Stop Motion Studio Pro

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4.7 (10.3K)
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stop Motion Studio Pro

4.73 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Jungle runners
Zooming In & Out Issues
I have been using Stop Motion Studio Pro for over 4 years now. It has always been helpful to me when trying to make my stop motions. However, recently I have come across a HUGE dilemma. A couple of months ago, I was unable to zoom in or out for some reason even though I have been able to before that, since I had a device that can zoom in and out. Now I'm pretty sure I downloaded an update before that, I don't know which one though. So the first thing I decided to do was exit the app, and re-enter it. I was still unable to zoom in or out. Then I deleted the app, and re-downloaded it. It still did not work. I've tried almost everything. I went to my camera application to see if zooming still worked. And it did. But zooming in and out on your app did not. You might be wondering why I think zooming in and out is so important, and that is because it allows me to have certain angles that are essential to my stop motion films. If you could help me out somehow, I'd really appreciate it. I love you rap and I hope I will be able to continue using it in the way I need. Please help, Ethan.
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6 years ago, Drakon 88
Incredible Value and Features
I purchased this app about 5 years ago, and I rarely spend money on apps. Then, it worked well enough, and I never really expected much more. In the years since, Stopmotion Studio has been updated faithfully, fixing bugs, streamlining the animation process, and adding new features, all of which are available in the basic paid version, which just makes it a joy to use. For lego stop motion especially, this app outdoes a lot of the significantly more expensive desktop editing software and has features like face animations of a quality I’ve never seen anywhere else. Though I run into a few glitches now and then, they are very rarely anything major or unfixable, and this app has been completely worth every cent and more. Development works regularly to fix concerns of users, and I would be doing it an injustice were I to not leave a review of strongest praise.
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1 year ago, A Lego Animator
Stop Motion Studio Pro Realistic Rating
Stop motion studio pro is a decent app, but there are noticable problems: 1 is that the pighting setting when animating will auto adjust itself even when you have the lighting locked, and I sincerly hope they will fix this that way one can animate with the auto adjusting, if they fixed this problem alone, I would have give it 4 stars easily, but since it doesn’t and lighting is anpretty major part if animation I gave it 2 stars. Problem 2 is that it will not play from the end of the animation if it has over 300~500 frames of animation, and I hope that the developers at stop motion studio fix this problem so animators aren’t have to rewind there animations every time they want to show there animation. Problem 3 is that it can only go up to 30 FPS ( frames per second) when a lot of animators want to animate at 60, and 120 and higher frames rates. Along with those comments, there are some pluses, the previous frame view ability is good, and alows the animtor to see the previous frames and the current one. Also another plus is that the play back quality and export quality is very good, so you can show-off your animation at its peak!
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5 years ago, lukeatomic
Extremely frustrating.
While my experience with this app has been mostly positive before, I’ve noticed many disappointing parts of your app after starting to animate a lot more. For example, Even when i’ve reached only 600 frames in my animation, playing the video doesn’t work nearly as well as it should; the app often skips frames when playing the animation back, making it impossible to see my animation the way I animated it. That’s already annoying, but there are multiple flaws in the animation itself. For example: sometimes without reason I can’t see the pictures I’m taking because the camera freezes on a frame and refuses to show the actual pictures. Also, if your lucky enough to have the camera work as it should, editing pictures that you’ve took is also annoying. I find that when I erase parts of the animation that I don’t want, and then try to draw on the same picture, that it doesn’t work. It instead takes away the previous erasing, and let’s you draw on the original picture. While I used to love your app, I now have very negative feelings for it. I now know to get a good app before starting a big project.
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6 years ago, FaithMadeReal
It’s great for beginners, but not for anyone else.
This app is great if you are a beginning animator. However, although it claims to make it simple and easy to animate, its only problems are with its own self-made limitations. I have been animating using Stop-Motion Studio for over a year and I have encountered a large number of issues. It has difficulty displaying videos at only 12 frames/second. The “erase” feature doesn’t work very well at all. The camera is inconsistent from frame to frame, making it very difficult to make a decent-looking film. My worst issue with it is with the “4K” feature on the app. It has built-in “draw” and “erase” features, and occasionally while drawing or erasing a 4K photo, it will warp the frame and make it impossible to work with. It is also completely impossible to retrieve the frames once they are warped. The onion skinning doesn’t work very well either, as it displays a blurry and very bright or very dark version of the frame before and makes it very difficult to find exactly what you’re changing. There is also barely any competition for this app on the App Store. No other software I’ve tried does what I need it to. I have been forced to settle for “OK,” and that is not okay.
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5 years ago, L.B the app master
My 2 cents on: stop motion
This is one of my favorite apps and i make alot of movies on it but i’d like to point out afew bugs that i hope you can please fix: #1. First things first, as you know 1 stop motion movie takes from about 30 frames to 1,000 and over, but in stop motion it gives you a pain in the back if you go to about 100 frames or over if you play the movie at some points it acts like one of my frames doesn’t exist! And so i have to make it longer and then if i make more i need to make it even longer, and longer, and longer! And i’m trying to make a movie! And when i try to fix it by transporting it to another app it says “an error accured” and i’m stuck with a skippy movie! #2. In the version for the iphone it has a light scale in other words it let you make it lighter or darker and that was a game changer! But in the stop motion version for your ipad it gets rid of that option! Thank you for reading this review, and it would be great if you could fix these things thank you❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💘😀
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2 years ago, Hullagoobedooo
This is a great and reliable app for stop motion
Ive used stop motion studio pro for many years now and it has many useful features for making stop motion. That being said, it has a few small issues I’d like to point out. First of all, when My animation reaches a high number of frames, the playback plays back the animation at a lower frame rate (although when I save it, it plays at its normal frame rate). Second: when I use the eraser tool, the frames I use it on become lower resolution for some reason. Third: sometimes when I leave the camera screen for a sec to edit a part of the animation or something and then come back to the camera, the lighting looks slightly different (keep in mind, i have it set to fully manual) and this can sometimes mess up continuity and the quality of the erasing tool. But that last one might just be a problem with the iPhone’s camera resetting or something and not the app
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2 years ago, grayson.g
No problems whatsoever
This app works really well with any kind of material you want to use in your Stop Motion for example I use Lego Play-Doh and action figures they’ll work there’s not much downside to it well. This app has some difficult settings but that’s OK cause there’s tutorials on how to do things just one downside You need perfect lighting for this to not have shadows but all you have to do is probably get about three desk lamps to make it work the best. In conclusion that’s why this is a very very good StopMotion app I have tried many more but almost none of them work they all have downsides to him this one’s probably the only one that has not too big of a deal with the downside. I looked somebody else reviewThey said the erasing doesn’t work very well. All you have to do is have good lighting and no shadows and it should work a lot better
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2 years ago, Gamekids5678
Just 1 (other) small change.
I’ve been using this app for years now, especially its “draw” features and I can’t lie, I’m a bit disappointed on one specific change. Whenever I copy a drawing and want to paste it, I must always “add drawing” and then paste it from that layer. That might sounds SUPER unimportant, but it gets quite tedious after doing it so many times. Before this newest update, whenever I copied a drawing, I could simply paste it then and there from the + button. But now, that option is simply not there anymore! Can y’all please fix it, cause it will surely make things better! I mean, I know y’all actually do pay attention to these reviews considering you guys added the option to rotate drawings, which was something I asked for a long time ago! Thanks for reading!
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6 years ago, TheSkyRiver
Amazing on the outside.... But has some, Kinks
This app is probably one of the best options out their, with plenty of options such as adding sounds and music. But there are some problems. For example, it seems like every once in a while, when you use a camera clicker, or are taking many photos in a row, the camera freezes. When using the Add video option, it does not add in every/ most of the frames in the video, or even enough frames to match the frame rate you are using. Even worse is the edit option/feature. When using this feature, the frame gets zoomed in on so you can’t edit the full frame white the painter tool. I mean you can, just if you want to paint the edges of the frame, you have to guess what goes where. It also seems that the option to go up to 60 frames per second has been cut down to 30 FPS. PLEASE FIX THIS! You should not e limited to only 30 FPS. Also, the feature to merge photos does not exist/ work anymore, so you can’t create motion blur. Also, on the IPhone X, part of the screen is cut off in camera mode. One more nitpick, returns us to the edit option. In painter mode, whenever you try to adjust the opacity on different colors, and or drawings/backgrounds, it gets rid of the opacity on another drawing. To conclude, while one of the best stopmotion tools out there it definitely has problems that need to be fixed to improve the app in many ways.
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5 years ago, Brayden online
Need some help
I LOVE this app and I mean I LOVE it. I got this app a while ago I loved it, but one day I deleted it because LEGO was the main thing I used stop motion for, and I got bored of LEGOs. So one day I came back to this app thinking about how much fun it will be to start recording again, so I made a cool little video. Really liked it, but when I was done making it and watching the video, I realized somethings wrong, and I noticed it. When I was watching the video it was blurry unless I paused it, and that makes me really sad, because I really love this app and I want to use it a lot more than I do, but It’s hard to do that when my videos come out all blurry. I really hope you guys are gonna do something about this. But anyways other then that, just keep doing what you are doing.
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5 years ago, CertifiedWiggles
Very useful!
I have used this for everything that I have ever animated. This app is worth the five dollars, so make sure you check into it if you’re an animator, or into filming stuff. This app is just perfect for anyone who wants to create something, because it is easy to use, and doesn’t have many bugs. Few things bother me with this app, but there still are some problems. Maybe I will be recording a voiceover, but if I am in the “Preparing to record countdown”, and you press done while it is happening, the audio will glitch a little. The only thing I really need on this game though, is for it to have better processing in general. It may skip just about every other frame if your stop motion is too long, and it is hard to watch your project. It also takes too long to show somebody else your project, and gives me nostalgic flashbacks to 90’s internet. Even though it’s not the best, I really couldn’t live without this app. 5 stars anyway!
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3 years ago, Cal finder
Not met expectations
The app seems limited even you get the pro and most tutorials I have seen are web based. The text only comes in white and you can’t change the font either which is pretty disappointing for a paid app. You can’t preview the songs/audio so whatever you select gets embedded to your project, you either delete it and start all over. You can’t even merge your videos/projects together into one movie. You have to save each project into your iOS photo gallery which is an extra step then create a new project by selecting those movies which is another step. I don’t know why you can’t just add them from where they are in the app. There’s a lot potential in this app but it is mind boggling why you can’t preview songs before adding them to your project/movie and why you can’t change the color or font of the text.
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4 years ago, iTunes essary
This app is very helpful and has so many great features that can be essential when making a stop motion film. It works great most of the time and I really enjoy using it. BUT, there are still some issues that I have run into when using this app. First off, when the video gets to about 800 frames the app starts to slow down. I’m not sure if it’s just with my device or if it’s actually the app though. Second issue is when I try to play my video the play button just turns blue and I have to wait like 30-45 seconds for it to actually play. Third issue is that when the video actually plays it just randomly cuts off part of the voiceover which can be frustrating. Overall I do recommend this app if those things don’t bother you or if the app works fine on your device. Thanks! :)
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1 year ago, jigsmusic
Amazing app with new annoying glitch
I have been using this app on a near daily basis for the last six years, and it’s been great. I would say it’s the best stop motion app available. But recently, I’ve been getting a glitch where once I’m about three frames into a project, it breaks up and pixelates the screen. It has never happened until the last few months, and it does not happen on any other camera apps I have. I’ve found ways around it, but it’s very frustrating when you get a significant way into a project and the screen is glitched. I hope the developers can fix this as soon as possible, and I will continue to be a loyal user.
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6 years ago, Book/Tv Fan
Stop Motion Studio is great! One suggestion though
I love this app so much. It's really cool what you can make out of it, but there is one thing that bothers me. Whenever I film, I'm midway through a scene and then go to check what the film looks like. In a scene that I'm filming, it is usually zoomed in, but after I check what the film looks like I go back to taking pictures to see that it wasn't zoomed in like I had it. It just went to the regular optimized mode. Is there a way you could lock the optimize mode so it doesn't go back to its regular extent (if you know what I'm saying here)? If not it's fine, but adding a mode like this would be helpful.
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4 years ago, Ramireiz
This is an outstanding app, it has cool features that i guess are worth $5 like Ultra4k, built in sounds and i think there is more, some problems that keep ocuruing happen when i change the quality, my film always goes to 5 fps for no reason. also when i click audio to trim it, it goes to the list of what i recorded instead of the trim option. Adding clips that are longer than 5 seconds makes the clip skip frames. The green screen is whack, first you have the camera taking a white picture when you exit the camera then take a picture, when you edit a photo, it turns the green screened background white, and hovering over a frame make the green screen again, white. please fix all of this.
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3 years ago, callmeIsoraM
This app is horrible
You can’t actually use audio it is so dumb and you Pay five dollars for what this app is basically just like the free version none of it works after I download the app I was so happy but then after I tried to use it I was just like sitting in my bedroom crying I know it sounds dramatic but it was such a letdown I wasted my money for something that I could’ve gotten free I hate this app but there’s nothing else I can use there is absolutely no good stop motion Apps out there and I’m not settling for OK because that’s not OK so do not absolutely under any circumstances buy this app try out the free version and see how you like it you’re probably not even like that either because they’re all trash absolutely trash and I’m not paying $200 for an app like Dragon Frame so thanks for crushing my dreams have a good life because I know I won’t
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All I can say is...
So, uh. Hello stop motion studio pro. I'm Lukas and I'm thirteen years old. I was twelve and a half when I REALLY started getting into animation. All I can say is that the over all app is very well done. Although, I have a bit of a hard time making more perfected animations with the lack of different sound effects, especially when I have a YouTube/Website animation career ahead of me. If you could update it with a wider selection of different sound effects and songs, I would appreciate that. But again, it's definitely a TERRIFIC starters app for animation until your competent enough to move on to big guns(as they put it) like "Dragon Frame" and countless other Animation apps for laptops. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, hyperviper57
This app is great!👍🏼🎥
I’ve been using this app for quite awhile now and I must say, this app is the best way to make stop motions on you’re phone. If you are a beginner I recommend this app because it even gives tutorial videos to watch! When I first started out my videos looked like trash, but it takes time to get better. One way this app helped me was the pack with all the extra stuff in it. It gives you the ability to record you’re voice, make sound effects, erase objects to make things fly, and much more. It is definitely worth the money.
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7 years ago, Uttctvhv
Frustrating cropping issues
App works pretty well, with a huge exception relating to auto cropping of imported images. I take photos on better cameras, intending to use a full frame, but once imported, the app crops your photo, in my case cutting off the top and bottom to fit its own aspect ratio, not the photo's. You can manually edit this FOR EACH PHOTO, which is extremely time consuming. There should be a setting to preserve the original photo's aspect ratio. Also, why is there so much black space around the finished movie? Why can't it use the full screen size? These screens are small enough, why not use all of it. I'm cropping my photo enough to fit already, and now it doesn't even display full screen. This seems poorly executed.
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4 years ago, Rushed Dogg
Needs a fix
I honestly LOVE this app. I really wish that this reaches out to the creators but, in case it doesn’t, this it a warning to other users. I love this app, I spend most of my time on it, there’s just a major bug that causes my stopmotion to skip frames when reaching over 500 or 600 frames, which is really inconvenient. Another glitch is the sometimes constant freezing, it gets annoying and sometimes makes me lose my progress. Please take note of this and fix these urgent problems! Thank you very much. P.S. Thank you for creating such a great app.
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5 months ago, Ellie3754703
Stop Motion Studio Pro
I love to make stop motion videos! I have spent hours making them! There are so many things you can do on it. I love the erasing tool. It works so wonderfully. One time my sister walked by at the same time I took a picture and I just erased her out of it. I love to do stop motion. The songs are cool too. I wish there were a lot more though. But I think that is why there is a mic that you can record yourself with. I would definitely recommend Stop Motion Studio Pro. Buy it today for only 5.99 one time payment!!! Definitely worth it!!!
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6 years ago, terwillikerme
nice features but always looses connection
it is a nice interface but the failing remote camera whenever you are ready to work is just too annoying. its been over a year and it does not get any better. ok for an adult with a lot of patience, not recommended for kids due to the frequent failures and freezes. Follow up a year later, freezing seems to have been fixed and we can access music on itunes again. However the last update lost the simple zooming feature. Getting better overall.
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2 years ago, mr_awesomealot
Great app, bad frame adjustment tools
I’ve been using stop motion pro for years and have had minimal problems with moving and resizing frames until their resent update, which seems to randomize the whole process. Everything I select or move a frame I’m currently adjusting, it randomly resizes itself, and I can’t just make it bigger or smaller without having to completely readjust its position again. I recommend that coordinate position and frame size spectrum/scroll bars should be added to the adjusting options to make the process easier and more precise (much like angle change has).
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4 years ago, attack__jack jack__--cool76
Great app bad sound effects
So I am a fan of flapjack films and I’m pretty sure this is the app he uses. It is fantastic and I use it for all my LEGO stop motion. The only thing that could be better were the sound effects. Most seem loud and long and nothing that fit the description or is similar to flapjacks sounds. Though you can record your own sound effects so it’s less of a problem and I’m just being picky. But in conclusion I think this is a great app with just about everything you need for stop motion, the camera, the sounds, the editing, etc... so I definitely recommend it.
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2 years ago, jhdhdbdbdbdbbdh
Great app but…
Hi, this is an amazing app! But there is one major issue that I have. This “issue” might have been fixed in the update, but just in case it didn’t, I’ll tell you what it is. So one day, I was just adding on to my stop motion movie, (Yes I want to create a stop motion movie and not just a 1-2 minute film) and it was skipping frames! This really disappointed me, and I was afraid that I had to quit. I hope you see this and all around, the graphics, the backgrounds, everything about this app is awesome, but I really hope that this issue is, or will be fixed. Thanks!!!
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1 year ago, owen j hill
This s is the best even for advanced
So I was been taking a Stop Motion class and it required me to get the pro version of this app and I’m really liking it. There’s this whole thing called onion skinning and it’s really cool. I’ve been able to make random objects around the house just come alive I did one where I had a flat piece of tinfoil, and it eventually turned into a man and he started walking around this app is amazing even for people who are advanced at this. I’ve seen many Youtubers use this app.
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6 years ago, 8JEM29
The new update is awesome, but there is one more thing it needs...
Firstly, let me just say that I love stop motion studio and it has been my staple for quite a long time, so when I saw the new feature of facial expressions I was pretty excited. However, I was somewhat disappointed that you can’t put only a mouth and that you must put both a mouth and eyes or nothing at all. I’m not sure if this is a feature and I just haven’t found how to use it yet, but if it isn’t a feature, please give us the ability to choose if we only want a mouth or only eyes as this would definitely come in handy.
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7 months ago, GreatThingsHaveOneBigProblem
I love this app. However, what annoys me are the shared recordings. I find it hard to get new recordings that aren’t voiceovers from the app. I am someone who has been getting audio issues with my iPad, and while I want to get shared recordings, I can’t for some reason. While i like this app, this feature should’ve been added for this app. It can help getting better reviews, but also plz have a feature where you get rid of your shared recordings. They do not go away.
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4 years ago, Yonizzle16
Stop motion pro for the phone is awesome but for the computer it’s terrible
Stop motion pro over all is a great way to produce some great animation without paying to much for software and my favorite part is that the app on the phone is great and allows me to do fun with quick animations on the go however I purchased the app for the laptop in hoping I would be able to use my DSLR tethered to my computer but the app does not connect to the DSLR 👎🏽I looked everywhere online to find a solution I tried multiple configurations and even reached out to tech support and asked for my money back but got no response from either department that being said DONT BUY THE COMPUTER APP ITS A JOKE
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3 years ago, coolgameplayer08
Amazing App
I just got this app and I absolutely love it. It has a green screen , filters , and foregrounds. I have made a movie and you can add music and make it look like a doll or object is singing. It is most definitely worth the $5 with all of the features and you only pay once which I was confused on if it was $5 a month or if it was only paying once. But in all it is an amazing app I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who has time and is creative.
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1 year ago, AsherCinemaYT
I use this to animate
I use this to animate for my yt channel. It works good for the most part, but I would like it to be improved a little bit more. I don’t wanna get a really animating app tho because I think this app works really well for animating. I just think a few more option for the pen strokes, like maybe a crayon or fill option, a few more backgrounds or maybe even an annotation tool. So you can bend and manipulate the lines to your liking. Very very great app for stop motion and animation. I give it a 4.5! You guys are doing some great work!
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3 months ago, Potatomanman
Many tools
I thought this was just a quick way to turn photos into video. My friend showed me this, but wow! There are so many tools! I guess I need to buy some legos now lol I am worried about the sounds though, are they free for commercial use? Edit: never mind, I found the answer on your website. It is copyrighted but we are free to use the audio in our videos and “for whatever we want” nice 😊 thanks for making this. Gonna have some fun with this
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3 months ago, VideoHouse JSQ
Great app, but one major problem.
I’ve used Stop motion studio and stop motion studio pro to film my animations for a few years now, and it’s been really user friendly and over all a good experience. But one major issue that I wish the devs would fix is the app’s light and exposure flickering. Even when set to the right exposure and ISO settings, some of the frames will come out slightly brighter or darker than they should be. And it’s not because of the external lamps. It’s only the app that does this. If this wasn’t a problem, I would say this app is 5 star. Everything else is quite good.
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6 years ago, Ghastly101
Zooming and button issues
I’ve been excited to make projects for the summer, but my bubble was bursted when the new update hit. I cannot zoom in and out, and the entire video has to be from ONE angle. When I go to my camera the zoom works fine, but not on Stop Motion. The buttons glitch constantly, and I can’t push them to get out or go into settings or help. I have to close the app and go back in to fix this. Working with these conditions is frustrating, and I will no longer be able to make animations with this app. Please fix these bugs because this app has been fantastic before this disaster.
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4 years ago, AnibalPachecoIT
Great App
Though there is just one problem with the upload function. When uploading photos from the files, the app will slow down and after a certain point or number it stops the download. After such gives a message. This is one of the more annoying things about the app. But overall the app is just amazing, easy to use, organized, and perfect for animation. Overall Five stars without a doubt. But still I would like that bug to go away.
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4 years ago, ohhhhweeeee
It’s good but has its flaws
I’ve had this app for years and it’s a good app great for beginners but the audio part of the app is really frustrating to me. Whenever I try to add audio to my video it doesn’t show up at all. If you go to the frame where you selected to audio to start and tap on audio and press play it goes for a little bit then stops and it you try to check the volume it says it’s at a hundred but again no sound is coming out and the green screen isn’t that great either. Can the workers on the app please fix these problems
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3 years ago, Minnie misty
Supa gr8
Its the best app I’ve ever come across 4 stop motion. The only problem I have is that on the remote camera you can’t have the camera be vertical you can only have it on its side. I wanted to start making shorts instead of full videos but I can’t turn my phone so that the camera is vertical so I can’t make shorts because in order to make a short your camera angle has to be vertical. Other that that it’s a gr8 app. Definitely an app worth getting
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6 years ago, Pencilous
I love this app but the Apple Watch no longer works
I absolutely love this app and its features. I went to make a claymation video with my iphone and Apple Watch as a remote but it kept disconnecting with my iphone. The app on the watch would initially connect with my iphone but after taking a few pictures using my watch it would become disconnected once my watch would go to sleep. This was very frustrating and so I gave up trying to do it with the watch. I even downloaded the free version and paid for the remote feature and it still failed to work properly. I later found the remote app so I used my ipad and IPhone to get the project done. Please fix this bug
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3 years ago, Harlow Productions
By far the best stop motion app!
This app has really helped me with making my stop motion animations! Me, being a animator, needs a reliable app for stop motion-and this app has everything you’d need! You can mask frames, add images, add titles, and so much more!! The only criticism I have is that when your animating, it will take pictures when you didn’t press the button, which I find slightly annoying, but you can always delete the frame 😉
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4 years ago, notty little boy
I think the app is very good. I have been using it for about a year. But the reason I am writing this is because I noticed lines going throughout the screen when my lamps are on. I tried to close, redownload it, and power off my phone but the lines are still there going up the screen. I tried to use my siblings and parents phones but the lines are still there. Is there anything you can do to fix it.
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6 years ago, Slamo2393
Amazing app
I love this app. It’s amazing. My kids and I have used it all the time. I’m a little annoyed about the latest update. It’s taking me a while to figure out where new buttons & links are located. I had to contact the app makers to figure out how to access the remote feature. Then, I had to figure out how to turn the shutter sound off whilst using the remote feature - not even turning the iPad volume off worked. I gotta say the company has amazing communication. They responded ASAP.
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3 years ago, Motion Flo CREATIONS
Great app, just one problem.
I’ve been using stop motion studio for a couple of years now, and usually after each update there’s a small Problem that’s usually resolved soon. Ever since the most recent update, there’s an issue with the camera! It is off balance…I don’t really know how to explain it. I would take a picture in a certain position, The next picture I take, the camera would move up (this is only for using zoom in feature). It’s been really frustrating dealing with this problem, please fix!
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2 years ago, Rockazoid8
How this app changed my videos
I had never actually tried stop motion before but when I downloaded the original one and there were tons of features for just five dollars, I knew I had to buy the better one (this one) and for the first month or so, this app was wasted on me. But after about a year of animating, I became so good at it just from this app. It’s all I use and I hope you have the same experience.
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7 years ago, Mumof3boyz
Pretty good
This app is very useful in some ways and others not. One of the reasons this app is nice is because you can erase things that slip into your background and you can draw. One of the reasons it's not so great is it takes up alooot of space by just downloading it. Then it takes up EVEN more space from making stop motion. Not only that but it gets glitchy and sometimes crashes, but luckily your stop motion saves itself. Overall this app is pretty dang good I recommend you get it, but make sure you have decent amount of space.
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3 years ago, danie😎😜😛😋😚😝😌😉🙃😇
Good but one thing
This is a all in all amazing app I love making stop motions on this totally worth the 5 bucks. I just have one suggestion I would be cool to have effects of some sort. Not like more sound effects but like Visual effects. Now you don’t have to include this but it would be nice. Aside from that this is thee best app for stop Motion on the App Store, so If anyone Is thinking about buying the five dollar version it is totally worth the money
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3 weeks ago, jgkhdhh
It’s goood?
So I like stop motion studio pro. But I can’t add special effects or make a good green/ blue screen. Video or all those other things iMovie, cap cut pro, and KineMaster. But I use all four of those apps. And you don’t need it for sound effects. But the how way it lets you edit it is super cool. And it lets you and faces and adjust it too. It also is the best thing for the first steps of your video. Like how it lets you pick any amount of photos. And frame rate per second. AND GO SEE MY CHANNEL GOLDEN ERA FILMS AND THE LOGO IS A GOLDEN GODZILLA WITH GOLDEN ERA UNDER IT.
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2 years ago, Octoberbabbyyy27
The earbud shutter feature would stop working mid shoot. In order for them to work again you would need to exit the scene your shooting on and reopen for the earbuds to function again. Onion skin won’t work until you keep exiting off the project which becomes frustrating when you would constantly have to reset the camera settings, framing, and lining it back up without subtle changes mid filming is hard so you end up starting over. The app is great they need to fix the earbud shutter issue along with some in app glitches. Plz fix these!!! I use this app a lot to make videos and it’s frustrating to work with at times.
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6 years ago, sound prob
Sound effects problem
Okay so I started importing sound effects from the internet like punching sound effects and talking sound effects and it was all just fine until today, okay so I begin making a new stop motion and I am or at least was gonna call it Lego police breakout so I tap a sound effects button and it doe sent work so I brush it off as nothing but then I keep doing it and I still can’t here it WHAT THE HECK there’s literally always a problem on this really annoying app oh and if you solve the green screen problem than your probably gonna come face to face with the problem I’m dealing with right now please help me
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