a branch. However, Star One CU is 5 Star all the way!
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