Stop Motion Studio

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4.6 (56.2K)
161.6 MB
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Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stop Motion Studio

4.6 out of 5
56.2K Ratings
10 months ago, StrangeMonkey84
I’m going to keep this review short and simple. This app is great! It’s the perfect app for making stop motion movies easily. Whether it be adding sound effects, changing the picture filters, or adding background music and other awesome things, it’s an app that enhances stop motion making. I have a few ‘wishes’ about the app though. When trying to find sound for scenes, it’s a little annoying that some of the sounds don’t match up with the theme. Some sounds for what you need for the stop motion, don’t exist in the app. So it would be nice if there was a way to search up a sounds on like a sound search engine. Also, in order to add sound and stuff, you have to pay for it. I’d rather the app just be priced itself, then having add-ons because it just doesn’t make sense. Plus, when I first got the app (before I switched phones and downloaded the app to the full extent), it was really just taking pictures and playing it through again. So it was not to pleasing to make a stop motion movie and get ready to add effects only to find out I had to pay. But those are really the only wishes I have. Other than that, the app is very fun and it’s a little hard to learn and use at first, but over time it’s get easier.
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6 years ago, HailUmbridge
Great app, but I am unable to find a solution.
I want to start off by saying that this app is amazing and I use it as an alternative to many of the other stop motion editing softwares as it is much easier. I have used this app for about 8 months and have spent countless hours animating. I have bought all of the add ons to get the full experience and make my stop motions as best as I can. That said recently I have encountered a problem that is not only irritating but unnecessarily difficult. Recently the merge option has been greyed out, although his might not seem like such a big problem it is really irritating. I am currently working on an ant man and the wasp LEGO trailer stop motion, and a character known as the ghost has powers that require a merge of different slides, the shrinking and growing effects also require the same method but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix this. I have attempted to contact the developers through the website, but I got an error display and couldn’t move further. If this is only a simple bug that can be fixed or a patch that has been ridiculously over complicated than I need to know. I have spent about an hour researching if others have encountered the same problem or are having trouble but I can’t find anything, if anyone has any solutions or the developers themselves see this then please help. This is something that I know has worked in the past so there is no reason it shouldn’t now.
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6 years ago, Max Stop Motion
I absolutely love this app but it has a few problems
Ok so I have finally found an app that lets me create animations without too much trouble. It’s very intuitive and has many great features. But as every other app it has it’s problems. One of the ones I’ve had the most issues with is that when I have it set to manual it will still auto correct brightness whenever I put my hand in front of the camera, not sure if it’s my phone’s fault or the app’s but it is a problem because it creates a lot of light flicker. Another is that whenever I have it zoomed in and I go to look at the pictures I have already taken it resets the zoom. This makes it very difficult to animate dialogue. I have a few more nitpickey complaints. Mostly just that I can’t set the ISO to anything below 100 (I know that expensive cameras don’t go below it either.) I often find that my sets are way to bright. And one final complaint, there isn’t a slider for white balance. I just feel restricted because it has a set of presets. I also have a suggestion: a feather option for erasing/painting would be awesome. It would create smoother transitions from the previous frame to the next. And also if there is a way please allow us to change the aperture as well. Overall this is by far my favorite stop motion app and I only want to see it improve. Hope you found this useful.
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5 years ago, Fitzgeral_the_Frenchie
Amazing app, just one little problem...
I have been using this app for a couple of years and it is a great app, it is free and comparing its function to other Stop Motion applications it is wonderful, it is 5th on the list for Best Stop Motion Technology and it has proven that! But I have recently come across a problem... I can’t get the pictures to come out clearly. I know exactly how to do that, I alter the focus, but when I look at the image before I take it, it is perfect, then as soon as I click the button to take the picture the image gets blurry, I even tried using my phone and take a Remote Picture, but it never comes out in focus. I tried changing everything I could, but no matter what I did it was always blurry. It only gots into focus if I stayed a couple of seconds on the frame and when I played the movie the frames ALL got blurry again. I do not know if the focus problem is just a bug, but I hope they get it fixed soon, so I, and anyone else who may be experiencing this problem, can continue to enjoy this app... other than this recent problem this app has been incredible and very easy to use, and I would highly recommend it to any Stop Motion beginners, intermediates, or professionals!
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6 years ago, PhonicsCanDo
It’s Great-Just What I Needed
I have been yelling for ages that my little Phonics program needed to be made into moving cartoons; my son told me about this Application, he told me his children are having s great time making Stop Motion movies. So I made little characters from my Phonics stories and using Stop Motion created my own Cartoons, as it were. So far I have had great feedback from those who have seen my Phonics “stories” come to life. Thank you very much. If my Phonics Cartoons Help any little ones to read, I will have the creator of this Application to thank. I have only one “complaint “. The program, has at times, died on me; that is goes totally black-no picture, nothing-when I try to send a Stop Motion Movie. So far I wait, for several hours and it comes back. This last time it seems lost for good. I don’t want to lose the Stop Motion Mini Movies I have recorded. I’m flummoxed. PS: If you want to see your handiwork applied go to “ I Can Do Phonics” on Facebook. Click On videos. (I am trying to put the Cartoons on UTube as well).
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2 years ago, goomba kid
Premium (And other stuff thrown in)
Ok, so this is a truly amazing app. I have used it with my friend to make amazing videos. The one problem is the premium. You cannot do anything like add music, or flip images. You can practically only do a simple stop motion with nothing else. No photo backgrounds is also a problem. All those features are locked away in the 5.00$ premium membership. But despite that, this app is still very fun and easy to use. You can even save and export your videos! Lastly, they also give you an always available starter tutorial that helped me a million. Overall, I would recommend getting this app, but for people who do not like spending money on apps, I would read the past paragraph one more time. Just to see what you can do without premium. But I also feel like premium should be four-three dollars maybe instead of five. But to put out more of a positive review for this app, I am writing this on an iPhone 6s Plus and my camera is CRAP! Yet my videos still look wonderful on this app. Please get this app, and Thanks For Reading! 😎 -GoombaKid7 P.S (🤣I AM just a kid, so it would be natural to have a super old phone. Also, sorry if this app review is immature. I try.)
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3 years ago, ANDREWVAKA amazing guy
It is an amazing app but there are a few problems…
OK first off this app is amazing it has really good potential and this is how I made my first ever animation which is stop motion it is a really nice app for beginners and I think you’ll like it if you want to start doing stop motion especially if you have a Lego but there are a few problems such as sometimes when you try to get to the beginning of your animation and you play at midway the animation goes back and it makes the start motion lag for a little bit, sometimes the app for some reason auto makes the speed sometimes after you already said the speed it’s a little glitch, and finally it doesn’t have the best start motion camera quality not saying that it’s bad it’s actually really good but it’s not the best it can be but still I think this app is amazing for beginners and sure I might have a few problems here and there but who cares as long as you have a fun time making stop motion with Legos or Play-Doh who cares do you have fun this is gonna be a good app for you
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2 years ago, beardeddragonlover95352
One of my favorite apps
Stop motion studio is really fun and allows you to be very creative! I’ve had so much fun making all of my animations. At first it was a bit tricky to learn how to do everything, but it is like that with a lot of things. I gave this a five star rating because I think the people who created this did a very good job and it was nice to have the music features, titles and credits, and other options to make your animation even better! I have used this app in art class at school and everyone loved it when we made LEGO animations! That is how I came across this app! I loved it so much in school I downloaded it right away onto my phone! It has proved to be a very fun and useful app. The only criteria I have is that without buying the premium option you can’t really do much, and things just kept popping up to buy the premium. I did and now I can do a lot more so I think it was worth it! I recommend this app to everyone! Get creative with your animations!
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5 years ago, StikbotLover
Best Stop motion app ever!!!
The app is so cool! And I like how you can add drawings to the frames to make it look like the characters are using powers! But even though I rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (five stars ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ),I do have some things I wish were in the app. The app StopMotionTv, I can't find it on my app store on my Iphone. So if you can make a StopMotionTv section on the app, that would be awesome. Next, in the audio section of when you're editing the app, there is where it shows all your music on Apple music. But it won't let me add it into my movie. Please fix this. And when you're editing the sound effects or voiceovers, if you can make it to where you can make it sound like the sound is on the phone, that would also be great. Over all, it's great! I like to use this app for my stikbot animations. Stikbot studio doesn't have alot of the features that this app does. Thanks for making this app. And once again please take my request and add the stuff into the app.
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8 months ago, The follower of God
Developers really need to read this!
OK starting my review I thing first and foremost stop motion studio should make it to where you can use a button to take a picture and the other app makes it seem that way but it’s not so I think stop motion studio needs to add this button to make it easier for users to take pictures without moving the camera and making the image look trashy. In this case I’ve paid for Stop Motion studio already but I’m resorting to using other apps instead because my button works on the apps so it would be really nice if you could make it work on another problem is I was checking out other apps and it seems to be the green screens are better than Stop Motion studios so if you guys could really work on your green screen, it would be 1000 times better and also making an edit mode so whether I go and make it on a different app, not, I can bring it back to this app, and use the features that this app concludes yours don’t pay attention to no periods in this.
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3 years ago, angels_twin2008
Really great! But something is off…
I absolutely love this app! It works great! I use it for school projects and it always gets me good grades. Something seems off about it though… when I open the app, it makes a little click, almost like a camera shutter. I didn’t think anything of it at first but it has progressively gotten weirder. When I open another app and have this one on in the background and then open it back up, the sound goes off again. Today, I had to shut off my iPad because I had to do something, and later turned the iPad back on, I noticed that while I was busy, the camera had stayed on. The little figure in the corner that tells you if your camera is being used had been lit up the entire time I was gone. When I went to close the app, the camera shutter went off again. Please tell me if anyone else is noticing these things because i am getting really worried and I want to know if my iPad has been hacked and my personal info has been shared.
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4 years ago, Ok this name couldnt be taken
Stop Motion Studios is great but it could be better
I had a lot of fun making my stop motion movie and this app is a lot of fun, but it does have some glitches. The first issue I have with this app is that one of my slides is blurry. I know it is not because of the focus because the very next slide is the same picture. This problem is not nearly as irritating as the next, however. My second issue is this: I was fiddling with the settings on the app once and now, when I play my movie, a lot of slides are skipped. This really bothers me because it makes my movie blocky and it looks like I spent only one hour on it. I know I don’t have too many slides and it is not just me. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. Other than the two issues I have addressed, I really enjoy using this app. It is a great way to use some of the extra time I have on my hands during COVID-19 and quarantine. I would greatly appreciate it if Stop Motion Studios would look into fixing these problems. Stay healthy everyone!
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2 years ago, Ancalagon2048
Unneeded changed, and a new bug
I use this app all the time, but there was an update recently that makes voice overs a pain. Rather than giving you a 3,2,1 on screen like it used to, now there’s a flashing dot. I don’t like having to count each time the dot blinks and I can’t think of any reason it was implemented over the old version. Also the new update sets the FPS to 5 when you start a new movie, which isn’t that bad but is annoying to deal with compared to how it would just save the FPS you used on your last project. Finally there’s a new bug that’s been annoying me a lot, where the app automatically takes a photo whenever you delete the last photo of the project or at random when you open up camera mode. If there’s a way to change the setup back to the old version and if the bug is patched then this app would easily get 5 stars. Until then it’s a 3 for me
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5 years ago, kelli mayonor
It’s okay
I would definitely recommend this app when your felling creative or bored. It’s really fun to do but also it kinda takes a lot of time to just make a 1 min stop motion , but that is how life is and that’s how movie makers do it .lets get to the point why can’t the titles and movies be free to use? I mean I get the idea of making people pay for green screens / backgrounds but why just can’t at least the title and the sound effects be free? This would have been a 4-5 star but easily changed my mind. I live this app but just needs some improving . Also why would they make you get a separate app to watch other people’s things they made , I mean just put it on there with the stop motion and all there’s no pint for another app. Even thought they give you a few stop motions from other people to watch I mean I need more , more that I don’t have to download another app (waste my storage) and I need this app to have so much that I’ll get me through a hole road trip or air plane ride. Thank you if you’d make it this far! Just please fix it then I’ll give a 100 star!
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2 years ago, your average stop motion guy
Great app but there’s one problem
Great app Premium doesn’t have monthly fees and you just need to pay about six dollars and you get it forever you can add affects you can delete strings sticky tack etc. but there’s one problem The sound when you take a photo makes the photo quality bad and even when I turn the sound off the sound is still on but besides that the app is great. Suggestions for the people who made the app: Photoshop option so it’s easier to edit stuff out without getting annoyed by the shadows. For iPad and phone you can make your own sounds effects and put it in the sound effect library to use in other stop motion videos. Already made animated affects to put in stop motion. To anybody who helped making this app who read my suggestions: thank you for reading my suggestions and tell the other people who made this app my suggestions if you want
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3 years ago, #animallover#1
Loved this app!!!!!😝😃😁🤗🤜🤛🤳
This app is do great! I had gotten it a while ago so I could do stop motion LEGO and I love it so much! Me and my sister try to do some sometimes and we get like halfway through it and stop and leave it so I have like eight unfinished projects (that I may or may not have deleted because of the problem see below ⬇️)but we still have so much fun🤪! But the only problem is that the pictures take up A LOT of storage space and for those of us who can’t just buy more (like kids and me) that’s a problem. I wish there was a way to store the pictures just on the app and not have all of them in your photos. Please add something like this it would be so helpful!!! Other than that one little suggestion the app is great me and my sister have a lot of fun with it! Thank you for creating this app!😊 Love the sound effects and music they make it so funny!
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4 years ago, D-savagecabage
Great quality, and endless possibilities
stop motion studio is a free stop motion that I have been using for 2 months. I have been making stop motions for three months. In the first month(before I found stop motion studio) I tried several stop motion apps that had several problems that stop motion studio does not have. For starters, most of the apps I tried had very few features that were free to use, making very hard to make a stop motion. One of the stop motions apps I tried made it so you could only use 1-3 FPS and you had a maximum of 100 frames, stop motion studio lets you choose from 1-30 FPS, with unlimited frames, for free. Now stop motion studio does ofer several benefits that you have to pay for, but I have not tried them, and it works just fine without them. Although I am sure if you wanted to make more professional stop motions, the version you have to pay for is the better option.
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4 years ago, ghfrdfyt6tg&t@42Etfft
Good, but make stuff easier to erase. And, WHY ADD THE GRID THAT MESSED UP MY MOVIES?!
Look, it’s a great app I wish I could be here writing a 5 star review, but I can’t. I would be lying if I said I would rate this as a five star app. Let’s start with the good stuff the photos are super good quality, and they’re not blurry at all. Now let’s get onto the negatives, if I want to make a Stop Motion with my stuffed animals, and my hand’s in the photo well it’s impossible to erase my hand out of the photo. That’s what I really don’t like about app. Someone fix the erasing problem because I’m nine and let’s face it, I love making movies I’ve made 9 iMovie movies and it’s super easy to make them. Also the grid is bugging me like crazy. PLEASE take that grid out. PLEEEEASE? So if you’re a developer and you’re reading this review PLEASE fix the problems. Whoever is reading this review, I hope you have a good rest of your day. Stay safe.
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3 years ago, Beyond the Max
Beyond the Max stop motion
So, long story short, this app is great for beginners to professionals, but I have a slight problem. It has great features (some you have to pay for) to enhance your animations even further. The price to unlock everything (sound effects, title and credit text, recordings, erase feature, green/blue screen, etc.) is $4.99, which is not bad at all considering it is optional for those who want to take it a step further. The problem I have is a little weird. When I play the video in the app, it can skip a few frames, although all the frames show at the bottom. But when I export it elsewhere every frame is there and it is perfectly fine. Although this problem does have a simple solution, it is annoying to see the frame you worked the hardest on get skipped over when you are watching your final product.
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3 years ago, Beediddles
Absolutely amazing app! But I have one issue…
This app has been absolutely great with satisfying my stop motion passion! I have been making many films with this app on my iPhone without a problem (i have an iPhone 8 and this app worked super smoothly on it so this app is good with older devices too) but when I downloaded this app on my iPad (which is the 7th generation iPad) I went to do a voice recording, but when it’s done none of the audio is playing! This happened as of writing this by the way. I checked that my microphone was allowed on the app, which it was, and my volume was all the way up. I had never faced this problem before, and it’s really a bummer because i was so excited to add audio to my film! Other than that, this app is amazing and I’ve never had a problem with it before this! But i do highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Mia kitty cat
I love it so much!
I have so many videos I cannot count it is amazing I give it five stars!!!This app is super Duper awesome and even though I am seven I can still work this out because it is so easy and fun I even have a tripod and I love waddle he gives me so many tips I even built a green screen I now know Half of all The instructions I love it so much that I want to keep it forever!! I think I have 35 videos . . . ? I don’t know but are you sure do have a lot I might have 35 I don’t know I might even have 65 that’s big B I G ! Yep it sure is big big big! Bigger than big big biggest sing ever even more than infinity wait no yeah that’s right I don’t have infinity that would be pretty weird. I like this so much that I am doing Lego dinosaur movies and I am going to do claymation I might not even get to but I think I’m going to my favorite dinosaur from Lego are used in the Stop Motion is that T Rex!
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1 year ago, GrumpyCat7474
I’m a little mad 😀😅😠
Ok so I was looking at the pictures of the and was like oh that looks cool ( mind you at that time I was really into stop motion ) So I got the app only to find out that all the things in the pictures are only in the stop motion studio’s PREMIUM. Now even without the premium it’s ok but you can’t really add special effects like at all, I had to get a whole other app the add effects because I didn’t want to buy the premium. It is cool you can do a voice over and stuff but I was really expecting though’s special effects to come in handy. Now there is something annoying besides not having the premium, it’s the fact that the phone HAS to be landscape?! I don’t know why, I mean maybe other people like it landscape but it got annoying for me, you also can’t take pictures in your camera app and add them into the stop motion app, which if fine sometimes but I kinda wish I could use my camera app. Now I did make a few short films using this app and they look pretty good so ya. It is a shame this app isn’t as good as I thought.
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5 years ago, L.B the app master
Over all good but 3 big flaws
Now I am 8 years old and I love this app but it does have some flaws here are 3. #1. Most movies have like over 2,000 frames right so how come as I was making a movie it like ignored a few vital frames I needed or it wouldn’t make sense. #2. I drew a great frame and I accidentally undid the pencil marks on the frame, and went out to see if it all was undone then I remembered I could just undo what I undid but because I went out now I can’t undo what I all ready did and when it was an accident and like why do that? #3. I really like the settings in there like you can make the movie look symmetrical or even upside down but it’s for the entire movie so it’s not understandable because your asking like do you want a totally upside down movie um... no! I wish you could select the frames you wanted to look like that and it would be so cool. But besides that it’s a great animator’s app. To Stopmotion engineer : please try to fix these flaws if you can. ❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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3 years ago, CapColl
i love this app bc it has everything i need i import photos in to it to make it and even if i took the pictures on the app unlike imotion or whatever its called you have to pay to use onion skin wich is super helpful and on sss its free and if u pay like 3$ u can get green screen wich is RLLY COOL i use the app to make vids for my yt channel (collinthegrape) and i think the vids turn out fine and i edit it on an iphone 7 so it works out fine so i dont need to edit anything on a computer with photo shop or something and if u pay the 3or4$ u can make it look like the characters are flying so u could pay for a imotion membership plus a photoshop membership or just pay 3$ and get the same thing but one thing is sometimes i want to turn off onion skin and it wont let me but other than that everythings fine
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5 years ago, Greg74hamburger
Awsome here are some ideas
.add more sound variants that have there own place to be like a horror section that can enclude ghost sounds zombies sounds or clown laughs and spooky theme songs like Halloween theme song. Add a editing page that could have things like picture editors or pictures to paste on to your stop motion videos like a dinosaur or ghost just to add for more effect to the movie. Add voice changers to the speaker. Add special movie effects like rain or snow or even Leives blowing around mabey even floating ghosts or bats to paste to the picture in your stop motion videos. These are all just ideas but I think you should add a custom studio designer like you could look at diffrent studios from diffrent people and have names for them I did ares is spook studios. These are all just ideas but I think it would make it even cooler hope you get more 5 star reviews :3
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2 years ago, kalib 1
I have so many problems.
Hi! My name is Kalib. Thank you for Starting off to read my review. I have simple problems. 1. Whenever I make a mistake and press the camera button, it does not go back to the record section. And even if I try to fix it is still in the camera section. Then it has the red button where you record but it acts like it, it is still stuck on the Photo section. Please fix this concern. I don’t BELIEVE how they act like it’s the record button. I’m not going to re-download this app again until y’all fix the problem. 2. Why do you have to pay for images, Clips, and more? That’s unfair that you only have to record yourself, it will look like it’s a real movie. 3. How come you can’t make an Audio if I’m not recording? Make no sense. If y’all are the same problems, then review it so I can see it. That was all the problems. Thank you for reading my review. 😊 Thank you 😘 God bless you ✝️
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5 years ago, @kapexx_pics
This app seemed like the greatest app ever. I understand that they want to make money for there premium services which is so fare and many company’s do this.... but not being able to import photos is the craziest “premium” feature I have ever heard of! I had to make a huge project for school and we all needed to find a app to edit. I suggested this app and everyone thought it was amazing until we couldn’t import our pictures. By the school I mean 1000 users USING YOUR APP!! But sadly because of your “premium” feature nobody used this app and we all used iMovie... I know you want to make money but this is like saying hey here’s a free iPhone but wait! To open it you have to pay $500! You give us this app but we can’t import pictures???!!!! Why would you ever make this a PREMIUM feature!!! Please.. if you want your company to make more money let us import our photos! WHY did you do this?? JUST MAKE IT A NORMAL FEATURE PLEASE! MANY more people will use your app if you make importing a free FEATURE!
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5 years ago, Dadddy40
Not the best
So I am in high school, taking an animation class. Currently we are using this to make a claymation. I have notice a couple problems with it. The camera does not focus well, which is a big problem. It also has a glitch where sometimes if you hit the undo frame, it will delete all your other projects. When that happend to me, I was not happy. Now, this last part may just be nitpicking, but when I saw the official company’s animation, I saw their fingers in it, and the animation was not smooth. Even with all these problems, I do recommend for a beginner to use. Just fix these problems and I will raise my review. Thank you. Edit: I saw some reviews about it not having working music, but that’s not true, in my animation class(where I first heard about this app) we are using sticker mouths and having them say stuff, with uses audio. Now, they may have purchased this feature(the school) but it still works. Sorry for the long review
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4 years ago, Silas Avila
Great stop motion animating platform!!!
I’m a kid 10 years old and I use this platform myself at first I use it for a school project but then I really fell in love with this great type of animated Stop Motion basically you take a picture and then you take another picture and then you take another picture in a take another picture each time moving the character on screen and then you have a little animation of a guy walking! This platform can be used by all ages if you can understand it, and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to take up the test if animating patient is required though but you can start off small and make a few in just like five minutes! Great platform I love it and I would recommend it to everyone!!! - Silas 10 years old
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5 years ago, BangKittie🎮🐈💣
It is not COMPLETELY free...
No, It’s not free. First off, this app looks very fun and cool. And truthfully it is! 👍 But, I thought it might be a little bit different . I was super excited to use this app! I got everything else on my schedule done, and quickly began taking photos. I took all the photos! And opened the app. I took a few minutes finding how to use everything. Then, I found the “ Import photos” button. I clicked it because I knew I needed to import all my photos for the movie. My heart totally sank when I saw you had to BUY import photos and other important things. I saw the price and wasn’t the least bit worried. It is only $0.99 But some people won’t be able or won’t want to pay for that. I am just warning other people that think it is completely free. This app is amazing! I love it and it is easy for beginners! Thank you for creating this. No hate. Thanks for reading! ❤️❤️😛
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4 years ago, Better with computer
Best stop motion app ever created
I have seen loads of animated movies and ever since then I wanted to create my own so I downloaded this app and bought the feature pack so my animations could be better quality. When I looked at my first stop motion I got my hands in every frame so I asked if anyone knew how to keep your hands out of the shot and someone told me that I had to keep my camera sturdy and move the characters then take my hand out then take a picture then move it again take my hand out and it would look better. Also I kept holding the camera so that I could get the camera up to the height of taller characters so I went and got a step stool and placed my iPad on it and I used a case with stands and a handle so now stop motion is really easy for me
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4 years ago, Rage time girl
So first things first I just have to say that this app is amazing. I mean it's a little annoying when you're doing a movie and you do the sound and it doesn't let you do sound for one slide at a time. It's very annoying. Now on to the good stuff. Whoever is reading this please note that this is a good and bad review. I'm listing things about this that is both good and bad. I love when you finally finish a movie and you see it and you love it. The only problem is... you need sound. So you go to record and you start recording then you're like why is it making me talk fast. ( what I mean by that is you have to talk fast in order to make the movie sound good ) please fix this it's very annoying. But please keep doing what your doing and make apps that are even better than this. Thanks a good bye
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6 years ago, Blahwhat12345
You MUST buy this app!!!
Hello, person looking at reviews! I’m hear to tell you that no matter want anyone says, this is the best stop motion app ever. You could never get anything better. Over time, I slowly bought everything you can buy, so you might want to just buy everything from the get-go. (That’s just my advice. You might not need every feature.) This app has great features, like: Green screen Color effect. (The ability to draw on the screen.) Slow/speed up ability Cool titles Cool sound effects Great music And, slightly new, the ability to give a face to a LEGO guy. It’s kind of hard, but the idea is still awesome. TIP: I am a “grizzled” stop motion movie maker. To those of you who want the best movie making experience, download iMovie as well. That way, once you finish in stop motion, you can send the video to photos, then from photos to IMovie. (iMovie has some editing ability’s that are very helpful if you want to make a top quality movie. To the app makers: from a movie making person like my self, (one who constantly uses LEGO for movies) please make the face feature easier to use. (The feature that allows you to put a face on a LEGO guy frame by frame. Good by and good work.
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3 years ago, (●゚ω゚●)𝙷𝙸
First of all, the app is pretty good. loved the app at first, but it’s very hard to work with. You have to pay to use most of the good things that I saw in the video. I love making stop motion things, but please before you make the trailer please show that not all things are free. There were a couple of glitches too. Another thing I suggest you fix is the things that aren’t free. On other apps, you can just take screenshots and download a video editor and then you can add all the effects. But for some reason it’s not free. In the trailer I was so pumped because I could do whatever I wanted with the stuff. I would give it five stars if you could change some of that. But hey! The app isn’t bad. But I don’t use it. It’s pretty confusing too. Please change some of these! By the way, this isn’t a bad review. It’s some suggestions. If you want to download this app go ahead! It may be easier for you than me.
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4 years ago, 10MAvan
Can’t Restore Deleted Projects
I spent hours and hours, on a video. I was so proud of myself. I accidentally deleted it. I spent lots of time searching for how to restore it. When I finally found the section about deleting videos, and found out that videos could not be restored. It was all the way at the bottom of the list of things. So, how was anyone supposed to know that you couldn’t restore videos, it made me wonder if maybe there is some other information on that list that should be easier to find. Aside from all that, this app is actually a pretty great app. It is easy to use. If you are looking for a good Stop-motion app, this is a great one. There are also a lot of amazing features. If you want to get this app, great I suggest it. Just don’t accidentally delete your video like I did.
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6 years ago, Zach and woooj productions
This is a great app!!!!!
This is the best stop motion program for iOS and better than most computer ones, I got the feature pack which was very useful especially for the remote camera and editing features, this update was so useful I would highly recommend this app. One thing I would recommend for a future update is for the erasing tool put a line around the eraser so you de where it is, also put a filter so you could see what you erased( a button at the top so when you click it the erased sections show up a shade of blue or something like that), the last thing I would add is the ability to change frame rate for different sections of the film(ie first half 10 frames second 20 something like that). Good job on the app.
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2 years ago, MrXP21
Great features…but locked behind a paywall
This app has excellent features, but they are locked behind a paywall. My teacher assigned us a project for Biology in which we have to make a stop motion video. We are not supposed to use narration, but we have to put descriptions in the animation, most likely as subtitles. I loved using this app when I was younger, but going back to it it’s really annoying that 95% of the features you have to pay for. I know it’s not expensive and permanent but I may just use it for this one project. Why is there even the option to put text if when you try to edit it, it forces you to pay for premium??? Great features, but calling the app itself “free” is incorrect, in order to use most of the features you have to pay. It’s nice that premium is a onetime thing though. And this app is soooo much better than all the others. I just wish there were a free trial for premium.
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2 years ago, pretzel arm🥨🥨🥨
Okay so me and my little brother where going to make a movie and we saw this app and was like oh good this is perfect so we started setting everything up and getting ready it took at least an hour and when we where done I got my phone and about to film I got on the app and tried making a tile and all the titles cost money so I was like okay I guess we can’t do a title then when I tried taking a picture to start the movie I couldn’t do that ether so I looked at the music and other stuff and IT ALL COST MONEY so ya I wouldn’t suggest this if you don’t wanna spend your money just saying there are other film apps that you can use that doesn’t cost money
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6 years ago, JayWalker Studioz
I own Stop Motion studio pro and the non-pro version. I DON’T LIKE THIS UPDATE AT ALL. The only thing I liked about this update is you can add text to whatever frame you want, but I hate all the buttons you have to press to zoom in, instead of just zooming in on the screen with your fingers. And every time I try to focus it, the brightness changes and gets lighter or darker. I can’t even MERGE FRAMES ANYMORE!! That’s how I used to do all my special effects. It feels like you guys are trying to make this harder on people. Now my stop motions are going to look like trash!! If you keep this update no one is going to pay $5 for a few other things when their stop motions will be so much harder!!! Overall I pretty much, hate the update for this app and the pro version, can you guys just get rid of the update and change it back to normal, but can you guys please keep the text on any frame you want please.
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6 years ago, NickWhoCantDownloadHisMusic
This app makes you pay for everything
Ok. I install this app being an animation fan and is the only free app I could find. I get into it and discover 99% of it you need to pay for. I constantly have to voice my own sounds which are ridiculous compared to the sound drive. When I want to use a sound again I'll just have to voice it because you can't go into the sounds tab and reuse it without all the features. You can't even go to the gallery because it's blocked by the help and download buttons. I'm sure they design this app for newer phones, with bigger screens but to fix that though they'll just up the iOS and I won't be able to use it anymore. I can't argue with the price though, only 5 bucks for full feature pack, but I don't have any money on the App Store. Honestly this app is ok as it is, but please add more features to the free version because I can barely use it.
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6 years ago, Peeeetsuuuuh
Great stuff!
I love the app, paid the $5 for all the features and it’s a great time. My only complaint is one of the features, which is using my Apple Watch to take photos from my phone. The feature itself works great…until I put my arm down and the watch goes into “sleep mode”. When I raise my arm back up, the photo prompt on my watch becomes gray and I’m unable to use my watch to take photos until I touch my iPhone screen, which makes the screen on my watch app usable again. This is a problem as touching the screen on my phone slightly shifts the image, and within Stop motion, these slight shifts are unacceptable. Other than that I love it, just need to find a work around so I can set my phone up and use my watch to take the photos without the fear of it locking up.
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1 week ago, Bed r out Sh CD so k
Not what I expected
This app is…not what I was expecting…I’ve been looking for Stop Motion websites and stuff for a while and now, here I am! But what I don’t like is how we have to pay😡for the sound effects, background,Titles, credits, etc. Like that’s basically everything we need for stop motion and now you’re making us pay?!? And plus, it’s not what it was like when I was watching the videos about the app before I got it…it said NOTHING about paying $5.99! Like I thought this app was going to be cool, fun, and attractive but nope! Just I don’t like how everything is locked in the app😒…I really wasn’t expecting that. This app was LITERALLY the stop motion app I’ve been looking forward to but everything COSTS! Just it could be better…not having to pay for it I would've give it 5 stars…
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4 years ago, loganbruens
Blows iMovie away for stop motion
I tried to follow tutorials to make stop motion in iMovie but it is just not set up to work frame by frame. This app does an amazing job. I was able to get started easily. This free version has few limitations. There is no watermarking and no ads. I did buy the full version in part to access a couple of features and in part because I want to show the developers some thanks. I have some knowledge of photography and filmmaking which is helpful since there are a lot of features and controls. I gave it five stars for being stable, full-featured and just an overall nice app. It is not perfect in every way; I think the dialogues are too modal for an iOS app, but it is still great.
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7 years ago, Whatever works 234
Best app for stop motion but has some issues
This is by far the greatest app for stop motion in my opinion, BUT the new update now won't let me upload my pics. All I get is a question mark and this is on my iPad but on my iPhone it works. Also it has an issue when recording sound to sometimes save it somewhere else on your project which can be a bit annoying. They also took away being able to put past recording within your project and place them elsewhere, this helped when it moves your recording somewhere else on the project. These are some minor to major issues as it's hard to move forward on projects but still the best stop motion app out there!
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3 years ago, the idiot at school
No audio :(
I record my voice but no sound cones through please fix this. It’s great other than that :) devs if you can fix pls do also when I added some stuff to a movie it suddenly became very laggy, and it skips some of the recording. I don’t think it is my phone. Also it is a big battery drainer, but yeah my phone is also sort of old-ish 😑oh well other than that good app 👍🏻keep up the good work! EDIT: good, but I’m having trouble with the playing of the video. It is all jerky. It took weeks to make, and it is over 3,000 pictures. Also it crashes every now and then, and some things don’t save. Over all, still a great app!! -
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7 years ago, LAinChgo
This "Free" app delivered more than expected!
I have two grandkids (8&4) and wanted an app we could animation and is easy to work with. I decided to use iOS iMovie which is good but felt it was a very cumbersome editing process. Finally I found Stop Motion Studio app and glad I did! 1st. It's a quick app to learn. 2nd. Oldest grandkid very interesting in how it works and can use it on her own. 3rd and most important, I sent support an email and received a very quick response! They provided and answer I soon discovered on my own but they responded quickly. I found a work-around since it may not be a SMStudio but a net provider issue. I'm now contemplating getting the Pro version but until I'm sure/it's-clear-to-me that a single purchase ($4.99) will be accessible on both my iPhone and iPad, I will not move forward. The free version is fun and serves our purpose and if the Pro version is not in my future, I can always save the file to Camera and add audio using iMovie which I've done! It's a work-around! True that some features will not be available but we're taking One Frame At A Time 😆😆‼️
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6 years ago, VectorMagnus676
Amazing but why the heck do I have to pay for freaking sounds and backgrounds? This annoys me a lot this app is amazing and is the best IOS stop motion app ever. All the other ones are pieces of garbage. Nobody is gonna use an app that you need to pay to make good. It's so ridiculous when you have to make noises yourself like a freaking footstep. Stop motions are bad Quality that way. Oh my god if it's the last thing you do, please just make sounds free at least😔 You should only make us pay for rotoscoping or something like that. How are you supposed to make a good stop motion with no sound or anything that makes it realistic and have good quality. Although I'll give four stars it's the best I can put. I recommend to everyone download this app and pay for the stuffs.
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4 years ago, Maximus90
Very time consuming and can’t do much
It is just really time consuming unless you do 1 FPS. I am trying to do something professional and doing a good 10 FPS. But when it takes about 0.75 sec to take a picture it is just time consuming. I would like it to have a burst option. Also I can’t do much with this app because imma kid and rather spend allowances on figures and gear. When it’s you either spend 5 bucks or none I just can’t stand that option. Like let’s say I would want to just buy the green screen and nothing else because I would have no use for the others it would be more worth it to not pay you 5 dollars. Why can’t you sell packs like starter pack with some green screen voice and faces and the a pro pack an the a master pack and then that is it? Please listen to me.
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8 months ago, Michael Cash Sr.
Mariokartd tips in gaming
Go buy sonic adventure 1 and 2 and while your playing it go visit the chow garden and you can find animals in the levels so bring them back to the chow garden then bring them close to your chow but not to close because your chow will eat the animal so if wait sonic adventure 1 and 2 is the saga dream cast ok so if you do it correctly your chow could become a water tipe a climing tipe a evil tipe or a hero tipe and a land tipe but have you heard of the chaos chow but idk how you get it did you know sonic goes to the toilet at the end of end of every level in sonic adventure and shadow was made in 2001 and Chaos so Yeha and sonic adventure 1 and 2 was made in the 2000 so go play it
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2 years ago, the frog for trump
Flawless Stop Motion app
Besides the fact that the computer version and pro version on the phone is more money is a little bit annoying but this is seriously the best Stop Motion app out there. If you want to get into Stop Motion this is a perfect app for you there’s a lot of options but I’m pretty sure this is the first thing that comes up when you search up Stop Motion All of my projects are done on Stop Motion and now I am seriously addicted making animations almost every day since 2020 I am a 12-year-old kid with a passion and love for Stop Motion and if you wanna get into the filmmaking process you should really start with a Stop motion
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