Stickman Party: 4 Player Games

4.5 (17.9K)
139.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maxim Krivokonev
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stickman Party: 4 Player Games

4.47 out of 5
17.9K Ratings
7 months ago, avatarsv
The Ads
This game is really fun to play with your friends and families, but it has a bit of an issue. Whenever I’m playing the game, an Ad comes up. I don’t really care about the Ads being in the game it’s completely normal. But the one thing you guys can fix is the Ads coming in out of nowhere. I could be in the middle of a match and an Ad would come up causing me to lose. Now I also don’t want to spend money on removing Ads because it would be a waste of money. Overall the game is really but really fun and this game (in my opinion) is better than stumble guys. The only problem in the game is the random Ads coming out of nowhere.
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5 years ago, Kai77rssis
Best Game Ever For My Family And Friends Play Now!!!!!!!!👨‍👨‍👧‍👧😺👍
This Game Is Undoubtedly The Best 1, 2, 3, 4, player game in the world and if not one of the best games in the world. Its super user friendly every game is easy to learn. Not just that but its super fin and the games in this game are so fun and unique I always find myself playing it with friends. I highly recommend this MEGA AWESOME MULTIPlAYER GAME. P.S. I also forgot to say how amazing the 4 player feature is I mean 4 players! How cool is that honestly in my whole life I have never seen a 4 player game so this is very cool to me. Also there is 4 different GAMEMODES!!! Like How Cool Is That!!!!! Not to mention quickgame feature and that you can put a hat on your character choose his color tank and car. By the way however read this far into my review you are amazing so if you haven’t gotten this game yet well your missing out on Unforgettable Fun It Has Been Great Talking about this Game Good Day I am out.
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4 years ago, mr thunderdogs
Great game! Suggestions
I mean this game wow y’all guys amazed me with this game! However you should add some stuff to it though. Now anyways I’ll start the list on what you should add 1. Online mode I would like Online mode to play with players on other devices and you can connect to local which means only players with the same wifi can join or you can do online were everybody can join. You also set the settings if your host because for obvious reasons. 2. 5 new game modes 25 is not enough what about 30? These should be 1: Chaos race: Like fun race but it’s too hard 2: Snipers: Snipe the most criminals to win! 3: Bumper cars: Bump other players out with your bumper car! 4: Treasure hunter: Get the most gold while dodging fire balls 5: Battle: Mini battle with loot these include... Food, Weapons and armor. You can starve in battle so food is here, weapons are to fight players and armor is to reduce damage. 3. Game improvements I don’t like some games because something bothers me, Here are the ones. Chickens: You should be able to steal other chickens from other players Ghost attack: I think ghosts shouldn’t be able to go through walls as it can make the games really quick Well that was just 2 and this is were I end the review hope these are added!
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5 years ago, Cashmoneytruck
Best game ever
Idk why some people are showing lower stars than five the people who put less than five has no soul if i can put as much stars as I want I would put infinity because this is the best game I bet if you let an alien play it then all of them will this is the best Game ever I’m pretty sure the people who put less than one star are bots this game is worth it and it don’t even take that much storage I had 1 half storage my storage is so low that I can’t even download anything but then I came across this game and I downloaded this and my mind was blown how I downloaded it it takes so low storage it’s mind blowing download the game now and have fun and developers if you are reading this then please put online so we can play with people around the world?
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4 years ago, MauiHawaii808
This is one of the best local multiplayer games ever created however there are some problems. The game has limited controls on the adventure mode only having 2 maps and the trophy goal is limited. There's also no way to change the AI's difficulty. Here are some ideas to improve the game. 1. Add a way to change the AI difficulty 2. Add more maps to adventure mode 3. Add ways to change starting keys and key cost to open chest 4. Add single player mini games (mini games without a need for other players or AI) Other then that this game is awesome and one the best local multiplayer games out there Also if you are reading this Maxim Krivokonev there is a game that copied you called Stickman festival
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1 year ago, sh0525
3 - 1 npcs.
It’s cool, except that when you put in more than one npc, the npcs will take no competitive action against each other, almost, but their goals are to ensure you don’t score whatsoever, not that they get high scores. And this is worse than it sounds, because they will team up against you, cooperating as if it’s a single ant against a single anteater, rather than against three other ants.
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3 years ago, i meow cat
Please don’t stop updates!
This might be my favorite mobile game there are a lot of minigames that I can’t even decide what to choose...but u could add more things for example:bot difficulty,online and different adventure rules like putting coins and u would buy ur own powerup battle pass would be nice! oh and please make accounts cuz i just don’t want to lose my things!
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4 years ago, anwsha N ghafue
Best game ever
This game is soo good like the BEST I PLay it with my friends all night and i love how u can put hats on your stick body and the colors its so good not like the other games when u go to tournament u can add bots how many games and u can double a game alot like yeah the best game in the game is i think i like the witch game its soo good i never seen a game like this before u have a trail and stars soo good and iam so exceted 5 mew games r out!!! :D and whoever reads this go and download it fast its so much fun!!
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1 year ago, Kristi_Pro129
Add online to play with randoms around the world and more minigames
This is the best party games i have ever seen in mobile it only needs two things.1 You should add online feature cause i want play with my friends and people around the world.2 You should add more minigames like 10 minigames in the next update I hope you add online feature to play with my friends
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4 years ago, Gibnit The Great
Amazing game! but...
I love this game! It’s fun to play against bots and your friends. All the Minigames are fun. It’s just straight up fun! Just one problem... I caught a bug in the game. If you wanted to cheat, you can go backwards where you can’t go on the board and then it registers to the spot you’re already on making it so you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s tempting to do which is why I want you to fix it! Overall though, very fun! 5 Stars
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3 years ago, Syncere&Honyst
Two things
Once again, it looks like that the punishment spaces in adventure mode have upside down itous. make a mode where you can adjust the difficulty of the computer players!!! It gets boring overtime with the same difficulty! One more thing, If this game were to come to the Nintendo Switch system, I would be happy!! Thank you!! The Syncere and Honyst channel.
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4 years ago, Èñ ŒŁŁŸ
Please make new update😇😇😇
Hi can you please make an update here it is you can update tomorrow? UPDATE: We got 12 new skins! Also we made 4 new minigames! And bugs fixed: SO PLEASE MAKE THAT UPDATE!! But before I go if you make that update then I we’ll get you a FIVE RATING STAR!! So please make that update (:
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12 months ago, Ur mouth looks so big
Good game
I lovvvveee this game but the only thing is that you need to have a change difficulty and whenever you go to leaderboards and your first, whenever you are on a different device it says a different player has more points in first place
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4 years ago, good guy winner
The greatest game I seen
This game is awesome due to you get to choose to play with bots and friends and you get a chance in board games you can do tournaments even all the games are easy even with friends you can choose and every second you win you get to a new level I hope this can get more better.
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11 months ago, djdjsisiidsiissiusuwjsjdckdkd
I like this game because it's so fun and it's up to one to four players you can get this game and playing with other friends be careful only for players you can also play yourself. You can play three players, two players and four players.
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2 years ago, unicorntiwn4562
Good game
I like this game I play it with my dad everyday the thing that I whould like to have is that when we are playing adventures I would like to you to add a gift feature to give items to friends and I would like a game to bake cakes and also a new car game ..... sincerely.. unicorn fan
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3 years ago, Iamabeast#3
Great Multiplayer Game
Me and my friends were looking for a game to play and we stumbled upon Stickman Party. We liked that all 4 of us could play at the same time and the mini games were very fun. We love to get worked up over the mini games. The depth of the game is amazing and I would highly recommend.
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2 years ago, HUNT_yr
New Step
So yo ive been playing this game with friends like we love this game so much and we what about you add an online mode so you can play adventure online with friends that are far away So thas it I really like the game so if you see this i would love it and please add more games bye.
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4 years ago, SuperNovaDragonWarrior
Best game
I would say this is one of the best games ever and anyone who doesn’t give this game a good review probably has the IQ of a chipmunk with the brain size of a small nut now the only thing this lacks is an online version and a new map for missile battle and Wild West but great game! Also add a game like the ghost but there is a maze and a clown trying to kill us
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5 years ago, Skye Nazareth
Best game for my family and my cousin
The best game for my family and my cousins is awesome because if we are bored we go to games and so this and tried it it was sooooo fun I enjoyed it so as my family and my cousins. I just hope that this game can be updated for more games and customization thank you 😀😀
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12 months ago, munisa_flower
This is LITERALLY the BEST 1-4 player game IN THE WORLD! I had played this game for more than 3 years and I LOVE it. I would recommend this game to play with your friends and family. {}
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2 years ago, SailorEva09
Love this game
This game is so fun and I like how there is a 2-4 player mode! An idea I have is maybe make it so that people could friend each other so that they could play in the same sever. But overall 5 stars, obsessed with this game!
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3 years ago, dogthemangirl
Love this game
I love this game it is great for my kids they do not argue any more beach they all can play I wish there were games that were added every week so there would be diffrent verity to play other than that it is amazing
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4 years ago, Heylo30
Great game!!!
This is an amazing game, I can’t seem to find Local multiplayer games as good as this one! I can play with my friends and family, and without no WiFi which is amazing. Please add more games, my cousins and I have played all the fun mini games! Thank you for making this game.
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5 years ago, pickl123
Love this game
Just like one of the other reviews I go on the bus and I play with my friends and I just wish the chickens would not run away but I still love the game so much Edited:sorry but p.s also make the bots a little easier
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1 month ago, Freeform is the best
The absolute best thing to ever exist!
Me and my sister are always having fun with this game. There is one problem though- the game has ads but they pop up every like 3 games or so. Thank you for an amazing game
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5 years ago, gafe01
The dances, and ads
The game so far is really good and fun. The thing is the dances is just cringe please come up with some new ones. The ads are really annoying and there is to many, I would appreciate if you lowered the amount of ads that come up in this game.
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4 years ago, Butterfly🌸🌸🌸
Bots 😩 fix !!!
Me and my friends really love to play this game but we are 3 so we often play with a bot :) no big deal, game itself is fine, but bots often trigger us 🙄 in adventure game bots always win ! Especially the green one 😪 so there is no way to win in that! Also in some games bots don’t even kill each other , they always WIN ! 🙄 so there is no purpose of playing >:(
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3 years ago, qzlleh
Squid Game games maybe?
Hello. I really enjoy playing this game alone or with my family. What I’d like to ask is that it would be really amazing if you could add some of the games of the tv show “Squid Game”. Thank you
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2 years ago, Z O. B
Don’t stop making updates!
The game is great there’s nothing wrong with it but it would be even better if you got new games. besides that 5 stars
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3 years ago, elagnef
It’s a really good game but…
Whenever I close out of knockoff adds they get stuck into the game repeating the same noise over and over again i litterbugs can’t do anything about it if I continue it the game breaks plzzzz fix
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4 years ago, Queen_shmoneys
5 starts
I love this game sooooo much specially the new ones they added the pizza it’s so fun with my brothers because every time that don’t get a point we laugh because it’s say awww and they get mad anyway back to the game I love it add more games please
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1 year ago, gjvmdmgmd
READ THIS PLEASE (ideas and issues *Very important*)
First of all, I love this game and would have given it five stars, but for some reason there is a glitch or bug that when I get 2nd or 3rd place, I automatically get zero points. It used to not be like that. Only if I win a game I get points. Ideas to make the game better - A little less ads - online/ multiple devices can play together - costumes for the characters Thanks,
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3 years ago, DABESTWINNING
This game is so good I wanna kiss it but it would be better if you could play online with friends from different devices it would make it 1000 times better
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My Rate
The game is great. I enjoy playing with my siblings but there is a bug, every like 5 mins or so the screen freezes and it’s not my phone my sisters iPad screen freezes too. Please fix this
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1 week ago, Sad sadie 123
This is a great game if you are a only child or have a lot of siblings there is so many games to play and it is 4 player so I recommend this game
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4 months ago, 💚Lexie💚😖
Download it now!
It’s free it’s fun and you get to play how many games you want to play,and their is a lot of game that you can play with friends or by yourself
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4 years ago, josegolindo
MY favorite game I ever played
This game is so fun that me and my friends play it everyday when I come to school my friends love it they said that they were gonna Donald this game love it and those who never play this game i say play it nowwww
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2 years ago, Minion Super fan
I love playing this with my cousins
I like this game because it’s multiplayer, the mini games are ez and fun and I would highly recommend downloading this game your self its a great game. :)
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5 years ago, Desmond the human being
Great game
At first I thought this was gonna be another cheap cash grab game but it is actually really fun. It is hard to get bored because of all the different minigames you can play 10/10.
Show more
2 years ago, Renzo garcia
Thank you for updating the game it makes the game more fun Thank you keep making new updates
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1 year ago, Sayar Pay Tone
Better than any other 4player games
I love this game because it includes adventure mode, can customise your character, cup of tournament, and more..
Show more
8 months ago, harkminion_2
Just a request
So..I love the game but, i wish that I could join my brothers. So maybe add like a online mode or something. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, JHEire
Hey! This is a good game! It really is and I do enjoy writing these I hope you do too. I just had an idea. What if we do online multiplayer? I’m not sure if the game was meant to be mobile, but it would great! Thanks. -Sean
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4 months ago, Ads remover 2
How to fix ads
Turn off WiFi if have ads it’s worth it if u have trouble white ads here
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2 years ago, thewierdoboy
Update idea
I feel like the game would be more fun if you could control how hard the robots are.
Show more
3 years ago, djay4832
Me and my siblings like it
We play this game every day you should make a pt2 with updates keep up the good work.
Show more
5 years ago, Robloxman6
Add something new please
Can you make an update so we can put our joystick’s for our player I still like the game tho
Show more
4 years ago, Maho😀
This game is so good all the other 1 -4 player games are trash but this one is awesome and I always play it with my 4 year old cousin. I really like it because it’s fun and simple
Show more
5 years ago, Bring Back TG
Best 2 3 4 players game ever
Hi there,the creators of this game,I really like this game so much also I like how you put some Kevin Macleod’s music like Spazzmatica Polka In some games and I’ll give this game a 5/5 this is the best multiplayer ever
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