Street Fighter IV CE

4.8 (19.5K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Street Fighter IV CE

4.77 out of 5
19.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Señorspacecookie112
Wow! this us great!
This is an amazing fighting game and honestly probably the best one ive ever played on mobile🤩 i saw that you guys haven't updated it since about 6 months ago but hopefully you guys didnt give up on the game just yet and hopefully you guys keep adding new amazing updates to the game! i love the graphics because they give an arcade feel to this mobile game but i believe it would be better if you guys could make the background more 3D like if thats possible like maybe make somethings look further than others and maybe add more edges to objects and make the background seem more alive like maybe the people in the background cheering and moving and could you possibly add more maps and maybe hidden characters in which you haft to do some weird thing to be able to unlock it or so🤷🏽‍♂️ and the commands are somewhat hard to do because if you move the joystick one way it might hit one of those little yellow arrows that u didnt mean to hit Other than that this game has so much more potential and its so fun to play! best five dollars ive ever wasted on a mobile fighting game! hopefully you guys can look into my request maybe do something! well thank you guys so much for ur time and reading my message! have a good day
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4 years ago, Soda_Girl
Please Read, Capcom!
Dear Capcom, First of all, I’ve so far loved all your games, especially this one since this is the first new-school Street Fighter game I’ve played, but there’s just a few problems. First, since my WiFi hasn’t been working well, I get disconnected from a fight in Battle so many times, but I’ve just discovered that you apparently lose BP just for getting disconnected. What?!? I really would like it if you please get rid of that in the next update. Speaking of updates, in the next update I’d also love it if you guys add Decapre. I love Decapre! Plus, I also would love it if you guys add the rival scenes, please. One more thing, can you please, please add Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the App Store/Google Play? Alpha 3 is literally my most favorite game of all time! And please make it free, I will get a heart attack if you do. I know I am asking for a lot, and if you really are reading this Capcom, don’t go onto another review, please! I know I already said “one more thing” but sorry, this is truly my last request. My last request is that I’d like if you add Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers on mobile, please! Ok, now that I’ve said all my stuff, bye! -Chun-Li
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6 years ago, BigmanFreakbody
Almost perfect, missing some crucial things
Best fighting game on mobile by a huge margin, really fun despite wonky touch controls. The touchscreen does not benefit from the joystick function nearly enough and directional finger slides would allow for easier execution of moves not intended to be excruciatingly difficult to input. Online has far too much lag to play seriously, I’m fine with being bodied by the same guy 15 times in a row as long as the fight is fun and fair, which the INSANE lag does not make for AT ALL. But if your just looking for a somewhat deep fighter on your phone and are fine in practice mode most of the time this will be a gem for you as it is for me. Lastly WHERE IS LOCAL MULTIPLAYER? I’ve seen Bluetooth connection for local fights utilized well in the past, why not implement it in a game with such a god awful multiplayer network? Laziness or just trying to cattle prod people to play online which isn’t working except for serious players of this game who are prepared for the massive technical issues; either way the result is the same: this game as it is OVERPRICED at 5$. Add local multiplayer and this game would be worth even more than 5$ Just something to think about if you ever end up making SFV Mobile
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7 years ago, Omarokx
This is hands down my favorite game on iOS. I would easily give it 5 stars, but comparing it to Volt, I can only give it 4 at the moment. I mean, why did you remove some important features? Here's what could majorly improve and perfect this already amazing game, (most of what I'm about to mention was already in Volt): 1- Please. I mean PLEASE bring back the screen orientation option back in the settings. It's the most simple/helpful feature to a lot of players, who are used to a certain orientation in the previous game, or other games generally. 2- Bring back Free Sparring mode. Why was such an important mode removed from Champion Edition? A quick fight with the CPU could make players learn a thing or two. Or just have a quick match while they're on the go. 3- Probably the most important point. Where's Bluetooth multiplayer mode?! I mean why would you remove that sweet golden mode?! 😭. I used to challenge my friends whenever we hang out without the need of Wi-Fi or Cellular. Those were, in my opinion, all the features that could make this game superb. And personally, I don't think it'd be hard to implement all these features, since they already existed in Volt, you could just carry them over with a few adjustments, right? :) Thank you very much and keep up those awesome updates! 🙏🏼🎮👾💙👊🏼
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4 years ago, Road dart
Ios 13 support pls
Love the game to death been playing since the previous version SF volt and I still enjoy playing SF CE to this day! This game is seriously a hidden gem I’ve met many great people in the fighting game community, but now for the real reason I’m here the game runs fine on iOS 12 but as soon as you go to iOS 13 the game starts running into problems probably due to it not being supported which is a shame! also the stability of servers can be questionable at times if maintenance could be done on the game bi-monthly then that’s more than enough to keep everyone happy I’m sure. I hope you guys see this and know that there’s still plenty of people that care about this game
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4 years ago, War robot lifesaver
Stree Fîghter iv CE
First off game name is CAPTAINELIJAH1997 I mess with Dudley. I don’t write reviews for the games I just play them. I love this game so much y’all, it doesn’t drain my battery, the ranked battles are amazing, and the public chat is entertaining ALWAYS. And the replays from different parts of the world are nuts. Currently we are trying to get players to either comeback or stay on here. Look SF warriors I get their are spammers, hadoken abusers, etc. but please get this review to the owners of capcom PLEASE UPDATE AND IMPROVE THE SERVER! Their are people who still play and love playing sf iv ce, and the people are also asking to fix the problem of fights constantly disconnecting. THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP TO KEEP THIS GAME GOING LONGER PLEASE I PRAY U GET THIS AND HELP US. the stay alive
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3 years ago, David Z-
The only real option for fighting fans on iOS
If you like old school arcade game fighters, your only other option are the abandoned king of fighters games still on the App Store. The only gripe of have is the game doesn’t support light medium and hard punches/kicks for people with physical controllers. It would make the game a lot better if it supported all of those, but it was dumbed down unnecessarily for mobile. They could have made two modes, one with six button support and the other a lite mode for people with touch screens. There is no iOS fighting game that supports six buttons at the moment as far as I know. A shame.
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3 years ago, Chikawong
Capcom please fix these 3 issues
I’ve been playing this on iOS since day 1, great game. Capcom really nailed it with the controls and show how to really make the game fun with touch controls but theres 3 issues with the game. 1.) fix Makoto walk animation, its super jerky. Capcom add some more frames to smooth it out. It hurts to watch her walk. 2.) Deejay machinegun upper breaks the character. Mashing punches doesn’t work as a way to pull off the move. Forward + punch or down + punch. Fix this please! 3.) fix the widescreen for iPhone. The notch really gets in the way. Either give option for correct screen size or add borders so notch is non-instrusive.
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7 years ago, kickingbear
multi-player horrible
UPDATED REVIEW: I uninstalled this game. Changed my handle in Game center, and reinstalled the game. That got my ranking reset to 0 wins, 0 losses. That is what I wanted. Started playing again. I was hoping to see improvements in the multiplayer ranking system.... Nope.... I wait F O R E V E R for the system to pair me with a player. Even if I change the setting to where it's searching for a player, regardless of rank, it takes forever to find a match for me. Also there still a lot of false ranks where the win vs Loss is lopsided. All wins and no losses. These are players who are somehow cheating the ranking system. You can barely beat them if at all. Sooooo come on Capcom.... time to fix all of this. All of the characters in this game are nice. Plays well. BUT (and it's huge) the RANKED multi-player matching system, even after this update is horrible! slowwwwwww and 3/4 of the time will not match me with equal or slightly higher ranked players. Also, I'm still getting pared with "players" with zero rank, and yet the play like pros. Soooo this aspect of the experience is VERY frustrating and really REALLY needs to be addressed. Other than that, it's a good game.
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6 years ago, akaykunmi
SP button no longer works and other complaints
Hello developers, I’m not sure if my version has a glitch but oddly, i can no longer use my special move button. I can see the responsive faded colour change on the SP button when I tap my screen but nothing ever happens. I have downloaded and re-downloaded and nothing changed, what’s going on? Also $5 is a little too much for this game to be honest. There’s no story mode, I often randomly get disconnected when playing multiplayer (despite having good internet) and the local fights get a bit repetitive at every level of difficulty.
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3 months ago, XxRLGxX
Laggy and no players
I’m a seasoned SF player have 6 characters master rank on SF6 atm bought this so I can play on the go when I want to. I have about 20 hours on the game and I’ve never once matched with someone in the USA also it’s not “new player friendly” everyone in ranked is 1000+ wins I don’t mind as I’m a professional SF player and I have them force close the app when I get close to them with geif. Another issue is the LAG!!! It’s horrible!!!! This also clearly isn’t rollback so if you’re looking to get into this game on any serious kind of level it won’t happen just stick with arcade mode or except the fact you will be playing with some dude on 3G in the middle of the desert 🌵.
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7 years ago, ultimateloss
Just add more animation frames
The gameplay is still very awesome as an update to volt, however I see a lot of complaints about the graphics and frame rate. A simple solution to fix the look of the game is to just put more animation frames where they are lacking. Some movements are perfectly fluid while others are choppy and inconsistent. This game can look as close to the console version as possible if a little more time is spent capturing more frames of movement for each character. Hopefully this game can continue to be supported so that the older characters' sprites and animations will look as good as the new ones
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7 years ago, Dre JA
Review edited again
Ahhhhhhh 😖😫😤 I really really like this game but I'm constantly being disconnected from matches. In between, at the end, sometimes even after finding an online opponent. Com'n maaann. Fix this guys. I keep decreasing stars with each review. This game is crazy good. For all you real fighting game fans out there this is it but these lil bugs are really becoming a huge pain for me. Especially since there's no free play option online matches is really where it's at. Capcom.... some help.... plzzzzz. And I don't know, maybe it's me but online matches feels a few frames more delayed as compared to the initial release 🤔
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3 years ago, RayMainland
AI not working in current update
After my last and most recent update Artificial Intelligence is no longer working. AI is not taking over the games and finishing the battles anymore; especially for opponents who wants to cheat and pull out of a game to avoid defeat. The entire game now freezes up to no end, and my battle points gets decreased after I try to reset. This issue needs fixing ASAP because it is now a major deterrent in an effort to try to play and enjoy this game. For this reason I had to rate your most recent update a one star.
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7 years ago, Jairus3000
Best fighter on the App Store!
There are plenty of fighters out there and they are ok, but there are only a few fighters out there that have mfi support. SF is by far the best of them. The controls are easy to pick and you can play online against other people worldwide. The devs add updates on a consistent basis and the game is only $1! I bought the game when it first got released for $4.99 and to be honest, the game is still worth that price now. If you don’t get this game, you are missing out! But to make the experience better, grab an mfi controller from your nearest Apple store.
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7 years ago, _Shinkamui_
A great return for a beloved mobile port.
Huge volt fan. I’m thrilled with the size of the roster and I hope we ultimately get all the ultra characters since you’re spriting the renders from the main game. Only big flaws are in matchmaking. No way to send a peer invite for a match using game center (missed op!) disconnect punishing and karma seem non existent or at least not exposed to us, and finally why don’t you save the last used room iD for private groups who only want to match against know friends? That’s an easy interim fix until you can get peer invites working. Love the game and hope to see it continue to work improve.
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6 years ago, Jaleel Shah
The gameplay is cool despite the difficulty of having to use the directional analog stick to perform finisher moves. This game is very action packed and does provide that nostalgic arcade type feel to it. I strongly suggest a few new characters, as well as more skins to choose from with the current characters. I feel like characters like E.Hawk, and Yang should be incorporated into this version of the game, since players have been fighting with the same characters for a while now. Other than that I give this game a solid 4 out of 5 !
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6 years ago, Poe10:)
Meh. Five bucks gone
This game is a very close match to the console, PC, and arcade games I’ve seen. Graphics are very good, and the game hasn’t crashed yet. It’s still the same old game though. Difficult to make the moves, and the computer does them all flawlessly, and very often. You don’t get many combos because they are so hard to perform. I tried for 5 minutes at a time to log in to a North American service to play but never got on one. I also tried with several different characters to go through the “challenge” part of the game, but you aren’t shown what the combos look like, so you’re on your own. You have to be very fast and have perfect timing, and for two thumbs, that’s hard to do. So you just jump around, kicking and punching and trying to perform your character’s special moves, with limited results. It’s basically another tap-fighter game because you have to move the joystick in such strange angles, you have to be perfect in your maneuvers, and you have to be very quick and precise.
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7 years ago, Can't afford a free sample...
One of the best fighters when it wants to be
The content, characters and feel this game provides is worth the price of admission. Its not your mobile style lootbox madness so to buy a game and have it not cut to commercial or ask for extra funds is awesome but, online matches for me were just unavailable for the longest time and the absence of a direct vs mode that was in the last iteration of the game is sorely missed. Online was finicky but when it works it ranges from mostly functional to really good. Otherwise this, KOF 13, Shadow Fight 2 Premium Edition, & Garou are the best fighters around. PS might help to get a controller with a good Dpad for an optimal experience.
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6 years ago, KobanBoyles
Has potential but............
I have an iPad Pro 12.9" and 2 Steelseries Nimbus controller which works perfectly with this game, even though there's not full control support. But my biggest let down with this game and other iOS games is that I can never sit down with a family member or friend and play against each other, I always have to go online to look for opponents. Is this too much to ask for when you put down money on a game like this? I mean, this is a feature you get with actual console games so why is it these games don't have this feature? And the graphics on this game is very poor, you can clearly see every pixel. This game needs to be optimized properly for the iPad Pro 2017
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7 years ago, tagguera
Why is there no local multiplayer
Street fighter 4 is my favorite iteration and now in this definitive "champions" edition has no local multiplayer. In my opinion the other versions were only fun because of Bluetooth play. Yes more characters makes the game fun for a little, but local multiplayer is much more important than capcom apparently thinks. It shouldn't be hard to implement local games at all, previous version released all had Bluetooth battles. Why the heck is this not a feature?
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2 years ago, Hapopot
Love this game but…
It needs to upgrade its graphics and overall game experience. Tablets and IPads a like have powerful chipsets now a days and I’m sure that it can handle close to, if not the full version of the game. There should very little difference between the mobile version and the conventional arcade/console counter part. At the very least please provide an update where the game can take full advantage of the screen real estate of the new iPad mini 2021.
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3 years ago, King____JayyyyYT
Just one thing
Alright I love street fighter. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid and always played every street fighter game. This was a dream come true when I realized it was on mobile. The problem I have is when I start up the game the intro doesn’t show anything just a black screen but I can hear it. It doesn’t make much sense and I would love to be able to play street fighter and watch the intro without having a black screen and sound playing. Still a good game 10/10
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5 years ago, M3TAGORE
I played this game for years and have never really gotten around to playing it because of new consoles not supporting it. I knew sfiv had a port to mobile but it just didn’t feel right. Fast forward a couple of years and this game is out. This is probably the best street fighter experience you could get on a mobile device. The price tag is worth it. It takes everything great about the console version and somehow crams it on a phone. This is honestly great. I just get destroyed online.
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4 years ago, smsjejjenjdjj
This game is so stupid
1. The game is not stable, you get kicked out or black screen during the game. 2. This game is not beginner friendly. I got bullied by top rank players and can’t get matched with same level because beginners quit because few same level players. And top tankers bully for fun. 3. It is hard to control the character especially for the small phone players and players don’t have mini extra controllers. I have iPhone 8 and the game just don’t get my command accurately because all the movement button stay so close that it’s impossible you only press one without touching others. If you want to be a serious player, you have to purchase a unique controller that pair with your phone like those pros.
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7 years ago, jonestkbz
Finally! Gamevice + SF = perfection
I have been waiting for the perfect SF on the iPhone. Previous, versions were ok but touch controls were awkward. I have the new Gamevice (older version didn’t work as good) and an iPhone 6 Plus... it works like a champ. Your timing has to be adjusted (slower smoother movements) but once you have it down you will throw perfect fireballs every time. Graphically, this version uses sprites vs polygons but who cares??? Still looks good to me. Stop reading and buy it already... and buy a gamevice too!
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6 years ago, AhsunSK
Worth it
I was hesitant on buying this game, Capcom never updated the SF collection II game for ios12. Original SF was perfect as you can play arcade mode without having to connect online and waste data. I didn't think this game had that feature but it does. You can play offline have different options in number of games, difficulty, training mode, and skills challenge. It gives you more than enough options to suit your needs. Great work and well worth the buy.
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7 years ago, ROGER.HUNT
A return to a cult classic
Street Fighter was one of my favorite arcade games of all times! Growing up in the 80’s the local arcade was the church of fun and Street Fighter was the holy word! This port to mobile just goes to show how advanced that mobile games have become. I love it and I love the fact that I know I can play Street Fighter on a device in my pocket and I can play against anyone around the world in a instant. Wonderful times we are living in folks, wonderful times! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 Stars)
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4 years ago, WolfieBubble
If you are battling online with another player and it’s lags and freezes for a few seconds then unfreezes and resumes, you are no longer playing that person. You are playing the computer. The person you were fighting has been disconnected and he too is playing the computer. Both sides still think they are fighting the other. You will know this because after the game unfreezes and resumes, your opponent is suddenly easy to beat and when you win, he doesn’t continue and disconnects.
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6 years ago, JordanFUNZ
Best Fighting Game
This is by far the best fighting game on mobile. But I just have a few wishes. I like to have the other twin as a usable character. Alternate costume and all ultra combos. By all ultra combos I mean give us a chance to choose which ultra combo we want. For example Dudley ultra one goes under fireballs but I don’t have a option to pick from ultra one or 2. But other than that guys really thank you for such a fantastic mobile game. Keep up the effort and great work.
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1 year ago, #NameNotFound
Fun game, but the clothing is a bit much
So, my dad introduced me to this game, and I thought it looked fun, so I downloaded it. After playing it a while, I can say that it is a fun game with many unique characters, all with different personalities and attacks. HOWEVER, I also have noticed that most of the characters have EXTREMELY overreacted features, and many of some of the clothing is very, well, “ showy” if you know what I mean, and this is especially prominent in female characters. So I don’t know if the devs just wanted to incorporate the ole retro style or what, but yeah.
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1 year ago, alanmars4
Forced closing app
It's a awesome app beautiful craftsmanship. There are some problems it closes out the app when I try to finish arcade with evil ryu. Other than that it's good. 👍🏾 Gouken does not get pass the 1st fight either they both cause the game to close out. That would be for my iPad mini not my iPhone 6 it works fine on the iPhone 6. With Dan I be having the same problems also.
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1 year ago, Waterdragon x
Menus and characters, controller support
Dear Capcom, if you continue to update this game, which I hope you do, I was wondering if the controllers can navigate the menus and characters in the game it’ll be easier to find characters that other people would like to play instead of using your finger to find everything. Please update soon.
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6 years ago, iEgghead0720
Ok port.. choppy experience
i have ipad air 2. Frame rates were choppy. I would rather they use the classic 2d sprites (less resource hog) and get it running smoothly at 60fps. Now this isnt all bad attempt.. from a port standard an ok attempt. But as a gamer the experience wasnt fulfilling. I will play later and update but other than cool introduction it wasnt fun experience due to the choppy framerates during gameplay. Also, virtual buttons and controls are great options, but there really needs mfi. Its frustrating playing on screen controls. If they added mfi will be 4 star.
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2 years ago, RUB💀
This game is really good but I think it needs more
It was a cool idea to make street fighter on mobile and can play were ever you go and I also like the joystick control and buttons but I was expecting more. I think the game just needs more fighter or a second ultra move to Make the game worth the money. Overall the game is good would recommend but there should just be a little more to make the game perfect.
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7 years ago, Dasker44
good game, but many years have passed
and the truth expected something better, than a few new characters, the screen adaptation and support mfi. Yesterday I played the version of xbox 360 and the difference is abysmal. I think that to be the 2017 capcom should provide better quality content and better graphics among other details for mobile devices. Since nowadays they are capable of a lot and it is a market that also deserves their respect and dedication.
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7 years ago, JCSaint27
Free Sparring
I like the addition of new characters in the game. However, it is mind-boggling that free sparring mode is absent in this version. Volt:Battle Protocol has it, so I’m not sure why it was taken out. It gives us players more practice with our favorite characters and helps us figure how to defeat certain CPU characters at different levels. Hopefully, this feature is added to the game sooner than later. Overall, great game. Just needs the free sparring mode to make it complete.
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5 years ago, JG-Jedi
80’s kid loves this game.
I love this game. Capcom has to find a way to make it not glitch and stall mid fight. When that happens the game thinks you quick during the match and takes your hard earned points away. Super annoying!!!!! If they can fix that, 5 stars. Otherwise, it’s a blast to play. My favorite in the 80’s and 90’s and my favorite now. Just please fix the glitch.
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7 years ago, Selppaekili
5* game 1* for effort indeed
Games graphics should really be updated (it's disappointing to see the new characters with clearly more animation frames next to the old characters that still look choppy), missing free battle, as well as no option to play your own background music is a bit disappointing, especially for a fighting game that's being released in 2017. Instead of releasing this as a whole new app they should've just released it as a sfiv volt update which is what it really is.
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6 years ago, Bootyslayer455
When I brought this game and tried to download it, it was just stuck on the little downloading circle thing not moving. I tried un-downloading and it didn't do nothing, I shut off my phone, I rebooted it noting worked. And yes I did have space to download it. If your reading this and you have the same problem like me and you fixed it plz tell me.
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1 year ago, ecosystem for life
Blast from the past
This game was my childhood ever since my dad broke out his Super Nintendo. I even got this game on my old new Nintendo 3ds with dynamic view. The graphics bring the hence from the past but combos bring hence of the future. I like the animations from the moves and colors. Much better than whatever crunchyroll came out with.
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7 years ago, SimpIy_N
Pretty darn good
I think this is as good as it gets for mobile Street fighter! Super fun game. Only wish that there was a smoothing option for the character models because sometimes they look a little pixelated. Also please bring back Marvel vs Capcom 2, I know you removed it because it was a 32 bit app but I will pay money for this, now shut up and take my money!
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5 years ago, MC KSHAWN
We want more characters and costumes
The game is great and all but I feel like there should be more characters. For example somebody plays ultra street fighter 4 and they play hakan but there on a trip so they get this game but there is no hakan. And one more thing. Costume s. 2 color changes is not enough I feel like you should get coustumes for characters. One good solution to this is to add rewards for fighting so you can earn characters and costumes.
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5 years ago, Monkey611
Amazing game! Love it!
Best mobile device fighting game ever! The controls and character balance is on point. Game play is really fun and it’s great that we can fight against other people around the world. Only thing I don’t like about the game is there are some shady people who like to disconnect when they’re about to lose or some of them have hacks where they don’t lose BP
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2 years ago, Chuang Tze
It freezes during a vs battle
If you wanna play with ur friend, you pair the devices through the system and then you play; after some seconds or a minute the game freezes. The was between an iPhone 12 Pro Max and an iPhone 13. And both with a pretty decent network speed. Fix this very important issue and I’ll give you 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Chieftain07
Nice update
Glad to have all 3 of the characters added, especially Guy (still wish we could also get the 3rd Final Fight player whose name escapes me...). Not sure on the multiplayer and rage quitting or any of that nonsense, but I do wish there was more to the single player like endings for the characters....small touch would go a long way. Solid update none-the-less
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4 years ago, streetfigterfan mike
Street fighter fan Mike
Very Best App Game ever. Excellent Graphic Presention. $5.00 price range of this app is worth every penny and dollar invested on this flawless app. Use IPad to play game on public transit to show off to get potential game lovers attention and encourage them to download this app on their device. At the end, countless of ppls got the attention and quickly downloaded the app games on their devices.
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3 years ago, dababyonbabu
i absolutely love the game but i believe that the game needs more characters. yes we have the main characters everyone uses but there are a few characters i believe deserve some spotlight. such as adon, rufus, oni and many more. please capcom i know the game isnt really popular anymore but id seriously love if this update was a thing
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5 years ago, randomcreeperdude
Almost perfect
This is a incredible street fighter game on mobile in my opinion this should be how all fighting games on mobile should be. But it is lacking in a few key area like no local play were you can connect to another person’s phone to fight against them. But over all it was one of the best $5 dollars I spent in my life
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6 years ago, Malsifrick
Good game,Sound’s a little wierd
This game is decent fun. I am a huge fan of fighting games,and this is probably one of the best fir IOS devices. However,I have encountered a bug that will make the audio go away forever if I turn on my bluetooth headphones while the game is running on my phone. The only way to get noise and music back is to delete then re install the game. I would be very greatful if this were fixed.
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