Stickman RPG

4.4 (492)
22.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Goro Sato
Last update
11 years ago
Version OS
5.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stickman RPG

4.44 out of 5
492 Ratings
11 years ago, Shea Ohmsford
Simplistic...Delightfully Simplistic
A nice throwback to old-school fun. It eventually becomes a bit repetitive. However, when the difficulty jumps at different points in the game, you are forced to rethink your strategy. I don't like to be spoonfed when I'm playing a game, but this game could stand to explain certain items a little better. For example, when you get the item called Control Panel, it is something used to make the end boss fight EXTREMELY easy. Skip using it if you actually want a challenge. The abilities are well balanced in terms of not being overpowered or underpowered in comparison to how much SP you spend on them. The story is extremely vague but don't let that stop you from enjoying this game.
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10 years ago, Kfjfhhmfm
Great game
Simple concept yet difficult gameplay, this is one of the very few apps and even games that provide a real challenge to the player. It requires strategy and logic to figure out how to pass battles. The repercussion for being defeated is seldom seen anywhere else and capitalizes on it's difficulty. If you are looking for a actually hard, quality game, this is for you.
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11 years ago, mcauley44
Absolutely amazing game
Took me about a week and a half to beat the game but many hours were put into the game. I'm a final fantasy fan and this was very much a stick version of final fantasy. Took lots of grinding for xp and money to get stats up for final boss but that is what made it all worth it. I wish the game would have been longer and your character more customizable but with it being an iPhone game there were still many options, items, weapons, and armor to choose that had various purposes to make the battles and progress of the stickplayer enjoyable. I hope you come out with another sequel to this game or one similar to it. Probably one of the best iPhone games I've played yet. P. S. This is the first app I've ever rated in the 4 years I've had apple products. Thank you so much for this game! Look forward to more like it by this creator!
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10 years ago, Jman $(@)$
Great game
It's simple, vague, and repetitive, yet it still has the potential to give u that little but of entertainment to get through anything without using too much battery and keep you off a teacher's radar during a lecture. Lol but seriously it's a great game that doesn't require you to spend money to simply enjoy all the way through. If you like to grind then this game is your Iphone soulmate. Otherwise it's still just a fun game to play through in a day or two.
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9 years ago, Jajadiddle
We need more games like this one
It's very simple and doesn't develop in to much of anything beyond tapping an "attack" button for about 10 hours straight, the graphics were all made in less than two minutes in MS Paint, and there is no story. This game is incredible, and the App Store needs more like it! It's a bummer about the ads, but their removal for $1 is worth buying. Great job, devs!
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10 years ago, WHCxOMEGA
An RPG for a Phone Game
Though simplistic, once you get the basics down, it becomes somewhat addicting. Difficulty spikes and knew enemy types force you to rethink your strategy, but I feel like my set up was set up well enough to combat all enemies, bosses and minors alike. It was enjoyable and it had a certain appeal to it that made it better than most mainstream games out there, despite the lack of complex animation.
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10 years ago, AppsJack
Great game, can't wait to play SRPGII!
A great game, although you don't really see a story until the near end, everything else was awesome. I do wish there was a way to check money outside of the shop and I felt that the guy who made this app started creating practically the same looking monsters after the first 20 battles or so. This is just my opinion though. I do like this game and will play Stickman RPG II & III!
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9 years ago, A felon
Please add stages
I can beat the boss without using any potions or items. I have ATK of 1000 and I'm so bored but I just keep playing and playing adding points to my main guy hoping you're about to add stages and make the game longer or at least let us run through all the levels again and again making it more difficult each time
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5 years ago, ron fin
I love this game so much, but please update it.
I am a dedicated fan of this game. It was a huge part of me and my sister's childhood and we loved playing all of your stickman rpg games. I came back to them but saw that they didn't work with ios 11 though. I'm really sad about this, I really want to play your games again. Please update it to work with ios 11.
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7 years ago, RUGGEDGAWN90
Great and addicting
This game is addictive and fun but just one thing. The level with the three neons. You need to do so many things for that battle because bolt stops you from attacking or using items and they keep using bolt so you have tousle the resurrection thing then rage then the final blow but bolt is used so much that you can't do anything
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3 years ago, Used to be poke king
Absolutely wonderful but please update!
This game was absolutely stunning when I was a kid and it made up my childhood. It introduced me to the world of rpgs and it was all I ever played. All I ask is for it to be available on more recent iOS versions. Anyone with an older phone will love this game though!
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5 months ago, Alex2710
Ridiculously Addicting for no reason😱
Its fun in a odd way! No point just select a move and attack yet it succeeds to keep my attention and lose track of time! Lol i work hard to get money and exp to unlock cool moves and level up! Grrr this games addicting and i cant find out why!!!😁👾🎮
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10 years ago, Vince dion
Who needs graphics anyway?
It is amazing how they were able to maintain the basic elements of an RPG without hardly any graphics or terrain. The storyline was pretty much nonexistent but it is full of creative weapons armor and abilities. It far exceeded my expectations. It is the perfect RPG for a smaller screen like an iPhone. Hope they make another.
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9 years ago, Kmsorter
It was a bit grindy for my taste, though I could just be bad. Also, late - end game, you pretty much need paralyze-resistant armor. The enemies can easily keep you stun locked for 5-10 turns, which is a death sentance against most later bosses. Other than that, it's a pretty good RPG, especially for a phone game.
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9 years ago, ConstantThunder
So simple yet so addicting. Fantastic game.
I usually play apps for a bit and just forget about them later. But with this game I completed it to the end. It was fun the enemies were hilarious. The music catchy and the dialog super cheesy. It held all the best elements of a classic turn based rpg. Well worth your time playing. 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Lord Gigyas
Did it and oh boy was it grindy!!
I absolutely loved this game it took me a month to beat it because I either got bored with grinding or I just got bored of it. In the end it is 1 one of the basic RPGs I have seen In a long time it really takes the basic roots which is why I rate this game 5/5 stars
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10 years ago, Anotherguyornot
The game was compelling enough to finish. Sometimes the big jumps in difficulty were interesting because they required figuring out new special ability combos. That said, grinding is a big part of the game. The enemies and methods to beat them are very repetitive. The plot doesn't really make any sense, and seems to take being confusing and unclear as being profound.
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10 years ago, Ryeatein
It's a long ride
This game was tough. Very tough but, I finally beat it. It's pretty long, the majority that stick around and play this game will have a nice character development because it's just that long. Also get ready to grind. The game can be beaten without IAP but it will take longer.
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10 years ago, Jon Dambra
Simple is good
A simple alternative to RPG turn based fighting games like the original final fantasy games. I wish they had more games like this out there. And I'm not saying this is a huge buy to keep you entertained for the next year, but it's an amazing game for how simple it is. I love it, congrats Goro Sato.
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11 years ago, Eriklv
Great for a starting series
Except that it seriously gets annoying with the difficulty. As the last stage appeared, I thought things would get harder, but you just killed the difficulty meter and the enemies were high hp, high attack, high defense, this is just really? After completing Stickman RPG II, it was much easier than Stickman RPG I.
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5 years ago, Mushroom_king_isagirl
I was surprised by how fun this was
This game is actually very fun and well made. It feels different from other rpg games, which was good. I can't put it down! EDIT: i would love if you updated this one and stickman 2 for ios 11! I would like to au them again.
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9 years ago, PatsyAB
Really Cool And Addicting
This is a cool game, and it's addicting. I'm a fan of RPG games. However, I give this one four stars instead of five because the escape rate is bad. I know that's what makes it challenging, but it can be frustrating because it can cause you to lose. But, aside from that, this is a game worth downloading. 😀
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9 years ago, Devinsaway
Casual fighter
Theres a decent amount of strategy to this game, especially toward the end, that makes it an enjoyable experience every battle. Some exp grinding of course, but worth finishing, none of the upgrades etc are overpriced gold or exp wise so theres always progression.
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9 years ago, Poplarmmos fan
Awesome game
Stick man RPG is the 5th favorite game. Also because like the songs they put for the boss battles. Another reason why is because they give challenges. Lastly because they have flame for a boss battle and I cinda like fire. In conclusion that is why I like this game.
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11 years ago, Dr. Tc creator
An really amazing game This just showed you how you don't need a bunch of fancy graphics and tons of dialogue to make a game great. It seriously made me feel like a kid again. I didn't put it down once I downloaded. Keep up the great work.
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11 years ago, dwannas
Awesome game
I liked the game a lot. The turn based gameplay reminded me of many of the popular computer RPGs I grew up playing. The graphics were very inventive and fun given the stick figure motif. Looking forward to part two.
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10 years ago, mrmcpinkpants
Simple but incredible
This game has insanely simple graphics and it looks like the characters are re used with a slight appearance change but the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard and the gameplay is addicting, fun, and challenging.
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9 years ago, Karlahn
Very Nice, Great Game
Great time killer, if you got a couple minutes to kill or just looking to blow up an hour... Very easy to get into, simple controls... Biggest and probably only complaint is that it's too short
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8 years ago, Adestudent
Fun diversion
I had fun for a week delving through the levels and figuring out strategies to win. it was fun through the part where I met my father. Completed the game yesterday, it was a touching story and I appreciate the thought that went into it. Domo Arigato, Goro Sato.
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7 years ago, Hans Urs von Balthasar
Great for when I run out of Dragon Warrior games
NEEDS UPDATE! Simple, direct pleasures of level grinding, foe grinding, with a plot that doesn't get in the way of the game. Delightfully free of irritating Minmae-like anime characters. Could use a few 1980's references, 'cause if this game suits you then you probably know the song from Karate Kid and can quote Top Gun. 8 Bits of solid nostalgic satisfaction.
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10 years ago, Brecoldyl
Solid RPG
A decent, fulfilling RPG. The gameplay is fun, and addictive. The two major drawbacks are grinding and a minor lack of story. Oh and as for the final boss, I was pleased to find out that I could return to Bob for more control units if I failed after using the first one.
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8 years ago, Manelica
Simplicity at its best.
This game is a long endurance game like running a long race instead of a short fast race. Easy to understand and play. Put it down and yet felt inspired to play it to the end. Thank you Goro Sato.
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10 years ago, The1Feline
Amazing game
Saying more in this review than has already been previously stated would be a waste of time. JRPG fans, download this now, ask questions later.
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10 years ago, Tsgsgdgdydhdgfszu
Simple, yet addicting
If you're the kind to enjoy a simple classic style time burning RPG like I am, then this is definitely the game for you. I just beat it, and no doubt was I satisfied. Give this a try!
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10 years ago, TrueMan999
Don't even bother
This game is nothing but grinding. Get the best weapon in level, face next enemy, win. Rinse and repeat. Next, graphics. I don't mind having 2-d graphics, but these are just bad. Little to no animation, bland backgrounds, and game concepts that only would have been acceptable in 1986. Overall, this is one of the worst games I have ever downloaded, next to Candy Copyright Saga and Dungeon Timer Mobile
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10 years ago, jtbikes
Grindy and simplistic
If you like very simple very grindy then you will like this game. Felt cheesed by the mechanic often, like they're trying to get you to spend money to grind less. Lose half coins if you die, then cheesy boss one shots you? Then need coins to get past certain bosses? Felt scammy.
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9 years ago, CrazySuperJEBUS
Loved it!
Very fun, very simple! The only thing I could say to improve on is making the storyline dialogue a bit more interesting, and maybe even adding teammates in a future game! But overall, well done!
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8 years ago, Psychentist
Great game!
Simple, fun, a bit campy, a bit grind-y, but it definitely does the job and keeps you occupied. Also, it's made by one person, and that 's always worth supporting. Good job, Goro!
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10 years ago, TanteiSan
Very entertaining...
Took me about 2 days to beat it but it wasn't because it was easy... I enjoyed it a lot, def. playing the others...
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9 years ago, Chad-T
Simple Game for Simple Time Killing
I enjoyed it enough to part loot for coins and ad removal, and not so much because I paid for coins and ad removal. Worth it; much time was slaughtered.
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10 years ago, TheUltimategamer1
Extremely fun!
Just beat the game! Only issue with it is: Can't you be a little bit more creative? I mean really, we're fighting peppers now?
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10 years ago, Dashawnxd
Very Addicting
Took me exactly one day to beat this game! I'm such a big fan of games like these, they're so fun and entertaining. Wish there was a number 2
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11 years ago, Jlaeng
I couldn't stop playing this game. Very addictive. Don't forget to use the control panel in the end or you'll never beat it.
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10 years ago, Kons Shadow
Fun casual play
No waiting for energy able to play whenever and stop whenever
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10 years ago, idarjohn
This game is amazing. Loved everything about it. It's definitely one worth playing again.
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10 years ago, Raining kittens
Fun game
It is honestly a fun game but later if you don't know what skills to use it gets really tough and you have to farm xp from enemies. Hint: I like the use of the final item
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9 years ago, Soooooooooooo cooooooooooool
Best game ever
I finally beat the game. The story is good the gameplay is great every thing about this game is great. I can't wait for the fourth game to come out.
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8 years ago, Mosesman! @yahoo
One of the best games I ever played
This game is awesome. I love this series of rpg games. I'd talk about more but it would just take forever on describing how good this game is.
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10 years ago, Flappy_Birder
Don't Waste The Control Unit!!!
I used the control unit on the last battle and lost! You can't get another!
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8 years ago, Aourkey
Fun game
I like the back and forth turns between me & the bots. It kept me returning for the few weeks to beat due to a hectic schedule. Can't wait to DL the next installment(s) of the game!
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