Stick War: Legacy

4.8 (57.8K)
230 MB
Age rating
Current version
Max Games Studios
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stick War: Legacy

4.81 out of 5
57.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Hals81
Second Campaign????
So I have a really interesting idea to make a second campaign like stick war 2 to make it adapted to you can get all the same units you already on locked and the way to unlock the second campaign is through beating the first campaign on insane and even though That and this next idea might take a lot of time for your busy crew a sandbox mode would be GREAT where once you have got all the skins and completed all the campaign levels aswell as buying all the items in the store at least once I feel like that would make your company a lot of money to have that kinda of goal for players to get where they can essentially make their own level and see who would win star level six boss or desert boss or 1 golden spearten with 10 metrics vs a giant zombies spearten. I never actually beat the final level of stick war two and don’t remember much from it but another option for giants making them have the rock throwing ability for extra gold would be awesome too, the praying thing is kinda unnecessary though you can leave that out of you want :) I grew up with the og stick war and love it so much but there is one thing I have original, 3 upgrade points to unlock a drill for gold that will automatically completely mine the first gold thing and give half the gold that a minor could have gotten while completely taking out that part of the mine. I don’t actually recommend trying my crazy ideas but they could be interesting
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5 years ago, war robots raijin
Few suggestions
I love this game and I am the biggest fan of this game but I think these things will make the game a lot better! First thing I want yall to do is add new units,the first one I want you to add is the enslaved giant from stick empires,but you can't complete a level to unlock it, you have to beat normal mode in order to unlock it,its cost is 1500,and its space in the stick amount is 4,also it needs skins too,every unit I tell you to add needs skins,next unit is the legendary warrior wrath,it is a swordwrath that has 2 ruby swords,and a ruby helmet,make it fast like a pouncer dead,and its damage levels are very high,its health levels are the same as a golden spearton, you need to make a level for it to unlock it,put it in before no mans land, its cost is 1000, it's space in the stick amount is 4,the final unit I want you to add is the shadowwrath from stick empires,make its speed and health the same like in stick empires, its cost is 450,and how much space it takes is 2,now for the thing I been waiting for yall to add... DAILY MISSIONS,if you complete one of the missions, you get gems,skins or special units,now for the finale,summon your very own wave of tamed zombies! I wanted some actual gameplay with zombie so please add this as a item for the shop, it's cost:500 like the elite,that is all for today,I hope you do this max games studios!
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2 years ago, Bfjgyh
Is it just me or is this game pay to win?
I used to love playing this game when it used to be a flash game on pc. Tho its been ages since i last played it since i dont have a pc anymore, but now that its a mobile game ive finally gotten to try it out and its super fun, just as fun as i remember and maybe better only issue is once u get to the final level "the last stand" or pretty much any other game mode in this game except undless undead. Its become nearly impossible to do anything without maxing out ur armory and without any skins. On top of that everything costs so much gems and u only get 5 each whenever u earn it (not including chests) so im struggling to finish any normal difficulty challenges (which feel like its on hard difficulty), normal difficulty tournaments which ngl kinda feels like playing with players which is somewhat nice, and even normal difficulty campaign which i barely managed to make it to the final level but when i did i cant seem to get past the final level because even with the skins from campaign if i dont place the skill points in the right place ive basically screwed myself over. Which isnt a good idea. You should ease the player in a slight more til they max out their stats then throw everything u got at them and they should be able to survive even with all their skins on classic skins. Idk if you guys are still working on this game or not but if so hopefully u see this and figure out how to fix it.
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3 years ago, b0b_th€_bu1Ld€r
Great game, few complaints
This game almost perfectly captures what was once a great flash game and made the parts that were bad even better. The only things I have to complain about is the new additions to the game. Gems are now even harder to obtain than before and are more annoying to obtain after they changed it to where the enemy (and your) statues take 90% reduced damage for about 5 seconds after they hit around 50% health. This makes farming gems take more time. Also, Magikill will walk super close to the enemy statue when no other enemy unit is on the field, leaving them vulnerable to attacks when reinforcements come out. Also, now for some reason, when statues are under attack, they won’t detect all the attacks when many attackers are hitting the statue, so if you have an army, chances are you are getting the correct damage output you were looking for. With all that being said, those are my only complaints. Everything else about this game is outright amazing and it makes me happy to see people still working on this masterpiece. Something I would like to see in the future is more Stick War 2 content. I liked the addition of deads that was from it, so other things like that I would love to see. Thank you for such an amazing game!
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3 years ago, dandenjd
New campan?
Can you make a campaign that is the same as the first one but you can add to it like the campaign where you go one little aveners I want ther to be a bad guy that took 60%of sperton ,archerdon,shordrath ,mage,healer ,giant,and skins but you dont have a lot of troops that you can use so it starts at20 max the seven legendary troops its like the golden sperton but better because there good at using the weapons the legendary miner can hav 1000 to 500 gold in the bag each time they can only be one of each lengendary troop or else ill be to op that will cost 10 times the normal troop will but ill be the 6 types of giant or you can just put grifon the great the healer can be 2500 can you put healer as an troop that does not cost gems to use to make the max troop get bigger you can beat one of the lengendary troops youll also get that troop but when the lengenary troop dies he or she will sleep on the floor you can tap on the troop and miners from the casl will Pick him up and Bring him to the castleFor the lengendary healer to heal him or her but if youre the healer that is asleep there will be multiple healer that are not legendary hears that will heal the leginary healeryoull the boss will be the great one the guy that gave all ideas for wepons make him look legindary pls don’t give up on the game
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4 years ago, scaly monster
Great game, only a few things need to be added
I love the game, the campaign isn’t too hard, the amount of adds is fine, and the tournament is almost the right difficulty. With all that said, the endless undead is easy at first, then quite difficult when the pounder dead’s are introduced, I’m fine with the concept of them going for the back troops immediately, but please make a little slower, it’s ok that they’re fast, but they’re a bit too fast. The AI needs a few adjustments to make it a bit less easy to cheese, for example, as long as you are controlling one troop, the enemy won’t garrison as long as they have one troop in the field, so you can kill all the miners until they have no gold left, kill the remaining enemies, bring in the rest of your army until the enemy calls reinforcements, then destroy their army and finish the statue. I also feel like the tournament should give more gems per fight on higher difficulties, and then please lower the waiting time for another tournament, to an hour for example, but still have the skip cost at 150 gems, and then lower the reward of gems per fight or something. If possible the campaign can be a bit longer, and please add a multiplayer. That is what I think of this game, it’s awesome but still has a lot of potential.
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5 years ago, Colin 263
Great game, save for one flaw.
I’ll start off with saying I love this game. I’ve been playing it since I was a kid when it was a flash game. When it came out on the App Store, I didn’t hesitate. I got it and played the game to death. I’ve beaten it on all three difficulties. I played the tournament on all three difficulties and beat it. Recently the skins came out, which I like. The problem is in the tournament mode, however. I just played the tournament on hard not long before this review and I found the last opponent to be unbeatable. Now, when I play tournament mode, it’s for gems to buy stuff with. So I usually play without buying or using any buffs. Here’s the issue, the opponent is overpowered. You get 15 or 25 points to spend on upgrades depending on the game mode. The mode was Classic, so 15 points. The opponent, however, gets all of their units upgraded beyond what you can ever reach and has access to every spell. AND can take control of any unit and use them perfectly. And this was on hard. The second difficulty. Not insane. I want to suggest that the devs nerf the opponents to be bound to the same constraints that the player is, otherwise it’s unfair. And it’s just the final opponent. Everyone else is fine. I love this game. I grew up with it. I want to see it grow and improve.
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2 years ago, Bobbysgal85
Amazing Game.
First off, let me just say that this game is amazing, and I’ve been playing on multiple devices since it was ever released. The troops, skins, and upgrades are just amazing. I have 4 suggestions though. 1: Maybe you could add a second campaign or maybe some more levels on the already included campaign. 2: When you open chests and you get a skin for a particular troop, you usually get 25 gems. Maybe you could fix it so that you don’t get the same skin again and instead, a different skin so that you can progress further into the game. Overall, I give the game a 5 out of 5, and is one of the best games I’ve ever played. 2: Maybe add an experimental mode only unlockable after completing the entire campaign. In experimental mode, you could add unlimited gems, and bigger troop count. 4: make user made levels or once again, more campaign levels because the game feels limited. And lastly, let me just say one more thing. I’ve beaten campaign multiple times, and it just gets boring, so that why I said maybe add unlimited gems in a separate mode so that you can play the game and it being more fun. Overall, best war based game I’ve ever played on a mobile device.
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6 years ago, EraOfTheAres
Best Game Ever: Just A Couple Of Suggestions
Hey Stick Page, I like this game so much and it is very cool to play with but it needs small nerfs. My first suggestion is that we should have the Vamp skin more better. I used a Spearton but when the Spearton hits the enemy, it only heals 1 to 2 health and if I control it, it only heals 3 health. I think that it should be nerfed because the amount of health it heals per hit is way too little. Normally, it should 4 to 10 health and the user should heal the Spearton 12 to 20 health. Also leaf should make cost decrease by 20% percent instead of 10%. My second suggestion is that there should be a multiplayer like 1v1s or 2v2s, or 4v4s. This would make it more fun to fight other people globally. I like the game but it could get too boring after a while if they is no multiplayer mode. Also, I would really like it if the endless dead had new zombies. They only have 8 zombie types in there and it would be more better if they could be more types like an actual archer or a hypnotizer that makes one of the troops turn sides. Thanks for listening and I hope you do these suggestions to make it more fun and from 4.7 stars to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Carlitoswayspl Pixel gun fan
Here is the most honest review
Stick war legacy is the third game to be released in the stick war franchise. If you are aware of the franchise you will know that stick war 1 the original was released in 2009. Stick War legacy is the complete remastered version of the original stick war. Stick War legacy shows what a remaster should be. Stick war legacy adds more than 5 times the content from the original ranging from game modes to spells. The game is a simple strategy based game. You can control units or just let your army do the work. There is one in game currency as-well as In game purchases but I never felt the urge to spend any money because progression is so solid you can get lots of progress towards something with just an hour of gameplay. Stick War legacy is still constantly updating the game and it just keeps getting better from here the developers of this game listen to their community and even take ideas. To put everything in short. Good strategy game. Fun gameplay. Lots of content. To put this game rating on a scale of 1/10 it’s a solid 9 in my book because you always have fun no matter where you are because the game is offline functional. You should get it.
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2 years ago, DøcW
Stick "Was"
TL;DR: It's like the very first Stick War turned into a mobile game. Fun in some places, not so much in others. Gets repetitive. Loved this series when Flash was still around. Looking to get my fix of Stick War, I turned to mobile to try and find the familiar greatness. Unfortunately, this game falls woefully short of the last browser game in the Stick War series. I'll start with the negatives: Limited "skill tree" that isn't even a tree, more like a single level system. Clunky AI with no individual or unit select instructing system, it's all or one. Turning some units into items (Ex. The Meric). Super short "campaign" with maybe 5-8 missions. Really disappointed with what I found, but with the negatives out of the way now the positives: Controlling a unit still feels fun, especially in the endless dead mode. Gameplay promotes troop variety, can't use one troop to win all scenarios. Earning chests does feel rewarding (albeit maybe too rewarding with the powerful skins). Some battles become a fun back and forth for inches of land. However, even with the positives I was expecting way more considering the complexity of the previous Flash game. Unfortunately, I don't see me coming back to this anytime soon, it's just too repetitive. Farewell my old friend, we shared good times.
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3 years ago, the hunter king
Best game ever, please add these new units
For starters you should add some of these units, Viking, Crossbow, General, Captain, Comando and Knight. The Viking will wield a axe and shield, the Viking will be simulare to the Spartan (in health and damage), however the Viking will have a 50 percent chance of throwing their axe to the enemy and retrieve it. The cost will be 750 and will be classified as a heavy melee. The crossbow will be like the archer, however the crossbow will be stronger and will take more time to reload. The cost will be 450 and will be classified as a heavy range. The General will be similar to the dead Kai but instead of summoning zombies the general will summon Elites. The cost will be 2000 and will be classified as a summoner. The Captain is going to be similar to the general but instead of summoning the captain will buff up the units he’s leading. The cost will be 1000 and will be classified as a leader. The comando will be a giant with 2 long swords and the earthquake ability and with Griffin the Great’s range of attack. The cost will be 3500. The knight is a fully armored Spartan with a sword and long shield (like the vamp Spartan shield). The cost will be 900 and will be classified as a melee. All of them will be unlocked in the second campaign like how hals81 said.
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3 months ago, CosmicRonald
Everything is perfect except for a few things
First off it is a pain scrolling all the way down to the lower missions so there should be a button that takes you all the way to the bottom or have a screen that displays all the numbers and when you click on one it takes you to the mission. ( i forgot what game mode this was but it was not crown of immorta zombie dead’s or the regular story campaign) the second thing is griffin the great. Bro only does 50 damage 💀 and your making us pay 1000 gems for him? A golden spartan when he throws his spear does OVER 1000 damage FRONT OR BACK and he can get his spear back in 10 seconds??? Seems like a rip off to me considering how not even 2 griffins can’t take out the final boss. I’d say either make griffin attack faster, more damage, more hp, or give him a special ability (other than earthquake) that no other unit has because at this point the golden Spartans a better trade off deal than him. (One more thing at night the endless dead get way to op when you get over night 15 nerf when?) other than all of this the game is perfect and keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, blessdc
Online battle with others??
Hello there, I really love your game and I’ve been looking forward of seeing an online battle with other people. But please add this type of mode because it could really make this game even fun. So few suggestions. 1) make an online battle with other players from everywhere. 2) if they try using booster, give a max of 5 boosters used to make it fair for the other player. And add a emoji chat to send each other reactions. 3) if they wanna challenge a friend, you should make something possible to challenge your friends. That is all the suggestions I have in mind, and big thanks to you making this game, it reminds me of my younger self playing game at the age of 5-9 years old, and I wouldn’t stop playing due to how fun it is. But overall please do an online battle with others, so that we could experience the fun feelings. But I hope I see this mode in the future waiting for those that also want to do an online battle with others. But overall thank you for your hard time creating this game, I wish you an happy new years of 2023. KEEP UP THE WORK!!! :D By, Teenager.
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2 years ago, Fun bucket17
Totally Different Game
The game has been changed pretty significantly from what it used to be, with the focus shifting from actually having some strategy to only having cool looking big-army-battles. It feels like they’ve removed many of the things that gave the old game depth and replaced it with stuff that’ll cater to kids. Which, if you’re into that, this game is great. Otherwise… There is only very surface-level boring gameplay, and the appeal relies only on nostalgia and “look at my huge army!”, the first of which it quickly ruins imo. It also seems the AI has changed quite a bit. It hardly does anything other than sit there, and it makes the game fairly uneventful… Even on insane mode, the enemy will not attack you nearly as often, and will instead simply amass a huge army and wait for you to attack them. They also seem to be getting crazy amounts of money from thin air? I find it weird how their AI doesn’t at all line up with whats going on in game, but ah well. Then when you do attack and utterly destroy their army of 30+ they get “reinforcements” and you’re sent back mining again, and most of the game feels like you’re just waiting on your 6 miners to max your army pop, not so much strategizing. I’m very dissapointed overall, as I wanted to play a strategy game, and not… whatever this is, but what do you expect from a mobile game I guess
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3 years ago, Oriental_Empress
make this update part of 1.15
I want a custom stick maker for tournament and custom logo maker for Spartan on all modes and a button to block upward and attack like when the AI’s are in a phalanx, and the ability for all units to have a button to do a custom finishing move so it’s not the normal attacks and it’ll be cool to use in 1.15 if you ever do make the 1.15 update. I want 2 new controllable Dead’s: Dead Kai(the normal Kai) and the Kai Rider, both for 3000 gold. And I want to have a new tab called: custom color and skin maker, because we wanna see our own creations and how it could look in-game. I also want a custom move for the Spartan that can be triggered by: right down and attack button, and he’s throws this shield and can 1 hit all enemy units and decapatates them (still able to be attacked but will be killed if the shield comes back and they are still attacking) and a button on the middle bottom that shows a dude doing push-ups, and then the unit will do a move depending on the unit, like the push-up one or the swordwrath burpee or like the Spartan throwing his shield and getting it back again, thx 🙏🏼 that’s all for today!
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1 year ago, jamesyfred
Few suggestions but my favorite
Ok first, the suggestions. 1. Make a second campaign. 2. At the end of the game, when Griffon the Great picks up your spearton, and he yells, “THIS ENDS NOW!” Sometimes when you tap to fast it cuts of mid-way through, please fix. 3. A custom feature, where you could make your own skins and armor, with buffs like extra health, poison immunity, etc, and upload them to a place where people can share their own creations. You don’t need it to be super complex, just add some design options for each character and a coloring tool. But of course, we would rather have a detailed version but it’s not necessary. 4. Make it so you can customize what skin Griffon the Great wears aside from the Giant. 5. Make a button where you can defend but have the miners man the fort. Now I want to say how much this app has been a part of my childhood, it’s amazing that it’s still my favorite game after the thousands of VR games, console games, mobile games. It’s always comforting to sit back on my couch, the car, my bed, anywhere really! Thank you for this!
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3 years ago, ahhhhhhaaahhhh
New game???
Since the New update of the game I thought That you could add a new game where it is called “Stick war Legacy:Chaos Version.” It would be a game where you are an empire of a kingdom called “The chaos tribes.” There would be the same units from the old game but it would have chaos skins and more. You would also be able to do the same modes but it would have chaos skins. Once you beat the story mode in this game you would get the skins and power ups in the old game too.I thought about this so that you would get lots and lots of moneys to keep your company going. It would also let players have there own fun and more. The first weeks the game would be 1.99$ then after one week it would be free and in the old game Stick War Legacy would have like a link that says “New game!! Visit here to get new skins and power ups!!!” And the link would be beside the words. With this your company would get tons and I mean tons of money to keep the game going so that means you would be rich. I know this may be hard for your hard working crew but it would be a great idea to get money and keep your company going.
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5 years ago, Doshis mangosis
Great game but has one problem
I’ll start off with I love this game. It is awesome and has lots of things to do. I have played this since it was a flash game and I loved it then. It now is based off tactics and I’m good at that. I have beaten all difficulties on the campaign and tournament and I’m level 30 on the zombies. I thought it was a good concept and I loved the looks for the skins and already had so many ideas of what to do. I just have to say one thing about the tournament. The hard and insane modes last guys are overpowered and have more than you even if you have 25 upgrades. I have beaten them but it would be hard for new players that want a challenge and don’t know what there getting into. Either then that it’s a great game and has basic graphics, concept, and tactics that work but that just goes to show that even the original games that don’t look good have a good inside on them no matter what it seems. I think anyone should get this game and help their brain work and think of the next move. Please buy this game and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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3 years ago, (*******::;:;)
Plz add more things
Add pictures of before and after of empires destroyed in endless deads. I lost ALL of my progress in writing my 2nd review so I’m waisting time remaking review progress I lost. I’m sad now, and fricc the coding of writing a review, I want my friccing review progress back. Back to updating game: you only get the pictures of empires before and after they were destroyed by deads from completing levels, on level 10 a swordwrath will appear from other side of map and start running to your side and he’l say something like “I didn’t take part of the swordwrath ambush and I had no control over it, I know I’m one of your enemy’s but can you let me join your side?” Then, (if spearton dude is survives until then.) spearton dude will say “Marcus is that you? I’d know that sword dent anywhere.” Sword dude: “Yes it is. And is it you, Mark?” Spear dude: “Yep.” Sword dude: says something about how horrible it was that the deads wiped out his village. Spear dude: “Don’t feel bad, my empire was wiped out too!” Then You’d gain ability to paint your units and design your own units in the place where you can add skins to your units.
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5 years ago, Taya Lowkey
Really Fun Game
I remember back in 5th grade, I was playing stick war with my little brother on a library computer. Since I’m a girl, people thought me playing Stick War was weird because it was a boy’s game. But let’s be honest, Stick War is so fun. Anyways, my brother would always control a character, while I take care of the economy and build the army. Later we discovered Stick War 2 and Stick War Empires and figured we could go against real people. My brother and I somewhat shared an account, combined our strategies, and went against real players together. We would usually do an army of speartans and flying archidons. My brother discovered Stick War Legacy, and I was like holy shït. He and me now both use some same/different strategies and have our separate phones. However, he thinks he’s better than me, so I do wanna challenge him 1v1. I would really love if Stick War Legacy could make that possible on mobile. And yes, I still play Stick War Legacy (this game is my childhood and I will carry it with me) My brother is smart while I’m more of the ‘gamer girl’ if that makes since.
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5 months ago, HaleyDeeeeeeee
I need to ask a Question
So I do not know if I just updated this review I can’t see my reviews BUT, about those sandbox things I just said so.. I want to ask what the sandbox needs to be all about: players can add gold or custom they’re own gold and make they’re own characters or Stickman! And publish creations to they’re modes section all they need to do is swipe down to view they’re creations and publish them to any mode they want the publish creations will be in a new section of all the modes that they’re published creations are at if they want to select they’re creation. But the sandbox tab is at any main menu section if they click on a mode like the dead then it will pop up with a section from do you want to play your creations?? But they can no longer update they’re creations original ones are unexpected for me add a super insane mode for the sandbox but I will SPAM if you do not ADD this! They can also make new game and add super duper unseen characters in sandbox so um, I update this tomorrow so, goodluck. Thanks for reading
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3 years ago, Zain12314919
Great game
If you like strategic games with action and combat this is a game for you! There is different modes like campaign and missions. If you beat the campaign you can still entertain yourself by each new mission. If you tap on a soldier in a game you can control it and to uncontrol it just tap on the star in the top right corner. There are 5 or 6 skins with perks which cost gems for the skins. to get gems you can buy them or play missions and get gems. You can make the game how easy or challenging you want by changing the difficulties. When you start the campaign buy two miners and buy some sword troops, and keep switching between the two until you have enough miners then you can place what troops you want. I recommend having 4 to 6 miners in a game, but remember to also fortify your place as well. I would wait to attack when you have a big army so you can destroy the enemy statue. I personally love this game and it has no issues and the ai work great. Good luck to new people!
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6 months ago, Hdkakakaj
This game is worth trying
Stick War:Legacy is a great game, not only does it has a simple way of playing but it also offers different ways to beat opponents if you want to use different strategies. The game also offers skins which help the troops in different ways when they attack. There are different game modes that are fantastic, I mean, there’s a story mode, an endless, a tournament, and a map which adds new levels daily if you want a bit of new content. All I want to ask the developers is maybe a new addition centered in masteries. It will give you awards with gems or spells when you get a certain amount of kills with different troops and skins. How? you may ask. Well, this may be a small spoiler but you can control one troop at a time, so players will now have the need to control troops instead of just watching them attack because people want gems, and what other amazing way than giving the function of controlling troops a new mechanic!!
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5 years ago, Bobton Smith
Good but needs content. This game is well made and pretty balanced. The only small thing I would change should be to nerf the last boss a little since I could only beat him with the most expensive power up which spawns the good version of him. Anyways it has an amazing storyline and is pretty cool. But you should fix Endless Mode because the spearton bosses and bosses are overpowered and they bunch up quickly. Other than that the units are fun and I LOVE the Speartons which can take down a giant if there are like 4 or 5 of them. Last note, I have this idea for Stick War Legacy: Reborn. So all the faction have made peace right? (Continuing after the last one) There should be this fresh new start where there are these new factions that have also joined up and we have to fight them. the point is after like centuries of piece this bad guy faction has upgraded technology like crossbow men and armor and they outnumber us. We lose the war but this group of rebels start the old faction back up with new troops and new content.
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5 years ago, hjalte24
Great game + features
I love the game and I like the new updates with skins and all but it gets underwhelming after a while Add a multiplayer-I’ve seen lots of people wanting this and it’d be difficult but I think it’d be worth it in the end Add more ways to get gems- the skins again I really like them but they’re almost impossible to get enough I don’t really know what but they could be easier to access them Get rid of the tournament-cool down I don’t think anyone’s paying to play the tournament twice and that’s the only reason for you to have a cool down Add a creative mode-you could set any settings or game modes you want insta build everything set the enemy A.I difficulty What troops they use their upgrades FREE no gem cost for special troops like the healer how much money the enemy starts with no gem reward choose all upgrades no limit people ask for more campaign levels why not leave that to them give ability to create and save levels the ability to create their very own levels this opens the ability to create community events of people creating and voting on levels showcasing their skill as creators a special player made campaign a new beginning Add limited time skins- joke skins cool skins the ability to show off. You could give player challenges on creative campaign or tournament it could be an easy way to quickly adding multiplayer It’s a great game please consider adding some if not all of these ideas I think they really have potential!
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8 months ago, ramenjustu
More tactical functions and also y’all are amazing
Seeing as the is is a great game and also a strategy game it needs some more tactical functions like sending a small squad of your chosen units from your army: also being able to have a reinforcement mechanic would be cool like being able to store up units like the npc’s do so it’s more fair you dont understand how soul crushing it is after a full on attack and then the you have no time or resources to get back on your feet after an attack against the enemy so I think it would be a good thing to add because it just makes sense to have in this type of game: also an online mode me and my friends want to fight each other in this amazing game that you created and like how much fun it would be: and also ever thought it about making a card game? That would be awesome I would pre order that mug: and that pretty much it keep up the amazing work I’d hate to see this game fall
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6 months ago, Elite_Max
New crown updated on insane is literally impossible
Hello! I have been a huge member of stick war legacy since it came out. This game is extremely fun and awesome to play especially on road trips! The only problem with this new update is that when fighting the boss , or making it to the finals, they spawn wayyyy too much spells and half of them are extremely op! I literally had to try 6 times to defeat the final contestant and each time I come close to winning they pull out and trump card that absolutely destroys me within less than a minute. Really? I had fight 6 golden speartons and 8 golden archidons. Then I had to fight griffon the great…. Twice…. Please reduce the amount of op spells that the final boss uses or give us some sort of nice advantage. Quite frankly the only way to maybe win is to buy a heck ton of gems, which even that is probably not enough. I do not want my favorite game being a buy to win base game. I feel like my grind means nothing if I have to buy gems to win… please read this 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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4 years ago, MegaKaiju
Everyone wants this in the game
alright so here is a couple of good suggestions that u should implement into the game. 1, online multiplayer with actual people around the globe. i like the current tournament mode but its too easy to beat the ai. We would all really appreciate if u made a pvp mode. 2, buff some of the skins. the lifesteal from the vamp skin is very little unless i play as a magikill which deals massive damage in one strike or as a giant which can hit multiple targets. the lifesteal for those should also be increased too tho bcuz its very little. also increase the slow by 2 secs and the power of the slow by 25%. the lava skin should also have another effect like asteriod bombardment. 3, well make the campaign so that we can also choose to play with another person or two. however to compensate for that the enemy is stronger and smarter. each player should have a population limit of 30 since 3 x 20= 90 in total. i really hope u take in my suggestions and make the game better.
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1 year ago, Stickmancommander
Best game on the App Store!
I think I speak for most people in this review when I say that this is quite possibly the best game on the App Store, and for so many reasons. The gameplay never gets old, and the upgrade mechanics allow for a different play style each time! I see people complaining about this game being pay to win, but you can play the game perfectly on your own. The game has very challenging levels and can really stump you on your first play through. (No Man’s Land!) And the daily challenges can keep you entertained if you’re done with the campaign. The endless mode serves for a great challenge for those looking for a worthy opponent to their skills. The power ups also add a bit of spice to the game and can really help you in tough times, like intended, and the skins themselves giving boosts also add to the “changing up play style” theme of this game. Tournament is.. Also existent! ‘Nuff said, great game, keep it up.
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3 years ago, ndisbas
The Strategy Game we Never Knew we Needed.
Despite the somewhat simple graphics, this mobile game has absolutely no business being free to play. I’d expect something as genuinely entertaining as this to be at LEAST $3.00. The only thing I could think of as a suggestion is a more common currency- like Gold, Coins, or something similar, and more than one type of chest. these two could work hand in hand. this more common currency could be used to purchase two new chests, $375 for an Abilities chest(Contains 2 Random Boosts from Page one), $500 for a Special Abilities chest(Contains 2 Random Boosts from page two), and $1250 for a Skin Chest(Contains one Random skin, Duplicates give 50 gems in return.) Common currency would be able to be Traded in for gems as well, $75 for 5 gems, $150 for 10 gems, $300 for 20 gems, so on and so forth, until 100 gems. But overall this game is more than worth downloading if you’re into Strategy games. AND ITS 110% FREE.
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3 years ago, Shadow75 ASSASSIN
G G but please fix this
This is a great game but can you please fix this bug where it keeps kicking me off during loading before game starts. Also, don't listen to the critical comments saying the Magikill level is too hard. They just don't follow the tip. The only reason it wouldn't work is the economy isn't strong. Also I agree with those people who want a multiplayer mode and another campaign. I don't mind how many ads are in games so I don't agree with those people who gave the game 1 star because of that. Also here is a strategy to beating the final boss: make sure you have strong economy so you can swarm high quality units. DO NOT FALL BACK WHEN BOSS SPAWNS as that will expose weakness and it is a good idea to make sure he doesn't make past the castle by stalling him with giants and minions. he will eventually fall to the Magikill swarm. It is best to control a Magikill since that'll do it HEAVY damage to him and I also recommend highly leveled units as boss will die quicker .
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5 years ago, heck beck
Great game, needs more
Hi, I absolutely love this game and have always played the webgame version on stickpage when I was a little kid. However, there are suggestions that could make the game better: 1. Make Campaign Longer I feel that the Campaign is too short and it should be a lot longer. Because after finishing it, you’re stuck with endless dead and tournament which can be boring 2. Multiplayer Add multiplayer, either co-op or pvp, that way we won’t always have to play against A.I. 3. Play as the Dead Add another mode where you can play as the dead and send your own zombie army against the A.I(or multiplayer) stick army (or zombie army). I feel that will bring more variety to the game. 4. Make Gems more Accessible Either make gems easier to get or make more skins that are lower prices. 5. Add more characters It would be amazing if you could add a couple more characters and a lot more fun. 6. Remove the cooldown The cooldown for the Tournament is unnecessary because without a longer campaign, you’re stuck with just endless dead. If you remove the cooldown, we wouldn’t be stuck and bored with endless dead. 7. More Modes Add the same modes from tournament but put them in a separate category so we can play just that mode instead of playing the tournament to get to it. With that being said, I hope you consider some of these suggestions because this game cures my boredom and is fun to play :)
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1 year ago, samsavage9
Troop Ideas
Hello Stick War Legacy Team! I have a few troop suggestions for you to consider! 1: A New Melee Troop, the Assassin. The assassin moves fast, has low hp, and hits HARD. The assassin wields a poisoned knife, and is best at getting into enemy lines and causing havoc while your other troops advance. The poison ticks for 8% of the enemy’s max HP, ticking every 0.7 seconds for a total of 15 seconds. He costs 250 gold. 2: Barbarian. The Barbarian is a speedy tank wielding a battle axe, and deals decent damage. The barbarian is best used for taking out tanker units, but if swarmed the Barbarian won’t do so well. He has a special ability, Bloodlust. When the Barbarian hits half health, he basically loses his mind, and doubles damage and speed goes up by 1.5 times the original speed, but still has problems with swarms. He costs 750 gold The final troop, the Thief wields a small crossbow in one hand and a crowbar in the other. The thief has decent speed, deals about as much damage as a Swordwrath (both crossbow and crowbar do around that number), and has around the same amount of HP as a Spearton. The thief has a special ability robbery (I couldn’t put in a thief without this). If the Thief attacks a miner with at least a half bag full of gold, 75% of the gold in the sack will be stolen and added to your funds. The Thief costs 450 gold. That’s all for this review! Thanks for reading! From, KingGhidorahKaiju
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3 years ago, lava assasin
This is the best strategic game ever
This is a really cool experience for your mind it builds strategy by giving you a choice upgrade people when you can’t upgrade every unit To the top in one campaign you choose what to start with in your begging $500 gold like 2 gold miners, 4 swordwrath people, a spearton ,or Archidon this game is the best I also like the four game modes campaign, missions, tournament, and the endless dead’s I like how the campaign has 3 saves so you can go through all the difficulty’s normal,hard,and insane also in the tournament you get a chance to earn a lot of wins to open chests and get new spells and skins and they don’t always give bad stuff on purpose they give you good stuff all the time like my dad got the vamp skin on his swordwrath on his first chest I like the endless one to I like how it takes the people that survived the last game into the next level so soon you can get the best army ever
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3 years ago, Kratos and boy.
I played the original stick war games and, this is quite fun. There basically aren’t any bugs but there could be some fixes and add-on’s. 1. One of such fixes is the AI. This is quite noticeable when playing higher rounds of endless dead’s when you have max population. Most of your army will just. Stand there. As your front line is dying from the pressure. This makes swordwrath useless on later rounds and a waste of space. It would help if the Soliders would stack up so that the front line took the damage, but the units behind them could still dish out punishment. 2. Stick war 2 online was quite fun. I would like to see online return as I would love showing friends my superior strategy. You could make rulesets, like the game mode. (Sudden death, gold rush, etc...) Restricting units, restricting which ability’s (buy-able stuff like spearton rage.) And the amount of upgrade points you can use during prep for the match. (The one you see before a battle or night in endless.) I can’t say much else. These things feel sort of left out as they were a main part of stick war 2. I’m not saying to turn this into stick war 2 as it has its flaws. But missing online is weird, especially with tournament mode a thing. And it frustrates me when my units aren’t working, which prevents me from using proper strategy in endless. I have to change my strategy to accommodate for the lack of the ai brain. Keep going and have a good day, and development I guess.
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2 years ago, lhfoydkgztizyixho
Absolutely love it
This is a really really good game you can upgrade properly things don’t cost an insane amount and and you can actually progress at a reasonable rate if you’re smart about your troops The only thing I have to say that needs to be worked on is more missions I would like more storyline and more upgrade possibilities for my already overpowered characters I have all of the maxed out yeah the weekly challenges are fun sometimes but you don’t keep the same upgrades and sometimes you can’t even summon more troops you have to stick with what they give you which is cool for a challenge perspective but that leaves you to pretty much rely entirely on power ups which you do have to pay for but these things are purely optional which is why I’m not docking points for it I want more missions for this game or for you guys to create a second game other than that it’s great.
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4 years ago, chitooo canoooooooo
Chitoooos review
I love this game but i just want new units and a multiplayer so I can play the game more often and over maybe spend money but first I want the wizard to have special moves like with the grass skin like can it have poison ability and ice with freezing ability savage skin with bleeding lava u already added burning but I also want the animation when they die their skins to melt and show their bones like the dead’s in stick empires also the vamp with control ability bruh y’all got the add the chaos characters and the elements and add the ninja and the eclipser idk how to spell it buts it’s the guy in the air with the cross bow and add more animation when u kill the characters also add tournaments ik u already did but with actually people with rewards like for the top people to get skins with gems and griffon giant and the low people with gems and multiplayer that’s it it’s a good game ik u guys won’t read this but this is what I want.
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3 years ago, Momwiyhfourboys
Game is great but more levels needed. Add more countries, and campaigns...add more troops types. Suggestion: End first campaign as if you now have your own country. Conquer the world!!! Make it online pvp. I don’t care. BUILD MORE Also, here are some suggestions: add horsemen who cost like 750 and our extremely fast and have a lance and do a lot of damage but don’t have that much health or whatever. Or, the shape shifter, a troop that can be one of any of your other troops that randomly switches after you play it with gold, that charges that random troop super fast. It should cost like 50 extra. If u can understand what I just said. You could even add in some animals. Such as guard dogs which are chained to your statue and our weak to archidons, but you can buy them for like 50. Or you could add in some bombs or other spells that cost gold. Be creative and figure it out.... we are waiting
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4 years ago, mc derpington
Great game, needs updates
This game could use a few updates, possibly new worlds, new classes, new skins, etc. here’s a few ideas: ocean world; battle either on an island, Viking ship, or pirate ship, they will jump into the water and get on the other boat. Classes; Viking, dual axes and does 1.5% more damage than sword wrath. Helmets have a 10 out of 100% chance of blocking headshots and have 1.5% more armor. Cross archers, Wields a crossbow and shoots 2x further than a regular bow. 1.5x slower than a archer and does 2x more damage than a regular archer. Cannon, 100 health and shoots between 10 and 5 seconds, explodes on impact. Only moves to the back line and stays there, basically a defensive unit. Pirate king, sword and flintlock/blunderbuss, an offensive unit or defensive, gun does lots of damage up close and not far away. Kraken, only deploy able in water. Fighters will stop at the edge of the ship to take it down, if it gets close enough it can start killing them.
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4 years ago, fdvffgdgrffcgf
Really good game.
I really am liking this game but there are some things I like you to change and some things I would like you to add. First thing I want you to change is to bane hackers. You make me made that they hack there way to the end. SO PLEASE I Don’t want them hacking your game!!!!! next thing is something I want you to add. I really want you to add knights you unlock them in insane mode on the spartan level and you also still unlock the spartan. and last thing is a new level yes a new level well a secret one I think the way to unlock the secret level would be to put a shadowy figure running in the background of the last level and if the player taps on it they get a bage and there is a level after the last level that is named ??? And the boss in the level can be what ever you think of. Also if you beat the boss at the end you unlock that boss and it also will have a skin.
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4 years ago, ReanhornedFireUp
Great Game, Few Suggestions Though
Look. This game is an amazing game, one of the few that actually keep my attention. But I wish you guys kept putting in new content to further the attention span of some people. Once you’ve beat all the content, it just gets really boring. The zombies are just the same over and over again. If you get all the characters Vamp skin and upgrade all of them, you have nowhere to go. The tournament is the same people with the same tactics every time, and you can soon beat them with your eyes closed. I would suggest that you guys should indeed create a multiplayer, as well as maybe further the map and create new kinds of characters like assassins, engineers, berserker, barbarian, and maybe create an all powerful character. Also, please upgrade and add to the skins, they really need to be more powerful. Add more skins!! Modern, futuristic, medieval, things like that!
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2 years ago, Theonewithcreed40
Good game, but add online ?!
An online pvp system would be cool, me and my friends like this game but unfortunate that I’m unable to play online with them like the og stick empires, I know this is an old game for you guys but I believe you guys have a golden egg on your hands and this can be a bigger game without all the micro transactions like it was like on empires, suggestions for the game: I like that you can earn gems for completing levels and feeling like I’ve earned stuff to be able to buy skins people would maybe be more willing to buy things if it wasn’t a forced option. Other suggestions me and my friends loved the og chaos and elemental empires not sure if you should bring them back but different empires like that was cool. I feel like this game can really rival games like clash royale and it can make a lot of money, wish I could take control of this game!!!!
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5 years ago, aReasonableLayman
One of the real ones...
Before you read the critical reviews, try it out for yourself, also it isn’t a pay to win game, it just requires skill and strategy. While I agree it may get hard, I’ve beaten it several times without spending a single gem. Like any strategy game, once you learn how to beat a type of enemy, it gets much easier, not ever foe is going to fall the same way. Anyways, this game is amazing, it’s fun, free, and doesn’t follow the trends of other (worse) free games. While other games advertise one product, and deliver a whole different, cookie cutter style game, Stick War Legacy advertises what you get and what you get is amazing. It’s a well formatted game, with several fun and challenging modes. And it keeps updating! The large selection of characters, makes it so you can change the game to suit your play style! This is a great app to get, and it will entertain you for weeks, and then some!
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6 years ago, Jacoby2ooo
This game is great but could be even better
If they added multiplayer and a campaign mode where you can play as the deads then this game would be hugely improved. I’ve always thought it is cool to play as the “bad guy” and overall if they had multiplayer and more factions it would add quite a bit of potential to the game. Honestly, they should just make a stick empires (a multiplayer stick war game with way more stuff than this one on pc for those who don’t know) mobile version, but with a campaign for and against each faction, multiplayer, and maybe a few other modes including custom battles. Also, they should rightfully charge money for it and get rid of ads and any kind of membership or pay to win or anything like that. Myself and many others would prefer to pay up front and unlock everything the right way as opposed to just buying our way through.
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4 years ago, FreakyK
Problem with new units
To those requesting new units: It doesn’t work. This game has been built to only support the core units. Each unit serves a specific purpose to counter or be countered by another unit or mechanic. Ex: Speartons shield off Archidons arrows, or Magikill knocks down Speartons so the minions can push further. The only purpose that wasn’t met by a unit in the original version was a healer, but now we have it. There is nothing left this game needs from basic units. They even have their own unique purposes for gameplay, Archidons make great spotters so if you’re mining and you see them draw back their bows you know to switch to a combat unit. Or giants, who make good meatshields to get your units across the field. So, don’t ask for new units that would serve minor roles and purposes to the game. Side note: Enemy Giants aren’t affected by the giant skins. They only look like the lvl 1 even if they aren’t. Please fix this
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2 years ago, RAPTOR-1
Amazing game just 2 things
I really love this game. I beat it on normal then hard and won the tournament like 5 times. I really enjoy playing this game in my free time and i thought it could never get old. that’s when I realized there are only so many levels to play, So this really limits my playing time. so devs, please add more levels. it would make me really happy. The last thing is, I wish there was multiplayer this game checks off all he slots for it to become multiplayer it just seems so fit for multiplayer. If there was multiplayer this game would have a whole different level of strategy. For example, if you play with friends you would have to learn their strats so you can overcome them, and if they learn yours you would have switch up how you play. Pleeeeeeease add multiplayer:) overall such a good game definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a fun strategy game:)
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5 years ago, golden destoryer
Hi stick page
I would like it if you add in armor and lumberjacks to the game they can cut trees down to make more currency for people for example swordwarth is 125 gold and 50 wood or something like that and anyways if you use my suggestion it might make stick war more interesting and maybe the lumberjacks are 100 gold or something maybe you could give miners more space in their bags or more minerals I would appreciate if you use my ideas to the games if you don’t I don’t really care maybe you should add in Knights too instead of armor for swordwarth knights could be two hundred gold and 79 wood this all I have to say and I love your games and also lumberjacks when they are done chopping down the trees they can be in the army and also can you give us more population please also add in dragons or new bosses please From biggest fan of stick war Golden destroyer (not my real name)
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10 months ago, isusuusjs
Suggestions for more things not many complaining
Ok so u know there is 4 modes u should make a 5th one but I know u think it might not fit but make a mode for chests or gems but where to put them ok for chests put the mode on the side where u redeem ur chests gems same thing (I hope ur smart to know what I meant) and make a really easy mode for new players in classic but don’t make the gems a lot because then pros will just farm the easy mode ok now hopefully u do that btw this is the best game the 3rd because Minecraft and roblox but yeah best game ok now something’s are not good ok why is everything so much gems when some of them are trash like miner not much 50 gems but why so trash like it works when I make it user control same with the ones that makes the unit gets better for a bit make things less cheaper
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4 years ago, Gameygamer777
Good game, but Archidons are OVERPOWERED
In my opinion, this game is probably my favorite game so far. I’ve only been playing for a day and i’m already hooked. But, there are some minor issues I think are holding the game back. Firstly and less important, when a unit runs away, an enemy unit can hit the air behind the unit and the friendly unit will still take damage. I really dislike that and I would like it if it was fixed. But more importantly, the Archidon unit, I think, is overpowered in large numbers. As in 3 lines. I feel like I can breeze through an army of Speartons in seconds that’s how quick units die to these things. Also something I noticed, the Archidons will fire arrows, and even if i weave, the arrow will still hit. Those are my only complaints really. This game is a true masterpiece and really fair. Please don’t think i’m hating i’m not. I just like the game and want to give suggestions to try to make the game better. Thanks!
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