Stop - Categories Word Game

4.6 (100.5K)
231.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stop - Categories Word Game

4.59 out of 5
100.5K Ratings
3 years ago, doggos rock
Amazing Game!!!
This game is so fun and I play it all the time. It not only gets your brain thinking but you can invite your friends to play with you and see who has a bigger vocabulary. It gets a bit annoying when you get a letter like u or y or x that their isn’t really many words for but it’s hard for the other player too. Even if you get timed out because the other player stopped the game first, you can change it to zen mode when you get to a certain level which is less of a challenge because you always get a minute unless you stop it so, you don’t need to worry about how fast they are. You can also customize your name and photo on the app for other players to see. If you don’t want to play with your friends or none of your friends have it, you can pick random opponent and it will match you with another player. Sometimes I do wish the app would give you more than 2 or 3 letters when you use your coins for hints. Once I was asked for a super bowl music performer that started with z and it gave me zi when I used my coins on a hint. This game is the perfect game to use when you’re in bed and settling in. Overall this is an amazing game and I really do recommend you getting it.
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3 years ago, Mace d Ace
Addictive and Fun!
This game is like Scattergories on speed! My family and I can’t stop playing! The best part is it is free (unless you opt to pay for ad removal). I really love playing. The game rewards you extra credit for rare answers, so that adds a fun, competitive angle. I also like the option of being able to watch ads to reveal correct answers for the words that I miss and getting to earn coins to get hints, change categories, or spin the wheel for a different letter. Even with the greatest games, there is always room for improvement. For instance, you should be able to use coins to buy more time on the clock, at least when you play in “zen” mode. It would also be nice to be able to buy more time before a game expires (6 day time limit per game). Sometimes, they count an answer wrong that is correct. You can submit a notice to them of “this answer is correct,” but the answer doesn’t always get added to the database. Finally, they do need to expand their list of correct answers for Q, X, Y, & Z words. You have to get really creative to find answers to fit these letters, yet valid answers aren’t always counted. For instance, a definition for “zany” is “clown” or “clown’s assistant,” yet this answer gets counted as incorrect in the “birthday things” and “circus things” categories. Overall, this is the BEST iPad game I have ever played, and I highly recommend it.
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12 months ago, CupcakeCraze491
Amazing game! ...with a few complaints
Hi 👋 hope you guys are having a great day/night So to start off this game is a ton of fun and pretty addicting! I played Scattergories a lot in school and this reminded me a lot of it! To be critical, there are a lot of ads, which is pretty annoying. If you’re a ‘no ads or nothing’ kind of person, I wouldn’t say this is the best game. Also I won’t reveal my age for privacy reasons but a lot of the categories are too hard for me 😭 plus I despise sports so I also don’t know anything about them, which makes a lot of it difficult. However it is a fun game to exercise your brain while still having fun. Though I think it it would be better if there were like a page where you could select the categories you want to play with, so I wouldn’t have to do certain ones. With the letters, I have to agree with one review I read, it does tend to land on the same letter a lot. Also I wish we didn’t have to pay 2 coins to respin especially if it lands on letters like ‘Q’ or ‘X’. The coins are hard to get 😢 Despite everything listed above I still love this quick paced and challenging game, it’s really addicting! The concept is great, the game has a few flaws but whatever! I also love how quick the rounds are so you can just play a little bit at a time... but that won’t happen if you get addicted like me. Thanks for reading ✌️
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5 years ago, T2bks
Fun game....but
I really enjoy this game, and will continue to play it, despite the many times a valid word is submitted, only to be discounted. I’m not talking about when words are misspelled or are flat out incorrect. I’m talking about words that you see in later games that are counted as correct in the same category. It’s pretty frustrating. After playing this for a few weeks, I also notice that sometimes a word will be submitted for a particular category and then later, the same word used for the same category and marked incorrect. Go figure! Also, since when is the Washington Monument NOT a tourist attraction? It happens often enough that I’m taking away stars from my earlier review. Update: now I’m really not happy - I kept getting ‘upload errors’ so I uninstalled/reinstalled it - I paid for no ads, but I can’t get it back because I don’t have facebook. There should be other options than to sign up with Fakebook~ all the other apps I have do. I don’t know maybe someone will come up with a similar game, because it is fun, but without all the errors, and inflexibility of creating an account
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4 years ago, ghostslovefriends
Great game with some flaws
Overall, I absolutely LOVE this game. Some good things: quick rounds make it easy to play without a huge commitment, fun categories, and super fun to play with friends. Some problems: some letters are chosen way more often than others and there is one formatting issue. In the game, the letter that you must use to fill out the categories is chosen through spinning a wheel. The problem with this is, the wheel starts in the same place every time you spin it, and so it usually ends in the same place. For example, usually when I spin the wheel I get the letter M. I would like to play with some other letters once in a while! If letters were picked in a different way, this wouldn’t be a problem. One last problem I’ve run into only comes up when I search for friends. The background of the search box is white, but so is the font color! When I’m typing my friends usernames, I’m typing in white font on a white background! I can’t see what I’m typing, which can lead to me needing to search for the same person multiple times. I don’t know if I’m the only one running into this problem. In the end, this is a great game that I have recommended to my family and friends, and would recommend to anyone who enjoys word games.
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2 years ago, Crusade2267
New Issue - Shown Ads after Paying for No Ads Version
Update: I puchased a NO ADS promo the other day. I understand that I can still see ads if I click on the option to see ads in exchange for coins. However, I just clicked to go back to the home screen after completing a game and it suddenly showed me an ad anyway. What’s up with that? Is it a glitch? I really like this game, but it has some issues that bug me. While points are designated by stars, the way that these scores are computed is confusing. There have been times that it looks like I should have either won the level or at least tied with the other player, but the game said I lost the round. Also, there is no pausing the game play. I had started a round when I got a phone call today. I shut the app to answer the call and when I reopened it later, it still had counted the level even though I had shut the app. Other timed games don’t do this. If you shut the app, the game shuts down and the level is canceled or paused and can be resumed later. Since I didn’t get a chance to write anything and the app didn’t pause gameplay or end the level when I shut the game, I lost the round. Please fix this for later game versions. Other than these complaints, I really like the game.
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5 years ago, by fluffy stuffins
You need knowledge!!! 🤓📖
When I saw this game I thought I’d be really good at it, but some categories are like broadway shows, country capitals, and stuff that needs specific knowledge. I think this game is really hard, plus sometimes you get stuck with the letter ‘Z’!!! I need my mom’s help on 93% of the questions. Then again, you could get the letter A, or a good category like mammals, fruits/veggies/legumes, famous places, girls names, common dog names, or, in my opinion the easiest, colors. This game is fun but I see why it’s rated 12+. The good thing is there is minimal ads 99.9% of the game is the game, the 0.1% is ads. This game really sharpens your mind! ————-To the game creators: I wish you would make the categories a little easier, for those who are not experts in geography or don’t pay attention to The olympics, broadways, or Oscar events. Also, the game makes you wait sooooooo long to play while “your opponent plays their turn.” I made a pb and j sandwich while I was waiting and ate it. I came back and I was STILL waiting for 5 minutes after I came back. A GAME OF STOP TAKES 5 MINUTES AT MOST AND I WAITED FOR 15 MINUTES!!!
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5 years ago, Loola103
Fun but needs an update
So I’ve been playing for a while and it’s a great game. I’m always on it and it’s fun to see what I can come up with under pressure. I think it’s a good format for the game and a good concept. But here’s some suggestions. LESS ADS. There are way too many ads in this game, after every two games it forces me to watch and ad. MORE LIVES . I think you should be able too have 5 lives at once instead of three since rounds are only 3 minutes each. I think you should be able to watch an ad for a life. UPDATE WORDS. In one of my recent games the letter was A and the category was countries. I put America, It said it was incorrect. This has also happened many other times with different letters and categories, and this game needs and update for words. CHILD FRIENDLY MODE. Should be an option so bad words will be censored if the opponent does put them in. DIFFERENT MODES. Instead of only classic and zen there should be more such as one where you have all the categories and you fill out as many as you can. Aside from all this the player base is also super annoying because half of my lives go to waste. We should be refunded lives if this happens! I would rate this 3.5 if I could
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1 year ago, Sim3247
Definitely recommend!
I’ve been playing stop for years now and it never fails to disappoint. It’s always been a game that never gets old. You’re intellect is put to the test every single round and it’s exhilarating! The only problem I seem to have is not being able to receive the coins I’ve won after each match. I’ve contacted the Stop team before and they were kind enough to give me some coins but the issue continued after a while to the extent of where I was content with losing since the default coins would be distributed. This isn’t a HUGE deal because the generous 2000 coins they gave out on their anniversary is still keeping me afloat but it’s still something that should be looked at. Besides this small issue, the game is practically glowing. I 100% recommend it for anyone who enjoys crossword puzzles or really any type of word game.
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4 years ago, HorseCrazyGirlAlex
DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!! (Addicted to this game)
This game is AWSOME! All you have to do is start a match with a random opponent, or your friend, and you can play for hours! In this game, you get 5 things to answer. You spin a wheel with letters on it and whatever letter it lands on, you have to answer each question with that letter in like, 59 seconds. The fun thing in this game, is that your Opponent can be answering the questions and if he doesn’t know the answer, or he is done, he can press stop. You don’t know if your opponent presses stop, so when it’s your turn, whatever time it was when your opponent pressed stop, that’s how much time you’re going to have to answer the questions. After your done answering the questions you see how many each person got and whoever got the most wins that round. Then you play more rounds to see the ULTIMATE winner, then you can rematch them if you want to. I would give this game five stars, if they didn’t have the lives because if you lose, you get a heart taken away, and when there all gone, you have to wait like 30 mins to get another one. So download this game, to have the time of your life!
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6 years ago, Ldsginger
Love this developer and game
This app is my favorite game to play currently. If you’re familiar with the word game Scattergories, then this is basically that in digital form. It runs smoothly, has little ads, and it appears as though you’re never put against robots, unlike most multiplayer games of this kind that I’ve experienced. It is very intellectually stimulating as well, and I like the challenge it presents, without it being hard enough to give up. I was also reading through the reviews, and noticed consistently that the developers would respond to every comment. This in itself isn’t unique, but the answers were specialized for every comment. Everyone got an answer to their specific issue or suggestion. And not just, “we’re working on it!” The developer explained why the issue was happening or how to solve it. And most of the issues that were brought up, I haven’t noticed. Which means that Fanatee actually solved the issue. Something that most don’t. So thank you Fanatee team for being so good at customer support! You are one of the best developers out there in my opinion.
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5 years ago, BIueCat
So much potential...
I downloaded this game as soon as I saw an ad for it. That’s pretty rare for me. Unfortunately it has a ton of ads which most of the time you cannot close without quitting the app and starting again. (I know how to close ads and these are not able to be closed.) I went to purchase a version with no ads but it’s $5 which doesn’t sound like a lot but I don’t want to shell out that much money on an app I might get tired of after a day or two. To be honest if it was $2.99 to remove ads I probably would have done it. Maybe I’m too cheap. Anyway just because of the ad issues I can’t see myself playing it anymore. I also don’t like that you can’t see how much time you have when you’re answering questions once someone else has taken their turn. Or if you can see it, I didn’t notice. Lastly I don’t like that people answer two questions and stop the timer after 10 seconds hoping that it takes me that long to get through one question so they can beat me easily. If I knew I only had 10 seconds I would play differently. That’s just my two cents after playing for less than an hour.
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4 years ago, Dragon_Owner(^∇^)
Overall good game
For the people that don’t want to read me ramble on: it’s a good game, totally recommend! Just be aware of the ads. Now, for the long version: It’s a really entertaining game, and it makes me think outside the box! The concept of this game is amazing, so good job developers, for making it click! This is such a fun way for me to pass the time. One problem that was sort of annoying was the amount of ads. This is really the only reason I am rating it 4 stars. The ads are super annoying after playing for an extended amount of time. After every round, you get an ad. I feel like that’s a bit too much. Offering special power-ups or advantages after watching an ad is fine, but watching an ad after every single round that you play is a bit excessive. I understand, it’s a mobile game that needs money, but maybe try spreading out the ads. For example, an ad every three rounds, or every five rounds. Other than the ad problem, this is a really good entertaining game! 👏👏
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4 years ago, Itsybitsyme
Stop VS Trivia Royale.
Okay, so it’s a good game, but it’s just not really my type. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE trivia games, like Trivia Royale, where I don’t have to be signed to in Facebook or anything to add people, unlike this game, where you do. In Trivia Royale, you have hundreds almost of choices of hair, hats, glasses, and skin color you want. You can also pick earrings and stuff like that. In this game, you pick if you want to be a boy, girl, or item, but you don’t have too many options, I’m just suggesting you add different hairs, and stuff like that that I said. In trivia Royale, you can see people, and PICK what genres of game modes you want, like “Pokémon” Or “Spelling” or “Fortnite” or “Movies” so on so on. In this, (and I know you meant to do this but still) it randomizes the genres, and some are really hard. Also, I don’t like how you have to pick a letter to start with every word. In trivia Royale, you can see each other and make your character “alive” where it scans your facial expressions and makes your character have the same expressions as you. But generally, this is a really good game, just not my type of Trivia games.
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2 years ago, mochabear03
fun game…but the ads???
the app itself is really fun. and i like that it has a set amount of lives that don’t take forever to reload because it forces me to step away from the app instead of spending hours on it. but there’s one BIG problem in my opinion: the ads. first of all, i get the same ad like 40 times in a row. the ad i’m seeing now is for a weight loss gummy made by “Oprah”, it’s full of false information and even leads the viewer to a website that’s supposed to look like Time Magazine’s website, but is actually a scam website. it’s EXTREMELY predatory, especially for older people who might not be tech savvy enough to realize it’s a scam. also, it’s claiming you can “lose 45 pounds in 15 days!” REALLY? that is dangerously unhealthy and disturbing. pushing this false info is so disgusting. i know that the ads aren’t created by the app itself, but i do think that any app or site has a responsibility to make sure the ads they’re running aren’t scams, predatory, or offensive. please fix this issue and do better. otherwise i’ll be deleting the app, which i don’t want to do because i enjoy the game. thank you.
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11 months ago, Pumpkinsguardian
Good game but has some cons
This game is really fun, especially when you get to play with your friends. There are just a few things that make it less enjoyable. One thing is that there is an ad after every single round which is incredibly annoying and makes you not want to play the game as much. Another thing is that there is only a limited amount of lives before you can’t play anymore. Of course it refills after some time but it’s almost like they don’t want us to play their game or something. One last small problem that I have with the game is that there are only 2 game modes that are basically the same. It would be cool if there was maybe a practice mode or a mode where you can team up with someone but the same thing over and over gets a little old. That’s me just nitpicking though. The game is still really fun and I recommend getting some friends to play it with because its interesting to see what answers they come up with compared to your own. It’s also very competitive. Just please reduce ads and give more-infinite lives. Thank you!
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2 years ago, macsweetie76
Love it but needs work
I think the game is a lot of fun, especially when the people you are playing with are actively playing too, rather than waiting for the other player to take their turn (they have 6 days). My primary issue with it is that the answer database is very limited. There is a function to notify the developers that a word is correct, however, that doesn’t give you credit for a correct answer. I’ve had a TON of answers marked incorrect because of this. For example, there’s a category for “superpowers” and I’ve tried to use “laser eyes” and “laser vision” and both were incorrect. Laser vision is a standard superpower, just ask Superman or even Homelander ;) another example for the “tools” category I used “brad nailer” and it was also counted as incorrect. Go to your local home improvement store and you’ll in-fact find many brad nailers to choose from for attaching wood trim. Anyway, I don’t know how much they take user feedback in the app for word suggestions into account but their database definitely needs to grow exponentially or many players will quickly lose interest. My other annoyance is that the spinner for the letter each answer must start with is repetitive and doesn’t feel random. I keep getting the same letter to play over and over, wether it’s my round or my opponent’s turn. Other than that, I dig it… It’s great so far, once the database of answers grows it’ll be even more fun.
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5 years ago, JennyyyyyB.
Amazing app but..
This game is a amazing game but there are WAY to many adds and most lead to the App Store. There should be a button so you can report a ad for spam. And when someone puts curse words there should be a sensor that when you put a bad word it makes it hashtags. And there should be a button where if you spelled your word wrong you can click it then type what you meant to say, then it can detect it to see if it was right. And the lives.. i understand that you need people to buy your stuff but instead of the daily lives being only 3 it should be 6-10 and the timing, when i was playing against some people they would purposely stop the timer as quick as possible which is 5 seconds, the maximum timing should be higher that that like 10 seconds or 12 seconds, ever though I talked about how the game needed to be fixed, it’s a awesome game.
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3 years ago, isabellarh07
Such an addicting game but it has its flaws!
Wow! This is a very fun game. It’s let’s you compete against Facebook friends or random people online! It’s a category game. It’s has different categories with certain levels. You have time limit too. And when the other person gets to start the match, at like maybe 30 seconds in it might just say STOP! and you get to look at the results! But, there’s a lot of ads in between the matches and sometimes there’s ads with either X’s that don’t work when you touch them, or there’s no X even so that gets annoying so maybe you could updating that? And why only 3 lives? Gets kinda annoying. But I recommend this game a lot! Thanks for reading this, Bye! Also, this app takes up SO MUCH STORAGE?! Every few minutes I have to delete something just so I can keep playing? Yeah I know I already said bye, but I just wanted to tell you this. Anyway love the game! Bye! (For real this time’
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3 years ago, Roman Dalfonso
Great App (but one thing to change)
This is a really fun app especially for challenging friends, but I have but one suggestion. I think that you should only lose a life if you lose a round, not whenever you do a round in general. Yes, I get it, you want us to watch the ads to get more lives, but I feel like there are enough ads as it is, given the fact that we see one whenever we go back, or proceed, or whatever. I know I’m not really in the position of saying how many ads there should be, considering I don’t know the first thing about developing, let alone maintaining mobile video games, but I just think that not only would we still see plenty of ads, but if we win more and as a result lose more lives then maybe players would stay on the app longer, thus they would see more ads. Again, not an expert, and I don’t know how the whole ad deal goes, but I thought it’d at least be worth it to leave this suggestion.
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2 years ago, BananaLu1234
This is my favorite game ever
This game is so fun!!! I’ve only had it for like 5 days but it’s been a blast! The categories are fun and make me really think sometimes, but can also be funny and silly, for instance “my boss is…” and you insert a word. I like the ability to unlock categories by leveling up, and I definitely enjoy the ability to “nudge” a player 😆. But, you need to work on the programming on the misspelled half star feature. It gets annoying when a player puts in a totally irrelevant answer and it gives them half a star for “incorrect spelling” yeah right. And there are a couple of questions that I’ve never been able to answer because I don’t know about the Hollywood walk of fame or Oscar nominated movies. I’d say remove those. But this still deserves a 5 star rating good job 👏👏👏
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4 years ago, Djfiekdicidksoaoaooaoaappaa
Love it but unfair at times
I’m so addicted to this game. I play it constantly. It’s fun, quick rounds so you can do it any time without being glued to your phone to long, and you can earn hearts to keep playing without spending money. The problem I have is the STOP feature can be used pretty manipulatively. I’ve played against some people who couldn’t think of more than one or two categories and stoped it pretty early on. I get that’s kinda the point, but if they stop after only 10-15 seconds because it’s a hard letter or they can’t think of any it doesn’t give you much of an opportunity. If they stop feature was only available after a basic 30 seconds (or however long the developers feel enough to give the opposing player a fighting chance) or only after you answered a certain number of categories it might stop people from using it as a quit and take you down with me button.
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6 years ago, 3Moot
I downloaded this game yesterday and it is wonderfully, annoyingly addicting. Because of that, I am grateful for the lack of lives we get and the amount of time it takes to reload. I love the game but the ads!!! Good grief! Really?! Ads that last forever and can’t be exited from ALL THE TIME - even in the middle of a round, which eats up the time we have to play that round. Not cool at all! My other concern is that often times an ad will pop up and take me to the App Store. When I try to go back to the game, it becomes a vicious, almost spam like cycle of being forced into the App Store after going back to the game. I do not like that at all!! The only way I have been able to stop that is to exit the game and close it out, which again ruins a round or game. Please fix this!!! I understand the need for ads and the desire to annoy people enough with them that they will purchase the ad free upgrade but we can barely play the game sometimes because of them!
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2 years ago, Fortnitefan308
Good but it’s just not there.
I enjoy this game, it’s fun to play and I like competition. This is where the praise ends. There needs to be more options when you click on a word. If it’s your own, you can only say this is valid and this is offensive. That is fine. What I have a problem with is when you tap on the opponents side, I can only say this isn’t valid and this is offensive. You should be able to say this is valid if they got no stars but it was indeed valid. Another issue is the half star click. If they earn a half star you should be able to say this isn’t a valid answer not just this is a valid answer. I had a prompt to write a word with 10 or more letters and the letter C to start. I wrote crocodiles, which is ten letters. They wrote Chihuahua, that’s NINE letters, yet they still got a half star. They shouldn’t get any at all. One other issue I have with this game is there’s too many adds in between.
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6 years ago, VBRealtor
Fun but ads are over the top
Love the game. Very addicting and fun. Some Of the ads are over the top in length and in sound. If i am sitting in a waiting room etc and have sounds turned off in the game app, that means i want no sound from anything. Yet, there are ads that take over with blaring sound and then i am forced to turn volume down on my device - not so great if i forget to turn it back up. Also, sounds from the game itself come thru even with noise turned off in app. This is my largest complaint. Edit: thank you for your response. I’m aware i can turn off music, media sounds etc in-game and i have done so.....still met with media/game noise while in the app. I shouldn’t have to adjust my phone’s volume as other calls/texts i don’t want silenced. Get on top of it and shorten the ads. Kind of have moved on to another fun app du jour that doesn’t sound out. Jussayin. Lots of fun otherwise.
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5 years ago, Crazy Coat
Great game, endlessly interesting BUT what is acceptable and not as answers is often arbitrary and incomprehensible. They used to let you contact them and explain why you were right. I was successful at this many, many times; but in the last update they did away with this feature. You can still tap out that you think your answer was right, but they can (and do) ignore you and not update the word bank. So part of the game becomes second-guessing yourself and wondering if your answer is, not just right, but known and understandable to the people running the game. It’s run from Brazil. I presume they have fluent English speakers on staff, but sometimes their decisions are unfathomable. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves words, but with the warning that you’re going to lose some games you don’t deserve to lose.
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4 years ago, MeowCat87
Fun but...
A person should not be able to hit Stop unless they have completed the whole board. I keep playing cheaters that answer one or two and then hit stop so I have like 10 seconds to respond. Response to Developer: That defeats the purpose of the classic paper and pencil game. The point of saying stop in the game is to be the first to finish the set. The only exception to this is if the entire group agrees to end the round. Zen mode makes the game different entirely because it also defeats the purpose of saying stop. What would make more sense is to make it so that a player can only hit stop if they have completed all fields OR select another option that suggests to the opponent to end the round at a selected time. If the opponent can fill out the fields in 60 seconds, then they would not agree to end the game. Or, even more simply, keep the timer but don’t allow any user to hit stop unless filled out. That way the option is to end at 60 seconds or only be able to end the round after the player completes all fields and clicks stop. This is like zen, except that it enforces the stop rule if the player is able to complete the round. Otherwise, cheaters will continue to win and many players will continue to be frustrated. It’s unfortunate that the game is this way because this classic game has been one that my family has played for probably 30+ years.
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4 years ago, chocolategirl77
You will be hilariously Amazed at yourself
Well *I* was hilariously amazed at myself at how my brain will either completely freeze up or come up with the most random/weird answers. For example, I am from Florida. I’ve lived here my whole life. The category was US cities. The letter O was chosen. You would think that the city of Orlando would pop right out of my brain or maybe even Okeechobee. Nope. Neither surfaced in my brain. I think I actually missed that category. However, ask me the name of a mamma that starts with “T”. Most normal people would say “tiger” or “tabby” Nope. My weird self immediately jumped on “three toed sloth”. That is why I love this game. It’s hilarious. It’s so friggin” fun. Not to mention when the game yells out “STOP” I nearly jump out my seat every time. About the ads: since this game is free, I was not surprised by the ads. I don’t think they're ridiculous. I played one of those brain teaser games and I kid you not that after about level 20 there was a 30 second ad after EVERY level...even if the level was only 10 seconds. *That* is ridiculous. I’d love to not have any ads, of course, but I’m not willing to pay for their removal. The only complaint I really have about the ads here is that it is the usually the same ad and it is a game that I will never play. Ever. I’m sick of seeing it.
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7 years ago, 1098765678910
Fun but...........
This game is AWESOME and I will never ever stop playing it. There are just a few problems like the coins they are practically worthless and they should be used to buy lives like 20 coins=2 lives so far I have 200 coins. Another thing is that every time I get on "STOP" an ad comes up there are TO MANY ADS and when I finish my game the same STUPID AD I hope it's not to much trouble but can you pleasseeee fix the ad problem and on the comparing part when you edit there should be an inappropriate button if you can please fix that to and also I think you should be able to put a picture on your profile pic but people can do it on FACEBOOK oh no way I don't care if you don't fix the last two suggestions but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeFIX THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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6 years ago, Brooke0325
One Big Problem
I downloaded this game and absolutely love the idea. However, there is one big problem. I notice that a lot of matches I do people will answer one question and then stop, which I feel like defeats the purpose. I think it should be made to where both players get the max time, if you answer ALL the questions and stop early the other person should still get the max time, then if both players tied, you go by whoever finished first. That would weed out the people that answer one question and stop the game. It’s very annoying and the 2nd player has a huge disadvantage when they start the game because they don’t know what the categories are, as to where the first player does. I’d like to have a chance to come up with words from each category. It’s my only issue with this game, but it’s a big issue. You shouldn’t be able to stop unless you have answer for each question, not just one to cheat.
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7 years ago, P180 Avanti
Great concept, a few negatives that are huge
First of all, I think this game is really great; the basic idea of figuring out what works and what doesn’t (and the things that only half work or misspelled is honestly the most intuitive part) is fun and challenging. And I’ve found the word bank to be pretty good, as well. I guess the idea of first to three round wins to be victor of the game is fine, but I’d also like an unlimited mode where you can just keep playing rounds forever without a limit. For the negatives: The categories seem unbalanced. There are four football ones (nfl teams, super bowl mvps, super bowl scorers, super bowl music performers), with only one category for all other sports (teams or Olympic medalists). I’m not saying add more for the other sports, just take away super bowl scorers and mvps. There are some other very specific/vague categories. The spinner almost always seem to land on the hard letters, and never on the normal ones. I think this is because it always starts on “A” which is right by X, Y, Z, etc, so my suggestion is to have it randomly start on a letter, or just change the algorithm. Finally, there are way too many ads. And for me, it’s always the same ad for at least a whole week. It’s very frustrating when you can’t play very many games because there is at least one ad after each game. It chews up my data caps, too.
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1 year ago, jdkfkfkdkkdkcldkdkdkd
I really like this game a lot but there are certain things that are really annoying. There are certain categories that are so specific that I wish we could choose to never have to play. For example: olympic medalists. It’s not even just a category for any olympic medalist ever. It’s so specific by saying summer olympic medalist or winter olympic medalist. I don’t watch the olympics so I don’t know. I wish there was an option to eliminate certain categories that you don’t want to ever have to play. I also sometimes think of the most clever response ever and It doesn’t work, and then sometimes I get a rare on something that isn’t unique or rare at all😭That’s not really a big deal just kind of obnoxious but the category thing is actually ridiculous because idk how many games i’ve played where there’s something sports related and I don’t know sports well.
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4 years ago, i love games phantom
Just one slight concern
To be honest, I have an issue with the game. The really frustrating problem I have is that as soon as I’m done with my words and I slide down the stop button it says that the opponent is playing their turn so I wait...and I wait...and I wait and I wait and I wait! And NOTHING EVER happens! I don’t know why, it could be just my phone. This keeps happening and because there are only 3 lives I only get to play the game 3 times and basically nothing happens. The opponent’s words have never ever shown up on the screen and I’ve had this game for a long time. It’s really really frustrating. To be honest i think that overall this is a really fun game. I love it don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the concept of this game but the ONLY problem I have is with the opponent. But honestly, I would 100% recommend it. Awesome game!!!
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4 years ago, Stevenfs
Needs a practice mode
This game is great! Very fun to play whenever you have spare time (which we have a lot of currently), and you can play with friends. There’s just one thing I need... a practice mode. I lose every single game by not knowing what to put for certain categories (I haven’t been playing the game for very long, but my friend has, and I lose every single game 5 stars to 1, maybe 1 and a half on a good day). Maybe adding a single player practice mode would allow players to stay on your game for longer (so you can earn that ad revenue), and allow players to sharpen their skills and become more comfortable with the game to compete with more experienced friends who have been playing the game for quite some time.
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4 years ago, WillPlayForTacos
Great game, BUT...
I was addicted to this game, and played for hours - BUT, it’s becoming extremely annoying when your correct answer is counted as wrong. For example - the category is written as plural, I give the answer in plural, and my opponent gives the exact same answer in singular form, and their answer is correct but mine is wrong?? Also, it’s rare to get any new categories - after a while, it’s just like mindlessly using the same answers again and again. But the most recent thing that truly annoyed me is the fact that my answer for the category “Star Wars,” with the letter “S” was “Stars,” and was counted as wrong...the world they live in is LITERALLY surrounded by STARS, thus the film title! Now I’m sure there are many much more suitable answers for this category - but I am not a fan, nor have I watched any of the movies, so other than some of the character names, I’m at a loss - which shouldn’t be discriminated against... just saying. This is not to mention my Horror Movie answer, “Mary Reilly,” being counted as incorrect - it’s a quite well-known film starring Julia Roberts, as a matter of fact. Another one - Clothing and Accessories, letter is “B.” My answer was “Beaded Purse,” and was counted as wrong. Really? It’s an actual item and is an accessory. I don’t think I’ll be keeping this game, as it has quickly become boring and tedious, and rather aggravating.
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4 years ago, Judge Imagi
Extremely biased game
I don’t understand how some of the words I put down aren’t answers. cool is a city in California. Hockey is a profession. I got no rare points for putting lemon down as a pizza topping but my opponent put lemons down in the plural form and got the rare points. Extremely unfair as I should have won those matches. Shove an online dictionary and the internet into your app because it is very case sensitive. Thanks for reply. Then don’t let my opponents win. Draw the game because it’s unfair. Astrology didn’t accept tarot cards. I keep finding valid answers it will not accept. Final straw: Not worth keeping it due to not accepting legitimate answers. For colors, I answered spindrift...wrong; solo artists....Solar Fields....wrong as well. For cities in the USA...Valencia...wrong! Indianapolis colts for nfl teams....wrong! Everything is just wrong and biased with this app! Prepare to play only to lose unfairly. Devs need to expand the app’s vocabulary or it will have a lot of discouraged players. I even was thinking of getting unlimited lives, but this is too much! Thank you for your response. I apologize for venting and have come to understand that a trivia app cannot hold every word. It’s a good app and I had a lot of fun with it.
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5 years ago, jokael2
Very fun but still learning words
This is a fun game - it’s the one I play most often on my phone. My only complaint would be that it doesn’t know some fairly common words yet, so you might know you got an answer right and still lose a game because it doesn’t recognize your word. Two examples I can think of off the top of my head are ‘drupe’ for a type of fruit and ‘cygnet’ for a type of animal, but there have been several others, too. It gives you the opportunity to tag the word for review (which won’t change the outcome of that particular game, if you care about that. I don’t, but some might), but I don’t know how long that process takes. So if winning is very important to you, that might frustrate you, but if you want a fun challenge that makes you think, this is a great choice!
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4 years ago, Aqua_628
Awful community and timing system
I thought this game would be really fun since I really like the real version of this game. The first few games worked but every game after that.. the other player didn’t even play. I can’t even finish and get rewards! What’s the point of getting the app if you can’t even finish a game?? Like cmon! I get really excited to win, then the other player just doesn’t play. The time on this game isn’t accurate either. First of all, I just sit there waiting for 5 minutes for the other person’s answer while I had only 1 minute to put in my answers before they got revealed. Should I have seen the other person’s answers? The game didn’t even end either. I just sit there waiting for it to end, but it doesn’t even do that. If the player leaves or doesn’t play should the game have ended??? It doesn’t. This game isn’t accurate to the actual game, and barely works. Please improve, and if you want to save your time, don’t play it at all
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4 years ago, Bellabobena
I absolutely love this game!! There ads are perfect. They do not overload you with ads. One thing that has me on the edge is when you need a clue and it doesn’t have a clue for you, it takes your coins. For example if you have the letter X with the category “MLB Teams” and you need a clue, it won't provide a clue but will take your coins. Now that i’m done ranting lets get to the good stuff!! They have both a Stop option and a Zen option. The Zen is amazing because it allows each player 1 minute to answer without the opponent stopping you! You are rewarded with 2 coins even if you lose the game. And, you get to make friends and play with them!! I LOVE THIS GAME AND WOULD RECOMMEND 10/10!! 💗 💕
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4 years ago, AndieB98
Crashing and freezing
When I first downloaded this game it was super fun and super quick! Although I still really enjoy playing it it keeps freezing and crashing... it freezes when it shows me the results, when it selects categories, when it is spinning to select a letter, it even freezes on my turn filling words... but the timer keeps ticking... all my other apps work perfectly fine... but this one keeps freezing and doesn’t seem to work properly. I gave up and just deleted it because I was loosing the matches because the screen would freeze but still run the time down and I wouldn’t be able to answers the questions... or it would crash mid turn and I’d have to restart my turn all over again. And I gave me the letter W quite often... lol made the game really challenging... but I’m summary... it was a fun game just got tired of it freezing and crashing.
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4 years ago, Buggyuru
Love it!!!!!
I absolutely love the game and can’t stop playing it!! I like how you get extra credit for a rare word, it keeps people for instance playing for animal “dog” every time lol. And I love how you get partial credit for a word that’s almost spelled correctly or a typo. “ fat thumb”. Which I do frequently. Only small complaint which many people have mentioned, the first person hits stop immediately after answering two word. So frustrating. Here’s an easy solution. Let the second person know how much time they have before hand. 7 seconds for instance. That way they have the opportunity to do the same thing. Just a thought, love you guys!!
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6 years ago, Gretchenvvv
I have had this game about two weeks now and I absolutely love it! It keeps you quick on your toes and is great to pass time. HOWEVER, this game can only work with data or an internet connection. This being said, there are a LOT of ads. Now normally ads do not bother me, but the way this game is designed, once you go into the game you have 30 seconds or less to answer all the questions correctly. Well, I have been having ads pop up as SOON as my around starts, making me lose the round because I’m stuck having to watch an ad. So dear developer, please fix this or else I will delete this game and not recommend it to anyone else, which would be a true shame because it has so much potential. I hope this was helpful. P.S. the ad problem didn’t start until I was beginning to win matches.
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4 years ago, 24~winner~24
It’s okay
I like the thought behind the game & I play people I know, so it’s not being taken seriously. However, I find it really annoying that so many correct answers are counted as incorrect! There should be a way to override the apps decision, or let the 2 players decide if it’s accepted or not. The real scattegories even allows funny answers, upping the ante of fun! Even when I send feedback of a word being correct, I should get the points. Also, my other dislike is the time. I think the second player should not have to beat the first players time. Maybe have finishing early extra points or something, but don’t abruptly end the players turn. Overall, it’s a simple easy game that requires your brain & has fun potential, but it’s also fairly frustrating when you feel like all your words aren’t accepted.
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5 years ago, myopinionisrare
for the creators
honestly did you just create the game then disappear ? yes it’s a fun game and I’m addicted I love it so much , BUT when I get an answer wrong for something I know is correct , that’s the worst. it’s especially animated series , I list an animated series that airs on television and has three seasons to its name and it’s wrong ? I mean come on. and I report the word every time you don’t give me credit , so when I try to use it again I can tell you’re not checking up on those reports because it remains “not a thing”. it’s not only that but video games as well that I KNOW exist because I literally own them. please step it up and review the reports so you can make the game better and more enjoyable and educated. that’s my only complaint , other than that it’s quite the game.
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5 years ago, tooterchristmas
Why you got middle of the road rating
I loved this 5 stars when I started BUT now you only get free lives earned listening to adds you only need so many... I quit playing nearly as much because I can’t get coins except by wins and they are useful to get out of categories you hate or worse deal with 60 seconds to come up with a word that starts with X Y or Z.. a good addition would be if you made it where if you paid for a letter to be thrown out that it stays out such as .. I pay to get rid of Z then I spin X so I pay to get rid of it then if I get Z again .. I have to pay a second time to eliminate it. If you won’t let us earn coins on bad ads then at least don’t make us waste the few we get.. Until it goes back the way it started I will always rate it middle of the road bc that’s what makes it middle of the road.
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5 years ago, skippidylaura
A friend recommended this game to me during our lunch block, and I was instantly hooked. It’s so much fun to play, and really challenges you to think fast and type quickly and accurately. Fine motor skills and rapid word recall are also improved, which makes writing timed essays a heck of a lot easier. The one thing I don’t like about it, however, is the absolute bombardment of the player with advertisements. Every time you finish a game: ad! Every 30 seconds you aren’t playing the game: ad! It gets really annoying, really fast. You can opt to get rid of the ads, but it does cost money, and if you’re a cheapskate like me, 3 dollars is a tad too much to pay. I would definitely recommend this game, but be prepared for a freakish amount of stupid ads.
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6 years ago, Elise123458653
Love it but the adds are a little much...
I absolutely Love this game and I play it all the time! I love the design of this game and it is super fun to play. The only reason this isn’t a 5 star rating is because of the adds. I get it a lot of games have to have adds, and a little bit of adds are fine but this game has a lot. And the thing that is most upsetting to me is sometimes when the adds come on I watch the whole thing through and then I can’t exit out of the adds. It is very annoying to me that I have to exit out of the game and then go back in and have to watch even more adds. This is becoming a very reoccurring problem that is most upsetting. Like I have said I love this game but the adds are becoming a huge problem.
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4 years ago, disneygirl2510
Good game,could use more.
I downloaded this game because I love to play the handwritten version of stop with my family and I loved it! Sure the wait time is a lil too much to wait but overall pretty good. There aren’t that many ads so you have time to write the categories. Please lay down the notifications I was playing a game and for the same one I got 5 notifications! 5! Also, get tv shows and movies kid friendly!!! I was playing B and for the tv show I put Big City Greens from Disney Channel and Disney XD but it marks it wrong. I know this app is meant for 12 or older but there are teens who watch gravity falls on cable!!! Also today I got animated series and movies and yet it put wrong the new movie Onward that is animated!!! Pretty good game but fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Ohitshim!
Fun but not perfect!
This game was recently introduced to me by a friend. Next thing I know, I’m hooked! This game is super fun. However, it’s not perfect. The vocabulary or scope of each of their topics can be very limited (not vast like Words with Friends). For example, a category of US cities and I entered Astoria, which is a city in the state of Oregon. It didn’t recognize it and marked it incorrectly even though it was a bona fide answer. Furthermore, the letters don’t match with the categories sometimes. I’m not sure if we’re just supposed to leave it blank and get a point for it? For example, category is US Presidents and letter is Y, there’s no US President with a first or last name with a Y. These flaws can be really annoying and kills the joy out of it. If you just answer the most basic and obvious choice, I think you’ll be fine.
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7 years ago, ameraehu
Absolutely love... but a few complaints.
Okay, I LOVE❤️ this game, it's super fun and exciting, and really makes you think. I think that a few things should change though. First, it takes WAY to long for lives to reload. I also think that you should be able to buy lives with coins. How about... say, 2 for 5 coins. Another thing about coins, you really aren't awarded enough. 5 for a win and 2 for a loss is virtually nothing, compared to what you can do with coins and how many you have. I think that there should be at least 10 coins for a win and 5 for a loss. That would give a lot more to pay for power-ups. Other than that, Stop is a really fun way to pass the time. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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