Stock Yards Bank Mobile

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Stock Yards Bank and Trust Company
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Stock Yards Bank Mobile

4.35 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
11 months ago, #my music
It’s okay
The only issue that I deal with is when I make a deposit. My SYBT app will not show the correct deposit/withdrawal in order. So if I look at the app two days after deposit- I expect to see my money but so many times, I see all my withdrawals immediately but the deposits take longer to show up causing me to not have a clear dollar amount in my account. Kentucky Bank did not have this issue, so maybe I was spoiled by getting on my KY Bank app and seeing everything in the exact order and time frame.
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1 year ago, L O'B6
Closing accounts
After stockyards bought out Commonwealth Bank I was happy because I thought it would be an upgrade. However, down the street from me at the Highland branch by the Kroger‘s the branch manager was extremely rude in person and would not return phone calls for over two weeks to address the problems we were having. I had a business account which typically had an average balance of $250,000 and personal accounts for myself and my daughter. I have closed them all now except for a checking account which I’m getting ready to close. After repeated long lines inside the bank for mundane transactions and five or six phone calls to a person at their customer service center to get things straightened out I just decided peace of mind means more to me so i moved my business to US Bank …one block away. They are great and immediately put me in contact with a wealth management person who handles my account. This should be a cautionary tale about who businesses want to be their front person because their woman at the Highlands branch failed miserably on multiple occasions in a short period of time and should not be in the position she hold….not even good enough or personal enough to be a teller.
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4 years ago, Rotorguy60
Not good with photo check
When we wrote a check to our daughter, they used the photograph option to deposit the check to their bank. The reduction was taken from our account with no automated entry as to what transpired. With electronic transfer our acct is very active so when this sum (large) was subtracted along with all the other everyday activity I was immediately concerned and suspicious. It wasn’t until the next day that the line item reduction appeared and a quick reconciliation by me had all remaining monies accounted for and I didn’t have to place a call to rectify the problem. Additionally, the ripple effect was so large that my balance remaining on days prior to this photo check appear in the red when in fact that wasn’t possible. I have no idea what caused this event. It had me very concerned that someone was hacking my acct or my identity had been compromised. With instantaneous transactions from seemingly every store we make a purchase at nowadays readily visible on your site at almost the moment they are made, events like this that are completely electronic and recommended should not happen.
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1 week ago, Lord Jefferson Bromwell IV
Multiple account users need bank assistance in setup
Setting up an individual account or accounts with the same TIN or SSN was no problem. My situation, however, involves both personal and numerous business accounts with unique TINs that I was unable to add to app without the help of the SYB IT team. Within 24 hours, they managed to overcome their system “glitch” and get all my accounts and loans listed and accessible without further problems. It’s a fine tool to have in my pocket and gives me great accessibility while out of the office and away from my computer. 100%, just like their overall banking experience in person. 👏👏
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1 year ago, Kentucky Nate
Works great but feature lacking
Update below: First off, I’ve never had it glitch or not perform as it should. I have my business and personal accounts (8 accounts). This may be a bank issue vs app issue but you have to download another app in order to freeze a lost bank card. Also, tracking spending per card issued is non-existent, unless you download the other app(card-valet). Other than that works great! Used on iPhone XS Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Update: after an update with the app, it would require constant security codes through text. Also, some of my accounts didn’t show up and SYB had to fix it. I believe it to be fixed but they hassle of needed to quickly check accounts was frustrating.
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10 months ago, deposits difficult
Mobile ap
This ap for mobile banking is ok to transfer money between accounts and to see activity but the ability to deposit a check through this ap is horrible. I have to try multiple times and multiple days and hope that it works. Most of the time is shuts off before the transaction is completed. By that time, the check has “for mobile deposit” written on the back and the bank doesn’t like to deposit it. I’ve complained to the main bank about it and they tell me that they’ve not heard any problems. I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one that has problems with this. I have updated the ap several times.
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1 week ago, Lil Bwanadik
SYB&T app
I have been using this app since it was offered by SYB. It has improved and I’m pleased with each improvement. It won’t help you lose weight or make your teeth bright and white. It does what it is supposed to do— keeps track of one’s accounts, income (deposits), and allows one to effortlessly pay bills. I also use it to transfer funds from one account to another. I’ve never had an issue or found and error with this app. If your money is in SYB, you need this app to manage it.
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2 years ago, Jmarshall73
Horrible to do electronic deposit
Why can’t you tell us the deposit limit electronically when you deposit? The other 2 banks I bank with do. Yours just exceeds limit. Maybe even have a warning on the amount before you deposit. I no longer live near a SYB, & you are making close to impossible to bank with you all. The other two banks I bank with business & personal are so much easier. One of them is a small bank & I don’t live near them ether but they have the capabilities. Basically you are making it impossible for me to bank with you all unless I don’t live near you. How am I supposed to deposit bigger checks over your limit?
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1 year ago, Esmithgilson
Bank App
I like it. Wish it had my full account number & routing number listed to make it easier when I need it. It only shows the last 4 numbers of your acct and the routing number is on a whole other stock yard website. Transfers are easy and the text a representative is a great feature. Also, wish the app had the feature to lock your cards.
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2 years ago, hetz1022
Stockyards app
Love it!! I was very skeptical about using the app at first, but it makes banking so easy and you can keep an eye on your accounts I know exactly what’s going on at any time with my account. We just loaded the app on my wife’s phone so she could keep track of her Account. You can transfer money from one to the other or just a click of a button. Great! Thank you
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4 days ago, datachip1258
Great banking app
My beautiful wife and I greatly value having the SYB mobile app. Very user friendly & to date very secure. It allows us to stay completely updated on our checking and savings accounts. Our families have been SYB customers for over 100 years, going back to great grandparents. It’s a family tradition that will be passed on.
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1 year ago, abr7888
Good, but.
The app performs the necessary functions, but falls short when it comes to customization. Specifically, notifications. I would expect to be able to get real-time feedback on account activities. The only notification option is once per day, and a generic note that my criteria for debit or credit has been met. I would like it to be like all my other credit cards and get immediate feedback on activity based on my chosen criteria.
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6 days ago, it hood game
App review
Love having the app, but it’s hard to navigate sometimes as posting can be different than real time, it doesn’t always work- sometimes things aren’t there, should be able to transfer money after 7 p.m. Mostly it’s convenient and easy to use. Love being able to deposit mobile checks.
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5 months ago, Have to pay too much
Needs help
The app itself is ok. It does the basic things which shows your balance. But it doesn’t send notifications about $ going in or out. It doesn’t even have the option to do so. I would like to be alarmed when $ is moving in my account. The only thing it does notify is if someone or other device is trying to get into account which is good. So it has an upside but also needs help.
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1 year ago, Eula Beulah
Passcode vs Password
App works fine most of the time, and I prefer to use the passcode I setup, however the app sometimes asks me for my email and password randomly. Just wondering if that is by design. I setup a passcode to get quick access to my balance and have to stop and put in my email and password. Thanks!
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8 months ago, Sugarmonster4
The staff at every branch I’ve been to have been exceptionally helpful and friendly. Your bank has simplified the banking experience for me & is very user friendly. Miles above other banking institutions I’ve dealt with. I’m in the process of moving all my accounts over to Stock Yards Bank. Thank you
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1 year ago, The Shear Wizard
I opened an account 40 + years ago 🤎 SYB
I started with Mike Gootee at Poplar Level Road and when Mike moved back to Corporate we moved our account over to Breckinridge when we moved to Prospect. We now live in Sunny Palm Coast Florida but I still keep my account with SYB. I only wish there was a way to transfer funds between SYB and our Florida bank😎😎😎
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5 years ago, Pretty pleassd!!!
Great App
This bill pay system is great! So easy to use and makes bill payments possible anytime anyplace. Occasionally I have difficulty logging in lately. Even though the user name is there, if I don’t re-enter it I cannot open the app. That just started recently, this is still the absolute safest way to pay bills. I really like it.
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1 year ago, No way theyre all taken
This app is useless.
Trying to get external accounts and transferring money back and forth is way more difficult than it should be. It’s hard to track the money and takes up to a week once you submit the request. Also, when I wanted to add an external account in person, no one was able to help and recommended I call customer service...... There’s no customer service at the branch location?
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4 years ago, Matchstickbgv
Functional but not optimal
The app is good. It can be at times glitchy in the mobile deposit functions. I wouldn’t change much but the stability on that could be better. It has improved and I have reasonable expectations for a small bank app. Hence the 4 stars. Thanks for keeping it maintained over the years.
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10 months ago, zaxdtg
I have difficulty with the mobile app being persnickety most of the time. Often the Face ID option does not appear, and regularly the app says my accounts are unavailable. I often have to go through my internet browser to get on the site instead of the mobile app, which I would prefer!!!
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1 year ago, Talynn0905
Turning a negative situation into a positive one
In new hire trainings, I can tell that SYB customer service reps role play different situations, because I had been super-frustrated with personnel @ the Shelbyville office some time ago. SYB will probably never be my primary bank, but my frown has been turned upside down into a slight grin. Mrs. Tolya L. Ellis
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2 years ago, nicurn413
Easy to use
I have to say, I'm impressed with how easy the app is to use. When my previous bank was bought out by Stockyard, I was skeptical at first bc my former bank app had been so easy to use. Thankfully this one is just as easy. I really like it!
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3 years ago, ricketts1991
Easy to use
Best app I’ve ever installed let’s me not only monitor my accounts but control them as well. Also the alerts for false passwords or incorrect passwords immediately lets you know when someone tried to falsely authorize/access your account.
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2 years ago, Butsie013
Best bank
Stock Yards Bank is the very best bank I have ever used. They are all very friendly and helpful. I have never come across an associate or manager who were cross. It just doesn’t happen. I tell all my friends to go to SYB cause it’s been fantastic. No one can go wrong with SYB.
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3 years ago, ed c 9434
Mobile deposit
I love this feature, it’s always such a time hog when I have to deposit checks from people who don’t have cash with them. Now I can deposit their check before they can get home!
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1 week ago, terry.williams11
Great app!!
I have a Checking, Savings, and HSA account. I can freely move from one to the other and do transfers, when needed. My wife has access to both of my daughters accounts and her mothers. See can easily see balances and do transfers. We love it!!!
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1 year ago, GertO04
I’ve worked w/ SYB as my personal bank for the last 20 years. They have always provided excellent service responding promptly to any concern I have. My questions have always been promptly answered. The website is easy & friendly to use.
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1 year ago, SorrellT
Improved but needs polish
It seems the software just can’t remember the Face ID vs Touch ID every time I open the app. Frustrating. Also it seems that internal account to account transfers don’t show up in the app for a day or so. I miss my last banks response time , which was bought out by SYB. Moving between accounts was updated on the fly.
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2 years ago, OldJohnWebb
Up to date
I don’t know when Face ID was added to the App but I really really like it. Admittedly I use an iPhone mini which is easy to carry but difficult to type on — but Face ID is fast and efficient. I think the app is really easy to use.
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1 year ago, CourtneyDenning
App is terrible
There have been two occasions where my card declined and I went to check if I had money in my account and the app would not load both times. So inconvenient at the time you need it most. I have never had these issues with any other banking app. Our bank was bought out by stock yards so we had to switch over and small local bank app we use to use was so much better then this.
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4 years ago, Billr1851
Stock Yards Bank Mobile App
I have been a SYB customer for 40+ years. The service has been fantastic. The addition of the “Mobile Deposit” feature if fantastic. It is easy to use and make bank deposits from the convenience of your home is top shelf!!!!!
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1 year ago, KKasey22
Overall really nice
Overall I really like the app! Pretty efficient and easy to use. My only complaint is after a certain time in the evening on on weekends you can’t transfer money. It schedules it for the next day which can be inconvenient in a pinch.
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4 years ago, Joyousness I
Easy to use
It is very easy to get around the app and know what you are doing. Does get kind of annoying to have to type in password to get in every time but I can understand for security reasons. But over all perfect app for a debit/credit!
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7 days ago, tgkdo not need
Prefer to access all my accounts with Face ID
I was able to access my accounts by logging in with one click and Face ID. Now I have to log out and log in to business account. That is inconvenient. I prefer combining all accounts. Easier to transfer money from one account to another!
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1 week ago, KaelinC 22
Love it
I makes checking your account easy. You can transfer right away instead of having to wait until the next day.
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2 years ago, primitivechick
Wonderful App
A well thought out easy to maneuver app through gives you all the information you need without making it difficult to use
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1 year ago, Lady KHT
Okay But
The app itself is great. The actual accounting policy on how pending transactions are handled is horribly confusing. You can not get a true reflection of your balance with pending charges. Maybe the developers of the app should assist the accounting team to make that process accurate.
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2 years ago, Club ZZ
Great Help !
I’m computer challenged . The SYB app makes navigating my accounts so easy ! The ability to take care of my financial life while on the go is a big help ! I also appreciate the notices I receive when any unusual activity occurs. Thank you SYB !!
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2 years ago, vlnorfleet
Stock yard app review
It would be nice if you could add a memo feature to the bill pay feature so we would have the option to write what the payment was for. I am able to do this on my other bank apps. Otherwise great app.
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7 months ago, adnsar32
Very good and convenient
It’s a good app to quickly check your transactions. Only thing needed is that if they have online check deposit like others
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1 year ago, Ljcreeper02
Does the trick, but could be inproved
Allows user to see all accounts. Very user friendly. One issue is when a user is making a mobile deposit. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. A second issue is that Face ID isn’t allows an option to log in.
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2 years ago, durdy_dee
Easy to use.
The SYB app is very intuitive. I like being able to move money between accounts, deposit mobile from my phone, and review transactions.
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2 years ago, Krimson Rain
Got this app so I wouldn’t get charged for the bank to send me a bank statement and charge me for it. It works, mostly. It does this weird thing where it will switch around all my transactions and put me in the red. Or delete transactions that are pending but still charge me for it. Honestly it’s really crappy and anxiety inducing. I’m charging my review because it didn’t used to happen all the time, now it happens everyday.
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1 year ago, karly kimble
This app is so hard to use
My bank was purchased by Stock Yards, forcing me to switch to this app. I am seriously considering switching to a bank that lets me lock my card if I’ve temporarily misplaced it like my old app did. Another issue I’ve had is that it took going into the bank, along with help from three employees to figure out how to turn on alerts for transactions over a certain amount.
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4 years ago, johnygerbeck
Steve. The other half
Just starting using since I am retiring. I still write checks and the wife thinks I’m crazy. Getting the hang of it but I still balance my check book. Overall stock yards is by far the best bank I have ever used
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1 year ago, babyboy1225
Great mobile app
Sick Yards mobile app is great. It is super easy to use and very user intuitive. All the information you need is at your finger tips. Mobile deposits are easy too.
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1 year ago, Ditavius23
Easy to use!
This app is organized in a way that I can easily access all the info I need to manage my accounts quickly and on the go.
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4 years ago, mcollett
Love it!
I’ve never had any issues with the app, pay several bills with it, and appreciate its efficiency. It’s been helpful when I’m out of the country and I’ve found it easy too in facilitating communication with staff! Great job!
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5 years ago, joshandcourt
Bill Pay feature needs updating
I don’t like that my scheduled bill payments don’t immediately reflect as pending in my available balance. Also annoying: I have a joint account with my husband yet the bill pay only reflects what one of us has paid when it would be more accurate to show the last payment made regardless of who paid it.
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