Step: Bank & Build Credit

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Step Mobile Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Step: Bank & Build Credit

4.75 out of 5
66.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Kenya | ig : @ughkae_
Ok so .. I was in need of a credit card because I hated carrying cash because sometimes I never knew how much to bring and I never want to bring it all because I don’t want to lose all my cash and I started looking for banking for teens .. I came across green light but it didn’t work for me .. I came across step from Charli Damelios tiktok and I checked it out .. it literally took me 10 minutes to sign up and get my mom on board with it .. u can hook it up to your Apple Pay & etc .. I’ve been buying door dash , shein & etc with this card .. even though my card hasn’t came in yet .. the catch it you get a virtual card to use until your physical card comes in .. and this was extremely helpful .. so since all the adults I get money don’t have step .. they cash app it to me & then I cash it out & it deposits it straight to my step account even thought I don’t have a bank account .. so yea I recommend this app I’m in love !!
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2 years ago, appleoly
I need help logging in
Hello step! Recently I started to use this app and I love it, but my main concern is the log in options. I just want to know why there is only one option for logging in. Recently I had to reset my Apple ID which caused me to have to log into everything, and yes even though it’s quite irresponsible of me, I used the opposite of my main gmail to log in just in case it wasn’t legit. When my phone got reset, my gmail accounts did also. The account I signed in with, I can’t remember the password or name of the account. I’m currently experiencing money problems and if I can’t log into my account, I’d just have to go to another app. Im honestly really worried because I currently have money on there. I don’t know if you can but I was wondering if you guys could change my email?.. I tried to do it from the outside but even then it wasn’t working. I’m seriously concerned and really worried because now and days no one really carries cash which means I have to adapt. Btw, my phone number to the account is my actual phone number but the gmail isn’t. I thought that I could find some sort of way to get a verification sent to my phone number but I just couldn’t.
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2 years ago, brklyn.
My Money Was Stolen
I have been banking with Step for nearly a year now. I loved this bank until recently. A couple of weeks ago, I don’t know how but my virtual card information was stolen and used to make a $40 purchase with a company located on the other side of America from me. I opened a dispute, which was closed after a “thorough investigation” concluded that the transaction was “fully authorized” by me. I made several complaints pressuring the dispute to be reopened. I am a high school student-athlete, and a graduating senior. I am already very tight on money having to prepare for prom and graduation, and I do not have a job or source of income considering I am a full-time athlete. An internal transfer for “Account Recoupment” led to the $23 and change of my remaining balance being taken from me by Step. My balance is now $0.00. Apparently Step contacted the company the unknown transaction was made with and got me a refund. The refund is $25 and change, not the full $40 amount. I am extremely upset. I don’t even know where the refund will be sent to, if not my account sponsor’s card. I hope my experience helps any of you make a decision before downloading this app and begin banking with Step.
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5 months ago, AngryAppleBoy#1
Well Designed and Financially Helpful
I have been banking with Step for 2 years now. And, as a teen myself… being able to get a jumpstart on building credit history before 18 is something I believe is very crucial. I am so glad an app like Step is so available and able to offer that to millions of teens. The card itself is amazing, it is a credit card. However, you can only spend what is in your account, so no over-drafting or debt! Additionally, I haven’t had any issues, refunds are always fast, customer service is always helpful and kind, and the app itself is very thoughtfully planned out and designed. I enjoy it thoroughly. As a result, I have decided to try out their premium program, Step Black. I have been nothing but satisfied and hope they continue to improve. I have recommended this company to many of my friends and colleagues, all so far have been satisfied as well.
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2 years ago, Bsnsownr
Great app until you have an issue, then they refuse to acknowledge or fix it.
My family has been using this for my two teens for several months and it has been great until now. I had two debit cards added to my account to transfer money to my kids. One expired and I tried to put the new card in but the expiration date is 2027 and their program doesn’t accept it. It has been a week of going back and forth with them. I have called my bank twice because they keep saying it’s a problem with my bank/card but the bank says it’s not. My other debit card in the account is from the same bank and the one I am trying to add is able to be added to Apple Pay and Venmo. Today they asked me to check the time and date settings on my iPhone because the expiration date is the problem. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this makes no sense and at this point I am so frustrated with the incompetence that I am looking for other alternatives. Enjoy the app until you have an expiration date on your card that is not within their programming.
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3 years ago, cloudytings
This app is one of a kind!
Ok this app is AMAZING!!! I’m 14 and me and my friends find this app so helpful, we like to go shopping together a lot and obviously can’t bring our parents cards with us because it’s theirs, so we usually need to carry all of our money and we are always losing it, then we have to recount and all of that but STEP!!!! Step came into our life’s and we are SO THANKFULL!! And our cards came into the mail pretty fast! My parents can send me money and I can send money back! Same thing we my friends too! And also if you are a teenager and want to download STEP your going to need parent approval and you parent has to get the app also they they know what you spend your money on and who sends you money and also what money you send!! Overall this app is the best! Cash app and Venmo all have fees when STEP doesn’t!!! I hope this review helped because honestly from my experience you should 100% GET THIS APP!!!!!!
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12 months ago, Nothanks907
Not adult friendly!
I stayed at a hotel and used my step card on June 1st with a hold of $225 for the hotel deposit. I checked out the next day and didn’t see my deposit until July 2nd! The hotel had confirmed that they released my deposit the day I checked out and when I would message the customer service through the app I was told that they can hold it up to 30 days which yes is a thing but only if the hotel has an issue which wasn’t the case so these companies are making money while holding my money giving me the run around why the bank they deal with won’t release it! No issues so far with my kids account, but what happened with the hotel incident for me is a red flag. If they would have kept my money I really had no way of holding them accountable and that was a little stressful. It was just $225, but I’m supposed to be entrusting these people with my money and for absolutely no reason takes off for 30 with money that was for a specific purpose, not a free ticket to take what you s mine for any amount of time because you found a loophole to make interest off other people’s money.
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3 years ago, Kyia112
Unreasonable Actions
I’ve been using step for a little over a month now. I thought it was great, and my mom did too. We never had any issues until yesterday. I randomly got an email from an associate named “Karen” saying that my account had been closed because Step didn’t “fit my needs” and I apparently violated some kind of terms of service or policies, however I read through them all and had done nothing wrong. I’m severely disappointed. I had almost $300 in that account, as I am only 15 and it was direct deposited from my job. Because of this, I also have no way of receiving the money in my account back, as I did not have another card or bank account linked as a spending source. I’ve emailed them more than once, still waiting for a reply. I thought this app was going to be different, but it ends up just like all of the other ones I try for absolutely no reason. It doesn’t help that there are no options to speak to a representative on the phone either. Please fix this, I’ve worked too hard for my money to go to waste!
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3 years ago, AlmightyDC
Keeps Declining
I’ve been using step for what’s about to be a month and up until 2 days ago I had no problems whatsoever Until I got hungry a few days ago and asked my dad to put a little bit of money into my account so I could go to the store for some reason the money he was trying to transfer kept declining I ignored and said I’ll just by what I can so I go to the store and get my things when i rang up my items at the register boom my payment has been declined Instantly I’m confused and embarrassed so I ask for my card back I leave and think maybe it’s something that’s wrong today I’ll try somewhere else tomorrow and that day was today I go to another store to buy some snacks and the exact same thing happened and I can’t even get into the app because it keeps saying that its having problems loading I need to know if something is happening with my account that is making it to where I cannot buy anything.
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3 years ago, Shdjfidbdiskfbdiekd
Too many issues
When I first started using the app I didn’t have any issues. The most I kept in my account was around 30 bucks. I had used my moms PayPal to find my account and worked perfectly fine. The second time I used PayPal, I funded $80 into my account. They flagged that transaction as “suspicious activity” and blocked my account from actions. IT HAS BEEN TWO MONTHS. I cannot take the money out, spend it, or add more funding. They requested proof of the PayPal transaction and a form of identification from my sponsor. My sponsor sent the requested documents and they keep asking for more personal information. It is very frustrating having money that I cannot touch. It all feel like a scam and like they just want to steal your money. If I ever get my money out, I’m never using this app again. There is just too many issues and personal information is always being asked for. Nothing is ever enough, more and more just keeps being requested to “lift limitations”. I don’t recommend this app. Please save yourself from the countless headaches. I hope I’m finally able to have my limitations lifted. They deserve zero stars.
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3 years ago, det234456
The step card is the absolute best thing ever. I’m 16 and there’s not many options banking wise for me due to me being under 18. I love step because there’s seriously NO hidden fees. Everything is free from getting the card to actually putting money in your account. It’s super easy to use, it takes 2 seconds for me to add money from a debit card. Another one of my favorite things about step is that my parents can send me money instantly, I don’t have to use their card anymore to make online purchases or to buy things in the store. I just started working at my first job about 2 weeks ago and now I can even cash my checks in on step or use direct deposit! Guys, if you’re thinking about whether you should make a step account, do it, do it, do it!!!
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3 years ago, cosyenough_4
I recommend but….
Step is a GREAT app it is really cool haw you don’t have to be 18+ to be on this app. You can request and sent money with your mom, dad, or friends. This app is really cool if you want to keep all of your money in one little card instead of having to carry loads of cash. Overall this app is really good but I also feel like there could be some upgrading. If you want some type of card the use in atm’s to deposit money step isn’t the right answer. You can’t deposit money into the step card you can only take money out which kind of sucked when I found that out. It would be really nice if they had that feature. Another thing that I also don’t like is the you can only request and send money from the app. You can’t use it on Facebook pay or apps that have money sending features. It would also be really nice to have that option. But besides those two problems step is a great app.
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1 year ago, Caleb Raquel
Unreasonable account suspension
I have been using step for around two and a half years now, my mother is the one who sponsored the account for me since I did not have a card nor a place to keep and spend my money especially for online purchases. 2 days ago my account was suspended for violating the “tos” and “step card agreement” when I have did nothing to have my step account suspended. They also suspended my mothers account as well. I emailed and chatted with with Mal to see if I could get my account opened again even giving them a full explanation on why they may have thought that I violated one of the rules and all I got sent is multiple links that explains why It may have been suspended. My mom also contacted them she also got send the same links. After multiple attempts of trying to contact them to resolve issues and getting no where I just eventually gave up. The app itself is fine but I just feel like there should be better ways and more options to get help from the customer service team.
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2 years ago, wolfy_chick09
Listen I love the app but…
I am 12 almost 13 and I had gotten a notification that my credit card numbers were compromised, when I looked into this notification further I noticed there were five, FIVE purchases on an adult site, reminder I’m almost 13 but when I tried to report this as ‘suspicious activity’ step did absolutely nothing to help. I was so upset that when I told my mother about this she had remembered that she had placed my card down on the counter when we had guests over. When I replaced both of my cards step asked me why, however when I told them my situation my account got another purchase from that same website, and when I tried to contact the merchant I got a phone call from step saying my account has been compromised and I needed to shut down my account but I can not do so until all of my charges are cleared, how may I clear them? I have no idea because there was no option to erase the ‘suspicious’ transactions on my account. Step I’m very disappointed and upset.😭
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3 years ago, Jessica Littrell 2121
Terrible app. Rips you off. SCAM!
So I was 15 when I got the app and I am now 16. I had just gotten a job and needed a card to keep my money on. Well my mom decided to get one to. We put $500 on the card and then like two days later it kicked us out of our account and WILL NOT let us back in. I have contacted the step account and they have been no help at all. They just keep saying I agreed to terms and conditions which I did but I read through them THREE times to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I did not violate any of the rules. The money was our money for bills. The people I have contacted about it won’t say anything other than about the terms and conditions and are not helpful what so ever. Do not get this app if your looking to put more and just like an allowance or something small bc so many people have had this problem. It won’t even let me back into my step account. This is absolutely ridiculous and I will get my money back one way or any other this is not ok for them to just not help us and take our money.
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4 years ago, SashasoLovely24
Cant get back into my account
I have been trying to log into my account for a few days now and haven’t been able to get into it. I keep getting an error message saying “Oops something went wrong, try again”. I have explained this to numerous agents in email and the issue still isn’t fixed. I have close to $60 on my account and can’t use it because I can’t access my account and my card wasn’t working. This was done intentionally because it all started when I tried to order from postmates and it didn’t authorize my transaction next thing I know I couldn’t get back into my account and I’m using my phone number. Someone needs to fix this or give me my money because at this point I am willing to seek legal action if this issue isn’t resolved! **Updated review** I was able to get back into my account after several emails and I’m happy I can use my money in my account. It’s a good app but has some issues. Please try to fix this!
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2 years ago, IanTvT
Account Closed For No Reason
I had been with step for over a year. It was my first bank ever. I just got a job and decided to directly deposit my money into Step. My money would not go through. I decided to contact support to find out why. Turns out I had somehow violated the terms. My account had previously been limited because I need to verify I was a real person, when I had submitted everything I needed to already. I am so annoyed that this happened. I trusted Step for all my banking needs. I have no way of opening a new account so now I can’t get paid. I would like to have my account back, but I do not know if I could ever trust them anymore. It is a great app but closing people’s accounts for no reason is just unacceptable. I am absolutely baffled. I had not violated any terms. Support has been no help. I have seen this happen to others too. I am just livid. This is seriously ridiculous.
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2 years ago, DeuceK504
Step is great for helping teens build credit and balance their allowance or payments.
This app is great thus far. Being a parent, I specifically searched for an app that gives kids or teens a bank card with an account without any monthly fees. Step has this. I have been connected with the app for a year now. It has updated a lot since then. The credit builder is something I recently found out about. Not sure if it’s been here all along. I know it really does report positive account activity on your reports. Get your children started while young. Then by the time they become 18, their credit score and report will be excellent. Something I wished was available when I was a teen. It’s a simple process to sign them up. You just have to already connect current banking or CashApp in order to send money to your children or teens. My experience using the app is great. There’s a help section to answer many questions or you can chat with someone. You get a virtual card while waiting that 14 - 21 day period for the physical card. Just be careful where you use that virtual card to avoid unsecured websites. Up next, they are soon adding stock trading where teens can buy stocks.
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3 years ago, Bornhyperion
My money hasn’t come
Look, everything about this bank is exactly what I needed which is perfect for me because I’m a teenager but there’s a huge problem. I gave my mom $50 in cash so she could send $50 from her bank to my step account but nothing has arrived and it’s been 3 days already! She even said it should’ve arrived because she got the notification that it did but my account balance is still $0.00!! The card says it expires 10/24 and I don’t know if that means it expired in 24 of October or in 2024 because I just made this account a few weeks ago and when I try to buy something online it says it’s expired. I need help please I’m afraid to replace my step virtual card because then I don’t know if my $50 never comes.
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2 years ago, Jed7613
If you’re a teen, I can see some use for this bc it has spending limits and transfer limits but if you’re an adult this is probably the worst bank you can have. You can’t link more than $250 at a time to another, more useful bank account and if you do link $250 you won’t be able to link any amount for another 24 hours. Completely useless and it screws me over constantly. Parents, there’s wayyyyy better banks and apps to use if you want your teen saving and spending wisely or you know, you can open a savings and checking account with a more proven financial institution. I’d steer clear of this service because it’s only useful for maybe ages 11-16 and when they start making money at an actual job, they’ll get screwed. Getting a physical card is also a pain because I ordered one the last week of January, said it was supposed to come February 4th and now it’s March 17th and still no card. Completely and absolutely useless, would give 0 stars if I could
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3 weeks ago, burnmangames
Great but I’m leaving because of new fees
I would like to preface by saying I personally recommend a step account to everyone who asks me how to build credit before you turn 18. It really is great! My problem however is that it’s marketed towards teenagers (who by no means make very much money) as a “free” banking app and you can build your credit by using this card……. BUT with the new update for anything less than a 20 transfer will be charged a fee. The vast majority of every teenagers purchase is less than 10 dollars at McDonald’s. This just especially upsetting because there is no financial justification for this new charge! Step has been doing great and growing very steadily and there only one reason to blame for this new fee… money hunger and penny pinching greediness. I still will continue to recommend step to teens who I know who spend more than 20 dollars at a time but I myself will be leaving for this cause.
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8 months ago, Cachelle84
Fantastic for all ages
I signed up for Step, as a way to send money to my children (ages 8, 17, 17, & 19). It works fantastic for them. More than that, my husband and I use our cards for all everyday expenses. My own credit score has increased 125 points, in the last 12 months. Step has played a huge role in this. I have only a couple suggestions: 1) Sponsors should be able to choose if other sponsors can view their balance. We live very paycheck to paycheck, and it would be nice to see if someone needs gas or lunch money, day before day when there isn’t a lot to give. In that note: I can see how others might not want their balance shared. 2) A shared wallet would be nice. That way if I send my son/daughter to the store, they can move however much they need, without waiting on me to transfer from my card. 3) Mobile check deposits: I understand taking 7+ days for handwritten or personal checks, but business checks should be processed more quickly. My son is not offered direct deposit, and mobile deposits take so long to clear that he normally cashes his paycheck, and is not getting the credit benefits Step could offer.
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3 years ago, 63grhd
Incredibly dumb
My account was locked for some reason because I reached the daily transactions limit... isn’t the daily transactions limit like $500?? I only had $15 in my account and I definitely didn’t go above $500 I can’t make transactions on PayPal even though I linked my account number and routing number and I followed the step-by-step thoroughly. They still make me get an eTeller ID and my eTeller password and when I looked up whatever that is there were no results... I then asked the Help Center what an eTeller ID is and awaited their reply for 3 hours and then they reply with a copy and paste of an article that I already read when I asked a robot. I also made a Venmo account and linked it with my step account and to confirm that my account is real they send me a couple cents and then take it back. They sent me $0.52 but the step app declined the transaction bc “I reached my daily limit” but then the they somehow allowed Venmo to take back the $0.52 that they never gave me?? Huh??
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3 years ago, DBaker122
Awesome alternative to greenlight!
My oldest was looking for a debit card and we didn’t want to go through the hassle of opening a minor checking account. We also have 3 younger children and several older relative that still send checks for holidays and special occasions. This app/banking company allows us to easily deposit checks into our account and disperse into the kids accounts. They send each child a card and are super quick to replace damaged/lost cards. My son got a new phone and phone number and step made it very easy to transfer his account to the new number. Highly recommend if you are looking for all the perks of greenlight but don’t want to pay the ridiculous fees. Step also refunds some ATM fees. Thanks Step!
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3 years ago, blsvon
Hey , my name is Javon I recently sighed up for step I think about 2 months ago I really like the app a lot but I didn’t have the problem until I turned 18 and my grandmother removed me from her as her sponsor, I use that card for everything plus getting direct deposit and I have money on that card and that also my way back and forth from work and I’ve tried to sign up for different people to sponsor me but it still won’t let me get into my account and it says that both of my cards are locked and it’s been two weeks now i haven’t been able to get no help or anything and It’s very frustrating when you have computer people trynna tell you what to do.
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3 years ago, Ace Of Spadss
Pretty cool but card hasn’t arrived by estimated time
This app is great! I really love it and it does actually help banking lol especially for me lololollol. I love the fact that I was able to somewhat customize it and the fact the app was dark mode-at least on my screen lol- it was a haven! The only issu I’ve had is that it said my card should arrive by June 23rd, but it’s now July 2nd, and I still don’t see it :(. I can still use the digital card for any online shopping but I also want the card itself with me just in case. I don’t know if maybe someone in mu family took it or if it never arrived but still. Other than that, 9/10! Would recommend! :) Im pretty sure this issue doesn’t happen often since my friend got her card already but I dunno. Still a good app though.
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4 weeks ago, Confused good or bad
I opened an account and was excited. I had a company do the exact same thing and looking to be part of this organization as well. I am glad I read all this. Strange how the star comments are all high. Everyone so excited about getting their money taken? Since COVID hit, mask mandates went into effect along with social distancing, other countries have figured out it is not hard for most Americans to just give up their rights that were fought, bled, and died for. Every call gets routed over seas, all major brands are made overseas so why wouldn’t they have the exact same patterns of clothing that were all being made for pennies on the dollar. They can make the exact same shirt, cheaper and thinner and we buy it. It was such a good deal we buy it again. It’s truly amazing what we do that would disgust most. If this app is doing this report it to the BBB. If these star warnings are inaccurate then I encourage you to correct them please.
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3 years ago, bryceJP
This is what your kids need
Let me just start off by saying that it is 100% FREE no fees or anything like that and it’s easy to send your kids money and it’s easy for you kids to spend money safely and you can keep track of what your kids a buying and what there spending it on and the card is amazing you can pick your own color purple, blue and yellow I think and it has your own signature on the back and if you lose your card don’t worry you can lock your card and you can get another for FREE and while your card is being shipped to you, you can still buy stuff with your virtual card so if you forget your card you still have your virtual card.
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2 years ago, EmiliaMM1512
Used to use it all the time, now random charges I didn’t make on my account
I am beyond frustrated because I used to live using Step, it was simple and useful. But a couple months ago, random charges from websites and places I’ve never been to appeared on my card. Before I never had enough money so they declined, but today I was charged with 28 dollars 4 times on my card, taking away a lot of money that I was sent. I tried to get my money back on the website saying my information was stolen, but I had no luck. Now I don’t have enough money to purchase what I needed and won’t get any for a while. I don’t know what happened but I am angry that I’m at a loss for money and that someone was using my card and I haven’t given anyone my information and haven’t been using my card on sketchy websites. So if I could have help I would really appreciate.
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3 years ago, myiah901
Great way to start your financial journey
The card looks like a real pre-paid card and it was so easy to start my mom and I had no problems so far. If you visit the website it may answer all of your questions it is like cash app but for teens you can request money and send money and you can send a note with the money and it is so easy to buy what I want, you can choose what color you want your card and I think you should give it a try. I don’t know why some people are giving it a bad rate I think they are just trolling over all it is a good app. I also forgot to say but it is free of charge so it cost no money to start. Good luck with your financial journey 👍🏽.
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2 years ago, galaxypanda1529🌺⭐️
Good, but some downsides
This app is awesome! I’ve been using it to send my child money when she does her tasks. I love how the app is set up and it is really easy to use. I also love how you can get cash back on some participating locations and teach your kids about credit and good financial skills. The downsides of this is that it takes a few days for the money to go to your kid’s account which means that they can’t spend the money that they got right away. It also takes a while for the physical card to ship to your house. But I do understand that it’s not really the app’s fault, it’s just something that you need to keep in mind. Besides that, totally recommend!
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3 weeks ago, A.G jr1
I love step, however it came up to my attention that they got rid of the dollar reward thing with some points, I remember before referring my friends to it and getting adollar but now they have it with points, I wouldn't have a problem with it but I do and its because they make you cashout every 5 dollars which is baloney in my opinion, I am not against the points thing but I feel there should be an option to cashout whatever you have or there should be an option to pick between points and cash in your account for the referral. I want the developers to hear me out on this, but overall its an app that I would still recommend because it's great but they can become greater again.
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3 years ago, ItsssJay
Honestly I don’t see the issue people are having with the app. If you fill out the proper information everything ends up working out just fine. I’ve had the app and card for about 3 weeks now and it’s worked fine and I have had no issues with it. It’s absolutely amazing and I hope it only gets better. I don’t know if the bad reviews are fake or trolls but I’m sure some of them are but not all. It’s fairly simple to get setup, my mom and I got both our accounts setup within a good 5-10 minutes maybe less. We had no issues since and the app has worked better then expected. I love what the app creator stands for and made this app for its absolutely outstanding 🤩!
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3 years ago, kdhrhbdksi
Definitely recommend
I’ve been using step for about a month now and it is so convenient as a 13 year old I didn’t have a way to save money unless it was cash then it’s easier to lose and spend but with step I can keep all my money on my card therefore I can save it and I can buy stuff from online and more I used to be bad at saving money but with step it’s so easy and my mom has scheduled for me to get $40 in allowance at the end of each month it automatically appears on my card so I definitely recommend especially to teens and parents and you get three dollars every time you refer to friends I’ve made about 30 dollars so far off of referrals
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10 months ago, DOJRP FAN
I love The Step Card
I use the the step card as a spending and shopping online even have it in my wallet on my phone the virtual card that is I pay my regular bills with my using my bank and for subscription services I use my step virtual card to buy online and also paying at the pump I’ve used cash app it was ok but I ran into problems with cash app not being accepted for online purchases or even ordering food online that’s why I switched to step and am loving as my spending account it helps keeps a budget and knowing what I spend I highly recommend step you won’t be disappointed 💙👍😎
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3 years ago, winzzafred3
they locked my account
i saw MULTIPLE reviews with a similar issue, we transferred money from paypal & venmo and the next day i was locked out and my account was deleted for suspicious activity. the only response we get is “you violated terms” they never tell you exactly WHAT you did, they delete ur acc with ur funds in there & never respond. i’m still so frustrated because i had so much trust in Step Mobile. And i can’t even make a new account so now my funds are just sitting around waiting to be transferred somewhere. i was able to get my funds back luckily but now i no longer have a card & bank which causes a lot of issues for me. no words can explain my frustration. plus, the customer service is terrible, it’s nearly impossible to reach them. and i noticed so many people had the same problem as me, so i’m very disappointed in Step Mobile.
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3 years ago, ashtonl0914
Issue/Bug: Error message when trying to get into the app.
In all honesty, this app is great, but there are bugs that need to be fixed. I was trying to get into the app today, but a error message popped up. It told me to retry, but that didn’t work. I read another review with this problem from 5 months ago, and I guess they haven’t done anything to fix this problem. I re-downloaded the app, but it wouldn’t let me get past the page where you put in my email. I closed up the app and re-opened it, and it happened again. Please fix this, I have $30 in my account and need it back.
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9 months ago, Lunasmisery
I’m in love with this app
It took me a very short amount of time to set up a new account and card with them using my cashapp. While I wait for my card to arrive in the mail, I can use the virtual copy of it to basically pay for anything. Not only can you start building a credit history through your teenage years. It’s also very easy to use and set up. It’s compatible for apple wallet, and you don’t have to worry about online stores not accepting your cashapp because you’ve basically got a whole credit card that has nothing to do with cashapp and can be used as a separate card.
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1 month ago, Staylor07
Was great, til it wasn't...
We have used the Step app for the past year, as a way to send allowance for chores to my kids. In turn they got a debit card and could make purchases with their earned money. I have not used it for any reason but to send them allowance. They order stuff from SHEIN and Sephora. Today our account was closed, and we were unable to transfer money to each other. I was able to transfer what I had to my linked bank account, but had to link my debit cards to their accounts just to get their money out. We have finally managed to clear our accounts and still haven't gotten word and to WHY our accounts were required to close, and we were unable to send money to each other. We will be using Apple Pay for allowances now but looking for another free debit card app they can use...
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2 years ago, destinyshabazz
Step problem
I’ve Been using step for a long time a recently I lost my Step card so I ordered a new one I have to order a new one that came everything was going good that’s when I tried to add a new one to my Step so I added it to my Step and now I’m trying to add it to my phone every time I try to log into my Step and wouldn’t let me log into my Step and it always says you have to put a Social Security number so I put mySocial Security number and I’m trying to log my step and it won’t let me login and I’m trying to do this for months now and I can’t even get into my Step anymore and see my stuff
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3 years ago, cmontanez01
A new sponsor.
I love the app it’s amazing. But the only problem I am having is my mom not wanting to have a passcode on her phone, and the app requires you to have one if you want to join step. I have a password to get into my phone but it’s my mom who just won’t have a password because she doesn’t want one. So I have to ask my sister to be my new sponsor who is 21. But there is no article that helps you find out how to get a new sponsor. With out a sponsor that means I can’t really use my card witchy is going to on its way . So please tell me how to find a way to get a new sponsor. I do not want to cancel with this banking for teenagers.
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2 years ago, wifi_needs
i usually don’t write reviews at all but Step is literally THE BEST APP for teen banking. 100% FREE NO MONTHLY FEES WHICH IS AMAZING. they added a lot more features since i had Step and it’s so amazing. there is direct deposit, the deposit cash feature is now available, the new savings feature, you can request and send money with anyone who has Step, you can link a bank account, link another debit card, direct deposit, and so much more. you also have a physical card that they send to your house and a virtual card that you can use to order online. literally the best app for teen banking. totally recommend! :)
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4 years ago, Vintner
Easy way for teens to manage money
Many banks won’t allow kids younger than 16 to have a checking account with debit card. Two of my kids (13 and 15) have summer jobs taking care of younger kids. They get paid by Venmo. Without a bank account or debit card kids can only receive Venmo payments but cannot pay others with Venmo. Now with Step they can transfer funds to and from Venmo and they can use the virtual Step card for Apple Pay. A Step plastic visa debit card is coming in the mail that kids can use like any other visa debit card. No fees and great customer service make Step one if the most satisfying, practical and innovative financial tools ever.
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2 years ago, LizWizzz
In love
Now a days everything is electronically…. Like we use to have pay phones ☎️ but now everyone has cell phone tables …etc so even if we don't want to we have to learn to use it…..I enjoy all apps but this one I love… i can send my kids money and see how they spend it on and make sure that they save with the savings … 2 in one without using bank and being able to take out money at my favorite stores Target and Costco for free is a plus 😉 whoever invented step gets a 5.0 from me bc it really helps getting my kids on board with their education … no good grades no vbucks 😁 or allowance
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2 years ago, Juni_baby05
Billing Issues
I am indeed a spender, but I don’t spend what I don’t have. A few months ago I made a purchase thinking that the money was taken off my card right then and there, so I bought something else because I can afford it. But, now something is charging my card for over $40, I don’t currently have a job so money doesn’t just come in like that, I haven’t been able to purchase anything or even update the apps on my phone due to it. I believe that instead of taking the money out the purchase was made it waited and added up the other purchases I made in the same company, but it took the money when I made a purchase with a different company. So, it looked like my card wasn’t doing what is was doing. I have made some money and tomorrow the bill will be paid, but I will no longer be using the card.
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3 months ago, kiramawer
do not download this app. If you’re looking for the benefits, I’ve had this app for three years. I’ve never had an issue until now I’ve tried to do all the benefits, they offer and I have not gotten one of them such as the points that you can redeem I have sent it to multiple people and they’ve signed in with my link and I’m not getting the points I’m supposed to get I’ve tried talking to one of the people who created this app and they want me to contact the people to have them contact them and I’m still not getting my stuff because I’ve bothered people to sign up with my link and I’m still not getting points for that they make it 10 timesthe work just get the points they make it act like it’s so easy and simple but you have to do so much work to get that and i still haven’t received anything
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2 years ago, basicallynas
Okay so I’ve been banking with step for a little over a year until about almost a month ago I got contacted by them through the chat in the app and told me that they had to limit my account and I said what for? They told me something I forgot what it was but it was so ridiculous! I tried to send them everything I had! But unfortunately they kept telling me the same thing over and over again so I closed my account until then I AM NOT BANKING WITH STEP THE WORST APP! but if something changes here maybe some ratings and a nice message will change also :) thank you.
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3 years ago, kingkiller24755
New features I recommend
I recommend that there is a savings option so that teens can have a saving to teach them how to save and also a goals option where you can add as little to as much of your money to that goal till they reach the amount they need for the item like if they want to save for new headphones they can title it as “headphones” and then they can put how much they are for example “$30” and they can add to that goal till they reach the amount and the saving feature would be just like any other saving feature on other apps
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2 years ago, sillygoose7828
Good at the Beginning
I heard of Step from an advertisement on a social media, and thought it was a good way for me to build credit being under 18. I thought I’d get a head start on credit building before most of my peers. I just turned 18 and I tried to check my credit score but was told I have no credit history. It turns out that you have to be 18 to even opt in for credit reporting on Step, which would’ve been useful to know before spending a year, thinking I’m building credit with every purchase. I was told I had to remove my sponsor in order to opt in for credit reporting, which froze my account. I don’t care anymore, because my money is out of Step, but please don’t advertise building credit as a minor when you’re actually not.
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8 months ago, but.but.but...
i just wanna say that this app is amazing, i’ve been a user since 2020 and it’s always been great and i always appreciate how it’s building everyday and getting even better, but now… FINALLLY bitcoin has a price check in the app, that was really annoying for wayyyyyyy to long (like for months since investing got introduced), but thank you for finally doing 🙏🏽 hope to maybe see some other coins????? it says explore crypto available on step but it’s just the one coin? that seems a little weird. anyways thank you and 10/10 would recommend, great for parents too!
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