Stock Market Simulator

4.6 (6.1K)
58.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stock Market Simulator

4.61 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
4 years ago, nathaniel nicholas hackney
It’s Exelent
This game is a great way to practice stock trading. They have accretion information and everything. They tell you your “video game net worth” on all of your game money and stocks. They have the exact price and value of the stock and they have almost all of the stock in the world in the game. Speaking of all over the world, you can chose the currency and country of the stocks that you want to buy. It is very detailed but it is super easy to understand. I feel like I am a stock broker when I am playing the game. I think that if I play the game until I am 18 when I can by stocks, (I am a kid) I will make a fortune. I highly recommend playing this game and not only will it be a blast, but you might get great practice on stock trading. Again I highly recommended playing this game and I think you will have fun. From: someone who loves this game!!!
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2 years ago, Thejahn
Probably excellent
It looks amazingly capable but I spent all my play money on three stocks and the app will no longer open. It simply crashed and would not restart. I am now updating this review to share that I turned off wifi and cell data, and restarted the app without a crash. I was able to turn cell data back on and the app still works. I will increase my rating from 2 to 5 as it is doing what I now expect. I could have been an ad crashing the app.
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3 years ago, Jbone1000000000000
Seems buggy
Worked good at first. Was excited to practice trading stocks and this seems to be the only app I’ve found that follows real, up-to-date stock prices, which is critical IMO. However, recently the charts and gains/losses for my overall portfolio have stopped showing any data at all except for the total available cash and I’ve noticed at least one stock still shows shares in the portfolio after crossing a stop loss but 0 shares available if I try to sell it. I’m not sure if it’s affecting the portfolio or not now. Issues like this make it very hard to reliably judge how effectively my strategies are playing out. Aside from the bugs, it also lacks a few features which would be helpful in learning to trade successfully such as trailing stop losses but that’s not really a big deal. Also I’m not one to complain about ads in a free app but they pop up and make you wait like 5 seconds every single time you leave and return to the app which is incredibly annoying if you want to go back and forth a lot between the app and a separate chart analysis platform or fundamental company research or whatever.
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3 years ago, Romans8:38,39
I thought this app was alright.
It’s fine to practice trading and watching your money turn profits. However, some stocks don’t work well when examining them specifically. Also I had 4 shares of apple stock when they split and I still have only 4 after they split, which in total takes my down around 60%. Frustrating when you have a limited amount of money to work with. Update! They fixed the stock splits and now they have simply started zeroing out some companies. I have stock in nikola corporation which is an electric car company worth about $23 a share but all my 41 stocks in the company are now at $0... the more I use this app the less I’m thinking it is worth it. Fun for a start but the bugs are a lot to deal with. I also emailed the support staff about this issue and there seems to be no response.
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4 years ago, ynoroozi90
Simple and nice
I suggest if you want to use a simulator, you should have a trading viewer app as your main app and track down the stocks you want and when you decided to buy, quickly switch to the simulator and buy. Becuz the simulator doesnt have indicators and you cant be a profitable traders without them. So yeah I like it cuz its real time and simple. Only problem is in the summery of buys and sells which it doesnt shows all and sometimes some transactions are getting missed from it which I hope the devs fix it.
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5 years ago, jyoung0608
Able to purchase shares when the market is closed
Since you are able to purchase shares while the market is closed you are able to wait and read the news before you decide to invest in a company. Since quarterly earnings reports are released after hours, the users are able to read those and invest in stocks after the market is closed and have incredible gains but that is not how the market works and that is the equivalent to insider trading. Overall this app is great and has taught me a lot but that is one thing I believe needs to be changed! Keep up the good work
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11 months ago, IsTheraphy
This Simulation is the real deal 👌
The game is a perfect example of what a stock market simulation should be. The graphics are clean and the game has every stock in the world meaning if you research one its more than likely that it will be there. This game is also realistic with partial stocks and when your order is placed. This game is amazing, free, and would seriously recommend to play this before diving into the Stock Market clueless.
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4 years ago, 1ryanw
Good app
The only problem I have with this app and it’s not to big of a problem is I think you should be able to type in the amount of money you want to start out with that way you can personalize it to you and the amount of money your going to be entering the stock market with once you feel confident enough and graduate from the app other than that the app is great and they even have a section of the app dedicated to guiding you on how to do everything on the stock market
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4 years ago, RBShoemaker
Challenge without the Fear of losing!
I wanted to learn and decide whether or not I could actually learn about companies enough to determine if they could be the right choices to earn value and become profitable. I’ve tried several stocks and never actually lost more than I set my limits at. The only question I would like to see is if they’d add in the cost of the trades via a varying cost for each trade to your total!
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2 weeks ago, Rwilliams007
Very Useful
I’ve used it for about a week now and find it very cool and useful for a good practice on stock trading/investing. In addition to is being pretty real time accurate and having all stocks available, it also allows you to use different charts like candlesticks to practice spotting trends and allows you to do stop losses/take profits. Only bummer is that you can’t reset the portfolio.
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3 years ago, MomochiZabuza117
Great learning game
You should get the app “investing school” to go along with this app. They are both great apps that teach you how to invest in stock while working together. One teaches you, and the other is a hands on approach that uses real world stocks without you having to worry about loosing real world money. It is a great way to learn before you start actually investing in stock in real life.
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2 years ago, DoubleJTrades
unrealistic, too delayed
Not good for learning. Gives a false sense of how “easy” trading is. It is NOT! I actually purchased this for $9.99. Fun to try to beat your own “score” ($ amount). But prices are too delayed. I unrealistically grew my account from $10k to over $1.3 TRILLION🤷🏻‍♂️ in 8 months by simply looking at premarket pricing and then going all in with this account. Also daily/weekly/monthly tallies in green under the account amount stopped working. I emailed the developer but have not heard back. I would consider this app only an educational tool for VERY basic mechanics of trading. Could be better for the price.
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3 years ago, stocker638
nice but glitches
I really enjoyed this app because it is easy to use. There is this weird glitch tho when You double click on the search bar, there are some strange settings. A Chinese character comes up. When You click on that, it crashes???! Like bro i didn’t know this was a China app I had to take off a star for this sus thing. Otherwise very nice app
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4 years ago, dat boi wilba
Solid but needs improvements
Of all the market simulator apps I’ve tried this one seems to be the best. It has an abundance of information on companies and has many features. My main issue is with the charts. First of all, they are just bad charts. They don’t follow the actual price really. Secondly, the graph that shows the p/l is rigged for me. It completely changes everytime I reload into it(not because of stock movement). Still a very good app though just needs some improvements
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4 years ago, Nikitadp
Love it but...
I love this app and it’s simple but informative interface, but if you check the charts often they aren’t fully correct. And swap to different apps during the day but every time I open the app I get an ad. I’m getting like 40 ads a day at that rate. If you could change it to time in the app based and not logging on the app based that would be great.
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2 years ago, 13qwh
A great way to put your stock skills test they are actually losing money this is my first time ever trying to trade stocks plus not old enough to change stats so I just decided to get this and I could learn without actually losing money so it’s amazing and it uses real stock data
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1 year ago, Shoooper1
Problem with NTDOY and other stocks
Loved this app and have been using it for months but one day all of my portfolio stopped tracking and all prices where set to 0$ but after a few days all went back to normal except NTDOY i’d really want to see my shares return to the correct value and be tracked so I don’t have to manually add my NYDOY shares to my total. Otherwise amazing app.
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4 years ago, Stock Destroyer
Chart Tuneups
I would love to see something like an Active Trader Mode similar to TD Ameritrades AT mode. When we click to view the Stocks Chart we have to click out fast if we want to sell our shares at that price. Just put it on the side on the Chart so us Day Traders can have a more realistic experience please
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3 years ago, ddddwwwwddd
Great app, but...
There seems to be a programming glitch so that when I go to place a limit buy, after I enter the price, the keyboard won't go away and I can't click the sell button. So my only choice is to press the back button. This is very frustrating. Other than that I still certainly recommend this app for beginners. It's super easy and enjoyable. How good. Thanks fellas!
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4 years ago, heloitschris
this is an amazing app, it’s so educational and great for kids if you want them to learn the ways of the market when they grow up. A little unrealistic like buying and selling after hours and you can’t add in money to your account. But I love this app and great practice, by far THE BEST stock market simulator EVER. Period.
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4 years ago, TheGavinator3000
2 problems
Its possibly the best paper trading app, but it has 2 flaws 1. its really ugly they could make the interface alot better, but i can easily get past that 2. you cant place a limit order and stop-loss order on 1 stock at the same time, this is just annoying and something i want to do alot
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4 years ago, Josh.Man42
It was great until it wasn’t....
I have been using that app and it worked great! I loved the simplicity of it and it just did what it was supposed to. However, with Apple just barely doing a 4 way stock split I should have the same equity I had before the split. I just would have 4 shares now not just one. So it says I have lost around $300 dollars in Apple when I didn’t. So that’s annoying. Please fix this and it will be great again!
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12 months ago, cdfjhsdjhjhdbfbsrhibvdfvihdb
Very very good
It really helped me know a lot more about the stock market and what to invest in and what not to. It makes it enjoyable to see if you made the right choices and earning a lot of money. It is a great game.
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11 months ago, CoC boyz
Great for Beginners, but Not Perfect
This app is relatively realistic and great for learning the ropes of investing, however it plays like a game rather than a simulator. Also you must know specific stocks and their names to invest in rather than browsing different opportunities that you may not have known about.
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3 years ago, BABATUNDE69
bro the ads are getting irritating
I usually don’t care for ads and even less to write a review about them, BUT STOP WITH THE COINBASE ADS!!! Every time I open the app, I get a coinbase ad. Every time I close the app and come back, coinbase ad. Every time is spend more than 1 minute on the app, A COINBASE AD. At first I was actually considering installing COINBASE too but now I’m just tired of it. Like get different ads. Shoving the same thing in my face isn’t gonna make me want it.
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5 years ago, nofzinger
Needs a few minor things
First of all it’s a great app with a lot of learning capabilities. Has a lot of stocks worldwide and everything in between. This I would like to see is a scroll through for companies and different stock exchanges like nasdaq, s&p, Dow, euro, and Asian, AUS, markets and this one would be unbeatable. And maybe news and tips would be great
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2 years ago, The Mario party toad
Doesn’t let you buy stock
I’m an 11-year-old boy with experience playing stocking so me and my father went to play this one and when we tried he can buy stocks but that it says oh sorry you don’t have any money when I get $10,000 so something tells me it’s not working and you guys need to fix the game because I wanted to play this a lot I wish I could wait it but I’m not gonna read it until it’s fixed
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3 years ago, GurthBrooks92
Great practice
I’m really enjoying the app. Great info, real stock values, etc. Only complaint I have is they don’t distinguish cash on hand from invested money. It shows you a total that includes your investments AND cash on hand. Needs an update showing your buying power/cash on hand separate from your invested cash
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1 year ago, penguin_master
It is missing necessary things
There are no numbers on the charts making other apps or websites necessary to view previous prices, When watching adds, the X is positioned at the very top making it useless on iphone as it overlaps the time and pull down menu for lock screen.
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3 years ago, zach.w.B
Kicks me out the app
I had the app for 5 days and it was working fine and everything was good but than suddenly on the 5th day I would try to go into the app and it would automatically kick me out. It finally stopped kicking me out after trying over and over but now the money I have stays the same, I can’t buy or sell stock, and it doesn’t bring up the 1day( current time) graph
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11 months ago, ballislife6456
No chart data available
This app has been relatively good for the most part. However, last week the app stopped displaying chart data for my personal portfolio. It doesn’t show any chart showing my gains over any time period. Hoping for this to be resolved in a future update.
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4 years ago, colton zahner
If you don’t trust yourself with real money get this app and it will help you learn how to use the money to trade and invest. The only thing I don’t like is the ads. But still a five star rating download this app rn!
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3 years ago, srik_k
Okay app but does not give you shares after stock split
Hi, I was using this app and everything was great until the Nvidia stock split. The stock price went down in the app but I still had the same amount of stocks and it shows that my account lost thousands of dollars even though in reality I should have the same amount of money as before the split.
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11 months ago, Me20192018
Can’t find where it shows how much profit I made 3 different numbers that I think shows it but don’t know which. But I’ll figure it out hopefully.
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1 year ago, CardiologyGuy
Great practice app
After blowing my crypto account I’m practicing on this app. This app enables me to buy at market or limit price and even do basic technical analysis - although I use trading view.
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4 years ago, eggyeggggggg
Great app few bugs! And question
My question is apple had a 4 for 1 split and I would like my shares to change accordingly though I know it is very hard to link everything with the real world besides that request; The app if very interesting and good!
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3 years ago, hayden pullen
I really like it it’s like a practice for when I really buy stocks I mean it’s really fun and cool and I’m up against my sister as a challenge to see who can make the most money and who can get the best stocks it’s really fun 😺😸😺😸😺😸😺😻😻😻😻😻😻
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4 years ago, rhill82
Great app
I just started using this app and so far it’s been great. The only probable I’m having is that I have to close out of it and refresh it every time I use it in order for it to catch up with real time. It’s not scanning in real time for me? Help.
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3 days ago, 777jwick777
horrible app
The app creators obviously don’t know about stock splits. The NDVA recently had a stock split, and I did not reflect in this app actually, it took a lot of money out of my account because they don’t know how to properly reflect stock splits. This app is kind of a joke and they do not do anything to fix it, and that’s obvious by some of the other reviews I am reading.
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3 years ago, bdnzkm
Love the app, would 4-5 star if didn’t crash all the time
I love this app, it’s very good for practicing or just messing around with stock trading, however, it very continuously crashes on launch, just about nearly half a second after I open it. It’s a great app, besides that major issue.
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3 years ago, babdbdkes
Sub par
This app is very limited in use. Also my data graph has now completely wiped out. It shows 0% change every day even though my portfolio has been increasing and it will show account value. I have sent multiple emails to have this issue corrected with no response. I would move to a different paper trading platform
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3 years ago, sf_49
Personalize Starting Buying Power
We should be able to start with a certain amount of money we can choose. Would make the game a lot more engaging and risky instead of just starting at 10k.
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4 years ago, Koolgirl 333
Great app but you can choose sell price
I am not going to do this to make it more of a simulator, but you can sell shares for whatever you want. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app.
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4 years ago, malimd
The biggest bug NOT fixed
Tesla stock split 5 to 1 two weeks ago. Apple stock split 4 to 1 two weeks ago as well. When you updated the app, you did not write those stock performances into your app. So my position is now 1/4 the size for my Apple position and 1/5 the size for my Tesla position. I emailed you this problem before you published your update but it seems you didn’t consider my concern.
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4 years ago, Caftaf
Its fun enough
Its a fun game that is based on the actual stock market. Like the stocks that are going up are actually going up and you can see if you are a good investor. Its about as fun as numbers can get.
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1 year ago, R2D2 Mr. Realadelphia
Learning how to day trade
Stocksim is the best stock market simulation tool to use if you’re interested in learning how to day trade. I would recommend it a thousand times.
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6 months ago, Jscfdjsbvba
Add fractional shares
Good I wish it had fractional shares tho because I wanted to use this to track how a basket of stocks will do and as of now I can’t split my money evenly
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4 years ago, cashstock88
Could be better
Should make the stock charts move in real time with the actual markets to get the best educational’s hard to learn how the actual stock market works if you have to wait 5mins on the prices to update. Please fix this issue and I’ll give it 5 stars.!
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5 years ago, Lololillicvmn
Best simulator ever!
By far this is the best stock simulator thats on the app store right now. The only thing that would be nice is a new interface, like maybe dark mode
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4 days ago, -mfo-
Buggy app and too many ads
The app is extremely buggy, with my portfolio graph, stock prices, returns, etc. not showing up over 75% of the time. There are also so many ads that keep popping up. I love this app when it works, but it works so rarely that I can’t really use it.
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