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2.1 (74)
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Current version
Alamy Limited
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stockimo

2.11 out of 5
74 Ratings
3 years ago, Puerto2014
Lots of work needed
This app is very inconsistent in performance. Network connection is often weak (only with this app), and the upload does not consistently allow easy access to photos in albums or library. Very hit or miss. I have had to delete and upload multiple times to kickstart it again.
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3 years ago, Cheese on a stranded farm
Testing review complaints, review is a work in progress.
Testing out some reviews, someone said there’s a uploading bug. This isn’t completely accurate, It seems unlike other apps, if you loose signal for just a second it doesn’t pause and continue when reconnected. Instead it fails and you have to restart your submission, So it’s just rather low tech. My WiFi couldn’t handle the uninterrupted signal so I switched to data and got my photos uploaded. I did notice some low quality images (that looks like an infant played with someones phone camera) approved, and apparently liked by customers which aligns with the complaints I read in reviews. Still, I won’t call time of app death like others do until I check for a pulse and do a little CPR. Fingers crossed it’s a diamond in the rough, I would really enjoy this app if it’s professional enough. Update: so far my bad images were rejected as expected, and my good ones were accepted. I would like to say I’m surprised my bad images were actually rejected considering the worse images I’ve seen “liked by customers” that obviously had been approved previously. However they judged me on a professional skill level which I appreciate. I just wish they judged everyone’s skill the same.
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4 years ago, owat118
Jury’s still out...
I find the app easy to use, if a bit redundant. I do wish there was a way to add tags you have used recently a little easier rather than starting from scratch each time. I find the rating system, however, curious and extremely inconsistent, as if it is more personal opinion than a consistent standard across the board. That would explain the inconsistencies. I have never had a photo rejected, but that in itself to me is curious. Also, the Instagram account is what has made me really question the legitimacy of the company. If you look at Getty, for instance, everything looks professional, clean. Stockimo Instagram is haphazard and... confusing. They feature photography that is laden with filters and obscurity, the kind of thing a kid would do. And, if that is their brand or style, then ok, you would know what they are looking for, but it’s not just that. They go further and feature photos that are so vague and honestly look as if someone accidentally hit the shutter while fumbling with their phone, and not in a cool, unexpected way, but in a “you really should have just deleted that” sort of way. 😬 There are some really profound pictures too though, so, yeah, I am always left scratching my head a bit. 🤔 Jury’s still out...
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4 years ago, Elakazal
The app is fine, not sure about the whole scheme.
Unlike many people here, I don’t seem to have any problems with the app—it does what it’s supposed to. It might be nice if it worked better with multiple photos, and allowed cut and paste of tags. I just wish it was actually integrated with Alamy and my account there. It’d be one thing if they were two separate systems, but the Stockimo images are all there side by side with the regular Alamy ones, being sold the same way, but they might as well be another user’s completely. And the insistence on DSLR photos for Alamy and iPhone photos for Stockimo is weird and kind of pointless (current iPhones take as good or better photos than many older DSLRs)—I find myself trying to remember which camera I used to take some older pics. Most of my photos have been accepted and in general the ones that haven’t have had legitimate issues—but so have some that have been accepted. The ratings seem a little arbitrary but at least the system isn’t as punitive as Alamy’s. I haven’t made any money yet but honestly haven’t had much uploaded for very long. Anyway, works fine but not loving the whole set up—I wish they’d just merge it with Alamy.
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6 years ago, kkradel
It’s OK
I’ve been a photographer for Alamy for seven or so years and when they released this app I was very excited at the prospect of adding to and building my stock portfolio quickly as I like shooting with my iPhone. Unfortunately the Alamy and Stockimo systems are completely different and I’ve been disappointed that only certain types of photographs have been accepted through Stockimo. The choosing of images seems to become very random and sometimes I just don't want to have my time wasted. It takes effort to edit, caption, and keyword the images that are highly likely going to be rejected. It also means that I still have to carry around my big DSLR.
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5 months ago, Deebruk
This app consistently crashes and won’t stay open. It works for a few minutes, but then crashes and you can’t get back on it until you download it again and start over. A huge disappointment from a big company like Alamy ! I repeatedly emailed the company and they act like this is a new problem they’ve never heard of before and ask me what phone I’m using. It’s 2023 so I’m pretty sure my phone is ok to use with this app. They just don’t know how to fix the obvious problem that thousands of people are having with this app. I’m so very disappointed with the app and the customer service !
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5 years ago, Lisapics
Works well
I have gradually uploaded photos and had around 600 accepted over the past year or two (probably around half of my pics are accepted to be put up for sale). I’m averaging around $20/month in sales (ranging from just a few bucks to over $100). Probably not going to become a major source of income, but my experience has been pretty good.
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6 years ago, cl2bear
Waste of time
It’s just annoying that they keep rejecting every single photo i uploaded. I wonder how they rate the photos because the 20-ish photos I uploaded were either a 2.0 or a 1.7. At first I thought to myself that my photos were just not good enough, but then I uploaded a photo without editing it, and uploaded the same one with a lot of editing and improving (contrast, brilliance, etc.), which produced a drastically better photo. Both got a 1.7. Like WTH. And if you look at the “favorite” part many are crappy. So either I’m really that bad at taking photos or they got really bad taste.
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3 years ago, iphonephotos123
Fun and easy!
I’ve been using this app without any problems for about two years. Uploading is easy and photos are rated within a week or less. One nice feature is you can edit your keywords after images are accepted. I have made decent sales too!
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5 years ago, sesakaso4
Waste of time and space on my phone
Uploaded a group of photos and A MONTH later, still haven’t been rated. Now I’m not sure of the legalities of using them on other sites. I emailed them and was told a generic response of it would be a little longer than normal because of high submission rates recently, but A MONTH?! I’d like info on how to revoke my pictures and licenses for this site. Stockimo did not keep up their end of the deal and I’d like to be able to use a couple of those photos exclusively on sites who do as they promise.
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5 years ago, SAcenas
New user
This app will only accept photos taken from iPhone 4 or higher. I’m trying to upload one photo a day because when I tried to upload the second photo it failed. I’m glad that my first photo was rated 3.7, so I have now one photo available in the market. Also there’s no option to edit the tags unlike in Alamy.
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3 years ago, Treeofjosh
My understanding was that is supposed to be catered for IOS photos, but when I try uploading, it keeps saying that the photo is too small. I know that’s not true though because some are large panoramas, and the few that were accepted weren’t any larger than the other photos I tried uploading...
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1 year ago, Logannml
Think of this as half a side hustle
My account has been open for seven years and I have only sold two of the same photo in that time. they also didn’t tell you what’s the rating system is, so you have no idea what to look for.
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7 years ago, StreetsMcGee
I think it’s ok...?
After 3 weeks, everything in the app seems to be working fine, except the actual sales part. Some photos of mine were rejected, some were accepted. Nothing sold though. Maybe they want you to market your own items? I’m not sure.
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7 years ago, cdubvr6
Can’t use after iOS 11
After iOS 11 was loaded, cant upload any pictures. App closes unexpectedly every time. Worked fine prior to iOS 11. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still same issue. I have end report each time. I’m also not impress with how the pictures looked after loading (prior to iOS 11 when it worked). They’re not very clear, unlike the actual photo.
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5 years ago, Kittyfishmom
Arbitrary ratings
I would expect an app that buys photos for commercial use to have some sort of rating criteria, such as photo quality (color, lighting, composition), originality, visual appeal and versatility. On a 1 to 4 scale, anything less than a 3 would be due to some identifiable deficit. I saw absolutely breathtaking landscapes and seascapes rated 2.3 or 2.7 while a very ugly photo of “a man with learning difficulties” was a 3 and a thoroughly nondescript photo of a soccer ball was a 4.
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6 years ago, backgroundmelody
So far so good.
I have iPhone and I haven’t had any problems using this app, 19 of 20 photos accepted with high ratings. I have only been using it a few days so I haven’t sold anything...but there aren’t any problems thus far. Thank you!
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9 years ago, Meek$pro
Pretty nice
It's a cool app for selling your pictures. 90% of the time I had to resize my photos to fit there 900 x 900 pixels, and you don't make much, even with there deal 40% commission if they sell a picture $20 you get $8, I've noticed that only the pictures I put through filters were chosen just stock click pictures didn't make the cut, but for a few minutes of time to upload and possibly make a few bucks this is a great app I have hundreds of pictures and in curious to see what sells what don't. If you have time and don't intend on this to be a get rich quick then I say download it
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6 years ago, dbinreview
Doesn’t work
This app sounds like a good idea but... Perhaps like other users have said, it has something to do with the operating system? I haven’t been able to upload a photo and it’s super frustrating because it will take me through the entire process before at the very end popping up an error box that says “Parameter is not valid” without any other explanation.
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6 years ago, Asian-Bear
Uploading issue
I don’t know if anyone else can see the resolution distortion when they view my picture. Because I can when I click on my upload photos. (In addition) I believe the app should have more functions, it feels rather bland. Add tips and professional photographer quotes/interviews. This will probably make the app better (along with massive bug fixes).
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4 years ago, Gogogogogogogogogogog
Poor picture quality
I uploaded my pictures recently but they appear to be in obscure quality. I’m not sure if this is because I have a newer phone on an older software or because it takes a while to process? I would not recommend this app. I’ve deleted it due to the long wait time and poor communication they have served me.
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4 years ago, Eighch1
3 years ago
I used this app 3 years ago and it was worthless. I came across it again because I’ve uploaded a lot of photos to Getty images and they were great and accepted. This app rejected the same photos that professional photographers have deemed amazing. There hasn’t been an update in a year and here I am trying this app out again!! Make me change my mind!!
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6 years ago, Firefly in the Sky
Constant error
I used to be able to upload without any issues. For the past several weeks I’ve been getting an “Parameter is not valid” error every time. I can’t upload any new photos, which renders this app useless. Is anyone at Alamy reading these reviews and planning to fix this app? Or is this a waste of time because it’s been abandoned?
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8 months ago, cboyer1992
iPhone 14 photos too small
I’ve been trying to upload photos from my iPhone 14 and they keep saying they’re too small, even though they are full resolution photos. Seems like a major bug in the application.
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7 months ago, Jennakaye5
Very basic app
I’m not sure what this app is really about because it’s very basic. It’s practically three buttons with zero engagement. I guess since I’m new to the whole thing- I’ll see if that changes but at first use -first glance -it’s like a skeleton of an app. Idk 🤞🏼
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7 years ago, Issam17
A serious problem that needs to be fixed
I simply cannot upload a photo. Once I choose a photo, write a summary and put it tags I push the upload button and the app crashes. Please fix the problem ASAP.
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6 years ago, gadgetsguru
Won’t allow me to login
I enter both my email and password, and it continues to tell me I must use 6 characters or more. My password is almost 200 characters long (seriously, I’m very security conscious as a professional web developer).
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7 months ago, Bakindor
don’t waste you time
i have pictures that selling other apps. I have been here long time and i couldn’t sell even 1 picture. I delete all my pictures.
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4 years ago, Mikepwnz
App seems totally broken.
App seems totally broken. My high-res iPhone X photos all give an error message that their dimensions are too small (must be larger than 640 pixels). It looks like it’s pulling the thumbnails instead of the actual photos. Too bad. Cool concept.
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2 years ago, Drakenwitch
Does not work at all
The app won’t let me log in using my Alamy account and Safari won’t let me log in on the browser side. Good thing I didn’t upload anything yet.
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6 years ago, Greenzel
The worst!
Really want to use this but it's not even allowing you to properly login without errors. It keeps telling me I need to have a proper last name when it's clearly there? Email to support with no real response. Bummed!
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2 years ago, ria shah
Now I under why is the rating so low for this app. It has been 5 days and my pictures are not even rated. Useless and fraud app. Don’t install it. Waste of time!
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1 year ago, Sozo2U
Going nowhere
This App has very little functionality. No ‘Help’ options. Navigation is clunky. So minimalist it is actually hard to use.
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6 years ago, DaveH 765
I uploaded several photos on the other sites most everyone gave them 5 this site gave most of mine barely a two out of abt 15 photos only 3 or 4 was approved but no 5 stars
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2 years ago, nealj121
Just buggy all around. I’ll stick to almany website via contributor…………… they need a app for that not this junk.
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7 years ago, Ang99ela
Keeps crashing as soon as i get everything filled out and hit submit
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1 year ago, s egxgevfbdhx
Just crashes 12/22
Worked ok for years just crashes does Not open any more
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6 years ago, az3Apple
never made $
Several years has passed since I opened my account here. Never sold any of my work. Removing now.
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5 years ago, artist writer photographer
Zero stars
Seriously, Alamy, do you read your reviews? The app can’t access my photos to upload. Useless
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6 years ago, 789xyz123abc
Can’t use with new phone
Doesn’t work with new phone
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5 years ago, Daleyotter
Poor app
The app crashes all the time
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3 years ago, theartleo
unfinished platform
unfinished platform, I do not recommend
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5 years ago, DonaldsonHill
So far so bad...
Encountered a bug trying to create an account. Not a great sign.
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5 years ago, alan amithee
Awful app
1/3/19 update: I decided to give this app a second chance. It’s still garbage. I got the “Sorry, it looks like you’ll have to re-upload your image” error again, after the laborious task of manually describing and keywording an image (it seems you can’t paste keywords with this app). Additionally, the review process feels arbitrary and inconsistent. Stockimo recently touted on Twitter that a contributor made a $175 sale. I already had a similar image on my phone that had never been uploaded, so I gave it a shot. It was rejected, presumably because it wasn’t highly stylized with filters like the similar photo, and like so many of the Stockimo images in general, I’ve discovered. That’s a big surprise, since most stock houses generally don’t want anything to look unnatural. There’s no guidance and no consistent pattern I’ve found for what gets accepted from my library. Considering the tedious submission process, I recommend you not bother with this app unless Alamy puts more focus on Stockimo and improves the contributor experience. Original post: The Stockimo app is awful and needs revamped. If I’m not standing right next to my modem/router when filling out every step (title, keywords, usage rights), the app will say “Oops, it looks like you’ve lost your internet connection.” No other app I have times out like this one does OR doesn’t keep a draft of what I’ve typed in if there’s an internet issue. In lieu of rekeywording, I’m about to just delete this app that I’ve made $0 from, after using it for months now. Take a look at the other reviews, as well - there seems to be a consensus that Stockimo is a pain and a waste of time.
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8 years ago, totalwasteland
Needs major improvement
This app is so poorly designed it is nearly impossible to use. When you upload a photo, it only shows up to you pixelated and horrible, as if only a thumbnail was saved. If that was how it was actually uploaded, it's no wonder the photos are being rejected! There is also no Q&A or help section within the app. On top of all that, you only get 20% of your sales through them. The only, barely positive thing I can say is that, because it's run by Alamy, their quality standards for the photos themselves are higher, which I appreciate. However, if they can't manage to increase the quality standard of their own app, it feels hypocritical for them to deny any photo. There are no redeeming qualities of this app nor advantages over any other photo selling app to warrant the horrible 20% payout. I doubt I will continue using this app, unless it is updated and fixed soon. Foap has a weird rating system, but is at least usable! UPDATE. After going through their app further, their rating system is atrocious and the judges must be imbeciles. Grainy, poorly lit cat instagrams get accepted and sold, while crisp, clear images get denied, sometimes with extremely low scores. I seriously wish I could give below one star. Absolute garbage.
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7 years ago, Poseidon1564
Not what I would expect and very disappointed.
I'm a contributor of Alamy online. I thought I would also try the app and upload my iPhone 7 plus photos using this app. I've uploaded 3 photos at different times using this app and everyone of them failed. I know the process to get photos approved, but when you take a nice crisp photo and upload it using this app. It will degrade your photo drastically! Looking at the photo before and after, the after photo that is uploaded is grainy, blurred and not even exceptable by me! No one will ever get a iphone photo approved using this app. The developers need to take a close look at the upload process and fix it. I will not be using this app until this is fixed! The developers know about this issue as it's been mentioned in other reviews or they just don't read them.
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8 years ago, JimVinNYC
There's something very wrong here
As has been noted well by other eaters, the app itself has major flaws. All of my submissions appear very grainy and blurry after they load. Is this just a thumbnail? Is this the way they appear to the "voters"? If your submission is rejected (and it seems like that's very common) do you know why? No, you don't; there's no feedback or viability in the app. This is quite different from the parent company, Alamy, and their web-based platform. They have tough quality standards and give clear feedback on your photos so you know how to correct them and ultimately be successful. Stokimo's app and/or the process need a total overhaul. I've asked for my account and images to be deleted.
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9 years ago, mattkim
Good interface, simple and straightforward.
The app is very simple; take pictures and post them to receive cash. I quite like the concept. However, I have yet to sell a picture. Although I have yet to make a sale, I'm giving this app 5 stars because I want this to grow and become popular. If it does, hopefully it will be easier to sell. :)
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10 years ago, JasonRI
Functions as expected, well designed
App works as is designed to do and is very well designed. Nice simple interface, stable and quick, no crashes. Still would like to see a way to copy past keywords from previously submitted pics, or batch submit multiple pics as once. Would tremendously speed up the workflow.
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7 years ago, Dianemacphoto
The app is perfectly fine. You are not seeing the actual uploaded file in the pixelated image - just a record of what you sent. When images are accepted, you see the full resolution on your app and also on the website!! Also, Alamy wants quirky images for their Stockimo brand. Those images do sell!!!
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