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User Reviews for Stocks

4.65 out of 5
262.2K Ratings
10 months ago, BraudTX
Stock market in my palm
I use the stock market all the time. I read recent news updates, follow the basic stats, but also have easy access to yahoo financial info for additional stock information. However I miss being able to see the full screen from starting price to the highs and lows and yield data. Always have to swipe both sides of screen. Used to be able to turn screen 90 degrees to see the full screen. I appreciate that there seems to be no limit on the number of stocks, funds, Indexes, I can add to my listing. I truly view this app more frequently than others so I have it on my main page of apps. Thank you also for NO POP UP ADS!! Love it!
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5 months ago, CoachMAllen
Great App until Recent Update
I’ve been using this app to track my stocks, and the markets in general, for years now. Been an outstanding tool until a recent update that contained a small tweak, that has been a major nuisance to my use of the app now. Prior to update, when you were in any given stock’s main profile/info screen, the default view at the top was always the current real-time price. Listed with that price, was always the current day’s price change for that stock. That information was static and wouldn’t change when you selected different time periods for the bar graph. THIS WAS PERFECT. After the recent update, the real-time price still stayed the same as you manipulated the bar graph settings. However, now the price change figure changes to match the time period selection you make for the bar graph display. THIS IS NOT GOOD. Please revert back to the old way of this stock price and price change info being displayed, as it was much better to see the same-day info while manipulating historical data with the bar graph function. Seems like an insignificant change, but really it has hindered my ability to use the app efficiently and has become quite annoying for me. At the very least, create a setting where the user has a choice to have that same-day info remain static to the current day, or toggle it so that it can follow whatever time period selection is made with the bar graph function.
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5 months ago, Takomsa
Too many glitches, can’t trust data to be accurate
This was once a good ore-installed app on the iPhone. However, over a number of updates the app has become unstable and glitchy. One perfect example: NEE is NextEra Energy. They’re a power utility. I track them as an indicator for the sector. Several weeks ago I realized the stock price hadn’t changed for several days. I started investigating and found the stock price shown was wrong. Over the next few weeks, the graph might or might not be updated depending on which time frame I was looking. Sometimes the graphs wouldn’t load at all. MOST of the time, it was only this one stock having an issue. I checked at 2 weeks into the issue and realized both the stock price, day, week and month were all wrong. I deleted the NEE stock and added it again. No change. I deleted all stocks and added them again, no change. I deleted all the stocks then deleted the app, restarted the phone, added the app again and added the stock again .. no change. Then I decided to ask several other people to check NEE on their iPhone’s stocks apps. Guess what .. they ALL had the same issue! NEE isn’t updating properly on anyone’s iPhones. This shows that the app has a serious widespread problem. The problem is, because this is a built in Apple app, there’s no way to contact the developer to let them know there’s an issue. Overall, this means I can’t trust the Stocks app to provide timely and accurate stock information.
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4 months ago, 1CamWebb1
Great app but a few improvements I would like to see
I enjoy using this app to see where stocks are and the changes throughout the day. One thing I really have liked is the news aspect of this app and how you can tie it to Apple News. It’s quite simple of an app and doesn’t have an option for very in depth looks at any of the stocks but provides a good overview. The use of being able to create many watchlists is an awesome way to separate out various symbols. There are three things I would like to see the developers include going forward. 1. I wish there was a place to attach notes or thoughts to each symbol allowing for ideas and aspirations at a quick glance. 2. Stock notifications. Both the ability to see when a new article comes out on a stock and being able to set notifications to come through when a stock hits a certain value so I can get a simple notification on my phone rather than waiting for an email to come through from my brokerage. 3. With ties to Apple News I wish I could thumbs up or thumbs down articles to influence what I get recommended and what I see in the news app. Overall I enjoy this app as a overview of what is happening in the market and how well it works on my apple devices.
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4 months ago, Essen-Toro
Humans & Stocks
Since these papers only find in this planet, use to be real pel certificate , now a numbers , there people were shouting with their lungs off in a language in high pitched only they could understand, what’s a scene..! This website which provide me all the numbers at a glance , regardless if they are Exxon Mobil if it’s in Red is no good or vice Versa. In five minutes I had earn a degree in numbers , plus and minus , monitor them for 8 hrs and play 50,000 on three different stocks lost 1 and gain 2, the total earning was 750 dollars , not bad for 8 hrs , tomorrow I will be spending 8 hrs on 2 different live screens, in my hourly log book automatically tally ups the activities, My goal is $1000 daily for the first 30 days than move up to the next levels , using 100,000 over three sites screens , June is my birthday month that will allow me to join the million dollars stocks Club of US. Membership open : Let’s play together, you know the secret “ more people buying - higher it goes “ Adios Amigos If you like my review and intended to publish than you should pay ..$5000
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2 months ago, akaapphappy
Why only 3 stars?
Don’t get me wrong… Apple’s, Stocks app is GREAT! For tracking stocks, and the basic metrics that go with that, this is a 5-Star app. But it is really, really (did I say really?) frustrating that nearly every interesting headline you tap on is bait to sign up for a subscription. I understand that advertising is simply part of doing business. We get bombarded from every direction in cyberspace to buy something or subscribe to something. It’s not unlike watching TV or listening to broadcast or Internet radio. But the Stocks headline page is frustrating because I’ll tap on several headlines in a row where I end up having to back out of that page and back to the main headlines page because I can’t read the article without a subscription to that source. Again, I don’t begrudge the Stocks headline page pitching subs… but geesh… can we not have most of the headlines be subscription bait ads? Again… if you want to track stocks and have all the solid basic metrics at hand, the Apple, Stocks app is great. Just don’t be enticed to start tapping on headline links… you’ll feel frustrated that you can’t read, it seems more than half of the articles, unless you subscribe.
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5 months ago, Tryingtofind
Fast, Convenient, Easy to Use
I have used this app daily since I bought my first iPhone3. I don’t usually write reviews but I love this app. It is a fast look at market any time you want to know what is going on. It’s not over complicated and it gives you all you need to see what is going on. I also like the article links that are associated with each stock. It’s not a trading platform, thankfully, but you can customize it to see all your stocks easily. Lastly, you don’t have to figure out how to reuse the app after an update because they don’t screw it up with too many changes. We are not all techies. They got this app right the first time.
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10 months ago, Pistolerro
Stocks App
I’ve been a follower of this app for years. Very quick and helpful in monitoring stock prices. My complain now is the number of news articles following a particular stock ticker now has ad subscriptions tied to it so you have to sign up for a monthly subscription. I realize this is the way money is made but it seems to be the rule now instead of being able to read an article clicked on. Most are subscription based articles instead of being able to click on article and read about the article from headline your interested in.
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3 weeks ago, EGeorge EE
Everything is what I wanted except the daily price display dims when slide, a bit annoying
Have used the app ever since I got the first iPhone 10+ years ago. The app displays real time price in a compact format and toggle to change from percentage to price change , nice. Recently I noticed an annoying thing on the daily price when sliding to see the next stocks. The display of the price blinds by dimming the lightness and back quickly. I am not talking the price update. You don’t need to blink the price to show that the price has been updated. I found that annoying and try not to look at that part, which is the part that I actually want to look at.
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3 months ago, Tron Jelly
Generally good, not my favorite though
I like this app quite a bit, but Yahoo Finance is better because it shows the premarket and after hours changes without clicking each individual stock. If I have 70 stocks on my watchlist, I can’t be clicking each one to see the after hours numbers. It also doesn’t show premarket as far as I can tell on this app. My biggest complaint is it’s too easy to remove stocks from my list. Please add something that says “Are you sure?” before just completely taking it off the list. I constantly remove stocks I’m watching. For example, it happened when I put my phone in my pocket, and it’s irritating.
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2 years ago, hassanctech
Very buggy please fix
This routinely shows me data from yesterday. It will be 1pm today and in the today view it’ll show me the whole graph of yesterdays though market close. Then 5 mins late it’ll show the right thing then 5 mins later to back. I’ve been using this app regularly for 5-6 years this issue only starred in the past few months. Please fix!! Often times I’ve seen the graph wildly update the whole days data 2-3 times over the course of 3 mins not reflecting the prices at possibly getting old data and showing it as current data.
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6 months ago, Russomon
List jumps -FIXED!
I’m changing my review from 1 star to 5 stars because they finally fixed this issue, after more then a year, and now the app is fantastic again! (Here is my old review): While scrolling through my list of stocks, the place I am at often jumps to a different area. This is new behavior and it’s only been happening in the past few months. It’s very annoying and I feel is a bug. Therefore I am giving this a two star rating instead of a five star rating. If this gets fixed, I will change it to a five star rating.
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2 months ago, O Keeys
Long term source synchronicity adaptation
By mobile contortions and smartphone computations; the application does a training paired to many figured abilities. Each position has is adaptations by spectrum for revenue at a national glance; the hope is obviously a goal for the term source kept in long time array. I feel the bolster of many traits has mead that I must tend to. Thanks for the application, the source synchronicities, and it possibly being an item on the market. Replying to the weather app is cool too, can I turn up the ticker frame rate or does that claim power and light pips; I'm only attempting to get involved.
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9 months ago, peeterrsionc
It’s fine
Lowest common denominator for ticker apps, not customizable enough to cover anyone’s specific use cases. For example: * I wish the thumbnail charts could be configured to cover different time ranges. As-is, it’s useless for mutual funds. * I wish the charts could be logarithmically rescaled — ideally, log-% from some reference date. As-is, linear display between what the max and min values happen to have been over the window makes it hard to compare charts. * I wish multiple charts could be overlaid, and that rescaling options offered were amenable to such overlaying (eg, % or log-%). This feature isn’t useful to everyone, but to high-volume folks it’s great. * I wish asset “mixtures” could be displayed, to estimate the performance of balanced portfolios vs a portfolio concentrated in a single asset. Relatedly, I wish dividend events were displayed — ideally, incorporated into the balancing when displaying in that mode. To be fair to Apple, I haven’t found an app that makes all of the above easy. I still wish they were the one.
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2 years ago, AAARiskMan
An Amazing stock tool. THANK YOU APPLE!
The stock app is an amazing tool for quickly looking at your current stock price, and keeping track of stocks you own, would like to buy, and reading news about those stocks. I love that it shown price charts over various periods of time. Once you touch the stock you specified to track, it allows you to open Yahoo Finance’s financial analysis of that stock. There is not much need to go to other websites to try to find information in your stock it’s all within this little beautiful app. Thank you Apple for providing such a wonderful tool
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1 year ago, Bj765
Displays incorrect data all the time
I tried really hard to give this app three stars but I just couldn’t. It gets two stars for me. It continually displays incorrect date all the time. I like it because it’s a quick way to look at multiple stocks throughout the day, but I actually had to stop using it because the data is incorrect all the time. It has so many glitches. It says the developer is Apple which really surprised me. It seems like they should be able to create a nice app for watching Stocks throughout the day.
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5 months ago, Baba Mim
Always there!
I love the Stock app. At a moment’s notice I can see how my favorite stocks are doing, just by a twist of my hand on my watch or seeing them on my iPhone. I truly appreciate having this and the ability to put them in my own order of importance. I also value being able to view more on any particular stock just by clicking it. It’s well designed too. The only thing I would add is “bought at” so you can compare in full. Thank you again! I love it!
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1 year ago, Long-time Word user (31 years)
Needs more features
You can look up stocks & other equities by name or ticker symbol, and you can create a watchlist of stocks that you want to follow. These will show up when you open the app. Shows current price, gain/loss from open, day’s opening price, day’s high & low, day’s volume, PE, 52-week high & low, and price charts for the day, week, month, year, etc. There’s a tab for the related business news on the bottom. But sadly that’s it. Nothing else. Apple’s Stock App could be SO much more. Apple needs to add more functionality and features. It would be cool if the app could notify you when a stock moves up or down by a certain amount of points, or goes past certain price points. Also, it would be great to have real-time prices instead of delayed quotes.
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2 years ago, Kathetta
Crashes every day
I like the Ap when it works and use it when making trades. I follow it all day when the market is open. It really needs to be in working order all the time to be reliable, and unfortunately it just isn’t. Every day, sometimes at crucial times, the data goes haywire and is complete wrong. I can tell when this is happening because there will appear to be a sudden drastic change in the market for all the stocks at once. Sometimes it will show data for the whole day when it is still morning! I wish someone would attend to these bugs or I will use another more reliable Ap.
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2 years ago, FollowtheMarket
Weirdly limited data view
Holding the phone vertically gives a view of price over the selected time period but the necessary 12 data points (high, current, low daily price - volume etc - yield, beta, EPS) display as 3 deep and 4 rows across. But you can’t see these data points along with the price chart at a glance. It seems to be a no-brained to adjust the display to 6 deep and 2 rows across so one can view data and price vs time chart in one glance. Also the automatic jumping through the list of stocks (maybe on price update) meaning you have to hunt, scroll to your stock of interest, a problem that so many others pointed out, is time waisted.
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2 years ago, Frank Tinghao
Problems in iOS 15.0.2
I wrote the review below a year ago. There are many many similar reviews. This is a bug, not a feature. Your users have massively requested that you fix this. Can you give an explanation as to why you are not able to fix the page jumping as opposed to smoothly scrolling through the list? Lots of other apps are able to scroll smoothly, so it must be possible. Long time user. In the latest release of iOS, when scrolling in the Stocks app, it suddenly jumps forward at least 10 stocks. I find myself backing up constantly. Very annoying and probably very avoidable. See if you can replicate it so you can fix it.
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6 months ago, Cantaloupe devourer
I like stalking the market for Roblox
Roblox. They have been going up and down ever since they let ugc creators make they’re own dynamic heads, heads such as glass head was released (which gives you real fake headless) and the game is starting to crumble like the cookie im eating currently. They’re also getting sued left and right by big brands such as Nintendo because people are making memes of famous video game characters such as sonic that you can wear on your avatar. Roblox needs to do better
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2 years ago, formerlyworked
Functionality Deteriorated to Merely Quotes
The news portion of Apple Stock app has completely DISCONNECTED from the News app - i.e. Stock app doesn't know what periodicals I am subscribed to, and any saved or viewed news articles in the Stock app are not reflected in the Stock app - i.e. there is no way to save (or see history of) business news articles that I read in the Stock app. Also, doesn’t sync with other devices. There are plenty of stock quote apps. There are plenty of news apps. The value proposition of Apple News app and Apple Stock app was to have integrated consumption and viewing across all Apple devices. At one time, I looked forward to buying a new iPad or computer, but why be confronted with such a glaring omission, misfire, and headache on a daily basis?
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9 months ago, Why_risk_it
Great except for one very annoying glitch
Stocks update and are final by 4:15. Most mutual funds update at 6:00. But every now and again they don’t update for quite a bit after 6:00 and then don’t always agree with what the mutual fund manager posts for closing prices for that day. Since the graph for mutuals doesn’t update until much later than 6:00, I sometimes miss the fact that the reported closing price is the same as the day before. Once you’re aware of this, you make accommodations but it is a bit annoying.
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3 months ago, Asiaphile
If Apple’s, intent, for Stocks is to freeze and preserve an app like a mastodon in the Ice Age, while the rest of the App Store innovates around it, this can be no better exhibit. The fact that Stocks does so little relative to a professional standard is embarrassing, but Apple does not seem to notice. Eg, just putting a log scale on the Y axis, and allowing comparisons with other tickers will put it approximately to where Yahoo finance was five years ago. It could be so much better, which is why this review is so frustrating, coming from a committed and dedicated investor.
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9 months ago, Da45323
Get it - Use it!
I’ve had this app for over five years, and it’s my daily go-to for all things going on in the market. I really like the way it’s laid out and developers have done a great job with simple, but well defined analytics presentations. I can monitor various markets around the world and key companies. Side bar of current top stories from leading “fact-based” news sites also great. I’m happy— don’t mess with successful platform! Love it…
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2 years ago, issafaudi
Wish it could be my only stock app
This app has so much potential I wish I was able to put my portfolio on this app and have access to see how it’s doing all the time with portfolio widgets. Also wish it had more news about other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin like binance coin has articles from 3 weeks ago at the top of the list. I do enjoy the apps ui and the beautiful widgets but it could be so much better
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7 months ago, bobbosquared
Nay and yay
Market analyst do not understand AI. If they did they would be spending more time trying to understand the singularity this event, when it happens not if Will change human life as we know it In addition to the unprecedented change, it will be the time it takes to make these changes On another subject analyst, and the government do not comprehend the never ending quest for electric automobiles the current batteries that are being utilized and the national grid that will have to change to Support electric vehicles will require result in more adverse to the environment It’s the blind leading the dumb
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11 months ago, SanDiegoDude
Charging for news that is available for free??
I am increasingly frustrated by teaser headlines in the Stock app that bring you to a subscription page for Apple News claiming that you need to subscribe to read the article. Today I went to my browser and found the exact same MarketWatch article available for free. Why does Apple think it’s okay to force a subscription charge just to forward you from the app to a freely available web page? Another example of corporate greed that is driving inflationary impacts.
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5 months ago, Philip Hall
The Real Deal
CNBC always gives the real scoop weather for an institutional investor or a small guy like me. I especially like the feedback from several CNBC hosts for their take on a specific equity, which is usually about a five minute conversation. I learn a lot about that specific stock. I’ve made plenty of mistakes but I’ve done well with the big hit, too. My mistakes have been minimized because I’ve followed CNBC for over 20 years. Good job! Phil Hall Sequim, WA
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1 month ago, John Q. Driver
iPhone Stock Mkt. app
I love the app in general and especially like pulling up, for instance, a 1-year chart on a stock and the app tells me exactly how much the stock is up or down for the year. Ditto for all other timeframes from 1-day to all (all-time). For my old iPhone (6-S) stock quotes would have a display next to the stock price showing how much the stock was up or down in extended hours. My iPhone 14 doesn’t appear to show extended hours pricing, and, frankly, I’d like to have that added back in.
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6 months ago, Leon B. S
Review of Apple’s stock portfolio App.
1. It’s free! 2. It is fairly simple to add and track your portfolio . 3 You can add or subtract any stock with ease. 4. Additional investment info is available from yahoo which is just a click away and within the App. 5 The only negative is that you -so far - can not add your share amounts into each stock listed so you have to do your own calculations. 6 So in total if you want a quick way to check your investment portfolio without calculating its total value then this program will do perfectly. 7 An added benefit is that you can get it on your iPad ;iMac; & iPhone, if you subscribe to iCloud and if you happen to have an iWatch you can even program the watch to keep track of all, or just one of your stocks.
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10 months ago, ccosta56
Neat little app
amazing how much information you get without spending any money. You can put the name of any company any get the symbol if you trade stocks, it will give you close of the day summary on each of the stocks you have in your portfolio. Setting up a portfolio is quick and easy. I have all my stocks listed alphabetically. You can easily find the 52 week high 52 week low the current price of a stock etc
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9 months ago, I wrote a great review
I think this is good for adults not kids
I can not keep track of things it’s just to hard for kids It’s a good way to see what’s going on but seriously come on get real its not fun for grown ups sure all I ask is that you have a video so that kids and not that smart adults can learn about this stuff ok .ok !👌✌️cool Also maybe 🤔 you should ask for the persons age so they have the right level of stocks because somebody should care when it’s to hard . now I could go on and on and on but I am only 9 and I’m tired 😴 I know your just doing your best so thank you for reading this have a good day
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5 months ago, the paronoid karen
I’m a 13 year old boy who found out that my hobby is analyzing stocks, understanding economics, and investing. This app is perfect and amazingly convenient for all of that. It constantly keeps you updated and gives reliable information. My favorite feature of the app gives you the news links adjacent to each stock so you don’t have to go browsing the web. Great app! Thank you to the producers
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4 months ago, Sock-head
Stock quotes review
1) I wish I could re-arrange my quotes easier than deleting and re entering everything to put recent purchases on top. 2) I would also like the option to choose the information of each stock, like I would like to know the companies next quarterly report date and the companies next ex-dividend date and dividend pay date. 3) it would also be convenient to be able to type in a company name or stock symbol and press enter to get a quote vs. having to enter onto my watch list.
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3 years ago, Kleinias
Good basic app with news
I just started using the iOS and Mac OS stocks app and I'm surprised by how polished it is. Everything syncs across devices (as you would expect) and clicking on a stock or fund gives you up to date news about that specific stock/fund . Today's a good example where everything pretty much dropped (S&P 500, NASDAQ, VIGAX) but the Dow was up 71 points... in the stocks app, clicking on the Dow brings up a bunch of news telling me exactly why
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8 months ago, Nap nabber
Rags to riches
Calling all simpletons, if you’re like me and are looking for a great app that’s easy to use and full of pertinent information, look no more my fellow peasants, you’re standing in pay-dirt that’s easy to dig and even easier to understand. More information that’s more affordable than a greasy burger in Texas. Even though we’re brotherly idiots we now can look like high school graduates. Yes sir, step right up and come on in.
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8 months ago, Mike_iTunes66
Apple News+ advertising platform
This is a helpful app though the news feature now just gets in the way if you don't subscribe to Apple News+ because otherwise it acts like a pop-up ad to sell more subscriptions whenever you open a news link. The older version of this app allowed automatic landscape view of charts just by rotating the phone which is also missing in the current version.
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3 years ago, _Godfather
This app needs major updates.
I feel like the stocks app is lacking so many easy modern features that it hasn’t really changed at all in years. Why is there only one watchlist to be able to track tickers? The app updates at random. Getting after hours data is buggy often and sometimes only shows for a few tickers. There’s no way to manual refresh as an option. Customizing the news sources would be a great. The list goes on…I just hope Apple will take steps to make this app better and not feel as stale as it have been for years.
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10 months ago, IdidUX
Articles Often Old and Hard to Read
Quite a few (too many) articles are hard to read. Many are not well written, lacking clear and straightforward prose. And many are too wordy. It seems like the authors may be good analyst and not very good writers. Another vexing issue is that articles are kept around too long. For example, at the close of the market on a given day an article may be featured that is from yesterday‘s close - often contradicting what happened in that day as market action.
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4 months ago, LizalBoomerang
One Critque
The app is great, however, could be improved slightly. When opening from the large widget, suggest that it open to the stock listing rather than an individual stock. Currently, it opens to an individual stock and you cannot swipe right or left to see other stocks. The app forces you to close the individual stock, reopen the same or some other stock, and then allows you to swipe right and left to see other stocks.
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1 year ago, DoubleAndSellHalf
Would be better if….
Would be better if stock symbols could be placed automatically into alphabetical order when they are added to the list instead of having to drag them individually from the bottom up. Would be better if you could have 2 or 3 separate lists instead of just 1. Still, the app works quickly to update prices, is very readable, and has links to stories that usually open rapidly. Transitions to and from charts and news are very rapid and easily accessed.
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4 weeks ago, jb-adv
Some fixes and improvements needed
An Essential fix required: Data should not be frozen at its last valid update (which is common in many cases for minutes at a time), unless distinguished somehow as “Out of Date” equity stats compared to the app’s “usual and reasonable near-real-time” fetches. A significant improvement would be an option to group stocks and allow a collapsed watchlist view, enabling the expansion of a specific group at top level so that (say, for 150+ equities added in app) you can go directly to a specific subset of interest. Examples might be “chip stocks”, “healthcare and medical”, “pharma”, or “managed assets”. As is, the scroll to any particular entries can be laborious if you have a large watchlist. Of course, at times you might want to scroll the entire list.
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2 years ago, Roger Loves
Biased Reporting…
When I check the "news" in this app I’m always disappointed. I can’t say how biased they are with all stocks, but it seems they (Apple) have a vendetta against Tesla. Every "news" article they post is the most negatively BIASED one of the day. I gave it a three because, as a widget, it’s useful. But, the prices seem slightly delayed and you cannot zoom or resize the stock chart. This is a real problem when using it on a phone or on the iPad mini.
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7 months ago, alex wo
Feature request for toggle change and logarithmic plot scale
*Feature request: percent change / dollar change toggle on chart page* I like that you can toggle between percent change / dollar change / and null on the “my symbols” page. I wish you could still do this when your viewing the chart of an individual stock. When you click an individual stock all you can see is whatever toggle it was on previously. Im often looking at a single stocks chart and want to toggle back and forth from percent change and dollar change, but I have to keep going back to the previous page of “my symbols” to do so. *Feature request: Logarithmic scale* Also I wish the chart mode would include a logarithmic plotting scale. I find that very useful.
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8 months ago, Mr_Magarian
Earnings report - Add to calendar fail
When opening a stock that has an upcoming earnings report, there is a notification that allows a user to add to their calendar. When clicking that button, there is a visual indication that it was tapped, but nothing happens. When viewing the calendar, there is nothing posted. I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 17.0.3. I’ve hard closed the app and relaunched, no success. I’ve also hard reset my phone as well as traditional power down, no success.
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1 year ago, THE.Teeener
Created a 2nd Watchlist but both lists show same
I’ve had 1 Watchlist ever since I’ve used this app and it works okay. But now I’ve created a 2nd Watchlist and those items wrote onto the 1st Watchlist too!😡 If I delete the duplicated symbol from the 1st list, the symbol gets deleted off the 2nd list too. So there is no way to have two different lists containing different stock symbols. Dopey. two different watchlists should have two completely different sets of symbols as I add them in, not replicate to the other list.
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2 months ago, Winterbear.ret
Mostly good
I like the app except how it forces you to have the news tab open when you start the app. Some of the stocks I’m watching are at the bottom and the news covers them making it impossible to see without closing the news. So annoying when you just want to glance. So annoying how I can’t control how my app displays. Otherwise this would be a five star app for me, it’s simple and does exactly what I want… except for the insipid news tab.
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7 months ago, Pandhandler
Stock and mutual fund update
I like the % change in prices except for two things: 1. YTD price changes should start with the last price on the last trading day of the previous year, not the last price on the first trading day of the current year. This should be an easy fix. 2. The % changes do not include dividends and, in the case of mutual funds, does not include paid capital gains. This makes the longer term data pretty much useless. But thanks for the additional info.
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