Stocks Tracker:Real-time stock

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Dajax LLC
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stocks Tracker:Real-time stock

4.55 out of 5
55.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Pops006
Useful While On the Move App
Great Updates ! Finally chart updates have been dramatically improved. They are now useful. Ability to customize EMA SMA are nice improvements Still needs to have 1 year weekly to be complete However it's the best version to date. I give it a 4**** rating today Change that is no change Just keep handy to monitor portfolio Can't get a weekly chart. No response to repetitive Emails Continue to down rate this app. Graphs inaccurate as the weekly continues to be displayed as daily despite changed settings. I use it everyday to monitor stock progress but graphs remain unreliable. No way to contact the app creator. Downrated to *** stars, had to reload to avoid solicitation to upgraded site. My eMail no response. VIX blanked out. Graphs & Moving averages periodically reset back to default settings daily (customized weekly) & EMA back to 10 & 50, from 20 & 55 Candlesticks no longer uniform Navigation issues, Charts periodically display wrong prices. Issues still same and unresolved. It will be one of the best on the net. Throw away Yahoo this is best App for tracking the any market. Many nuances which are valuable allowing you to customize. Pre-Market and After Market ticks updated in before and after market hours. Excellent graphs w/ graphic tools. Must have for any investor or trader! New version more graphing tools available than available on most or all discount trading platforms.
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3 years ago, Roberttjay
Best stock tracker old version
Their new update is terrible. Downgraded from 5 stars I have an ad sticking its nose in before I can see the program. If I try to enter a transaction, I get some other menu with paper trades, etc. I have trouble asking it to Le me enter a transaction. I get all other screens when I really just want to see the numbers. I’d pay money to get the old version back, but not a too-high monthly subscription. MY PRIOR REVIEW ↓ This is the best stock market program. It gives fast updates and prices. It allows you to enter your purchases. Then it tells you how much you are up or down that day and since you bought it. I don't see where it uses the date you bought..annualized return?The alert function works and tells when the price moves happen Also I paid extra for some charts which are very little and too small to read. Hard on a small screen i guess Research may be done on a different app. But generally following how'm I doin' in the market today this is my favorite. (Would like to get as rapid stock updates as possible) LATER still the best. Paid for the more rapid prices veil see how that works out. But if you only have one stock program, this is the one!
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5 years ago, Georgia-Deet-Georgia-Deet...
Thanks for looking out for the people who are doing there best. It is really scaring out there when this is the first time trying to understand the ins and outs of investing. This has been very calming to read article, and not want money from you at the end, that how they trick or treat you at the end. So if you are like me and hopefully that you won’t be the one being trick or treated at the and it never ceases to amazed you after all that information and reading thinking you are about to receive it, WOW money is asked for, and feel cheated you feel for a better word mentality raped. Check The Motley Fools, casing point. Read All That Information, and Then You Will Recieve an E-Mail, and for the LOVE of GOD, time, then money, headaches on top of sleep.I am no MBA but I know when I have been had. Good-Luck out there
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2 days ago, 1979 Apple ][ Plus fell in love and never looked back !
Great app for decision making based on trends.
I use this app to reference price history, current trends by sector. I frequently use limit orders and having the alerts to set percentage change or price change I have been able to track sectors both US and none US investments. Excellent tool with just the information I need to make informed decisions. Version released for IOS 8.3 is iPhone optimized which is great for iPhone users but for iPad users screen space is not optimized for the larger screen and I have move the star rating down based on this issue. If I can not read the graphical chart of a stock or ETF because it is optimized for the smaller screen of an iPhone that is just not optimizing the app for the different devices the app is used on. Poor decision on the developers side as I got a response that pretty much indicated this app was optimized for iPhone not for iPad. I hope the developer re-evaluates his or her decision.
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2 years ago, LinGS$$$111
It's a good app. Easy to use and covers most tech analysis. June 9, 2015 Something is wrong today with the advanced graphics. It can't show the graph, tried close open, restarting, simply doesn't work. Network is fine. June 10, 2015 Thanks it is fixed. There's no problem in this app. Simply the best. Feb 18, 2017 The recent update removed Borlinger bands, which I used for my analysis, making the app loss half of its ability. Not good. March 15, 2017 Borlinger bands added but it can't save the line color I set to differentiate different lines. I have to set the overlay all over every time when changes stocks. Generally it is good. June 26, 2017 The current update is ok, but it won't keep my settings. Every time I have to redo the settings. Bad. June 12, 2018 Satisfied. Oct 10, 2018 This upgrade is great. Feb 23, 2020 Upgrade is wonderful. July 1, 2020 Update nice. Feb 22, 2021 Update is nice. I found no gbtc data were shown. For a few small stocks, the profile is wrong. Other sites shows. Why Bitcoin stopped showing?
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6 years ago, Torah Lainer
This company has just updated it’s app and actually in my opinion it is a downgrade. Each time I log into it on my iPhone it has automatically returned it to the default specifications for the charts. This never happened before the update. I have to get rid of everything that’s on there and put in my custom indicators myself. In addition one of the big drawback is that I found is that after the end of the day there is no date on the chart to indicate what day it is. I have to write the date in after I print the chart out and this is to be done and every security that I print the chart out for. I really like the outlay of the chart when it is stable. Customer service has also been extremely lacking. I have communicated with the current company at least three times and have not received one response back at all. This is a serious deficiency because problems to do pop-up have no way of being communicated to the company or if they do get my email They certainly do not take the courtesy to send or give me a reply very unprofessional
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5 years ago, Chi Br
Great app to keep me in realtime!
Love to create and name my own categories. I am able to keep track of my stocks at work. I leave this app open on my desk and trade when needed, it only takes seconds. Read the news on my stocks over lunch. Is all there! All true. Very informative and easy to see the indicators that are important to me (and also I find not useful, but am sure someone uses it). Creating and grouping industries is awesome for me too! I have Oil and Gas, then categories: Exploration, drilling, transport, etc, then have the individual stocks. I also make a favorites to keep an eye on certain ones I get gut feels on. And so on and so on. I am sure there is an improvement, but no idea what that would be. This app has made me an investment addict and I enjoy the ride. Started sharing with my kids too. GREAT APP!!
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3 years ago, Rustythevibeguy
The Best (Still)
Oct 10, 2020. I am up 25% YTD (S&P500 is +5%) largely due to the power of this app. When I place a limit order on Fidelity, I see that quote immediately in this app. Having real-time extended-hours quote for pennies a day is amazing. If you’re an active trader, buy this app - today! Have used this for years now. Use it everyday to track my portfolio, and I’m an active trader. Love this app. It’s the best there is. I have the paid version, and actually upgraded to premium ($10/mth) because I felt a little guilty getting so much value for so little money. Has helped me make tens of thousands of dollars. You will not get as much instant data and charts anywhere. Better than Barchart. Better than StockCharts. Better - and much faster - than Fidelity.
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3 years ago, Thisisapieceofcrsp
Pop up ads too intrusive
I used stock tracker almost every day for 2+ years and finally deleted out of frustration today. Up until a few months ago pop up ads were minimal but starting this year when you open the app the screen is taken over by a pop up in less than two seconds which is incredibly intrusive. Understand that people are going to open this app 5-10 times a day just to take a quick look at the market. I understand there is a need for adds to fund the app but I just want to take a quick look at a stock or market I don’t want to play “wack a mole” literally every single time I open the app, even just for a 2sec look at the markets. If you want to spam with ads maybe do that after the screen is up 5-10 sec? I’m going back to using the stock tracker that was imbedded in my phone when I got it. To be clear stock tracker people, I deleted your app because your adds are too intrusive!
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6 years ago, Rontenfour
STunning Stocks Tracker ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
I could go on and on for at least 5 more starry words..... But for those who become bored easily, I'll spare the "scrink" (screen ink). This app is far and away the very best of its kind. I am no spring chicken (i.e. I have a bit of experience), I have used more than a few apps like this, and some are pretty good...... But this is the crème de la crème. And it is free ....... and NOT "too good to be true".... If you don't have it, and have ANY need for stocks related data, GET it !!!!! If you have it.... Congrats !!!!! You are clearly a fast learner. My most appreciative thank you goes out to the developer of this fine ios based app. Great creative software design, development, and distribution. Thank you, Rontenfour PS - I've added a new device recently, and during the re-install process I've discovered, and now use, several additional features of this outstanding app. Did you know you can access your account at your own broker and have daily (minute to minute) performance summary data right there on the screen every time you open the app. And no need to login to your broker's site. It's right here at a tap on the screen. Thanks again to this fine development team.
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4 years ago, four d glasses
A tree with a multitude of branches
The stock market is a vast ocean to navigate and depending on your investment objectives you need a financial compass to chart your course. To zero in specific details this app has the traditionally important search function to ascertain the financial category of interest. The performance chart is conveniently displayed simultaneously with the price quote delivering a current and overall picture without the need to plod through additional screen views. Along with a screen dedicated to a list of the major indices the app allows you to add your stock searches on a screen dedicated to your tailored selection. The ease with which you can weave in and out of the plethora of financial data due to the logical design of the app empowers you to create a way to map your financial quest.
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4 years ago, jadecricket
Brokerage account disappeared
I thought this app was really strong in the beginning, and I subscribed to the “Elite Pro” Membership. Even though the interface is awful by today’s standards the functionality and utility of the app was undeniable. However, within a few weeks of subscribing my brokerage account from Fidelity stopped working. And in a subsequent update it looks like they’ve removed the ability to integrate with brokerage accounts at all. I contacted tech support to ask what the issue was or for a road map and never heard back from them at all. Also, they have a web site but there’s no login with Apple option so if you use that on the app you won’t be able to view anything you have saved in terms of watch lists on the web. So i unsubscribed. Hope they fix these issues or someone else makes an app with good real time stocks and a nice interface because they could easily siphon users like me.
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4 years ago, Normalman101
Couldn’t go without it
This is the best stocks app I could find anywhere. I’ve looked through everything available on the app sites and there’s nothing that compares in my estimation. I hate sitting in front of computers so this app on my iPad makes keeping up with my portfolio extremely easy. I mean it’s almost a one glance kind of thing. And you can keep a watch list as well as your portfolio in different places. Watching a particular stock? No problem. Need to look at the chart? No problem. Are there things that I wish they could add to the charts? Yes indeed. I would love to be able to apply Bollinger bands and trend lines but The charts provided can give you a lot of information. All in all IMHO the best stock app anywhere.
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7 months ago, edhutch
Excellent product
The stock tracker instantly provide me with the information that I need to make a quick decision about doing a trade we’re doing additional research in the alerts are extremely helpful I have been a senior executive in major brokerage firms in the capital markets. And would recommend the product to anyone. I do most of my own research and decide which to buy. Stock tracker keeps me up on my positions. They provide timely detailed notes from corporate conference calls which are invaluable as well as timely comments from relevant and reputable research analysis .. new charts harder to read. The extra hours winners and losers is locked and blocking my screen
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6 years ago, NicknamingNickname
WAS the best. NOW it's trash.
I'm an active trader. I've used this for years. The last update destroyed the user experience. Ads pop up every second(no exaggeration). You'll close the ad and another will pop up. You can't even use the app for its intended purpose. 1 star for now. 5 stars if they fix this soon. I hate to leave it. (I NEVER leave reviews, especially bad ones. The fact I'm writing this should tell you how disappointed I am.) Update: They fixed it and we’re good to go now. I use it every single day with only a few occasional ads, which is fine for me because I don’t expect these people to work for free. Good job and please don’t change it ever again. Thanks in,advance!
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3 years ago, dwsb
This is the best and only app I use to quickly track the many stock watch lists I have established. It simulates very well the stock charting of the brokerage app that I have while offering so much more in the way of summarizing quickly and efficiently technical indicators on all time frames. I particularly like the ability to quickly scan different charts of the stocks on my lists. The discussion section as a source to get tips on other stocks is terrific. I use it throughout the day every day and really like the fact that I can keep track of all the stocks in detail that I hold and am watching while doing other things or am traveling. In short, I would be lost without it!
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4 years ago, Pharmking
Great Program
This thing only gets better, you can consolidate your Accts I one place without any of the baggering to do this or that with your funds. This program works great for those who run multiple portfolios. It gives a perfect overview of each account along with a review of test projects you may elect to run. I have found this app to be perfect for my needs. I continue to appreciate all that goes into the type of digital tools you provide us for little to nothing. An even bigger plus is you are constantly updating the program and I have seen the improvements first hand. I use this everyday. Thank you for being the best you can be.
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6 years ago, BuckeyeEric
Great app for monitoring portfolios, interface can still be improved
The app is great for having multiple portfolios and multiple stocks within them. Where I would like to see improvements is in maintaining the transaction log (being able to edit a transaction). When adding transactions to portfolios with lots of activities, it would be nice to have the “Add Transaction” are in a fixed position at the top of the list and show all of the fields right away. As it is, it is at the bottom and when you hit add you have to scroll and it still doesn’t show left/right on an iPad 10.5”. Locking it to the required width and pinning it to the top of the transaction panel would be a huge improvement for entering transactions.
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7 years ago, vermin01
Has steadily gotten worse
When I downloaded this app, it had a great discussion board, news that was relevant and accurate after hours and premarket quotes. Since, it has nothing but ads, worthless and repetitive articles in the discussion board. Also, the discussion doesn't update and still old conversations from back in January when people did have actual discussions on the platform. Also, until recently the news board had nothing but Trump bashing news. I see that, that has subsided in recent days, however. Premarket and after hours quotes have not been accurate. Many times, I see a stock I've been following be up or down big on here. Then I try to find news to justify the move and there is nothing and no evidence of the move even happening on the Nasdaq or any other market news site.
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2 years ago, IsEveryGDNameTaken
The best stock app...
Update 11/22 : they’ve added quick links to daily/yearly gainer/losers, added new features including more cryptocurrency rates, more trading accounts setup and many other features, while at the same time not slowing the overall app. Very fast, responsive. Shows after hours movement of nearly all stocks. Pricing structure is well within the value the app delivers, but it leaves little room for future raises if they become necessary. Small glitches are quickly addressed and fixed, Thanks again from a long term subscriber.
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5 years ago, Vvn12639201
Resets to default all the time
I use this app while I’m on the go, so I haven’t noticed if the prices are entirely accurate, but I can rarely even get the after hours prices to show up. For general purposes, it has decent functions although sometimes they simply do not work. I have set up alerts before, just to never be notified, and missed my chance at selling a stock. I can also NEVER see the charts for the indices, it just shows up as a blank chart. However, I know many people that is able to see it on their phones. Most frustrating though, are the constant ads that not only show up, but also sometimes crashes the whole app. Another frustrating thing is that the chart settings sometimes just resets to default for no reason, and suddenly you find out during market hours and have to spend 15 minutes setting everything up again. Then a few months later, you gotta do it all again. I have been considering getting the paid version to avoid ads, but have not been convinced that the resetting issue would resolve. TL;DR - on good days it’s a decent app, on bad days it’s a piece of crap
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4 years ago, Sherrielle
I like this app, but could use a few tweaks
I like this app, but lately my alerts have been getting triggered after hours somehow. Usually it is an alert that I set for a stock going below a certain price. Anyway, there is no indication that the stock fell in after hours trading for the alert to be triggered. I end up having several alerts that need to be reset in the morning. I hope this gets fixed. Update: My stocks alerts continue to be triggered when the market is closed or on weekends. Just the alerts for price going below a level. It's irritating, but I just have to reset all of my alerts every day. I'm afraid I won't believe my stock is truly falling, because I'll just think it was falsely triggered again.
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4 years ago, Iz Goy
Terrible update
The new update that occurred in early November, 2020, made the widget experience much more inferior. There was nothing wrong with the way widgets behaved before the update. There was a widget that allowed one to cycle through multiple categories before the update. It’s now gone. Instead of two widgets: one with the favorite portfolio and one that could cycle through multiple categories there are now three widgets, and one of them is totally useless. I can’t get all the information I need in widgets anymore, so now I have to open the app itself. I’ll get used to it, but this is not an improvement. If you wanted to improve on the previous widgets, you should have made the one that cycled through multiple categories customizable. But you simply nuked it.
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4 years ago, Human factors guy
Lots of info but usability lacking
This is a great app with lots of info on indexes, stocks, funds, ETFs, etc. you may want to follow. Sometimes the order reverts to what’s gone up the most that day, and I don’t know what triggers that or how to get back to my default order except by restarting the app. Can’t see any way to change the default order (to an order of my choosing, not one of the choices on the list). And my biggest complaint: in low light the font is so small on my big phone I can’t read some of the numbers, and I don’t see any way to adjust the font size! Font size should be an item on comprehensive menus, which all apps should have.
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3 years ago, forst056
As supported
The app is now ad supported which is a huge downgrade to the UX from previous versions. While I’ve enjoyed the free app for ages and appreciate the need for the developer to monetize their product, there is no pricing structure for infrequent traders like myself that don’t need the full feature set they offer. I’d gladly pay a fixed amount for the app for basic functionality and continued support, but I’m not going to pay $10/mo for a boatload of features I have no need for. I hope the developer provides a fixed price ad-free version as a middle tier vs. the high cost subscription, otherwise it’s time for a new app. I imagine a large portion of their user base is probably similar to myself so would be a shame for them to leave money on the table due to poor pricing structure.
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7 years ago, Sobay5some
Realtime quote
Fast updates of price quotes. Lots of financial data. However found trading volumes (closing) and closing stock prices sometimes are way off from other financial reports, such as Google Finance and those from Seeking Alpha. Hope they can improve and keep report accurate data. Today 11/24, the stock prices stuck at 11/22 while the market is opened. The charts however are current. Such a quirky app... poor support, doesn’t fix issues quickly, does not reply to questions. Think I will delete this since there are many stock apps out there.
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4 years ago, WVRUBINO
Excellent Market Tracker and Highly Recommended!
Real Time is my go to App and used first every morning. I have loaded all the US and International ETFs covering the Equity (SPY, MDY, IWM, EFA, EEM, etc.) and Bond (IEF, AGG, JNK, etc.) capital market segments to get a picture of what is moving in the US and Internationally. Also Vix (^VIX) and some key market leading stocks. A quick look at the day and/ or the 6 month charts tell a nice story on where the big picture is going (Bollinger Bands, 50 and 200 Day Moving Averages) for each capital market segment. Also great to keep an eye on some specific companies with both news and technicals. Excellent App and a Buy!
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9 months ago, New Stock investor
Wrong stock data always - couldn’t give lower rating
This app was good 4-5 years ago but now is horrendous. For a paid membership I get advertisement all the time. But the worst is wrong stock data. The 52week range is always wrong and the day range is even worse. The day range is off by dollars at either end of low or high of the day. I am constantly checking the range with my brokerage app. The stock tracker shows I am making money whereas in reality I am losing money. Thankfully I only used it to keep track of purchased stocks and now am barely using it. The TRADING VIEW app is much better with data, alerts etc. switch to the trading view app over this app if You want correct data, alerts that are consistent with price etc. Go use Trading View app.
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9 months ago, cicamica1
My favorite
I love that it shows in real time, easy to use, I can easily create my own watch list After the last update I took back 2 stars! Why do you make it for the worst when it was excellent?? Now when I have my stock list and I click on my stock it takes me the stock page immediately without showing more details like before!! When I am on the individual stock page, I want to see 5 days than it shows only 2-3 days and it’s NOT constantly!!! Why did you mess up ??? Restore it as it was before!! Now it’s a garbage!!!! I have been paying for elit subscription and still getting bunch of adds!!!! So its a scam!!
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3 years ago, StockPop
Best Stock Tracker EVER
This is the Best Stock Real Time trackers EVER. I have been using other stock trackers and services for many years and this Stock Tracker has become the one to depend on for up to the second changes in stocks and ETFs I trade. It helps me to make trades on my trading platform site and is real time without having to update for the latest quote on the platform site. StocksTracker has improved the site many times to make it even better. I would not use it for mutual funds since it doesn’t track them very well but stocks, yes!👍👌
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3 years ago, Britescorp
Stock tracker in real time
You will have peace of mind that you are protected by genuine, active software. I used some so called good one I the market. And found them aver rated. To me protection is to get virus or malware before it has done the damage. This software I will give them 5 solid stars company. Try it you will become its fan like me. Great software and you will enjoy it using it. Your stock being updated when it is moving up or down. Also Ameritrade has online tool to buy or sell stocks, options etc.
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4 years ago, Striker003
Stocks 3, S&P-500 guy
I am a long-time user of this app on iPhone 6. I have purchased the full version for a nominal price of approx $10 (or so) quite a while ago, primarily to get rid of the ads. They were not really that obtrusive at the time. But I use this app constantly, since I’m a big stock investor, and I thought it was well worth the money to be “add free”! This app deserves 5 stars. It is my “go to” stock quote and related investment App! I really couldn’t “leave home without it” to quote a famous old commercial. My thanks and gratitude go to the app developers.
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4 years ago, Crosby's Dad
Free version is good but not great
I use this to track stocks in multiple watch lists such as ones I own and others that I am considering. I track about 70 stocks across multiple watch lists and have noticed intermittent issues where the chart is not current (5 min / 5 day chart that is showing days old information without updating or flagging as an error). I use the notes feature to keep a summary of short due diligence but the layout of the note after entering it is poor and does not retain alignment as entered. I do appreciate that I can easily see many stocks and prices in one place and that a few competitor stocks are listed with each one. A few improvements I would like to see are: - Fix the bugs with the charting or at least flag if the chart is not updated. - Make the notes viewable as a hover-over for a quick glance at the info. - Add a bullets feature to the notes function and put the date immediately above the entry instead of in the left margin of the note as it hogs space there.
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4 years ago, Phoenixhawk101
Great app- What’s up with TD?
First let me say that I love this app. I obviously can get a lot of stock details from my brokerage website or even online but it’s such a mess and so many clicks to see what I want. The UI for this is fantastic and fast and responsive. It’s my go to for trades. I use to ABSOLUTELY love the ability to connect my scottrade account right to the app and trigger trades through the api. It was bliss. But after Scottrade was bought by TD that stopped working. I waited patiently but still nothing. Scottrade remains an option in the linked accounts, but it doesn’t work. Likely this is TDs doing and not the apps, but makes me very sad.
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4 years ago, Gramacia
Real time market results
I’ve only had this app for a few days, and I really enjoyed seeing all the markets and how they’re doing. I’m also able to enter in all of my stocks and watch what’s happening on a very easy to read page. I would highly recommend this app if you were interested in watching your Stocks. Although you cannot put in what you paid for the stock, you can still see the overall performance of different stocks in markets.
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4 years ago, Creek watcher
Ad takeover
Had this app for about a year now. Was fine until today February 28, 2020. As soon as I enter the app and tap “indices”It immediately shows an ad. There is no way to x this ad off. If you try,google removes the ad and takes you back to the homepage where if you tap “indices“ again it takes you to another ad. This happens repeatedly and I can’t even get in to see the stock quotes no matter how many times I try. This kills the intent of the app. I’m sure this ad is useless to many others as well as myself now. It would be OK if we could actually x off the ad and then look at our stock quotes as in the past, but now it’s just an app of ads that you can’t get rid of so I guess my only option is to get rid of the app. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Irish brigade
I really like the new page layout.
It's a great product when working smoothly. The new page layout has all the info on the initial page along w a small visual of hi and low. Nice. I can now see the users opinions concerning the price move for the week,quarter etc. the charts have always been awesome. This is my favorite app when it runs smoothly. All tech have their moments of breakdown, StocksTracker is no different it happens, but I believe they work hard to fix the issues. Keep up the good work StocksTracker.
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5 years ago, Goforth43
Love this app! Great detail, flexible enough to address individual needs. Easy to use interface. Worth the price. Thanks for a great tool! Have been enjoying this app for over a year, and it has been well worth the $17 or $18 that I paid for it. However, it got fouled up and I re-installed it. The problem is that it came back in an unregistered form, and almost all my listings disappeared. I wish there were a way to recover my old paid copy. Too bad, as this was my go-to app for the market. I’d be happy to amend this review and give it 5 stars, if the developer could give me some help.
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3 years ago, Nowbad11121
Missing data that disappears on you buys after inputting
I have inputted several times the buy information to only find out the stock tracker looses the buy information after a week or two and as long back as 3 months. This has been an ongoing issue I wish could be fixed. I am not the only one having this issue This is an issue that reappears almost every time an upgrade happens. You would thing after fixing the problem numerous times they would get it!! Never seems to amaze me how a flight check is not made to keep from repeating the same error again and again. These folks need some decent help. Are these guy really working or out to lunch ! !
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6 years ago, John in FLL
This is not an app that you want to trust to manage your money
In theory, this is a good app that puts lots of information at your fingertips. Quotes and charts are presented in a clear and obvious way. The problem is that there are so many bugs ranging from annoying to serious that it renders this app unusable. This isn’t an exhaustive list but it gives you an idea how unstable the app is: -The charts are not real-time. You have to manually refresh them. -Important data fails to update. For example, the Dow quote or a particular security. -You may have to recreate your watch list. This happened on more than one occasion. -It advises you to update the app. Even though it has already done. -When you click news there isn’t an obvious way to close the app. You have to kill the app completely. -One one occasion it spawned lots of ads without allowing you to return to the app. This was solved with an update. Finally, after paying for the premium version, the app didn’t unlock these features. If accurate and timely information is important to you, don’t trust this app to manage your money.
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7 years ago, Plugzie
Little More than a Decent App
I like this app, I feel it is a very good app that gives you daily news updates on every stock. It gives you quarterly reports (which puts it in your calendar by clicking on icon) and stock charts, day, week, month, year, 5 year & max this way you telescope on stock charts. If you are looking for a real in depth app for day trading and up to date changes this is not for you. This is good for people who are into trading stocks (not day trading) and want information on them.
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2 years ago, Effinre
Developer can’t seem to keep promises.
When I first got this app about 8 or 9 years ago it worked pretty good so I paid the $30 (I think) fee to get the full version fully unlocked forever. Each update seemed to create more glitches than they fixed until they decided to lick everything down so I don’t get any of the goodies that I paid for upfront unless I pay a subscription fee every month. I refuse to do that because “a deal is a deal”. I helped get them off the ground but now they have no use for me. I would pass unless you’re a fan of shady deals.
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3 years ago, Audiobookworm3011
Quite buggy with the recent versions
I’ve used this app for almost 5 years and was quite happy with its simple interface and rich functions. However, starting from about one month ago, I don’t know which version I upgraded, the app became quite buggy. 1) when I added transactions, they don’t show up the changes. Sometimes that transaction will show after few hours; sometimes they just don’t show up at all! 2) From time to time, when I opened the apps, it just showed no data at all. Again, I liked the app very much before and that’s where the 3 stars come from.
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3 years ago, little red river dog
Latest version is ruined by ads
UPDATED: The new version with ads is very annoying, but could be modified to be more livable. I need my stock app to be quick and easy, and having a full-screen ad pop up every time I check my stocks ruins the app. As a compromise, I could tolerate an ad once a day but after that I just want to see my stocks. I would also pay a $1 a month to go ad-free. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've been using this app for years and it is solid. It combines an easy to use interface with a number of advanced features. I like how you can arrange your stock list AND your options on the same screen. Use it every day.
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4 years ago, investoramus
Best Portfolio Ap Ever
I have used maybe 10 different stock management apps over the years. This one is is the best daily tracker and quick screen tool I have ever foundl. I use it to quickly review stocks to determine which might be candidates for purchase and to monitor the day to day status of my portfolio. Overall tools, ease of use, speed, flexibility, info available etc - are great. It is pretty intuitive but a “Help” tab would be helpful for the more complex sections of the app. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, godblessamericalandthatilovest
For me, small $, retired, individual investor
I have been using this website for 3+ years, and really like how it pulls together my individual , small portfolios to give me “the big picture”. I do make separate portfolios for the types of accounts actually traded at separate trading platform venues. I do need to reconcile RTS (real time stocks) with the “actual totals” periodically to add in the reinvested dividends, but this RTS program gives me a real time detailed, and also a simple outline of my investment health any time of the day I choose to look.
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2 years ago, MK500
BEST stock watching app
Even though I use several paid trading services with their own apps, I constantly come back to this one. It's my favorite. Easy to use and incredibly flexible. I love to keep my Portfolios in this app. I can quickly track my gains and losses in real time. I can also back up everything (lists, portfolios, settings) to iCloud...and then restore to my other devices. This is awesome when I switch from my iPad to iPhone on the go.
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3 weeks ago, nico_needs_tacos
LOVE but some items have stopped working
I love this app. It has all the things easy to get to and one place. I feel like it has more than most apps. And this app is extremely easy to use to monitor your stocks and needs, with the events calendar and the heat map. But in the last few weeks the heat map has stopped working on the app and now the events calendar is not showing up. The events calendar should be able to see a month out, or at least two weeks. It is Monday and last weeks events are still showing.
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8 months ago, Chriswpc
Use to be good now can’t keep up with current values
Several years ago it was a nice app but lately it doesn’t update current value of individual stocks correctly. Also I don’t know why but it can’t seem to get value of several Canadian stocks I have listed. They are always at least a day behind on the Canadian stock values. This coupled with the incorrect updated values makes the current value of my portfolio incorrect. The only way I get the current individual stock value now is to look up the individual stock directly on google. Unfortunately it has become useless if you are concerned about accuracy.
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4 years ago, Flyboydan46
Really Useful App
Very accurate when inputs post properly. Would like two improvements: ability to track shares and average share costs to at least three digits, four would be better; and to enter a cash dividend share repurchase transaction without debiting from portfolio cash. Otherwise, very convenient and accurate phone app compared to much more expensive stock tracking laptop/ desktop software. Latest revision loses one star because what used to bring up my portfolio real-time now requires me to go back to “home” then back to portfolio view in order to see my portfolio views.
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