Steam Link

3.2 (2.3K)
53.3 MB
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Current version
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Steam Link

3.25 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
2 years ago, small hobbit
It works decent enough…
When it does work. It keeps defaulting to a drag and click method, which isn’t terrible, but also isn’t really that intuitive with a touch interface. You can change this in the settings (the icon with the touchpad/mouse buttons; there’s a couple different options in there) The real problems come when you try to play games with this. I’ve run into WAY to many where their virtual controller has the wrong key mapping for the game, yet there’s no options in their settings (and none for the game being played) to change it to the correct setup. Now, the controls CAN be moved around the screen, which helps slightly, but doesn’t change the fact that the key mapping is messed up. Your internet pretty much has to be really great for it to work (or you have to be like me and play pretty much only JRPGs or vns) because it lags CONSTANTLY. I have pretty decent internet and it still hits lag spots every time, even when I’m only doing basic stuff (not even playing video games, either. Just sitting on my computer’s desktop can cause lag somehow when there’s nothing else open or going on)
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2 years ago, Cu$tomerN01
Good thing this isn’t perfect
So in the last year I have found myself hopelessly addicted to a little pc game called Kenshi, it quickly surpassed all other titles in total play hours. I came across the steam link app and thought “why not let this game run my life completely, even when I can’t be around my laptop? I surely have nothing better to do.” So I set out to get this working. For those who don’t know Kenshi is a game you can essentially play on pause so perfectly suited to this very high latency format. It was about two days of being impressed by how nicely their editor lets you set up a control scheme, triple checking that I had saved it in every way I could think, and finding my setup gone on returning to the app before… Some glorious serendipity of overlapping bugs allowed me to recall my settings! I was off! Also thrilled to find that it is workable even streaming across town over cell. In fact performance seems inconsistent no mater what network setup I've tried, even with a cable in the computer sitting next to the router. However, it has always worked well enough to get my fix in various levels of blurriness. Unfortunately the app also crashes when taken out of focus and sometimes randomly. But still, pretty wild the ways we can waste our time these days, this must be meta. .? Keep trying valve, you are somewhat appreciated. Ken heads check my layout, I think it’s the only one
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1 year ago, Portland286
Still Pretty Terrible....
This has come a long way from what it was but for all intents and purposes its still a broken mess. Ive redownloaded this multiple times over the course of Valves devolopment becasue im a sucker for having things just be native (not having to use Parsec/moonlight and just stream games with one single app)...and I was excited to see how this performed with my new Steam Deck....and although it has made some improvements, this app is still basically unfinished. My host machine is a dedicated game streaming server with literally zero other processes running other than whats needed to run games. Connected to a gigabite wired network and streaming via wifi (less than 5 yards away from my router) to an M1 Macbook Pro. Even with resolution scaled way back (720p)games constantly drop frames, stutter lag and audio poping is horrible. Controller support (Xbox one series controller) will just stop working all together and will constantly hit me with "slow network speeds" despite its own network tool recommending 100mbs network speed. I suppose its worth mentioning that I tend to stream higher end "AAA" games and not indie games or smaller/lighter weight games, so maybe it will work better for that... Parsec and Moonlight both run yourself some time and just use either one of those.
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4 weeks ago, Djsmcmusic
Great But Please Fix Issues
Steamlink is by far my number 1 go to for remote streaming of my pc. Its better then Alot of competition and is by far the MOST easiest to set up again compared to others such as Moonlight. The only issues I had are the green screen which I fixed which I believe was due to resolution and video settings but most recently I had lost all audio in app it can pick up my mic but no sound can be heard BELIEVE ME yes I tried everything in steam, on pc, sound settings, audio inputs etc etc hours spent and I cant for the love of me fix this issue its not my pc because it works using other applications only steam-link I come to believe this is a actual bug which im not surprised too because yall do have issues when it comes to the microphone making audio sound distorted but this is a whole new issue please address yall issues and I hope to see Steamlink improve in the future for now I have a work around by opening up remote desktop to get audio while letting Steamlink capture my mic but please I hope to see this issue fixed in the future thank you so much for offering Steamlink again it is a life changer!
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3 months ago, Brutalenigma
Great for everything except “playing” a game
I use this app almost everyday. If I gotta hit the head while I’m in queue for a dota match, grab phone pop on steam link, never miss a queue. If I leave my satisfactory world running while I’m away from my pc and I wanted to see if everything was running smoothly, use the link to check in. If I want to remote download a game/purchase a game in desktop mode by the time I get home it’ll be waiting for me. The app does a lot of things really well including letting you shutdown and access basically your entire pc remotely in a lightweight response low latency package, however the one thing it doesn’t do well is gaming. That’s not the fault of the app but the device which it is on. The only thing I would add is better dynamic resolution support for multiple displays of different sizes or at least allow us to select a monitor as primary to avoid issues on the app. Been using this non stop for 4-5 years now and even had the actual physical link back in the day. Great product. Keep it free and keep it up
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5 years ago, ilovehsn
Lacks Native Support/ Touch Screen
For me the only controllers I own are some Xbox controllers. The problem is the lack of support for touch screen. I used to play a lot of touch screen games when I was younger. Now that I’m older; I’m fine playing them casually in another room. However, when trying to play games I found myself having no easy native controls. With me having to mingle with each game. This app works perfectly. If you have good internet and a good computer. The result is very visually appeasing with close to no lag. To me steam should have built some more features. Like remote using of the PC. Like being able to use mouse and keyboard mode on the computer with steam minimized. You are able to do this as I clicked out of the game and had remote access of the PC. Additionally PC remote controls like turn on from sleep or turn off. I’m aware that other programs have these capabilities; Integration of these services with steam link would be a very impressive way to get people using the app. Overall very satisfied. Would recommend to a friend. -Zack Felcyn
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5 years ago, Señorspacecookie112
amazing but just needs 2 things
Steam link is just absolutely great and i love it so much!! im able to play The Forest and Friday The 13th and its just so amazing but theres just one problem. i am unable to shift/Run when i play with my buttons on screen so it would be great if there was a button or maybe having to double tap and hold the joystick and is it possible for us to be able to play with our laptop offline and maybe being really really really far apart from our laptop because something like that would be really helpful when trying to play from another location on your phone instead of having to play while your at home 🏡 and okay now this will be the last thing i promise haha but um is there any possible way that the buttons on the controller can be customized in their size because if i have a small phone i wanna make sure i can see a lot of the screen and sometimes some buttons just cover most of the screen so if you guys could cover these things it would be amazing. Thank you so much for your time and you guys are doing amazing so keep at it
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2 years ago, Anthony's nickname
Negative reviews are missing the point
The majority of the negative reviews are from people who expected the app to do something it wasn't meant to. This app is for when you have a gaming PC at home, on the same network as your Mac, and you want to stream Steam games from the gaming PC to the Mac. It does a great job of this. I've been (re)playing Skyrim on my Mac from the convenience of my bed, with the Mac keyboard and a wired mouse. There's a very slight lag, but it isn't noticeable when using the mouse to aim and look around... it's only noticeable when using the mouse as a cursor, e.g., when navigating menus. There is also the occasional stutter, but it's not annoying. Overall it's not an absolutely perfect experience, but it's better than being tethered to my gaming PC. When you stop and think about how crazy it is that you're streaming a whole game from one computer to another with very low latency, this is a solid 5-star app.
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11 months ago, Adtonamor
Stopped working after the new “Big picture mode”
I used to use this all the time as a way to check on the progress of some of my games, not to play them outright because I don’t have a good iOS controller. What I really used this for was Bluestacks. I had macros for some of my favorite mobile games. And it was also nice that locking my phone wouldn’t quit the games I was playing. Since the big picture mode changed to look like the steam deck, all the resolutions are wrong. It will show that I’m clicking on one thing but the mouse is in a totally different position. Also it seems like steam link stops other applications from opening. I try to open Bluestacks and it closes or stays on a black screen (if I open it while at/through my computer this doesn’t happen). Lastly this new update also doesn’t like it when I try to close big picture mode because it will sometimes freeze everything or exit and then immediately go back in on its own. Anyway, it doesn’t work anymore for me but if it will work for the game you like it’s good. That’s pretty much my review.
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1 year ago, JGPRNYC
Decent enough option for remote play (when it works at least)
Steam Link would be great if valve actually put more work into polishing it. Upon connecting to your computer, they put steam into big picture mode on shows you your game library, which is done pretty well. However, it’s not always reliable if say, you have a game already open and you want to connect to your computer and keep playing remotely from your phone. At times it’ll just show you an infinite loading screen and when you can get the game on the screen, the controls will be unresponsive. When they work, Controls can be mediocre but at least you can fully customize them, although I think I have ran into issues with the control layout saving. However, if you have any type of wireless controller, you can connect it to your computer and just use the phone as a screen and audio. Speaking of audio sometimes, The sound doesn’t always switch the app, and stop on the computer Speakers which can be mildly annoying. Another thing that is mildly annoying is the STUPID “bootink!” Or “poo tink !” boop Sound effect for EVERY TIME hit a button in options menus. I mean seriously why do I need a sound? I already know what I’m pressing. Please give an option to MUTE this sound effect because I HATE annoying UI sound effects. If these kinks can be ironed out, this app would be pretty much PERFECT. Wishing the best. Cheers
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2 years ago, GATEDFUZZ
remote connection?!
so i had never used this app before but have had steam for a few months, installed it and set it up to work on my network, no issues, but didnt feel like playing at the time. a week or so later, i open it on my break at work (i work and live on the same street, but theyre not on the same network or even close enough to connect to either at the same time) and it just worked. rather flawlessly too. i was able to pull up 3DMark and did a benchmark on my system from my iphone while i was at work. interested to see the hit it was taking while streaming to a different location, and believe it or not my timespy score was higher than my last benchmark. we live in a strange world. steam link doesnt care. it just works, and if it doesnt work for you while youre two rooms away, then youre doing something wrong
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2 years ago, O R C <3
Insanely laggy from my experience
So I downloaded this because I wanted to play Stardew Valley off of my phone, I wasn’t expecting me having to live stream from my computer just to play, I was certainly disappointed about that but I’m also not sure if they even said that you could do that in the the first place, so I’m not sure if I just was making up stuff or like they said it or not. Once I started the live stream, And it was extremely laggy on my phone there was like 2 frames per second. it asked me about the setting on how to move and all the buttons and what they do, once I customized my controls, the controls didn’t even work- I have to move around on my computer and the controls on my phone don’t even work. Those were my only complaints, I definitely think that this app is safe to put you’re email in and you’re account information. That’s all!
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2 years ago, SM_John
Controller problem
Now a lack of good touch controls makes enough sense but if I can’t use my controller then this app is kinda pointless.. My controller doesn’t work on this I’m using a PS5 controller and was able to use it on other apps to test it but for some reason it doesn’t work in this app despite it saying it’s connected. It won’t do anything during that start up screen for the app where it says controller settings then test controller. Even after my phone connects to the computer and is loading up steam or a game directly it won’t do nothing despite the fact I have the touch controls off. I can even test the controller by turning on and using the touch controls to go to steams controller setting press identify and the haptics confirm it’s connected. Is there a reason for this a way I’m supposed to connect outside of Bluetooth ?? So from my experience it’s great if you can use the touch controls but my controller ain’t connecting so no SpiderMan Miles Morales mobile for me….
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4 months ago, 4chan_user
iPad External Monitor Support with mouse malfunctioning
When using an iPad that connects to an external monitor, the steam link app launches a black screen on the iPad and outputs the stream on the external monitor. However when using a mouse, it is unusable on the external monitor as it is trapped within an invisible barrier of the iPad screen and not the entirety of the external monitor. Changing the resolution of the stream to match the iPad doesn’t solve the issue. In addition whether using stage manager or duplicating the iPad display, the result is always the same. There seems to be no way to get the mouse to properly use the external monitor without being locked in the iPad screen. I believe it’s an issue of scaling or a bug, if the mouse scales with the external display it should be fine. Please look into this valve. Otherwise app functions fine if it is in the iPad screen only. Has trouble lowering resolution on the fly if the network is bad.
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3 years ago, Quickpull
Usually works well, needs some additional features
I have been using this to play a number of PC games on my iPhone. In general it works very well, occasionally requiring a reset that usually fixes things. My biggest issue with it is that there are a few commands hard coded into the app that sometimes conflict with certain games. Most notably, holding down the Y button on the controller brings up the session manager overlay. However some games require you to hold down Y for various things, and the app makes that input Impossible. Sea of thieves is a good example, where you have to hold down Y to interact with lots of things, but doing so is impossible while playing through this app. This function should be remappable, or at least moved to hold down start or something less commonly used in games.
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4 years ago, rydan313
Terrible most of the time.
So I only have one game right now that I care about and maybe the issue is just compatibility with that particular game but my experience has been awful. The game is Steins;Gate 0. When I start the majority of the time it will get stuck on “connecting”. Except it isn’t really. There is a pop up that appears on the PC. So I have to go over there and click the button with my mouse. Now the game will start on the iPad. But... half the time now the audio is on the PC and not on the iPad. And half the time the Steam controller stops working a few seconds in. If the game is full screen the it runs 10x faster than it should making it unplayable but only when using this app. If it isn’t full screen then half the time the streaming misses just slightly so I see part of the desktop and part of the game. There are other issues but I’m running out of space. But when it works it works great, just requires around 5 tries and 10 minutes to get there.
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8 months ago, DillionV
I gave it five stars because of what it makes possible never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could play my pc games on a mobile device now I can do so on my phone that blows my mind it’s laggy sometimes when it works but it does work so I'm staying positive in hopes that the developers can fix the issues and they will I’m sure of it I’m playing with the backbone one gaming controller so I can’t and won’t put the blame solely on the developer of steam link but like I said I love the app and I love the direction it is taking us I’ve been a gamer for 35 years and I’ve seen gaming start and I’ve been lucky enough to see it get to where it is today I have faith in the gaming industry and the developers that make it happen keep up the great job with this app
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2 years ago, John D.R.
Surprisingly Good
All things considered the fact that this allows you to remotely control and play your Steam games from your phone is pretty good. What surprised me the most was how actually decent the latency was. It’s still not something I’d recommend for all games, but the fact that I play actually fine in a fighting game (on single-player modes at least) is pretty remarkable. The only real problem I see with it is that there’s no touch controls. Touching your screen can only control your mouse. If you have a modern wireless controller then chances are it can be connected to your phone through Bluetooth. It’s a neat feature that wasn’t necessary for them to add, but it’s available anyway and actually works pretty well.
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1 year ago, sdave90
Works great; input problems
This application is an amazing piece of work that turns your mobile devices into thin-clients for your gaming PC. It includes network diagnostics tools, and lots of customization and settings to help you get the optimal experience. The one major frustration that prevents me from giving this a 5/5 is that there are still major issues with games that require mouse input. I have two major gripes: To start with, in quite a few games, scrolling up and down on a magic mouse does nothing. I haven't tried it with a normal PC mouse that has a scroll wheel, but this should just work out of the box for an application on the App Store. Secondly In the Windows version of Unity games running through Proton, right-clicking anywhere on the screen to change the camera angle results in rapid spinning. The right-click seems to send mouse positions all over the game display, and it makes the games unplayable. I know emulation is tricky, but Valve's engineers work on both Steam Link and Proton, so this should have been caught by QA. Still, for the games where these aren't limitations, Steam Link is awesome. That's why I'm giving this 3 stars.
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5 years ago, JLImun
The idea of being able to play my games on my phone or other devices is in itself amazing. I’m absolutely blown away at this. Not only does this allow me some freedom in regards to proximity and the like, it gives new life to games I’ve shelved. For example, Stardew Valley: great game, I love it, but I’ve always felt it would be better as a mobile game and when I saw it on my phone’s App Store, I knew it would be fun but I wasn’t willing to buy it twice. This allows me to not only play Stardew Valley on my mobile but also treat it like I have felt it should be, something I check in on and play in 20 minute or so increments rather than dedicate hours to at a time. Brilliant idea, and the fact that it’s possible.... I can’t sing your praises enough.
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5 years ago, timmy97236
Start/select doesn’t work with Rotor Riot MFi controller
So bought an Rotor Riot iOS (RR1850) MFi controller everyone recommended. Started up steam link and dark souls and everything worked well. But then tried to get into menu and the steam overlay kept popping up. Realized that the start/select button chords weren’t working. It’s like the menu button on the controller is hardwired to pop up the steam overlay. So tried turning the overlay off and than it’s like the menu button didn’t do anything in game. I know that the button works because it registers in iOS games and in the controller input check. This makes most games unplayable since the start and select button is quite important in most games and functions like an inventory and menu. So most games including dark souls is unplayable. I might try an Xbox controller but didn’t work with the recommended MFi controller. Hopefully this is just a easy software update fix.
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5 years ago, WhatACoincidence
Great App, useless without an MFI
I am so happy this app exists, I love being able to take my entire Steam library wherever I go. The versatility is so great, and it’s so much fun being able to play wherever I want with my friends. My only complaints are that the connection can get kind of shifty, but that’s to be expected with a cloud streaming app, so i don’t really give much fault to that. The other, and more major, one is that unless you have an MFI or some kind of controller, this app is pretty much useless. The touch control registry for most of the games is nonexistent, and they only truly work with some sort of external controller. I have one and it works great for me, so I live using this app all the time, but unless you have some sort of controller or MFI, this app is useless.
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5 years ago, Hexley94
An OK start
Streaming your games is definitely improving and becoming more of a viable option over time. After comparing various streaming services, from GeForce Now to AMD’s Link on the same network, I cant help but feel the impact of the quality of the steam link service. Granted, both aforementioned services rely on optimizations designed for their particular GPU’s as opposed to steam’s out of the box one size fits all approach. With that in mind I don’t feel like the experience is truly on par with the previously mentioned services from Nvidia or AMD. It’s not terrible, and it’s relatively smooth a lot of the time, but the hiccups and the recovery period of the stream during latency is kind of painful as opposed to being noticeably brief. That coupled with the poor touch controls and obvious biased towards non steam hardware like the controller, also contribute to my average review. Don’t get me wrong, I’d buy a steam controller in a heart beat if this service met the following standards: 1) improved streaming quality 2) remote access outside of your home network like the GeForce shield’s streaming setup I have. Otherwise, it’s a good start. I hope they continue to update it and improve it over time.
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1 year ago, remeree
unfinished imo
great idea but if you gotta be on the same wifi, whats the point? to keep playing when you gotta use the bathroom maybe? overall id vote the point of using your phone for steam is to be away from home. essentially to use your phone as a steamdeck (granted you have a phone controller to use). and im also aware this would imply loading huge games on the minimal memory phones have but thats what SD cards are for. if this app could run games on steam separately id unquestionably give it 5 stars and go as far as promoting/encouraging the download of it, but considering it has as much use as the controller youd likely use for it, its no more than a wireless connector for pc controllers. saves money i guess but nothing to be hype about
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2 years ago, SamtheMan27
Was decent, now bad
Ok so I got this about a year ago to play Phasmophobia, and I remember the first day the touch screen worked, then it just froze. Now, about a year later, I decided to give it another try. I loaded it when I didn’t have access to my computer, and it said the tough screen was on, so then today I had to wait literally hours for it to update for some reason, and it wouldn’t let me do anything. The touch wasn’t even enabled, and O didn’t have a controller or anything connected. I don’t own a controller that works for computers either, only a PS3 DualShock3, so now I can’t play it at all. Everything is pretty simple too, so there wasn’t anything that could enable touch screen, not to mention the bad graphics. 2/5 because it could be good, but a bad experience for me.
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2 years ago, Cuw
Look this is great software hampered by it's lack of following apple UI standards
Just basic things like taking focus without being "fullscreen" are against apple guidelines, the app doesn't play nice with MacOS in really any way. I get that this isn't the super high priority product since mac gaming is niche and game streaming on a mac is even more niche, but I truly believe that y'all in Bellvue can make a top tier Apple API based app. If Steam and Steam Link felt like real top tier MacOS apps, and not also rans, you would enable so many more people access to your storefront. But like the steam client still uses window chrome elements from before retina macbooks launched 10 years ago, so IDK if you will ever take this huge and growing platform seriously
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2 years ago, XxLeva115xX
Amazing! But not for all games
Personally I think this is best for single player games that don’t require fast reaction times. Maybe turn based games, visual novels, extremely story rich games that have no combat, etc. The link is a little nuanced, and I mainly use it to connect to my computer from home in desktop mode so I can stream anime from it to my phone while at work. I personally believe this app is best for simply being able to fully access your computer from your phone. Playing any game that has combat will not be fun because there is quite a bit of input lag, and it’ll be a little frustrating to play.
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7 months ago, Oelt20
Works most of the time
On average, this is an incredible app that lets you play on the go with your phone or mobile device. However, in a few cases it will just … not work. Considerable cases being weird green screen with only a mouse visible. You can still hear what’s going on, but nothing is visible. Other cases include crashing upon startup, and not recognizing computers running stream every so often. It could use a couple bug fixes here and there, but it’s not a problem as steam doesn’t charge anything for remote play like Microsoft does, which I see as a huge win.
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4 years ago, Dead gig
Nearly flawless
I tried this app a few months back and felt it just didn’t look or feel good enough to actually play games for an extended period of time on but today I tried again and was amazed what an incredible experience my wireless (no Ethernet) Apple TV was able to pull off. Was able to play the last 4 hours of resident evil 2 remake with no issues whatsoever today. No discernible input delay or major artifacting. Super clear font and all. I was seriously impressed. Not sure if they did something under the hood recently to make this much better or what but I plan on using this all the time now.
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1 year ago, Seethru2
Best used as wireless audio.
I find the best use case for Steam link, is to use your phone and headphones of choice with steam link. It creates a makes for a great work around when you have no bluetooth port/ Headphones. Turn off Video and controls and it streams great depending on the internet/data each device is using, you could even use Googles Desktop sharing tool for a lighter weight version of this workaround. Otherwise used, Steam Link its a half decent showcase of Valve's streaming tech, is one downfall really is how bloated it is. That plus your bandwidth/data bottlenecking just slows everything down further...
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4 years ago, ninfin1
Works best with a controller as sometimes with simulated mouse you can click off a game that you run windowed and get out of steam, because you can’t tab back in it makes things awkward, also you need to be on the same WiFi which is limiting but given that it’s effectively remote access it makes sense, would love to see a way to lock it to steam only access and allow cellular, overall it’s a great app that does exactly as promised. A little more freedom with what controls you can place at any given time would be nice but again that problem is null with a controller. 9/10
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5 years ago, Meowser01
Streams well, but controls are lacking.
The app streams games nearly perfectly in my experience, however, the controls are all over the place. In some places, like your desktop, you can choose to use direct mouse control. It is intuitive and just like using a normal touch screen. In many games however, it changes to a drag the cursor and tap to click mode. This makes it so point and click games become drag cursor to where you want, then click. This wouldn’t be so unbearable if it weren’t for the fact that you also click when you start dragging. Now if you are in a dialogue menu, you will always click the line where your cursor was last. Frustrating to say the least. The other needed feature is to allow all controls regardless of what you are currently doing. If you are on the desktop, you can customize to have common buttons like ctrl, shift, esc. However, in game they aren’t available anymore. Games that have their menu accessible through esc now require external input. Outside of those issues, streaming is great and if you have a controller gameplay is even better.
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1 year ago, marclive
Much worse after the latest update.
The latest update made the streaming performance much worse than before. The performance worsen not only on steam link ios app, but also on (steam-made) steam link device. Before they changed the interface, I had a constant 50-60 fps performance when streaming in 1080p. Now I only get around 20-25 fps. Another negative: After they changed the interface, now games with splash screen intro (skyrim, new tomb raider series, etc.) don't work anymore. Now it only shows endless loading screen with steam logo. I had to quit the game, physically go to my PC, quit the big picture (while streaming on my ios device), load the game again, click play on the game splash screen, and continue on my ios device. What a hassle...
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5 years ago, chasen54
Steam Link Makes PC Gaming Couch Worthy!
Im an owner of the actual Steam Link hardware device and Steam Controller - but this app had just changed everything for my PC gaming habits. When I come from work (being in front a computer all day), the last thing I want to do is play in front of one. So enter this app. I’m now crushing through my library of unplanted games on my ipad like no ones business. Paired with the MiFi enable Steam Controller - it’s an absolute dream. It’s actually now made me pick up my Nintendo Switch less...but hey I’m all about playing those games at the resolution they were supposed to be played at!
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2 years ago, stocdj32
Better than expected
It's not without its bugs but it can work very well. For the best experience, I recommend getting a backbone controller for your phone. It works without any configuration for some big titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII Remake. My PC is well equipped with an RTX 3080 TI and gig fiber internet so lag is never an issue. Not sure why this is getting such harsh reviews. It's pretty insane to be able to play real games on the go, even if it's not perfect every time. Really looking forward to this apps further development!
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5 years ago, Stareye
Finally-works very well
Just played 2 hours of Batman Arkham Knight in beautiful smooth hi-res on my iPad Pro. Used a MadCatz controller I dug out of a box; threw two triple A batteries in synced it to Bluetooth and steam auto installed a very small audio driver to my pc. No problems. I bet with a newer controller or maybe a Steam controller it would be even better. As it is, it’s beyond my highest expectations-I purposely chose that title because it’s a hog with lots of different controls and I had no issues. I’ll try some more games and come back and edit if I have any big issues but otherwise it’s great. Good job
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3 years ago, garfield7777
Blew my expectations
When I got this I expected it to be laggy and only support certain games that had the remote play tag. Boy was I wrong, you can run anything! Not only does it work while home away from the desktop, but I was able to play my ultra-modded skyrim during my break at work! It worked surprisiny well with no lag, but some big resolution dips over a bad internet connection in the break room. I use my Razer Kishi with this and strongly recommend it as the go-to controller for this!
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2 years ago, Erick E. Romero
Streaming works, controllers won’t
I tried using the virtual controller, and pairing a PS5 dual shock to my iPad Pro running iOS 15.4.1 and neither of those worked. No button presses were passed to the underlying game for the Dual Shock, and nothing showed up on screen for the virtual controller. What I do instead is that I will connect my controller to the PC through bluetooth, and just stream the video over. That worked well enough in my experience. Great job! There are definitely things to improve here, but the fact that this works at all is super sick.
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8 months ago, Mermaid-beach
A Stellar App for Gamers
Flawless Functionality: This app works seamlessly for its intended purpose, and I couldn't be happier with how well it performs. It's a testament to the developers' dedication and expertise. Free and Accessible: It's worth noting that this app is not only functional but also free to use. The generosity of the developers in providing such a valuable tool for free is commendable. Cons: None. Seriously, there's nothing to complain about here. Final Thoughts: I find it perplexing when I come across negative reviews from users who might not have fully grasped the capabilities and purpose of the Steam app. To the developers: Your work is exceptional, and your contribution to the gaming community is invaluable. Thank you for making this tool available to us. Don't be discouraged by the naysayers – your dedicated users appreciate your hard work. Keep it up!
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2 years ago, Potato ☭
It’s alright
It can run games pretty good, but the formatting is awful. It’s very difficult to change the controls, they keep reverting. I don’t know if I’m dumb or if it’s just buggy. Also, I wouldn’t recommend playing a game that requires a keyboard. I did try it and it worked, but you obviously didn’t have enough buttons for every key, so y’know.. I was a little disappointed that you still needed the computer in order to stream on mobile, you might as well just play on computer at that point.
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3 years ago, barrymcnamara
Amazing but More Instruction Needed
This app is more amazing than advertized. Mouse & keyboard support. It works outside the local network. Lag is hardly noticable aside from intermittent slowdowns. Obviously worse than ethernet but fine for casual gaming when travelling, even first-person-shooters. Mic input is disabled by default, and it took me awhile to realize I could enable it in the escape menu. I had an issue where the mouse cursor wouldn't appear in-game that I fixed by enabling num key control in Windows to spoof a mouse.
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5 years ago, Magusblanc
Another Way To Kill Time
The app itself functions as it should (at least with the games I’ve tried). Installation and connection process was smooth, simple, and intuitive. I already had my setup according to the “best performance” criteria so I can’t vouch for the stability and speed if a user weren’t to use that, but at the very least I would recommend having your pc connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. Overall, great app and added functionality to Steam. I don’t download much, if any, iPhone games anymore so this allows me to make use of my vast Steam library.
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2 years ago, ekurax
Please fix the iPad magic keyboard scrolling!
This works really well overall, but unfortunately a small but important piece of my setup is broken! I use the magic keyboard with the iPad Pro, and the keyboard and trackpad generally work great EXCEPT two finger scrolling on the trackpad does not translate to a scroll wheel up or down input on the host machine. As far as I can tell, there is no way to scroll with my setup, which is a big deal in many games that have lists, scroll based camera control, and so on. If I use a Bluetooth mouse on the iPad with a scroll wheel, I’m able to scroll… but I really just want my trackpad scrolling to work. Please fix valve!
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4 months ago, TheBanditTR
Great product but some issues
When using a controller the software works great. It does have some strange issues going from full screen to creating a second desktop but that's here nor there. The thing does it's job. If you're a KB mouse user it's where the issue begins. When you hold a letter key, let's say E, you will able to call diacritic marks among other things. Well Steam Link pick up on this and it is very annoying holding the WASD and seeing that in the screen. Only reason I don't score it 5.
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3 years ago, groupautogenics
A little disappointing
This should have been really awsome, i can play all of my steam games on the go?! That sure sounds cool except theres one small thing. You need to be on the network the computer is on a.k.a you can really only use this at your home except what is the point? Why not just use your computer if your already home? Oh and also its pretty buggy it usally just doesnt work and freezes. If i could use this while im on vacation this would be an easy five stars no matter how poorly it worked but beacuse of it only working at your house this thing is useless really just a mildly frustrating novelty.
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2 years ago, kjldlt
This app is very hard to use and I think develoer should add tutorials when you join the app.
Do you have to use a computer connected to your net work which isn’t easy when you get your computer connected to your Network still doesn’t work so this can use a lot more updates Plus One of my biggest game dreams was in this app but it does not wanna work I cannot sign in show me to give this one star if I could add more stars negative. I’m not happy this is a skim once you buy the game for the first time you want you to do it for the second time so I prefer not to buy a game. Did you available or just making this game so you can just spend money on nothing.
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2 years ago, ColeB117
Excellent Application
Always been a big fan of Steam Link on all devices. I would actually do 4 stars, because Moonlight has a little less latency, but I feel like I need to do something to drown out all of the completely tech illiterate reviews on here. Most of the one start reviews are from people who have no idea what this is for or how it works. Why are you people leaving one star reviews if you don't know what you're talking about??
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3 years ago, Mawthra
Been wanting a Steam Link app for macOS for SO long and now it's finally here! If all I want to do is stream my gaming PC to my MBP, I don't really need to install the full blown Steam and that's where this lightweight and easily installed/uninstalled app fits in perfectly... it works just like the Steam Link app on iOS, tvOS, etc... simple and does the job. THANK YOU, VALVE! Now the icing on the cake is if they would put a version on the Microsoft Store for low powered Surface devices where you just want to Stream Steam and not install the whole client
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1 year ago, jacqg213468952
Huge disappointment
This is the least user friendly gaming platform we have ever encountered. The app is horrible. It should be so much more straight forward to log into our steam account and be able to play on mobile devices. Countless other platforms have mastered being a computer based program with app and mobile capability but steam's system is archaic. We're no longer using the app or the computer platform. The app itself needs so much prep and linking to computers, which completely defeats the purpose of using the app to begin with. Not worth the effort given the millions of games out there that allow for mobile usage in a much more streamline process.
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4 years ago, nickhstr
The app has come a long way. As an owner of the Steam Link hardware, my expectations for the app were pretty high. Upon its launch, the app was ok. The experience, while playable, was not as smooth as the Steam Link, even when matching resolution, quality, encoding, etc. However, now that the app has been out for a while, and has received a few updates, it’s spectacular. Streaming at 4K Beautiful is flawless! I primarily use the app on the Apple TV 4K, and there is no difference in input lag across streaming resolutions, unlike when it first launched. The streaming quality is so good, I play FPS games without any lag issues. Now I only use my Steam Link for the rare occasion I want to use my Steam Controller. If you don’t need mouse/keyboard/Steam Controller support, the app is an awesome alternative. Couch gaming has never looked so good!
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