Stride: Mileage & Tax Tracker

4.8 (68.3K)
98.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stride Health, Inc
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stride: Mileage & Tax Tracker

4.83 out of 5
68.3K Ratings
5 years ago, flymiester
Easiest app to use for mileage and expenses
I really like Stride compared to the other apps out there. It tracks mileage well and instantly calculates your profit. I like the fact you can categorize by jobs, add photos of receipts, and other expenses all in one place. I would be willing to pay for a premium version. I’d like to see auto detect motion start and stop, similar to MileageIQ. That should be an option to turn on and off as desired, since sometimes I forget to turn it on. My biggest complaint however, is it is not easy to search for added expenses and update or make modifications. There are 2 columns “Deductions and Income”. If I need to search for the expense I have to scroll the entire list looking for it. I should be able to search “dash cam” for example and find every expense associated for that category. II’ll add to my review as I think of more improvements the developers can add.
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2 years ago, 3rikgaming
Necessary App
This app is just like any other expense tracking app. It works. It’s great. I’ve been using it for years. The only isssue is that when tax season comes along. My deductions are clustered into 1 big amount. I can’t see how many miles I have to traveled that I ca use to deduct from my taxes, on the amount of money I saved from tracking those miles. Furthers more when I add supply and food expenses that also gets combined into the grand total of how much money I save. It doesn’t separate the different categories of deductions that I’ve made. It groups it all together and there is no way for me to see exactly how much money I’ve saved from Miles alone and how much money I’ve saved from supplies food etc. because when my accountant asks how many miles I’ve driven I can’t give an exact answer when they ask how much money you’ve spent on supplies I can’t give an exact answer because the grand total is clustered into one giant number of how much money I’ve saved. So this app needs to organize itself in the way that when people choose a category for deductions he can separate it so the user can identify specifically how much miles I’ve driven how much they’ve save from those total miles and from other categories how much money they spent on supplies how much money they can save based off those deductions they can make to just make it easier for when tax season comes around.
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2 years ago, Gamer-for-life
Not bad has some issues
After a year of use now, while I’m driving the app keeps closing unbeknownst and to me. By the time I have to switch from GPS to look at other stuff when I click on the Stride app it has closedown so the history of my driving and keeping track of my exact miles, it just draws a straight line for the last place it said I was at and to where I’m currently at now. So I’ve been using this app for about a year and a half now. For the past four months it’s been shutting down on its own. It’s open but running in the background as I’m using maps in the foreground. I’ll occasionally click on Stride as I’m driving and it’ll be reopening and not accurately tracking my miles. It’ll have a random line going straight from the point when I shut down to the point I reopened it (by reopening it I mean clicking on the app that’s already open to check my miles to find out they close down while it was open). So it’s a little frustrating, it’s about 65 to 75% accurate. It’s a a good program overall but unless you continuously switch between the apps, this app randomly closes down if you will, but it’s still open just not accurately tracking your miles.
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7 months ago, Shen_Xian
I use this app regularly. There is one minor design flaw that ends up costing me so much time when it comes to do my taxes. I call this issue the, “Snapback”. Essentially, when I go back to review and calculate my expenses in the Stride app, it has this, very annoying, little feature. If I scroll page down through all my logged mileage, if I select any date and open up the information for that logged trip, after returning to the previous screen, the app snaps all the way back to the top of the list. This is incredibly annoying if I want to go through sequentially and reverify each trip and it’s included notes. When we go through the list , I have to constantly start from the very top of the list and finger scroll each time to the next date (instead of June 16th, June 17th, June 18th…, it’s June 16th, Dec 31st and scroll down, June 17th, Dec 31st and scroll down, June 18th, Dec 31st and scroll down, etc). The screen should just return to the point of the list where I was previously, instead of starting all the way to the top of the list. Its literally hours of extra work come tax time. You really should just create a distinction between business and personal, but the list SnapBack feature should be eliminate regardless
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2 years ago, Sonofabreech42
Love the app but have one minor request…
I love the app and everything it offers for free. However there is one minor change that would make that would make editing past trips much easier. When scrolling through deductions to review trips every time you select a trip to review details and go back to the list of deductions, it takes you all the back up to the top of the list of instead of just taking you back to the current trip/deduction you just selected. This means every time you view a trip from a previous month and go back you have to scroll all the way down to get back to where you were. If you have multiple trips from previous months you have to edit you spend WAY too much time scrolling to get back to the previous months trips. If it was possible to review a trip and go hit the back arrow and go back to the same trip/deduction instead of reset to the top it would save people a lot of time and be more user friendly.
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3 years ago, Rodney big bottom
App won't launch
Hi there developers, I made this review to bring attention to you guys that there seems to be a HUGE bug in this app currently.. so just yesterday I got recommended to use this app for mileage tracking purposes from another platform that I use. The process went that I clicked the link in That app which brought me here to the app page, then I downloaded this app, opened it to create a profile then out of no where, the app just.. crashed. And so it took me back to my homepage where I clicked it again to relaunch and it, crashed again.. and again and again.. so I think "hmm" and tried to simply uninstall and reinstall the darn thing and the problem persists. This time it doesn't even let me make it to the loading page to create a profile. it now just crashes the very instant I click the app.. now that was yesterday, which brings me to today where I attempt again hoping it'll work. I check the app compatibility at the bottom of your page and my phone is surely up to speed with it being on update 14.3.. so I'm not exactly sure guys. Seems like something you should handle quickly as I'm sure I'm not the only user experiencing this issue. BEST REGARDS ALL! too-ta-loo
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4 years ago, bmh740
Location setting draining battery
Leaving the location setting to always on drains the phone battery way too much to make this app worthwhile for me. It would be helpful to have a widget with buttons to start and stop tracking miles so you don’t have to open to app to do that. Because even with the reminder from the app you still have to open the app and then press the plus sign and then press track miles. It’s not safe if the reminder only happens when you start to drive away from your home. So having a widget would make tracking easier and safer. And then it wouldn’t be absolutely necessary to leave the location setting to always on either if the track miles function was more readily accessible. Ultimately a more functional Apple Watch integration would be ideal but in the mean time I feel this would suffice as helpful update. Thank you for making this app free and I’ve found it helpful for tracking expenses. This is the only main issue I found that brings my rating of the app down.
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2 months ago, Italian Lawyer
Absurdly Slow!!!
App is great in theory, since it does allow self-employed people to track their various expenses and mileage, and I like that the app has many different categories to neatly organize those expenses. But, the biggest problem with it is that it is ABSURDLY SLOW! In particular, if you ever need to scroll through old expenses to make sure that a specific expense was accounted for, and it’s been more than a week or so (eg., Did I enter the phone bill from 3 months ago?), well, clear your schedule because you’re gonna get the Spinning Wheel of Doom after every 10-12 entries, and you’ll be doing that for a while until you get to the time period that covers the expense you’re looking for. I mean really, really slow. It should be noted that I’m literally using the newest iPhone available in April, 2024, and the OS is fully updated, so it can’t be the iPhone that’s causing the slowness. Other than that, it is a good app, but you better have a lot of patience and free time in order to reliably use it.
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4 years ago, Ranger8999
Amazing End to End Driver Necessity
Overall I’ve been leveraging this for quite some time. I have familiarized myself with all services offered (Not to mention they continue to add more and more benefits) and I can’t express enough how wonderful it is. You have to use it for yourself to really understand the full capabilities but the bottom line is that it is enabling Drivers to finally receive respectable benefits (health, taxes, mileage, etc) that are competitive to what you would normally receive in more structured working environments. Check this app out ASAP if you are a driver (or gig worker), I rate it a 5 of 5. (Again, there’s always going to be areas that need enhancements or tweaks. But..... in my opinion this app is (by a long shot) way more superior than any other available alternative out there today.) A+++
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5 years ago, clmib
Good, needs to improve data export
I’ve been using the app to track rideshare miles driven and I am happy with what it does so far. However, lots more room for improvement in exporting data. The current generated reports contain unneeded labels in numeric data. For example, the text “mi” in the export of miles or a dollar sign in currency columns. This may be ok for a text report but causes problems in .csv file exports. The fields with the extraneous labels have to be modified to get to raw numbers that can be modified or used in calculations. The header row is where the labels belong, never in a numeric data field. Also, I’d really like to be able to export data for a specific date range so I can periodically update whatever external spreadsheet or database I am working with. Right now, the only option is for all data of a given year. It’s a nuisance to export the whole year’s data to get the last week or month of data. Two more additions. Please add the TIME spent driving to the mileage data report. I really want to get a report on time driving. Maybe even some stats on when. Finally, create a report that will let me export the data for each log file as a row of CSV file data. Give me the choice of exporting as one row per file, one row per day, per week, month or quarter. Finally, include the number of miles and hours driven in the weekly deduction email along with their dollar value.
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6 years ago, Brandcast74
The app erases mileage. On numerous occasions it shows mileage and money saved using the app then a few hours later shows a completely different amount that was less than what was shown a few hours before! It also logs imaginary mileage after I end my session and completely shut down the app by double tapping the home button and swiping up on the app. When I go to use the app the next day, it shows that it is tracking mileage, even though the night before I stopped tracking and properly shut the app down. It's like I have a magic iPhone that leaves my bedside table and turns the app on on its own and takes a journey. Apparently my iPhone can fly like Peter Pan because the map shows straight lines like it doesn't follow roads. Beware of this app. Especially if using it for tax purposes. If it can't even do the basic task of tracking mileage correctly, would you use stride for any other services they provide? Hey stride, how about getting the 1 thing down first before offering other services like finding health insurance! The only thing this app Strides for is failure!
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6 years ago, Pp62912
Best tool ever!
Part time ridesharing driver, I use it to keep mileage of when I’m out on the road and any expenses for my part time business. Used the data I plugged into Stride for my 2017 taxes. Stride simplified the tax deduction process. One con was that I had to add all the mileage together from the log. I think the app should give that option. And the only thing I need Stride to do is also keep track of personal and commute miles for when I’m working my full time job or not doing ridesharing. I still keep track of them on the app but should have a selection button to tell it it’s for personal or commuting mile so the app doesn’t track the deduction amount. Other than that, awesome app and tool! Saves me a lot of time and money! Thanks!
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2 years ago, alarob
Keep the ads in the app, please
I installed this after a recommended mileage tracking app failed to work. This one seems designed for rideshare drivers, shoppers, and free-lancers, not company employees. The interface is busy with links to health insurance for the self-employed. All of this is fine, though, and I didn’t mind being quizzed during setup about whether I have health, dental, and vision insurance. (Already got it, thanks.) I finished setup and closed the app. But then Stride started spamming me from the background with notifications that do nothing but shill for insurance products. Look, I already told Stride I’m not in the market, so (insert swearing here). I have enough trouble staying focused without this nonsense. We’ll just have to see how well the mileage tracking works without an immediate reminder notification. I’ve demoted Stride notifications to “daily summary” status. And if the daily summaries contain Stride insurance ads, I’m deleting the app.
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6 months ago, Tendervd77
It’s ok
It’s good for a mileage tracker. I wouldn’t recommend anything else for it. I can never find a link for customer service. There is always pop-ups for insurance, which I can’t shut off. I don’t need their insurance as I already have my own insurance. It automatically connects my transactions with my AmazonFlex account which I don’t like that either. I don’t know how to turn that off. Normally I have no issues with the mileage tracker except for today and another time where it worked all morning while I was delivering packages but then as soon as I got home, I decided it didn’t want to check my miles and I lost all my miles for the morning. Another negative point about this app it requires you to keep the location on at all times which they don’t need to know what I’m doing at all times so that part along with the transactions from my card are significant causes for concern.
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4 months ago, Done with stride
I travel 50 round trip a day to o get to a community where there is enough work to keep me going. I drive to the hot/busy spots to collect orders. I put over a hundred miles a day just delivering food, medicine, and household goods. My odometer shows I’m already at 105 miles, and I’m still in town. I have another 25 miles to go to get home, you recorded 45 miles today, that is rediculess . I’m going to drop this stupid app and find one that meets my needs. I thought by changing my settings to let you track my location at all times it would work better, it didn’t. I set it to track my miles one day and it stopped recording almost immediately. I had no miles for that day. I’ll never do that again, your cheating me of my business miles that I need for tax purposes. I will not continue to let you do that.
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6 years ago, just4kife
Love the app. Its FREE
I have tried number of other mile-tracker apps some weren't FREE. This one is FREE. It doesn't ask for money at all. No ads except life insurance. Even the life insurance window doesn't bother you at all. This app (in my opinion) is very close to perfect. Missing only 2 things. 1st. As an Uber driver I want to be able to track my miles to deduct. So far this app does the job very well. No complaining about that. But I want to be able to track my maintenance/insurance/gas expenses too. At the end of a year I want to be able to see both result and get the most tax deduction. This option would make the app PERFECT for a driver like me. 2nd. When I was trying number of mile tracker apps one future seemed very useful. Its mile log. If I could, I’d want to set a reminder that would ask me every morning (there can be more options to set the days you work/drive, everyday or Monday through Friday or select the days you work) if I want to LOG my mileage of the car. This data can be used as 2 step verification (double checking) for tracking my miles more accurately. If these 2 features I mentioned were available within the app, I will definitely 100% change my 4star to 5star. I’d recommend this app to all my friends who drive for living.
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2 years ago, Gabie Allocca
Would be nice to be able to add miles without tracking..
I'm new to this whole "independent contractor" thing, and half the time don't remember to go to this app before I start driving, or I'll remember halfway through.. I kinda get why they have to track your driving, so people don't lie about how much they've been driving, but it would be nice if they could figure out how to connect with the other app/job you're doing to see that you've been driving more miles than it's been tracking... (In this case, I do Doordash and don't remember to go to this app first to track my miles. So it would be nice if they could somehow see my info on the Doordash app, see the orders I've done and see exactly how many miles I've driven so they know I'm not lying, rather than only being able to track me when I remember to go to this app first...)
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5 years ago, iFanatic
Mileage Discrepancy
I drive rideshare. In 2017, I solely drove for Uber and was late to log my miles that year. At the end of the year, I checked the mileage Uber reported I drove (while driving a passenger) versus the mileage this app reported. There was a discrepancy but I knew Uber reported more miles only because I was late to report my miles using Stride. In 2018, I drove solely for Lyft and at the end of the year, I did the same check. Lyft reported I drove a lot more miles than what was reported using Stride. How is it possible that Lyft shows higher mileage than Stride? Both Uber and Lyft only report the miles I drive while having a passenger in my vehicle; I log all miles with Stride, whether with a passenger or enroute to pick up a passenger. It makes absolutely no sense that Stride shows I drove less. For this reason, I am losing money this year on my Tax refund. I do not recommend this app to anyone driving for business purposes.
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7 years ago, cindishka
Easy and exceptional!
Super easy to enter info i.e.: Missed starting a trip and adding ride mileage? It's super easy to add after the fact. Easy To record tax deductible purchases and it tells you what is and is not a deduction. Going on a tax deductible trip? Just press the plus sign and the app does the rest! Driving and forgot to start the app? It reminds you to do so. Finished driving and forgot to turn app off? It reminds you to do that too! So, so easy and accurate! This will save you THOUSANDS come tax time. Also, exceptional customer service and clear communication. Just look at the replies to comments in the reviews here and you see how quick and clear their communication is. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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2 months ago, FTLoF
Love it! Could be SO much better though!
The app is great! And really convenient! However ; it is annoying when it can’t just start recording a drive / mileage , and you have to open the app and have it running which kills phone battery life and makes phone slower. Other than that, the issue that I have is the ease of recording/reviewing/submitting any expenses — there’s definitely an easier way for this that wouldn’t involve having to submit the transactions on page “x” and then having the transaction screen refresh to the VERY beginning when you’re working on submitting the transactions. It adds unnecessary time and hassle — I’m sure many haven’t submitted the transactions because of that BUT the app is great, great concept, and offers some nice benefits/ features / rewards !
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3 years ago, DSA344
Update to original review. Gave the app another try tonight and once again, halfway through my day, it stopped running in the background and caused me to lose miles. Even with me routinely switching back and forth to it to make sure it was still running. Original review: I’ve been using this app for about a month to track Uber Eats mileage. Thought it was great until yesterday when I noticed that the little map of your miles it produces didn’t show a large portion of my deliveries. I checked Google Maps Timeline and it did show my entire route, plus 25% more mileage. Stride had failed to log a lot of miles, but interestingly it logged the proper amount of hours. Now I’m going to have to review the past month of miles to be sure. Waste of my time and destroys my confidence in this as a reliable business mileage tracker. Should probably just stick to a mileage log where I input my miles.
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7 years ago, cbDejaVu
Great app but updates have been sloppy and break functionality
This is the best app for tracking mileage for rideshare drivers. The new v2 series has had a bumpy path with features that have long worked being broken. I'm keeping the rating at 4 stars until we get a couple updates that don't break functionality (saved login credentials and having invalid notifications are the two items that have been broken in the version 2 series but are now working) Hopefully future updates will be tested a little better before release because this is truly a fantastic app but the v2.x road has been very bumpy. I guess you don't truly appreciate how wonderful an app is until it gets broken. I'm sure it'll return to its previous stable 5 star quality though.
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4 months ago, Nichols❤️reindeer
Jumps the gun
I use this app every day while I work. But sometimes if I open my app and I touch it too quickly or something it turns off my miles and it just goes away so now I cannot take my 150 miles that I've driven for the day and put it towards my Uber because it's gone and I can't find itto just go in and put it in the right folder. Please help. It logged me out of my account somehow and now I have no January miles which is stupid and crazy. I used to be able to choose whether it's right term Miles or personal and that's gone. I tried to reach out for help and they say go on the app, so you are absolutely no help. I need these miles back for2024. I need to be able to rely on this app. What's happened to it you say I can call for help with that is not true
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9 months ago, Billy Jo Bob Brain
Divebombed like a corporate entity
I don’t know. After catching the gridwise app drawing straight lines as my travel route I found Stride. Started out great not a single problem and thought I finally found a decent tracker. But discovered it’s flaws and left a negative review. Since it’s been, not tracking miles intermittently App pops open by mistake and the stop tracking button pops up and is way to easy to hit without knowing. Now I’m told it should be restarted about every 4 hours. Has to to with the internal memory of my 128gb phone. Guess it requires a server. I’m going back to pen and paper. At least that’s reliable and less annoying and available in better colors. Technology isn’t very impressive these days
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6 months ago, name is takrn
Stride updates
The last upgrade took me took me out of my daily report (my drive for the day) and then when I tried to reopen it would only go to health sign up and I’m on Medicare which does not help me. Then when I tried resign in it would not accept me old password so I tried with a new password, it says need more than 8 characters I had put in 13 characters, when I tried to call it gave me a no open due to holiday to reopen on Monday November 28th. Not sure what happened but it won’t help me when I drive this weekend. Have to admit it’s the first real problem I’ve had since using the program
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2 years ago, adrichards88
Nice but…
I think The app looks really slick compared to some others I’ve seen. However it does say expense tracking, and I’ve been fiddling with it for a while and haven’t figured out how to add an expense. At least that part is not very intuitive. Maybe some thing to improve on since you advertise as an expense tracker as well as mile tracker. Update—- I found it, just click the plus Icon at the bottom. I think I was looking for a larger button or something because of all the information that kind of gets thrown at you when you login to the app. Perhaps something a little bit more summery like the moment you open it would be useful rather than all the incentives which distract from the main functionality of the app.
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1 year ago, ccharles83
Not counting Sunday mileage?
It appears Stride has started omitting my Sunday mileage every week for some reason. Glitch? Hopefully future updates will fix this. Even when I go back and manually add up the amounts, the Sunday mileage is not included, nor is it on the previous/following week. I really only use it for quarterly tax estimates (I use another app strictly for mileage because this one would also freeze on me a lot in rural areas), and it turns out I was overpaying because it wasn’t counting any of my Sunday deductions for quite awhile. The app always used to count Sundays (I verify my amounts weekly), so not sure what changed?
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2 years ago, garyleenick
Updated very fast. Awesome customer Service. Kamille was great in keeping me updated. Edit: Stride emailed me after contacting, software update on the way. Said maybe 3 weeks. Will 5 stars when fixed. Orig: When you go to view income it is reversed, when I click on first week entered it shows dollars for last week. Mileage tracking occasionally shuts down on its own not tracking miles, when you go to end tracking after driving it shows ended already and no miles tracked. Shouldn’t have to enter manually. Good thing I use pen and paper with start and end miles.
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4 years ago, chiefy_44
Was the best but now.....
I have used this app for nearly 3 years and at first it was awesome, tracked miles faultlessly but of late it’s terrible, so hit and miss that I am starting to not trust it to be accurate. One day it works great the next day it won’t track properly, starts to straight line between points a to b anytime from start to end of ride, keep getting the same reply “your device suffered memory dumps” I call bs, give them there due they are trying and the guy I’m talking with Adam seems understanding but enough is enough if they cannot fix it then I’m gonna trash can it because it’s very frustrating having to go and edit every ride everyday. As of now I’m done they have tried and failed to make it reliable and accurate, I shall now rely on my T-Mobile sync up drive to record my mileage from now on......... sorry guys it was a pleasure but it’s turned into a pia
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1 year ago, Rresquire
Will not log anything in 2023, no way to contact support
I started a part time freelance job in October 2022. After a ton of research, and considering I wasn’t going to be making a lot of money, I chose Stride Tax since it is free to use and has awesome features! The features worked great throughout 2022, and I exported my tax information just fine. Enter January 1, 2023, and manually changing the year categorization to 2023. This app will not log anything and I have miles and expenses already. I cannot manually enter any expenses without receiving a repeated “Stride drive service error 400”. There’s help Q&As but no way to contact support that I can find. I suppose I’ll have to find a different app.
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3 years ago, Sunshine Real Estate
Great way to keep track for your business
Love how it helps you track everything and also gives you helpful reminders for insurance and deadlines and for helpful articles to track taxes and why! I only gave it 4 stars only because the app can be difficult to use simply because it’s hard to find add expenses under weird categories on the bottom. It’s all there and awesome but i keep having a hard time finding tasks to do in the app. Not so user friendly in my opinion which can be fixed by rearranging things. Thanks for making this app free to use to track my business expenses! It’s helped me actually learn more about my business and given me experience without fear of failing!!
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2 months ago, TBMUSIC81
The App has not been as good
Over the last couple months the stride app has tremendous glitches that it never used to have. It used to run seamlessly but now once several times a week the app fails to track my miles and I have to enter these miles manually which can lead to inaccuracies. Also I am forced to log in again while during a current session. This is usually when my current trip is lost and miles disappear. I have no idea what has changed but I have noticed these glitches ever since the app color was changed from baby blue to yellow. I have no idea what changed but I count on a dependable app to track my miles everyday for work. I hope this gets fixed.
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6 years ago, Amir1581
A few requests.
Is there a way to enable or configure the app so that miles are also on display without having to click and open the trips to find out. I am having to individually click on each mile link to find out how many miles I drive for each day since only the dollar amount is displayed. Also. Everytime I scroll down and click a link and get back out it goes back to a default spot. This makes it hard to scroll down to the next item to open. Once I get out of one link it should stay in the same spot so I don't have to scroll back all the way down to the next link.
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3 years ago, McKa
Best App for Ride-share Drivers Hands down!
Sadly I never review anything but I just started driving for Uber and downloaded several apps to track my miles, even paying for one because of the name…QB…Stride is by far the easiest to use but best of all, because of a message received from the app, I learned that I was qualified to get health insurance through the marketplace - I’ve tried before & gotten nowhere! I was able to complete the entire 10 minute application on my phone without ever having to go near the marketplace site!I love this app and would give it 10 stars if I could!
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1 month ago, TclOC
Not happy with Stride…
Thanks for ‘not’ helping me record my mileage today. It was working fine earlier, and then you made me log back in which was just weird and you’ve never done that and now none of my mileage got recorded while I was working. Thanks. On top of that I try to find help, or get help, and there’s nothing except being able to send a note, yet it doesn’t say whether it’s a chat, or if anybody’s getting back to me. Who knows!🤷🏼‍♀️ this stinks, the app still isn’t working right, or properly & it’s screwing up a lot of my trips. I can’t even rely on it anymore. Thanks so much Stride for really messing things up and I can’t even keep track properly for my recordkeeping! Switching because I have to be able to rely on you Stride & I cannot.
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5 years ago, Majonin
Good app for what it does for free
I love the stride app. It really helps track ur taxes for you, so tax day wont be a hassle to file. It seperates in easy categories, of deductions and expenses and it can keep track of your purchases from your bank. No more searching in two different windows. In addition, gas is included when tracking mileage! In fact, its a thing I needed when doing wag or I might start doordash. They were nice to do a survey of paying me some money, and then give me a bonus for a thank you. Plus all the nice benefits of searching health insurance, and comming soon, stride rewards, in one app. The only improvements I would make are to condense the buttons and taxes to one place/ make the buttons simpler. For anyone that does alot of driving, less buttons the better. Add to that, auto sensitivity to when you are driving would be a bonus, but its probably the trade off for being free. Overall, it still serves what I need to do for free. All though improventments are just minor inconveniences.
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6 years ago, Mrs Butterfly Tattoo
Missing miles
This app has been screwing up on me for awhile and I wish I would have realized it sooner. As another reviewer stated, it deletes mileage. I was paying attention to it today while I was delivering for UberEats and it worked fine for a few hours. Next time I checked it, the time was probably correct (7 1/2 hours) but suddenly I only went 15 miles?! I was keeping track and I had went 88 miles. Even the route line changed. It’s like it got confused with all my back and forth and all over the place and skipped it all. Like I was lying and it condensed my activity. I’ve only been using this a few months and I hope all my missed miles won’t screw me up on my taxes! I’ve emailed the developer and they told me how to add missed trips. Um...that’s why I had the app in the first place; to keep track of them! Time to go the old fashioned paper and pen way!
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6 years ago, lyft driver123
Helpful, but has drawbacks
I love that it tracks my mileage and it has an expense tracker. Here is my biggest issue: the IRS allows either a standard mileage deduction or actual expenses deduction. Unfortunately this app only allows you to track expenses that follow the mileage deduction. For those of us Lyft drivers who want to maximize their tax deductions, I want an app that will let me track ALL expenses and then decide on which deduction to use based on what will give the biggest return on taxes. Stride has said over and over that they do not offer tax advice, we’ll if that’s the case, then they should allow drivers to track every expense.
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2 months ago, 2puttbirdie 65
Tracking mileage
This app is used to track mileage, for me, more than anything else. The problem is, when tracking, it is so easy to accidentally hit stop tracking / done driving button that it happens like all the time. They have to change it. I can’t be the only one accidentally stopping my drive and having to reset it. Sometimes I don’t realize I accidentally stopped my tracking and then I have no idea how far I went. Fix it, please. Now. They did fix the issue, it is now 5 stars plus a bunch more, good work Stride team!!
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4 months ago, SeattleAttic
Helpful for mileage but won’t let you add job categories
I used to drive for DoorDash, so yeah, this was great for that. Track mileage, get total at end of year for taxes and boom! However, it would be nice to be able to add our own categories for jobs, to better keep them separate. For example, I have three other jobs for which I’d like to track miles and only one of Stride’s categories for. That leaves me with “Other” which would be fine for the second job, but then I have a third that doesn’t fit into any categories. As it’s completely different from the “Other” category, I don’t want to use “Other.”
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6 years ago, darksplit
Must-have app for independent contractors
This app is amazing and it’s completely FREE. This is the best companion for any independent contractor, it’s like having a tool and your own tax consultant. It doesn’t only track your business miles (turn on when you start, off when you are done), but it also gives your other deduction options for your specific job, AND it helps you keep track of all those other expenses that will deduct!!! Completely free, yes, no in-app purchases, nothing at all. And the best part, they have a website with a lot of help to do your tax deductions, plus they respond to tax questions in their customer service! Dang this is the best app I’ve downloaded ever. You end up getting all set for taxes season. I’ve tried other apps, they make you pay, annoying options like tracking personal trips... I don’t need that, I just wanted to track my Postmates jobs and it’s also helping me with other deductions. Congrats on the app and their team! Perfect app.
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1 year ago, "Internet dropped"
Great but not perfect.
I started using this app beginning of this month and today was the second time this tracking app did not save my mileages and the deliveries that I made. After I clicked “I’m done driving “ okay it disappears like usual but automatically saves the mileage but twice it did not, it ended up telling me that I’m still driving! What? I already clicked that I was done. And when I clicked done again.. it only saved 1/3 of the whole mileage total and the gps tracks were old not today’s. So I had to manually add the mileage info and explain where I made the deliveries. Well.. I just updated this app a moment ago so maybe that issue will go away. 🤞🏻
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7 years ago, UberinJoe
Great mileage tracker, but crashes at times
It will randomly crash when my phone is unplugged from its' charger. This causes the entire phone to shutdown under a so-called total battery drainage, which will delete the entire current unsaved recording session. Once plugged back in, however, the battery % will show at its' position at last plug in, but the lost recorded data now has to tediously be entered manually (which I don't always have time for). I miss the older version where the recording still continues but only stops and saves upon user command, crash and/or closed app or not. You had it right early on. Please consider reverting back. Much appreciated.
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6 years ago, JRLBell
Better than some others.
I think this is a great app, but here are a couple of suggestions for updates or additions. 1) The app use of the gps should recognize the difference between driving and walking. I often take a break while driving for ridesharing and go for a walk (or have to walk a ways for a bio break). If I don’t stop tracking miles, it records my walking. I don’t think the IRS would appreciate my adding those miles to my expense calculations. 2) It would be awesome if the app produced a mini-map for each significant start/stop. The current map is far from optimal.
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7 years ago, Chitownrising
Gps tracking bug
I drive rideshare in Chicago and this app always loses the GPS tracking in the downtown area. When it finally picks the signal back up it draws birds eye lines from where it lost it. If you start downtown and get stuck giving several short rides in the area, it won't show you drove any miles at all! Just shows the amount of time you've been "driving." I have to constantly monitor actual mileage via the Tripometer as it always ends up short in the app during driving sessions, and then I have to manually enter those lost miles into the app. Navigation apps don't have this issue downtown. Please fix the bug and also add ability to take photos of other expense receipts!
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2 years ago, fleascia
Good app but could be better
I have used stride for a couple years now. I do like how easy it is to track expenses and mileage, however the major drawback is having to scroll so much to find what you are looking for instead of being able to search a date or transaction. The hardest part for me is during tax season when I am looking through to double check and as soon as you scroll through the whole list and find what you are looking for, or think you have found it, if you click on something you can just scroll up through each transaction, but the. You have to start over at the top of scrolling.
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2 years ago, swabs045
Overall impressed!
So far really enjoying the app. It’s a lot cleaner and not as cluttered as other apps, like “TripLog”. And by the looks of it, seems it’s free as well. I don’t mind paying when it comes to being something that’s a business expense but it’s not in your face about it. The interface is really well laid out to where it’s easy to find everything. Also nice that the first thing you see is a positive number of possible savings. I wouldn’t keep my expenses in this app, prefer keeping that separate but overall impressed.
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7 years ago, BluzMan2
Excellent Customer Service AND Support
Rarely a problem, but every app has an issue now and then. Whenever I've contacted Stride Drive, I've received a very prompt response. Here is the latest. I contacted Support regarding an issue, got a response within two hours informing me an update would be available within 48 hours. Within 24 hours I was contacted by support explaining a version update was available resolving the problem. I was surprised and impressed Stride Drive support went out of their way to notify me the fix was available sooner than expected. They get 5 stars from me.
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2 years ago, To_Poulaki
Great app needs work
I love this app it’s a really easy way to get all of my tax stuff together and track my miles I would like to add a couple of improvements though… Sometimes when it’s tracking miles it will do this weird thing where it just cuts across as the crow flies example- last year it missed over 900 of my miles since I only drove with Uber they provide me a summary of my miles so that’s how I know. So that needs work most definitely that’s a lot of miles to miss! Also another thing that would be really useful would be when you check your deductions and then you go back to check a different day, it just scrolls back to the beginning… And you have to scroll down all over again. It would be useful perhaps to have the search button to search by date or category or keyword etc. All in all pretty happy with this app apart from those things! Hopefully the developers will see my review and work on those! Thanks so much!
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2 years ago, Shade7269
Works great but one MAJOR flaw
The stride app works very very well, it gives you a lot of resources to use when you’re a self-employed gig worker and all basically for free. But there is one massive flaw in that the main draw is the tracking of miles, but unfortunately after a certain amount of mileage the app times out in stops tracking, usually without the user knowing. I have lost a lot of mileage because of this, and would suggest stopping the tracking at about 100 miles and then restarting it to avoid this. If this one thing can be addressed it would be absolutely perfect.
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