Starlit Adventures

4.8 (1.5K)
344.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rockhead Estudios S.A.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Starlit Adventures

4.75 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
3 years ago, douper piano
This game is awesome!
I just downloaded this game and I think it’s pretty good so far! There are no ads I have been seeing and you don’t necessarily need to purchase anything! The only purchase is if you want some new cool characters which I don’t need. The only thing I’m not satisfied is the characters unlocking. There are no other way to unlock a certain character than by purchasing it, I would recommend the developer to do something to unlock it because I don’t want to pay to have it, the developer could make the player goes to a certain level and have them unlock it for free. That way, I think your game would get better reviews in the future! Hope you make my suggestion come true! Waiting for your response!!!!!
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5 years ago, Sharky858
Great job!
I rated this game 5 stars because this game is challenging at the end and there were bosses hard for me. Right now I didn’t complete the game yet but im on the last level where the final boss is and the boss is so hard to complete. I got to the final stage without buying anything in this game and all the time the suit I choose is the bomber suit. I never give up on bosses, today I completed a sticker puzzle in this game and I think it gave me the 10 green coins, and if you get more farther and farther, everytime it gets harder and the bosses too. These are the hard bosses for me before and now, Peopeo, Buna, and of course Nuru. You did a exellent job making this game.
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4 years ago, haveiqbwcqiqvqvqjqnqbjww
This game is really good try it
i was playing this game for like a year and a half i was starting playing the game in playstation then i stopped using playstation and switched to xbox i had an xbox one x and i was playing the game in xbox and in the final boss level i remembered me playing the game when i was at playstation i was struggiling to win but everytime i lose and i gave up then the next 4 months maybe i switched to xbox i didnt know the game was in mobile so i was playing the game in mobile now im in level 37 and i love this game i always play in my friends consoles and we have 4 controllers and the best thing about this game its FREE so i suggest you try this game now
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3 years ago, passtant
The best game ever
Starlight adventures is the the best game bc I downloaded this like maybe 10 years ago and I did soooooooooooooooooo much to get this game all the bosses and suts are different and all the super powers too. I hope the maker of this game is reading this review bc you did an amazing job with this game, and also I told my cousin about this game and he had a L😜T of fun playing this game and the hard bosses where peopeo,buna,and for my cousin pikke and of course Nuru and we both defeated Nuru. We both HIGHLY recommend it so I you download it!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳😜😜😜🤪🤪🤪🤩😜🤩
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5 years ago, GAMESHARQ
Fun game but huge cash grab
The game play is great, especially since the game is free to play. But it’s a huge cash grab as well. There are 12 “suits” your character can use, each with unique powers. However, the game only gives you 3 of them and the rest have to either be unlocked or purchased. I don’t mind having to unlock things, but the requirements in this game are unrealistic. Each suit costs hundreds of in-game “tokens” and you’ll only earn a few tokens per day at most which means it will literally take you years of daily playing to unlock them all. The only alternative is to pay real money for them. Also, 3 of them can only be unlocked by paying real money as well.
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5 years ago, Zoe Wy
If you are thinking about buying this app, read this
This app is one of the best games I’ve played. It’s addicting and really fun. It animated and cute and funny. I REALLY like this game. The only thing bad about it is when you are getting suits it takes a lot of tokens and tokens are hard to get without actually money. To do one of the modes you need at least 3 suits. That doesn’t bother me that much, so I still am rating it 5 stars. Thank you! And I think you should get this app.
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4 years ago, AshAppTester123
I honestly love the characters of this game, and so does my sister. We both love the game very much, and how it is formatted. At first, I didn’t want to buy any more games on my Xbox, (P.S I have it on my Xbox and phone.) but then my mom had found this for me and said I need to start playing newer games, and we downloaded it, and it’s been my favorite game to play ever since. (With the exceptions of Minecraft, Roblox, Gacha Life, and probably 1 other game.)🙂😁😊 Whoever reads this should also download the game!
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7 years ago, Jailweapon
Amazing game, found a bug, and some suggestions
This game is truly amazing, just one thing, my lives glitched and it will now take 993 minutes to get back my 3rd live. Some updates that I think they should maybe add, 1: Maybe some more characters, 2: Some more tokens when you level up, like 2 or 3, 3: If you don’t have Facebook, this will really help, you can sell your duplicates, 5 for 1 token or something like that
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6 years ago, Ava E Phoenix
Amazing game
It’s so hard to find a game that I like but this is amazing, I don’t understand why some people are saying stuff like “You have to buy stuff to go through the area” which is not true. I don’t care that the suits cost so many green coin things because they’re good suits. The bosses are unique and not one of them is the same, I kinda wish that that you get the option to make your own level.
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3 years ago, crazy fun Family
The game is awesome!
Everyone loves this game! We don’t have anymore ads, epic comics, AND almost the only action game on apple! There is only a request everyone wants, can you please make a sequel? You can put in new suits, sideways courses, new suits, multiplayer, and maybe make characters from the comics playable or in game. Please accept!
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4 years ago, yayamone9000
I loved this game when I was 5 and now I’m playing again I bought the package it said complete then they all still said it was locked I restored my purchases and nothing happened I’m so upset ( I hope the creator is reading this) please fix that because I spent my money on that :(😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡🤬😥😥😥😭😭😭😤😢☹️☹️🥺🥺🥺😕😕😩😩😫😫
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5 years ago, gohst busters
Good game could be updated a little bit
It’s a good game but you should be able to use all of the characters without having to pay for them like we’re you go around and there are theses little circles that say the powers and if you run into it you get that power
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2 years ago, pcccccdj
I love the game! But the challenges are dumb and first u have the free stages for challenges like first u get a free unicorn suit for the first stage then for number 2 u have to pay for the character to go on like it’s confused me please make it so u can buy it with your xp. Waiting on your response!
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1 year ago, A gam7er
Great game! But.
Sooo yeah I think this the best game but why can’t you share your progress like you have it on your phone but your on world 2 and the one on your tablet is on world 4 but I’m trying not to be rude but plus the suits should be a little more Cheever for some new people and that’s it only two flaws but it’s ok .
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5 years ago, Pravat Chinu Tabs
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!
I think you should get this game because there is a super power charge you can do and my mom bought all the suits except the dinosaur and the dragon and they all work pretty good and the unicorn is my favorite! Also, if you didn’t by it you can have a free pass.
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3 years ago, AlliCat276
Really fun but one problem
This game is really fun and I enjoy playing it, but I have one problem with it. There are different “suits” that you get that give you different abilities. The suits are expensive and getting enough coins to get one would literally take years without paying money to purchase them.
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4 years ago, lennox krivinsky
I love it
I have liked this game ever since I went to Buffalo Wild Wings on one of the ipad things so I got it on my phone and I really like this game so I hope you make more starlit games also if people are reading this before getting the game you should get other starlit games too :D
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5 years ago, da gamer15
Life system
I get that the waiting for lives to refill is to punish players for losing but it tedious and you can lose in same spot over and over again! Restarting the stage is punishment enough. Please take this away🙂 P.S I don’t understand how to beat the world 6 boss
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2 years ago, jonathan. h
Good game just one small problem:
The problem is that on the tablet version it cost gems or money to buy suits but on the xbox there free! I could of wasted money trying to buy it on tablet what. I could get the Xbox version. Any s game need a sequel lol!🤣🤣🤣
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1 year ago, 3 Js orig
6-5 years later and it’s still amazing
I used to play this game when I was 6-7, I forgot about it for a while and now I’m playing it again and it’s still amazing if not better :D
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5 years ago, Hey, Fortnite Creators!
First of all, the graphics are amazing and the controls are easy and simple. The characters are so cute! I love it!!! Why it doesn’t have higher ratings is my question, but then I’m not picky on games. So yes!!! If you think about downloading the game...DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, xertcat
Please help
I love the gam and will rate it 5 stars but I would like to get either a refund or the 6 dollar pack I bought the game gave me a message after I paid for it there was a error but it charged me an I can’t refund my account name is Eugene Shafie
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4 years ago, cuzicantuseanickname
Really awesome game!
I really love this game but I have a suggestion: It would be awesome if like in Stalit adventures on wheels (or whatever it’s called) you got to play as the bosses you defeat, like I love cats and I really wish I could play as Buna. (Or whatever she’s called, you know the mirage desert boss)
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2 years ago, J8yden J8mea
Landscape mode
So the game is so good,I can’t stop playing it,but can u please add a landscape mode cuz playing the game on portrait mode is hard,and can u also have jumping for all the suits,like on console,and can u please add a attack button,also plz add a jump button
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6 years ago, jleistikow
Ads, ads, ads
My son loves this game but there are way too many ads. It’s ridiculous! Why can’t I just pay for the game out right or pay to permanently turn off the constantly nagging ads? Games that have this payment model are killing the App Store and ruining the experience. It’s greedy manipulative social engineering at its worst.
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6 years ago, lil_personlols
Loved this game for years
My mom and I have loved this game for years, the best way to get all the stars and coins is that after you beat a level, go back and play it with different characters.
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4 years ago, Georgiacherry
Amazing game!!
This game is great! One of the best I’ve ever played and I’m not just saying that! The characters and levels are great I completed the game and keep replaying it I just really wish that there were more levels to play!
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2 years ago, ScreamingRain
Friend shaped adventure
I got this game on my PlayStation and to my surprise I found on mobile, i yet to beat this game but I love it with all My heart Hope to see more from These creators
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6 years ago, hh_itzme_xx
Love it but..
I love everything about it except one thing: I wish it was compatible with the iPhone X. I mean it is which is why I am playing on that Device but, I wish the screen filled it all so it would look beautiful! Love it though! ❤️❤️
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4 months ago, 何申甜
Why isn’t be free
When I six years old i began playing the game I think if the characters are free in challenge tags i will very happy Thank you
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3 years ago, Fix the splitting please
Great game but I’m king of confused
It’s a great game but on ps4 you get a whole chest of tokens and on mobile you just get one token but it’s a great game overall I think you should get it.
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3 years ago, qwertofgogfkg
Love this game
I think that this app is great and I should get this app and I still don’t have it anyway first I was scared now I am not just make starlit adventures golden stars free anyways I just love it ♥️
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6 years ago, GrimmDrawer
Great but not perfect
It’s a amazing app and would recommend but every time I record me play and press save it would log me out of the game and the progress wouldn’t’t save.
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4 years ago, Mack<3;)
So cool!
This game is like no other. I’ve had a lot of phone games, but this one is so much more like a video game. The graphics are great and the story line makes it so much more interesting.
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5 years ago, Big shirk
Cool game
This game is cool n fun the graphics are cute but I paid to unlock several suits every time I purchase it tells me it was successful then purchase error fix this bug cause it takes my money and doesn’t restore anything
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7 years ago, DetectiveTaco
Please guys download this game, support the developers, this is a fantastic game. And for 6 bucks you can finish everything this has to offer, and trust me, it was worth it, I truly love this game, please support the devilpers and download it
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3 years ago, Maven12/18
I love playing but need more friends to play But I don’t get coins when going on the past week
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3 years ago, has on xbox too
Thank you
Very good game because it has on Xbox too and i and my mom keep playing this a lot nice work keep the good work
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6 years ago, CananaMan
Almost swiped past this gem
Love this game, glad I downloaded it instead of scrolling past it like most others
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7 years ago, Versace 💖
Such a cute game
This game is so cute and fun to play. It’s so addicting. I really recommend you to download this game, I barely have any games on my phone and I’m surprised that I like this one!
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4 years ago, gray1008
In app purchase not working.!!!!!
I have updated the app and tried multiple times. I was charged and did not receive tokens, hearts and suits
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4 years ago, cats love ice cream
I love it! Must get!
This game is so fun and I love to play it daily. Bo and Kikki are so cute and I love all of the characters in the game. The powers they have are so cool and can be really helpful! I hope you see this review!
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4 years ago, M90401
Cool game!
The best thing about this game is the infinity tower! I was trying to beat a boss about the 10th time and I died so I played the infinity tower! It saved my boredom!🙂 also the boss was peo peo
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4 years ago, A Past User.
I’ve been looking for something easy but also entertaining to play-and I gotta say, this game is what I was looking for and more!
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6 years ago, That girl down the block
I love this game!!
Would be cooler if u could jump with the other powers instead of just the adventure one... but besides that I love this game it’s so much fun and this is the only game my sister, who isn’t really a gamer, likes lol.
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7 years ago, g4m3luver
New suits must need NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think you should add three new suits in the next update and make at least one free. Suggestions are robot suit monster suit and candy suit.
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5 years ago, wattawattabingbang
In my books, 3 is a good rating!
Amazing game, though there is one thing that makes the game a bit uncomfortable, there are some parts in the game that are nearly dead silent. On the other hand, I love the use of the skills and the stickers! Amazing artwork!
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2 years ago, matin of iran
perfect game
When I have 5 years old I play this game so much time and this game is so fun
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3 years ago, marvelinsect
So nostalgic , it was really fun. I don’t really like that if you die a lot you need to wait for lives
Show more
6 years ago, Candygrl1175
I ❤️this game
This game is pretty good. Opening different characters as you complete each level is fun. The characters reach have a different power as well! Love it❤️
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