Star Stable: Horses

4.2 (11.1K)
251.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Star Stable Entertainment AB
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Star Stable: Horses

4.23 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
5 years ago, morgan stormflower
Game is awesome but More stalls!!!
I love this game. But I want new horses, cause I keep having to scratch my horses to see if there are any new ones and I don’t want to have to keep doing that. So maybe make where we have to do a quest in the game that allows use to open a new stall? Or we can train the horses to ride, and get do special quests???? But over all game is amazing!!!!! And I would like it if we could have more coat colors too And could use the the training that u do with ur foal in sso. And could the horse possibly wear a halter, just like where leading it and we put out in paddock and just take the lead rope off? I felt sooo bad making the one horse wear bridle. OH one more thing could we make wearing the bridle a training task? And like when the horse wears the saddle for the first time the have a reaction?And leg raps too? And like in sso make so when we buy a new horse they don’t like us and we have to build a bond with them so that they run faster and jump higher and we could buy horses that have never hade a saddle on or are trained and could we buy them from other players? Maybe just a thought. PLZ SSO READ MY REVIEW!!!!!!!!🥺🥺🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🦄🐴🐴🐴🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇
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4 years ago, Ridehorses🌸
Unfair in my opinion...
So, I downloaded this game because I thought it would be like SSO. I thought I would be able to ride my horses that I trained and be able to ride and show with them. But no, you have to have a MacBook or a pc which I don’t have either. I was really hoping for a game like star stable.. I really wanted to train them be able to ride! Now I can’t... please improve this, I’m sure that some players were also hoping for an experience of riding in this good game... :( please fix it, this game has great graphics and would be EVEN BETTER if you would make it for people to be able to ride in it! If you aren’t able to do that, then please make a new game just like this one but be able to ride for mobile + IPad players! Or just make it to be able to ride! Either works, I just wanted an experience to be able to ride and maybe even train my horses, I was also hoping to be able to show like dressage and show jumping. Please improve this and more people will love it. You will also have more people playing if you add a mobile game for it or just make star stable available for mobile! TYSVMMMM if you improve the game! Goodbye. :)))) Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate you all making it mobile, I am so excited!!! Best wishes to all the creators of SSO! ✨
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4 years ago, tweetftfcgcrdxrs
I am crying Buckets right now!😭
I want a horse SO bad but, I can not have one. I have been looking for games and found this one. I was so excited! I could raise my foul and then get to ride it! But then I got the app and started to raise my foul and fell in love with my little Luna, so I kept playing and it was great! But then I went to “Star Stable Online” and designed my horse and character and made a account. I signed in and then it said “To be able to go on a journey with your horse you must buy this subscription” My parents would not buy it. Now I should delete the game but, I don’t want to because I still love my foul Luna and If I delete the game I will never see her again. I know this seems a childish thing to say but in this pandemic we are in I am looking for the little things to make me happy and instead this game broke my heart. They designed this game to get children to fall in love with and then have to pay money, it just broke my heart that I could not make my dream come true of getting a horse on this game. This is to the people who made this game: Please, please, fix this game at your next update and make it so I can go on a journey with my horse. If you did, it would mean the world to me. I will keep the game In case you make my request and dream come true. I am giving two stars instead of one because I love my little Luna and this game makes her look so real and happy. I do not want to cause trouble just Very, Very, Very, sad.
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1 year ago, Layanoreo 123123
l like the game but…
Ok so l like star stable and l also like games like star stable and so this game really needs an update Ok so number 1 we can do some online shopping in the game that would be very nice Oh you lf you could do that number 2 we can have like farm animals and like make our little farm and all like we can have dogs and cats and also sheeps chickens and chicks cows number 3 we can like buy the farm animals from people On the online shopping and the online shopping would be called haraj yes haraj and we can buy them from people on online shopping but not to expensive for horses like atleast 100 bucks IN GAME ! Yes and we can like have guard dogs protecting the farm and can have like cages to catch our animal like rats pigeons cats and squirrels and we can interact with the animals and we can like also sell animals to other people on the online shopping and we can have food bowls and a leash very important so we can like walk our dog and people can come and touch the dog and we can build our own homes and stuff a bit simaluer to sims but its Okay and thats all byeeeeeee! Oh and please see this and make my dream come true byeeeeeeeee!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥢🐕🐎🦮🦮🐈‍⬛🦣🦔🦏🐕‍🦺🐑🐩🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🤘🏼👌👌👌👌👌
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4 years ago, 🇷🇺👌🏻
AQH can be used for anything
This is a review on sso not star stable horses. So, when the add for the updated AQH came out it said “The ultimate western horse” this kinda triggers me because AQH aren’t just used for western. Sure, a good percentage of them are used for western but some are used for eventing or English work not just western pleasure or whatever you want to call it. Also I’m adding something about star stable horses. If you choose the blue roan AQH on star stable horses, in the corner it says stuff like join the western fun and it has it for that horse ONLY. Not the mustang (I know they can be used for English you just mostly see them in western) or any other horse, just the AQH. Yes I know I said that most of them are used for western but some are used for eventing and stuff. This kinda makes me annoyed because I have an AQH mix (He’s mostly AQH the other percent is irrelevant right now) I use him for eventing. I’m not hating on sso in anyway, I think it’s a great game, I’m just letting all those people who tell other people not to ride THEIR AQH in English tack, that they can be used for jumping, dressage, cross country and all that stuff. If there were replies I know people would come at me but just letting everyone know. Stay safe y’all!
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6 years ago, Fhbfthjkngfdrhj
This is a review of sso
Sso is a amazing game! It's not like any other horse game which makes it special because a lot of horse games are just I hate to say it but just boring no offense but all you really do on other horse games is feed groom give it water etc. and the details are amazing! On sso and their are so many complaints about it and saying it keeps getting worse and is going to be shut down sometime in the future I mean please and I mean please don't shut down ever! After all the progress you've made I mean it wouldn't make sense at all and you update every week I mean what else could we ask for I am so grateful for this game and if anyone wants anything like more updates or something their greedy grubs XD jk but their greedy but I do have some ideas that maybe maybe you could do in the future? Maybe it's a maybe because I'm already so grateful and you deserve all the people you have and more! But maybe you could add a carriage? And you could buy it with star coins? I mean idk but it would mean a lot to me and a lot of other peeps but ya know anyway bye star fam have a fabulous day byeeeeeee :) 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
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2 years ago, littlecookiekitty
Not the best
Since Star stable is already on mobile I’m not really mad that this game doesn’t allow you to ride your horse. But I do have some other issues. Why do stalls cost money? You should be able to get at least 3-4 free stalls. Not 2. Now here’s my main problem. WHY DOES IT COST STAR COINS TO TRANSFER MY HORSES! It just shouldn’t it doesn’t need to cost star coins. In fact it’s completely unneeded. After growing my horse I should just be able to transfer it for free. If it does cost then it should be at the highest 50 star coins to transport a horse. Not 900 to 800. This is literally just to get money from players. Worst part. It costs at least 20 dollars to to get star coins and transfer the horse. Oh did I mention I have another horse I want to transfer. So I would probably have to spend 30-40 dollars on these horses. Not to mention some people can’t afford these things. I downloaded this game thinking I’d get to get a free horse since I grew it. But no I didn’t. I’m definitely not gonna transfer any of the horses for a while. Because the prices are stupid and unfair. So to anyone who’s gonna get this app, go ahead but just know your gonna have to spend a lot of money to even get your horse to the sso game.
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4 months ago, itskinda good i guess
AMAZING GAME but I got a bug that really needs fixed
So first of all game is great definitely get second of all there is a bug. So you know I log in and find that I can’t find my embermane. I panic. Then I look in the barn and the embermane is “there”.The embermane was invisible but had all of its stats and things around the screen. Then when I tried to do thing with it, it switched to my other horse and I did with the other horse but it still transferred the stars to the embermane. SUPER weird. I reseted my iPad and all that other stuff that might help. Nope! Uuuuuuuuuh? Please fix this bug. Good thing about this is I can still level up and transfer to star stable online! But the bad news is a cannot get enough star coins. Also bad th8ng for me good thing for you, my embermane is 750 or 950 and in your star coin shop in this game it is 749 or 949. (Brain explode). Really this game is cool. Please please please fix bug and let people who play this game switch their horses to star stable online with one purchase. Please and thank you, -A (shouldn’t use my full name). THE END (idk)
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11 months ago, Oceana wind
Pay to win a bit if you ask me…
Main interest: I love this game, and I know plenty others do too, but I’m a kid, I’ll admit that, but don’t you think that everything is pricey? I don’t own SSO yet, but I’ve been trying to decide if I should or not, but that’s not my point. So after reading review after review I’ve noticed that we have to PAY to move our horses? Like uhm… What!? Other people complain about the price of “star coins” and paying to move horses to SSO but I was so excited cause I finally got one of my horses to adult and I was reading reviews, ready to finally own SSO, but the reviews have held me back for a few days now. I absolutely love this game and I hope you amazing people read this, but I know this is annoying to hear over and over again, but can y’all make prices lower? Please and thank you! Side topic: I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! ❤️❤️ Y'all have kept me busy for longer than any other game now because of the activities like growing my horses, harvesting my crops, playing around with new horses and many more! You guys have made me content and happy for a long time! The graphics, the photos, and even the horses are magnificent. Keep up the amazing work guys! 🥳
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2 years ago, Lilah Bowen
Don’t listen to the lil kids
The little kids complaining in the reviews obviously haven’t played sso. Nowhere in this game does it say that you get a “free horse”. You can raise the foal and put it into the sso game. Don’t expect it to just be a free horse, all the rest of the horses in the game cost the same amount of star coins. If you get star rider, you get coins per week. And you technically don’t NEED coins to have fun in the game. I do agree that the sc prices are too high but the sso team probably has a lot of people and they need to get payed. It is what it is. The only thing I don’t like about the game is the animations. Ik that the actual star stable game is top priority but since the first horse on star stable horses (the haflinger I think) they just copied and pasted the haflinger animations onto the foals/horses. The jump animations are freaky and weird. It doesn’t affect play but I think it would be cool to update the actual breed animation onto the game. Thank you! (Also I really think you guys should update the mustang since it’s one of the most well known horse breeds. I really wanna see it)
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3 years ago, innerrobloxsloth
I am crying in tears
So when I got my horse May tin I just loved him but when you level h8m up he gets sleepy plz fix the game where you can buy horses with money like after you raise up your horse to level 10 maybe you should make it like when you leave the game it’s in its stable plz these are just simple stuff to make people like the game more maybe put in some horses that look like spirit I am not forcing you just some stuff that will make me happy and some others I’m sorry If your mad I love this game my horse is still a baby but it’s so cool and cute I love may tin he’s the best horse I have plz just update the game and make a breed that’s just like spirit I would be happy and others would love it I wish tho when your horse is still small you can go online and show people your baby horse it’s okay if you don’t like these stuff to add in even if you can’t I’ll still be happy if you are reading this I like this I have roblox to so I can be a baby horse I don’t care if you can’t put these in but I should go I love this app more updates plz ?
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11 months ago, Fiji-island
Good ( in some ways)
It is a good game and I know you all put a ton of effort in to making these games the best, but I just have a few complaints, first of all after taking care of she foal for so long I believe it should be a little less expensive maybe at 300 I know you have the prices because you all need to make money, but it doesn’t really make sense that we have to pay the same amount of star coins for as we do it StarStable online. Next, the horse is the game as adults are pretty good, they walk, trot, and canter and… well every thing kinda looks weird, they have an odd walk that isn’t quite like the horse on StarStable online, and StarStable online is basically spot on for how horses move. Thirdly, the foals are all same size and shape just different color, the pony foal is the same size as it’s mother- I find that a little odd, and the shire foal is at it’s mothers belly. Last but not least, fourth, well training the foals they get tired way to quick I can can only play for like twenty’s minutes a day, and growing crops is fine but they grow slowly which is fine, but the horse consume so many. And I am finally done, thank you for reading this:). ❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Me the person ;D
What is the point of this game?
I personally think that this game is fabulous! Until, you have worked so hard in hopes for a free horse, I myself am 12 years old and I love SSO it’s such an amazing game. I saw a YouTuber play this game and level up their horse, they did leave out the part where you have to actually buy the horse in order to have it in SSO. Obviously, I am a child so I don’t have money and I think it’s outrageous that parents would have to pay so much money just to get some coins in a game (for example: the horse I worked on was 800 star coins and $30 will buy you that amount but because of my age I do not have my own money to buy these things.) I think this game and SSO could amount tons of more players and a lot more business if people could transfer these horses for free. I was heartbroken when I realized that it would cost me money to buy this horse in game. In the future I hope that there could be some horses in SSO where you could buy for regular coins instead of star coins. I also hope that one day there will be opportunities to earn star coins. With all that being said, I strongly believe that this game could be a great way for young and not wealthy players to earn horses, that would make the game 10x more enjoyable and a great business push. I hope you enjoy your day.
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5 years ago, ellamcnew14()
Great game but needs fixed
Overall I thought that this games was really great and I even transferred a horse! I thought that it was really cute of how you got a foal and had to train it to become an adult and I’m glad you can have 2 horses in your stable without the purchase. The only thing I have an issue with this app is that I had purchased the more stalls purchase so I could have the 5 horses. So I got 5 horses that I wanted and trained them. Once they were all level 10 they were ready to come to my stable but I had to save my star coins so I didn’t play the game for a while. Soon I had enough to get the horses. I got into the game and saw all the horses in the paddock. Then I tried to purchase them but it wouldn’t let me so I deleted all of the horses thinking it was a glitch that could be fixed by re-getting all of my horses. But there was an said that I never payed to get all of the stalls. I was upset because I knew I had payed for it... but if this gets fixed on my game, I will be more happy and excited to play this game but now I feel scammed of my money...
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4 years ago, i is an egggg
Great!! But!!!
Ok so I LOVE this game it is so so so fun and I love the idea of taking care of a goal and then putting it in game! I am a avid sso player and am addicted to it!! It has also inspired me to try and do horseback riding!! The graphics are great quality and I love that you can get the horse at level 10 in game when your done!! I only have two nit picks with this game... #1 is that there is stuff you have to buy. If we have this game, isn’t it kinda a given that we love sso and probably have star rider/ star coins? I mean how else would we be able to afford to buy the horse?! #2 I get that the sso team is focused on the real game but really? There are a lack of breads on by his app! I was hoping that theee would be more breeds of horse on here! Someone also told me that there is an AQH coming BEFORE two other horses that are ready to put in!! What?!??? That just doesn’t make sense to me. Over all this is a great game and I love Love LOVE it!! With a little bit of more attention, I think that this game could be a 10/10!
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4 years ago, contrey girl🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Please update
I love this game so much because I mean you can make your horses and then get them for free on your short stable account but I wish you can get them on like windows direkt-tekBecause I don’t have star rider and my parents won’t buy it for me so I’m giving this opportunity is really good but I can only get it on my iPad which means I have to buy it and it’s not letting me and I really care for my horses and I just can’t wait to have them on my account to play with and do the adventures with because I only have my starter horse and it feels a bit lonely having that and can you please update your Horses to like the Zunis and like more of the things that you have now because I think the Horses that they have now are so adorable it would be so happy to actually train one and you might not write back or do what I ask I’m just begging you on my hands and kneesI’ll try to ask for some star coins on my birthday but just in case can you please do what I ask and other peoples reviews bye bye and ty have a nice day/night!
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5 years ago, lisawatertiger
So great but pls update so it’s not for star coins
Sso is one of my favorite games I personally like it because it’s so realistic and fun so ssh is great but I don’t like that you have to pay star coins for the horses it’s kinda sad for people that got this game and don’t have star coins or isn’t star rider like me because I’m not star rider and I don’t have star coins but overall I absolutely love it but pls do an update for no star coins for at least a month idk but I would really appreciate that and the others.I have some advice for whoever is reading this and is getting this game... So first I think your horse will be a grown up when 5 days are up so you actually do it for nothing unless you have 969 star coins but I think that’s over 20$ but don’t get so upset yet because star rider will help I think. I have absolutely never experienced star rider except when I first got star stable so I’m not sure because I never tried so yeah also I know that the horses sleep for 24 hours until it’s night so that kinda stinks for all of us.
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4 years ago, kkgamer2020
Almost perfect
I know the title says to you that something is wrong. It’s not that bad. Horses star stable is a game we’re you can raise cute foals to be strong beautiful horses. It certainly is a cute fun game. There is two main things and one less likely important thing. First off, I don’t know if this is only my game or other people have had the issue too. It says that you can raise up to five goals, but I can’t for some reason. I can only raise two. Next thing is why can’t we have star stable ONLINE multiplayer on a phone or iPad or iPod touch. It makes no sense. I would love to play star stable ONLINE, but I only have two computers in my house. There both not mine. But I have a phone. People don’t have a pc or Mac so plz find a way for all of us to enjoy star stable ONLINE. Then I have one more thing I would say is not really important. The creators of the game should’ve made money in the game when you do deeds for horses and exchange them for the backgrounds and stuff. I have to buy different backgrounds for this game. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change that. Overall awesome game.
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4 years ago, wheatan terrier lover
I absolutely love this game, but can you please add different colors for each and every breed of horse that you have? I mean, some breeds are exeptions like freisions, also, please keep adding new breeds (you are always i know I KNOW) and when you do add new breeds please add multiple colors for that breed!!!! Also, I have a list of breeds hopefully everyone will like (some of the more new popular breeds) Appaloosa (in ALL color variations), Pintabian (bassically a paint coated Arabian, Arabian (purebred). Also, can you add all leg and face markings for the horses, like add them were you would go to get a new horse and pick its color except it would be to pick your markings. And can you also add mane and tail customizations (styles) aswell as tack customizations (options western and english). All I want is the best for this game (because I love it so much) and I want everyone to be happy. Also, more customizations and horses because more people are playing because of quarantine probably (I am at least). PLEASE READ AND TAKE ACTION!!!
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2 years ago, Emersonbrown
Great game to send horses to star stable online
This game is totally great to send horses to star stable online I love this game because I get to grow horses and then send them to my favorite game I ride my horses every single day and I’m going to ride the horses when I’m growing right now in star stable horses horses I’m growing right now are named dream angel and willow beauty I love them a lot they’re my favorite horses on the app and when they grow up and I’m writing them on Star Stable Online i’ll ride them in pride and joy because this game is so awesome to grow my horses I just love it so much I ride horses every day on Star Stable Online and I think you’ll like this game to immediately download it it’s just so fun to grow your horses and then write him in Star stable online my horses are gonna be so cute when they grow I just got them today and tomorrow I think I’ll have them in star stable online I think your horses will be gorgeous too so get this game and never get rid of it
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A review of star stable ((1st paragraph))2nd review of this game))
Hi! Star stable is a really good game I love running around the beautiful world, role playing with my friends, and learning about horses and buying them! Except I have 1 problem. You should give like 300 sc to star riders a week and lower the price of the lifetime. My dad pays for sc and star rider for me sometimes because I don’t have lifetime and he pays sc so I can get new horses. We are not really a RICH family and my dad gets a little angry when he has to pay is to can you please lower the price? Thankyou! That all I have to say! Otherwise, the game is addicting! Star stable horses is a good game! It’s so fun and I think it’s a great idea that you can raise horses and transform them to sso! I just think you need to add the connamerra in there because it’s my fav horse breed in sso and I want to raise one and bring it to sso! I have one but I want a dapple grey one to raise! That’s the only problem I have. Please fix these both problems with both games, Thank you!
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3 years ago, A_Mac99
Lying sale point
It said I could transfer my horse to SSO (at level 10 for the cost of a lv 1), but not only was it way more expensive than a level one horse on the online game, they wanted to charge me $30 to purchase enough “coins” to get this level 10 horse into my online game. And now my horse isn’t even there ☹️ Also, I saw on one review that you said you felt your price point was fair... it’s not. Its not affordable or fair. The fact that you charge for more than one thing is ridiculous, too. And all of it is incredibly expensive. $30 is nowhere near affordable. I have no idea who has $30 to just drop on a game, but definitely not anyone I know. At all. And then on top of that, SSO itself is a monthly payment?? Kind of ridiculous. You’re just squeezing things out of people. Also, most of your advertisements are lies. The level 10 horse you can raise in this game is way above the cost of a level 1 horse (which was your advertisement point). Just saying 12 year olds don’t get your stupid money grab, and it’s not okay to make it out that they’re the stupid or unreasonable ones for telling you that your prices are ridiculous.
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8 months ago, Kenzie Carstensen
I expected more…
I have 2 issues with this game, both are extremely annoying and I don’t really want to play this game because of these things. 1.) For starters, all you can do is the same thing. The same training activities, same routines, same rewards, and on top of all of that, you can’t even compete in competitions. You can’t ride your horses after you’ve tried so hard to train them to the max. Plus, the shop doesn’t even load for me, which means I have to wait however long away until 1am is until I can actually level up again. 2.) The amount of things that don’t work in this game are insane. The shops, decorating, and so much more. Sometimes it gets so bad to the point where nothing wants to load and the whole app just closes and I have to power off my phone to play again. The app would be better if they fixed these bugs, and most people are saying it’s probably my phone, but it’s not because I got a new one a month ago. Please fix these things and I’m sure a ton of proper would like the game better or start playing a lot.
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4 years ago, bright horse
I love this game 😉
Hey StarFam! Ok so before I say anything I just want to say this is NOT Star Stable Online. Okay with that said I’m going to tell you my review. So I’m loving this app and I would definitely recommend this app 100%, but I would like more ponies please on this app like the Zony or Vega. Also I would like this app to have more coats I purposely get the horses with different coats. Another thing I would like are Tinker horses I have one on Star Stable Online and I love it. So now I’m going to talk about Star Stable Online just because I want to review it on here. So first off I love SSO aka Star Stable Online and the star rider thing is awesome but it’s a tiny but pricey but it’s not a make it or brake it for me I begged my mom for star rider and now that I have it I think it’s the best thing ever. Now this is something I’m suggesting for Star Stable Online is in your stable in your board you have this thing ONLY FOR STAR RIDERS that you can trade in Jorvik shillings for star coins (about 1,000 JS per 2 star coins) that is a feature I would love. Lastly I would like the Welsh Pony gaits to not be very awkward I have a Welsh Pony named Flash in real life, and his canter doesn’t look like that. Oh and one more thing save best for last LEAD CHANGES AND CORRECT DIAGONALS I ride horses and I think this would be a awesome touch to the game. Thank You! -Star Rider-
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6 years ago, Caterina2947
Star stable is my favorite horse game of all time!! And what’s great is that all of its games are free. Even the real version is free. And I mean wow that’s a great deal not only is the game amazing but the painting and art and graphics of the game are just so pretty!! But they do offer purchases. I love the new horses they add and all the new features!! And usually make updates every week! And it’s more than bug fixes it’s like new horses and better things. SSO just keeps getting more better and awesome! If you love horses than you will love this game. Also if any of the star stable staff are reading this I found a bug. In the pony competition I looked on the board to see what ponies could enter the race. When I saw a zony could be in the race I said oh good I’m riding one! But then when I tried to join the competition it said I could not race because I did not have a pony. Also for anyone else reading this this is in the real version xD Anyway LOVE YOU SSO TEAM!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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5 years ago, DinoDaFino
Review of SSO and this app
This app is an amazing opportunity to not only have he experience of choosing a foal and helping it grow, but to save that goal until you have he star coins to purchase it and bring it into star stable. Star stable its self is AMAZING! The graphics, the horses, the people, the support, all of it. It’s amazing! They’re busy people and deserve a lot for all they’ve done for us! It’s hard to find any games to play since I’ve gotten this a few years back, and since I’ve had it, it’s been an amazing journey to watch the game develop over time, sso actually looks into our feed back, no they don’t always do it right away and sometimes not st all but most times they do. For example, the lead rope, the draft horses, they have redeveloped the places all around Jorvik and everything. It’s incredible how far his game has developed. So huge thank you and lots of hugs to SSO for everything they’ve done. -Aaliyah Puppysmith
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1 year ago, Aaliyah Raventop
Best game ever / So addictive!
SSH is a very nice game. Let’s start off with the pros in this paragraph— then the cons. SSH is a very fun and excited game that makes you train these beautiful horse(s), and once one of your horses are level 10, you may transfer it to a game linked to SSH: SSO. Remember, this isn’t free. It is the price of the star coins, it’s like buying the horses, but more fun and realistic; watching your pixel horse grow. Sometimes you even get attached to it. Which I should add that in the con paragraph; I do not like this; overall you can’t control it, but it’s so realistic and so much fun! The bad parts on the other hand is the fact you can’t ride the horse unless you transfer it to star coins (star coins are basically money converting into the game currency for SSO, Star coins.) this is understandable, since you can’t just expect it to be free — but it’s kind of unfair; but hey, people don’t get their ways! Another bad thing about this game is the lack of choices for breeds. I think in my opinion, you need to add the gen 1 horses and the Jorvik fresian, other than that, SSH is a great game to pass the time and in general. Some tips/ ideas for the game are: 1. Able to ride the horses 2. Horses don’t get tired easily 3. More levels (The maximum horse level is 20) This game is awesome and I love SSO! Thank you so much for producing this wonderful game brought to us by the amazing SSO team.
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5 years ago, Dixielineer
awesome app 🤩
I’m obsessed with this game. People that are out in the world that don’t have this app, pls buy it. Well, you start off with 3 or 2 foals. Then you can buy new ones by getting them. Each foal coasts 1.99$ dollars. CHEAP RIGHT??????? Then you do quests and your foal gains a level, but after 3 or 2 levels you’ve gained, your foal gets tired. But it will show you the time your foal will not be tired anymore. Then your foal turns into a horse! At level 7, your foal turns almost completely into a horse. But at level 10, your foal is completely a horse. But the coolest part is when your horse is at level 10, you get to take it to a website (if your parents let you) called STAR STABLE ONLINE!!!!!!!!!! You play with your friends and it’s so cool. But I don’t know if I can go to the website. So, get this game, ok? Here is a note for the people who made the game, (children don’t read this) Ty for making this game! We all love it! TYSM!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Manda🐼🐼
FIXED bug😀
EDIT: Since the 2.11 update where they fixed the issue I’d been having, everything has been amazing!!! The game is super fun! And it doesn’t ever glitch or bug for me anymore. It takes five days to get level ten so you can get lots of level ten horses for your online account. I understand that the horses need to cost star coins but we would all appreciate it so, so much if you lowered the price. Maybe a just special offer for star riders since we’ve already put lots of money into SSO. This game is really fun! But I am mostly playing so I can get the horse on SSO. The first day when I got the game everything was fine. But after that whenever I press the quest button it says there are no quests. Even though it has a star by it with a five on it letting me know I have five available quests. I can still do the quests but I’m not leveling up at all because I also can’t train my horse. Please fix this!!
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6 years ago, Little girl Game person
I love it!!!! But.....
I love this game so much ! It's entertaining, time passing, and overall an amazing app to have ! I have 2 things that set the 5 stars, down to 4. The first thing is the loading. I play this game and it's kind of always freezing and the animation is a little of I have to say. I don't mind, but I wish it were more clear and focused. The second thing is the training. This is the biggest thing that took my rate down. I get past the daily things to do-like feed and clean-and I train my horse. It's the only way to make it grow up. Okay, I click the jump icon to teach it to jump. (1.)The timing is off so it tells you to swipe up after it already missed. (2.) It's just so hard bc even when I get it on time, it says miss, even though I did it perfectly. With this going on for about a month, it's SUPER FRUSTRATING!! I just wanna play my game, have a fun time, and not be getting SO angry at it ! I really want you to fix this issue, so keep it in mind.
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4 years ago, Horse_Luver Anonymous
Please Fix! 🙁
I love Star Stable Online because of its unique horses, scenery, and the storyline. But as I started playing Star Stable Horses, I was not impressed. The other day I started raising the blue roan American Quarter Horse. I was so excited because this horse in SSO has such pretty gaits especially with the low head. Today, I raised my blue roan AQH to level six. For those of you who don’t know, level six is when you see the horse’s adult form. So I was looking at the horse’s gaits and realized they copied the Andalusian’s gaits onto the horse! In SSO, the AQH gaits aren’t even close to the Andalusian’s. But it is different in the horses app. Secondly, I noticed how the Fjord on the Horses app had the old Fjord tail. The one with all the colors mushed together, and looks really messy. In SSO, the Fjord’s tail is how it should be. What I am basically saying is that Star Stable isn’t implementing what is in SSO to what is in the Horses App. Star Stable, please fix this! I love your game so much and I hate to see this work. (I mean no hate whatsoever in this review. I just want to help Star Stable improve and progress 🙂)
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2 months ago, you ghjgfcgh
it’s fun! but..
i love the idea that the team of SSO made a game to raise horses to transfer to the game, but having to PAY to do so? many little kids parents who dream of having this game aren’t willing to pay for a game at a unnecessary price. ever since i was a little kid i dreamed of playing SSO but i never got the chance to get it. a couple years later i finally downloaded it only to figure out if i want a better experience playing the game i have to pay? younger me is very disappointed, in my opinion i think the team should change the prices. it’ll make the game much more enjoyable. Edit: got back a response from the team, i think i over exaggerated a bit… i understand such a good game needs some funds such as players paying for more horses in the game. i will do so if i want to buy more horses ❤️ SSO is probably my favorite game at the moment!
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6 years ago, BashoDoesGame
Love the game, and have some suggestions.
I love the game, so far everything about has been beautiful! (Except for the beginning, when sometimes the water/treats don’t give you the little hearts, and you can’t complete the quest. And when the horse just waltz on through the last hurdle.) I do have a few suggestions though! - (Here’s the main thing me and other people want)I wish there were more coat variants for the horses. I know the Jorvik Pony, and the Lusitano (and others) have different coat variants, and I think it’d be really cool to have more customizable options!! And if I wanted to spend the money on the horse, I would want it to be the color I’d really love!! - I wish there was more to do, or you wouldn’t have to wait so long to continue training your horse. Or maybe even mini games? And, I won’t lie. To transfer the horse can be a little absurd, especially because Star Coins are VERY VERY expensive!! But I do agree it’s pretty reasonable for a level 10 horse to be the cost of a level 1. would be nice if you could let people have their first horse for free, or have discounts on there sometimes? (If you do, my apologizes. I haven’t experienced any, then.) I will give this a 5 star rating though, because everything is pretty much perfect!! But there are many things I would prefer to change, or be tweaked, at least just a bit.
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2 years ago, akblock
I love it but a couple things
So I got this game and I LOVED it! I didn’t have a single problem with it. But when i logged onto it one day I had money in the corner of my screen and I was exited for what I could buy. BUT…I don’t like the fact that you have to pay for horse food. I liked when I had unlimited snacks. I don’t like how hard it is to earn money. I say if they’re going to keep this feature then we should get money for doing tasks and when they level up we should get money. Same for when they become adults and grow to they’re max age.I would LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!! I also think there should be an animation for when they grow up. Like how fun would that be. I still want more breed options and every horse (except for the Embermane) should have different colors too! I have been waiting for a bay or buckskin Akahl-Teke for a while. PLEASE CONSIDER THESE OPTIONS I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM IN GAME🐎🐴💕💗Bye
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2 years ago, hhhhhooooorsegggggiiiiirl
Hey SSO ima new player in star stable mobile and was so exited when I realized this app could transfer my horses for what I thought was free. I spent 5 days training my horses and thought of many role play ideas to do with them until about an hour ago when I was finished training them fully I realized it costed star coins… I started crying because of how unfair it felt that I worked so hard just to fail. I think you should make star coins be gainable in quests, if not can you please make the cost of star coins a little lower? Also I only have one horse and I really want more than one. I’ve asked my mom many times and also get a NO or NOT NOW I think it would also be more fun for players to have all tack free. I know you want to make a little $$ but please think of the players. Anyways thanks for reading I hope you can possibly lower the price of star coins. Also can you maybe ad a normal colored fjord, and flea bitten horses? Thanks for reading again I hope it wasn’t to harsh but thank you for understanding 🐴🐴🐎🐎🦄🦄😋😋
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2 years ago, Luckystrata
Great Game! But...
This game is awesome!! The graphics are just as good as Star Stable Online. I enjoyed raising my little foal up and was excited to bring it into SSO. I knew it costed star coins but then, I realized it was 750 STAR COINS!! My parents wouldn’t buy star coins for me and they said it was 'a tremendous waste of money' so I was a little upset with that. Perhaps you could lower the star coins? I know that Star Stable needs money to run the game and pay the employees but still, not everyone can afford the star coins! Maybe in the next update, we could use other things to transfer the horse? It could be like this: you max your horse and click 'transfer' But when you transfer your horse, three options will come up. One will be 100 gold coins, a second will be twenty gems, and a third one will be 700 star coins. Tysm for this wonderful game and PLEAAASSSEEE read this! Ty!!🥺🙂
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4 years ago, HorseCrazyKatey🐴
Hi love this game a few changes tho please!
Hi I love this game so much, probably because I LOVE horses and I’m obsessed with them. Anyway there are a few changes I would like you to make, 1: The cat in the barn looks so fake and I would like you to make it a little more realistic, 2: the adult horses are more clumsier at the activities than the young ones are and I would like you to make that change if you can, 3: This isn’t really a big deal but I would like for you to make it where you can make your own name instead of scrolling through to list of names you already made in the game 4: I would LOVE it if you would put more horses and colors in the game I don’t have the game pass but I like to pretend I breed the horses and sell(delete) them when they are full grown, it’s really fun! Anyway if you would make those changes it would be great!👍🏻 Also you did a great job at making this game! -A user
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5 years ago, bittles2004
I like this game but there’s something about it
So I was waiting until I have my horse at full level but then this happened I apparently had everything done but something happened when I looked at the button that had said something about star stable online I have a computer but this I was kinda expecting something else like it’s going to become online or something but that didn’t happen I go over and it would not let me in I have to have either a pc or computer I do but I don’t use it as much and I got a little disappointed but on the other hand this game is one of the best games for people who like horses but then again if you don’t have star stable online then either do something about it or do nothing at all because I’m not that type of person to go on a computer I’m sorry but I’m just disappointed a little I hope you understand 😌🤗
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6 years ago, new player surprise
I think the idea is really cute, but could be a lot better, and here’s why: 1) You can only pick the color of the foal if it’s a Mustang or Haflinger. This bothered me, since the app description didn’t specify that. It bothers me even more realizing that all 5 breeds have multiple colors available in SSO. Most disappointing is the Lusitano, which has 8, yes EIGHT color options in SSO, but only the one color is available in the app. That was way uncool. 2) You need star coins to transfer the horses from app to online game. If you’ve been on SSO for awhile, that’s probably no surprise. In truth, as SSO goes, getting a level 10 horse for the price of a level 1 horse is pretty sweet (except if it’s not your favorite colour of say, Lusitano, then it’s only kind of a good deal). However, since I was new to the game when I got the app, it really surprised and frustrated me that there was no indication in the description of the app that I would need to use real world money to transfer the horses from app to SSO. That really should have been indicated, especially since star coins aren’t exactly cheap.
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2 years ago, BombadiI
I have some ideas plz read
Idea 1 why not add Arabians. 2 can you make it where we grow the snacks and make the food. 3 maybe make it where you can ride them on a trail ride for exercise. 4 maybe put some little animals that visit the paddock sometimes like bunnys or birds and squirrels like Fripp that give you little quests and you get rewards like accessories like bows and flowers and decor for the barn. 5 and add little races and you have to meet the goals like you have to go this far or jump over this many obstacles and collect this many stars. Oh yeah and sso please fix the glitch where you fall thru the ground in the we can't wait quest with Madison. It's less of a glitch more a bug other players have the same problem please fix it as soon as u can plz. ! I love sso so much too I'm a lifetime starider I hope you consider my ideas bye!
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9 months ago, Rapzirza
Why I always need get an 9+ star stable game?!
This game not for kids and so so hard to play because why I am so close to age 9+ and there have ton of ads in this game. so I click it but this game it’s 9+ WHY it’s an terrible app I found. ah this game it’s for kids but you need get an 9+ game that’s almost annoying, you got me bored ah pls make the 9+ game to 4+ game it’s can help to make an game better. You need add an flying horse and the unicorn in this game we don’t an enough horses to get popular. An I didn’t know why you always need make an game seriously. I like the foals it’s so cute 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰 but it’s hard to play. Ah I am bored for one minute. Not an best game but i not going to lie. You need add an new update so it an reach over 15k- 20k players, and last one you need fix the bugs. Pls fix star stable because I am an horse lover, pls fix it. Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, evie miracle
My new review plz read!!!!!😋
Hello, Yes you person who’s looking for a great game for all ages well you have come to the right place may I remind you though DONT get disappointed because you don’t get to ride the horses or whatever nobody ever reads the description…. Anyways star stable horses is a great game that’s been part of my life for 2 years it is amazing and encouraged me to make my own star stable account! This game is about raising foals from L1-10 and then transferring the horses you have raised to star stable! I know right this sounds impossible… well it’s not even without a star stable account you can still remain happy by just taking care of your foal! I really hope you decide to play this game! P.S check horse academy my fave game of all time (next to star stable) and is very similar to this once again amazing game! -Your biggest fan, Evie
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2 years ago, queen hornwings
Complete waste of my time 😡
5 days it took me 5 days and I have to use star coins to transfer over! You just ruined everything for me. You would think you can at least move one over for free but no you can’t. If you read my review others may agree with me, at least consider allowing people to transfer over one horse. Okay so here’s how I’m gonna say this….. they are money grabbers! An Irish con in star stable horses cost like 850 star coins I’m over here like okay that makes sense but no! I go into star stable online and they cost 499 star coins! Their scamming us just to get their stupid money! Not everyone can afford to buy that type of stuff what’s super sad is the responses I see from the developers….. their just stupid robots if you ever read some they always say the same thing over and over again. It’s just sad how a game like this is such a large scam like I can play other games and their less pricey. I swear if they respond with something as stupid as “our prices are affordable” I’m gonna lose it! Like don’t make me hunt you down. Queen hornwings
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3 years ago, ms ey
best game!
So i was looking through the app store for games like star stable but mobile, and i found this game and downloaded it and…. I loved it! I started off with one named caramel and firework is what i call it but her name wasn’t actually firework in the game, and i played it every single day!!!!!!! It was so fun, I really like the game! And you can feed them pet them give them water give them treats, and give them a bath and train them! The foals are so cute too! I REALLY like this game, and also, can you please bring star stable mobile out in America please! It would be a dream come true!!!!!!! I love this game, and the new horse! And all the ways you can paint the stable, middle of summer, Easter, winter, and more! This is the best star stable mobile game ever created!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!! And most importantly stay safe and have a good day/night! :D 🐴🐎🏇😁😄😃😀😆🙂😊
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3 years ago, ppppppppppppppp no nickname
Perfect companion app! :D
The Story Of Arcticpromise:(Want the real review? I’ll add a review spot) Arcticpromise at just arrived at the moorland stables, she was very happy to meet her new rider! Many people called her new rider Pine. Some Sky, and some her real name: Fiona. Arcticpromise was a fan favorite, with her mane and the way she was snowy and had black spots on her coat. Arcticpromise neighed at the stablehand. “Great, new place new people. Never though of that, huh Arctic?” She thought. The stablehand seemed nice... too nice. Arcticpromise squeezed out of the stablehand’s grip and ran away. “Free at last!” She whinnied to herself. She galloped towards her new owners camp. The two met eyes, and soon were riding across the plains and competing. Pine and Arcticpromise were now paired up. (If developers respond ill do Arcticpromise’s Story II) Omg it’s the best game ever!! Just to warn people, DO NOT think this game is riding. You have to have a PC or Mac to download Star Stable and you don’t have to pay for subscription. This is just raising up foals to transport to the game with a cost of 749 star coins. (Money in SSO) it’s pretty good and I’m officially addicted to SSO, and have played for 3-4 years! They do love their money, yes but they work SO hard every single week to make us a update, sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s just a quest, you never know!
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4 years ago, flourbythepound
So a lot of people don’t understand how this game works. Basically, you get to take care of before’s and then transfer it to the online version of the game. Where are you can write it and quest with it and train it. This app is made for people who are already far in the online game. Basically people who are level 10 and up. A lot of people have also been complaining about how you have to pay for subscriptions to the game. In order to create a game like this you have to pay for a lot of things. This is peoples job, to make money. So of course they’re gonna have you pay money. The people who make this game have to be paid. They live off of the money that you provide them with. So please don’t go after star stable because of the money you have to pay. Because it’s their job
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6 years ago, 1890756
Please Read
I love the Game so much and It’s fun to play. Though I wish there were more coat colorings like bay roans and other breeds such as a Connemara pony or an Icelandic. And maybe if we can put blankets and accessories on the horses, that would be fun and a use to pass by time when all the quests are finished. I also wish we could do have a person and be able to ride the horse. Not like SSO but at least have a person like the SSO people that ride them when they jump the course. and be able to ride them bareback. that will make this game a bigger hit for people, especially those who don’t have a computer or can’t play the online game. So we at least get some part of the experience as we would if we played the actual SSO game. I hope you read this and somewhat think about my suggestions to add on to the game. Other than that, this is an awesome game.
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2 years ago, ❤️wolf_lover❤️
I love this game!
The coats are just, wow. One of a kind, really. Time consuming, but fun. The foal models are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. The faded coats literally took my breath away, the amount of horse breeds, don’t even get me started. The selection is full of unique horses. I understand every now and then it’s good for change, sure, but why did you remove the paso fino app horse? 🤨 And, it can be a bit glitchy every now and then. Not only that, but people cut out the part where you have to actually buy the horse, then turn around and say it’s free. I’m not saying that’s on you all though, I was just a little confused on that, so I thought I would let you know. Other than this, it’s a good game, super fun, and I would recommend it to all horse lovers, if you have star stable or not! That’s really all I have to say. You all took my breath away. ❤️❤️
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2 years ago, 🌺🌹🌷🌸🌷🌹🌺
Prices for starcoins… and other things.
Starcoins, let’s talk about starcoins! SSO’s currency. Right? 1. Introducing the problems with prices. Starcoins may be a bit too much, for 1,000 starcoins you can get ONE horse. One horse. For about 40, 30$? I love this game,, I love SSO as well. But honestly I find it unfair due to the prices being hard for other players including me to buy and keep up with new horses, and whenever horses come in, they are usually limited. Some people cannot afford starcoins when new horses come out and just have to watch them go out. Even the more cheaper horses are at least 450 starcoins. 2. Lowering prices.. maybe? Either lower horse prices if possible or the starcoins prices because it really is annoying having to buy starcoins for 40$ every time a new horse comes out. Unless you want to sit down for a couple of months and wait for your weekly starcoins, you gotta buy! It is nice that we get weekly starcoins but 100 starcoins won’t get us anything. 3. Conclusion. I understand you work hard and all, and you deserve the pay as well, but I believe more people will purchase starcoins or try and buy them if prices are lowered. It’d be more fair if you could buy at least two horses with 40$. Thanks for reading. And goodbye.
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So I raised my horse in three days, because I thought “oh! If I raise it here I’ll be able to transfer it to the game for free!” And now I just raised my embermane named flame to level ten, and when I went to transfer, I need to BUY it?!? I spent so much time to raise it, and I played to the point my hand hurt! It takes a lot of effort to level it up to 10, so I think you should make the horses free! I just started the SSO game three days ago, and was really excited to get my horses from the game, the star coin prices are outrageous, and my parents would probably say yes to getting them for me, but think of the kids with parents who can’t afford star coins? The kid who spend all their free time raising the horse, just to get shot in the head with the Realisation that you need to pay for it! That can be very heartbreaking for little kids. I’m 13 and live star stable, but come on! You guys really need to make it free to get the horses transferred!
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