Stream Tracker for Twitch Live

Photo & Video
4.7 (12.6K)
219.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Edouard Barbier
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stream Tracker for Twitch Live

4.72 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
4 years ago, The Michael Angelo
Absolutely Helpful!
I love this app! I'm a streamer/Dj on Twitch and I'm always experimenting on which days and hours of the day as too when I get the most traffic/ followers and supporters and as a tool, this is valuable because it's been giving me real time (of course with refreshing), numbers giving me a strong idea of when my streams are at their peak. I'm now able to finally lock in a set schedule and know when I reach a max following and show love to everyone while at it with a few pop-up Dj sets here and there! Definitely a 5-star app all the way.
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4 years ago, ashthepenguin70
Now I’ve just downloaded this app becuase I stream on a console and do not have a pc to check certain things like followers, views, ect I mainly got this app to help monitor my channel and I was hoping I could see everyone that had followed me but of course that’s for premium users only now I can’t afford to be spending money on something every month Ive gotta spend that money on something like food if I need. Being a 14 year old that has just started streaming I’ve been super hyped up about it but now I’m realizing that it takes money and I won’t get anything from it... I love this app so far but it’s just not what I’m looking for.
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3 years ago, TTVDandelionDave
It’s really nice to be able to have updates on how the channel is doing offline. There’s not a whole lot of resources on mobile for checking your views / followers / follower list and trying to navigate the twitch creator dashboard on mobile is a nightmare. Having this is great along with being able to set goals for follows in the app. I’d love to see stream summaries within the app. Being able to see how you’re doing in terms of average viewers at a minimum would make this the perfect tool for tracking affiliate or partnered progress.
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3 years ago, 94guitar08
This is actually perfect for what I need
Trying to grow my virtual reality stream, and it’s tough to get screenshots to post to social media to show that I am going live. This app lets me make easy overlays that look really simple but provide exactly what people need to see to know when I am streaming! Tracking of growth is nice too! Suggestion: more options to add text to the overlays so I can write what game I am going to play! (Although maybe this is in the app and I haven’t found it yet) I recommend trying it out, I mean it’s free!
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3 months ago, Lincoln Social
Perfect For Every Streamer
This app took my RedVizon streaming to the next level. This app is a must have for every streamer. It’s very well thought out and gives us streamers the tools we need to produce the highest quality content possible for our community of followers. Thanks you for providing this free of charge and continuing to update it as well. Highly recommend this app and look forward to growing my following utilizing its many features.
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2 years ago, kingjaygaming
A very helpful app
This app is very helpful I personally enjoy how easy it is to access my followers/viewers all at one time I don’t think this app could be any better I mean there really is only one issue and it’s that you have to pay for some access to things in the app although it’s a healthy amount of things you have to pay for if you know what I mean this app is really good especially if your a small streamer like myself I also just wanted to thank the creator and developers and designers of this app.
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4 years ago, ShawtyKING
Great App, hoping for more API access in the future.
Very solid app with some cool simple to use features for Twitch streamers. Quick way to check your growth and useful templates to make good looking social media posts for your channel. Stat info is a little barebones but after speaking the developer, I was made aware that the API only allows for but so much info which is not the fault of the developer so hopefully Twitch opens that up some more in the future, because this app would make for a great dashboard replacement.
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2 years ago, guderugey
Just downloaded
Just downloaded this today. I’m new to streaming, but have been enjoying it and would love for it to be a full time thing. So far this app is awesome. It has a much nicer view than the twitch app itself, and the templates for stories and posts are really nice! Signed up for premium almost right away to access to more of them! Hope to see more stuff added in the future
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2 years ago, Gotdanger
Good app, mostly.
I downloaded this app just a few minutes ago and I can already see myself using this to set goals and to promote my future streams; it comes with several cool filters that can surround your thumbnails for best results when sharing your stream! My favorite part is the goals you can set on the app. My least favorite part is that there is not a lot of settings to fidget around with in this app, I would sure love to be able to costumize a lot more then available. Thank you for reading and Good luck on your streams
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2 years ago, kateklar
Great App
This is a great app to keep track of how many subscribers and followers you have. It would be an even better app if there were more “free” options and not as many pop ups trying to get a paid membership if you click on something that isn’t included. You can see the same things in your creator dashboard but, it is convenient to have this app. I’m a small recent affiliate so can not afford to upgrade. Maybe in the future tho!!
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3 months ago, Coc checking it out
New to this
Honestly I really like the app , for being free !! Also I haven’t tried the pay option, I’ve been using the free version for like 4 days I think , Honestly 5 rating for me , been posting on my tiktok and twitter and IG and the quality is great , I can’t imagine what the pay version would look like , I’m kind of thinking of getting in later on for sure !! Overall love the app
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4 years ago, PUBG's 100 times better
Good for what it is, features aren’t quite there
I like the app for the usefulness, but the features that are shown on the app aren’t entirely there. It claims to be completely free but the main feature of what I was looking forward to is the unfollowers. Problem is is that that’s part of the premium, and the milestones you can’t even set without premium, so your going off of a predetermined goal someone random made for you. As I said, good app for usefulness, but I’m not gonna pay $20 a year for premium. The base features are good enough though, the widget is quite nice.
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2 years ago, Bulletproof46
Surprisingly useful!
I was hesitant to to try the free trial of this app but I’m not going to lie, I do enjoy the features. It’s very accessible and the stories/posts that you can make and post to your social media right from the app are very professional looking! I definitely would recommend this app for anyone wishing to keep track of their channel’s statistics and wants to upgrade their networking.
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3 years ago, Blaahhh1111111
I’ll give a good review cuz I want to help get this better but…
Thing is, that the app is asking for a review too early, I literally just downloaded it and haven’t tried anything at all so how can someone just add a review if they haven’t even tried the service :v just sayin’ maybe the review reminder should come after a certain amount of time using the app. Looks cool so far tho.
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3 years ago, LoganaterGames
It's pretty solid... except for one thing.
It's an absolutely 100% reliable app and all, and it even has a promote ability built into it, but it doesn't update when viewed from the widget until it's pressed on. If the widget's display on my home screen updated at the same time as the actual follower count does, it'd be smooches and french fries babyyy!! Other than that one thing, it is absolutely AWESOME, AND, it even let's you know who UN-followed your channel, that's pretty handy so you know who to block heheh😂
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4 years ago, Oofsieis
Widgets change everything
Personally I believe that the app still needs to add a few more things to it like how many subs/previous stream summary. The AP developer sends his email to asks for improvements and instantly responds. I would give this a 5 if it had more features but other than that, it’s an excelent replacement for a mobile dashboard for twitch. The widgets are a simple and easy way to keep track of you followers without even opening the app. This app is very Pog.
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6 months ago, Billbo409
Weird bug with the clip exporter tool
The first clip I converted for a tiktok was perfect. It changed the background to a zoomed in blurry version, fit the clip to the dimension, and added the Twitch link. For some reason, all other clips I’ve tried to convert in the same way have the same blurry background as the *first one.* So all my other clips I converted have a completely unrelated clip playing in the background. The rest of the app is decently cool, but get spammed with ads to buy the full version.
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3 years ago, Kiritoelucid
It’s well thought out.
I like to use this tracker to see my milestones and see what I’ve been accomplishing!! Maybe in the near future I would like to see the people I follow and if they are even following me? That’s something I’d like to see because I’m a supporter but if people don’t wanna support me then I don’t really wanna help them :,c it’s sad but there are many greedy people out there.
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4 years ago, Necro1783
Great app for dedicated streamers
App is great for helping to better yourself as a streamer. I’d definitely recommend this app to all streamers, small time or big time streamers. Ed is great with getting back to you with help when needed. It’s great knowing that there isn’t some faceless company behind this but a person who genuinely cares. Keep up the good work Ed and if you’re a established streamer or someone looking to start definitely try using this app!
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6 months ago, ROBINHOOD TTV
Very Helpful
So I wasn’t going to write a review but you got me at the part that said you read all of them. I think a cool feature would be that you can see the exact live subscriber count with the premium version of the app. Either then that the app is super help to look real quick at my stats then actually go to the twitch app.
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1 year ago, Chris_LilC4590
Useful app
After downloading this app, I have been satisfied with the results! I am happy that I can track my followers and unfollowers stats, as well as set goals to accomplish during my streaming endeavor. I would recommend this app to anyone who is either an amateur or professional (affiliate/Partnered) streamer looking to track their channel growth/progression.
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2 years ago, TechyMark
Quick and Easy
The analytics is quick and easy. They’re not detailed like the Twitch website but if you’re trying to get detailed you’ll do it from your computer. For a mobile app, it shows me everything I want to quickly reference and has quick graphics for socials. Very nice!
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2 years ago, VannillaBryce
Great way to keep up to date on how many followers you have. This especially came in handy when I got follow botted. I went and removed a function to remove follows but some stayed and this app was able to tell me roughly when they followed me so I could tell which were real accounts and which were bots
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4 years ago, RC_f30
Great tool for a new streamer
I’m new to the streaming world and I find this app extremely useful on keeping track of my followers. I always use the paid subscription to see the unfollowers. The follower widget is really nice. I wish it had an option to see display my stream and show me who the viewers are. But, it is perfect as is for a starting streamer such as myself trying to get affiliate.
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9 months ago, PrideOxide101
Great app, but minor bugs
So i’ve use the application for a little bit now, and I’ve already noticed a few bugs that I’d like to see fixed. One of them being a lot of pages don’t have a back button so you have to fully close the app to actually close out of a page because for some reason the slide down doesn’t want to work, other than that the application works fully.
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4 years ago, Barguetagarcia
Very useful tool
Although it is branded as a follower tracker, it actually contains way more than that. I was thrown for a loop when I noticed that you could create promotional materials. Also, not only can you track yourself and set milestones you can also track other people so if you have competition or friends you want to keep track, you can!
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1 year ago, SuperflyTransguy
As a streamer I love this app!!!! I’ve been wondering who was following and unfollowing me cause it don’t show up in twitch unless you have this app! It also helps you make banners for your stream or when you go live. Ngl as a person with depression which makes it hard to stream this been helping a lot
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3 years ago, l l ZEVxTEK l l
Stream Tracker App
This App is amazing, it is on point with statistics and it’s the first app I check before doing Anything Stream related so that I know what to look forward to when starting my stream and gathering all my info. I recommend this App to every stream small or large it’s definitely a must have in my opinion, your doing a great job man keep killing it!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Jsieoeivfhzis
Review Time!!
I actually really like this app. Although you do have to pay for some things (like seeing who unfollows you) I don’t find it to be a major part of the app. The interface is simple and clean and I really like that. It tells accurate subscribers and followers. Overall I love this app :)
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2 days ago, MarrcomusPrime
Good App!
So far, so good! Just started using the app and I appreciate the detail shown. I’ll give a longer review after using the app for a long time period. All-in-all, this is a good app for those that want something that shows stats and the ability to post about their streaming.
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3 years ago, Ethxnz
Good App
I use this app after and before every stream to see how much I’ve progressed and it works really well, just the basic stuff you can get from the creator dashboard on twitch is what you can find for free on the app, but other things that would also be more useful then just using the dashboard cost money to unlock. I also purchased the one month thing to see extra stuff, it’s telling me I got subscribers when I can not get subscribers yet.
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4 years ago, SpacemanCola
Nice job!
This is the first review I’ve ever written, but this app definitely deserves it, as a small streamer it’s exciting to open my phone and see the follower number go up after a stream. So thanks for making the widget, and thanks for making the app free for those who only want to check their followers.
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3 years ago, Deny_Who
Why not try
I downloaded the app because I thought it’d be nice to have something on my phone to tell me how my twitch account is doing, I’ve been playing a bunch of new games that have been coming out, and if this app can help then why not, this app might help a lot, what can it do entirely tho?
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8 months ago, KingAnderson26!
I love streaming my games for everyone
It’s my dream to be a professional gamer getting paid to do what I do best which is video game all day long all night every day I can go up to 12 hours on a single stream with the friends that I am playing with on DMZ and call of duty modern warfare two
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4 years ago, Dezzerzz
I really love this app and the motivation it gives me! Seeing the follower count on my phone screen, really keeps me going! Totally suggest this app to anyone who sometimes needs the extra boost of positivity with this app it’s motivated me to do my best I’ve gone from nine followers to 43 in two days! Keep up the good work and streamers keep up the good content💕✨
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5 months ago, howaboutnoname9
Very informative and handy
Really helps out when you’re trying to keep track of everything going on within your progress and achievements, and seeing a visual of it really helps out and encourages to do better
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12 months ago, Angelfirenze01
I’m finally a paid user and I’m looking at all the tools this app gives you the option to use to grow and market your channel and I’m mindblown at all the possibilities! Definitely worth the very small fee! If I can eventually afford to upgrade to lifetime, I absolutely will!
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3 years ago, beterthn
Purposeful and productive
Helps me in my streaming business, and allows me to promote my streams in a professional manner! I’m able to see who follows me and unfollows, how many people tune in, and sets goals for me so I can see the progress I’m making! Highly recommend for streamers serious about their craft
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2 years ago, B1gB0ssman
Super decent app
it’s a great app and helps you keep track of a lot of different things. The promoting part I thought would have more but it just has templates so you can create things to help you promote your stream. It’s still very helpful just not what I expected great app
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2 years ago, kleighty
Great app for starting out
Out of all the stream tracking apps out there, this one is by far the best and worth the one year sub. I was able to grow my following using this all from 80 follows and 0 subs to 183 followers and 15 subs which is phenomenal for 2 weeks and a baby streamer like me.
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2 years ago, thatboyk3
Bringing your bits leaderboad to Stream Tracker! Keep track of your top supporters & celebrate your milestones with your fan base! Also added, a new way to customize your channel tracker to see the insights you're most interested in, keeping the noise to a minimum. You're in full control!
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2 years ago, MrLPfan1
So far it’s not as great as the reviews suggest.
Begged as soon as I logged in to review before I could even learn the system. Doesn’t seem to work at all so far. Give me another week or so and I’ll update the review. Update from literally about 10 minutes ago because it’s spamming for a review again. Still just okay. If you give me time and I can keep using the app without interruptions, I can likely give a more accurate review.
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2 years ago, didkkdkdjdjs
I always use this but
You should try to track more things like rev or how much people click on your videos you just posted or even better yet you should even track what people say in stream
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3 years ago, ghostydubs
nice app
this is a well developed app honestly it’s easy on the eyes it seems to go pretty quick you’ll make it to your Twitch and actually connect to it to track your following and everything on there check your analytics so I would definitely recommend it it’s a five star
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3 years ago, The Late Great Johnny M
Good so far
Seems good so far. Upgraded almost immediately. Nice UI, and the widget is cool. Would like the ability to track more items (bits, donations, etc.) One complaint: even after upgrading, still seeing ads. Small banner ads on the bottom, but ads nonetheless. Would like for those to go away. This issue kept me from giving five stars.
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4 weeks ago, Amazing app ever for twitch
Amazing app to use for twitch
I love this app so much. It shows me all my information about my subscribers and everything. I really love this app. I wish they could prove a little bit to make you a little bit more futuristic but so far it’s really good.
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4 years ago, Swimmer 4 Ever!
Good app(wish it was cheaper)
This is a good basic app that connects to your twitch account. I never waste my money on app purchases because to me personally, some are pointless, I wish it was free to see stats and unfollows as well. I understand that the company wants to make money but as of right now I’m rating it 4 stars because it’s not a bad concept and has a clean design!
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12 months ago, Jacoblmoore
10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone looking to keep track of your stats
I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to keep track of their stats
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3 years ago, 62hrs
Worth every penny👌🏽
Simple, stable & full of extra functionality baked in for promoting streams also. Definitely a great app for the price. Just want to request a medium & large size widget if possible please otherwise you’re doing an amazing job, thank you! 🙏🏽
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3 years ago, TILLYSZN
Easy to navigate
With all of the streaming services that are out there, it is hard to find where things are within the apps. This app on the other hand has solved the problem!
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