Star Wars™: KOTOR

4.3 (5.8K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aspyr Media, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Star Wars™: KOTOR

4.26 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Raith 101
It’s AMAZING but....
I LOVE this game. It has always been one of my all time favorites and I was so happy to see it come out for Mobile I bought it right away with no regrets. Since I’ve gotten it I’ve played through it 5 times already and working on my 6th. The one and ONLY complaint that I have, and you may laugh when you read this, is that on the console version there’s a button you can push to cancel an action during battle, however when you use that button outside of battle your character twirls their Melee weapon around or activate their lightsaber(s) and twirl them around. Whenever I’d be running towards by next objective I’d spam that button just to pass the time, watch the lightsabers twirl lol, and usually after a battle I’d push the button as sort of a victory dance. I was so bummed to find out that you can’t do that in the mobile version. ALMOST to the point where I didn’t want to play the game at all, but it’s so hard to pass up the greatest story in Star Wars lore. If they were to implement that button into mobile I’d change review to 5 stars in a heartbeat. Other than that though it’s still the same great game that it’s always been and I love every second of it. Should someone from Disney happen to read this DO NOT turn KOTOR into a movie, cause it will be forever ruined. Thank you. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
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3 years ago, I LOVE KOTOR THE GAME
As the title says this game is unexplainable it might be because this is one of the first games I ever played but it’s just so good the feeling you get when you play it is one you won’t find anywhere else it’s just something else I played this beautiful game about 20-25 times and I can say from the very bottom of my heart it is the greatest game of all time I played many great games but none like this the story is amazing I hope they make a remake but even if they do nothing will ever be like this game my recommendation is to obviously 110 percent buy this game but also buy it for some kids who are getting into video games at about 10 years old so it stays with them forever in there hearts I also said in the title unexplainable if you play it you will fall in love with it like nothing else and bye the way this got me into Star Wars in the first place first I thought start wars was cringe and for nerds but after playing this game I fell in love with start wars of course I think this game is wayyyy better than the Star Wars movies But everyone please just hear me out it makes me very sad that many many people have not played this game Please for 5 dollars this is amazing it’s impossible for you to not be that into it or in any way dislike it sure it’s old and the graphics aren’t the best but that’s not the point the real point is the story thank you for reading this I hope you enjoy the game peace out my friends
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5 years ago, Aca-Frat Bro
Great Game, Great Idea for iOS
I have played KOTOR through so many times over the years that I basically have everything memorized, and this iOS version works surprisingly well. It’s crazy to me that my phone has way more pixels than the computer monitors this game was built for. The gameplay is pretty perfect for the necessarily clumsy touchscreen controls, as combat has an iconic built-in pause mechanic. I’m really excited that a new generation of gamers will get to experience one of the best games of all time, and on their phones to boot. KOTOR 2 (bug-fixed mod version) next? *HOWEVER*, the reason this review is 4 stars instead of 5 is the mini-games: specifically the star-fighters and the swoop races. In the star-fighter mini-game, you can’t move the turret and fire at the same time, which is horrifically bad porting, and will make flying from planet to planet gradually more annoying as the game progresses. The swoop races also need a total overhaul, as they were hard on PC controls, let alone on a touchscreen. There are PC mods out there that make the tracks easier, though I’ve never had to use them on that platform. I definitely want to use them on this one.
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4 years ago, Lil slither
😔Not Enough People Appreciate This😔
I feel like every person Thea days has their mind wrapped around Darth Vader, Master Yoda, and other things that are new and therefore “relevant”. I love how you took underrated comics about the Old Republic and transformed it into an amazing game that is available to everyone! After playing the game for the first time, I found some Old Republic comics online and your game perfectly summed up the story of Revan! And I also love how you allowed us to learn about people know a lot about. Your game made me want to dig deeper into the older Star Wars stories. I’ve read polls from the public and everyone overlooks the feats and power of these characters from your game. Some people said that Darth Revan couldn’t use dark side powers like Darth Sidious could, but I know for a fact that Revan had full knowledge of the dark and light sides of the force. He didn’t only summon force storms, but he made tornadoes out of them! I know that isn’t as powerful as destroying a whole planet with the force like Sidious and Nihilus did, but have you seen anyone use the force to make a lightning tornado? I know I might be getting to deep into battles and controversy, so I’ll end it right here. Overall this game is amazing and though it was made 11 years ago, it is still fun and exciting to play!😁
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7 years ago, ripped and rashed
Yeah yeah yeah
It's pretty sad how buggy this thing is, I've started saving my game after every encounter. Can't start the swoop race because I can't select the announcer and obviously can't get out of the hall because you have to race at this point. Sketchy controls was a bummer too. Having the ability to play knights on the go seemed like a no brainer and the reviews are great. Sometimes I wonder about the weight of those reviews. Visually it's perfect, sometimes the sound is off. If I can get through this app I will have gone thru KOTOR more times then I have fingers.. I'd rather dust off the OL BOX and bring this game back to life. I'll consider the 5 dollars I spent on this app a donation for the wonderful years the StarWars franchise has given me. Update: 2 days after 1st review. Restarted a new game, got the accelerator and the "can't interact with anything" bug kicks on.. about an hour of gameplay before the bug originally happen. Restarted a new and the bug kick on when I first got to the under city. After deep research it seems the only way to fix this is to save your game a lot, A LOT. Restarting while the game is open does not help. This is one of my favorite rpgs ever but not on iOS. It's garbage on iOS. Before buying read as many reviews as you can. THIS BUG HAS HAPPEN TO MANY PEOPLE. It would be nice if this bug can get fixed.. anything with the starwars name is making fat cash so I don't think this request is too far fetched.
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1 year ago, Wraith Keton
Not bad but needs some patches
I’m so excited to be able to play this again. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come in twenty years. The game is almost exactly how I remember it. The problems come with the bugs. For some reason the game will corrupt at random times and I won’t be able to engage dialogue. I select the characters but nothing happens. And when that happens you’re screwed because a lot of the game requires you to do this or you can progress so once that happens hopefully you saved because it’s back to the last time you did a standard save. No kidding I made the mistake of depending on the auto and quick save and my file was corrupted so badly that I had no choice but to go to the manual save file which had been an hour and a half prior. That’s a lot of time wasted for a buggy system. Worse still when you have that in the back of your mind while playing it. Don’t get me wrong it’s worth a play through and it’s a miracle of the modern age to be able to play this on my phone but it definitely needs a few bugs worked out. If you’re gonna put the cash down to get it I recommend saving your game often and being ready to have to restart due to this bug. Other than that it’s a good time.
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4 years ago, robertsayshi97
Almost Perfect
I’ve played KOTOR 1 and 2 probably 15 times over — played it ever since I was a little kid. I saw that it came out on the iPad Pro, so I decided to buy it since I was bored at home over the break. It runs just like it does on the computer (maybe even a little smoother). This is one of the best games of all time, and is a steal compared to the $50-$60 games nowadays. The literal only complaint I have is that there did seem to be a small glitch that was a bit annoying. Every once in awhile, particularly after combat, my character would temporarily be unable to move. This had two reliable work arounds: letting my allies lead the party, or saving and reloading. I also noticed that using Force Speed or other force powers occasionally fixed this glitch, but probably at a 60/40 chance. Although this was minor and I figured out a solution, it was annoying. I am tempted to take it down a star, but I feel like because that would mislead people about the game — it’s totally worth the money, and trust me, KOTOR 1 and 2 on the computer are far glitchier than on the iPad, so this is perhaps an improvement.
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7 years ago, Enclave Glitch.
The Glitch in the Enclave.
To: Aspyr Media, Inc. In my resent play-through of my game, I noticed a bug in the entrance of the Jedi Enclave. I was using my main character fighting NPC's away from the enclave grounds, and I switched characters to my Utility Droid. Immediately I noticed My droid was away from the combat zone, and somehow on the side of the upper level entrance of the enclave, in an out of the map kinda scenario. I think somehow when I spawned in the outside area, my droid was rendered outside of the map, unable to move and effectively stalled from engagement. I took a picture to show what I mean. I personally have no problems with glitches in games, but I felt it best to let you know. Love the game by the way, on of my favorites, but you should really consider doing the second game Knights of the old republic 2. It has some of the best dialogue written for a game. It had greater gameplay and combat mechanics, and offered amazing elements unknown to games today. It was an all around superior game, and the fans of the series would love nothing more than for it to come back. If offered with the restored content, the game could be a great way to bring fans into the App Store. And if offered with the option to Mod the game, it would attract even more customers.
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3 months ago, Revan2024
Absolutely Incredible And A Timeless Classic
This is truly one of, if not the best, Star Wars story out there, game or otherwise. While the graphics are a bit dated, keep in mind that this is a 21 year old game, and the amazing story and characters make up for this one hundred times over. The sheer scope of the game is astounding, with many different worlds to explore, countless side quests, and an amazing overarching story. The party members who join you are some of the best written characters in Star Wars, as is your own character, but no spoilers from me! From the start to finish, you feel as if you’re creating your own story in the Star Wars universe. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the franchise. The first couple parts of the game are challenging, especially for first time players, but stick with it, as this is the coolest game ever created, Star Wars or otherwise. Many of the other reviews complain of bugs and other issues, but I never experienced any problems with the game. Well worth the ten dollars, I would pay one hundred for this masterpiece.
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8 years ago, MendolynSkye
Great so far
Just got off the Endire Spire and so far so good. This is a port of a fairly old game so people complaining about graphics need to understand that, I actually think it looks better on my iPad Air than it did on Xbox or PC. To those complaining there is too much reading... kids this is how old school RPGs were before everyone became ADHD or drinking too much flouride. They didn't hold your hand on every little thing. have some curiosity, explore your interface, you can figure this out. I like it so far. Only real complaint is movement is a little clunky. I would have preferred some type of joystick for left thumb instead. Otherwise it seems to function pretty well. Another bit of old school advice, Save Early and Save Often! Do not rely on autosave. I have always used TWO different saves, alternating each time just in case I got myself into a bad spot and needed to reload farther back. Just do it, you can thank me later. As a fan I'm glad to have another chance to play KotOR and relieved that it was done well enough to enjoy. May the 4th be with you!
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4 years ago, Himmyler
Excellent Rendition!!!
Absolutely loved this game from the day it was released, have played it and the sequel on my original xbox and on my pc more recently. Loved the ability to have one of my all time favorites in the palm of my hand! Really only hate the mini games but what’re you gonna do it’s touch screen so no really complaints. On that note I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way(strong reason i’m writing this review at all)but you guys have to port The sith lords over to ios like you did the first one. Would easily pay $10 again when the game is going for like $2 on steam. Where Kotor has the classic star wars odyssey feel to its story, kotor 2 is so much darker and grittier. With the recent release of rise of skywalker and talk of good and bad/ light and dark i’m sure everyone would love the chance to play what many people considered the better of the two again but on ios and even those who’ve never had the good fortune of playing would probably be thunderstruck over a star wars rpg of such depth and proportion. Again, this was a great port of a greater game. Loved it.
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4 years ago, Shay320
One of The Best Star Wars Games Ever
I played this game over 10 years ago. To this date, even nearly 20 years later. It is still one of the best or the best Star Wars games ever made. The dialogue is written well. The characters are memorable. While the dice rolling combat is outdated by modern standards and somewhat clunky. Enough practice and you’ll get used to it. Even rarely today, does an RPG game have so much content. Dozens of dozens side quests to play and alternative story choices make replay value high so even beating this game once leaves so much content left to explore. To get the most out of this game, you need to complete it multiple times and even then you’ll still have not seen everything. Knights of the Old Republic is filled with well written characters voiced by the best actors in the industry. A compelling narrative that not only expands the Star Wars lore but more importantly respects it, easily more then the newer movies do. This is high quality Star Wars content. If you can look past the age of the game, you’ll be playing a your very own Star Wars movie.
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4 years ago, pinkypoko1
it’s a great game
as i’m writing this i’m still currently playing the game. but so far from what i’ve played (which is around 12 hours or so) it has a great story and good characters and mediocre voice acting. and now if your wondering because of some of the one star reviews yes at first the controls are confusing but you get used to them, and also for the people who left one star reviews the swoop races where pretty easy, but the only hard things are when you have to shoot enemy ships down it’s kinda hard to do. and when i’m moving the camera to look another direction i accidentally sometimes talk to my teammates that i don’t mean to do which is fine because it’s my mistake but still. this game has also made me love starwars more then i actually used too, so this game is totally worth the 9.99. and once i beat the game the first time with the character i’m using now i’m gonna replay it but instead of being a jedi i’m going to become a site and see how that goes. and i know there is a second game too just not here on the app store so maybe you could release it for ios so the people who haven’t played the series (like me) can get what it’s like to play the second one. and the creators of this game should me lucky too because i never leave a review for games but this one.... this one deserves it. so keep up the good work and maybe you can get the second kotor game out soon? thanks for making this game for everyone to enjoy if they didn’t get to play the one from 2003
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8 years ago, Darthblech
Great game overall, this is the first time I've played it again in many years. But the iPad adaptation is not perfect. The biggest issue I noticed while playing is that the kiss scene at the end with Carth is completely gone. The dialogue is there, but doesn't approach you. He just stands there. I haven't romanced Bastila yet so I could say about her, but I couldn't help feeling a little upset that I didn't get any payoff for all that whining I had to put up with. The other issues are minor, like that all water is invisible except on Manaan and the Unknown Planet. A couple cylinders on the Unknown Planet caused my character to have a seizure when I tried to open them. There was a lot of lagging and skipping on Kashyyyk, (and on other planets, but to lesser extents) even after I turned off grass and shadows. If I wanted lag I would just go play Swtor. Also, the characters never sheathe their weapons. I can't remember if they did on the original version, but it looked really weird to carry them in hand the entire game. That's all I really encountered bug-wise, but these did hamper my RPG experience more than I would have liked. Please fix these issues.
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4 years ago, Captain Goods
One of the best rpgs of all time
This is incredibly smooth compared to pc, with noticeably less glitches. The story gets me every time and no matter how much I want to go dark side, the light story always pulls me in. I played this as a kid and I am playing it now, much to my satisfaction and challenge, trying to find the best character builds. The touchscreen interface gets a little annoying but ultimately it runs really smooth except for the swoop mini games (with some early saves and reloads is no problem and if you're a real G you got it). 10/10 would recommend and I'm really glad it's available on mobile so many years after the initial release. Only bugs I had were my NPCs getting stuck behind here or there and when I switched to find out where they were I would switch back to the main and they would return to me and then run over to where I was. Just slightly annoying when trying to run to a different area. Great game though, great interface and just as much fun as it used to be
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3 years ago, jschroederlaw
Well Made
Well made, excellent story, overall great game. (Love the plot twist) However, there are a couple things I would like to mention. First, there is a glitch where the game will manual save at your death - without any effort on your part. Meaning that you have to go back to the latest checkpoint, losing any previous manual saves. Second, in the final battle there is a glitch that if you destroy the left Jedi on the second deck, Malak will freeze and combat will cease. Third and final, the ending feels a bit…anticlimactic. Perhaps you could allow the characters to run around the sandbox world for a while, rather than just throwing in a cut scene. It makes you feel like you’re being punished for winning the game. Thank you for reading the review, this was an excellent game. I wish we had more rpgs like it. (Might I suggest a text based rpg made by the same people on Star Wars? Just an idea…)
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7 years ago, Mtrapp_12302001
Wonderful PC game becomes wonderful Mobile Game
A superb, if slightly dated Star Wars RPG exploring an unfamiliar era of the Star Wars universe, The Old Republic. Full of interesting characters, clever plot twists, and big decisions, this game enthralled me for a good 20 hours on my first, light side play through, and for another 20 as I did a full dark side play-through. Now, the game is rather old, and it will show sometimes. However, the graphics are absolutely fantastic for a mobile game of this size, and the delightful quirkiness that comes with its age only help cement its place in my and many other people's hearts as one of the greatest RPGs in history. So, if you're a gamer, definitely give it a go. If you aren't a gamer in a classic sense... well, honestly, this could be the game to get you into it. It has a bit of a learning curve, but the controls and interface are quite intuitive for a mobile port. Think Baldur's Gate but done right. Once you figure it out, it is probably the most rewarding gaming experience on IOS.
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1 year ago, ~Stina
I have played this numerous times on my iPad, maybe the IOS 16 changed the game, but now the glitches have tripled. I’m currently in a place where I have 3 in my party and I have to switch between each of them to move. They get stuck and they won’t move. Won’t respond to anything. Save and save often, not the quick save either because the quick save is garbage. Players will not move during battle. Yes, I have that toggled on. So my player walks right up in the face of the Gamorean and gets whacked by his axe and dies quickly instead of standing back and shooting from a distance like they are supposed to. Glitchy glitchy. This game has been on mobile for a few years now and people are still paying for it, you have had the time and profits to fix these glitches. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate being able to waste a couple of hours on mobile, not having to drag my PC out, but the amount of frustration pushes it to the point where it isn’t worth it. Keep working on it. You’ll perfect it eventually.
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3 years ago, ClownWorld27
Just like how I remembered.
Alright so I’ve been debating on getting the mobile version of this game. But man am I glad I did. I’m honestly impressed, I’ve played it on the console many times and it’s still my all time favorite Star Wars game. I will admit the controls are a little hard to get used at first but overall it’s great for mobile. I have an IPhone XR and the game runs smooth. I even feel like the graphics and gameplay are a little better for the mobile version compared to the original Xbox when I first played the game. I could be wrong it’s been so long since I played the console version but it’s close. Anyone reading the comments debating on getting the game. Go for it. It’s only 10 bucks come on you’d pay that getting snacks from a gas station. But overall great game and a great buy. If I could rate higher then 5 stars I would. Highly recommend giving it a try for all you Star Wars fans out there. 👍🏻👍🏻
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8 years ago, Hanli007
Fantastic game
Update: finished the game! AWESOME!! I can't say how fantastic each level is, they are all GREAT! And EPIC ending, EPIC characters and story. Definitely continue playing kotor2 on pc. Only 1 complaint: how come I can't loot Marlak's body and continue playing after the game is beat? =========== I play tons of blackisle and bioware games. But I missed this one. Heard it's great long time ago, and now I get the chance to play it on the mobile phone. Awesome. Although the control is funky per today's standard, it's tolerable. Mainly is about the game itself, very fun, attractive story, classic system. ONE thing and ONE big thing to complain: where the h**k is the STOP button that was there since Baldur's gate?? It's so easy to click by mistake and issue wrong command, and there is just NO way to stop the stupid character from doing it: e.g., walk up and talk to another person, most annoying one. Attack in stealth mode, enemy too far, want to cancel but the character just stubbornly walks into the ambush. FIX THIS!
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4 years ago, SHREDDER-TMNT-1987
Great idea for a great classic game!
I have this game for the original Xbox. I got it from the Blockbuster that used to be near me when they were Phasing out the original Xbox games for the Newly (at the time) Xbox 360. I have a few Xbox games from Blockbuster. I miss Blockbuster so much that when Target Had an officially Licensed Blockbuster shirt they were selling there... I Bought It Immediately... Hey Devs... when are you going to release Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords. I would Gladly Pay $9.99 For that like I did For the First Knights of the old Republic. Great Job Porting Such a Timeless Classic to iOS. Like I said Would like to See a Port of Knights of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords. P.S. I also Have KOTOR II The Sith Lords On PC. 10 out of 10 Would Recommend The iOS Version to Anyone who Doesn’t Have the Original Xbox, PC or Mac Version of this Game. I didn’t know There Was A Mac Version of this Game until I saw it at the Thrift Store Nearest Me. By The Way Devs... You Rock 🤘🏻 Sincerely, Corbin (Corbinator) Christensen
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6 years ago, Major Thomas00
I love it
This is honestly one of the few iPhone games that I can really enjoy. (Yes I know this was first a platform/ PC game). But honestly this is a really fun game that you will spend a good amount of time into. There is definitely a lot of replay ability in this game. I just finished it for the first time and so I can't wait to see how things can be different a second time. As a Star Wars fan I love the added lore despite it not being canon I still love it. The customization and different options are all there which is great. My only few things I didn't enjoy were. I felt that some of the companions were useless after getting Jedi companions I mainly stuck to them just because they had the force. I never used T3 except for one mission. And I barely used Canderous, Zalabar, Mission, and HK 47. I guess in another play threw I can see how it might be different. But yeah overall I love this game. I hope the devs can get the second game on here cause I would love that.
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5 years ago, RayLeGrandIII
The Game Apple Arcade Should Model After
It’s exactly what you think, the classic Star Wars game we all loved on Xbox brought to your Apple devices! It has all the quirky glitches that you remember, but as long as your device is taken care of and up-to-date it runs relatively smooth. There are even some features that were added/added back in from the original idea in this version which are pretty great. Considering Disney won’t likely reboot these games anytime soon, unless future trilogies go back to this point in time, Apple would be wise to make games like this in the coming Apple Arcade! Anyway, if you have not played this game, it’s probably one of the most well written RPG style games ever made. Don’t believe me? Google it. The playability, the amount of different side quests, the routes you can take in the storyline, and the twists and turns with in the story as a whole are just incredible. Still to this day one of my favorite games.
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8 years ago, Bulletguy
This game was my childhood! I love it. I play it over and over even though I have beaten several times. It's flawless on my iPhone! It's amazing. Runs better on my phone then it ever did on Xbox! I can't get enough of this game. But now I want to play the second. If you guys made the second one I would be the first in line to buy it. It would literally be priceless to me. Whatever the price and whenever you developers decide to put it out. I will be the first one to purchase it and continue my Star Wars adventure. Please please make the second one haha. This game is my game I play when internet isn't available. And in my line of work, being an army infantryman about deploy, this game is a must have. It's long and very fun. It never gets old. Please make the second one. And I will always support you guys. And if you have made other games that are similar let me know. But yeah, great job with this game. It's literally perfect! Thank you.
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8 years ago, Clim0
Please make the second one!!!
This game is fantastic. It immerses you into the Star Wars (expanded) universe and makes you feel like a real Star Wars character. The plot f the story is great, and though I haven't quite gotten to the end yet, I hear the ending is spectacular. Every single character goes through character development (even the ones you don't care about). Keep in mind this is an RPG game (role-playing), so all you little kids out there buying this for the combat sequences, think again. For you peeps out there who played this on PC, it actually carried over quite well. The movement is surprisingly fluid, and all the controls work great with touch. Overall, I would highly recommend this game to all the Star Wars fans out there who simply need another outlet for awesome Star Wars universe stuff. Great game, my fav RPG of all time. Also: PLEASE MAKE THE SECOND ONE I BEG YOU. I don't know what I'll do after I finish this one...
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8 years ago, Queenballucci
Worst controls, boring game
This game the worst I have played in a while..An all around disappointing experience, with subpar, controls where u can't correctly look around, nor walk the right way , always bumping into things, especially into a close partymember, . besides that all u do is walk around, having to read some extra long dialogue boxes bcuz most of the NPC's speak gibberish & have ALOT to say. U can't skip some cut scenes , & the game itself is very confusing . U don't get a explicit map (it only shows what u've discovered/visited & walked through.. The menu and UI are very large, difficult to use & causes too much confusions.. You are only taught how to move yourself and the cam ,and that's it.. Don't get me started on the FEW TIMES THERE WAS ANY ACTION ,and how infuriating the clunky, disastrous controls are. The worst part about this MESS that the devs concocted , (besides making such a bad game)' is the fact they have the nerve, the absolute GALL , to charge 9.99$ for this abomination of a game.. Do ur self a favor & please don't bother with this game... ur money, ur time, & even the device being used to play it ,are all worth way more than this game..
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4 years ago, Aqua Hunger
Absolutely amazing on iPhone 11. Thanks for this port!
Get this game, even on older iPhones. Not only is this one of the best rpgs of all time, this has to be one of the best games on this App Store, period. I have been playing this game for years and this mobile experience does not disappoint. I played this on my iPhone 6s and enjoyed it even with the frame rate drops. But on the iPhone 11, this game runs *almost as smooth as silk. There are bugs, don’t get me wrong. Every once in a while, the game stops taking inputs and has to be closed and restarted but not frequently enough for me to be bothered. I even enjoyed the swoop racing, which is definitely more difficult compared to a computer mouse but not impossible as I have completed every swoop challenge. This game is also one of the best Star Wars experiences out there. Re-experiencing the whole story between Revan, Malak, and Bastilla has gotten me over the disappointment of the sequel movies for the time being. And the fact you can choose your path either light vs dark with all of the consequences of your actions gives this game so much replay ability (I have played this game through at least 6 times at this point). Please port KOTOR II!! We all know it’s not as good but I’m dying for more good Star Wars content and would easily purchase it on mobile.
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7 years ago, Hybrid lion
Still my favorite game ever, but not perfect
Playing this game on my phone has reminded me of how much I adored this game when it came out. I don't have any way to play my old copies, Xbox 360 doesn't work well and no pc, so I had to go out and buy this game for a third time. The nostalgia is definitely there, which causes me to play for far longer than I have time to. The story is as great as it ever was and for the most part the game runs smooth, with combat not being as bad as I thought it would be. But there are definitely problems. Touch screen control works well but is still not the best for this game, especially when playing on a phone and your finger covers your character. The bugs of the original are still prevalent, such as music randomly stopping and having to reload a save or your party members just not following you for a bit and then having to wait a few minutes for them to catch up. It begs the question; why didn't the team porting it try to fix on and improve these things? Overall it's a great game for people to pick up and play again. Though I wish there was a way to get some of the modded things in, I.E. robes with the hood up. And it may feel dated to someone who constantly plays new games. But the story and gameplay is definitely worth $10.
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6 years ago, Sik_23
Best of the Best
KOTOR is easily my favorite video game ever made. I’ve beaten it more times than I have fingers and toes. Even through my latest play through, I found 2 things I’d never experienced before. Can’t believe how well-developed and thought out this game was for its time. Probably going to play through the game one more time. For those looking for more of a challenge, set the difficulty to hard and don’t level up (except the first time they force you to on the Endire Spire to get to level 2) until you get to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. That’s my favorite way to play. The only downside is the touch interface. In most instances, it’s adequate, but there are annoying moments where you get locked into an action that you can’t cancel, or you do something you don’t want because the touch is overly sensitive. If it weren’t for the awkward moments from the touch, this would easily get 5* from me.
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8 years ago, Nategame
Great port, could use some adjustments
KOTOR is most probably my favorite video game of all time, and this port is fantastic. My only two problems w/ the port is that it destroys your battery life, and the controls are interesting but can be hard to use when playing on a small screen. The game sometimes lags like when you're in the vulkar base, but that's not really that big of a deal in my opinion. I don't know if it's just me but I also can't enable shadows and all those lighting effects. My suggestions are to fix up the controls a bit, especially during the space and swoop bike parts, probably put an option for a virtual analog stick and an option to make the buttons bigger in combat. Overall, this is a great port of a great game, I'm really glad and happy that it's a mobile title now. I hope that it will only get better in future updates.
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4 years ago, McZukas
Don’t even know where to start
Never did I expect to be completely sunk into an app the way I did this game. After 22.5 hours my story was over, all I wanted to do was restart it. Cannot recommend this game to someone enough. Starting the second one tonight. Unfortunately not available on mobile as of yet. But if you’re slightly interested in this it’s well worth the $9.99 for any Star Wars fans. I grew up playing Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas and was never able to go back to games made in the early 2000s but believe me when I say it was a joy to play through this game that’s nearly 18 years old now. Incredible job with the port as well. I experienced close to no issues. Some mapping issues when trying to walk but nothing to write home about. Now quit reading my review and pick it up for yourself and get lost in this true Star Wars story.
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5 years ago, alexk1682
I want a refund! BROKEN AND-BUGGED
KOTOR is very buggy and borderline broken in its current state. I could hardly get through the tutorial because of freezing, poor touch registration, and other glitches. The game has a real hard time registering taps and freezes up at most doors. Please make this game playable again. (I’m playing on the iPhone 11, this may have something to do with it) When the game does freeze I can tilt my phone to make the screen slightly move. If I set my phone flat on the counter, these freezes do not happen. Something is wrong with how the game reacts to the the phone tilting and changing angles. Update: I made a new character to see if it would change things. While creating the character I was unable to get my taps to register during character creation. I had to restart a few times. When I finally made it through, I started the game and it froze during the cutscene where Trask enters through the door. I’m stuck staring at the door while the music plays and explosions go off in the background. I haven’t been able to even start the game.
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5 years ago, Darthevan7
The Game is Great, But......
This is one of the best games of all time and the port is a decent one. But there is a very irritating bug and UI problem that needs to be addressed. The bug involves the quick save function. Occasionally it will set your saved location to right as the party is wiped. So you’ll load your save to a dead party, your previous quick save being gone. This caused me to have to redo sometimes 40 minutes of time. For a console/pc game that’s irritating, but for a mobile game that’s down right frustrating. After a few instances of this I gave up the quick save and used the regular saving. The UI issue has to do with selecting things. It can be a little frustrating clicking on parts of the screen trying to actually select what you want. I’d be cool if there was a way to cycle through selectable things in the environment like in the console/pc versions. I can’t really think of an easy way to implement this, but it’s something to consider.
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6 years ago, Star other
Where on earth is the tutorial for the space mini game? I just escaped Tauris and can't get past the space ship battle. Can't save it...can't use medpacs or fuel or ammunition or repair kits for the ship. I am not the best at battling and can't get past this so what about players like me who need options? Or a tutorial. I play using my iPad and up til now have loved it. Please what can I do as I also can't find any help on utube or other forums. Please....I paid for this game and need better instructions or tutorials. Or if this is a game glitch what will you do about it? Can't believe you even have a battle mini game with no other options if it is too difficult for those of us with limitations but to reload the saved game and keep trying and dying over and over and over again..what are you thinking??????
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6 years ago, Tikk76
Absolutely amazing game.
I’ve heard so many positive things about this game, so I decided to have a try. Wow... 50 hours of gameplay in and I’m weeping over my tablet because this game is so rich & rewarding, so enlightening and challenging. It forces you to make real moral choices, think strategically & in a very “Jedi” manner to successfully accomplish battles and tasks. This game was so well put together and fun to play on my iPad Pro. I decided to follow the path of light, and it was such a fun and emotional journey. It’s very much like a book, where you become emotionally invested in the characters and their growth. I highly recommend this game and hope they release the sequel for iOS at some point. I am so eager to play it because of how addicting this one was. Knights of the Old Republic now goes down as one of my all-time favorite games, hence why I rushed to leave this raving review. 😃
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6 years ago, marcuswmd
It’s really a crime when an app that costs as much as $10 just to download has completely stopped maintaining the game to work smoothly with the current operating system on your device! Players really hate it when developers put out such an intense game that has a lot of interaction that relies on working properly with the current updates to iPhones and iPads and then they just desert the game completely to lie in an un-attended to dust pile of un-cared about maintenance and updates! Not to mention that after two whole years of spending so much on a game, the game gets stale, with no new twists, features, characters, weapons or just polished up update and bug fixes which a lot of people are complaining about! When developers stop supporting a game for this many years that’s when it’s definitely time for customers to not purchase it and those who already have to delete it from their devices in anger over how much they wasted on a game that the developers have left to rot!
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4 years ago, TrumpetTurtle17
One of the best ever
It’s kind of sad how this game was made twenty years ago and it’s way way better that today’s Star Wars games. The case used to be, “make the game amazing and lots of people will buy it”, now it’s EA thinking hey people love Star Wars so let’s make a trashy game that costs 50 bucks, then force them to keep paying stupid micro transactions to make money. I have heard rumors that they are going to remake Star Wars KOTOR in 2020, I sure hope it’s not EA, because if it is they’ll ruin it just like they ruined battlefront. If they could make an open world game with decent graphics they wouldn’t need to have micro transactions at all because more people would buy the game. Screw you EA, the only people who like your games are 9 year olds who steal their moms credit card out of her purse. It ain’t just Star Wars games either that EA tries (fails badly) to make.
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1 year ago, Jesrockz
It’s a great game, on PC probably
I tried and tried to have patience with the controls on this game and finally gave up. You know that you need to stop playing a game when you’re spending more time frustrated than actually enjoying the game. I made it to Tatooine and finally lost my mind over the controls enough to quit. It’s just not easy at all on an iPhone to do what needs to be done without constantly clicking the wrong items. And accurately controlling the Swoop Bikes? You can totally forget that. I can’t tell you how many times I started dialogue with my own team by mistake, opened doors that I did not want to open yet, walked back and forth several times just to search remains or other treasures, or went full Leroy Jenkins into a fight when I took several minutes to set up exactly what I wanted my party to do at the start of the fight. It’s infuriating and I regret purchasing this game, even tho I can tell that it’s a very cool game otherwise, on PC I guess.
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3 years ago, Rhodes1969
A very clunky version of an epic game
I wish I could write a better review of this game is this is one of the best RPG games in history. But it just doesn’t seem to work on the iPad. The interface is very clumsy and frustrating. You end up opening and encountering things you don’t want to because of how the touchpad interface is ser up. Even if stationary, your finger ends up running across items that you don’t want to interact with yet and it really ruins the game. Add to that: Malak is, essentially, unbeatable on this version. None of the techniques that work on the PC version gain any ground on the iPad. I spent hours researching ways to beat Malka, I’ve watched videos and he behaves completely differently on the iPad than he does on the PC. He will always end up killing you no matter what you try to do. This was, perhaps, my most disappointing experience with an iPad game since I so much enjoyed playing on the PC. I was going to purchase KOTOR II next because I never ended up finishing it. But there’s no way I would do that now.
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6 years ago, Hagartisbrine
Bad Ending And Lots Of Glitches
The entire game is awesome I love it but the ending is just boring you know you complete the game and that’s it nothing else no free roam afterwards no nothing just ends I find it kinda boring all that build up and END I like to free roam a little bit after I complete a game not just have it end and that be it you know but the rest of the game is completely awesome and I am not going to delete it any time soon there probably just needs to be a free roam after completing the game update. There are also lots of glitches in the game though like characters won’t fire, frozen screen, aiming for the guy I didn’t tap on, won’t auto save, characters doing weird things like wandering off, walking back and forth for no reason, moves when not even touching the screen and more, dying when not even hurt, skips dialog when don’t even touch the screen, and even more and that is why there needs to be a bug fix update.
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6 years ago, Mr fellerson
It's the best dang SW Game ever made
If you love Star Wars, or even if you just kinda like Star Wars, do yourself a favor and get this game. I've played through this game dozens of times on my original Xbox, and once or twice on my phone, and I still regard this as one of my all time favorites. Now sure, the graphics are dated as heck. But it's still fantastic! The story is more than worthy of its own movie, with a twist that is easily one of the most mind blowing things I've seen. The characters are very well written and serve to enhance the overall experience. It does use a kind of turn based combat system, but it's a system that gets more enjoyable as the game progresses (i.e. As you get more powers and abilities). Even as old as it is now, I still consider it to be one of the best out there.
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5 years ago, Duke Treeclimber
Good port. Wonky controls.
It was a great port. Everything the pc version is, right on your smart phone or tablet. The only issue I had was the touch to move controls. In the pc version there’s a button that cycles through all visible interactive items/people. There isn’t one that I could figure out in this port. Trying to select lockers or plasteel crates that are side by side are obnoxiously difficult to select the right one. I’d go to move my character and would endlessly accidentally click one of my squad mates initiating a conversation. Pretty annoying stuff. Besides that a classic game on your phone is pretty great. If it’s your first time playing would recommend playing the pc or even PlayStation or Xbox version if you can find it. Very nostalgic for people who have played before, while on the go.
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4 years ago, G C T
The best part of KOTOR is the story. I know it’s based off of a comic but there are multiple choices and the game can be played lots of different ways. The game is old so the graphics are a little dated but I think it’s made up for by gameplay and story. The main gameplay functions like dungeons and dragons with abilities and turns. The fighting never was boring and even after playing through it 3 times it still seems fun to do side quests and do things differently. The game somewhat buggy but it’s mostly able to be fixed by loading a save. Overall this game isn’t perfect but it definitely has charm and if you like Star Wars or even if it’s new to you I completely recommend this game.
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5 years ago, Payton-Situation
***UPDATED I first played this game back in 2003 when it was released for first-gen Xbox and I promise you this is the most impressive case of a console game being ported, not only to Apple IOS, but in all mobile gaming. This game has one of the better narratives in Star Wars lore, and this KOTOR game and it’s sequel are considered one of the undisputed best RPG series of all time. And GUYS. They did such a good job porting it! It’s exactly how I remember it. - The cutscenes, the save-anytime feature, the roll-based combat system (it’s weird at first if you’ve never played a game like this but it becomes natural and fun very quickly). Even the speedracer mini games are there! And very few bugs, almost none. I know it’s been here a while but IT’S SO GOOD. Thank you for continuing to update/support it.
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7 years ago, yodiddlynerdmasted9000
I played this game and some of the glitches really aggravated me. No sound at all. Or maybe just music no action or footstep sounds. Not being able to continue the missions because I couldn't get Dialog with any NPC/AI. I actually had to restart and delete my save because of this! Until I found out! Just save your game. Exit out. Double click your home screen button so the app shows up. Slide your app to close it. And start the game again. GLITCHES gone! And after a certain point they rarely resurface! When you exit out of the game the KOTOR app is still open! You need to end the application completely to reset glitches. And to think at first I was resetting my iPhone every time! Hah! Hope this helps! KOTOR for life!
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4 years ago, SuperAnon
Do not buy.
I’m a huge fan of the KotOR series, I’ve played this game several times across many platforms, and this is by far the worst iteration. Not only have the somehow managed controls more clunky and unfriendly to the user than an original Xbox controller, it’s actually buggier than the launch version. Have fun putting ten hours into a character only to have the game glitch out and not register your attacks for 30 seconds. Another insanely frustrating bug is the “quick save feature” the game will randomly preform quick saves, often right as your entire party is killed, meaning if you didn’t manually save you’ll have to restart wherever the last auto save was, which will cost you hours. This is a 17 year old game recently ported to mobile. You’d expect improvements not more bugs than the original release that’s now almost old enough to vote. Save your $10 and avoid it. If you’re really set on playing this game, go with the steam version.
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4 years ago, preslayc
An amazing iOS version
I personally surprised this game works as well as it does on iOS, however there have been some bugs. The first of which I noticed was after obtaining the swoop engine. You can’t interact with anything and going to a different save save load doesn’t help. I did fix this by saving the game, exiting, then closing it out, then entering again. Its a long process but it works. Another minor bug was with the mini games. Okay this is the most frustrating bug. (ENDING SPOILER WARNING) While fighting Malek I went ahead of him and took the life force from the Jedi before he did and he immediately stopped and his health bar turned blue as if he was a character you could interact with. Except he was stuck. (The next part is SPOILER FREE) my only previous save was AN HOUR EARLIER I was so mad I almost gave up but I didn’t and I ending up finishing the game. But at the end of the credits I realized I couldn’t go back and do the side quests I hadn’t done later. I was so frustrated. But I recommend going through the game and making save loads at the end of each planet then you can go back and do the side quests.
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8 years ago, GrayMaven
One of the greatest games of all time in the palm of your hand
This is a fantastic game, I would argue the greatest old school action RPG game of all time. This game has brought me endless joy over the years. This port is incredibly well executed and allows you to relive KOTOR in all its glory. (Port is of the pc version, minor technical variations). The swoop racing could REALLY use tilt control, and the lack there of makes some of the higher end races all but impossible, but between bioware owning the game and Disney owning star wars it's not gonna happen. The one caution I would have for you is to SAVE FREQUENTLY. Whenever you exit the app for more than a minute or so it will quicksave, and that can result in being stuck in a no win situation or continuing the game just to find out that your party is already dead. I understand why they chose to have the game quick save whenever you exit the app, but it does get a little annoying when you loose 30 minutes of gameplay because you needed to check Facebook. Also; anyone looking for the second one: get it on steam and find something in the workshop called the Sith Lords restored content mod. You will thank me.
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8 years ago, Mike478
An All-Time Favorite, PLEASE bring back -KOTOR 2- PLEASE
If you never played this on the original Xbox, love Star Wars and love a great RPG, well my friend you are in for one hell of a treat! I bought this when it came out over a decade ago, and I still love. This game is worth every penny. Please someone find it in their heart to re-release the 2nd game, I refuse to die until I play it again! I will not rest until my dream becomes a reality! Give me the power I beg of you! Oh and don't be thrown off by bad reviews, there from children. The only, and I mean only problem with the game is, the swoop racing controls are extremely difficult to master. But luckily there's only one race you HAVE TO do, the others are optional and will not mess up your experience at all.
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2 years ago, ViperKiller1617
Like a needle in a haystack!
I want to start by saying that in my 17 years of playing games this masterpiece was completely unexpected for me as I am usually an fps gamer and dabble in a handful of rpg’s and I knew about KOTOR but never really have given the game a chance but when I played this game for the 1st time I was baffled with how the story draws you in and keeps you wanting more and then the 1 mechanic I can’t get enough of is the choice of the light/dark side of the force which has led me through 4 playthroughs already: the light side, the dark side, the light side to the dark side, and the most difficult dark side to light side. Anyways I see why this game is considered one of the best rpg’s in history
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