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User Reviews for Stocktwits

4.8 out of 5
154K Ratings
4 years ago, Hhhhhplyn
I’m an Average Consumer/Trader & Love it
I’m just an average traitor playing with my own funds in retirement investments. Well I think many of the users on this board are they traders and many or short selling, there’s a lot of folks like me that are also long-term investors and people who do not do this for a living. I love being able to check in on my watch list of stocks and I can’t really valuable insights from the members on the board. There’s a healthy amount of playful banter and prodding, but that’s what keeps the boards life late. I appreciate people sharing what they’ve learned in the market and what they’ve discerned from various earnings reports and sources, as well as random personal guesses and speculation. At Times it’s funny and silly, at times it’s genuinely educational and insightful, and at times it’s a good resource to ask for thoughts and insights from others in the same boat. Again, as the average consumer, not an expert, I’m glad I found this app and sight.
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2 years ago, wolftig
Data hog
Update in Aug 2022: the overheating issue has become a major problem again since the last month or so, I'd say. And I'm now on iPhone 13 Pro Max! I originally wrote about the same issue on my 11 Pro Max below... I've noticed since 3 months or so ago, whatever updates they did caused the app to use an insane amount of cellular data. Not sure if it's the streaming ads or some other aspects of the app, but it's literally consuming hundreds of MB's everytime I switch to use the app. So after using it several times, 1 GB of cell data would be consumed. This makes it unusable except when on wifi. I've emailed to report this but haven't gotten a reply, nor have I seen improvement from the app. Another weird thing is the app has recently been literally heating up my iPhone (11 Pro Max) when I use it. My phone heats up noticeably after using the app for a bit. And as soon as I close the app, my phone cools back down so I'm sure it's due to the stocktwits app. What in the heck is it doing that it's stressing the phone processor that much? UPDATE: Couple months and few app version updates later, and the above issues still have NOT been addressed, even though their developers have been "looking into it". I've since read more reviews with the same problems. It uses ridiculous amount of cell data, making it unusable. And even if you were on wifi, you can't use it for long because it overheats the phone like a grill and drains battery.
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6 years ago, Chunnymunny
Extremely Helpful Tool When You Own A Position
Great resource for some out of the box ideas for positions that Wall Street momentarily isn’t focus on at the moment. Which gives everyday traders an edge on news that could move a stock that isn’t on mainstream’s list which is where the money is made... before it hits Wall Street and also helps you get in the mindset of everyday traders. It also gives you up to speed news quicker then any news long as you cherry pick your advice carefully, there is a lot of quality information that could help you earn a little more in positions you own or are curious about. Points are usually proven with charts... and charts don’t lie! Plus.... some of these people are hilarious when it comes to sarcastic remarks about stocks... overall good fun all around.
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2 years ago, A. Savage 34
Use to be Good
I was told that I couldn’t have an individual account and an account for my business that has everything to do with stock trading. I made a post on my business account ASavageMethod and BOOM…just like that I was blocked out of that account permanently. I did not advertise, I include my site link, yes absolutely it’s my content, but what I posted was stock information on predictions of Lows and Highs for the day on 10+ stocks. I gave it away for free so others could at least use it or look and compare to what actually happens. Nothing about that was an Ad…I was contributing to the community, helping others with my Data that I put together and had a link in the post of where they could go to find the information if they wanted to. I didn’t spit any sales pitch at all. Anyways, that site is and always has been full of blatant Ad bots and spamming but apparently they don’t care much about that. I demanded they remove my business account name and profile from their website and keep only the records they need offsite…I have yet to see them comply with that.
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2 years ago, JNC1986
Incorrect chart data, tech & customer service unresponsive
I am part of a new crypto that launched in early November. As I understand it Stocktwits pulls its chart data from other sources (like Coinmarketcap) in order to display the asset’s chart in their app. From the beginning, Stocktwits pegged the wrong crypto’s chart (BRG vs BRG.X) so the incorrect/misleading chart has been displayed on the board for going on 2 months now. The symbols are very similar so it’s an honest mistake, however the delay (or refusal, or ineptitude?) to make the fix is unacceptable. Countless people on the board have asked every which way for Stocktwits to make the fix and we have received everything from complete silence to a canned “We’re aware” response. I am not a coder but I can’t imagine this is a difficult fix. It is very disappointing to see Stocktwits can’t or won’t rectify an error for such a long period of time and their “customer service” might as well be an auto-reply. The platform is for investors and speculators to research assets, and this error is legitimately misleading people since the chart is the very first thing they see!
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3 years ago, ATXJK
Engaging platform that needs a few annoyances fixed.
1. Give the option to real-time sort to the customer. Nothing is more frustrating to scroll at human speed to have the machine speed update re-sort the watched list with the latest delayed update. While you’re at it, if real-time sort is enabled, how about indicating which stock symbol just changed positions with a much slower “heat” color change, the same way you indicate price changes. 2. Enlarge that “Shoe More” string and tap zone and move it away from other tap zones. So many interesting posts have “show more”, but I end up going into the comments thread instead (which presents a whole other issue of simply expanding a “show more” post) or tapping on another nearby UI element. 3. If you can’t handle loading of GIF attachments till it fully loads, either slow it down or don’t play it till it’s finished loading or leave the option to the customer to play the gif.
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4 weeks ago, sean paul flores
Ridiculous unfair business practices
It’s absolutely unbelievable that You would delete my account for simply talking about the stocks I own on an app that is literally made for talking about stocks. I’ve tried numerous times to make accounts and follow the rules but you guys simply keep targeting my accounts and banning me for absolutely NO REASON at all. I am a six figure investor that has been using this platform since 2021 and have never experienced this type of ridiculous business practice! I’ve messaged numerous times asking why my accounts would continue to get banned even after I followed the rules and still nobody has replied or helped me?! I’ve grown a social media following of over 150k cult followers and have brought hundreds of users to the Stocktwits platform and this is how you’re choosing to rule and treat me?! I’m completely speechless at this and if my account is not reinstated I will make sure to post this all over my accounts and make sure people are aware of the unfair business practices!
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4 years ago, POed trader
Don’t pay for this
I really wanted to like this app. I liked the look and functionality so I subscribed. They sure made a good pitch but it turns out it’s just a performance chasing site. I got into it with them once during a down turn in the market. Their outlook for the next day was bearish, going strictly by recent market performance. I pointed out to them there was good news for the next trading day yet they stood by their “analysis”. Turns out the next day was the 3rd largest Dow point gain in history and anyone who followed their “advice” completely missed out on a strong rally. Plus, although I could use the phone app, it wouldn’t let me use their system on the desk top site. It’s a shame because I thought it actually had promise.
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2 years ago, Bnat123456
Terrible application.
For starters, this app does not let you post your own due diligence. If they don’t agree with your opinion, they will simply delete your posts and your account. Seems like an infringement on free speech, but at this point who really cares. There are so many better apps I can spread a message on and post valuable information and research I take pride in. Secondly, the amount of bots that seem to be trained to just report accounts and get people banned for no reason. I have had friends accounts get banned for nothing, simply because bots are mass reporting them. Thirdly, the SHIB community is extremely toxic and annoying. In my honest opinion, allowing this community into the app was your biggest mistake as the flooded every board, even ETF’s, spamming, swearing, name calling, and again even reporting people for no reason. Again, getting them banned. What a terrible application. There are so many better places you can get information and die diligence from. Stay away from this!
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3 years ago, Jimbadrow
The best social platform for traders
I’ve been using Stocktwits for years. At first I was unsure about their services, maybe even a little critical, but they have proven to be an amazing social platform for traders and investors of securities or crypto-currency. Of course you will have individuals who are out there pumping their stocks or bashing others, but the community is well moderated thanks to Tommy Tranfo who does an incredible job at keeping things reasonable without creating an uncomfortable environment with too many rules and restrictions. You will find everyone from first trade beginners to seasoned gurus to CEOs, etc... Stocktwits just keeps getting better, I’m happy to be an active contributor to their community and look forward to a long and prosperous future. Thank you for all that you do!
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4 years ago, Hugh Gnu
Thanks Stock Twits
Late February. My stocks were tanking and I wanted to find a community to help me find alternative investments. I found Stocktwits and followed the conversation and quickly divested most all of my holdings in favor of COVID related stocks, home delivery- technology- vaccine development- medical supplies. 90 days later my holdings are UP 91.9% I am beating the S&P 500 which is down 12.1%. Even today I’m up 9.9% compared to S&P 1.1%. I am stoked. Admittedly I am an amateur with less than $1500 invested but it’s nearly doubled as of today about 80 days since I found Stocktwits. I like to follow the news politics and started applying it to stocks. With the help of the Stocktwits community I have found guidance tips trends and pertinent information that has helped me learn and earn. Oh Happy Day!!!! Thank you Stocktwits!
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6 years ago, Kshsbebakalandx
#HODL Shuts the App, Otherwise Great ****UPDATE****
I have really been enjoying this app for the community, whether bullish or bearish. Everyone has their place, I guess. However, starting a couple days ago, when I type in #HOD to spell HODL with the hashtag, the app closes right away and I have to reopen. What is going on?!!!!!! I love that hashtag to show support of my coins and I can’t even do it anymore. ****UPDATE February 24, 2018**** Apparently the issue with #HODL not working was a glitch in Apple’s OS. Their latest updates specifically stated it fixed a bug where certain combinations of characters unexpectedly shuts down certain apps. I updated, tested it out, and it works. My apologies StockTwits for thinking it was on your end. BACK UP TO FIVE STARS!!!!!!! I really do enjoy this app!!!!
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4 days ago, Golfer6575
Account Bans when you have a different opinion on a stock they are being paid to promote.
My account was banned for speaking about GME, a stock I own. The reply I made was that I agreed with another user that it was wise to turn off stock lending of GME since it states in the fine print of Robinhood that you can lose your shares if the borrower defaults. That info can be verified in Robinhood disclosure statement! Several other users have reported being banned for having different opinion than Stocktwits and its staff and moderators. The design of StockTwits inherently favors bullish sentiment. When a stock is being heavily promoted through their paid sponsorship , the platform’s algorithms appear to amplify positive messages, creating an echo chamber that marginalizes skeptical voices. This can lead to inflated stock prices driven more by hype than by actual financial performance. Lodging a formal complaint at the SEC or wherever I need to so that this company can be investigated for market manipulation.
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7 years ago, XXSPOWER
I really like stock twits. Not only do you get to talk to other people who share the same thoughts that you do you also get to bash other idiots that do not share the same believes that you do and you can do it with fun and joy. You can tell them how stupid they are. Most of these people on StockTwits after a stock runs up 100% say they have had it for the whole hundred percent or want to stock falls after disappointing earnings or a blowup they say they shorted it. 99% are liars if you're going to use StockTwits the best thing to do is be trans parent and say what you're doing and then back it up and be a man of your word
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6 years ago, AHaney83
Not getting the password reset email.
Hi, wanted to say first off I love this app. My brother works at a hedge fund, and he told me about the app. If it wasn’t for one thing that I came across yesterday, this review would be 5 stars. I had to uninstall the app to free up room temporarily on my phone. So I reinstalled the app and tried logging in. But I’ve forgotten the password I used to set up my account as I had it set up to log me in using my fingerprint. So I followed the instructions that were given, and it said it would take 5 to 10 minutes to receive an email to rest it. Great, except it’s now been over a day and I haven’t gotten an email. I’ve checked every folder just to make sure. I did it this morning also to see if it might work, and still nothing. Looked on the website to see if there was a way of getting a hold of someone with StockTwits to see what’s preventing me from getting the email, but it seems you have to get ahold of them throw social media which is a little odd in my opinion. Not sure why you can’t contact them via their website. If someone from StockTwits reads this, can you please have someone reach out to me? I’d really like to get back to using your app.
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6 years ago, mikey10159
Unethical bias and lack of proper moderating.
Recently I found out that moderators and employees at stock twits take positions both bullish and Bearish on companies without properly disclosing this. These people have the power to, and actively remove both messages and people from threads. I’ve seen people banned for not following the “house rules” after sharing that a moderator was bearish a company and posting about it. Meanwhile leaving unruly bearish accounts alone. The house rules are written in a way that any message or person can be removed. Yet they do so only when it fits their agenda. They are not acting in a fair and ethical way. Additionally I’ve watched as the “newsfeed broke” on one thread showing only bearish articles. They claimed it was a bug and were trying for fix it for more than 3 weeks and it persists. This app is run by unethical policies, be warned the sentiment may be skewed and the conversation edited.
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9 months ago, TonyG1023
Nice app needs wayyy more features it’s 2023!
Love how much feedback you can see on every stock from your watchlist. There is dire need of an UI update and we also need to be able to make multiple watchlists. To charge 7.99 just to get rid of adds and have no real drawing features for years is crazy. The my sort option does nothing but let you order your stocks in certain ways we need to have multiple watch lists to make it easier and faster to go to where we want instead of scrolling forever to find a stock. Actual pro features please in a descent amount of time thank you. Other than that the app is great and helpful.
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1 year ago, tunamanboywonder
Trading Portfolio- Rules and Settlements
Unable to withdraw funds once account has been funded. Huge drawback not being able to retrieve your profits from the app. It’s hard to locate where it states how long till cash will settle for withdrawal once a sale of equities has settled. I’ve waited up to 3 days and have never seen cash available to withdraw. I’ve seen funds added to my “ BUYING POWER “ but that doesn’t do anything for me. Usually it takes 2 days for cash or a security from a sale to “ settle “. I want a statement to pop showing exact times explaining to NEW traders how long until they will be able to retrieve or liquidate their holdings and funds with your trading platform. The app itself and the website remain very obscure and there are too many gray areas to sift through. Make it more transparent what your doing with our cash.
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4 years ago, xacxc
Waste of time and unsafe- cannot delete my account or posts!
I would post news stories and get random people cursing at me. I emailed admins to remove my account since I was sick of them not enforcing the no harassment rule. All I would do is simply post a story, no bullish or bearish tag, and people would be mad and curse at me because the story doesn’t suite their feelings. This was becoming a waste of time. Then I tried to delete my post and account but it wouldn’t let me, I emailed an admin a couple of times to have this resolved but after no reply I lost patience and just removed the app from all of my devices. Because I wasted so much time already I figured I’d leave a review for all of you so you don’t waste as much time as I did, I suggest you find something more professional to use , this is mostly a waste of time and feels like a childish app for mostly immature people.
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4 years ago, anbonney
Let’s talk about just the design.
It’s pretty clear this app is modeled of Twitter. And if your basing your user experience on another app, there’s a few things we can learn. First of all, the home page should be the feed or the “stream” as you call it. All the users and maybe top comments with my watchlist tickers should show up there. If you want to get fancy, add a scrolling marquee to the top with my watchlist. clicking on the marquee would expand it and show me a full list of my watched stocks. There should be a tab for the watchlist otherwise. My profile should only be one click away. On the bottom ribbon ideally. Just put my profile picture there so I can get there in a hurry. If I click or search a ticker symbol, the fundamentals should be right above the chart. I should have to leave the page to view them. The chart timeline should also be able to be changed from that stock profile page. I should have to leave the page for it. Move the inbox to the top corner. I don’t need a whole tab on the bottom ribbon for it. Rooms are pretty sloppy. I can’t search for any other rooms and I can only see your featured rooms. Also, who hides dark mode behind a paywall?
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3 years ago, MJAL33
Zero professionalism/facts, all inexperienced opinions
This is the worst forum to go to for a healthy discussion and collaboration. Most everyone on here has no idea what they are doing and just absolutely bashes you if you have a differing opinion. It is impossible to openly share and discuss facts without having a handful of 18-22 year olds telling you to F off because they dont agree with you. This has turned into another stupid social media platform, there are zero reasons for anyone actually looking to learn about the markets and stocks to get on here. Shame on the developers and owners of the app for allowing it to turn into this. To prove my point: go into the SRNE forum and state you think the stock will decline. Watch what happens to your inbox. Deleted this and never considering downloading again. Go to places like marketwatch and finimize to actually learn about companies.
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2 years ago, BWatts45
Definitely a huge recommendation!
I don’t really write reviews unless an app is amazing, but WOW does this app hit the spot. Definitely the best free stock app I’ve ever seen. You can see the charts, and there’s SO much info to use! It’s also very user friendly, and it balances chatting and stock talking with the public and doing your very own research! And this isn’t even with the New and Improved Plaid Portfolio! Just SO much to use, and it’s all easy to do with its user-friendly app setup! Wether you’re chatting with the public or researching stocks, wether you’re a veteran or a newbie, this is a 11/10 app!
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3 years ago, d24davis
Failed to fix frozen ticker after more than a month
They have failed to fix the BitFarms ($BFARF) ticker that has been frozen for almost a month. Many of the 12k followers have emailed and have received the same generic automated email saying they are looking into it. They clearly are not. This is causing us to lose many of our followers on a daily basis and is surely affecting the price of the stock and keeping away potential investors (it doesn’t help that it is frozen on a minus 12% day) Seems like such an easy fix that they just refuse to look into.
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5 years ago, dabesdiabetic
Much better update.
While the app is definitely moving forward form a ui standpoint they’re missing one key thing overall: Accountability. They need to have registration include a phone number, so it’s not filled with bots and new accounts (because trust me, 40% of users are bots) and a way to track what the 60% of real users are spewing. I wouldn’t trust a users word more than a rock (as no investor should). Put in a system where people can go bullish/bearish short/mid/long and a profile for users so you can ultimately see for yourself that most people have no idea what they’re talking about. Another idea is to expand brokerage linking and let your portfolio do the talking.
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4 years ago, Kkbgfhygthtg
Slow, various bugs and glitches
Overall I like the app but it desperately needs an update. It freezes up and you have to cancel the app and then go back in to it. The other thing is when someone makes a post and you try to click to read the comments the screen will go blank, sometimes it will load sometimes it won’t. Also when you comment on a post yours isn’t immediately visible. It pretty much seems outdated, slow, various bugs and glitches. It could be a much smoother operating app.
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6 years ago, SlugmanV2
Terrific social app for tracking ‘listed’ stocks.
This is my go-to app for checking the buzz on my stocks. It is not good for technicals as it is delayed about 15 minutes in reporting share price and the graphs are very basic. Also it does not track stocks that are not on Nasdaq or NYSE, so if your ticker is delisted, it will get dropped by StockTwits. So I like it a lot, but it could be so much more. Addendum: another issue is that if my iPad is inverted (home button at the top) so I can charge it on its stand, the app won’t reorient to match. Landscape is supported, but not inverted. I can use landscape mode, but this seems fixable.
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3 years ago, nomadic wonder
Bears are always banned for no good reason
I’m a paying member and bearish on every meme stock. If I go to the meme stock boards and post my bearish takes, the bulls (who significantly outnumber the bears) are so insecure that they report me in herds. This is their attempt to censor all bearish takes so they can run pump and dump scams unabated. Unfortunately, they have been successful getting my account suspended multiple times. StockTwits does not take into account the agendas of people who report accounts. This is a major flaw, because bears who do not follow along with the herd mentality (but post legitimate content) are always banned, but spammer bulls who are part of the herd do not get banned. Bulls have been vulgar in replies to me, calling me every dirty name in the book, yet I’m the one who gets banned for “cheerleading” stocks.
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5 years ago, DickKScott
No more landscape mode
Been using this app for a while, and never crossed my mind that it wouldn’t support landscape mode on an iPad. But, the latest update, while making the charts responsive to portrait/landscape switching, kills landscape mode for the streams & watch list. I use my iPad in landscape with the Smart Keyboard mostly, so switching to the app is a pain. Would give the app 5 stars if it still had landscape mode. UPDATE: Dev got back, they updated/fixed the landscape/portrait mode issue. Of course, I didn’t look here first & went ahead & deleted/reinstalled the app. Glad to see the dev is so responsive. Thank you. Also, upped my rating to 4 stars.
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5 years ago, ISP Troop
Fabulous App
The app works fantastic! The developers are also a part of the StockTwits community and they are unbelievably responsive. I’ve been making a lot of lifelong friends by using the app. Great for insight and bouncing ideas off of other experienced like-minded traders. This app is one of my most used apps on iPhone. Like any social media network, there “undesirable characters” on here... but I recommend blocking or muting to filter out the white noise. The ST police actually does enforce against harassment & manipulation attempts. My one small critique is the chatroom functionality still needs some TLC. Messages and posts get lost a little too easily. Notifications about post-likes would be helpful maybe. I shared a few with big guns H. Lindzon & company.... they said they would be addressing the issues. If you’re looking for a chatroom to join, don’t hesitate to join Algo Smackdown room:) and give a shout out!
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5 years ago, BelandGavinDad
Still skeptical
I liked the format of the app but there is a bug somewhere in the newest version. It wouldn’t work at all for me this morning. So I deleted the app and re-installed it. Now my Watch List is empty and I can’t add anything symbols to start a new list. Plus, while some of the info is useful it’s buyer beware with everyone on the boards because they all have some sort of agenda to fill. Whether it’s pumping up a stock or trashing it to scare others into selling, it’s seems shady but it is better than the conversations on Yahoo Finance. Just have to take what is said and posted with a grain of salt and still maintain your own due diligence. Don’t rely on the people to make you any money.
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4 years ago, here is your nickname enjoy
Don't fix, whats NOT broken
I really wish you developers would stop changing up designs and adding what you think is useful new things/tools all the while removing other what you thing is bad tools. We the people are not stupid, the only reason for this change was to add more way to get the user to give you money. Everything you could have done wrong on the new update, you did. For example, only allowing someone to post a max of 3 messages before they are required to upgrade is only going to cause user like myself to delete your app. How about getting user feed back and ideas before making changes like you did. I would love to give you more do's and don'ts but you have reach your free limit on my help.. Upgrade to get more feedback from me..
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4 years ago, BennySTL
Good App. Liked old format better.
I trade as a hobby and I really like being able to see the chatter on a specific stock any time. They recently did a minor redesign, and while I liked the old one better, it’s still fine EXCEPT one big thing: They put the action button for creating a message in the bottom right corner right where your thumb normally is as a right handed person when you’re trying to scroll. Almost every time I try to scroll down a feed I accidentally hit the button and the dialog box pops up. Devs - Please get rid of that stupid button or relocate it at least!
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8 months ago, Accra1
Great Finance App but my notifications has never worked
One of the best finance app for information on the stock market. The recent update is even better. The only problem is that when the notification is cleared on the Notification Center on the lock screen of the IPhone, you cannot locate the notification with the stock information when you open the app. Unless it is there but I’m unable to locate it. Please fix that issue
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4 years ago, DetroitTigers1
I spend most of my screentime on this app
I love Stocktwits. It’s helped me discover all sorts of opportunities in stocks and hear other traders opinions that you can’t find elsewhere. I love the UI and how unfiltered the message boards are. Please keep it this way developers! Anyway, my only recommendations would be making the app less laggy. It heats up in my hand and it doesn’t load/refresh message boards very well. Aside from that I absolutely would recommend this as it’s helped me become the trader I am today.
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3 years ago, highvisor
Terrible customer support
They will ban your account for literally no reason and block your ip address. I rarely joined in on conversations bc I'm more of a wall flower but when I did, it was a few words about a stock I like and that's it. I've looked up that this same thing has happened to other users. They'll then say you broke the house rules (and won't tell which ones) after emailing support to find out why when you haven't done anything. I guess just use a VPN if you really want to sign back up but it's crazy that they even do this to some accounts. You're better off somewhere else bc alot of the commenters just attack others and the stocks without adding anything useful. Good luck.
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10 months ago, Ccarver12782
This app just gets worse and worse
The best thing about this app was the earnings calandra, that allowed you to see each company scheduled to report. The best part of this feature was that it placed companies in your portfolio at the top of the list. This allowed the user to quickly check who’s earnings were upcoming. They eliminated the feature that placed portfolio companies at the top and now they seem to be listed at random. This makes the feature worthless. For those who used this feature and want an alternative, seeking alpha has an option. Done with this app, the only use case now is the humor in reading comments from kids trying to get rich quick.
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4 years ago, NycEms
Horrible app
The reason I made an account with stocktwits was to learn from others and also chat with other investors traders. But since the first hour I made the account it was suspended. Haven’t wrote much of anything but some how it was suspended. Then I’ve tried to chat with other investors/traders but most of them just complain and argue. So after sometime i wanted to delete my account because I feel stocktwits isn’t for me. I tried emailing management but after about 5 emails and almost a month later, still no reply. They might just keep my account so it can look like they have active users but after this post I have deleted the app and won’t use this site again.
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6 years ago, jeeves78
Difference between 4 stars and 5
Multitasking. I love just about everything about this app, but not being able to have Notes or Safari running side-by-side definitely gets in the way when trying to do research on new ideas. Considering this app is already built for the iPhone, it is already adapted for compact screen-size, so hopefully multitasking support wouldn’t be too ridiculous to add. Anyhow, I use this app on both devices, but mostly iPad at home and multitasking would definitely boost my daily usage. Thanks for providing a great app and service!
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7 years ago, Lin deseal
Notification not working on iPhone 8+
ST has been working great until I changed my phone to iPhone 8+ last week. There is no settings available in iPhone notification setting and therefore I can not receive any push notifications, even I turn them on in ST app. It is running fine in my all other apple devices, but it is quite annoying when it does not work in my new phone which I use most. Please get this fixed ASAP :) I will add the last star!
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3 years ago, garebear03
Great except for most of the BEARS inaccurate information
Great app. Easy to use and find tickers. A lot of the BEARS post mostly inaccurate information and can be extremely misleading when coming for facts. Stocktwits does need to load the charts better when they say “unavailable”. There are quite a few knowledgeable people on here for OTC market and some have done very well and do their due diligence with companies and finding, and providing facts. 👌👍
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6 years ago, Unbiased_Observer
Love it
I started using StockTwits and the knowledge I have gained is amazing. 90% posts are permabulls or permabears. However, 10% are golden nuggets. In general you can get help on many questions on a specific stock that is hard to find on your own. Not guaranteed to make you rich, but the more knowledge you have the better. I do have two questions. On the iPhone app, I can’t access the list of people I am following. Is that possible? Also, can I make a Listserve for group chats?
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3 years ago, Kagaik
Great app, but has some bugs in notifications
**UPDATE: Issue below is resolved - the notification settings in iOS eventually appeared after I fiddled around with creating a new message with a ticker symbol, and also saving a couple new tickers in my watch list (after doing some googling about what folks with similar issues have done to resolve the issue). It’s quite an unintuitive way to get notification settings to be activated, but oh well! Upgrading the rating to 4 stars since it now works as it did on my old phone, but I’m docking a point because that’s a bug IMO. **Previous comment below*** I’d been using this app just fine on iPhone 7 but after I upgraded my phone to iPhone 12, the Stocktwits app stopped sending me any push notifications. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now it has NO CAPABILITY of sending push notifications at all, in the iOS settings!
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4 years ago, dirtytasterspooner
So Much Potential, So Poorly Executed
The idea of a platform for traders and investors to share ideas is awesome. Any functionality beyond the idea phase was left out dry. The mobile app and the website don’t even have the same functionality. You can block and report someone with one button on the mobile app, but have to do it separately online. It also takes wayyy too many clicks to navigate the site, both mobile and online. Adding pictures is worthless. You can’t even add multiple in one post! If you copy and paste a gif you get a link instead of the file itself. Don’t even try to post a video. The platform is rampant with toxicity and spam. Every day you will see new accounts saying “join this trading room great profit” with some crap link. Outside of the constant spamming, you will often be met with ignorant hostility for anything you post. All in all, this platform was developed and left alone with no major innovation. It doesn’t even seem like any bugs have been fixed.
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4 years ago, angrygaragedoorowner
Good for dd if you know where to look
Scam artists and people spamming they know it all, follow them for all the secrets BS. Not something new, but annoying. Good people on here though, learned a lot and passed on great info. Made a lot of money by trading ideas and seeing diff reasons for pops for diff sectors and companies. I just wish it had a silence button for push notifications - I turn them off and then forget - just want them off for 2-6 hrs at a time to give me a break on sat and sun and off hours when I don’t need to know anything quickly.
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6 years ago, ModernLifeIsWar
So many bugs
Quotes are so often broken/delayed/frozen . Frozen/Delayed meaning for 25 minutes they won’t update. Broken is the fun one showing you a price that can be 5-10 points off actual- and no one can ever figure out how that number is even calculated. You can be up 2% on a ticket on your platform and stock twits will report (%1). Earnings Calendar is wrong almost every week. Shows four of the same companies for five months straight reporting quarterly every week. Just a stupid bug that should be so simple to fix yet doesn’t. Sea of bots, advertisements, & banners. Not exaggerating. “Rooms” got announced in early FY18 and they had the audacity to release all the UI functionality without the actual service working for 8 for almost a year, you hit a button called rooms, and nothing happens. This week my account logs in fine but trending, and my watch list, are all gone. Pulls an error every time. This app has such fantastic potential but so poorly executed. I would go as far to guess their budgeting is awful. Either way I’m out.
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4 years ago, investormode
Awful app
Sometimes you’ll get into a fuss with some of these investors who have nothing good to say and next thing you know they ban you without an explanation! This is the second time this has happened and this will be the last time I ever get on the application. An awful app with an absolutely abysmal management team. If this is how you treat your users, then I wouldn’t be surprised if this app dies in under a year. Highly unrecommended, lot of much better apps out there for stock chats and investing.
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5 years ago, Itsme2033
Stocktwits is totally unresponsive in resolving problems
About two months ago I reported a problem in the Stocktwits mobile app. The automated reply was that I would hear from then within a day. It’s now been over 60 days and still no response. The problem is when I display the graph for a stock. It used to be that the graph was in landscape mode and it was complete. A couple of months ago it started being in portrait mode on my phone with the bottom, left and right side of the graph cut off. It’s probably because the phone model that I have is an older IPhone, but still how hard could it be to get that fixed. They’ve had two or three updates since then, but no fix.
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2 years ago, ForceFour
Solid app … but only one security stream keeps it from 5 stars
Twits once allowed multiple streams with easy switching. That’s all gone. So no way to maintain one stream for holdings and one for watchlist. Yes… you have separate streams for people followed and one for portfolio… but the latter requires an actual account sync. With all of the hacking going on … I am not comfortable with linking a service to my accounts. I’d like to be able to create another stream and Stocktwits offered this at one time.
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8 months ago, Officialjacobr
The app destroys your phone
I enjoy Stocktwits, but the app is horrible. It causes intense lagging and overheating issues. That must be doing damage over time. Frankly, I have to limit my time on the app, remembering to close it out because even in the background it causes my whole phone to lag. The issues are immediately resolved upon removing the app from the multitasking screen. I’m not sure if this happens on androids, but on iPhones the app is very difficult to enjoy. That’s ad money you’re missing out on because I literally cannot scroll as long as I would like to!
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2 years ago, FTown Bryan
Almost unusable now
They really screwed this up with a recent update. If you are a normal person, your face isn’t planted in the app 24/7. If you wanna look at your feed once it twice a day you simply cannot get to the end of it. Maybe this is an iPhone 11 problem, but every time you mute someone or comment on a post, it returns you to the top of the feed. There are prolly a hundred posts below that I haven’t seen. There’s not enough useful information here to waste my time trying to find where I was and see the remaining posts 2-3 times every freaking time I wanna review the posts since the last time I checked in.
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