Streets of Rage 2 Classic

4.6 (6.1K)
123.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Streets of Rage 2 Classic

4.6 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Fame_O
One of the best SEGA games ever!
I still remember when this game came out in the 1990’s. Street fighter 2 was huge in the arcades, and the brawler/fighting genre was booming! While this game wasn’t graphically as beautiful as Street Fighter, it was definitely a quality game in all respects. The graphics, controls, characters, music were all great! I’m actually still in awe at home great the entire soundtrack is, and the gameplay is just as fun as it used to be. *Interesting fact: Final Fight, from Capcom was only available on Super Nintendo, and not released for Sega genesis. The SNES version was great, but didn’t include “GUY” as a playable character, and was only a one player game. The 2 player ability of streets of rage two was definitely exciting at the time. This was a great game to play with friends. *Also, please re-release more games. I think Sega classics got COVID-19 in 2020, as no new classic games were released.
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3 years ago, LimitlessHate
Save states broken
These Sega Forever games are fairly well-executed emulations of the Genesis/MegaDrive originals. If you’ve got a controller and a yen to play some Streets of Rage 2, this will do fine. That said, if you decide to invest the dollar or whatever to remove ads from the app, be advised that the cloud save function (and therefore ALL save states, as there are no offline saves) has been broken in the transition to iOS/iPadOS 15. According to the correspondence I’ve received from Sega as part of the bug report I submitted in regards to this issue, they are aware of the issue and are investigating the cause, but a timeframe for a fix has not been made available. If you are okay doing without save states (remember, most of the games under the Sega Forever banner didn’t have save functionality in their original releases at all!), there’s nothing else wrong with this release of SoR2. It’s a classic, and I’ll love it until I’m dead. Even that might not stop me playing it.
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3 years ago, rjiijdj983392
The very best game in the world
I love this game because me and my cousin play it all the time and the characters are pretty cool it’s 80s which I really like and well there is a kind of a bad part that you can pick up a nice pose but the funny thing is is that like the graphics are kind of old so they can’t really there’s no blood so it’s pretty cool overall and I will that’s why I would read it five stars and you get to choose from lots and lots of characters a couple like five maybe and there’s some pretty cool cool stuff and it has its own stars to see like drum speed and stuff like that anyways that is the best game that I could probably ever plan my life so that’s why I feel about it
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3 years ago, Glizzee
This game was & still is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It made me a fan for Beat Em Ups. I was wondering what new game to download & thought it would be dope if there was a mobile version of Streets of Rage. Then boom! Both SoR 1 & 2 were both available for download since forever lol. My only issue after playing is the controls. They don’t feel as responsive as they should even after adjusting the size & their location which can get in the way of enjoying the game to it’s fullest potential. Besides that, nothing I could love more than Raging while I’m on the move
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6 years ago, LunchBox0318
A great shot of nostalgia however...
I grew up in the glory days of 16-bit gaming and seeing this game in the App Store brought back a lot of great memories. I absolutely loved the co-op gameplay to which my brother and I put countless hours into playing on the Genesis. We got the Sega Genesis Classics for the PS4 to relive the gaming moments of our childhood but, to our dismay, the lag when playing online was just unbearable. I was hoping the mobile version’s online co-op would be better than the console’s. Unfortunately, to play co-op, the other person needs to be on the same wi-fi network. My brother and I live a few states apart so re-living our childhood gaming sessions won’t happen anytime soon. Please, please, please change this aspect of co-op. Aside from that everything else about this mobile version is great.
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6 years ago, Spratt6
It’s the same.
I love how after seven years, Fuze54’s review still holds true. I bought the first one and was highly dissatisfied with the quality of sound and frame rate, I still played it though because I was sure “they’d fix the mistakes by the sequel’s release”. How wrong I was, it literally sounds worse than the first one somehow. I didn’t even get past the character selection screen without closing the game, because what’s the point of even playing Streets of Rage 2 if the music’s already ruined? Please Sega, I was rooting for you when Sega Forever was first announced, but I’m starting to waver as I see it progressing. I’m sensing a strong sense of passion among you guys, a passion stronger than almost all other major video game companies, but a lack of initiative. Basically please don’t be indolent and portray that strong passion I know you have through your productions. Thanks. :)
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4 months ago, hdhdbdbhdd
I remember playing this game on the sega genesis
With my brother we played this game on the sega genesis and we would play every day 10 years ago we did a long time playing this again is awesome unlike me paying 5 bucks on the 3ds version in 2020 this is much better this the offline game I can play for hours the stages and music brings me back them times so I love playing it and is realy good tho it might never be like playing it at that time on that console still good and fun
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4 years ago, anglolaflare
This is my favorite game of all time. When I was little I used to get super excited when my dad would let me play it, a few years ago I went as far as to buy a sega genesis just so I could play this game, fast forward a few more years and I got gifted the anniversary mini console with all the games and it didn’t have this one but thankfully I already owned a hard copy. Needless to say, really happy to have it once more on my iPad for on the go happiness. Please bring SHINOBI III to the platform as well.
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3 years ago, CJShawon65
A trip to memory lane in 90s
This game is an absolute blast. With accurate mame behavior and awesome music/sound effect. Although this game is much more enjoyable with a controller. Since Apple supports Xbox wireless controllers; it’s highly recommended to play this game with a controller. I’m saying this from my own experience! You won’t be disappointed. Although, ad system is a bit annoying. You willing to pay for it, I guess this wouldn’t be a problem anymore.
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3 years ago, SatanX (Bassett)
Way too many ads
Every time you pause, you have to watch an ad, everytime you save you have to watch an ad, between levels you have to watch an ad, when you want to load a game you watch an ad, you’re watching just as many ads as you are playing the actual game. Ruined completely by this. In between everything you do you have to watch 1-2 ads. This is a bit much and way too ridiculous. I love the games.. but now I’m just going to pirate them. I’m not dealing with the amount of ads you guys force people to watch into buying the game. Piratings happening a lot with these and losing money now for you. Thanks Sega
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2 years ago, BlkMarZe
This Game takes me ‘Back’😌
I really enjoy playing this game on my phone it is ‘Textbook’ right back down memory lane when I used to play this on the console. Y’all got me wanting to go find a Sega Genesis and wanting to buy all of the old games I used to enjoy 😁 I seriously Appreciate your development team for making this happen. Although, I will say there is a bit of a learning curve with the controls but I think you have all done a great job given the fact that it ‘is a mobile game’ so you had to make the controls work ‘Somehow’ 😌 It’s All Good, well that’s my Review, I’m going to go back to Playing😁 Have a Nice, blessed day every one to anyone reading! Warmest
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2 years ago, ratings4.9
I think this game used to be known as renegade in the late 1980’s. Either way this game is my throwback to where arcade games used to be for us kids of the 1980’s . We would play this game at the local corner store (7-11 type) and after we had our fill, we would go outside the store on the way home and do these kick & punch moves on each other till we got home. Thanks for the way back memories today after finding your game.
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6 years ago, Sahil2202
You guys really made us disappointed with this one. there is real big problem, people download your games because of brand name when I downloaded this game it was free as soon as I opened game it asked for $1.99 for ad removal like really you guys should put that in disclaimer here before people should download it. Nonetheless, poor graphics in the game makes my experience sour screen which is not even half of my iPhone X is a bitter pill to swallow. If am downloading something from a good brand like SEGA at least people and I should expect more than this also for now I am uninstalling the game and will check for updates in future for better results. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Ultimakeyblade
Amazing port
What i love: I love Streets of Rage 2 and being able to play it on mobile on the goal is amazing too. It has controller support so i am able to use my ps4 controller to play it and just but a controller stand for the phone so my controller can hold my phone while i play. The game runs smooth with not problem Suggestions - the only way to play 2 player mode is through wifi. The iphone is able to have more than one controller connected and many games have more than on controller support so i feel that they should add that feature here. - i play on an iphone 11 and i would like it if they had an option to stretch out the screen a little bit more. I like my games just a bit more bigger than the screen size availble.
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4 years ago, Dre0277
Unresponsive Controls mars an otherwise great experience
Presentation is well done. Everything is as you’ll remember from the console versions. I remember playing the previous iteration of this before Sega deleted it from the marketplace. The controls were much tighter. No less than 10 times the pause menu was activated by accident. I believe this is a design error, as the virtual “D-pad” is situated so close to the bottom of the screen that frequently pressing it will cause you to accidentally swipe up. This alone ruined the experience for me, as I quit after the 2nd stage.
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6 months ago, JOEman4117
Great game!
Has and will always be one of my favorite games of all time to pick up to play. Works great with the controller so picking up putting down is what I love about this game on the phone. Haven’t really run into the save state problem because I can beat it in one sitting but it wouldn’t be that big of a problem to me.
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2 years ago, Jose89320
The game is amazing and very nostalgic, but there is a few bugs. First when I open the game sometimes it just crashes, not a big deal but pretty annoying. Also the save game is bugged, when I save the game it usually doesn't actually save. Other than those two bugs the game is great. :)
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6 years ago, RichardB77
Much Improved
I bought this app when it first debuted and the sound and music were subpar at best. Now that it’s reintroduced, the sound and music are 100% better. While I wasn’t fond of having to pay another $2.11 for it to get rid of the ads, I don’t mind supporting them if they’re working on improving the games and getting more titles onto iOS.
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2 months ago, RetroGamer614
Classic of my times
I remember playing this game as a child and absolutely loved it thought it was very hard and I know you’re playing is super fun definitely into the retro old Sega games. This is a really fun game. I like that you can save your progress and it’s just like the original.
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2 years ago, yoshiplays1935
Fox saves, Otherwise pretty good!
The only issue is that I can only save once before the game glitches and no longer lets me save. Which can be annoying because certain bosses can be really difficult. This goes for the rewind button also. If you don’t need to save then this game is a masterpiece. It’s actually pretty good with a PS4 controller also.
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4 years ago, elmateo
Great game
Great old school game, brings back memories. Only complaint is having to watch the 30 sec ads in between stages and then having to watch again if you want to save. Still can’t complain cuz I’m too cheap to buy the game and I’ve played it 100 times before. Thanks for putting it on mobile
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6 years ago, Kajxyz
Restored Purchased successfully
I bought this game 5 years ago and had it for a while then it stoped working and vanished from app store now that its here i read comments that people cant restore purchased from before but i clicked on it and it worked , no more ads for me and I’m enjoying the game.
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1 year ago, Regulog
Great emulation ! Controls need to be fixed
I’ve played this game when it came out in the Sega Genesis System, me and a best friend spent hours playing all the games of this saga, I’m talking about SoR, SoR2 and SoR3! The only thing that needs to be mastered it’s the control issue, I think it’s a matter of precision.
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2 years ago, judge egyptian
so I had just downloaded the game and was about to start playing but realized it’s really late and I needed to go to bed so I go and hit the save button and not even 2 minutes later the saving icon is still on the screen. I retry and it does the same thing, so I restart the app, even restarting my phone and it’s still a problem. I didn’t even get to experience the game because of this problem! It needs to be fixed asap because I was really looking forward to the game.
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6 years ago, Andy-_-144
Buy it again?...
I bought this for I believe $3-4 when it first came out on iPhone but then after like 7 months I couldn’t play it because the developer didn’t update the app. For some reason I kept it on my phone and recently saw that it finally updated. But now it has ads if you want to play. I tried the restore purchase button but it says that I don’t have any purchases. So if I want to play comfortably I have to buy it again?
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4 years ago, Cpt Tomato
My Appreciation
Thank you guys so much I’ve been looking forward to things like this my dad played a lot of these games and had me playing them so now I’m kinda addicted I love swag so much and I was just looking for some games to download and look at what I found thank you guys so much I love Sega keep up the good work
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7 months ago, Reth-Eldirood
Touch controls ruin a masterpiece of a Beat ‘Em Up game.
Streets of Rage 2 is and has always been one of my very favorite brawling games of all time. This mobile port, however, ruins the experience with terrible, inaccurate, unresponsive and just unreliable touch controls. It’s ok for a quick dose of casual nostalgia, but those actually looking to play the gamer seriously will be sorely disappointed.
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5 years ago, Allen Dewon
A classic from the 90’s now ported to iOS is something I could not see when I was a child. Today I can play this classic beat’em up game on my iPhone without issue. The gameplay is still the same, but the controls need working on. Also, can I use an game controller?
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6 years ago, CadillacBirdman
Purchased years ago now charging me again for no adds???
I purchased this game years ago and now I have to pay again to play with no adds? Stopped playing years ago cuz it was very slow and would lag. The sound was off. Wish they would let me restore my old purchase and hopefully they fixed the issues from before. Can’t see myself paying twice for a game that doesn’t work properly. And yes I tried to restore my purchase but it didn’t allow me too.
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1 year ago, heckre
Really fun game
I was bored so I was checking some games and this was really fun. I connected a Xbox one controller to my iPad and it was great. Only problem is that you can’t remap the controls on controller (at least I think you can’t) and sometimes the audio keeps cutting off but other than that’s it’s a really fun game.
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4 years ago, xUchiha
To be honest I remember playing this game with my dad when I was younger on the Genesis and it make me had SUUUUUUPER NOSTALGIA and I absolutely love the work you guys have put in to bring that back to the us keep it up SEGA FOREVER But i also hope y’all are gonna put out streets of rage 3 thats my personal favorite👀👀👀
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1 year ago, Punch Man 26
Love It , But Can’t Play It
I absolutely loved this game growing up as a child in the 90s .. the nostalgia is real . But unfortunately this app has bugs that’s NEEDS to be fixed. The game works and somewhat can be manageable but it’s too annoying when your health is constantly going down with out taking any hits from enemies. Should not be losing lives when not taking any damage . Two star rating for now
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6 years ago, Dark DemiGod Ardin
Let’s do better
I purchased this game about 2 years ago an all time favorite of mine and after a month it wouldn’t be played on my iPhone 7 and now the game finally updates and I have to buy it again to remove adds. Restore my purchase shows no signs that I bought it already, come on fix this and the Sounds were wonky before don’t know if it’s fixed ain’t gonna load the game with ads that I already paid to have removed, get on your job people
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3 years ago, davidreview
Let's Get Some Updates
It's good. But can a option be added to make it the frame rate faster. Those who don't want the smoother, faster frame rate don't have to use it. But for those who do can. Next, let's get it updated for the new iPhone display. It's good, I just want it better.
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3 years ago, MonyMony224
5 for the game 0 for the cheaters
Always loved playing this game, but quickly realize why I hate online games. I was first - five but my high scores kept getting deleted and replaced with lesser scores by the same names. You guys need to do something about this happening it makes playing not much fun. I don’t think these people are actually playing just deleting scores. I’ve deleted this game… developers need to do something about this
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4 years ago, be_like_waterSF48
One of the best!
This game still holds up amazing soundtrack fun gameplay and color graphics. I always play this where I can get my hands on it from 3DS, sega collections etc..... and having this on my iPhone is just amazing. Street of rage 2 a classic that still rocks! 5🌟
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5 years ago, passthe40
Thank you for bringing this back! I had the older version and once I updated to the newer iOS I couldn’t use it anymore. One of my favorite games of all time with arguably one of the best soundtracks in video game history. 5 stars each and every time
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7 months ago, Sega ohd
I’ve never played this game
I’ve never played this game before but looks really fun looks really old reply please because I want to know what when you invented this Game Sega so please I give you five stars
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3 years ago, dragonfist49
Childhood favorite!!!!
This is a awesome game!!! Love it!!!! So many memories with this!!! Have it now on sega classic mini. Love it! Love it! Love it! I recommend this game to everyone!!! Seriously, try it! Very good graphics, just like the original. Glad I can play it on the go!!!
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6 years ago, FreeNel
Took my game away and sold it back to me.
I had the game since my iPhone 4s I believe and never got to finish it. I paid for the game. Fast forward to Today I realize that the game finally has support for the iPhone X so I download it back to my phone. Now it has adds. And now I have to pay 1.99 again to take the apps off? I originally bought the game with the adds off, to my knowledge there wasn’t a free version of this game when I purchased.
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6 years ago, Eish ward
I love it
The only problem I have is the d pad it’s less responsive make it more like the sega version and I will be happy and work on the sound other than that I love it and would recommend it to all my friends
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8 months ago, Karma goddess
Hi Alex here
Hi I would recommend the game if you like classical games but my opinion it just has to many ads that I had when I was younger on the “weird” console as kids nowadays call them but still it’s a good game
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3 years ago, fjdjfjrkdkg
I use to watch a anime called hi-score girl and one of the games they do latex was final fight. i’ve never played streets of rage before but it’s really similar do to the side scroll. what i’m trying to say is this game is fire and i enjoy it.
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3 years ago, Ss Ruth
There’s an issue
i love this game and played it on my genesis when i was growing up, but this version won’t let me sign into my game center to save my progress, it really makes it less fun to play if i can’t ever level up and keep my progress :/
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3 years ago, Becca-88
Game Center Login Trouble
I love this game. However, it will no longer allow me to sign in to Game Center to save my game. An error message keeps popping up. It never did this before. Can you guys fix this? The ability to save games is a must!
Show more
1 year ago, sbbelli81
Brings back so many memories from my childhood. This game is amazing and still holds up today. I got my 7 yr old playing and experiencing the same joy I did when I was a kid
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11 months ago, playing sega 1992
How do you do 2 player?
It’s a great game but when i want to play with my brother player 2 can’t pick there character so please help me with that Any way five stars
Show more
5 years ago, Tre'sPug
Best game but one thing
I love this game it is the best game you have and on the streets of rage games but one thing you had streets or rage 3 I did not know of that game so please make it a part of the sega forever collection but still this is a great game so keep it up sega
Show more
3 years ago, MydogMoxy
Best game ever
I used to play it on sega but it stopped working. I recommend it. It is just like it and there is no internet problems. I really like that there is a 2 player.
Show more
5 years ago, Zernbog
Expected better
Don’t get me wrong this is the classic game. Plays smooth works well. However the buttons / DPad setup on phone screen is unforgiving just a little off and it doesn’t work. Also the save feature lost a lot of my progress. Would gladly pay for it but given the grief of lost time with the trial no thanks. The ads are annoying but what killed it for me was controls and lost progress
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