Stock Alarm - Alerts, Tracker

4.8 (6.6K)
45.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stock Alarm, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stock Alarm - Alerts, Tracker

4.78 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
4 years ago, JNiñoMan32
This app is absolutely amazing. Whether you trade crypto, day trade, or hold a long position; this app is useful for everything! Before getting this app I was constantly checking in on my positions and how the market was doing. Trading basically absorbed my life and made it difficult to focus on much more throughout the day. I can now be worry free and focused on other work knowing I will get a call whenever anything notable happens in the market. Great app! I recommend this to anyone who loves to trade, but ESPECIALLY to those who love to trade but also hold other jobs and responsibilities that keep them away from watching the market during open hours.
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2 years ago, Al767ff
Best Stock App By a Mile (I’ve tried ‘em all)
GREAT APP!!! I had been really frustrated with other sucky financial apps they tend to not live up to standards and I would waste time money and energy. Finally something that actually works REALLY well. It’s simple and effective-it does what it says and the notifications actually work. No other app has actually been able to do this. Great customer service also - I had a question so I wrote them - I got a very helpful response less than 15 minutes later.. and this was just before midnight.
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4 years ago, Crashes and freezes up
Easy to Use, Incredibly Convenient
Investing is a fast paced game, this application is easy to use while simultaneously alarmingly (haha) useful for investing while I’m doing other work, busy, etc... I don’t always have time to stare at my stocks and on any given day I might be running around missing small and slow notifications from other applications onslaught stocks I don’t care about. StockAlarm enables me to be in the know just by receiving a phonecall whenever something important happens for the stocks I need. Amazing application!
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3 years ago, Russ1237654
Good for simple alerts
If you are trying to create some more simple alerts such as price change this app works great. I would love to see the charts have an option to have candles and the technical indicators under the chart so I can make sure that the indicators line up with the trading platform that I am using to actually preform the trades. Being able to add your own timeframe and candles would be the biggest improvement this app could make. The UI is amazing and the app is easy to navigate, just would like to see more customizable features in the app.
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2 years ago, Myles542
Not Cool - A bit deceptive.
This app gets your contact info then afterwards makes you sign up for a subscription to use it. Paying to use it isn’t the issue. The issue is the deceitful way they go about getting your contact info. For example, it instructed me “In order to use the message alert system it needs my phone number”. So I enter my phone number then verify it. I then proceeded to set up the alert. It then refused access again and instructed me that I needed a subscription to use the message system… AFTER it had me verify my phone number to use the exact same service… That’s a bit scammy. It should have informed me that I needed a subscription to use the service BEGORE it had me verify my contact information.
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5 years ago, Jtineo28
Great Application
Edit: Customer Service is great, they were able to help me get access to the application. They respond fairly quick, and now that I have the application to start working it a great application to have. I struggle to even get past the verification because I haven’t received a text from them. Now my account is apparently blocked because of unusual activity. It seems great and ideal, but if I can’t even get passed the first step this app is useless.
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2 years ago, lana22888
Best App by far!
I really appreciate the peace of mind to be able to walk away from my computer to live a normal life and have my alarms set. I am new to the crypto game and being able to walk away from the computer and know that I’ll get a message for my set levels I don’t want to drop below or go above is very reassuring and gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend this app to get your life back.
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2 years ago, JPW Financials
The most technically advanced finance alert app on the market
I have been using Stock Alarm along with other stock alert apps for over a year now and the tech of Stock Alarm is second to none. The variety of different triggers you can set, the usability, the responsiveness of the team are truly second to none. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, etfzen
Stock alert working great
Set my first stock alert 30 days ago and wasn’t sure it was ever going to reach that level again but it did and each time it went above my set level I would get a notification. This allowed me to get in where I wanted and reallocate. Now I’m setting up more. It’s loud enough to be heard and gets the job done.
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6 months ago, findingAlpha
Stop sitting in front of your screens.
It’s impossible to stay up to date with everything going on in the market. The StockAlarm app allows you to configure your alerts and have the comfort that it will notify you via push, email, text or phone in real-time when you alert is triggered s. Super cool and it’s got global coverage of stocks, futures, forex and cryptocurrency.
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3 years ago, Blake0928485
Thank you
Finally an app that lets you set notifications for percentage. I wish it could be like a rolling hourly percentage instead of just % from market open but i understand why that would be difficult / or only once a day not every time. Nonetheless still my favorite app for notifications/alerts. Thanks again.
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5 years ago, salilvanvari
Amazing For Important Price Action Updates
Would highly recommend using this app if you work but need real-time updates on price action. Getting a phone call when critical price points are hit has saved me sooo much money on my trades. So far I’ve been setting notifs around the critical points of potential head and shoulders patterns and I’ve made some sizable profits!
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4 years ago, Patriciausedthisapp
A 7 day full trial would have changed my mind
On the basic app you get 5 stocks alarm. Setting up the alarms is a little cumbersome, seems there are repeats of the same functions but you get used to it. You are not allowed to receive texts unless you pay for the subscription. You can get emails and you can get phone calls. Who wants a phone call? It is crippled under basic mode thus not allowing the user to fully test this app. Emails on stocks alerts I set were not immediate, there was a lag. Why would I pay for a sub without first fully testing the app?
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10 months ago, mynicknamefornow
I love this app
I love this app so much. I work third shift and use this app to watch the market and call me when alarms that I set go off. This app is user friendly, and while the free version is good, it is well worth the price for the plans with more features. I’ve used this app for years and it is 10/10.
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2 weeks ago, xxxDustyxxx
Requires paying to get text alerts
I downloaded this to try after I lost certain alert types when TDA became Schwab. I like to get text alerts when the S&P/DJI/NDX move a certain number of points so I can know if the markets are tanking. Unfortunately I can only get app notifications and not texts from this app unless I pay $8 a month. So, its not worth it for me. I think you only get 3 free alerts as well, which is fine for my limited criteria, but may not be for most people. Just FYI.
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4 years ago, Kelezee
Exactly what I wanted!
I never write reviews but had to as this app is saving me so much time & energy. It is exactly what I was looking for. I do not need to spend hours staring at my screen waiting for changes in stock prices. You set what you are looking for & get a notification when it happens. Thank you so much for the value that I receive!
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4 years ago, Kitters58
Valuable Tool! Great support!
I recently downloaded this app to assist with my trading. Works like a charm! When prompted by the app for feedback, I suggested they add a Notes feature so I could remind myself what action I should take on the alert. The app team responded quickly and the new feature was added with a week! Thanks guys! I’m loving it!!
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4 months ago, ajverde
Can’t View Alerts Requested
Pretty terrible experience from the get-go. The basic principle of this app is to get alerts on various stocks and financial rates, however, you can’t even see or view what alerts you’ve already set there by making it very hard to manage or know what alerts you want, or don’t want. Seems like a very basic feature to have a list of what alerts you’ve already requested as opposed to having to guess. Very disappointed, and would not recommend this to anyone.
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4 years ago, Vinpac123
Best stock alert
I have tried other apps to try to stay alert with market changes in a busy work day and have found this to be the absolute best with various alerting methods to allow me to stay alerted to a target price and pay closer attention to options trade pricing targets.
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3 years ago, Surreshk
No OTC stocks
I have few OTC stocks, they don’t got. Plus Idk if my RSI alerts are on hourly charts or daily charts. It doesn’t mention. Also I wish I could set the RSI alert “below certain number”, the oversold RSI alert is below 30. There should be an in-app customer support. I tried contacting StockAlarm on Instagram long time ago, no response. But I love the fact that they got crypto. except UNI Swap.
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3 years ago, Bluepedia
This app does something that no other app can regarding the stock market. You can set almost any type of notification you want for a specific stock you have. It is great and and I would highly recommend.
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2 years ago, MsTamelaG
Still receiving alarm calls after subscription canceled
The first time I use this app, I really enjoyed it. Last year. I canceled because I took a break from trading and then resubscribed a few months ago. And it wasn’t working the same as it had previously. So I canceled my subscription again. *****DEVELOPERS::: Yet I’m still receiving alarm calls. Please cancel these phone calls. They’re constantly filling up my voicemail.
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4 months ago, mkc477
Very simple and to the point
I have a lot of fancy software and indicators and algos I use but sometimes having the perfect most simplistic alert system for stocks you’re watching, especially in extended sessions, like this is perfect. Super straight forward.
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3 years ago, bangbang191
This is a 10 star app not 5
I give this app 10 starS. love this app. Made me money and saved me so much stress from continuously checking stock prices. I just set it and forget it lol that is until I get alerts from this app. Very very very useful. I give this a 10 for giving me peace of mind.
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3 years ago, TheDVDplayer
Prices not updating
I used this app for price alerts, it was useful for a time but as of recently idk what’s happened. The app goes hours without price updates. Not reliable at all anymore. No point in paying for price alerts if they don’t update in real time. I’m not just talking about a couple minute/second delays, I am seeing hour+ delays constantly now. Hopefully they can fix it. but as of now this app is useless and I’ve cancelled my subscription
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1 year ago, Hatake0624!!
Stock Alarm!
Have been using this app for a couple of months now. So easy to track all my stocks and manage the accounts. Would recommend to anyone who is in the market. Life saver.
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3 years ago, theonexcloud
I love this alert 🚨
This is immediate response on the dot and I get to tap in the additional option to get a phone call is so helpful changed the contact to “$ plays 🤑” and now I just sit back and wait for the money to call me
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2 years ago, Dannyp4222
Great app.
This app has helped me take my eyes off my phone for hours on end. Now I can set it and forget it. When it goes off I buy or sell. Please don’t turn this into a money reaching app. Great work.
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5 years ago, The Good Emperor
Awesome app that helps keep track of stocks you’re watching. I especially like it because I don’t want to be on phone checking crypto and stock prices all the time but there are some price changes I would want to know about ASAP and Stock Alarm facilitates that!
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12 months ago, frank to the spy
Has not failed me yet I work a full time job and day trade I can not look at chart all day so I set alarm at my set up price this alarm has not missed one time great to have
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2 years ago, MatthewLeif
I swear. I don’t know how many times I’ve begged them to cancel my account, but they just don’t care and continue to charge my card anyway since there’s no way to cancel it in the App Store for some reason. My only recourse is to get a new card number to cut them off and file an action against them with PayPal, which I’m doing as we speak. Really burns me up, but you just never know with people like this. :-(
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4 years ago, Steven Callori
Easy to use if you're new to trading
As someone who doesn't have a ton of experience with stocks, this app was easy to use and made getting into trading much easier. Worth every cent and i cant emphasize that enough.
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4 years ago, human love 420
So far so great
Well I’m hoping this saves me time out of my day and so far it has only one issue. And that’s buy the time it saves me enough money to buy a plan I love it so much I want the gold one now
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3 years ago, buyac123
MACD upgrade needed for daytrading
1). Your MACD crossover happens too late. When single line crosses, I need alert. Not when signal lines have already hit the bars. 2). All MACD crossovers in a single day must be identified for day traders. Not just one!!! Every upward and downward trend per stock. 3). This app is for long position traders. Useless to a day trader.
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4 years ago, mhowell_
Quite useful - my new alarm clock
Moved to the West Coast from the East Coast and hated waking up so early to catch the early morning market moves - but now I only have to wake up when something interesting happens... Stock Alarm became my new alarm clock app 🙂⏰
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4 years ago, Chase Clarke
Great Service
UI is clean and easy to use. Market data is accurate and up to date. It takes a little stress out of my day when I know I don’t have to constantly check pricing. 5/5! Thanks guys!
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5 years ago, Signeduptoreview3820
Does what it's supposed to do
A phone call when a criteria is met is something other apps don't do, but it's necessary to catch those rare opportunities. Slick app, great design, looking forward to making some $$
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3 years ago, isany
Love the stock alarm notes
Great support from the developer. I have submitted feedback and my suggestions made it into updates within a few days!! Superb service.
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3 years ago, Charlies_Reviews
Feature Request +THANK YOU!
Thank you for the fantastic stock alert app. I am truly grateful that you created such a useful real time stock alert app. One feature that I would love is some unique alert tones to choose from. Such as the CA-CHING cash register sound and/or the TADA sound, Charge music sound or the Wall street opening bell sound etc. Thanks Again for creating the BEST stock alert app in the app store.
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4 years ago, sabine0000000
I’ve had a hard time getting to know the stock market - this app makes it unbelievably easy to manage!
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2 years ago, 320 Nomad
One Flaw
The bottom of the pop-up screen that allows you to "enter" commands is hidden by the regular icons at the bottom of the screen.
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3 years ago, iwentoutofmywaytoreviewthis
Solid push notifications every timed interval or when the stocks I'm looking at hits a price target. Couldnt ask for better
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3 years ago, Cdean911
Doesn’t work, paid for silver subscription but will not let me use features
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5 years ago, watermelonsundae510
Thee. Greatest. Discovery.
This app is super useful and it has helped me soooo much already. It is user friendly, convenient, and I am so glad I found this app. If you trade, this app is a must-have!!!! Thanks Stock Alarm for existing.
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4 years ago, Claystonex
Must have. Just is
You gotta have this app. Makes it so much easier than having to sit with your app or computer open all day
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1 year ago, Strouper2
Wish they would have had something similar 15 years ago. lol
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4 years ago, jdh3283
Lost data feed during rally
This app failed to work. Bitcoin rallied and this app stopped transmitting all data for hours; still isn’t working right now. What’s the point of a stock alarm app that doesn’t work for hours at a time.
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3 years ago, id33ps
Options for free account
I wish I could add more alerts with free service. Adding more alerts than 3 does not need to enable have everything enabled. At least I can save my configurations which are not enabled.
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1 year ago, Kos em Israel
Amazing app
This app works like a charm for text and call alerts! I highly recommend it for beginner/amateur/professional traders.
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3 years ago, 3C3A3C
Loving the alerts
The Notes section is fire because it hogs my memory of what my entry and exit plan intentions were.
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