Steve | Widget Dinosaur Game

4.6 (122.1K)
290.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Calm Sea Enterprise, S.L.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Steve | Widget Dinosaur Game

4.62 out of 5
122.1K Ratings
2 months ago, YiziLL
I love it!
(\_/)I do not know what to write so here is a random story! ( btw this is (>.<)not a real story it’s just random story I somehow made up you can (>❤️read if you want I made it long so it’s more entertaining)😃: My mother is an American and she has been a member since she was little but now she’s an English teacher and she has been in a foreign country for over a decade and she has never heard about it and she is very proud to say she has a good job in her family so it would have made a lot more money than she would have if she had been a foreign mother in her own home and had been living there and had been able to afford a house and a decent life for her own family and her children but she had no choice and she was not allowed to leave the country because of the pandemic she had she would have been living if her country was not dangerous and her husband would be a good fit for her to be with the government and she was going through the right way to make her feel safe in her home she would have no problem staying in her own house she was a very nice person she would be able and I was sure that if she was going to be in a situation where I would have been in trouble and she wouldn’t have been able and would have been able and she wouldn’t be in the situation but I was just saying I would be able and that was not the way I wanted her family to live and she would have to go through the situation. (Well that is all! I hope you enjoy)
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3 years ago, coolkid0413
So many to choose from
I’ll be honest, I don’t play the actual game that much. However, I have and it works really well and I was impressed that the background changed according to the character. What I use this game for mostly, is a competition with my friend. Our goal was who could collect them all first. And it is impossible. It seems like every other day they’re uploading new skins to this app! And not only that, they’re good skins. From hunterxhunter, demon slayer and Naruto to stranger things and It. From ladybug and catnoir to how to train your dragon. From random Christmas characters to Minecraft. From Cars (not the movie) to amogus. From Kim jong un, Donald trump and Oboma to random animals. This game has it all. The only thing I would improve on is being able to get more coins in game and to lower the price on the skins. I may also add characters like Queen Elizabeth and Joe Biden to go with the others.
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3 years ago, aliya on fire
Love it!!!
I don’t give most games five stars, but this one is phenomenal. It’s adorable, and I like that it’s small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of room, so that you can do something else while you play it, like watch Netflix. As a leftie, it’s pretty easy for me to use it, but I can see why it would be hard for right handed people. The graphics are great, and i really like that it gives credit to the Chrome Easter egg game. I also like that the ads are completely optional, like if you want to get some more coins so that you can buy a cute character, you can watch an ad. There’s not many games like this out there, definitely a great game and if you are thinking about downloading it, you really should, you will love this game. Keep making more games, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
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2 years ago, Rock4Jesus777
Loved It Long Time
I had this game since the beginning of iOS widgets and earned all of the characters…then the game stopped working. On the widget screen it simply said “Failure to Load.” In the app, I would tap on the Characters section and the app would crash. I checked the Store and saw there was an update 3 weeks ago. Clearly something went wrong with it. I restarted my device and that didn’t fix the issue. The last thing was to remove and reinstall the app. I know this seldom works to truly fix the game. It did start working after that but I lost all my progress. All coins and characters collected…gone. I find myself torn between the thought that it’s an unfortunate software incident, which it could be. Or perhaps the developer pushed an update that required users to start over in the name of renewing their revenue stream. I’ve had that happen before. “Oh we did an overhaul on the game so you will have to delete it and reinstall it to make it function properly. Unfortunately that means you start from scratch. Oh and Restore Purchases doesn’t work because “technically” it’s a new game.” No thank you. I hope this was an unfortunate accident. All in all, I suppose I had my fun with this game but I don’t look forward to doing it all over again so I will not be reinstalling. I also didn’t receive the “free character for updating” that was promised in the update notes. #notbitter😜
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2 years ago, RunRunRun150
Hi, RunRunRun15 here, this game is fun, but there’s a character im trying to get, but I need to watch ads to get it, so I tried, but it said no ad available, I knew what this meant, the no ad glitch, I get this glitch for some games I get, so it must have went into this game, I’d like you to fix this glitch for at least this game, so I can get my character. (Or make it unlockable with coins, that would be good too.) Bye! (And yes, I tried re installing.) Update: Thank you for confirming that you will solve this problem, I will consider rating higher in the future! Update 2: WOOHOO!!! You guys really helped me out, as i can now watch the ads to get my character!! You guys rock! Thank you so much for helping me out with my problem! You guys earned yourself a 5 star rating!
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9 months ago, That Guy (Other guy)
Started good, No longer good
When I initially downloaded this, it was great. You could play whenever you want, unlock characters - including a random unlock feature that can unlock any character, and enjoy the unique artstyles. Characters could be unlocked by spending in game currency. That currency was earned by playing the game or choosing to view video ads. Updates would always provide new characters - one of which is free. Since that time, characters are no longer randomly unlocked as some now require viewing ads to unlock and can't be unlocked randomly. The character select menu is now riddled with ads, including one that covers the screen when you open it. Updates no longer provide free characters. Characters that I used to have unlocked are now locked. The game itself is still functional and operates well as a widget, but all of these changes have vastly lowered my opinion on this to the point where I would no longer recommend it.
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5 months ago, #1DisneyFangirl
Liked it Before the Update
Before, it was really a nice game to play and put as a widget. Now it because another app. It’s just not the same as it was. I wish they would have made a separate app for their other stuff and kept the same game and widget in the other. Also, I try to put a widget in and I can no longer put the dinosaur game in. So what is even the point of this app anymore?, to just pay for stuff, watch adds, see new wallpapers, and watch dinosaur on an app, not on a widget, on less than half of a screen. I signed up for the dinosaur game, not for anything else. If you want to make wallpapers, then why not do that in another app. There was many dinosaur games to choose from the App Store years ago, but I picked your app because I thought to myself, “Steve is a cool name for a dinosaur.” No hard feelings, think that your wallpapers are cool by the way. App just needs a little fixing. Also, why does it say Vega when the app says Steve?
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8 months ago, Godgamerthatlovesballs
Great game my balls even feel it!!
I don’t know what you are doing with this but you should definitely get some help if you’re going through it yourself or not because I know that you’re not going to do anything to it but you need help with that so I know what to say and you can just let us all do whatever we want and if you’re gonna do it we will be fine we just don’t want to be around anybody else and I know you know what I’m gonna be here I know for you I don’t want to be in your life anymore but I’m not worried I’m not gonna do anything for anybody I know I know you I don’t care I don’t wanna do that I’m not going anywhere I don’t know if you’re just wanna be around anybody and I’m just saying I just wanna be honest and I’m just gonna go ahead
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3 years ago, xthedalmationx
Love it!…but….
I love this widget game. Its fun when I’m just wanting to play a little game every now and then and I love the characters and all the character choices especially the cat noir and ladybug from Miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir but my only problem is that the widget itself is kinda small I don’t have the best eye sight and trying to see when I have to tap the screen to jump with it being that small my finger cover part of the screen to be able to tap it obviously and I’m hoping someone sees this and possibly makes it a little bigger like the My Chibi widget that would be the perfect size it big enough to see it and enough space for my finger and a big enough view to see when I have to jump hopefully you will take it into consideration because I do really love playing this game
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2 years ago, addinton
Really awesome! But quick thing
So i got this game because I thought it looked cute and also I thought there was more than one game bc of the pictures i was going to write a review of how i was angry there weren’t more games even though i was promised them but before i read the other reviews and found out that the setting changes compared to the character skin so my suggestion is making it more clear that there is only one game by maybe putting in some labels on the app store pictures or you might end up getting a lot of bad publicity from ppl like me but overall this game is so cute and you should 100% download it! So far i have not had a single problem with the actual game so tysm for making this!
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4 years ago, PinkPickle the Gamer
Great game!
I just got this game last night and I have been enjoying it maybe a bit too much. I love the google chrome dinosaur game I have a top score of 8,000! I love the characters as well. After reading the bad reviews i still tried the game out but i had no issues. (Must be jealous of the idea). I only have one issue though. Crouching. It is essential to me in the dinosaur game I would love it if (I saw this idea somewhere else) if you tapped the left of your screen you would jump, and if you tap or hold the right you can crouch and will make you fall faster in the air. But as I said i still love this game and being able to play in my widgets. (Also one more thing is there any way i can put the widget on the top of my games page)?
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3 years ago, zombied0g
Amazing little game, but a few bugs
To start i’d like to say how much I love this game, it’s super cute and I adore how you play it in a little widget, that aspect is so fun. The fact that I can play that no-wifi dinosaur game anytime i want to is also very nice. However, there are a couple very frustrating bugs. Sometimes when I tap in the widget to make my lil dude jump after jumping over an obstacle, it won’t register the jump and i’ll run into something. The second bug, and possible the most annoying, is when I jump and my character dips below the screen and dies on the obstacle because they get stuck in the ground. It’s happened to me a few times now, and while it’s forgivable because it doesn’t happen THAT often, it still happens often enough that it’s very annoying. I hope there’s a fix soon! Thanks for this game ❤️
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1 year ago, Beebs on fire for the Lord
Love this game, but one thing…
I have played this game for a while. I love the idea of, and generally everything about it! The characters, the ideas, the sit back and relax kind of game that this is, it’s all pure genius. But there is a problem with the gameplay that I’m not sure is supposed to be there or not. See, I always try to beat my score in this game, but it gets very difficult because of something. In the game if you jump over a very large obstacle followed by a very small one, it won’t let you jump. Again, I’m not sure if this is purposefully, but it has really been a roadblock for me. I would appreciate it if that were taken care of, but I understand if it’s not, due to the fact that the creators probably have a lot more important things on their plate.
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5 months ago, Katie Graylor
Now they drink your money
I used to love this game! It was the cute jumping dinosaur that you can play on chrome, but with other little characters and backgrounds. My favorites were the Stranger Things kids and the Michael Jackson! But now you need to pay a weekly, yes WEEY, subscription to even get in. It’s $5 per week btw. Read the terms it’s disgusting. It was cute and you had to buy certain characters or watch videos for enough coins to get one. You get coins by running a lot and jumping over cacti or other obstacles. But now, you get the subscription, think “oh I’ll cancel it in a couple weeks,” and if you remember, you’ve lost 20 ish bucks, or if you forget you could loose hundreds. This game used to be one of my favorite widget fiddles, now I’m just mad. Had to delete it. Oh also they made a discord at one time, fun but toxic like most discord servers, but instead of regulating it they made everyone unable to talk at all and now it’s dead.
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3 years ago, KittyCat13!
Just a few suggestions/complaints
Lets make this as short and sweet as possible, I love the game and everything in it like a few other people I would like a pause button and just a tiny bit of a larger screen, also some of the characters you can only have for a month or two and you can’t ever get them back, maybe if you have already unlocked it you can keep it? Also in game there are spots where it has a very large obstacle and then shortly after a smaller one, when I clear the large obstacle the game glitches and my character goes under the “floor” and the game says I lost pls fix that and the game would be PERFECT 🤩 overall great game would recommend
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2 years ago, Ava is da bomb kitty
Amazing, just one little annoyance
This app is great. It lets you buy tons of characters with in- game money, and you play it on your widgets. It gives you instructions on how to do so, which was very easy. It’s just like the no internet game on the computer, except you can use at any time, Wi-Fi or not. My one little problem. The characters are a bit hard to get, as sometimes you jump and it doesn’t count the coins, making it longer to get a character. Also, I just think that the ads are a TINY bit long, but that doesn’t bother me as much for some reason. I also think that the characters are a TTINNNNYY bit expensive, but that’s just my opinion. N. Sorry about any grammar/spelling mistakes. That’s all, thank you.
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4 years ago, a5v6a8
😍so cute😍
This game is super cute I love how you can change the skin and do all that stuff but I do have some things that maybe you could do to the game. 1. If the character going fast make the background go fast with it because when I play the game my character goes fast but the background does not. 2. Let us choose the background for when we play because we might wanna be funny or weird and put the elf in donut land and the donut in I do not know the jungle where the ape is. 3. Make the game multiplayer so that we can like um we can see who can stay in for the longest without hitting anything and the last person to hit something wins and the first person to hit something loses. That is all I have to say😅
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3 years ago, Knsme1
Very cute!
This is a very cute game! You can put it in your widget and play it! It’s an overall good game! The reason I’m not giving this five stars is very simple. They always offer me free characters for watching an ad, and it’s very generous, but it puts it on my widget. It really ruins the aesthetic of my Home Screen because I like to match my wallpaper and my app skins with my widget and when it shows a different character with another background that doesn’t even match it throws everything off. Maybe instead of putting the offer in the widget it could be shown in the app? Another thing is I would love to see more characters, like kirby, but I’m sure you guys are already working on adding more characters! I loved the game and keep up the good work! ^_^
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4 years ago, HonestReviewJen
Just one TINY problem
Hey there! I just downloaded this game and omg is it adorable. It is small and compact and easy to use and just wonderful. There’s only one TINY issue I’d like to bring up to the developers: can we have Steve run the other way?? I’m a right handed user myself and I don’t mind the talent of ambidextrousness but I do wish we maybe had the option? Instead of “tap to play” perhaps you can ask “right or left?”. Since I imagine the infinite running game has infinite options to run, I wonder if this would be a challenge to construct or not? That way people COULD become ambidextrous or not! Their choice! But I would love to see the option, at least. It’s hard to tap on the right side and not see half the screen of what’s coming. :/ Just a thought! Good luck chuck!
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2 years ago, material girls and accountable
Why is this is the best game
It’s the best game because you could just put it and you don’t have to open the phone like it’s like the most easiest game to play two and then you don’t have to like pay coins to get the thing but some of them you have to but what’s called you have to watch ads to get like skins like five up to press for ads like I’m saying I need to play on the girl like I feel like this game is better than more peoples games because the other peoples games like they don’t like specify and then you have to pay points like I’m like oh my goodness this is the best game like why would I wouldn’t play it and then to my sister she introduced me to this .
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4 years ago, Bruh ツ
Great time passer.
I love this widget, everything about it is amazing. The different skins/modes are good, I think it’s nice to change the gameplay once in a while. I also love the fact you can watch an ad for coins, I don’t have many coins so I think that’s great! One suggestion though, you should do more character themes like the Harry Potter one, maybe do an Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Star Wars, etc. Another thing is, I like how it’s in a widget form, but I feel like the screen is too tiny because I have other widgets and since it’s so tiny it makes it hard to concentrate on just that one tinyyy Steve the Dinosaur widget. Maybe try making it an app, also? Instead of just a widget. Overall, good game!
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3 years ago, #Unstopable
Suggestions for the game…
Perfect game, well almost every game has something to improve on bugs, glitches, etc. This game is fine, just need things to improve on. One thing I have noticed on my device is a coin glitch, when I may do this during my gameplay I may jump into the coin, but I do not get it. However this should be somewhat easy to fix. Another flaw I have noticed is ads. The game is fine no ads at all unless you chose to watch them (to get points). For me this error message says, “Please wait this may take a few seconds.” I may wait 5-10 minutes and nothing happens. What do I do? Overall there is nothing too bad, the choices are various between versions. Good job Creators!! 👍🏽
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4 years ago, trinity537
This game is great but there’s a glitch.
Love this widget! just downloaded it yesterday and I play it a lot. But it glitches for me...when I’m playing sometimes the cactuses are to close together and it won’t let me jump again after jumping the previous cactus. So say my score is up to 1000 and I jump a cactus but then there is another cactus really close to the other and I can’t jump that one bc it won’t let me! Hope that makes sense XD. It’s great but I haven’t been able to beat my high score of 3357 bc of this! Just a FYI for anyone who is super serious about getting a huge high score it might be tricky! Other then that GET THIS it is so fun and something to cure boredom.
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4 years ago, Ccsbluedragon
Annoying, scam and forced ads
I have spent hours playing the game and watching ads to unlock all characters. Even after doing so, i still receive ad videos about “free characters”. The app is not good. Once you have spent hours playing and watching all the ads, the app should be designed smart enough to stop showing false “free character” ads that you have to watch. App is a scam and the widget is annoying because every time you actually want to play the game from the widget menu, you are forced to watch an ad for a “free character” even though you already have all of them unlocked. Needs lots of work. Also, the widget would be better if the size could be adjusted. However, main reason i will most likely stop using app is because of the forced ads in widget of “free character” even after i already have unlocked all the characters. Very bad.
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4 years ago, *Internally Screams*
Not Quite the Same + Laye is Bugged
When I first got this I was pretty happy with the app, it’s very similar to the one you find on chrome, with the exception of that the background colour doesn’t invert once you get to 1000 (which I very much miss and it’s almost like a goal to got the next inversion). The one thing that really got me though was Laye, the unicorn character, which is free with the download of Pix, another one of their widget apps. Its a great idea, however, as I already had the app downloaded, the game would not recognise it. I even deleted the Pix (rip my little pet) and even after redownloading (through the app’s pop up) it still did not recognise that I had downloaded it. TLDR: It’s overall okay, however the character screen needs fixing. Good if you just want to play (semi) classic Dinosaur.
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5 years ago, Elliut208
Love it! But...
This is a great game, really clever and interesting! With new characters, there is also a motivation to play so you can get coins. My only issue is, like everyone else, the sound control. I don’t know if this is just an issue with my phone, or if this is one with everybody, but the sound is kinda weird... you can only turn it on, but to turn it off, I have to go remove it from my widgets, then add it again. Oh yeah, one more thing... The sound is soooo loud!!! I turned it on when my volume was off, but it still was just too loud for me! (Actually it’s a possibility that it depends on ringer volume not normal volume, I’ll go try that) But overall, great game, worth buying if you want a quick fix for your games. Bye!
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3 years ago, vhdkhdusuzhzn
I really like it but there is only 2 problems!
OMG I LOVE THIS GAME but there is only 2 problems the first problem is like when u jump sometimes u get out of the screen and u mess up. And then when u jump it sometimes dosent jump. BUT! BUT! Other than that it’s very very good I love how u made it! An than maybe u can put a Steve 2 so u can put it in the game instead of a widget but I really like this game I even got the Among us character and I really like it! I had trouble of the game but that is because I don’t know how to play it that much! I really really really really really really really really like it! And it’s very very very good! So that’s pretty much it! (Ps. Good job and I gave it 5 stars!)
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4 years ago, xbooper
The Game Works
Pros: - Works solid (no lag, glitches, bugs, etc). - Ads don’t pop up(you can watch ads if you want to earn coins). - Just like the chrome game. - Can earn different characters besides always playing the original Dino guy. - Instructions to play and how to install onto your notifications aren’t complicated. Cons: - Does not go to dark mode like the original. - You can only jump, no bird will come so you can crouch. - Might be hard to see if you’re playing on a small phone due to its size capacity on notifications. Opinion: Reading the other reviews made me skeptical on getting the game because of how they imply the game is glitchy and buggy, etc etc. I still downloaded though because it was a game I thought was pretty unique to be only a accessed on your notifications area. So far, there have been no complications or problems with the game. The developer must have made recent updates and changes to the game to fix the problems so if it works for me, I’m sure it should work for you too.
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2 years ago, anjali666
great boredom widget, simple, cute
i love the wide range in characters and backgrounds. im glad this is a widget because its the perfect thing to do on my phone if im waiting for something or just want to pass time. BUT only suggestions i have are - make it so that you can the widget on your actual home screen and not just that side screen where u have to swipe left. not really that important to me though but it would be nice as an option if its not too hard to implement - it should let me dismiss the message on the widget that keeps popping up that says "free character unlocked" because the way it is now you have to click on the free character message then it opens the app and then i have to close out the app in order to get the message to go away so i can use the widget. - maybe make it so that you can pick characters and backgrounds separately instead of them coming together as a set. sometimes i like a character but hate the background or vice versa. :)
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4 years ago, Cafe guy-Catonsville-123
Great game
So, at school when the computers are of line, we could play this game. I really loved it. I bet it would be great to play on my phone. So, what do you think I did... well, I downloaded it. The only issue I have is that I can’t play the game. I mean... if you download a game... don’t you want to play it? Like I said, I really like this game on other devices, and would really like to play it on this device. And, really, it’s not the games fault. See, I read the, “how to play” section, I’m not being stupid. When I swipe up, there’s no “today” button. So, I can’t play the game. Like I said, it may not be the games fault, but when you create a game, you should be able to access it through the game, so that there aren’t these kind of problems. Just for future reference.
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3 years ago, Gross69mom
Fun and reliable
I like all the fun characters and jump levels. This is great for waiting rooms and lines at the pharmacy when you don’t want to get too into something else. It’s quick and easy to open and it doesn’t take up much RAM. I’m still trying to beat my high score at 24,000 or so. I have to admit, I do have an affectional bias for the Tyrannosaurus. He jumps over cactuses. Cactuses hurt. It invokes anxiety. I think he’s a really clever character. I mean, the idea of jumping and getting hurt conjures the feeling as well—but it does make for a bit of a cerebral experience as well. I still find myself getting hooked every now and again :)
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5 years ago, Bing Bong Slasher XD
Widget Screen
From my initial impression of this game, I felt it was very difficult to play considering how small the surface area it is to play the game within the widget screen. However, it is clever and convenient to play the game from the widget screen, I find that I end up failing over and over because I’m not hitting the screen precisely enough. It is quite annoying since I’m not only missing this small screen once or twice, but almost every time. It’s very difficult to play for this reason. I like that you can have customizable characters and that I can just pull out my phone and play this game at any time without even having to open up an app, but it’s going to take a lot of getting used to even be able to play the game with less than a fourth of the screen to play off of.
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3 years ago, 🍯🐝 Little Bee 🐝🍯
Adorable, Easy, and Fun. Hours of entertainment.
I’ve always liked to play the dinosaur game, even when I had WiFi, I purposely turned off my WiFi to play the dinosaur game, so I was overjoyed when I learned that I was able to play it on mobile. I also love how you don’t even have to open an app, and all it takes is one swipe to the right. There also isn’t any adds and I love that! There is another game you could play the dinosaur game on, but it was just way too hard! This version is easier, so there’s less rage when playing 🤣🤣 Overall, the game is amazing, and I look forward to playing it, and any updates!
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4 years ago, Fire Fox 999
I love this game it is just amazing and so fun but there are two things I would like to tell you that I don’t exactly enjoy. First, can these guys please make getting coins a little more fun because you can only get them on top of cacti and it’s really boring but if you put the coins in other places it’s well you get what I’m saying. The other thing I don’t like is that you don’t get to play it in the real app you have to play it somewhere else and it’s really wired. Any way I love the game I’d rate five stars or ten out of ten plz fix the problems and thanks for reading this review, good bye!
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4 years ago, BM222333444555666
Weird problem...
Hi I usually don’t write reviews but I have a problem I’m hoping you can fix. The app what a good idea at first but when I downloaded it-it had some weird problems. I thought it would be cool but it had something weird happen. I downloaded it and I thought it would be fine but when I tried to move the apps placement on my IPad it had some kind of other app that was the same come out of it. It sounds confusing but this is exactly what occurred. I’ve deleted the app and tried to delete the app that came out of it but the new app wouldn’t go. Is there any way you can help and I don’t think this app is bad but this second app is a problem. Please if you could comment on however to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Please help this is a big problem
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4 years ago, pvz is nice
Great game. Nothing wrong.
This game Is funny because it’s from google when you don’t have internet and I like the way that 1/4 of the characters are free if you have the patience to watch some ads. This game is great and keep up the good work. But the thing for the free characters is that you have to watch so many ads, I had to watch 15 ads to get just nayan cat!. I think you need to lower the amount of ads to watch to get the free characters, and coins are hard to get, so I think you should add a daily reward type thing where you get coins (15-40) every day, I wold love if this is added, but the game is still great!.
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6 years ago, Bibliophile13
I play it all the time and though it may seem like you can get bored of it easily, it’s actually very entertaining...for me anyway. They have a lot of other characters that you can be other than Steve, but I like plain old Steve the best. I just hope in one of the later updates that they add in a girl version of Steve or different color Steves and maybe even a way to customize the outfit with a bows, shirts, hats, etc. But I don’t rlly mind the average gray colored Steve 😋. (P.S. This game does not require WiFi so no need to worry about loosing gigs or if your parents are like mine and put a limit to how long your can be on the internet! 😉)
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4 years ago, Scribble Wibble Dribble
Pretty fun
This game is, like the title says, pretty fun. The mechanics and gameplay are simple, the game is nostalgic, and I like that it’s in widget form. Plus, the unlockable characters are a cool objective to work up to. I do have a few gripes, though. The first problem is that half of the time, jumping doesn’t even work. There seems to be a jump cooldown, which can make certain parts of the game impossible, such as when you have two sections of three cacti right next to each other. Second, getting coins takes way too long. I’d really prefer if coins were more common, instead of only one spawning per like 15 cacti groups. Besides these things, though, it’s a pretty fun game.
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5 years ago, OOF OOF 12
Steve... MY DINO!!! 🦖🦕🦖
First day of getting the game. I have been looking for a balanced fun offline game for decades... and I found one! This jumpin Dino jumped form google to here without ANY CHANGE!!! Srry srry srry. I sound like a bit. I rlly do. But there is ONE issue I have so far. Where are the bird and the duck action? The screen should be split vertically. The right side makin u jump and the left making u duck. This can be changed to the left side making u jump and the right ducking. This isn’t so big but it lost a star. If u haven’t got it and r looking for fun this is it! It’s kinda confusing and needs work to set up but when u do? Awesome! I also love how u play in the Notification Center. Great game all around :)
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3 years ago, bay bay🌹
Great for anime/ meme lovers
I have had Steve Widget for a LONG time and I was extremely excited when I saw they added Sailor Moon, Naruto, and a lot more anime themes! They also had a corgi theme to for those dog lovers. Everything about this app is awesome but what would make it more awesome is is they added the theme music/song to the Steve themes, like for example i want to play the sailor moon Steve Widget but at time it gets boring without music so adding the theme song to whatever Steve Widget theme I have would be really cool! Overall I love this app so much and I would love if the added a lot more anime themes! Keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, 1breadqueen1
Alright but ads are annoying
The game is fine, easy to pick up and play for a few minutes while waiting for something. It’s just annoying when I want to play the game for a little bit, and on my Home Screen it’s an ad for a different character and there’s no button to make it disappear besides clicking it and leaving the app. It’s annoying and makes me not want to play it. It’s also their 99% of the time when I want to play the game. If there was a visible button to make the character ad disappear I’d give this game maybe a 4 star, characters are just annoying to get if you don’t want to grind for them or watch a million ads.
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2 years ago, Maryjohn192993
Money Grabbing Game
I enjot this game, i do, and i feel as i will continue till i get fed up. It is LOADED with ads; not as bad as others but still grts frustrating when i have a short amount of time and just want to do something. Along with the ads, there are tons of glitches! When i start, somtimes, i glotch under the world, This happends till the top his the bottom of thr cactus. Some of the jumps are impossible, the 4 large cacti takes a ton of practice to maybe get over it, and this comes up a lot, I dont understand how i get 8 large cacti in a row. Their ad control also lacks. Sometimes sketchy ads will come up when you first open the ad, asking for your apple ID or "your hacked!" or f3tish ads clearly targeted to the wrong people.
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3 years ago, Buggy ducky
Great game!
So, I’ve been looking for widget apps (let alone a game 😁) and either none of them worked, or you had to pay a ton of money! Then, I saw this app! It works like a charm! I would of given it 5 stars, but there’s one thing I don’t understand... in the app you can change your characters. There’s a really cute one that I want really bad! All you have to do is watch a video for it. So, when I clicked on it, I watched a video. But then, when the video was over, it said it wasn’t unlocked! Also, you get 15 videos only! Those are my reasons I’m against the game, but other than that, I love it! Thank you developers!
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6 years ago, DyanyTheDigiPokeFan
Love it, but please read!
The game is very responsive, and missing obstacles is always just me missing the timing. However, certain obstacle placements may be difficult to clear sometimes, like a smaller obstacle just after a large one. I love being able to earn my way up to characters without paying real money, and if I ever get bored ads are there to let me earn quick money! But I'm disappointed; I bought the character Aros. I liked how it was so cute and fluffy, and it looked like a little armadillo-dino! I even loved running past huge mountains and jumping over trees! But in this recent update it has COMPLETELY changed, now Aros is this husky with a dark, icy background and rocks to jump over! Please add the original Aros animation and scenery again, even if I have to earn coins for it again! Really, this is an awesome game, but I'm disappointed that I suddenly lost my favorite character - and the 500 coins I spent - and instead got something I never wanted.
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5 years ago, K00lman
Fun, but has problems
I am in an iPhone 5s and I love this game. It is fun and nice to be able to open up and play for a minute or so. But for some reason after about an hour it started freezing up, starting a little bit then going to unplayable. I can restart my phone and that fixes it but I don’t why it does this in the first place. This is the only reason I am giving it 3 stars, as it deserves 5. (P.S. to all those people who can’t put in on your phone, you have to slide down to pull up the Notification Center, then slide right, the scroll down hit edit, add it to the widget list, then do the same to play. You can also on your home screen swipe right a couple of times to do the same thing.)
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5 years ago, Narwhals rule SMB
I absolutely love this game!!! But I only have one problem with it... there is a sound button in the top left hand corner. You can only access it when you first open the game. But after you click a button you can not press or control the volume anymore. I have sort of found a way out of it but it is a hassle. You have to turn off your phone for a sec, lower or raise the volume, then return to the game and to remember clicking the volume on or off. But Besides this one problem I love this game and I can play anytime and I can also switch it off with my friends if we are all bored. Thanks for making such an awesome game 😐👌🦖
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4 years ago, Kateleen9999
Its so fun and cute!
The game steve is super fun and cool. I love how it is in your widgets and that you can play it whenever you want. It doesnt involve internet and you can play it on the go! But there is one thing I don’t really like. In my opinion, I think the game is too small... for the people who have it in their phone, I bet it is way too hard for them to play. Next thing I would like for it to have is a setting where you can change the background. Since the ios 14 update came, I and most people have designed their phones. Because of this, I want to make the widget the same color and pattern as my background. Overall, i think this app it amazing!
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4 years ago, ChoirNerd1999
Cute but not that good
It’s a cute idea to replicate the google dinosaur game as a widget, but the screen is so small it is hard to tap and stay on the widget without covering it with my thumb so I can’t see and anticipate, especially as a right handed person, it would be more comfortable to tap on the right side of the widget, but I can’t because that’s where the cacti come from so I have to be able to see and there isn’t enough room to reliably tap underneath. I would rather play in an app, even if most of the screen were blank, so I would be able to tap. The reason the game on browser works so much better is it is much easier to hit the keyboard than have your fingers on a touchscreen competing with your line of sight.
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5 years ago, Brad.ynn
Kinda Confusing
I first read through all the comments and it was pretty discouraging but i thought i would go ahead and give it a shot. I downloaded the app and i opened it and it was pretty simple and straight forward. What frustrated me was that the instructions were kind of miss leading. When you go to add the widget it says to swipe down and open you notifications but what you have to do is swipe down and then right and scroll all the way down and it will have a little box that should say Dino on it. It will say edit and you can edit your widgets on there and it’s really simple but they forgot to give the other step.
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4 years ago, i love chiken wings
This is pretty hard because I forget to actually tap the thing because wen I see a cactus i try to jump but I don’t press the actual little game thing Here is how to get it up if u r struggling 1.go to the very first page on your I paid or whatever and will see these tiny(not really)with boxes if u see them then scroll down and u will see a circle that says edit press that and u have to press the little dinosaur That looks like Steven and then go back out of that go back to the white boxes and u just have to find the cover app thingy for Steve the jumping dinosaur 😁hope this was helpful
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