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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
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User Reviews for State Farm®

4.82 out of 5
754.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Cwr1091
Please Add To The App, That The Customer Can Type In The Amount To Pay
We need you to add to the app, the choice for the customer to type in the correct payment amount that is due for when State Farm has the WRONG PAYMENT in the spot where it shows what you pay per month, because you can’t make a payment for the month when that amount due that is showing in the app, is actually the wrong amount due, then the app makes you late on paying your insurance because there’s no option for the customer to type in the correct monthly payment that you need to pay! That’s about the only thing I don’t like about my State Farm app, they’ve done this to me these last 5 months and we’ve only been with them for 6 months, I keep having to call State Farm and give the bank card info over the phone so I can make our payment each month, it’s been such a very bad experience and it’s no peace of mind when you cannot open the app and type in the correct amount that is due when each month for 5 months they’ve always had a higher amount due per month for our insurance! Why would we wanna pay a higher amount? I’m about ready to delete this app if it’s not fixed soon! Thank you for your time!
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1 year ago, Disgruntled Inireds
Road side assistance and claim frequency?????
I have used my roadside assistance part of my auto insurance twice in the eight months that We have been insured through State Farm. The first time the battery had worn down and just wouldn’t start. It wanted to turn over but it was to much of a pull on the battery. So we called to have someone come and jump start it. A little bit over a week my husband accidentally left the parking lights on over night and we had to have it jump started after all this is what I have in my insurance policy isn’t it and I do play for it every month in time, through an ACH withdrawal, I mean I am not late. And you consider twice in over eight years claim frequency and if I don’t give my insurance agent permission to take it off my policy your are going to cancel my coverage but you don’t say when this is going to happen. Isn’t your slogan something like, like a good neighbor State Farm is there. Serious you are there but if you use your road service more than once and call it claim frequency. That doesn’t sound like a good neighbor to me. Rather to my husband and that sound like a bunch of people greedy cheap people who have no concern for their insureds safety and well-being. All they want to do is take all the money they can from you and give you little or no coverage. Mark and Lee Ann Bush, Swansea, Illinois. I
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2 years ago, lorrainep
Love State Farm
Can’t say enough good things about State Farm as a whole and especially our agent, Joan Warner and her crew in Farmington Hills, MI. They take great care of us. An agent should be more than an order-taker. Joan has been a trusted advisor for decades. I’m always amused by friends and family members who ask, “Who is your insurer, I need to get my premiums reduced?” I always say, “don’t focus on the premiums, but focus on the agent and their knowledge when you buy because insurance coverage is never tested until you have a claim.” We recently had a flood in our basement and, forgive the motto, but State Farm was there! Because if Joni’s expertise, we added the drain addendum to our homeowners policy when we moved here two years ago. Yes, it raised our premiums a bit, but the drain back-up that devastated our basement, was covered! An adjuster was out here within a week and a few days later, we had a check. Now we can put our basement back in place, thanks to State Farm! Thank you! You’re the best!
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2 years ago, xyzdtk
Flawed Criteria & Sensors
This app has several very aggravating flaws. 1) unsafe acceleration - it seems that the app interprets transmission downshifting to be excessive or unsafe driving. Automobile manufacturers have gone to transmissions with more gears than in the past. By having closer gear ratios they have been able to increase mpg despite the smaller 4 & 6 cylinder engines. It is exasperating to be dinged for acceleration when, in reality, the actual is acceleration is pathetic! If you are driving a high powered vehicle where extreme acceleration or squealing the tires was possible this might make sense. In many of today’s vehicle rapid acceleration is not even possible! 2) unsafe braking - the app is structured based on the assumption that applying brakes even slightly more than normal is caused by following other vehicles too close. Once again it is very disturbing to stop for a yellow traffic light rather than drive through the light as most drivers do then be dinged for excess braking! 3) unsafe cornering - the app also deems fairly normal cornering to be unsafe and dings you for that! State Farm needs to update this app to address these issues or risk people dropping the app because of its flawed programming logic. Are these devices calibrated this ensuring consistency?
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12 months ago, GeezyMakk
Jennifer Wilcox
I wish I never came back to State Farm. Jennifer Wilcox pretty much took my money and left me high and dry. When I came back I expressed to Suzanne that I didn’t know the specifics of my policy with my previous insurance company but I let her know that I wanted to keep the same coverages which included full coverage, $1000 deductible, rental car, and a few other things. Well a a few months after coming back and signing up my Wife was hit by someone from behind and only then did I find out I didn’t have rental car coverage and a few other coverages. I tried explaining the situation to Jennifer and was immediately told it was my fault. She even told me if I could get proof that I had been having rental car coverage on my previous policies should would see if her underwriters could retro act my policy but after I sent proof she then told me that her underwriters wouldn’t do anything to help me without even reaching out to the to explain the situation. So I now have to pay rental car expenses on top of the deductible for car repairs. Then she literally told me that I can go to another insurance company as if my business isn’t wanted or needed. Wrong is wrong and her office should be held accountable for the neglect and lack of accountability they have been taking.
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2 years ago, MerrilM
Repeatedly asks for information
The app makes you verify your information and your security settings every time you log in. This is very frustrating. The interesting thing is, if you try to turn off two-factor autentication, it doesn't change anything - so why make customers click through this extra step every time they use the app? The website does the same thing, and so does the support personnel when you call in every time you talk to a new person - even on the same call! This is very annoying! Enough that every time I am asked for this information it makes me dislike doing business with State Farm. As a suggestion, they could create a solution that only prompts customers if it has been over 30 days, from any one of these channels and then does not prompt again. I'm sure there are other solutions that would be less annoying than what they have now. I have complained about it and made suggestions for improving it directly to their support personnel, but it hasn't worked. I hope someone reads this and takes it seriously.
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4 years ago, kklepac
Has fundamental flaws
This app has some fundamental flaws. For starters, if you have someone else in the car with you and they are using your phone to either navigate or select music or just google something which is common for me with my gf in the car, it will assume you are using your phone while driving and negatively impact your score. It’s also is not very accurate. For example, I’ve been paying more attention to my speed and using my cruise control more often because this app keeps saying that I’m speeding. On my drive home from work today I was stuck behind a car that was going 5 miles below the speed limit. Yet during this same segment the app says I was briefly speeding. Then on the longest segment of that same drive I had my cruise control set to the speed limit until I turned off Into my neighborhood. The app says I was speeding during a few short stretches of that drive. How?? There have been other times as well where it says I did something I didn’t do. It definitely makes you pay more attention to your driving but it makes more mistakes than I do. The biggest is assuming I’m using my phone when my passenger is.
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5 years ago, BB8800
Want to see check images and more info
I’ve used Pocket Agent and now the State Farm app for a while now and they work fine for me. A couple of features I would like to see is 1) the ability to view the images of the checks I’ve written on my bank accounts. Just having the check number isn’t enough to help me remember what it was for. I have another local bank app on my phone and they have the ability to view check images. Seems like that would be helpful to have for most people. 2) having more info about my insurance products on the open screen of each policy. For life insurance, it only displays three pieces of info and doesn’t even include premium amount, unless a payment is coming due. I want to see my premium amount for all insurance products just by going to the initial screen instead of having to press two buttons to go into the details (for auto, cant even see anymore for life). I want to see it all.
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2 months ago, FlsdTrishV
Home insurance included I do not need it
I do not need home insurance . But I was told if I do. Not need it or remove the bill will be higher .that’s not right in my opinion . The rate is too high. We should not be held responsible for accidents others create in the area in which we live . Not right Statefarm’s needs to communicate more with tow companies they use , and the auto repair shops when a customer has complications or a car break in etc , they tell customer something different and have u calling back and forth and nothing gets done or becomes clear . Protect the customers more against these repair shops and tow companies from squeezing more money out of clients and insurance company of extra parts for them to use and they lie to customers about them needing the entire kits or parts so they can save on money for themselves . So wrong the adjusters are too friendly with the repair shops as well. Needs to be corrected
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2 years ago, TammieK96789
Great Service!
My husband has had this agent since he was in his teens. This was the agent his parents always used for their insurance needs. Susan’s father always provided great service and when Susan took over from her dad the excellent service has continued. To continue doing business with this agency for over 40 years is a testament to the quality of their products, both auto and homeowners insurance. When I had a vehicle breakdown in March 2020 during the beginning days of the COVID pandemic Susan’s team had a towing service to me in less than 30 minutes. It was a very stressful period, I had a large amount of Costco products in my car to prepare for the pandemic, luckily we scheduled a family member to come get out groceries while waiting for a tow. What started out as a stress filled period worked out so conveniently that I was able to clear my mind and decompress. Thanks again for the awesome services!
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1 year ago, Raissa Julissa
I am very disappointed with StateFarm. They told me I will get my car exactly how it was before accident. My AWD is on, indicating an issue with the “All Wheel drive.” This light turned on when I got left sideswiped on double yellow line by driver that was behind me and did not want to wait, Almost causing a major accident with incoming traffic. I got hit on front left/side left driver side. StateFarm is refusing to pay to fix my AWD. The collision place says it was caused by accident, StateFarm says not related. Now I got a car that now I have to be concerned for. AWD is important especially on snowy or rainy day. It prevents accident. StateFarm says “like a good neighbor, StateFarm is there??” Don’t believe it. They have abandoned me like an orphan child in an orphanage. I am scared to drive vehicle. The AWD light is a warning. I am scared for my life. Don’t know what to do.
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1 month ago, Poemranger
Good in theory only
So I have had this app for a while. And it strikes me funny. I am a good safe driver. I follow the law. Today I got on to check my discount because my renewal is coming up next month. Only to see suddenly I get a braking event each time I drive my car. I do not use my phone so it’s either in my back pocket or I put it in my cup holder when I get in my car. The braking events have reduced my driving score significantly. I know for a fact it is creating fast braking out of normal stopping. One fast brake was in between two stop lights that were prob 50ft apart. How do u fast brake in 50feet from a stop?!?! The failure is with the design. It does not plug into the obd2 it is supposed to be attached to the car but I refused to do that and get sticky double sided crazy adhesive all over my car. The discounts arnt worth it. I have full coverage on that car and it only saves $60 where as before it was saving $150 all of a sudden right before renewal it’s creating events where none should b. For such a trusted company like State Farm I expect better. I could be getting cheaper elsewhere. I might look into other options.
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2 years ago, Rgfear
Great for what it does. But needs more info
I’ve been with State Farm for many many years. Their customer service and agents have always been top-notch. I like this app because it’s an easy way to make my payment each month. I prefer not to be on auto pay because I am on a fixed income. But having everything else coming electronically saves me a lot of junk mail. Lol The one thing I would love to see is either more detailed information added to the app from the website. Or a link from the app back into the website when there is specific questions. For example, I recently made changes to my policies. The app shows the billing amount due, and each bill that pro rates, but it does not give a great explanation as to why the amounts are what they are. To get this information I need to login to the actual website. It would be nice if this info were linked. Just some thing for IT to consider…
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2 years ago, Jules3117
Filing a claim
Filing a claim on this app has been a terrible experience. I originally called and asked for an adjuster to come look at my car, the rude State Farm rep refused to send an adjuster, stating they don’t have any adjusters, was speaking to me in a condescending fashion like I am stupid. I fill everything out and take 15 pictures of my car and the damage. It’s been over a week and now they want me to download another app, retake the same 15 pictures and submit it under a different app. I’m not an adjuster, they aren’t paying me to be an adjuster. I call the 800 number again, this time getting a much nicer rep who said she could see all my stuff and tells me that my pictures and claim were sent to the “express team” and somehow, somewhere, someone dropped the ball and didn’t submit my claim and pictures to the “estimate team” I am very disappointed because State Farm wasn’t the cheapest for my bundle of 2 vehicles, renters and life insurance but was supposed to be one of the better options in customer service. Turns out I’m paying extra to be my own insurance adjuster.
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3 months ago, Nutrition Consultant
Drive Safe & Save
This program defies common sense! Our truck insurance increased 50% for a period when the truck was driven only an average of 11 miles per day. Then we took a trip and it increased another $200 for the 6 months. Our agent cannot provide an explanation and she contacted the specialist for this program and he said the driving records were not available, even to him! Therefore, for each of the past two 6 month periods we were dinged by the program, but no explanation was available in either instance. Since our insurance for the Hummer has not increased and we both drive it, logically, it is not a state-wide increase or our driving. I look at the current records and see very few events. We should not be penalized without access to the driving records used to determine the increase!! At this point, we are strongly considering a change in companies, although we have had multiple lines with State Farm for many years.
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5 years ago, chriskrischris
Touch ID stopped working after I used this app.
I downloaded to pay my bill, which I did with no trouble. The sign in page gives you a choice to sign in using a fingerprint - I accepted, made the payment and exited the application. When my phone slept, I tried to wake it up. I would not respond to any of my prints on my phone after signing in with State Farm. I’m not sure if it’s related or not, but after extensive troubleshooting with Apple, the issue remained unresolved until it occurred to me that my phone’s software was not updated (which was probably the root of the issue somehow - don’t ask me why Apple didn’t ask about my software version...?). A whole day passed after I updated, and Touch ID still wouldn’t work, until randomly it finally let me use it again. If you like to use Touch ID to sign into apps, just make sure you have the most recent version of iOS, and don’t mind risking part of your phones functionality (unless this bug has been fixed/solved)
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3 years ago, beaglebeany
Definitely more sensitive
Like others have mentioned, the app has definitely gotten more sensitive recently. I've noticed that it dings me for cornering when making a turn after being fully stopped at a red light. It seems that it thinks going from 0 to 23 mph as you're turning is considered cornering when in reality it isn't. It doesn't take much to get to that speed when you step on the gas just to get going and I don't try to speed off either. You'd have to turn super slow to not get dinged by the app and this is all from actually being fully stopped at a red light and waiting for it to turn green. It makes no sense plus it definitely was not like this in the past. I actually pay attention and try to get good scores on Drive Safe and Save but this really needs to be looked at and addressed. Also as others have mentioned, just one slightly harder tap of the brakes can ding you too. This was from me realizing a little last minute that I'm not gonna be able to make the camera light before it turns red.
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3 years ago, Missing shop safe
Cannot connect with IPad
I cannot log in with the IPad. I have an IPad Air and everything has worked until now. I can log in with the IPhone but I use both devices. I was on hold forever trying to get to tech support. Right now- Imam not a happy camper. You are the 1st company that responded to my 1 star review but it took a long time. I just resolved my issues and it was due to your app not playing nice with my VPN. It worked fine before the update and that is why I did not even consider that in troubleshooting the problem. I use Nord VPN and always select a US server. The State Farm Credit Union , credit card companies, and the bank all play nice with the VPN. I would think that everyone would encourage everyone to use a good VPN. Anyhow-I am now a happy camper as your app is very important if ever needed in an emergency- so you will get a 5 star review for now. .
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5 months ago, BigMANaroundTOWN
I NEED to be able to see MY COMPLETE HISTORY..
Of payments and policies by car and by chronological order I have a couple cars with State Farm and a couple motorcycles all on different plans and I can’t easily go look at each one and immediately pull up my policy or my payment history for the last few YEARS ! Really it all to give me the entire history since I’ve had a vehicle with State Farm ! Even IF it goes back 10 years - WHY can’t I see that ?!? all I can go to see the current bill and maybe what I paid in the last 12 months or so and then it goes disappears. Well, the app does it does well - It’s pretty good at showing me a current insurance card. it’s VERY GOOD at taking my money ! But again, what about my payment history ? or my vehicle insurance history? It’s unbelievable to me I have the State Farm credit card AND the State Farm app and I can’t QUICKLY & easily go pull up a copy of any of my policies.. or that I CAN’T at any time, go pull up a COMPLETE HISTORY on any vehicle I’ve ever had insured with you guys. That to me is RIDICULOUS and needs to be changed ! The credit cards even worse ~ it’s worthless. It gives you a little bit of Rewards not much but you can’t pull up anything to do with State Farm policies or it doesn’t even tell me which payment goes with which policy . . It should at least break that down on the payment history ! all it says is payment made for $xxx. USELESS !!!
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2 years ago, amberlashae09
State farm customer satisfaction
I am highly satisfied and would highly recommend them for any one especially my agent David, they are great friendly people! They are always there when i need to speak to some one! Even gave out his personal number for me to reach any time day or night, if he cant help at that time as soon as he gets in the office he is sure to call back immediately and get the issue resolved! They where cheaper than my old company which i had been with for 12 years that kept raising there rates every year, even with a life insurance policy its still cheaper, and they have guaranteed not to raise my rates for just no reason! 10 out of 10 i give them 100! I love these guys thanks David from state farm for always being like a good neighbor and there when i need you!!!!
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6 years ago, Awesome Anhnie
Love the design - some feedback to improve functionality
The app takes a little time to get used to because of all the different products and services State Farm has. It looks great, very fresh and new! But for an average user that wants to get information fast, I can see why they would be frustrated not seeing a summary page of all their accounts in a list view to click on it versus having to swipe to get to it. I think the key is simplifying the steps to access account information. It will make it a completely better user experience! Also, how can we get more details of our insurance policies on the app so we don't need to log in on a computer to see it? As someone with all their insurance and financial services through State Farm, I hope the development team can figure all these out soon!
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5 months ago, Customer services /nightmare
Roadside assistance
I wanted to give Zack 10 out of 10 stars for his review he was really good about time customer service and he really seemed to enjoy his job Please give him a raise or some kind of incentive for his work he’s a very valuable employee and should be compensated for this State Farm is very lucky to have him as an employee he is an example of how to make the situations people are in better and more controlled I just can’t say enough Jesus sent him to me but I can’t get over what happened last night from the call center that was so horrible and not understanding the situation that I was in to the guy who had to come out and help me I’m changing insurance and I hope that State Farm takes the reviews very seriously because they lost my business because of this
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1 year ago, sxseventy
State Farm claims to value my privacy but seems more to value my personal information. I just want to pay my bill electronically. I shouldn’t have to also provide everything listed below. • Name • Email address • Phone number • Physical address • Other contact information • Payment information • Credit information • Other financial information • Precise location • Coarse location • Contacts • User ID • Persistent Identifiers (Device ID, etc.) • Product interaction information • Crash and performance data • Device Details (Device Model, Operating System version, etc.) In addition to the information collection and sharing practices described above, State Farm website properties and mobile applications may use common tracking technologies like browser cookies, "Local Shared Objects" (such as "Flash" cookies), analytical tools, device IDs, or other technologies. We also collect certain technical information about the device you use to access our site or services, such as user-agent, time stamp, hardware type, language and time zone settings, IP address, OS type and version, and installed fonts. Our mobile and social media applications will contain a statement describing what information is collected from your use of that particular application. Currently, we do not support the necessary technology to respond to Web browser "do not track" signals or other, comparable mechanisms.
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5 years ago, albinoGrackle
Version 7 is what version 6 should have been!
When the “new and improved” version 6 redesign came out earlier this year, it initially looked visually impressive, but really missed the mark on usefulness and functionality. For someone with multiple financial and insurance products, it was a pain to use due to all the clicking and swiping required to get to any information. I actually stopped using the app in favor of the website. This new version 7 has me completely impressed. It feels like a second stab at the redesign, and this time I think the developers nailed it. I am actually able to see an overview of all of my banking and insurance products on the “Overview” screen. I also can easily get to and see the details of any one account. I’m also impressed with how fast The app returns information every play. It’s very responsive. There is some functionality you will still need to use the website for, like transferring money to external accounts, or seeing mortgage details, but I think every common activity I would need to perform can be done in this app now. It also still does not support landscape mode in this version. Thanks to the developers for listening to customer feedback! I like the app again!
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4 years ago, Draconovich
Great App, but the random frequent updates are murder.
Great App and great service, but whenever I need to make payments I have to keep updating the darn thing... and with limited data plans, that makes payment impossible until a person gets to a hot spot, not to mention leeching precious data for an unnecessary download. At that point, a person may as well use their computer, making a mobile app pointless. And that’s nothing to say about having an accident but can’t use the app because it needs another update because it seems every other week has a new update. And then there’s the awkward wait to show insurance info for a brake tag because, again, updates. Would it be possible to have the updates come on a scheduled biannual date? Quarterly at the very most.
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5 years ago, jaimiecakes
I guess this is an app
This app is such a pain to me honestly. There have been several times where I enter the correct login info and it tells me it’s wrong so many times that I’m locked out of my account, then I call and go through the whole process of resetting a password, only to be locked out (for “security purposes”) for days still anyway. And half the time I actually DO get into my account, I’m unable to pay my insurance bill because they say my card is declined over and over, until I finally give up and call, and then use that same exact card to successfully pay my bill over the phone. So really there is basically no point to even having this app, except the one time ever that I used roadside assistance. Which I guess it worked well for that, but it would be NICE to have a convenient way to pay my dang bill which is why I installed this app in the first place
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4 years ago, Home Graft Design Herald
State Farm is The Best Insurance Company I’ve Ever Had!
I’ve been with State Farm for nearly 20 years. First my car, and then my home. I’ve added to my coverage over the years and “added” my family as well. My Parents, my Sister, and two cousins and their families all have State Farm now. I had insurance with another big company for 8 years and it was good. But I didn’t get the support I get from State Farm and my 2 agents (my 1st retired.) I had a bad accident 18 years ago, and It wasn’t clear at first that it wasn’t my fault, the company was supportive and paid for my car and a lawyer and never treated me like a liability. And they didn’t find a reason to get rid of me either. That meant a lot to me during such a stressful time. I trust them to be there if I need them like that again. (Knock on Wood.)
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1 year ago, Barry Blankenship
Bait and switch
Cecil , my agent, promise to me in writing that my rate was dropping from $80-$70 and if I wanted to I could add $20,000 worth of renters insurance for only $10 a month which would bring me back to exactly $80 which is what I’ve been paying all along. Well, that was exactly the case as you can clearly see if you look at my payment history. My nightmare, rollercoaster ride of different monthly bills has never ended in many months now. I told him to remove the renters insurance since it was not going to be $80 a month and he made a mistake and it was going to be $85 a month. I told him if he can do simple maths that I didn’t trust him. since my insurance is on auto pay it scares me that I do not know from month-to-month what seesaw will be charging me. Sometimes it to hundred dollars a month and sometimes it’s $84 a month another month it’s $91 a month! I’ve called corporate I’ve finally switched agents and I’ve even had my attorney right Cecil because he doesn’t return my emails or phone calls to explain any of this. I’m going to be reporting Cecil to the attorney general. I’ve always been happy with Statefarm and my new agent here in Dallas is great along with his assistant Linda. I think every penny that I have paid over $75 over the last six months should be refunded to me as this was not my screw up , it was Cecil. I’m sure no one will read this or even bothered to send me an email.
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5 years ago, G.G.Lórien
No Bank support
Third update: So State Farm updates their app and now it tells me I don’t have any linked bank accounts from which to pay? State Farm’s process for being able to pay from a non-State Farm bank account sucked to begin with (why go through the process of linking a bank account, which you have to do from the website, when others require only entering the account info you’re paying from in their app?), but I was willing to give State Farm Banking the benefit of the doubt, not anymore. This app and the non-intuitive website frustrate me enough I will most likely never finance anything with them again. Back down to 1 star and app deletion. Second update: was finally able to make a payment to my vehicle loan using the app, upgrading to 5 stars. Update: I can now see the loans I have through State Farm Bank but can’t use the app to pay them. Until I can actually view AND pay on all my bills (insurance and loans) through the app it will only rate one star; what’s the point of having the app if you have to go to the website to pay on the loan? Deleting the app since I have to use the website to access State Farm Bank, which this app should support.
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3 years ago, Nossy Nova
Thanks for making payments easier!!!
Since changing several years ago to State Farm Insurance, I have been so grateful and have never regretted making the change from an insurance company I was with for almost 20 years. House, cars, and life insurances have saved me so much money and given us as good, and in some cases better coverage! Now you have created a way on line to make paying insurance even easier. My Bill, always due the middle of the month, and I hated when I had the money earlier that I had to go in, stop the automatic payment, pay that payment, then restart the automatic payment up for the next month! You have now given those of us with automatic paying, with just a click of the button, to pay early! My life is hectic enough with out spending awhile paying bills! I am so blessed to not only have you as my Insurance Company but having an Agent and an office that helps us so much in keeping a routine!!!! Thank You State Farm!!!!
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6 years ago, LL_Loving Tech
Love the App! Like a good neighbor in my phone.
I’ve been a State Farm customer since I began driving. I started using their bank in 2001 when BofA wanted to charge me $$ to change my address after a move. I love the lack of fees and the reimbursement for ATM charges when I use other ATMs. I had a Vegas trip that got a little out of hand and received $80 Reimbursement for all of my withdrawals that I made to the tune of $10 each. I use the app nearly daily and never have a problem signing in with my finger print. I know the security questions can be a bit of a pain but I Value the fact that they want to make sure I’m the one accessing my info. I never need them unless I forget my password and my fingerprint fails which rarely happens! All in all...great app!
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2 years ago, amanda.rene.78
Not to happy
I like the discount who wouldn’t! But to be honest the app is a little annoying. I don’t like the fact that my location Has to be on all the time even when I’m not in my own vehicle as well as my Bluetooth. The app is always sharing my location in the background and I don’t like that. I feel like we should be able to turn on and off the location and the Bluetooth when we are in or out of their vehicle if we choose it is none of State farm‘s business where we are when we are not in our vehicle. Bluetooth on at all times runs my battery dead very fast. I also don’t like the fact that if my phone slides in the car it shows that I have touched my phone.
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1 year ago, Scout0123456789
State Farm (Tj Davis) A+++
My husband and I are new to State Farm. We were referred by my mother, who has been with State Farm for years & years, she has everything through them. I always assumed, being younger and I also have no credit to make matters worse, we have always just paid with cash, thinking we’d be better in the long run.. State Farm took us right in with our auto insurance, full coverage, everything we could get, and it was amazingly, a GrEaT price!! And, to boot, our agent, Tj Davis, whom is fairly new to the scene, and was the most friendly, most helpful individual and made me feel like I had known him for years! Tj, you were definitely made for this job! Thank you so very much for all your help!!😁
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3 years ago, CLH2234
Really, State Farm?
Really, State Farm? My vehicle’s re-sale value will be affected thanks to you and your allegedly industry practice. ‘We get a lot of unhappy clients because of this, but that’s how it works.’ When I ask to escalate my call, ‘Talking to a manager won’t make a difference.’ Said two of your own people while talking to them and trying to get a reasonable explanation. Poor customer service. STRIKE ONE! (And please use the recorded conversation for your training purposes.) My extended warranty will not cover future issues of parts because of your unwillingess to pay for OEM parts. Therefore, all the effort of me keeping the originality and value of my car gone down the drain, even though it is your client’s fault and not mine. Not to say that you rather spend more time and money fixing a junker part such as a bumper, hood and headlights, rather than use new parts. Poor Return of Investment. STRIKE TWO! You say these parts, even though they are recycled, will have a 1 year warranty. Well, that is great news! But, what if it stops working/operating after two years? You won’t cover the cost of fixing it. And guess what?Neither my extended warranty because you were so cheap to use a recycled part. STRIKE THREE! State Farm, you really know how to NOT win a potential customer for your portfolio. You say I need to pay the difference in cost for me to have new parts in my vehicle. Way to go! YOU ARE OUT!
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2 years ago, REED2564
State Farmers
I really appreciate with it. Always keep feedback about car insurance and condo insurance. I really love it keep wisely with it. I will keep forever insurance not leave them no way. I want to keep up with it. I love my agent work out with us. Alway inform about this way better with it. My wife and I is very happiness with it. We can affordable with it. Keep good records drive safely and condo too. That is my first time happen condo crack shower I didn’t know what happen there so we will keep eye bath tube don’t get happen again. We are lucky 2 bathrooms we need shower go to work don’t want get smell sink no way I wait for man go fix many thank you agent help us solve with it. Keep like peacefully mind. Many thank you State farmers.
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2 years ago, Mic Native
My husband and are so happy with State Farm Insurance. We had a claim for the first time in our life ever . We had flooding in our kitchen floor, needless to say we were pretty stressed about the situation! State Farm did a fantastic job of taking care of everything, and hooking us up with companies to get the job fixed . All staff that work at State Farm are always professional kind and helpful . I love the drive safe app which gives us a savings , and i enjoy being able to pay my bill from the comfort of my own home, also on the State Farm app . They are both easy to use , but if you need any help with the apps the staff is willing to walk you through it . Pleased customers!!
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2 years ago, barrettfam8
New Insurance plan
I have been extremely happy with our new policy. Especially the drive safe and save app and beacons. I also downloaded the app for access to our policies which is VERY convenient for payment, viewing our insurance cards and much needed info in different scenarios! Keep it up State Farm…. I think our former insurance company is bowing their heads with disappointment. They lost a good client with great driving records etc. and we get to reap the rewards in savings! Hoping the experience continues and not to jinx it but I hope in the event(knock on wood) we have to make a claim, that our experience is just as smooth and an overall good experience.” Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”!
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4 years ago, Ahsacv
Penultimate Self-Service Experience
The app does it all and does it well. Insurance is some complicated data, and lots of data, but State Farm lays it out in an intuitive and informative way for me to manage claims, view payment schedules, view coverage details, all of it! I was just about to call to check on an old claim but I found the claim in the app, saw the status, was able to see payments made for the claim, body shop and personal, and then could dig even further into details of the payment, such as how it was distributed and it’s collection status. As a mobile app product manager myself, respect to the team running this application and thank you for making it easy to manage my insurance!
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2 years ago, Sree99
Excited to see this new updated state of the art app
Its been a while since I logged in to the StateFarm app. Honestly I was very disappointed with your old version of the app as it was not user friendly and used to look very primitive. But today I’m really surprised to see this new version hence I’m here to appreciate you by writing this review. I like the UI and it looks so simple but has all the features that you need in just click of a button. I love to see DSS integrated in to this app if possible. Congratulations to the team who worked hard to bring out this release and hope you continue to improve this going forward. Simply love it!
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4 years ago, T*Z
Great service all the way, especially my agent.
I joined State Farm to insure my car well over 20 years ago, after my old car insurance company which was Mercury treated me poorly. I’ve never felt anything other than the security, comfort, reliability, professionalism, friendliness, courteousness from StateFarm, especially with my long time insurance agent for over 20 years Miss Hilbert in Orange County CA. I can’t appreciate her enough for the workmanship she puts into. I always feel safe driving at anywhere because if something happens, I know for certain Miss Hilbert and the StateFarm will be there for me, just as they have been. I have no consideration switching my insurance company to any other companies. My highest recommendation.
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5 years ago, AguaJefe
Everything at my fingertips
Just downloaded, hoping I could at least replace the paper cards I have to keep in my car. Found out it is so much more versatile and useful than I could ever imagine! Just by creating an account, I got the info on all my policies and my agent (I thought I was going to have to enter all that stuff). The insurance cards download into wallet, so they are always at the ready. I can pay my premiums through ApplePay, get easy access to claims (which I hope I will never need), and when I travel, I can always look up local “offers”, to find a place to eat, for example. Who knows what else I can use it for, but I am sure it will be useful when I need it.
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4 years ago, Goedelstheorem
Work in Progress
They seem to be slowly getting it right. On the past offensive and not customer centric. A couple of months ago, I got a notice that a discount was being canceled because I hadn’t update my mileage. It turned out I’d gotten *one* email two weeks earlier while I was out of the country — no notification in the app of any dealing. Just nuts. Another nutty feature: if a payment is late (but policy not cancelled) they remove it from the app. Hello?? Also, user authentication not aligned with State Farm website. Given the plague of passwords, just what we need. But I see today that they’ve added text alerts recently. Hopefully the implementation was guided by someone new in the organization who understands the point of these apps is to make life simpler for State Farm customers, not more difficult or annoying.
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5 years ago, Mr. Bean Burrito
New App Upgrade
I've been a customer since before I was 16, over 30yrs. ago. State Farm always wants you to use their newest and greatest apps etc. I had been using the "Pocket" App for quite some time until today. I goto pay my bill like I always do and says I must upgrade. Fine, but can't upgrade cuz I can't use IOS 11. So now I'm being outcastes by the company I've held as my insurer all these years for this. I hope they'll take and fix real soon and allow us to be able to use the older version or maybe this will just be the last straw. It isn't like there aren't other insurance companies available, I just thought loyalty use to matter. I guess that's no longer the case.
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2 years ago, SavM78ish
So glad we switched from nationwide! We’ve been with State Farm for a year now and still happy about the transition. We pay every six months and they came in $200 cheaper for 3 cars (including a teenage boy driver) and the price actually went down after our first six months! I was afraid they would up our premium..nope! We signed up for safe driving where we had a device in our car. I was nervous about my son but it actually helped him to drive the speed limit and be more cautious! Really happy with State Farm and also like the app! Very easy to navigate and pay my Bill. Convenience is important to me!
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6 years ago, Cjwiv
A sad, sad app
Whoever designed this app should really, and truly, be ashamed of themselves. If you need inspiration, Loki at any other Insurance company’s app. I just switched to State Farm from GEICO for reasons I shall not get into, but one thing I IMMEDIATELY miss is GEICO’s app. It made spending time on there enjoyable. It made me want to use the app instead of calling. This State Farm app is the saddest app I have ever seen for a large company. It’s as if it the budget was set at a $100, “so do what you can”, then was designed in a couple hours using a template offered by a free service. The persons in charge of this design had no style, and no vision for any type of graphics or colors. And why am I unable to view the details of my policies? What can I not access an image of our auto insurance cards? In case of an accident, having the app on your phone, and being able to show your insurance card, and even your policy, is VERY handy. This app shows nothing.
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4 weeks ago, ItalianRican Princess
When we started with State Farm it was beyond awesome. My son ended up getting rear ended in school parking lot. A girl was rushing out of stall when she hit my sons car AS HE WAS pulling out of the parking spot. He is the one who went to her when she actually tried driving away. Yet long story Short my son is the one who got the short end of the stick. It wasn’t until 2 years later that we received a huge increase. They’re saying it won’t be till 2024 until it’s removed. Every premium since it’s went up by $200. Then I confront SF about it and I just get told it’s because of inflation & cost of living increases. Like seriously we’re already getting ripped off when they take out each month yet no claims have ever been made. I don’t understand how any of these agencies can charge so much yet those who don’t have claims made are getting ripped off horribly.
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5 years ago, Kplan23
New version always brings a new problem
I went to use the app a few days ago to pay my bill. I got an error message while opening. I closed it out and started again. This time I got to the Submit button. I hit Submit and I get a Network Error problem. I had thought the app had gotten better over time. Now it’s back to square one. I have to use my iPhone as a phone and call to pay my bill. It’s back to the useless garbage of years past. No different then the website from years ago. My last two bills I was able to pay even though my password was supposed to have expired automatically after two years. St. Farm never mentions that so you think you’v lost your mind while it’s St. Farms fault for never making clear their password rules. Trying to get a new password is more work and effort that planning the D Day invasion. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get a new password. Insane! My last two payments gave an error warning. “Thank you got your payment. Your payment was successfully submitted however we are unable to send a confirmation email. Please make a note of the information below for your records.” Seriously, St. Farm doesn’t have the ability to send an email. I just received a Happy Birthday Card. The intent wasn’t to wish me a Happy Birthday, but to sell me life insurance.
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3 years ago, ~DeShon
DEPENDABLE! State Farm IS There!
So Satisfied with the overall support & conveniences I’ve been allowed since enrolling in StateFarm! Sandy Meador and Jamie have been more than accommodating and they ensure I’m up to speed on changes all while trying to find me the best rates. I never fear making a referral because I know they will give great service. I am fully insured with all My policies with STATEFARM! I’ve left only to return home with welcomed arms to pick right back up where we left off! These 2 are the real deal! My Dynamic Duo! Also, You new STATEFARM APP IS BOMB!💥 1-2 clicks, I can see just what I’m looking for! Very easy to navigate! Thank You Everyone, I’m really grateful!😊
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4 years ago, Jeris Schesser
Rachel FitzPatrick Dubuque Office
Terrible customer service. They state they have logs of all calls. Many missing. No information relayed to each other. No return phone calls when stated call backs would happen. All over a rock chip crack in a windshield. Stated would pay the difference of what they would pay and what was left over to take it to a dealership to get replaced, calibrated, and warranties. Their last wn recommendations wouldn’t even guarantee with waiver signed because they can’t guarantee calibrations. Pathetic. My family is been with State Farm in forever. Over a few hundred dollars Owner of agency can’t even return a call personally. And the employees that do call are filled with no knowledge about what they are working with. Cars, companies, waivers, etc..... I’m so glad State Farm can boat about how great they are. One customer doesn’t mean much to a big company I know but it is to start somewhere.
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4 years ago, Dandylaird
Issues with Statefarm Bank not really the app
Statefarm bank is basically useless. You can’t deposit cash at all in my area. Maybe in your area you’ll find a special ATM that will allow cash deposit but along the coast of GA.. not a chance. If you go into a Statefarm branch they also will not take a cash deposit. If you deposit a check in the afternoon on Friday and it says accepted and processed... wait until maybe Tuesday to actually get your money. Need that money right away and thinking about overdrawing your account to pay your bills with your money they already have in their possession? Nope can’t do that. Wanna use Zelle? Nope can’t do that. Want to send money directly to someone’s account? You can sort of with a lot of hassle. I tried to set it up with my wife’s account and it never actually worked so I gave up. They are actually open 9-2 Monday through Friday. That’s 6 hours of the day. Hours the majority of people are at work and need to do banking right after work. They’re open a total of 30 hours a week. They only do banking part time. To me that shows they’re really not serious about banking. There’s no dedication and mediocre service. They might as well close the banking business because it’s basically worthless. Insurance is fine though lol.
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