STCU Mobile Banking

4.9 (45.7K)
80.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spokane Teachers Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for STCU Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
45.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Loved2Much2Lose
Happy with this App
I am very pleased with this App. It's easy to use and I really like the Balance Peek option that doesn't require logging in to check my account balance. Great job STCU!! The only thing I would really like to change is I’d like to have more transactions loaded—like the entire month at least—like Umpqua Bank does. It’s frustrating having to ask over and over to load more transactions and then if I look at a check it goes all the way back to the beginning and I have to wait for it to load more transactions several times. Otherwise I am very happy with this app. Something that would make me love it more is if I could see copies of my cleared checks in case I ever forget to write the information in my register. ( Yes, I have done that)
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1 year ago, Danne*15
New update is a flop
I was really satisfied with the STCU app until they recently “remodeled” it. My favorite feature was the card control feature which did use an external app but would deliver a notification during every transaction. I have had my card info stolen a few times and this helped me to see the transactions and freeze the card before it went further. Now card control is supposed to text you when your card is used but I rarely get text notifications and never at the time of purchase. I expected the new card control to work better than the old one but instead it’s just very disappointing and feels incomplete. The new structure of the app is easy to navigate and does simplify the app. Overall things like snapshot, transfer, and mobile deposit look improved and work well. The app is decent I just wish card control was better. UPDATE: it’s been a few months since I wrote this review and I have to say the app has improved greatly! The card control is now even better than the former system and I appreciate the small aesthetic improvements made to the app as well. Overall I’m satisfied with the app as it does what I need it to do now and I’m not overwhelmed with text messages as I can get the app notifications again ( although texts are an option)
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6 years ago, SarcasticKen
Frustrating to use
The first time I opened the app it didn’t load anything it was just a blank screen for about a minute and then it would kick me out of the app. The next day when I went back to try again it actually loaded but when I went to try and make an account every time when I got to the last question the app would freeze and then crash. After a few days it finally cooperated enough for me to create an account and log in. It was good while I was able to log in but I haven’t been able to since. Every time I try to log on now it just freezes at the very end of “verifying your credentials”. It’s so frustrating, and impossible to use.
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1 year ago, Eva Ward
Home mortgage payment options needs a little change
I transfer money from my checking to my home mortgage every month via online. However there are too many options and is confusing. First, it is “regular payment”, then the “amount owed” then “principal only”and then “other”. There should only be three options like regular payment should go to the monthly payment and then principal and allows option to pay extra on principal and principal payment. Whenever I make regular payment it goes to principal which is frustrating because I thought that it will go to my monthly payment which I want to make three months ahead of time. Remove one option either regular payment or amount owed would be great and very helpful. Thank you!
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6 years ago, BenjaIV
Please fix the “Flip Check” bug
Usually taking a picture of the front check works well but when you try to take a picture of the back it constantly pops up the warning to “Flip Check” even though it’s properly oriented. This is making the once smooth process of mobile deposit extremely cumbersome and annoying. Often times I have to sit there waiting 30-45 seconds before the app gives me the choice to do a manual capture which always works (maybe make this a permanent feature for users who prefer manual capture?).
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12 months ago, silet711
New Update Reduces Function
It seems every once in a while the updates are making my information more obscure. The first change last year was removing my available balance from the snapshot view for my credit card. After the update I had to go into a different window and select to view more information. Now, this most current update removes the ability to see available balance completely for my credit card. I can only see my current balance. This is a UI change that seems anti-consumer and should be reverted. The app should have the ability to relay all of my financial balances, both current and available. I shouldn’t have to log into the website to view this simple information. Completely terrible change.
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4 years ago, Pink Jasmin
One suggestion
The app works and does what it’s supposed to. My only gripe with it is that if you have a PayPal Business debit card that takes funds from your STCU account, the transaction shows up as “INST XFER PAYPAL” on every single one. It would be extremely helpful to have a better description of these transactions to show what store/place they came from, especially because this is a shared account. That way I don’t have to go into PayPal to see where the transaction came from. I know this is possible to do because I have the same setup at a different bank with a PayPal business card and the transactions show up with the store/place name. Please fix this STCU!
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2 weeks ago, Yeahboi827
Deposit Issue
This app has made it really easy to make deposits, transfers, etc, but I’m currently having issues with depositing my checks as I’m writing this review. I put a check in the frame on both sides, and it’s able to be read just fine, but the deposit won’t go through for some reason. I’ve cleaned the camera, and while the reads aren’t blurry or fuzzy anymore, it still won’t deposit my check. I’ve had the same exact problem a couple of weeks ago, and it hasn’t been fixed since. If there’s a possible fix or solution to this, I’d greatly appreciate it.
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4 years ago, fmlftwwtf
Excellent service
I have banked with a few different businesses and have had ok service. My Aunt, Dad, mom, and roommate advised me to switch to a credit union. After talking with several people STCU was recommend the most. So I switched. And I am never leaving!! They are professional in every area and they are respectful, helpful, knowledgeable people at every level. Even when I have silly questions they will walk me through any process with patience and they will make sure I understand each step. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed.
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11 months ago, MommaMochaJava
Won’t let me log in
This app inexplicably won’t allow me to log in. I had it set up to unlock with my fingerprint, then one day last week it wouldn’t load the “sign in with print” login message. It opened to the purple screen with nothing but the logo and loaded forever. Then it brought me to the regular login screen with the user name and password. Tried that and said I have an Authentication error. No I don’t. I checked for typos, used the same info on my computer and I could login on my desktop. My password hasn’t been changed. I tried to update the app, and I’m not missing one. I checked to see if my phone and iOS version are both compatible and yes. I deleted the app and reinstalled and it’s the same issue. This app no longer works on my phone.
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5 years ago, Karen S 6430
App flips to landscape mode & pesters for “love”
The app has two annoying features which definitely come under the “first world problems” category. On my iPhone it always comes up in landscape mode. Now it just did it on my iPad too. My iPad and iPhone are locked in portrait mode and no other app is forcing me to turn my iPad or iPhone sideways. I’ll look (again) for a setting somewhere, but it should default to however the iPad is flipped. It constantly pesters me with the “do you love this app” question and forces me to answer before I can continue. No, I don’t love the app. It is like a child seeking constant approval and wanting gold stars for “almost” doing what it is designed to do. Please quit asking. I just want to use the app, preferably in portrait mode unless I have my iPad turned in landscape then it should flip sideways like every other app. Numerica has the better app, but their employees seem incompetent and either don’t care or can’t fix the messes they create. STCU has fabulous employees but their app is a annoying. STCU deserves a better app, and fortunately it is easier to fix an app than it is to fix bad employees.
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4 years ago, nhchjceyjlitvjk
My bank.
My bank is better than your bank. They are always so prompt and helpful if I have an issue. They recognize my use of my debit card, and have ask questions of me if they think something is not right. I had a check stolen from my my checkbook and they were right on top of stopping the check from being cashed. They have all of the technology of today that you don’t even ever have to go to the bank except to become a member the first time.
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10 months ago, TimmboSlice23
Grateful for STCU!
I’m from Southern California and recently relocated to Northeast Washington. The banks I’d looked into prior to landing at STCU seemed like any other bank, but at STCU they welcomed me with exceptional customer service and made me feel right at home and welcome. The second I walked in the door they greeted me and I knew it was the bank for me instantly. Their staff is the best, they’re courteous & helpful & quick. Everything I need at the local branch or if it’s after hours their app is full of features that fulfill everything I ever need financially
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3 years ago, thumbsjl90
Sad to leave STCU
I love STCU my problem is that 3 years ago I moved to central Idaho… I used to be able to access my account through shared banking.. there are a lot of credit unions here that could help me… I just found out that STCU does not participate in that anymore… It’s no problem depositing a chec but I now bartend and would like to be able to make cash deposits…. I can’t do that anymore so I guess I’m going to have to close my account and go else where… this makes me sad!!✌️❤️
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3 years ago, tliebing
Has improved so much since we started with STCU!
Be warned. The app will lose your mobile deposits. We were told that the system would send a message when there was an issue with the deposit. We received no messages even though “the email address we have is correct.” They offered no apology or support with this except that we could pay them $25 an hour to find the deposits that were lost.
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3 years ago, kapowWAStaken
App doesn’t work after 10:00 PM for one of my accounts
Am I the only one? For a couple years now I have reported my issue to the STCU tech-support team but I think they’re stumped. I can’t login to my account after 10:00 PM. It’s only for one of my accounts. Other accounts login just fine 24/7. I’m still giving it five stars because STCU is worth it and it’s not the app because I can’t login on my PC either... Is anyone else having this issue?
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2 years ago, me,mysel,and Mike
Online banking user friendly. Thank you.
Thank you for dealing with so many ignorant people. We are not stupid… but unaware. Thank you for treating us all as though we are important. I can’t imagine the work you all put in to take on another bank. As soon as I get a small annuity going to auto deposit as well as my social security I will feel more socially secure. A little banking humor. Sharon Sobeck,
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5 years ago, Hare1987
Horrible phone service
I have called three times about this issue. I wanted less money taken out of my account for the last three months so somehow they have continued to take out the $300 every last three months .I’ve had it The amount reimbursed but I have a continued problem. So I called customer service and each time I have had to wait over an hour for someone to call back. What’s happening STCU
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3 years ago, Missing Sports
Don’t bother with loan applications
Tried to apply for a loan through the self service option and it kicked me out twice after the long process to get to the “I accept” page. Then tried to chat with a support person and got logged out “due to inactivity.” Don’t waste your time with any features other than checking balances, etc.
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6 months ago, Cindy Lewellyn58
The tellers and reps are awesome. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not lng after I received a prepaid card with a note to get me something nice for myself. When I go in they ask how I am doing. I had not been in in a while they all ask my son n husband how I was and they would love to see me. No bank has ever done that ever. And know you by name when you walk in or go in the drive through.
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1 year ago, Mybrit1
Mobile deposit issues
This app has generally been reliable. The only gripe I have is with the Mobil Deposit function. It is very finicky. Either works or as today, returns an error. I always have the latest update, as is the case today. I restarted my iPhone, but after 3 attempts have decided to deposit check in another bank.
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1 year ago, Patti3ad
Great Credit Union
I have been a customer of STCU for 15 years now. It has been one of my best banking experiences. I have had a loan with them, and I maintain a couple of accounts. The people are friendly and courteous who work for STCU and I’ve had problems resolved very quickly when they arose. Their banking application works beautifully and I consider STCU a great way to bank.
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2 years ago, Stcu WA
Great app for personal banking. The only down side is that a business account needs a separate login. For a small business owner this is very inconvenient. You can add the business account as an external account but the app doesn’t allow you to do any payments or transfers. Basically you can’t preform any money management without logging out and signing into the other account. It would be great to have both of those accounts under on log-in.
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6 years ago, goober1818
Update not good
I use this app almost every day. But your recent update made it possible to skip the opening screen and with a fingerprint go right to my account. Trouble is I have two accounts and now if I want to look in the other account I have to type in my password and half the time my security questions. I much preferred the old version where all I had to do was type in which account I wanted to go to, touch the button and I could easily navigate between the two accounts.
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4 years ago, sami.jo20
Bug problems
I have issues with purchases being taken out of my balance. But the app doesn’t show the purchase. It seems to be a big problem with online shopping. I order it, the payment is deducted from my account but it doesn’t show me the transaction.
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3 years ago, Shaun in PacNW
Business owners beware
This app is quite frustrating for people who bank with STCU on both the personal and the business side. If you only use them for one of the other it will probably work, but thanks to Face ID and how phones save password information there is no way to switch between personal and business accounts without manually typing in your login and password every time. STCU is awesome as a banking institution, unfortunately I will have to switch my business banking to a competitor simply for ease of access away from my computer.
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8 months ago, TyffTyff
Friendly staff
I have been a member of STCU for about a year. I absolutely love this credit union. The staff at the RD 68 branch in pasco Washington are always so friendly and helpful. They are patient and kind. I would recommend this credit union to anyone PLUS they have the first 5 savings account which has an AWESOME interest rate! Way higher than the national average. 💜 Thank you RD 68 Staff 💜 Tyffani
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6 years ago, s.a.f93
Great app overall
I’ve never had any performance or bug issues that I can think of. I’ve been using this app for at least two years now and it’s so convenient. I especially like the Touch ID ability for the iPhone. It’s great and fast for a quick balance inquiry or transfer. I never have to do these things at a physical bank or ATM anymore!
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6 years ago, cali05
Mobile deposit
The check scanner is frustrating. I'd prefer to have the option to scan it manually before suffering through an attempt at automated photography. Using mobile deposit for extra long checks such as those issued from banks is practically impossible. Everything else about the app is great.
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5 years ago, mdodd408
STCU experience
I moved from Gilroy Ca to Spokane wa and I found myself looking for a new bank. I used a traditional bank in Gilroy for over twenty years. I was expecting the same old service when I joined STCU. Well I have to say they were so welcoming and couldn’t do enough for me. Even when I went back to make deposits and withdraws they gave me the same courtesy. I am delighted to be a Member of STCU.
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1 year ago, DBMHNY
Not accurate real-time balances
First I need to say I LOVE STCU, I’ve been with them for almost 6 years and the app used to work well. I don’t know if they updated their app or what, but lately it hasn’t reported my balances correctly during the weekends. So on Sundays it will say I have plenty of money in my account, but when Monday comes around I’m in the negatives because all of the charges just came out and they’ll just pull it from my savings account instead of notifying me that my checking is low during the weekend. This sort of delay on the banks part is the same reason I left Bank of America. I’d hate to leave STCU. But I’m a millennial… and efficient apps matter. My husband and I have called customer service a few times regarding this issue and no explanation or help was given.
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5 years ago, k_m_r_123
Customer service
While STCU isn’t open on the weekends, they make up for it with crazy good online and by-phone customer service! Any issue or question I ever have with any of my accounts is always handled so professionally and nicely. Love this company and the people they hire. Amazing! Keep treating your employees well because the service I receive from them is AMAZING!
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3 years ago, dbrowning30
Easy banking with many local branches
We recently switched to STCU after being with another credit union for many years. We couldn’t be happier. The app makes it easy to deposit money, transfer funds, and just do our general banking. Thank you STCU for making it easy!
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5 years ago, Buddy 5474
Customer service
I am not sure where the break down is. I took several try’s to get to a real person in customer service to ask a question. I just opened a new account and have never had this kind of problem. It to was a credit union. I could actually call the branch unlike STCCU. Maybe I made a mistake.
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6 years ago, AMoseyMom
I love having my bank with me at all times. I use to be the worst at carrying checks around that people had paid me. I felt bad about not depositing in a timely manner, but getting to the bank was out of the way especially after work when I just wanted to be home. Paying bills now is just as easy!
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6 months ago, Happy2BwSTCU
LOVE every second of STCU!
I am so happy to do my banking with STCU. I was in a situation that I needed to bank with B of A for years so to a family trust and estate issue. It just made it easier (which doesn’t say much) because the funds being dispersed were held at BofA. It was HORRIBLE. As soon as the issue was resolved, I closed my account and moved over to STCU. Wow! Refreshing, efficient and super pleasant! They are helpful, knowledgeable, and always make me feel welcome. Many thanks to STCU for ending the nightmare that is BofA. It’s so nice not to have a panic attack before every bank visit. I appreciate the professionalism and will be a STCU member for life!
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6 months ago, Samisthguy
Very good!
Super reliable and overall just very easy to use and there is banks everywhere for STCU so it makes it easy to go in to the store when having a trouble, wanting to make a new account, getting a credit/ debit card, and lots more! I highly recommend joining STCU.
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2 years ago, crnicolds
Self service accessing statements
Apparently there is a glitch. Unable to access statements for 3 weeks approximately. Been on the phone with STCU staff and in person. I then went to Apple store who confirmed it wasn’t my iPhone which I expected because iPad works and another person with same iPhone can access her statements. Please if this is something anyone else has ran across reply or comment
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4 years ago, Sam & Dick
Spokane Teachers Credit Union has always been great throughout the years until recently. They sure need to improve Bill Pay. That with what we need to depend on is falling thru cuz we are travelers in the winter & depend that the bill will be paid on time & all I’m getting is the run around when they screwed up.
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3 years ago, Bobby Hipperson
As User Pacificnorthwet wrote on Nov 20th and responded by the developer on Nov 23rd, when you go into settings, the screen locks up and flashes the image from right to left repeatedly. I followed the developers recommendation and updated my device to most current iOS and uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Your latest version a month ago did not fix the issue. I will delete/improve this review if/when app is updated. Meanwhile, I can simply use the web based STCU site through my browser.
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6 years ago, Ldawgface
Mobile Deposit Could Be Improved
It constantly tells you the flip your check when trying to capture the mobile deposit. It’s really frustrating because you flip it then it tells you to flip it again.
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2 years ago, baileyboh8912
5 star review
Love this bank I wasn’t able to get a loan before cause of my credit but they helped me out with one and it’s steadily building my credit I’m also paying down any debt I have along with it this is the only bank I’ll ever have thank you STCU
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5 years ago, Olbaidon
Used to be 5 star worthy, have to bump it down for now.
This app really is an amazing app and super user friendly for anyone that uses STCU to bank. Recently however the “remember my User Name” and face log-in has been reverting every day for me. It used to be when I would open the app it would scan my face and I was good to go. Now it’s requiring I log in with member number and password every song time. It’s a first world problem I know, but a hassle if I just need to take a quick peek. In the past it would take 10 seconds to check my account, now it takes a few minutes which comparatively is just a bit frustrating. Again first world issue but would love this to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Sam7364
Well Designed
The app is smooth and intuitive. I can do all the functions I hope to do and it feels secure. I think the app looks clean and well designed as well. Overall, no substantial complaints about this app. Love STCU and I think they made a well designed app.
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5 years ago, Stratechillenit
It’s really annoying when the snapshot decides it randomly wants your password and 9 times out of 10 I don’t remember the password because you don’t allow the phone to remember the password. So I always have to change my password, so dang frustrating.
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2 years ago, cysewr
Used to be much better
This app used to be excellent, but is pretty buggy these days. Initially, I thought it was just because I was using an old phone, but many of the issues have persisted after getting a new one. Wife says the same thing. Mobile banking is so important that I may need to look elsewhere for my banking needs, as much as I love STCU.
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6 years ago, Itsmebj11
Love from the Peach State!
We moved to Georgia five years ago and I was concerned that I was going to have to change banks. With this app I can do anything that I can do in Washington. The mobile check deposit is the greatest and I’m even able to open new accounts Through the app! Good work all! Bridgette B
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7 years ago, lisamoles14
Novice Mobile Banker
This is the only mobile banking app that I have ever used. At first I was a bit nervous because of all of the account hacking that you hear about in the news, however, I have never had a problem and I find this so easy to use and understand! I LOVE STCU mobile banking!!
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3 years ago, Alejandro PT
Unable to use Mobile Deposit
I keep getting an error message and I can’t deposit checks using the app. I’ve been doing this for years with another institution and I thought I was switching for a better experience. I was wrong. Fix this issue!!! Also, so inconvenient to have the log off and log back in to switch between personal and business accounts. How is that feature so hard to include? Everyone else has it!
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8 months ago, K P B
Satisfactory Banking Interface App
Generally, the app does what it should, allowing me track and conduct transactions across my various accounts. I appreciate the ease of the Bill Pay function. I do not appreciate the removal of the landscape/split screen functionality, which was very useful when working with this app and my various finance management apps.
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