StarMaker-Sing Karaoke Songs

4.5 (25.8K)
452.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for StarMaker-Sing Karaoke Songs

4.5 out of 5
25.8K Ratings
4 years ago, XoticPhyre
Disgustingly Disrespectful
I WISH I CAN GIVE THIS APP NO STARS but because I can’t post my review without one is why they got one star from me. I have been on this app for several months now with my Captain and the money and ideas she bring to this app along with her supporters that spend lots of money on this app ARE NOT APPRECIATED by the officials of this app. They are a bunch of Liars Thieves and Crooked Scammers. You will spend loads of money on this app for them to only allow you to get back $600 tops and you can only basically get that once a month due to the time frame they take to clear your money. Then they also take a cut out of it as well which makes NO SENSE TO ME. I do not think this is fair to my Captain JEYMSOLO for her to do so much for StarMaker the RESPECT level you guys have for her is INTOLERABLE. Something must be done about this. This isn’t fair to her supporters and to HER MOST OF ALL. She came from another App brung HER SUPPORTERS with her and gain many others for you guys to treat her so DISRESPECTFULLY. This is a spit to her face for all she has done and brought here. These folks are DISGUSTINGLY DISRESPECTFUL and only care about the money we put in their pockets at the end of the day.
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6 months ago, ughamia
i love singing on this app, but a lot of bots…
I absolutely love this app. it’s really fun to sing on, and there’s a good selection of songs to pick from without having to pay compared to other apps in my opinion, but I took off a star for a some reasons. There are SO many bots. I posted a few covers on my profile and got lots of comments but they seem so fake and are all the same. Of course there are real people singing on this app but if you look at most of the covers posted by other people, it’s just filled with the same comments by these really weird accounts that have such random usernames, which are also REALLY similar to each other. Also, they are all so positive. It’s like impossible to find a single comment that is negative. And wouldn’t these singing apps normally have these kinds of comments sometimes? I do want some feedback on my singing of course, it’s hard to get that if the only comments i’m getting is from bots. I took off a star also because I randomly get requests from weird old men asking me to sing with them and messaging me. And looking at their accounts their descriptions were weird and they appeared to be like 40-50. Of course I would never interact with them but it gets a bit annoying only getting comments and requests from bots and random old men. Other than that, i LOVE singing on this app.
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10 months ago, KoolGaemrCid
I swear these comments aren’t real
I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!!! I love karaoke, i love singing and this app lets me sing karaoke and share my joy with the whole world. I felt so good about the stuff that I was posting until i started to notice something. I have YET to see a single the comment anywhere. And that might seem good but lets be honest, an app where anyone can share their singing… theres bound to be some haters lying around. But i cant find any hate comments. Just a bunch of overly positive comments that sound like they were written by a bot. Now i feel like ive been lied to because i cant tell if these comments im getting are real or just something made up by the app to make me feel good about myself. Im really open to criticism and making myself better so if there’s anything that needs to be said, i want to hear it. However, its hard to tell if im actually good if thats all everyone is actually saying. And i mean, its good to see positive comments but they just seem fake sometimes. Like they all use such vague words of affirmation to make it seem like it fits the context. I dont know, maybe im just thinking too much about it but i really hope these comments arent just bots. Anyway, I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!!! I would recommend it to anyone who loves to sing!
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10 months ago, lmf42111❤️‍🔥
Really a one star experience but I want people to see it
Whenever I’m on this it kicks me off like 20 times before I can actually start and then when I get back on it says I have no internet. Then I exit it and go back in and now I have to log in again. When I do it has 15 ads EXACTLY every time before I can click one thing and then another ad pops up. It’s so bad I haven’t even been able to record any songs. Last time I tried it shut my phone all the way off when I got to touch two things (which, if you were wondering, was an X for an ad and an X for a VIP ad) I absolutely hate it and think it deserves like three stars and they would be for how hard the creators worked on it. I know the creators worked hard but WAY TOO MUCH to be fixed. Please don’t take this too hard I love the creators for coming up with this idea, it just needs to be fixed. Love you guys!!! ❤️‍🔥💖
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1 month ago, Commercial problems
I hate this app it hurts your singing
Hello, my name will not be revealed in this review, but I would like to say I do not like this app with all the respect to the creators. You guys need to make it worse easier for you to sing and sound like yourself rather than when you seeing and you click safe, it sounds terrible and it sounds like your voice is overpowering everything else and it makes unnecessary background noise and then they need to make it when you sing a song it’s not like just karaoke give us different options and make sure the options actually sound us instead of making it sound like somebody completely different than messing up the whole song if you have to keep doing it over and over and over again it is annoying very annoying and y’all need to fix that because it’s a really bad bug that gets on my very last nerve and that is why I deleted the app anybody else who not have problems that’s good for you, but I want to warn you about this bug before you get this app so please look at the reviews please Cuz this is not gonna be worth it when you really good at singing or you singing and then it sounds terrible. Sound like trash when you’re done with it. Thank you for your time
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5 years ago, Willybilly1912
Used to love this app but it’s slowly losing me
This app was a god send when it was first launched I was able to sing songs in my own space and feel free and safe the support from other users was astonishing. But now the app has completely changed and not for the better. Almost EVERY song is vip now and I understand that copyright is a issue but the songs you do make available for free aren’t always songs everyone can sing or even know. The so called “TOP SONGS” are mostly popular hits from today’s music but what about the people who like theater for example we can no longer sing from musicals because they aren’t considered “TOP SONGS” and this stinks because now I have lost my outlet my safe place my happy spot all because of money. When the app first launched you had the popular songs for VIP but you had all the others FREE like the obscure songs very few people know mostly musicals submitted by fans. That is the best format for this app not weekly memberships but a choice ! This app was superior to the others for example “SMULE” you did what they didn’t and had a service for free members that’s why people were leaving thier and coming to this app it had more to offer then the others but now like the rest we are left to look for a new app that dose offer better non vip songs or a way to chose them.
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11 months ago, just here dude
Banned because users assumed my age
I never made a review on an app before but this I had to speak on. My account on this app was suspended permanently just because when I go live I don’t show my face and I ignore comments unless there nice comments or I get song request I was reported by some users I don’t know how many but can’t be that many since I just got the app and I barley ever used it for not answering questions main question I’ve gotten is my age I ignored all questions but I was banned because those few users felt I was automatically a minor just because I chose not to say my age to them I don’t know anyone online this is my only time I’ve ever been on social media app I chose to not talk to random people online about random stuff I just want to sing by myself or with others then move on with my day it’s my right to keep to myself with certain things but I shouldn’t be banned because some people assumed I was a child so they report me I’m an adult I do sound kinda young but I’m not a minor I am disappointed that all it takes is some random people to report me for me to be banned forever just because of these assumptions and because I choose to not reply to comments or questions when asked by users while live streaming my voice.
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2 years ago, dgndgfy
Changed from better to worse
I enjoyed the app when I started. Spent enormous money and paid VIP. Was receiving what I won, got my rewards for logging in thru VIP, and etc. The start of this year they took everything from me..I am a captain and I don’t receive Captains pay, the games are rigged and coinsellers and official are winning the games, cheating occurring, they took all my days I logged in and haven’t received gifts for recharging, games can’t play because family doesn’t receive credit. They give you “agents” whom suppose to help but mine hasn’t. Been harassed and so many times emailed and showed screenshots of all that is happening but clearly not talking to real people. You would assume the people that put so much money in this app, they would listen to them and help them. Child pornography is on this app, your bank get charged for”cross border” fees which they don’t tell you about. You have “box hunters” coming in harassing you…so much that isn’t addressed in this app so false advertisement and that isn’t right. Will probably receive comment from them saying send screenshots and email them but there clearly shows they don’t read the reviews, because have done enormous of times and times they say talk with your agent and again got me no where.
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10 months ago, 789012345678919
Those who are young
I love this app because I am a upcoming singer. At least I hope I am my favorite thing to do is just sing my heart out and I finally found an app that you can’t find anywhere else. I love this game and I love how all your favorite songs are on it. One thing that I would change is that you can only pick four categories of songs I mean what is this someone who loves all and has some favorite songs that are in different categories I think it be awesome if you could just pick all categories like it some other music games and another thing that could be different is that when you’re doing a duet with somebody it’s obvious that some of them sound super fake and that someone edited their voice or it’s just like a robot or something so be great to know like if this person is real and also, It would be great to know when this person was singing because sometimes it feels like they are not singing with you overall I love this game and that I think if you love to sing send, you should definitely get this app ✌️
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2 years ago, Marinersgrl
Poor customer service, seems they only want my money
Updated the app and was forced to typed in password again. It had been so long since I logged in that I didn’t remember my password. The email associated with my account was obsolete as the company went out of business, so I wasn’t able to just click that I forgot my password and have a Recovery one emailed to me. I contacted the company and after several emails of me sending screenshots and different information to prove my identity, they said they would bind my account to a new email address that I had access to. When that didn’t work, I contacted them again. Again, they made me prove my identity again several times. I have been emailing with them for a over a month now. Now they are telling me that they do not believe that the account is actually mine and I am not able to get into it. This is after they already told me that I have proven my identity. I am a VIP member and I’m still paying for VIP so I have wasted some money on this now. I have always been happy with this app. I have over 100 recordings, close to 5000 followers. And have made a lot of friends. It’s sad to start over. Very disappointed in the customer service I have received.
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5 years ago, JakeandLoganPaulDolanTwinsFan
Stop making me have to have a membership
I love this app, but I don’t love the fact that pretty much every song on there that I’ve sang on this app in the past has a star on it and I can’t sing them anymore. I don’t want a membership, I’d like to be able to sing songs for free. If I wanted a membership I’d get one. I don’t mean to sound rude in any way, but I just find it annoying that every song on there has a crown next to it making it to where you can’t sing it. Let me sing whatever song I’d like to please, and stop making it where I have to have a membership. I know you need people to get them, but for people like me who don’t want one, and just want to sing it’s kind of annoying because we can’t sing anything because of the crown, and literally pretty much EVERY song on there has a crown on it. Please fix this. Again, love the app but not when every song by every artist has a crown on it, and making you pay when you don’t and shouldn’t have too. Thank you so much for your consideration and for taking time to read this. Thank you.
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4 years ago, lakintoye03
I used to like StarMaker. I thought it was cool that I could transpose songs and edit the sound of my covers. Even though I was only using the free version, there were still tons of songs available. But then, they started making a bunch of the songs VIP, which forces free users to do duets. This became annoying especially considering they aren’t always covers for the song you like. Plus, you may not want collab with someone. I get that they have to make money somehow, but it not’s fair to loyal free users. Also, I’ve started to realize that most of the likes and comments are from bots. I really started to question the legitimacy of this app, when I found a Grace Vanderwaal on it. At first, I thought it was just a fan account until listened to one of her posts and realized it was actually her. She doesn’t get as nearly as much likes as she deserves for singing her own songs! At this point, I have an on-and-off relationship with StarMaker. Right now, it’s on. But we’ll see how I feel later. I think it’s the best karaoke app out right now but it’s still very flawed.
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4 years ago, kikayG
I have purchased a 3months subscription just a few minutes ago but still can’t sing! I can’t access the vip songs! Please fix my issue or refund my money if you cant fix this matter. I am so frustrated since yesterday i have tried the 1 week with a 1 week free trial and same thing happened it didn’t give me access to the vip songs i was thinking it was probably because the 1 week free trial that i think i have used up already dor being a new user you have given me a free vip so now i decided to try the 3 month subscription but still nothing happened. I have sent a feedback in the app yesterday and today and I don’t get a response.. I don’t know what the hell is going on.. if it wasn’t that expensive I wouldn’t be this upset. Good day and thank you. UPDATE: thank you StarMaker for fixing my issue with my VIP.. I’m sorry i got upset 😁 anyways thank you again..
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5 months ago, cat lover 10:25
I had agreed to the notifications , and I know this might be my fault, but the notifications . I got a million of them and what they said I quote "I love you so much" and "come back my singing partner." I don't know the people who was sending the messages. I used to feel safe singing, it made me happy and I felt safe while singing. They ruined that. Also, I know that I'm not the best singer but I was feeling horrible about myself the app would grade my singing, I got like 25 F's. And my friends would tell me that I can sing and the app is wrong. I'm not saying that the app's wrong but the app was bringing my self-esteem down. It got to the point where I HAD to delete the app. I was afraid to sing in front of my friends, where before I would start singing my heart out, no hesitation. I would not get this app, especially if you relay on music for happiness. I know I do. I was trying to get over someone and all it did was ruin my self-esteem. Unless you are a rock star or someone who sings perfectly don't get this app. I know about constructive criticism, but that was next level.
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5 years ago, Sherimartini
Fantastic... Or used to be
I have had this app for years. I have been a paid subscriber in the past and then stopped using it enough to justify paying. The prices are ridiculously expensive for VIP now. I am never ever going to pay that much. I’ll quit using it, to be blunt. I don’t care about being popular or getting people to listen 99% of the time I delete the songs immediately after singing them. I am only singing for my own enjoyment and I don’t want to have to pay for royalties when no one else is ever going to hear it. It was difficult enough to find the songs I was wanting to sing, and it appears all new songs now require VIP? I guess that means I am done with the app now. (And I’ve had this app at least since 2011?) Edit: the canned responses are lame and insulting. You want out money but can’t even have a genuine response. You couldn’t even add my name after the “Dear,” which is really lame. You said you are willing to hear voices about this, but every single response you have made has said the same thing. I am really disappointed and I know my casual use isn’t what you are looking for, but I just am not going to buy into this bologna.
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5 years ago, unknown singers
Unfairly treated
I was once a user on this Apps. And it goes well with my 8 mnts Here gain more friends tru singing and doing More collabs with other Users and it was great . I had almos 7k Followers and lots of friends. They have this verified Singer or Party talent but is totally cropped and doesn’t have credibility at All. First of all, I’m not a professional Singer but i can Sing well and i know in myself that i have talent in Singing too. They verified me for less than a mnth then, remove it coz they said I didn’t meet the criteria, what criteria they’re talking about? The one that can afford to recharge all the time and spend more money even if they can’t even sing Well but because they are rich they can buy thier Talent which is unfair to those who really had Real talent in Singing. Their Contest or event to become a king or queen or even best Solos or best collabs it’s not base on how good you are but base on how many stars you recieved and those who become king or Queen they’re are the one who vote for thier own self because the judges is after the Money. If you can’t able to Meet thier demands if they make you Verified they will remove it From You. The Name of this Apps should be Moneymaker Not Starmaker.
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2 weeks ago, Sivan❤️
starMaker is one of the best abs I gave it a five star review starMaker just makes your heart pop when you’re singing. It’s like I want to sing this song I get you. I’m really excited too. It’s all for free. That’s the best part cause I was really scared that I had to pay for it, but it was for free and I was so happy. I almost cry for happy tears starMaker is a really good app. You really really really have to get it if not, that’s just sad because it’s my favorite app and I think it would be yours too if you wanna a singer when you grow up I want to really bad and every day I just wanna start at an early age so I might get a Kidz Bop for my birthday, but we don’t know how old do you have to be but my mom said we can sign you up and that made me really happy. I wanted to start early every day every single day I’d be excited to start at an early age and my dreams finally coming true.
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2 years ago, ebru irem
Starmaker Very Good
Many reason why i like to use StarMaker. The first thing is provides many songs. All this time the song I was looking for was always there. Not all songs have to be VIP. Different from the other applications where all the song must be VIP, and if you want a free one we can only sing a duet song. But in SM we don't need to be VIP if we want sing a song. We also can add our song itself. There is a lot of supportive user even my voices aren't that great. Other user really appreciate our effort to sing a song. And it gives me confidence and feel loved. The sound effect helps me a lot to hide how bad my voice. The sound recording is so smooth, especially if it's in a quiet place. I love singing but my voice doesn't support it, so SM really really help me. So it means a lot for me. I can still sing and nobody judge me.
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2 years ago, єяяσя ѕαиѕ
Really wish there were less bots
I’ve been using this app on and off for about a year or so now. I love that they have free songs i can sing unlike Smule where I can’t even sing a single good free song. I really do appreciate that. However, one of the main reasons i give this app 3 stars is because there’s just so many fake people/bots that anytime i go live or post a song there’s IMMEDIATELY some person liking or commenting extremely generic things and when you click on their profile you can obviously tell it’s fake. It just seems so unauthentic and it’s really hard to trust this app completely because of it. I want to know and receive actual feedback from people. Not a fake self-confidence boost. I’d rather have real people or nothing at all than to have stupid bots liking and commenting. I really do hope they change the amount of bots (or to have some sort of settings where i can turn off receiving any bots on my channel) in the future.
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5 days ago, Lucky lol 🤩
If you are a parent DON’T LET YOU KIDS GET THIS APP. there are so many creeps and pedo*s it’s crazy. Especially if your kids don’t understand the severity of sending pictures that are inappropriate. The app itself is fun with the singing and live chat and singing rooms. BUT. The amount of creeps that slid into my privtie dm’s is unexctable and the app didn’t take down there accounts because there wasn’t enough evidence. Btw if you see someone named SunnyDj with or without numbers BLOCK HIM HE IS A CREEPY. He was the one who harassed me for my snap. And if your kid really wants to get this app I cannot stress enough DISABLE DMS AND MAKE THEIR POFILE PRIVATE. And don’t let them in live chat rooms for THEIR SAFETY from possible creeps. Both me and my cousin have this app but now we are deleting it for the horrible treatment from the people using the app making us feel unsafe and scared to even signing and do karaoke like this app was made for. Also this is coming from a teen girl so if you are a teen or a kid PLEASE DO WHAT I SAID TO DO for your own safety and privacy as this app can be a dangerous place to use as a social platform.
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5 years ago, AVRocksMore
80% posts not visible, failed to load
Hi, I like the app, but most of the time I don’t see songs by other. Only less than 20% of the posts from others that I follow are visible. I can see people who post in this the same time zone will though. For example posts done by people during my day (I’m in US) I can see those. Posts done during my night by people I follow never show up. It’s almost like they are on different servers. I follow most people from India (12 hr time difference) and I see only like 10% of their posts. While I see all posts that people did during my day time (their night time). People asking for collab on such songs, I can’t even open, it says failed to upload. Even folks within US same time zone, if they have posted during their night time, those don’t appear either.. pls fix. I otherwise really like this app!!
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5 years ago, taylor beggs
I paid for a vip membership and even emailed someone to try to get help for it. It dosent say I have my membership when I actually paid for it. They blocked my emails from sending because you can’t send more than one email which is ridiculous because I sent one and you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They told me to report it in the app. DUHHHH I already did!!! I reported it and sent screenshots of proof and still nothing! A business should reimburse their paying customers and allow them to send them an email when the business fails to do its job. Another thing is that there isn’t a phone number listed anywhere for me to talk to anyone physically. This leaves me little to no room to fix this. The only help I get is ONE email to a robot 🤣 and the response I got was to do something that I HAD JUST DONE again. I think since I’ve been paying $28 for this app for the past 2 months I should just get my money back. Will not use this app again since the creator of this app has made it in a way that I’m stuck paying for something I don’t have and they won’t do anything about it! Sad.
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12 months ago, Anonymous1234!!!!
Wthhh this app is so sketchy
I want to give this zero stars but hopefully this rating catches peoples attention. This app is really sketchy…right off the bat I had random men talking to me on the chat feature. They were asking me to send the photos of myself and asking my age. Not even three minutes into having my account did I get a message from some guy saying “hey are you new here? How old are you?” And it was weird. When I told him I’m not telling him he got all defensive and rude. I saw this app on a tik tok add and thought it would be fun but it turned out to be weird. Anyways it dose not seem like a safe space for anyone really. Def not what I thought it was. When you make your account you can put your gender or stay anonymous I’m guessing these guys will hit up any account with someone who has “Female” as their gender.
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5 years ago, Riplett6
Frustrated With the App
I have had this app for well over 2 years. At first I could sing most of the songs and now I have to pay monthly for VIP; because most of all the songs are rated VIP. Also I have a problem with opening the app. I had unsubscribed to the monthly payment. I had until the 12 of this month to continue to use. I couldn’t get in the app without asking if I wanted to have a trial period of 7 days to use. So I went ahead and decided to do the trial again. It went through and then I’m try to get into looking at a list of songs and everyone of them i went to the sing button and up comes the trial page and won’t let me sing. Very frustrated. This is not a user friendly app. There should be trouble shooting for situations like this; but there isn’t. So I unsubscribed to the trial once again.
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5 years ago, Ilove JB11
Disappointed By The Song Selection
Before the recent updates this app was my go to for singing when I was bored or stressed, then the update came & took away a majority of the songs I want to sing, even the ones uploaded by users like me. The selection is really low & I don’t really like to sing the “Top Hits” all the time, sometimes I’m looking for a specific song & I search for it & it’s only for premium members & it wasn’t even uploaded by the app itself? I am not able to pay for a premium membership since I’m still a student & unemployed so it’s a really big disappointment to me & I’ve had to resort to other karaoke apps to do my singing. This used to be such a good app & an outlet for me & many others but the updates have changed that. My suggestion is to go back to the old format where songs uploaded by users could be used by people who don’t have the premium membership. Still one of the best karaoke apps but this could be its downfall.
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10 months ago, shankarneeda
Banned account
Hi There’s a profile Khushi2212 which you have banned . I assure you that I have absolutely no personal interest other than as a music lover nor am I related in any way or personally known to this singer and I am entirely writing this if my own accord and free will. but then I am indeed very surprised as she has great dignity and has always been very courteous besides being a great singer and enthusiastic participant with over 4000 songs I guess. Kindly do take a relook as it’s a great loss to the community though I still wonder as to what could be so bad that she might have done warranting a total banishment. Perhaps some others might have bad mouthed about her or provided misrepresentation. In any case she Atleast deserves a warning before the capital punishment is meted out . I really wonder what would be her state of mind now as demoralized as she’d be with all her 4000 songs lost . Hope you’d reconsider your excessive punishment meted out to her God bless her
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6 years ago, jollyjosh 98
Why y’all take autotune away from us
So I use this app for the pass year and love every moment of it what made me unhappy was y’all took autotune way from some of the good one and we are not singing on the app no more I stop singing because one week autotune was on the app the next week it gone my question is is there anyway y’all could put it back on the app!!!! Then my other problem is u got to pay to sing the original songs on the app I felt like that wasn’t far but I didn’t have a problem with it because I had autotune I want to get my t pain but y’all just up and took it from us !!! And now of days every who sing professionally use autotune so Whatcha take it from us but my main question is can you bring it back to the app??? From Jamming_josh Ps all the song I sing is in autotune!!!!!
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3 months ago, Rainbow Olivia
I hate minor protection mode!😡😡😡
I was on my first live and then out of nowhere a thing appeared. It said to press ok to minor protection mode and listed things about it. It said that I couldn’t go on live, participate in activities (don’t even know what they are), search (not the search for songs and artists search) ( don’t really affect me), or join “the party room”. ( don’t know what that is). And also can’t see how many followers I have! (Earlier I saw i have 210 followers) I also can’t do videos or do camera on freestyle. I used to do videos but now I can’t. Pls pls pls remove it or tell me how to. Or if the minor mode stays until more than if you are 12 pls lower it to 9 or 10 or 11 or 12. StarMaker is great if you are not a minor bc you would get full experience. But you still get singing and rooms . I am not too devistated but I will still be posting on SuitU an anime style game (no ads unless asked for) and ways to get gems and money. So StarMaker I love you so pls do it.😍😘🥰
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5 years ago, Ariana_star462
One thing that needs to be fixed...
When I started using this app a little over a year ago, I would have given it five stars. Since this new update came out, I feel like it only deserves three stars. Be cause of the new update, I have to have a VIP membership in order to sing the majority of the songs on this app. Before Starmaker, I used Smule. The reason I switched to Starmaker is because I didn’t have access to the majority of the songs on Smule after the app got an update. I really don’t want to have to switch to another karaoke app, since it’s so hard to find a good one. I NEED this problem to be fixed. I’m a teenager who has no source of income, and I don’t have the money to pay for VIP access. I will continue to try and upload content as often as I can, but this new update makes that very difficult. I’m not going to delete the app. I’m going to wait and hope that you actually read this review and fix the problem.
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5 years ago, ava a h
Changes and disappointment :(
I loved this app, I would prefer it over smule or any other karaoke app. It has always been an escape or just a fun time to be able to sing any song without paying. Recently however, I came to sing and every song except for a few exceptions , which I didn’t even know, were available to sing for free without having to be in a party.i can no longer use the app to help me learn new songs. For example, one of the most popular searches and a favorite song of mine I went to go sing, when all I saw was “pay after however many free days” which I cannot afford. Every single song titled that was unavailable. I scrolled down as far as I could and not ONE was free to sing. I really hope the app developers will switch the app back to the way it was before, where you can sing most songs free. I may have to try to switch to another app, which would make me sad knowing that this used to be the best. I hope you take this into consideration - Ava h
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1 year ago, 04DiamondNoodle
Makes me pay $0.99 just to join
So when I first saw this app, I thought it would be cool to try out and have cool background stuff when I sing, all the stuff that it advertised. BUT, when I tried to make my account, I had to give it my moms email because I was underage. I asked my mom about it, she read some of the reviews, which made us want to have it even less because apparently some predators use this app to try and exploit minors. We both agreed that if we saw ANYTHING suspicious, I would delete that app. However, when I gave SM my moms email, it said we had to pay a $0.99 fee just to prove that it was her so I could get 60 coins or something. Automatic delete. I was already on edge about the app, and this seems really messed up that they advertise all this cool, free stuff for kids AND adults, but it's literally impossible to have a free account as an underage kid. I would have been OK with not getting all the perks of VIP, but this is just sad. Please improve or get rid of the $0.99 fee for kids
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2 years ago, Shesingsalot
Too much harassment
I love the game it is the best singing app but the harassment from men for me was awful!!! It was constant everyday day! It just keep my feed full! It you click on a person to follow them for the votes or points well they start thinking you want to start something! For me a married woman I found that just overwhelming! I was really getting up there as far as getting good rating!! But I’ve had to delete it twice because of the harassment!! They will present to be good looking soldiers and tell you a sad story to make you feel sorry for them to well you know the rest!! It’s just sad you can’t just sing somewhere with out the crap! I mean you can’t friend anyone at all because it’s unreal what happens! But as far as the singing part its great!!
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3 years ago, concern singer
Privacy breaches unsafe
I have sent many complaints and screenshots to you guys regarding domestic violence I have with one of my exes for stocking and harassment. My account is set on private also I have blocked and reported my exes profile yet you guys say that I have to show you a recharge receipt to delete my account. You guys are putting my life in danger and I haveHave made numerous reports you are breaching privacy and putting my life in danger. Not letting me delete my account unless I had to recharge receipts. You keep sending me the same message send the screenshots and I do yeah that’s all the response I get I have spent so much money on this app and I’ve been on this app for years! Breach of privacy putting my life at risk because I obviously I’m not talking to real people when I’ve sent you screenshots I reported you guys I reported my ex who stocking me I have blocked them I set my profile so nobody can see it yet when you go to the place where it shows you people who viewed your profile that’s all you see is my exes account bubble with their picture
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3 years ago, deppressedddddd
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! I have had a problems for a couple weeks now, and I have had the same problem and the officials has failed to comply with me or contact me! I sing a song and it never gets uploaded! It’s not the WiFi because it lets me join party rooms! I have reported it and it keeps taking the VIP out of my bank account when clearly I am paying for nothing because my account is NOT working! I love the app, yes, but when I have tried to get help with my problem and they don’t seem to be in a hurry! Awful! And I can’t believe I am typing this review out but if no one on the star maker app if going to help me maybe some one else will, or hopefully I can help people from downloading this app and having the same problem!
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1 year ago, no real deals
Noise, cancellation for singing
Over the years they have gotten better. But they still need noise cancellation like Smule does of the constant sound of speaking down the hallway. The other complaint is do now get a Bestie or bro they make it a lot harder, but I know for a fact, my wife is very popular on the app and talks to one up her family members and can’t even get her points up with one of her friends because they changed it. Please change this to the old way of getting bestie & bro because I had no issue till now. You are trying to keep people in the app is no way to go about making people work months for this title and life happens not everyone is going to be chatting especially if you have a iPhone and it keeps boot looping conversations and that’s another thing you need to fix. Because I can’t find a conversation to save my life. The games I’ve gotten a lot better but also. You guys need a suggestion box, because I can help this app in many ways.
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3 years ago, Jai//ry
Pay for singing solo
I used to have this app like 2-3 years ago and enjoyed my time there but I one day forgot I had the app and felt weird keeping it if I wasn’t using it. I didn’t get rid of it because I hated it since honestly I spent a lot of time on there and enjoyed my time which is why I’m putting three stars. I knew in the past I sang songs with deeper vocals so I got it back to find my old account for the song names. Everything was going good and I wanted to record my new voice with it so I was just thinking of doing it there only to find that they went the Smule route in the time I was gone and made it so unless you wanna pay to sing alone you have to do parties or duets for literally every song. So again for quick clarification since this was lengthy, was good before but bad now for people who like singing alone and don’t wanna waste money to pay.
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4 years ago, 🎤❤️Rae❤️🎤
StarMaker condones and approves BULLYING
I was completely happy with star maker for a good while, but then I started being bullied from another girl that’s on there that is a verified singer her name is kelly666London so Kelly began to bully and stalk me and she started threatening me telling me if I didn’t apologize and slow her in my party room even though she disrespected me that she was gonna have me banned from star maker. I refused to bow down to her so star maker then banned me and account so I couldn’t access it. I made another account and I exposed to kelly and her harassment to star maker officials and other friends and star maker family members all went to officials and exposed kelly and made Reports, however they did nothing to kelly and kept me banned!!! This is very wrong! How can they take her side when I’ve provided proof of the bullying and remain the one in trouble I am the victim here!!! All I want is my account back up in good standing and I want kelly to have consequence’s for all is the harassment. I have screenshots and proof that will back up what I’m saying!!!
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7 years ago, Nikki86BD40391
Ok well I did have 4 stars but I downgraded to 1 but it's not even worth that cause after I went back and listened to my recordings after I posted them, it made my voice really deep and sound like crap and when I played the recording as soon as I made it before posting I sounded just like I was suppose to when I sang the song and on top of that the video recordings is way off cause my mouth wasn't even moving with the right words but it was video recorded fine after I recorded and played it back to make sure it was good, otherwise I wouldn't have put any of them out there because it don't post and sound the same as I did before I posted it which is ridiculous and I really don't even think most of those people that like and comment are real cause after this app finished butchering my recordings and not making me sound like myself people was commenting how good it was then I checked out there songs and it wasn't even the same person singing the 2 songs they had on their profile!
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6 months ago, CookieCookie62
Bots are everywhere
There was a song I was singing it was a Disney song nothing to do with Christmas and then I look at the comments and it says smithing like love that this song gets ppl into the Christmas spirit. I mean it’s nice but it was NOT AT ALL a Christmas song and I was singing with a puppet so how does someone not see that. And another thing when I go the the “totally real ppls” accounts they have some photos yet no music but they have hundreds of followers how does that make sense? It’s overall a really good singing app but let’s be real nobody’s really commenting it’s just bots. And it always says, this song the the music singing app is so great! I love it. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. NO ONE SAYS MUSIC SINGING APP. It’s just I don’t like the fact that bots are lying to me. I mean I get it but it helps to have some constructive criticism sometimes u know.
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3 years ago, brook2034
SoYesterday I spent all day trying to find a singing it and I finally found one today and this one is the best you only have to pay for a couple things that but that’s just a couple of songs I haven’t had to pay anything yet hopefully it continues because this app is amazing I get to see other people sing and I could hear my own voice it’s just AMAZING 🤩I’m going to keep this app it’s just so good so read this and get the app please if you want to sing get this app because this app will help you sing to it right to add an ABC or F and so far I’ve been getting B and you can get better at singing from this app make sure the headphones though that’s the mistake I made in the beginning but anyway please read this.
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2 years ago, blplizziebossbts
I have been on this app for over five years this new update needs immediate attention and I mean immediate attentionPeople are getting other peoples messages comments are being said that they are not compatible with the comment since they have added GIFs and other new games and competitions it’s a disaster every time I go to login it says that I am not connected every time I go to sing a song I have to hit reports on problems hearing and restart song 2/3 times the lyrics do not match the music not everyone is updated so they do not have the same material you have. Other singers are complaining ranking is not showing you sip a song it either disappear or is gone I have logged out 11 times I go to log in it shows my picture and won’t let me log in with password I COULD GO ON AND ON UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE AND FIX THESE PROBLEMS!!!!!
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2 years ago, Mariemarie1234
Please update your system frequently!
With your recent update where you incorporated Ludo and the like on your party rooms, I started to have problems posting my covers, duets, and even photos on my moments. I always get a “failed to upload cover!” I got my VPN ON most of the time per my mobile security app from my AT&T but this time, whenever I post, my mobile security app would prompt a message saying that “a malicious threat is suspected.”. I even cleared my caches, turned my phone ON and OFF too many times with failed attempts. Are our personal infos at risk for this matter??? I used to have no issues prior to your update. Also, even if my VPN is OFF I still get the same message “failed to upload cover.” Please update your system! I’ve been a VIP subscriber for a year now and SM made a lot of money from me thru my frequent recharges as I am a party room owner and a verified brodcaster so you better give as what we deserved. PLEASE DO SOME NECESSARY UPDATES WITHOUT GETTING OUR PERSONAL INFOS AT RISK!
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1 year ago, just to many adds
Okkkkk you probably saw all the other reviews but there lies this app is awesome I love it and I made really good songs because of it (I DONT MAKE MUSIC) and you don’t need to sign in to save the music you made because you can just screen record and that’s how you can save it and at the start when you first download it it will have this thing where you can pick 4 styles of music that you like or you can have less but you need to have at least one and there is like every song on the planet and you can pick what language(s) you speak but just don’t listen to the bad reviews and also look haw good the ratings are it’s VERY close to a 5 so I recommend this app like crazy any thx for reading bye:)
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6 years ago, Nammal71
Nice app with lot of tracks and features!
The app offers lot of controls to help us sing to the Karaoke tracks, and to collaborate with other enthusiasts! I had an issue with the app initially a lot, where I was unable to see all of either my own song posts or those of others, as well as many karaoke tracks. However, the app support suggested I change my region in the settings (after a few follow ups and requests) and this fixed it (thank you!) I would appreciate if the draft versions of the songs can also be shared with specific people so that we can get feedback and refine before posting it for all. Also, if I initiate a collab, the app doesn’t let me save the draft, and I wish they added this feature as well!
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5 years ago, LJK13349072275
Unhappy with the new update
Up until the new update I have been an active participant on this app. While I am a verified singer, I do not have a VIP account and, as others have already stated, the new update has severely cut down on the number of songs available to non VIP members. This very much upsets me as I am no longer able to sing songs that my followers request of me. The cost of becoming a VIP member overquantifies the money I make and because of my inability to sing songs that were once available to all but are now restricted, my follower count has plummeted. Please fix this as I have already lost over 1k followers in a little over a week. My main concern is not the number of followers I have, but the quality of music I put out for their enjoyment. I hope that the developers read this and remove the restriction placed over their app or else I may leave it completely, and disappoint 250k followers in the process. Please please please fix this.
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4 years ago, wolfgamelover!
Many things to fix.
Alright, I liked this app at first because you simply get to sing with others. Now I have some feedback. I turned on notifications, I regret it. Most notifications are “come sing with me ❤️💝💖🥰😍” with a picture of some random woman. This is NOT okay. Do you realize kids are using this? That is inappropriate, it’s just bait to get you back to the app. Yeah, I don’t fall for it. When I open the app there are no messages, from anyone that was on the notification. Next, almost all of the songs are vip unless you do a duet. Now when I’m with other professional singers, I like doing duets. Most of the people offering duets are (I’m not trying to be rude) interesting singers. I’m not waisting my money on some singing app when more songs could be free. I have a love hate relationship with this app. Please change some things to make this app better and nice like it used to be.
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3 years ago, xdolxxnn
Well it’s sad I loved this app but they are Thieves! Do not pay for this
I’m a little irritated I bought an annual subscription not once but twice (paying for the same year on the same amount once on star maker and then again on star maker light) well I have since been logged out and haven’t been able to log back into it~in MONTHS !! I have reached out to customer service or whatever to see if they can help me figure out what email or google/ Apple account I used to log into that account multiple times- nothing, this app isn’t cheap and it’s not like asking y’all for my social security number just a little help getting back to my account. I have a new number, lost access to some email accounts when I didn’t choose to switch my data over onto my new phone. At this point like I want a refund or to be reimbursed. I shouldn’t have to call you out publicly before getting a response that is bad business.
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4 years ago, khmelika
VIP needed and a lot of bots
I’ve been on this app for years and I actually used to love it. Because as everyone else said there where lots of options to choose from when you wanted to sing a particular song. Back then I was not aware of the amount of bots liking my songs and commenting on them. Now I know that most of the likes I get are from bots, most of my followers are bots, and this doesn’t only happen to me. I’ve checked other people’s followers too and they are mostly bots with the same covers, different pictures of different people as their profile picture and they are mostly Indian or Arabic bots. So, it is very difficult for people to find you and hear your music. And also, when I installed the app I chose english as my primary language and I wanted all my songs to be in english but after some time my recommendation tab was full of Arabic song and It still is which is really annoying me. I Ioved this app and I am so disappointed that it’s come to this.
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5 years ago, NJ4294
Bring back the studio effect!
You got rid of the studio effect under the audio effects and I used that the most for some Beatles songs and other rock and roll songs I hope you put it back soon cause it was simple and echoey perfect for rock and roll songs also every time if I have drafts of songs I did and I delete the app and reinstall it my drafts are gone completely like that’s not right they should stay there until I want to delete them myself so please fix up this app please I’m a singer/songwriter and I’m also a perfectionist so I try to do my best to sing and make whatever song I do like the original so please I hope you can improve the app again and bring back the studio effect and maybe think up some new audio effects along the way but I’m hoping to see studio effect again so I can do rock and roll songs the right way another good example is Elvis songs like I need the studio effect for songs like that
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2 months ago, Faith14,1_26_2010
Personal experience with StarMaker
Good for the most part but I do have things this app needs improvement on Personally I think it could use a lot more apostolic Pentecostal music of both fast and slow worship music The lyric goes to fast sometimes on the slow worship I would really appreciate it if you could make something that can adjust the speed of the song to fit a range of different voices and vocal ranges Sometimes it also glitches and throws the music and my voice off track so if you could fix that I would appreciate it And the sound quality isn’t bad but it does need some improvement if the music isn’t at a certain quality then it glitches and makes my voice sound like static I would like if this app had a place to sagest certain songs that are not already available on the app that way the different songs can continue to grow and meat satisfaction for users But other than the previous things discussed above I think this app is really good I love the different worship songs and that it give’s lyrics to the song and I love the playlists that you can make to fit your personal taste of music to listen to keep up the good work
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