Streets of Rage Classic

4.5 (2.8K)
123.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Streets of Rage Classic

4.53 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Jody.Hop
Button functions
I have always loved this game since it originally came out back in the early 90’s. I thought it was my phone but it actually is just the game itself. On each player for some reason I can not use the “power” button which usually is “A”, but for the “Adam” character it’s “B”. I really appreciate the creators making this I have been looking for this game for years and getting a Sega system just isn’t in question considering that I’ve tried that and all it’s done is waste my money. Hopefully this review makes it to whomever it needs to get to so they can fix it ASAP. It’s 2020 and with the coronavirus outbreak and having to be at home I would really love to play this game with no problems!
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7 years ago, Spratt6
Almost Perfect!!
I don’t know how it feels to play the game with ads, because I was one of those who had originally purchased it, but if it’s anything like Sonic CD, XD then it’s probably pretty annoying. I guess you have to make money somehow, so I’m not really bugged by that. I don’t know if you can look at my email and see that I already sent you a my long review through the app, but I’ll simplify it for you guys and explain why I haven’t given this game a 5-star rating like it deserves. So I’m glad I’m not the only one! I see that the controls are a problem for all of us! If we could have the freedom to move them and make the controls transparent and put the game in full screen, that’d be perfect. Another thing, it’s not too big of a problem, but there’s some lag in the audio that absolutely ruins the music which is such an important part in SOR. I’ve already sent you a review through the app under the name of *ahem* PoptartSlayerXD.... anyway, please fix those SEGA and I’ll be eager to give this game my first 5-star rating!! 🙂 -Always Remember: SEGA does what Nintendon’t!!!
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3 years ago, iwannag0fa5t
Nostalgia has been tickeled
I played through the first 3-4 levels at least 100 times. Streets of Rage and the Konami X-Men(the one with 4 player controls) were played every Sunday, for two straight hours, for like 5 years in a row while my older brother played soccer. Obviously it's not the same without buttons at big as gatorade tops sticking to the machine due to bottomless popcorn and sour patch kids. However, it did bring back memories of me breaking the joystick for P2, then blaming it on someone else. Great game to bring back.
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7 years ago, _ArGos_
What A Mess...
I was excited to download this when I saw SEGA brought it back to us in the App Store. It probably was one of the quickest deletes I’ve ever done on an app. The controls are just AWFUL! You have to keep your thumb directly on the d-pad to move, any deviation and you’re going in a wrong direction or not moving at all. As for the buttons? They work when they want. As soon as I was swarmed by three guys I was done, furiously mashing A to punch worked twice out of over 10 presses and I quickly died. The icing on the cake? Right in the middle of a weapon swing the game mysteriously paused to a modern menu. When I hit Resume, I had to sit through an ad to get back in the game! Shame on you, SEGA, you’re better than this! Side note: I’ve dealt with their support team on other apps they have out as well, they’ve become one of the worst on the market and they’re quickly earning themselves a bad reputation.
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3 years ago, Malosal2
Clumsy screen interface and Endlessly annoying adds
There are so many hours in this game that even from the same when you’re in the game by the time you switch to a different part of the menu that has come up again I mean you can barely try this game for a minute before he gets slammed with ads for five minutes. Then the start button is exactly where the minimize multitask screen button is on the iPhone since they are in The same location it is hard to press the one over the other so I kept trying to press the start button but all I could do is manipulate the multi task minimize button on the iPhone. This is horribly developed so I guess this is a tarnish on your name seriously do you guys not even touch your own apps?
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6 years ago, DiehardBareKnuckleFan
Wonderful Game, But...
Wonderful Game, but where are the other two Bare Knuckles? In my opinion, this was the worst one, 2 was the best, and 3 got close to 2. Don’t get me wrong this is an extremely fun game, but I miss the other two. A lot of people say there are too many ads, but most are 5 seconds, so I don’t see the problem. The controls are great, the graphics are wonderful, (though they weren’t going for the best graphics ever) and it is super addictive and fun. That’s why I give this a 5 stars. I recommend this game. SEGA, PLEASE ADD THE OTHER GAMES!!! Thank you.
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6 years ago, Julinna111213
Love this classic!
I’ve been playing this game since I was 7 years old! Was so stoked to see it in the App Store! My kids are addicted to it too. Graphics are the same as the original which is pretty cool. The 15 sec back track is awesome. Also! Playing with someone is sorta convenient where as you just need to be using the same WiFi. Would be much cooler to be able to play with other people without being on the same Wi-Fi network. Also please bring streets of rage 2 and 3!! Thanks!!!
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6 years ago, Chewy484
Ads need to be fixed
I love this game. It is one if my favorite video games of all time. This is a decent port, with some controller issues. That being said, it’s not uncommon for a console video game to smartphone app to have controller issues so I don’t hold it against them. The reason I am giving this game 1 star is the ads. Not the fact that their is ads, but the fact that there is one specific final fantasy ad that you can’t exit. It keeps freezing and will not allow you to return to the game. Due to this faulty ad, I cannot save, rewind, load, or even move from level to level(all of those things require watching ads). I am fine with these ads, it is a “free” game after all, but please fix this so I can actually play the game.
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7 years ago, Classicboy97
Good Port, but could use control improvements.
Playing on an ipad pro feels great and smooth, and the on-screen controls are fine, but not perfect. They are responsive, but are not the most intuitive. I would really appreciate if the developer would allow for an even smaller option for the buttons, as the size options they have given to ipad users are a ridiculously big. Also, I would REALLY love for an option to use the apple smart keyboard cover as a choice in playing these sega-forever games. Pleaseeeeee make this happen Sega!
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4 years ago, Bictor Haggett
Amazing Game!!!
I love that someone converted this game to mobile so you don’t have to have a genesis. One complaint is that you have to be signed into the Game Center or google play games to save and you have to watch an add. If you pause the game to send a text and come back you have to watch an add but overall great game and I’m happy to see people still like genesis.
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2 years ago, s4yjgjkhjyfgfdfd
Tiny problem
Sometimes when you try and save there isn’t an ad to watch so you can’t save I was on the fifth level boss and then I died and I tried I was trying to save but there wasn’t an ad there’s not always an ad there so can you change that a bit play more your ads even if it’s the same one over and over again it will still be a lot a lot easier .
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5 years ago, SwappingBackToAndrood
Nostalgia interrupted
This game used to be one of my all time favs, but the adds kill the immersion and feeling that I get when playing old saga games. Adds to save, use a save, or finish a level are just overkill. This review is because I’m tired of seeing RATE ME pop ups. The on screen controls are horrible but on my iPhone 11 I can use a ps4 or xbox controller to play so no biggie. Overall it’s ok but when all these games can be launched via another emulator with no adds at all, it gets a 3 star from this guy.
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7 years ago, Chieftain07
A Gaming Great Returns
Virtual controls seem to work well enough, but one major drawback is needing 2 fingers to do a back attack (b and c together). Otherwise I have no issues. I would love to see SoR 2 make a return, as that was my favorite (with 3 being a close 2nd). I do appreciate playing this classic but 2 and 3 were much better games.
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2 years ago, dynesso
Full of bugs
So this is a fantastic port of streets of rage. The game itself is perfect, but there are several extremely frustrating problems with the ads and saving the game. Never have I been able to save a game because the ads just won’t play. I was very far in the game and tried to save but when I did it got stuck on the signing in of my apple games account and loaded forever. I had to close the game and lost all of my progress. Infuriating
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7 years ago, Teqnilogik
A Classic
A great classic game. Some performance improvements are needed at least on the iPhone 6 as I’ve experienced slowdown and stuttering audio but other than that it plays well and the touch controls are OK. Touch controls are hard for games like these but they did a good job with it. If you don’t like the touch controls try a Bluetooth controller compatible with iOS.
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3 years ago, SatanX (Bassett)
Way too many ads
Every time you pause, you have to watch an ad, everytime you save you have to watch an ad, between levels you have to watch an ad, in between everything you do you have to watch 1-2 ads. This is a bit much and way too ridiculous. I love the games.. but now I’m just going to pirate them. I’m not dealing with the amount of ads you guys force people to watch into buying the game. Piratings happening a lot with these and losing money now for you. Thanks Sega
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3 years ago, Matt010288
It’s nice to see a classic like streets of rage on iPhone but the controls are awful and sometimes don’t work even when I press the right spot on the screen. To top that off, ads in a game like this is stupid. Really trying to capitalize on a game made in the early 90s. Just let us play without paying for ad free. It would be cheaper to buy the game on Xbox or psn than it would be to try and go ad free on the multiple games available. DELETE!
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7 years ago, Crash in loading
One word, Fantastic !
One of the best games I’ve ever played in my life ... I’m so happy that I can play it on my phone :) thank you so much SEGA ❤️ for those who don’t like the controls , you can change it from settings :) think before writing a review... I hope sega brings other games like Sunset riders and Ninja Turtles to the appstore 👀💜
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1 year ago, mierda321
Perfect for me! it’s a time machine!!!
The memories that this brings me of my childhood days are priceless!! Every time i play this, i travel back to the time i played it when i was 8! Thank you good folks for making this happen on my phone!!!
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2 years ago, Pilasamito
Very nice if you pay.
I was introduced to the Streets of Rage on the Nintendo Switch, and I never knew that I have missed out on an awesome franchise. I purchased SOR 4 and absolutely enjoy it! This is a great way to play Streets of Rage. For two dollars, no ads make the game great for on the go action! Thanks Sega!
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7 years ago, UrRomeo310
The Music 🔥 ❤️
The Streets of Rage trilogy has by far the BEST music in video games (in my opinion). the best way to play this is with a Bluetooth controller just to take you back to those early 90’s. I can’t express enough how much I love this game BUT when SEGA puts SoR2 I’ll loose my mind. Keep it up SEGA.
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7 years ago, KingBlueKirby
Intense Lag
I just played the game for like 5 min. and even ON THE TITLE SCREEN I could here the lag in the music. I really have nothing to say cause like I said I only played for like 5 min. and in that time in the gameplay the lag was just awful. Sega for once listen to this and update the game for other people. I would keep it if it wasn’t so laggy and if u had a track record for listening. I know I would love it if it wasn’t so laggy.
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3 months ago, Vigmu2 Games
Love that I can play my first love into the Beat Em Up genre. Sega Genesis has always been my absolute favorite console to play. This app does the game lots of justice. Will be having this game on my phone for a long time coming.
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7 years ago, 2213180
Money hungry SEGA is back at it again.
The gameplay is alright. But basic features of the game is locked behind paywalls. No save states. And the ADS. I can’t even play the game anymore. Whenever I try to start a single player game, it shows an ad. When I close the ad, I have to press single player again. Which shows another ad. And this repeats, and repeats, and repeats. So it is unplayable. We thought SEGA was doing this for the fans. They’re only doing it for our money.
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2 years ago, chickenseason1
Add malfunction
I have no problems with the fact that this has adds but for some reason I can only watch one add every time I exit the game so I can’t save if I had used rewind before that and I hadn’t exited the game so please fix it thank you
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6 years ago, bertoner
Ad’s broken so I can’t play.
Love the game , but there are bugs that won’t let you play, one bug is my A button doesn’t work. The next problem I saved and came back to the game, tried to load my saved game and it wouldn’t let me get passed the final fantasy ad. I’d close the ad then select my saved game and I had to do the same ad again over and over. Tried to start a new game and the same problem, so now the game is unplayable.
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4 months ago, hdhdbdbhdd
This game is great
I play both the 1st and 2nd versions of the game but I never played the 3rd one but the 4th ones in here am just waiting for the 3rd one I never played it
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7 years ago, James_thename
How is this #148?! SHOULD BE #1!!
This game is perfect! Brings back so many memories and even has the original soundtrack! People give 4 out of 5 because of the controls, COME ON! Thank you for bringing this back for us!!!
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2 years ago, Hunthamonius95
I bought the ad free version of both this game, streets of rage 2 and streets of rage 4. It cost $13 total, $9 of that being stor4. The save mechanic for 1&2 doesn’t work. I click save and the “saving” screen pops up, but it stays there. It just freezes on that screen. I want a refund for these 2 games, and possibly #4 if the save feature on that game doesn’t work either. This is infuriating.
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1 year ago, lucid_inut
Streets of Rage
Great game i bought this today because my genesis collection for Switch is taking too long This game should of had better graphics this looks like a game boy and a master system game and this was on the mega drive(genesis).
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1 year ago, Misterlongstroke420
Really wish there was online multiplayer
Solid port of an absolute classic just wish the multiplayer didn’t require me to be on the same wifi as my friends to play
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6 years ago, miri88
"Just like old times"
Would be nice to see the complete set, part 3 was my favorite one, hope to see that coming in the near future
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6 years ago, alfa romero pure
Coolio but help
Can you please help me figure out why the loading screen just turns black while trying to connect with my friend to play 2P(we are on the same WiFi and right near each other) 😩
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6 years ago, Marvel champions
Freaking classic!!
I’m so happy to the able to play one of my favorite sets franchises on my phone. They should port over streets of rage 2 sega, I’d pay anything to play that nostalgic game again!!!
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3 years ago, Moaj984
Please fix it
The game is not working, sound at beginning and black screen still !!!!
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7 years ago, Kdoggy2830
Excitement than zero
I was excited to play this game and sorely disappointed when I did. Turns out it is just another ad delivery system and not much else. Watch an ad to save, watch an ad to load, watch an ad at the end of a level, watch an ad at random, just for good measure or pay for this, pay for that and on it goes. You are so much better than this Sega. Deleted.
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6 years ago, seen your butts
Great game
I love this game. It’s a fun beating up game. One of SEGAs best games. It has boss battles , you can save the game so you don’t have to start over. And one more thing SEGA if your reading this please put Ecco the dolphin on mobile.
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6 years ago, officialdklein
Slow Framrate
I am currently using an iPhone 6 to play this game. While playing this game slow frame-rates occur all the time. It’s not too bad, but it’s very noticeable. The game is very fun and will rate this game 5 stars once this bug is fixed.
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6 years ago, AlterEgoJe
Ads are extremely annoying
Every time I try to play the game it pops up with an ad for final fantasy XV, which I understand they need to make revenue but when you can’t close the ad to get back to the game it’s really annoying. I’m not paying to get rid of ads because I will not be playing this that much but already deleting thanks to this little hiccup.
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4 years ago, Trendyhoodnigga
Pure Nostalgia
The feel and the game play is incredible! Granted I’m playing from a 12 pro max but this game is unbelievably satisfying and I will definitely purchase the full version ad free!
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5 years ago, moyejas4155
I love this games
Since I had my first game console (Genesis), this was one of my favorite games. Thank you very much App Store and SEGA for bringing to the memory of many of us this wonderful games!
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6 years ago, B1u3n1t3
gotta admit this game is Sick just brings back memories of my child hood when i first played it but if course on a different device back then so dope now
Show more
3 years ago, Lildvl69
Great game
Great port of the original game, of course some issues with controls but nothing to terrible. Deleted quickly because it’s hard to enjoy with so many ads. I had to watch 5 ads before I could even start 1 round.
Show more
4 years ago, iconx19
This is very fun to play
I enjoyed this game so much I love it but I need some help on how to get the sounds to work because every time I open the game it doesn’t make sounds can anyone help?
Show more
6 years ago, Ryan651922
Wow never got to play this one as a kid but I didn’t play streets of rage 2 maybe that could be the next one up to be on the App Store hint hint 😉😉,lasted updates review I’m not to get in to Game Center to save my progress fix plz and ty
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1 year ago, amazing like spider man
Best beat ‘‘em up game ever
The game is just the way it’s supposed to be it’s still a great game even tho it’s old it looks great for it’s time
Show more
1 year ago, Mahyar.Interactive
Staying true to the classic version, playing is very fun, I just wanted know where A is useful exactly?
Show more
6 years ago, Sound Fx
Streets of Rage
I love the game but I really love STREETS OF RAGE 2!!! When will you guys come out with the second one?! I’ve been waiting so long and patiently... please bring it out
Show more
6 years ago, Reddy0245
Great Game!
Streets of Rage is one of my favorite Sega Genesis titles and having it officially free is honestly a steal. I dont even mind the ads too much because they dont get in the way all thr time. The controls are just like genesis and they're great. Now i ask. ᑕᗩᑎ YOᑌ ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE ᗷᖇIᑎG ᔕTᖇEETᔕ Oᖴ ᖇᗩGE 2 TO ᗰOᗷIᒪE??◕‿◕
Show more
7 years ago, Raiderrubn
Awesome game!
I had some issues at first, but the developer solved the problem. Game works great! Now we just need the rest of the series.
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