Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

4.6 (214.9K)
173.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

4.6 out of 5
214.9K Ratings
2 years ago, spackle
Excellent game! With a suggestion
I have loved this game since it first came out, and it has remained consistently high quality and fun for years - and most importantly I’ve never once felt I needed to spend actual money to enjoy myself. It’s tons of fun and is getting richer and more interesting with each update. Here’s my suggestion, for the devs: I find I spend most of my resources just keeping my top characters and ships up to scratch, since I need them to win the harder battles. But that means I don’t have resources to spare to level up the lower-level characters. It would be cool if, in addition to spending resources to upgrade, if actual XP was earned for characters by using them. That way, I might play early battles that I’ve already won, but with the new characters in an attempt to level them up, so that I can focus my resource spend on the top level characters. Then I might have a more interesting set of top squads to play with, instead of always using my top 5 characters since I can’t win the hard stuff without them. Basically, give me a reason to play with the low level/low star characters and ships, and to replay the low level battles, by giving me something more meaningful to earn there! You should have to spend at least some battle time with a character to level it up.
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6 years ago, Bill
Fun game
While this game is fun it could be better. They need to add a global chat because right now if you want to chat you can only do it if you’re in a guild or if you make a chat with all of your friends in it. They also need to make it easier to find active guilds & players around your level(I’m in a guild myself already but I’m the only officer in the guild still active and most of the players in the guild aren’t active and I’ve been looking for awhile for an active guild to join but it’s hard to find one. You need to be in an active guild to do the raids because otherwise it’ll take awhile to generate enough raid tokens and raids are the only way other than using your gems to get some of the gear you need for your characters and the harder tier raids, which need like an active full guild to do, is the only way to get character shards for certain units. Also if you want to be able to do some of the events and the ship battles than you’ll have to spend money on gems or packs to get enough shards to not only unlock the unit but to get it to a point where you can use them for all levels of the event(this is especially true for the ships because the only other way would to be only buying 4-5 shards at a time every day for the ship you want from the ship arena store and what it offers changes daily so it can take awhile to get enough shards and therefore by the time you might get enough shards the ship event might be over).
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2 years ago, Power of Hatred
Great game overall
I think this is a great game, with some room for improvement, like all games. It requires internet to play so if that makes a difference, it won’t work without using data at that point. It takes a long time to develop all the way to level 85( max ) but even then you aren’t done you just unlock a lot more things to do and still have a long way to go. It takes about 2 years to reach level 85 and it will have some slumps where you don’t have credits or you don’t have access to pieces so you can upgrade characters, or it might be level restrictions. There are also some things that I would like to see introduced into the game and they are: (1) a way to challenge online allys to a live battle because otherwise there is no outside competition with people you know. (2) The bounty hunter Embo is often seen with his hound while in shows and I think it would be cool for him to be in the ally slot for battles( if available) in a fashion similar to how the turret works with the Arc Trooper. He would be supportive to bounty hunter squads and have a basic that grants protection to a select bounty hunter and Embo. Some sort of special that heavily de-abilitates enemy squads and buffs bounty hunter allys. Otherwise I can’t come up with anything else to offer that would be good to add to the game
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3 years ago, zarth the swordmaster
A Game More Addicting Than Fortnite
This game has to be my all time favorite app. It is truly one of the best games I’ve played, definitely the best mobile game I’ve ever played. The game features a satisfyingly plentiful collection of characters from throughout both the canon universe and the Legends universe. The game never gets boring as there’s always something new and always something to work towards. One of the most Interesting things about this game which sets it apart from most games like it, is the fact that you don’t “Have” to pay actual money to progress in the game, though there are many benefits to doing so, either way you’re going to have a really fun time with this game I highly recommend it to not only anyone who loves Star Wars, but to everyone, as this game has something for everyone. This game is also constantly getting new content (i.e. Characters, ships, events, and other features) evolving, growing, adding, and expanding, as Star Wars itself continues to evolve, grow, add, & Expand. I might also add that the game is super addicting in all the best ways, features amazing graphics and most of the gameplay handles like a Pokémon battle, but 100 times cooler, but that’s just the types I’ve Unlocked so far, I am interested to see how ship battles works. In conclusion This game is something everyone should give a try.
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7 years ago, 3838383838apan
The game is alright but...
Of course with all free games it's definitely got that pay 2 win aspect going on. Don't get me wrong I haven't spent a dollar on the game so far and I'm level 57, but I do feel like I'm missing out on a lot of aspects, like challenges and special events, because I don't have the characters or resources to do them. In order to get the most out of this game you're going to HAVE to either pay or wait until your maxed, and getting to max without paying is going to take a looooong time. Word of advice for new players or even current players: DO NOT ever buy the data card packs with your gems. They're rigged and I'll share my personal experience with you real quick. Trying to get my mother Talzin character to 4 stars a few weeks ago I bought the clan mother pack which has a chance of dropping anywhere between 5-330 shards for her, I only needed fifteen. I got 7, I was incredibly angry, but I thought it was just bad luck. Today, saving up enough gems again to purchase it, bought it again like an idiot, and this time you know what I got? 5. I got 5 shards for her, the minimum amount you can get. So out of those two data card packs I got 12 out of a possible 660 shards, you tell me that isn't some fishy BS. Oh and those two combined were worth over 2000 gems and I still wasn't able to get my mother talzin to four stars. Like I said the pay 2 win aspect is pretty moderately pressed on you in this game but it's still alright.
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1 year ago, Jfufnth
An enjoyable game but the developers are sometimes merciless
I love this game a lot, I’ve been playing for a very long time, my account dates back to the first years of the game and after a long time I picked it back a few years back and I haven’t stopped since. This is a very fun game but it takes a long long time to get to the point of it being fun, since I had a jump start from my account existing before so my time to the “actual gameplay” wasn’t so long. When you hit level 85 the REAL game starts and things get different. Until then it’s a bit of a long haul. HOWEVER this is coming from someone who didn’t like start over my account fresh so maybe things are a bit different. There’s a $100 bundle called the hyperdrive bundle which is super good for what it is but you have to make sure you want to dedicate yourself to the game. 2 friends bought it and still play 2 years later so I’d say it’s worth it if you’ll play at least that long. There’s a steep power curve and in some aspects there are certified “best squads” in the game which I’m less of a a fan of but if you start fresh you can freely start grinding towards those so it’s fair for new players. I’ve seen severely underpowered super focused accounts with high tier squads. Very fun game, other than hyperdrive bundle nothing is worth spending tho tbh. Love you capital games.
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5 years ago, exel2000
Can be FtP but it’s hard
The cash grab is real. It is VERY difficult for ftp players to compete in pvp events. The whales will have the latest new OP toon that is nearly impossible to beat unless you have them too. And, if there is some existing toon that can beat them, the developers nerf them so they can’t. If you have patience, and are willing to accept the fact that you will never be on the top 20 of pvp, then you can still find some enjoyment in this game. I am on this category, but it’s not without frustration. The shard drop rates are actually insulting and should be fixed but they won’t because, you know, $$$$$$$. You can easily do 15 battles and get zero shards. It happens to me and my guild mates regularly. So you’re forced to spend huge amounts of crystals for a pitiful amount of way over priced shards. It really is a slap in the face to the players and tbh will probably be the reason I quit the game. There needs to be a minimum guaranteed amount of shards per attempts, even if it’s 1 in 10! The gear wall is extremely frustrating too, you’ll need 200 or more pieces of a certain type of gear for one toon which are also outrageously overpriced and sometimes may not be available anywhere and also have a horrendous drop rate from battles. AND, you’ll need these for a bunch of characters at the same time too. At any rate, you’ll still enjoy the game if you have a tremendous amount of patience and/or 100’s of $ laying around to dump into the game.
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4 years ago, Someone102015
New characters
Hello, first off I would like to start off by say that I really enjoy this game especially the events and new character events. It really adds to the game and keeps it fresh and I always look forward to new ones! One thing I did notice though is that for almost every boss you fight is also a playable character except for the Jedi temple guards. I know there’s Jedi guardians but it’s a little different. It would definitely be cool to have the temple guards as playable characters to your team. They could be tanks, offer support or protection to other Jedi’s. Another cool character to add would be the grand inquisitor. Attacker, Sith empire, have a spinning lightsaber to block attacks. Some other ones I think would be cool is Ashoka from season 7 of clone wars with her two blue lightsabers, the child from the mandalorian. (He would be with Mando in his beskar armor, similar to how we have Chewie and 3PO. But the child would also be cool by himself.) Hondo Ohnaka, who else is going to score you more credits then him? Okay maybe not a lot for you since he’ll take 80 to 85% of the profits, but how much fun he would be to play as and be put on a team of smugglers. And one more would be Lando from ROTJ and you can have him fly the falcon with Nien Nub in ship battles. But overall just a fun of the game. And recommend it to any SW fan.
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2 years ago, AgusOnoir
Great game but matchmaking is broken
Been playing since launch, and love it overall. Biggest issues is their matchmaking algorithms…especially for territory wars. It’s fairly common to be matched up against a guild that has 30mil more galactic power, and 5 times the galactic legends your guild has. It’s sucks…it’s demoralizing, and it needs to be addressed. They need to change it to where galactic legend counts are taken into effect. Also, a 30mil dif in power? Seriously? That’s absurd. Oh….why are there so few ships? You can even fill up what capital ships we currently have(not even close!!!) and another capital ship is added. Don’t get me wrong, like I said, I’ve been playing since a few days after launch. I’ve spent waaaaaaay too much money (5 figure range by now), and will continue to spend as I do love the game. I love the friends I’ve made in game, and even spent vacations with them, so that alone was worth the money. But they need to add more “low hanging fruit”, so to speak, to fill our rosters and fill up capital ships. What do I mean by this? Take tuskins…there are only 3, so it’s good for 3x3, but what about 5x5? Rogue One…so many more characters you can add. Old Republic? Seriously, why do few? Stop adding more Hans, and Luke’s, and Chewbacca’s…there are soooooo many more characters! Add some of them and help us round out some more teams!
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5 years ago, Krampusss
Wickedly amazing
I have been playing this game for so many years and it never ceases to amaze me with all of the new updates and content. It is always similar to how I would envision the characters to be. The gameplay is very very fun and makes it seem as if I am actually recreating the battles. The only thing I’d say is unfortunate is that once you get into the higher levels it is difficult to find a fair fight in the squad and flight arenas as you need to have a team to even stand a chance. If it is possible to have opponents based upon your characters you are using them it would be much better in my opinion. However I know that most people in the higher ranks of the arenas are going to have op squads, hence the name squad arena. However the battles are amazing and super fun. The energy seems to dissipate really fast though. Maybe it’s just me. Love the game and hope that it is continued to be updated and have more content coming soon. Loved the Jedi Knight Revan update a whole lot. He is beautiful and his robes were done so well it made me want to get him so bad. It is similar with all of the other legendary characters. Very beautiful and very well done nothing looks to be left out. Thank you so much for this beautiful Star Wars game. It’s amazing please keep up the hard, but beautiful work.
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7 years ago, Dojason
Arena is broken, game is reparative
I have played this game for two years and would not recommend to any new players. Legendary events are hard to obtain the new character if you haven’t wasted time and resources farming characters you won’t use except to obtain a broken OP character, that you only get a week to prepare for. Then, depending on your time zone and the number of players in your arena shard, you could get lucky and not have to share payout with anyone allowing you to get first every day with no contest, OR, like me, you could get stuck in a highly competitive, highly saturated payout time and end up having to pay to keep up with guild mates in other time zones that don’t have to share payout with anyone. Plus top tier arena teams are basically just filled with legendary, hard to obtain, characters, OR new characters that are only obtainable by spending $100’s on. And if you spend enough at the right time, they will award high spending players with an additional 20,000 gems just for taking a new, pay to play, character to 7* once released. If it wasn’t for the brotherhood I have formed with my guild mates traversing over multiple games, I would have quit this long ago. Not to mention, when I opened a support ticket the no-reply email said someone would call within 30 minutes, but 2 hours later when EA finally called me, the foreign rep said he couldn’t hear me, even tho I had full bars, and said he would call right back he never did.
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2 years ago, 666johnnyReb666
Billion dollar game should treat players better!!
I’ve played this game pretty much since launched 7 years ago and instantly I was hooked. It was fun collecting characters and unlocking legendary characters like Commander Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca. But a couple years ago the developers introduced “Galactic Legends” these extremely powerful toons required 10-12 toons to be fully geared and reliced a process that took months and months to achieve just to start the unlocking process. These 10-12 required toons were not even needed for the event itself it was just a massive cash grab by the developers. This sleezy thinking has grown to almost unimaginable proportions with not so much as basic communication to players or fixing bugs in the game or simple quality of life changes that have been begged for for years. I play other games that have daily updates from developers about what’s happening next week or next year and during holidays even the secondary holidays like mother’s day the developers send out presents that are greatly appreciated. But SWGOH a multi billion dollar game a top ten mobile game for years can’t even say “happy new year “to the player base. I can’t recommend anyone to start playing this game unless you have piles of extra cash laying around the F2P aspect of the game is all but dead. You’ve ruined a great game $$CG$$ I’ll never forgive you for that and hope you don’t do the same to your next one.
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7 years ago, This sucked bigtime
Developers have zero imagination.
Truthfully. THEY... didn't come up with Star Wars. THEY... were given an opportunity to work on something that was imagined by other people. THEY... have such a short attention span and introduce "new" content that they then ignore needs updated and upgraded for over a year and counting. They also have an absolutely definitive and obvious cult love for a single faction in this game. How did this get past any quality control? EA isn't paying enough attention to players feedback and alienating half of the Star Wars fans that existed before they ever had a chance to put their grubby biased hands on it. Everyone remember the game Game Genie for Nintendo? Yeah... they put that in the game as a single REBEL character. R2D2 is so powerful in this game, it's a wonder he didn't just solo the clone wars in the movies. They have no idea how to balance meta and instead have a development strategy like checkers instead of chess. Even in checkers they start one side with all King'd checkers and think that's the equivalent of balance. In Chess different strategies have a counter, but you are able to switch strategies the next time around. In this game one side for a period of time, usually lightside, starts with King'd checkers for months and months. It's idiotic!
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3 years ago, D_DAWG99
Stay away
This game is not fun. It’s just addictive. Higher ups, either at Capital Games or EA itself, has proven that they don’t give two flying $&@/$ about players; oh unless they dish out thousands of dollars a month on this game. And that is not anywhere close to an understatement, that’s how much people actually spend. It will literally take you YEARS to get some characters unlocked, and then several months after that to even get close to maxing them with gear and relics. It’s been pay 2 win for a long time with a free 2 play option, but you’re basically signing up for a life of frustration and feeling like you’re performing a chore rather than a game. Even after all of that, I didn’t have enough of a problem to write a review. But then the Great Nerf came, and characters we love - specifically for me, Darth Vader - were absolutely pulverized. All to make sure CG’s babies - their GLs - could function the way they wanted so they could milk more money from people whaling to get them. But now, my teams can’t stand up to cake walks that they used to be able to easily handle. Teams that don’t even have a galactic legend. I was by no means a whale before this, but I’m completely done with giving them anymore of my money for this billion dollar game. If you’re looking to play, just know what you’re getting yourself into, and I hope you’re either prepared for years of slow grinding and chores, or you have tens of thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket.
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4 years ago, Nick Everette
Fun 80% of the time, rigged 20% of the time
The game’s been developed very well, so much so that many attributes deserve 5 stars. However, you also run into a very rigged process that very blatantly sets the player up for failure. It is VERY much the “pay-to-succeed” system, the twin of the “pay-to-play” mentality. And I can appreciate the fact that it’s a product designed to make money and the business needs to generate revenue, but most of the packages cost just as much as console or PC games (many of which you don’t need to pay anything to succeed). And to make matters worse, these expensive packages only promise the off-chance that you might get something useful. It’s a joke if you think anyone would spend that kind of money when they could easily go to Walmart and by literally anything else- particularly a video game this is actually immersive (don’t forget...this game will only ever be a smart phone application). Sure, there are cheap packages, but these are a complete waste of money. It doesn’t matter how cheap something is: if it doesn’t offer something even remotely useful, it’s a waste of money. These simple and tremendous flaws completely subvert all of the developers’ efforts to create what would otherwise be a very well-made game (hence the 2-star rating instead of 5-stars), and make all the time spent on the app (which can be significant) feel like nothing more than a waste of time.
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4 years ago, kabilish666
Good but p2w
The game is pretty fun and I have been grinding on it for several months (10 or so). Like all the “free” games, it’s pay-to-win. That aspect isn’t overwhelming, but I have definitely hit a plateau where I really can’t win in the Galactic March or Squad Arena because I don’t have enough firepower. I also can’t advance to some of the Challenges, Events, or Ship battles because there is no way to advance further without buying packages. The jump in difficulty from tier-to-tier or level-to-level is such that you get completely stuck unless you pay. The fact that most of the packs have “chances” to gain shards, ships, and gear means you will likely spend money to get mediocre stuff instead of the things you actually need. The exception, of course, is the Hyperspace Bundle, which guarantees all sorts of cool stuff. There are two catches to that. First, I am afraid that having all of that might make me too overpowered (except against other players who also bought it) and remove some of the fun. Second, the Hyperspace Bundle is $100! That’s a ridiculous amount of money. I might be willing to pay $20 or $30 to get a bunch of guaranteed stuff, but $100 is ludicrous. Really, the F2P, but P2W (or even have a competitive chance after a certain point) gets frustrating. Apparently, there are enough people willing to shell out that kind of money. For my money, I prefer to buy a large-scale PC game like Civ that I can actually master and play for years.
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6 years ago, Zonker808
The Impossible Dream
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has all the makings of a great game. Cool graphics filled with key characters of the Star Wars series as well as several new unique ones. It is very challenging gameplay: it is filled with multiple games with daily quests/challenges that is well-designed to peak your interest and capture your desire to continue to play on to attain higher levels. However, there is one glaring problem, the creators make it impossible to advance your characters to attain in adequate level during daily challenges to obtain higher rewards. There is a clear emphasis on having the player continue to spend money to upgrade his army of character. However, upon attaining the highest player levels, the manufacturer has rigged the game play so that you are pitted against factitious other teams that are increasingly higher than your greatest teams’ ability to conquer. Despite advancing your characters to higher levels, each day, you begin knocked down to a lower level and are matched up against other squadrons/units with considerably higher skill sets with advance speeds that destroy your units, thereby hampering your ability to advance. Having read multiple other gamers’ reviews, I am sure that the manufactures are well aware of this, yet have not modified the game accordingly. Unless you are of substantial dispensable financial means, my advice would be to avoid this game.
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4 years ago, GridironBeast23
This Game is Laughable, Typical EA
This is currently the only Star Wars game with active support...and it’s a DISASTER. When I look at all the 5 stars this game has, I begin to laugh and wonder whether I am playing the same game. Anyway, this game is great at first...until you figure out just how long it will take you to do anything in this game. My cousin introduced me to the game a few years ago and I played a decent bit for awhile, back when I was innocent to EA’s scams. I dropped the game because I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with it and I kept getting beat by stronger foes. I picked the game up a few days ago and realized once again why I dropped the game in the first place. If you want to get anywhere in this game, EA and Capital Games expect you to pay to win. I hate pay to win games. Also, about the paying part, where have I heard that again? Oh yeah, from youtubers whose Galaxy of Heroes accounts were worth thousands of dollars, were childishly banned by Capital Games for giving the game a bit of mild criticism. Look it up guys. Star Wars fans shouldn’t have to settle for this game. If you are a reasonable Star Wars gamer, stay away. Just hope and pray that EA’s mercy will extend as far as giving us a Battlefront 3 in the near future (since Disney seems to be set on giving them the license extension). Sorry this was a harsh review but thanks for reading. I hope this will educated some of you to EA’s abuse of Star Wars fans, their wallets, and their time.
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2 years ago, complaintfordevs
Game changes
This game is good but it does need some reworks to make it better for anyone planning on starting up again . First suggestion would be to add more levels for challenges cause their rewards seem to be not beneficial when reaching lv85 . Once level 85 the only income of gold is completing the holotable. Only a one time thing . Secondly only some hard chapters of two characters on it or a ship . I am not mentioning gear cause even that does not give enough for 50 requirement to get piece of gear for gear levels to access a character relics . Thirdly raids in alliances do not happen that often because the tickets for it is to high . Alliances these days do not have 50 active members getting tickets/raid contribute. No ingame option to recruit active people or kick . Leaves people the option to switch alliances that they think are active . The game work fine but these nuances make me want to give 4 stars instead of 5 . I probably would change my mind. Changes I would love to see in the game would be more levels in challenges to match the needs of the player level , raid tickets amounts being reduce or increase earning them , an emoji style way of communication to tell when specific raid to start or looking for an active alliance .
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3 years ago, Torindale
Fun but expensive game
I have been playing this game for about 5 years now. Everything is ftp accessible if you wait long enough and if you don’t want to wait there is plenty of ways to spend money. They cater to the top high end player base. I truly feel for someone who starts playing this game now. If you create or join a low level guild because you want to enjoy the game you will eventually run into other aspects of the game on your personal side that you will be blocked or unable to do because you are in a lower guild without paying(relic8 mats) which are required for some of the top end ship and arena characters. Other option is join a top guild and let them do the work for you and contribute zero which will last for a year or more. This has not changed in the last 5 years. The relic 8 hump is just the latest but they have continued to put blocks in place for lower guilds for there members to enjoy the game together or quit there guild to compete in either arenas and not enjoy the guild aspect of the game. Because of this I rated this game 3 stars. 3 stars to be able to play almost all aspects of the game providing you are casual and don’t care about any new stuff coming out ever. Minus 2 for the guild stuff and the locking smaller guilds out because this is a huge part of the game.
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5 years ago, DrTroglodyte
Dang near impossible to progress.
They must have lowered the chances of getting shards for characters. I’ve been playing this game since about when it came out and there wasn’t much to do (except for a couple months after Disney bought Star Wars). And earlier this year I was able to get a character unlocked and 7 stars after maybe a week and a half or two if I use my energy on it every day. I was actually able to grind for characters. But at some point, I started only getting maybe 1 or 2 shards a day (even spending saved gems to refresh I won’t get any) so I’ve spent dang near all this entire year of 2019 trying to get 2 characters to 7 star. 2 characters. They have been 5 and 6 stars for longer than I can even remember specifically anymore. And when I try to get support. It’s just send an email or post. Nothing happens. But that’s probably just EA. I love this game and I love playing it. But for months upon months all I can do is use all my energy every day and get 1 or 2 shards sometimes getting none. I’ve started just to play other games and forget to come back. If this can’t get fixed I’m gonna quit and I’d recommend new players stay away. You won’t get anywhere and it’ll be a waste of time.
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3 years ago, UD_007
IT’S A TRAP!!! Do not spend your money $$$$ Nerfed free characters!!!
Wallet warriors rejoice!!! Pay2win at it’s worst. If you do not spend money, you will exist in the game for P2W players to defeat you. If you do spend money the rewards are random, or so the game maker say, the claim will be you can win anywhere from 5 to 330 character pieces to advance your character. I’ve spent a lot of money and never had a payout of more than 5. You will have to spend a lot of money on the game to get premium characters maxed out. Crooked casinos will occasionally payout better than this game. Do not spend your money. All I have to say is Mark V Stun Guns. The economy in this game is rigged to part suckers from their money. They actually just made the game economy worse and another level to “max” your characters out. The developers made a few free characters great and then without consideration for every player nerfed Darth Vader, General Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight Luke, and others. Big $$$ spenders were upset because with some strategy and a few good free-to-play characters were beating pay-for-play “Galactic Legends.” The developers did the same to a new game feature Conquest. They initially made it too easy to win decent prizes so they reset the game play so now you won’t get the prizes. DO NOT INVEST YOUR TIME & MONEY unless you love being treated like trash, cheated and hoodwinked. Just when you think you gain some ground, the developers want more of your hard earned cash.
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3 years ago, UpDown Scoot1
Awesome game but could maybe use a few changes
First I want to say that I really enjoy this game and it’s one of my favorite iPhone games. It’s fun to play and it’s challenging in a fun way. That said I do think there could be a few things to change. First, it would be nice if there was a way to get the characters you get in guild raids and territory battles. I completely get it’s a fun way to get characters and capital ships. However, for people who don’t really like to be in a guild, people who can’t join a guild, or people who aren’t in a good enough one, there is no way you can get iconic characters and ships like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ki Adi Mundi, Han Solo, and the Malevolence. I would completely understand if you made it to where it would be slower to get and max star them but at least it would be possible. Second, I think it would be awesome to at least have an option where you can give the clone troopers phase 1 armor. I get it if you don’t want to make a whole different character, but it would be cool to at least have an option that you can use. Other than that, I really enjoy the game and it is super fun and I would recommend this game to anyone who likes Star Wars.
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5 years ago, TheJudgeNYC
This type of game should be illegal
The game consistently releases updates and new characters, in which the ONLY way to gain them is buy paying for them! There literally is no way to have access to the character at all (and at the very least, quickly) without paying for it. I’m talking up to $300 on avg for a single character. Which doesn’t include the additional $200-ish to upgrade the character to max level and gear. Then occasionally in order to gain a new meta character you have to upgrade 5 characters to max level to receive it. The people that pay (and people do) are benefiting from the rewards they can then receive from having higher characters, but those rewards don’t compare with what needs to be done if you want to STAY competitive. You have buy the next character when it comes out. The top players in this game that I’ve talked to have spent $20,000-$30,000+ on the game since it’s release. I’m NOT joking or exaggerating. Even when they play EVERYday, that’s what they’ve needed to do to stay competitive. If you don’t believe me do a little research. The top guild in the world is called “The Big Wallets”. That should tell you something. It’s like a gambling addiction. Makers of these games work with psychologists to create these models and hook people in this way. It’s a tragedy, dangerous and should be illegal. Don’t play this game. Stick with games that value skill over the size of your wallet. Don’t even try this technological drug. STAY AWAY!
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6 years ago, EtherWolf
Caters heavily to those spending tons of cash
Many characters are impossible to use without buying. Lots of events are impossible to do if you didn’t start playing at the beginning unless you spend piles of money. The amount you have to spend just to get one character properly set up is staggering, hundreds of USD, and there are currently 138 characters. This game takes freemium to a whole new level of greed, always popping ads in your face to try to get you to buy stuff. I got 3 ads today for Boba Fett. I already have him but the game isn’t clever enough to know when it’s notifying you of something useless, like an event that you’ve already completed. The game crashes quite often, as evidenced by the at least monthly “sorry about that” gift they put in your inbox. Considering some have spent thousands on this game they could at least fix a few glitches that have been lurking for ages. It needs an ability to adjust the camera angle, as often the arrangement it chooses obscures crucial information and you have to guess, and sometimes it makes it difficult if not impossible to select certain targets. The chat system is near useless, with the laziest implementation of a language filter I’ve ever seen. The guild management tools are sorely lacking. This game has been out long enough to spend some of the mountains of cash it’s making and invest in fixing the core mechanics.
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1 year ago, taknigge
Decent game but Pay to Win
I have a couple of years experience with this game and it is pretty well built and has a lot of different events to participate in. I’ve gone mostly free to play with a few purchases here and there on some of the good deals that pass through the shop. My gripe with this game is how hard they push for people to pay to win. Literally every time there’s a new thing to buy in the shop they push it in your face whenever you log in. They come out with new characters and squads pretty regularly which would be good except that they also build new content around those new squads that expect you to have the new characters maxed out within days of them coming out. You literally would have to spend thousands of dollars to do that in time which is egregious. I find this particular tactic appalling since they are basically catering to the whales only. This game is very heavily pay to win. All that being said, I’ve still had fun building up my squads over a couple years and participating in the older events that I can manage to do something in. For reference, I’ve spent maybe $500 overall on sales for gear and relic materials and I’m nowhere near being able to compete in new events. Top tier players have spent upwards of $100,000 easily.
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3 years ago, Jawa Juice 35
Good game but pay to win is crazy
I’ve been playing this game for a bout a year going on two now . The graphics awesome, sounds amazing, strategy mind blow. PAY To win aspect annoying and crazy . I mean I get they got to make money but come on is almost catered the the one who can afford to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars on it. I know I can’t afford to payout but very tempted to do it . Im level 85 and the gear required to do the upgrades takes a while but this game is grind I get that but some of the drop rates I mean come on dude. I wasted about 300 crystals on try to get my mando to 5 stars today. I simed 15 times and got nothing and that happens every so often. I’m in a awesome guild and I love the characters and lore are so awesome to me as a Star Wars fan I love this game, I wish they could give new players a better start to make the game a little more fair and if they could regulate the drops so you could get one per 10 sims per say that would make it a lot better. Also on the subject please up the ship drops so it takes less Tim to max shard ships please that would be awesome . Over all great game great challenges and great people playing . I mean come on you think I would pass up a chance to hang with awesome Star Wars fans like me come on ! Join the fray! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. Se you there
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Great game just needs something
This game is amazing. I love it. But there is a problem with the content in the prequel era. There are barely any clones to use and the ones you can use there are no missions you can play to earn shards for any of them. We need some missions with their character shards as possible rewards. Now let’s look at some new characters. Why not get Wolfe? He has some epic armor and is a great fighter. A few other examples are: Waxer and Boil in their defense of that Twilek planet in the show. Gregor. The Delta squad is definitely one you’d want. Commandos are some of the coolest clones in the series and to not have any is a disgrace. One more thing, we need a neutral faction. Characters like bounty hunters and some droids shouldn’t be made to be only light side or only dark. Bounty hunters aren’t dark side characters, they’re just people who do jobs for money. The madalorian is not a good guy. He’s a complex character not a hero. Greef Karga is not a light side person. This brings me to my main complaint, we need a Neutral faction. A neutral arena so that complex characters like boba and the mando aren’t put into strange teams. Just a few suggestions that I believe would truly improve the game.
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6 years ago, Nonow237
Great game! Here is some things to make it better.
First let me start off by saying I’ve been playing for almost 2 years. This game is great and I would recommend this to anybody who is a Star Wars fan and in a heartbeat. There are some things that could be changed to make it better though. To start some people like me don’t spend there ally points the second they get them. Sometimes I have all my points stacked up to 45,000 and that does not make it very easy when you cannot collect more than one bronzium card pack at a time. It takes me 5 to 10 minutes to open them all which is really Boring. If you added a way to open multiple at a time that would be amazing. Second if there was a way to see all of the special events so that you could know exactly what types of characters you need to level up to able to play certain events. For the longest time I had no idea which characters I needed to get to play the R2-D2 event. I finally found out when the event came around again but had no time to prepare. These are just some of the things that I think are minor details but could help a lot. If EA read this it would be great to have this in one of the next updates!
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5 years ago, shonzykilla
No longer F2P
I have played this game for years now and have been enjoying it so much. I am free to play. When the game first began, it was exciting and fun to level up my favorite characters. The sad truth is, however, that the power creep and monetization of the game has ruined the free-to-play experience. This game used to be so successful because in-game purchases used to give you a slight leg up on the competition. However, the true power in your roster came with time and daily progress. Now, the game is insanity boosted by purchases and makes competing on a free level impossible. It’s sad to see. They think that by doing this they are bringing in big dollars, which they very well may be. But with the latest power creeps in the game, the mass exodus of free to play players is bound to happen. What Capital games fails to realize is that they are cheapening the value of longevity in the game, which imo is not a smart move. Up until Revan broke the game, I would have given the game 5 stars. It’s been almost a year from then, and the creep in power has only grown exponentially. I still play and enjoy, but I don’t recommend this game to any new players. The experience is almost dead. I hope they try to turn it around, but I have a feeling that they are going downhill quickly and just want to milk the whales for everything that they can.
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3 years ago, gdhshshd
Love but suggestions
the game play on this is incredible. you don’t realize it in the beginning but after a while you see how much strategy there is. it may take a while but for me it’s worth it. there are a couple things that i think would make this game better. #1 if you guys could set up a section where you can battle your allies, kinda like championship or squad arena but you can specifically battle allies. #2 I think there are a whole bunch of players who could be added in such as starkiller even though the games are now legends he is an amazing character and could bring a lot to the table by bring other characters to add like general kota. you could also add in jaba he would be a support character that would work well with smugglers or bounty hunters. #3 I think that some characters could use a reboot and be improved now that new information has been seen with these characters such as fulcrum ahsoka, she is not a super powerful character but they have said that at this state she is at about the same power level of count dooku, we have also seen her in mandalorian and she is way more powerful then she is in the game. overall though this is my favorite game i have played, it is fun and doesn’t get boring. thank you for reading my review.
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3 years ago, Silvermane316
A F2P with a P2W twist
This game is a lot of fun and a lot of frustration at times. It’s geared to make you run out of stamina or instant win tickets quickly and usually when you are trying to complete something or get the shards needed for the character(s) you really want. It is a constant repetitious grinding but if you enjoy the game and don’t want to spend money, it’s a good game for you. I’m mostly Free to Play (F2P) but have spent money on some of the gear and upgrade deals that pop up every so often. Gearing up and leveling can get expensive. You get crystals (the generic currency for just about everything) on a daily basis by doing the daily quests. If you don’t spend them (good luck) you can amass a good amount but the extra credits, stamina, shards, etc all takes crystals and a lot of them. The max level is 85. It took me about 3 months of doing the dailies EVERY DAY to get there. Personally the work and time put into it feels more like an achievement than spending $100 USD and just having it handed to you. Just keep in mind that it takes time to build your people and to find a good team that works well together.
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3 years ago, eashue
Uneven gameplay
I really enjoy this game. I started playing this game about two and half months ago, and I’ve been hooked. I can’t help my self coming back. The turn based gameplay is really fun, and I enjoy collecting the characters. I also enjoy leveling those characters up. I can’t help myself trying to play everyday to get the daily reward. That being said there’s some major issues. This game is huge pay to win. That doesn’t bother me much, but it gets boring fighting the same squad. There’s also an issue with overpowered characters. I had to sit and watch a battle for about 10 minutes because Kylo Ren was way to powerful for my full squad. It was just Kylo Ren (LV 70) fighting a full squad that were level 50 mind you that couldn’t defeat him because every time I attack he healed twice as much than the damage the squad was doing. This literally went back and fourth until Kylo’s life dwindled down, which like I said took nearly 10 minutes. After three minutes I had to recorded because it was very ridiculous. Another moment like this happened awhile ago before this in which one character wiped out my whole roster of characters. Which had to be a little over 30 characters. All in all it’s really a fun game, but some characters need to be nerfed or balanced.
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1 year ago, Mhunt212
Get your wallet ready.
This used to be one of my favorite games, I’ve been playing for close to 10 years. It used to be a fun, nostalgic game that you could be competitive in so long as you were willing to put in the time and suffer the grind. But with every update comes more impossible (without spending you paycheck) to attain characters that are unbelievable over powered and impossible to compete with. Unless YOU have them too. There are weekly events that [used to] allow you to chip away a little faster and gear up. Now every event requires you to have characters that you either have to buy your way to (which in case you’re wondering would amount to literally thousands of dollars to buy the items necessary to actually build yourself up to the point where you can even attempt for them) so if you are a FTP (free to play) player, you’ll have fun until you plateau about a year after you reach level 85 and realize how futile it is. It was a great game where I was able to remain on the leaderboards for probably 5 years. Lately, every update just puts players that don’t want to spend money farther and farther behind. And will leave you feeling useless in your guild because you can’t even participate in 75% of the events and challenges.
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4 years ago, yeetman257
Games Fun, Loading page is Broken.
Alright, I have to be honest. The game is fun but not until the recent issues I’ve received with it. What happens is that you’re stuck on the Loading Cantina session of the screen and it’ll be stuck forever, I’ve waited for over 30 minutes and it still hasn’t come back. What this results to is people deleting your game because I, and other people (I’m sure you have experienced this issue before) can’t even get into the game, sure if it was a “Oh Cantina broken” issue but you could actually get in the game that would be better but you can’t even get in the game anymore. The events are sometimes unfair which means its minus a star already, Arena is completely broken, they don’t allow you to cycle through too much enemies and theres always a Phoenix Squad in one. The highest rank on your Arena page will not change unless it autos itself. Minus another star. Finally, we have this issue that doesn’t even let you get in the game. Therefore, that is another minus star and yeah I had fun playing it but if the Developers don’t see the reviews, then next week this problem will spread to everyone else in this community and next week, don’t wonder why your Apps Downloaded have decreased so much, and overtime, no one will play your game and this game will or might be removed off of the Editor’s Choice apps.
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7 years ago, the Reverend Seph
Do you have what it takes?
A LOT of money, will get you nowhere. They make it seem like this is the way but being that you can only purchase whatever promotion they are pimping out at the time...this "game" (hardly) is a waste of time. These good reviews? Nonsense. I have been playing this game since it started and I can tell you that us daily players, play this begrudgingly. It is an addiction, plain and simple. You can not compete with the whales. Go check out the smart ones who are attempting to sell their accounts, more power to them. I predict that this will go the way of all apps that started with a good formula then got greedy, and dive head first into total pay to play, (they are close already), where you can buy what you want, when you want. I know several "free to play" people in game and they have all of the same stuff as the whales, it just takes longer, that's why you will never win. The moment something is released, the whales have it, and will humiliate you with it. I have spent so much of my time and money on this game (you're welcome) and I really get nothing from it but instant gratification, I suppose. But I refuse to fork over $300-$500 bucks like the whales. You would think that maybe, since I have spent money, that the RNG would maybe "favor" me now and again...NOPE. RNG gives you squat, so you buy. It is a vicious cycle. Do yourself a favor, just walk away. I hate this stupid app.
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2 years ago, Markychan
Good Game, gets repetitive
I have been playing this game for years and it really hasn’t had a whole lot of changes. I am VERY happy they brought in Mara Jade (Thank you) but sometimes I feel like some novel features from short-lived character grabs go away and are not seen again. An example would be Dash Rendar’s character grab missions. They had it where Dash was walking along the train mission from the Shadows of the Empire game and I really enjoyed the mission and wished they would make a lot more like that. In addition, for the guild events, I think they should make more planets. I love Hoth and Geonosis is still next to impossible for my guild but it would be awesome to have Scarif, Endor, Naboo, etc. and just have a constant cycle changing between different planets. There are enough planets in the Star Wars saga that it could go on for a while . A special character for Scarif could be Admiral Radis with the Profundity, and maybe he would have a Zeta upgrade as well. Also, they could make up their own like Iden Versio storming the Rebel carrier, which could have different battles in different parts of the carrier and even space battle outside. I still see a lot of growth and potential for this game!
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3 years ago, hdgnshtdbd
When I first got this game I was looking for a Star Wars game because I love Star Wars and I found it. I loved it. I played every day for about six months I love buying new characters in leveling up. Game is awesome because it’s free and there’s no ads and the graphics are great. I would recommend you get this game because you can unlock your favorite Star Wars character and almost every single Star Wars character in Star Wars history. But one downside to that is it takes a while to load To get on. And I decided I’d spend 1300 crystals to potentially get Bo Katan and I only got SEVEN! But after about 10 months I finally started to get a little bored but I still love to geting crystals and finish my daily activities on it. Every month you get a new inbox reward For shards for characters in the first few months I got some really good character that I haven’t already unlocked but after that I started to get shards for Characters I’ve already unlocked. It’s a really good game because it’s free. I was just addicted to it when I was really into it and I still am just not as much. I know nobody will read this but I thought I’d just write a review for it because I really like this game.
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4 years ago, Webslinger99
Great game, but...
I really love this game and I’ve been playing for a few years now. It is complex, yet has a good management set up, and is incredibly immersive. The downside to this game, though, is that it is built almost exclusively for the Pay to Play (PtP) players and all the updates they make now further cater to this. Not only is it just that, but, also, the prices for gems and character packs are comparatively high and the money you pay only leads you on to paying more for top-grade gear. Otherwise, you are seriously crippled in what battles you can win - or even play at all. It takes a VERY long time to upgrade characters without the cash and, for someone like me who isn’t out to spend a small fortune every time I see the newest character release, this is discouraging. I wish they would do something to help out the little guys - even if it just meant increasing the character shard farming rate or something. I hope they will continue to make this game better in the future and, if you’ve got either the time or the money to invest, enjoy it for the present as well.
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3 years ago, EA_fangirl
Typical EA
The only reason this game is any good is because of the subject that they base it off of which of course is Star Wars, otherwise it’s another typical EA attempt at money grabbing. The grind is long and tedious to get to max level as starting player unless you pay for a fast pass to max level which is $100. Getting relevant end game characters and teams requires leveling specific toons to accomplish missions that are rigged to be more difficult so you have to spend more time strengthening the required rooms. Look it up, missions to unlock special characters are rigged with bugs and unfair rng numbers. They do this to take advantage of impatient people so they’ll spend more to hear and strengthen characters faster. Afterwards, the characters required for the mission are often not useful for any other end game content or pvp meta. Content is pretty dry and bland with hardly any new content added, if they do it is something only for high paying guilds of whale players (note light side geonosian territory wars). Also customer service is awful! If you ever require any sort of service that requires more than a few emails, expect to get a reply from a totally different person the next day asking you to re-explain your issue. They’ll do this over and over again, running you in circles till you basically give up (I have easily over 50 emails with customer service over one incident).
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4 years ago, celestial202
Discord chat app happy
If you want to be in a guild in this game you better have Discord, which is a chat app that is separate from the in game chat and potentially gives someone access to so many potential predators... it is a requirement in most guilds in this game to have that app. This leaves younger players at risk of predation and makes it very hard to find a guild. Even if you do have the Discord finding a good guild in this game is near impossible due to the guilds all being very exclusive. For example only allowing those with the most epic of teams to join. That is great and all but it allows guilds to bully members and makes for there only being too epic guilds with no newer level guilds because this is the only way to get good gear and advance in the game to where you can actually enjoy it. I have been with a guild for over 2 years and recently there has been a major bullying push to only go after specific characters and we have not been able to beat a TW in a very long time (like months) so the guild is being much more forceful in enforcing daily login as well as the acquisition of top characters like the Revans and the galactic legends characters. This is frustrating to me personally because I have characters that I WANT to work on but can’t because of fear I will be booted from my guild that I have put time into. Super frustrating!!
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5 years ago, Set of Skills
Typical pay to win game
You can play and enjoy this game as free to play. That being said, the balance of the characters and ships are a complete joke. Every few months a new character/ship or both come out that are miles better than any others currently in the game. As frustrating as that may be, it would be tolerable if it were possible to get them relatively soon without paying large amounts of money, to grind out the requirements(the requirements being to gather certain other new characters/ships that have requirements). The end result is you have a few players who have paid 100s or even 1000s of dollars to compete at the highest level against others who have paid 100s or 1000s, while the rest of the player base who have invested just as much time (over a year for me) have literally no chance of competing against the others in their shard. The stuff that has been a problem since the beginning of the game are still a problem. The only things that change are new, game breaking, unattainable, characters come every few months with a hefty price to gather the first time around. The game design is cool and the fact that it has the Star Wars name makes it fun to play but its unfortunate that it has become so obviously and blatantly a pay to win game.
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5 years ago, SgtRankin
Could've been great...
This game is a lot of fun, especially since the guild feature came about. BUT...EA cannot or will not fix several long standing bugs. They acknowledge certain in game characters have bugs that hobble their performance; they promise certain rewards and don't deliver; and most recently, they awarded Raid tickets (used for launching raids) that when used to raid, will not give rewards earned in said raid. On top of that, EA's customer service and tech support is absolutely horrid! This game is a good time waster, but DO NOT spend real money on ANY in-game purchases! I really wanted to give more than three stars, but until EA gets its act together, that's all I will give. Update April 2019: EA and CG are nerfing any and all characters that can counter their newest Pay to Play meta toon, Darth Malak. Their cash grabs are so nakedly obvious and embarrassing. Their own senior developer admitted on Reddit that a player is expected to pay $4-5k (yes, thousands) per year to keep current with game content. On a phone game? Seriously?! Get real. They do zero testing before releasing buggy new content; nerf long-time game characters to protect their pay-to-play base, and still have terrible customer service. And they EXPECT $4-5k a YEAR? Don’t waste your money. You can still do most everything for free, if you’re really patient. It’s not a bad game, but the developers have an extremely inflated view of its worth.
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2 years ago, Person #3189
It *used* to be great
I’ve played this game from the beginning. I absolutely loved it to begin with- it was challenging without making it feel like you’re Sisyphus doing the same thing everyday. It takes months to get a character to 7 stars and longer to get them to the highest gear level, unless you want to pay $100+ per character. The “enhancements” they’ve added are anything but. If you don’t want to spend 2+ hours a day playing this then you will have to pay. I’ve continued to play because I’ve put so much time into this game, but it is quickly getting far too frustrating to play. When you go 2-3 days of using your energy to get 2 shards when you need 300+ it’s ridiculous. So don’t expect to make progress quickly. It’s not fun. And make sure you accept notifications because if you miss a time slot then any preparation for that event means nothing. Don’t forget if you want certain characters you *have* to have a decent guild or else you have zero chance of every getting them. And by decent, I mean you probably need to have a few whales that pay so you can have a shot at doing the “end game” raids. I get that they need to make money to keep developing the game, but this game is quickly becoming pay to play not even pay to win.
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2 years ago, ramdom gamer
This game has a great concept and it is really fun to play with friends to see who can get the better team. However, this game is so PTW that it becomes not even fair. I will go into arena and all of the teams are level 80-85 phoenix squadron with gear tier 9, and the Galactic challenge table is impossible to win unless you wait months until you play it. I'm FTP level 73 and i've beat it one time after I forgot about for a while. Another thing to think about is graphics. For many games these would be great graphics, but this game is bringing in billions of dollars, I'm sure that EA can afford to put more effort into making this game much better, we don't want you to add one character every month. We want an overhaul to change the game to something that is appealing to people. Right now the only way to level up is to grind everyday for years and plan ahead of time what team your are going to use, and if you didn't notice, that is not appealing to casual players like myself. There are so many people that would start playing this game again if you just spent some of the money this game brings in to make the game overall better. Nobody will love a game that is so ptw that it's not fair. Just THINK about it...
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7 years ago, Hadaka ni naru
Macro Purchase System
I’ve been playing for about 2 years now and leader of a guild. This game used to be easy for F2P (free to play) and you could do really well with micro purchases. I never felt it necessary to drop more than 20 bucks at a time. They’ve made a lot of changes and it’s getting harder and harder to be a F2P player. They’ve even unleashed some $60-90+ packs. And have made some of these items required for competing in events. This game was a lot of fun when I was just trying to unlock Darth Vader. Now I need to level up characters I’ll never use and waste resources that I could be using for characters I would use. It all just makes it a little frustrating, knowing that to be competitive anymore, you need to pay—a lot. This frustration is evident within my guild. I’ve had a few players quit because there’s just no way to do really well without paying a pretty penny. I’ve played a lot of other games, but never any as much or as long as this one. Only recently have I honestly thought about not playing anymore, just because of the constant requirement to have this character and that character. And to get that character you need to have this character. And that character is only available in this pack that cost $$.
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6 years ago, Jediidej
Love it RE: UPDATE
This game is amazing and addictive! Now that they have worked out the kinks in back to loving it. There is so many events and things to keep you busy during the day. I've been playing for just abiut a year and still no where near being sick of it. Few problems here and there during the updates but usually it's fixed pretty quick. Customer service is amazing too. Always answer the phone and it's an American person. I can understand them and they actually care! I love the game and will probably never stop playing :-) UPDATE: ok so I did stop playing the game for about a year so I could play CSR 2 lol. Got sick of that game and came back to Star Wars. Still a great game. They’ve added a lot of new characters and events. This game is definitely a money game. You can play without in game purchases but you won’t get anywhere fast. I probably wouldn’t even play it if I didn’t already have a loaded account with a bunch of maxed characters :-) I can still use them while I collect the others. If you are already playing a game that you spend money on... don’t download this game unless you want to switch.
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6 years ago, CGDevsSuck
CG Developers are simply incompetent
Seriously, they pretty much take every game and deliberately ruin it. That’s the only explanation because NO ONE could be that stupid. This game USED to be a strategy game. Now it’s nothing more than a money grabbing game of collecting characters. Every update shows their incompetence by nerfing, and this penalizing, any good ship or character that takes time and resources to level and gear up. Battles are mere coin flips decided at random. Oh what’s that? You theory crafted an amazing team to go against a phase of one of the raids? Yeah, sorry, we will need that too. Oh, what’s that? You have a bunch of great characters and you can climb relatively easy for payouts? No problem, we will just ramp up the AI on the opposing side to go first every time. No big deal. Seriously, I feel sorry for anyone who has been caught up in this game and has spent any money on it. I you want to play this game, just accept it for what it is. It’s a game of collecting characters. Take your time and don’t spend any money. As soon as you think it’s worth it to spend a little money to build any part of your team up, they will surely nerf it soon after.
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2 years ago, Rousingaker
Great Game, A Few Recommendations
Great game. Been playing for a few years, had to create a new account and start over a few times, but as a FTP player, it’s a little tedious and pay to win at times but it’s overall a fun game. However, there are a few things I’d love to see in the game in the future. Firstly, more clones!! There’s so many opportunities for more clones like maybe 212th like Waxer and some others, and of course, a basic clone. Another recommendation I have is a sandbox mode where you can use any character and create any mods, set their gear levels, etc. to be able to test squads and teams prior to investing into them. Surely it could be locked behind level 85 or something, but it would be beneficial to have a way to test teams. One of my last recommendations to improve the game is to create a way to 1v1 friends in a grand arena type mode. It would be pretty fun, and it was proven when AhnaldT101 got matched up against CubsFanHan that it would benefit the game plenty. I myself would recommend the game to friends because it would be pretty fun to have some competition outside of Grand Arena where I get paired up with people almost triple my GP.
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3 years ago, Frustrated8764
Fun for a day or two
It’s Star Wars. The basic gameplay is easy to learn and is fun. The problem is that, I assume, the game is designed to require you to spend money—and a lot of it—to stay competitive. After a while, even when you spend money, there are many challenges you just can’t win (I virtually never am even close in arena matches, for example, even when my power rating is far higher than the opponent and I have a squad with strong synergies). Sure, you can keep playing the dark and light side levels, but that gets old. It’s just not fun to play a game where you lose nonstop on most things and see no progress at all (I’ve played daily for over a year and am not entirely incompetent, so it’s not just a matter of not knowing “how to play the game,” before anyone assumes that’s the explanation…or, feel free to think that and waste time and spend money doing it). Again, I really want to like this game, and I would if it didn’t scale itself out of being fun so quickly. I know people want to make money, nothing wrong with that. But when you design a game that ceases to be fun unless you spend a ton, that’s just not a way to keep customers. At some point, take pride in having a good product over cycling through players to milk every penny you can. You can still make money that way, shockingly enough.
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