Steel Guitar

3.8 (53)
128.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yonac Inc.
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for Steel Guitar

3.77 out of 5
53 Ratings
4 years ago, Manelee Arnbee
Genuinely Nice App
Love the app, very unique and creative. Would be complete imo if it included a Nylon String Guitar. I know there are no steel slides in Nylon Guitar playing, but this is todays’ music. Composition and creativity is what you make of it, so the limitation of not having one only leaves room for the next guy to go for it. My two cents.
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2 years ago, m6255
Sweet sound but where’s the AU ?
What I’m upset about is when I bought this, at some point it included an AU and or VST3 plug-in that I could then use with Logic Pro x and if it works with Logic it works with apples main stage. There’s even a link to download the plugin but there’s nothing there. What happened? When these music apps came out for iPhone and later iPad I considered them just music/game apps. Something to play with not a reliable performing tool. Plus I’ve looked everywhere and i think this is the only lap steel out there. Amazingly so far I’ve just listened to it through my gen 1 iPad Pro with 4 speakers. It’s amazing the sweet sound this makes through those tiny speakers. I can’t wait to hear it through my studio rig. Let me know if I can get a plug-in for Logic Pro x . Ofcoarse it would have to be played on a keyboard and will not have all these functions. Maybe that’s why it’s gone
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3 years ago, Gitarzz
What Have I Been Missing?
I bought this app when it first went on sale and picked up the in-app purchases. I played with it a couple of times then I never touched it again until today. 5 years I’ve had this and not used it’s amazing tone and vibe. Over the last couple of years I’ve learned a bit about slide guitar so I applied that to this and in no time I was playing Ry Cooders Feelin’ Bad Blues. The only real downside I see with this is that I can’t mute the strings that are ringing when I move to other strings. That’s right hand technique. But you can adjust the dampened sustain so it creates an imperfect approximation but still usable. I highly recommend this app even if just to try killing time in the waiting line at your local rat race. It sounds great and it’s fun.
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1 year ago, Murdock Scott
Dude, you are killing me with these “new version upgrades”. I spent a decent amount money on IAP for this app, and now I discover that to stay current, I have to buy a new version and likely repurchase all the add-ons that I purchased for THIS one? That feels really wrong to me. I own much of the stuff you produce going back a very long time and as you can see below I have been a strong supporter, but after buying expensive updated versions of Galileo, and Magellan (I was mostly glad to support them even if they were costly) I now discover I need to move to new versions of Steel Guitar and ToneStack and I see no way to move my IAPs for either. Yeah, I’m sorry but I think I’m gonna have to let these go and focus my resources elsewhere. (somewhat duplicated in my ToneStack review)
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5 years ago, LinearLineman
Marvelous app... as soon as I figured out to play the bar on the right!
It took me a bit to get sound out of it. I am used to playing the strings, but here you need to play that pickup pad on the right! Fantastic sounds. Love Kauldron and Magellan as well! Thank you! Exploring and have discovered this only works using the onscreen fretboard. Disappointing, as I would love to access the sounds with a keyboard. Any chance of that happening?
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8 years ago, christidestrom
After buying and spending 4 amazing hours with Tone Stack, I looked at other apps on the website and watched the video for Steel Guitar. Bought it, and the whole enchilada pack. This app is so awesome, the sounds, the layout, the features. A couple of things on my wishlist: MIDI out, so I can record and edit my many mistakes in a piano roll editor. And the awesome Bristol amp model and the totally brilliant Pepper & Vinegar overdrive from Tone Stack! Thank you :)
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9 years ago, TheRealDutchee
Great sound and fun!
A few minutes of playing with the free version was all that it took for me to instantly upgrade to the full version! This app is fantastic and is another great addition to any mobile musician's arsenal. Don't hesitate, try it out and see and hear for yourself. This app sells itsells pretty much. Updated review: Thanx for offering both landscape orientations now. That was my only complaint with the previous version. It deserves the full five stars now :) Awesome! This app is pure ear candy and is highly recommended!
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8 years ago, Tovokas
Fantastic App
I've never touched a real steel guitar in my life, but Steel Guitar let's me pretend to be Steve Howe during the soaring sections of 'And You and I' to my heart's content. The touch controls are fantastic, and the instruments, amps, and effects all sound great. As mentioned, the 'Whole Enchilada' bundle is an absolute no-brainer.
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9 years ago, ZenLizard
Nothing Else Like It
On iOS, at least. Sounds good and it's fun to play.
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4 years ago, MaestroJFlex
Rip-off Alert
They have the nerve to put this on cybermonday sale without revealing that it crashes on open because is FIVE YEARS OLD and yet ANOTHER paid app rendered useless by an apple update with no discernible value. This was a lovely application and like so many others, is useless and irreplaceable. Don’t bother clicking for support, they don’t even list this on their menu. For sale yes, support NO.
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5 years ago, Jennie the Jesus-lover
Some lovely guitar choices; include a Stratocaster for the Strat lover?
The tele and acoustic and twelve string and lapsteels I quite enjoy. I love the sound of a Strat also and was wondering if it’s possible to include a Strat to play steel guitar with in this app? ♥️🎶🎸 Thank you God bless you 🙏
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3 years ago, Tek 5
Would love it if you could add midi you can play the actual sounds thru a midi controller(keyboard)...I could rate this 5 stars...the pitch bend or mod wheel should control the slider could sell more...most people use midi controllers these days...then I could rate it 5 stars
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9 years ago, Oddquad
Perfect now!
Thank you Yonac for fixing the landscape orientation issue! This amazing app is now even more... Amazing-er! Kudos for listening to your loyal users. 5 stars!
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4 years ago, SCrawM
IAA issue
I’m trying to use this as an IAA in BM3 and no sound is coming through. Tried to use with Audiobus but this app isn’t compatible. Is there a way to make this work?
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5 years ago, MachinalgggxxxO
Misleading claims midi compatibility, not playable with midi
Based on the information in the app, I assumed that midi playability was part of the ‘advanced midi options’ you can pay to purchase. But midi can’t be used to play the instrument, just for secondary parameters like fx and volume. Dishonest company.
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3 years ago, RubenCarrilloJr
No MIDI Hardware Support
Even though the app says Hardware In, I assumed this meant that you can enable playing notes on your midi keyboard, it doesn’t work at all. I wish I had never purchased this.
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4 years ago, Tommyapplesauce
Was on sale with all apps today and bought it all but doesnt work
Even bought the “whole enchalada”package for an extra 9.99 to be able to access midi control but it doesn’t work
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2 years ago, heresmylife
I love it, I use it everyday! Amazing sound for an App!
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9 years ago, Hydra vein
So easy to use tons of sounds, features, fx. Love it.
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13 years ago, fred (is scared)
All in all, very good
I downloaded just to see if it was any good. As one that plays real steel guitars, I liked the various features that others may not think to add otherwise, it ran well, good quality sound, except for actually sliding the fret. Also would be good to actually have a way of recording, kind of like a sound recording session that we would do, goofing around til we found a good tune and worked from there. All in all, a very good, well-designed app.
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5 months ago, The Gonk
Shuts off my Bluetooth
When I open this app it shuts off my Bluetooth headphones…?
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7 years ago, Mikes jello
I love this app!!! Please keep it updated.
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2 years ago, John Gault
App doesn’t play through headphones
Trying to use app with headphones
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6 years ago, Ribblefribbitz
Would love to try it
Every time I try to download it, it appears to download and then puts up a dialog box saying the app could not be downloaded.
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6 years ago, Shiggles’n'Gits
Slide bar locks
Kind of hard to play steel guitar without a movable slide bar. It works sometimes but only after I stop and restart the app
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3 years ago, inChrist25
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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3 years ago, obeyjr39
Not working
It won’t work with my AirPods 👎🏼
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15 years ago, Vdrumpro999
Even better
Even if you don't play or know much about steel guitar this is a remarkable instrument emulation and much thought has gone into its design. Update: Thanks for the slide tweek-- you rock my world literally.. It is WAY more like playing some steel than rubbing two wrinkled dollar bills together. Anyone could have fun with this app.. Blues electric player curious about what 10 strings and 4 pedals can do all crunchy and effected? Buy. Keyboardist? Buy. Harp? (coming soon) ger bear picked heavy licks on the steel..your turn. So close to perfect... (though more than complete for the money) The bar still needs some attention. I need to be able to mute strings, having played some pedal steel before so I can't really lock in and start flowing with this tool but... I could just strum those ten shiny strings a few times and get $2 of warmth back from this app. With apps like this you can make your own music for the price of a couple iTunes songs.. The 'professor' reviewer needs to take a 101 course on iPhone apps and reboot his device, then take music 098 and learn what a steel guitar is-- sure looks like one to me. The prof might try and go find any killer guitar app like ishred and look at the frets.. This is a small control surface not a physical guitar replica. (agree about bar though) does the prof give all his 90% students f's? If you were going to set a curve for $2 apps this is an a+ IMO..
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15 years ago, crankyrva
Even cooler than I hoped for
This is one of the most amazing iPhone instruments yet... I was excited when I saw this, and figured since it was from Yonac that it would be good, but it far surpasses my expectations - TONS of options, sounds great, lots of fun to play! I have a little experience playing lap steel and dobro, and this is a heck of a translation to the iPhone platform. If you like steel guitar in any way shape or form, this is a no brainer- just buy it. My requests for future updates :). : - ability to record and export tracks - ability to layer tracks - option to save your various configurations so that you can switch back and forth without having to set the whole thing up again- for example, my favorite set up is the lap steel on the clean setting in open G, with various other little tweaks. I do also like the Nashville set up, and it would be nice to be able to just zip back and forth between them. Excellent job Yonac- thank you!!!!! Update: whoops, you •can• jam over top your iPod music! So I removed that ask... And I've been showing this to people and playing it for them and they are amazed by how good it sounds.
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9 years ago, boldstandard
Awesome sounding app
I really love the sound of this app. The samples are really good and convincing. I like how the fretboard and strings change with the different guitars. The tuning options and tweakability are superb. I like that you can mute the strings too. One small thing I would love to see.. I wish there was a mode where you could fret only some of the strings, and leave some of them open. Maybe that's a weird thing I do when I am playing a lapsteel. But it is an effective technique. I've seen Daniel Lanois do it too. Makes it easier to get some counterpoint in your playing. It seems like it would be possible with multitouch. Not exactly sure how, but that would be awesome. :)
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14 years ago, Elmo pedal steel
Confusing (or counterintuitive) for an actual steel guitar player
can anyone tell me how to get a user's manual for this app? The app has potential, but did the developer work with anyone who actually plays the instrument? right now I'm stuck above the 12th fret because I used the scroll function. Also, though I can pluck rapidly thru multiple strings, it's difficult to play multiple strings simultaneously. finally, if the ("pedal") method of altering pitch is tilting the ipod, it looks like only 1 raise or lower can happen at once? if it could create intervals or triads with string raises and bar movement like the real instrument, not for creating real music, but just for a real player to work out the math of a given musical part, I'd pay decent money for it.
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9 years ago, Musecrafter1
Cannot say enough good things about this app!
I don't know why I downloaded this (free at this time) because as a guitar player I really don't like any of the virtual guitar sims to date.......until now! I didn't need long playing with the free version before I upgraded to the full version and I was not disappointed. Yanoc has a real winner here and at a very affordable price point. I won't go into all it will do. Download the free version for yourself and give it a try. If you love guitar then you owe it to yourself to have a go with this one!
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9 years ago, Jeffersxn
Orientation pleeeeease!
Lovely app! Brand new to it. Though the first issue I noticed which I think is a pretty big one is the landscape orientation.. Why can't it invert? It's upside down for me, when my iPad is connected to my particular mobile hub for recording..(Focusrite iTrack dock.) It's pretty much useless for me at the moment.. Please, I hope you take this into consideration for me and other musicians who are bound to run into this issue.. I'll change to five stars if you implement this addition. Stellar app otherwise. Thanks much, cheers!
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9 years ago, PresEmeritus ;)
Thank you so much for this update. I agree with the other reviewers said this update took the app from a toy to a playable instrument. The number of updates is truly impressive. Great job. This app will now fool some people into thinking that you have an actual pedal steel guitar. I think the trick with using this app, is in using it delicately. You still need to know what you're doing if you want to sound good. But if you don't care, it is still a ton of fun.
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14 years ago, ALXXMaXX
This is probably one of the best free apps in the app store. I only left off one star because I think that there should be a way to mute strings after you play them (I mean mute them, not just cut the volume out for a bit until you turn it back.)
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14 years ago, Yashur
Too Cool On the iPad!
I didn't think there would be a steel guitar app for the iPhone but I searched for the heck of it, and to my amazement there it was. Pretty awesome app. But like most instrument apps, the iPhone is to smallish for any realism. So I loaded this on to my iPad and loved it. The size is perfect for 10 string. I can actually play songs on it. It would be to awesome if you guys made an iPad HD version. Thanks for making my day!
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14 years ago, You guys r so gullible
I don't know 1 thing 'bout guitars so this's naturally awesome for me and the other reviews support my view. I'll soon be taking classes though, so... We'll see... Until then this app is great ;) Oh, and for those guys who couldn't hear sounds, try strumming only on that grey part (sorry, don't know what it's called!). Then it works. Or check the volume in the settings. Anyway, awesome app!
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15 years ago, Bonzriffic
This app is amazing! It's so well done, and is worth way more than $1. The graphics look sleek, and I find the playability much nicer on this app compared to other guitar apps. There are so many options, I've been having a lot of fun attempting to try them all out. I recommend this for anyone who plays guitar or is interested in guitars. It's a great and very convincing introduction to steel guitar.
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14 years ago, Jeffreyw
One of the best
This is the best and one of the most advanced free app in the store. Hard to believe that this high quality app is free! I have both real lap guitar and real steel pedal guitar, and this one plays very much like the real thing. Wonderful design, awesome and extensive options, great sounds and highly playable. I don't use any other app on my iPhone more than this one. Five stars and thanks!
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9 years ago, Sean Garland
Easily the best steel guitar iOS ap
Another incredible app from Yonac. Alongside Magellan synth, and the outstanding guitar effects app ToneStack, Steel Guitar is a must-have app for iOS musicians interested in guitar music. The base version comes with enough guitars and effects to keep you busy, but you'd be silly not to purchase "The Whole Enchilada" IAP, which brings the app to the next level. Highly recommend.
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14 years ago, Biffy the Elephant Shrew
Nice idea, bad sound
I really wanted to like this app. It's beautifully designed, has plenty of features, and obviously a lot of thought went into it. But I found it useless because of the noisy, distorted sound. It was so bad that I wondered if something had gone wrong with my download, so I tried deleting it and re-downloading it directly to my Touch. Same sound. I also didn't like the slight "jump" from one note to the next instead of a smooth slide.
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15 years ago, Museperson
Legit slide for iPhone.
Possibly one of the best apps that is a musical instrument. I am sorta blown away with how much you can do with it. I plan on actually using this at the studio that I work at because its so freakin cool. Love it. The control you have over the sounds is super good if you know what you are doing. Nice work!
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15 years ago, RadMan49
Steel Guitar
I play lap steel and this is one worthless application! Had it on my ipod for 5 whole minutes before I deleted it. This App isn't worth keeping even if was offered for free! I thought it would be a help to me on forward and reverse slants on the slide. At least give me an idea of what a proper slant should sound like. You can't do slants on this app. Doesn't sound anything like a steel guitar. If my 3 lap steel guitars sounded like this app, I would chop them up and burn them! Don't waste your time and money on this app!
Show more
9 years ago, Frankhutch
Great app
I'm running 6s on 9.1 16gb silver. Worked great for a little while but now it freezes more often than not. Also, the back part of my phone (under the camera lense) gets very hot when I am attempting to open the app after multiple freezes.
Show more
11 years ago, vardain
This needs work done on it!
Starting with it DOES NOT sound like a steel guitar in any setting. The one thing that might bring it closer is being able to slide the notes more like a real steel, which is hindered by the limited neck length and width. The gyroscope tilt and rotation is missing as well. It IS a PHONE ap that will run on an iPad, but sized for a phone. The controls are awkward with their hold/slide to get to settings. It sounds like a thin, tinny electric guitar sample mixed with a crap ap piano sound layered in the background, not a steel!
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15 years ago, Resodude
This app is just what all dobro and steel players need. I can't count the times I've had an idea for a melody and was just too lazy to unpack the tricone. One request, please add additional tunings or allow saving the user tuning. Thanks!
Show more
9 years ago, Funkywhitebrother
Unbelievably fun, realistic and amazing!!!
The best money I have spent on App Store in very long time. Solid and the options available are amazing. If you are a guitar or piano person you can get this thing humming and really add some creative sounds to tracks.
Show more
9 years ago, TanJcn
Nice sounds but frustrating orientation.
Fun and somewhat useful; decent sounds and model range; but what's up with the locked, upside-down orientation here? Developer really needs to address that; home button is under left thumb, folks, not the right (for me, at any rate). Let your users decide - unlock it. How difficult could it be?
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15 years ago, Hard Dog
Music To My Ears
At first it gets kind of boring with the sound, but I played around with the tone... It can be a rock/metal guitar! Don't give up on it! Needs a record option though!
Show more
15 years ago, Steel_player
Fun app!
Having played pedal steel for over 30 years, I was pleased to find this cool app. Hope this sparks interest in these addictive instruments for all who try it! Thanks, and enjoy!
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