Strides: Habit Tracker + Goals

4.8 (16.3K)
43 MB
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Current version
Goals LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Strides: Habit Tracker + Goals

4.79 out of 5
16.3K Ratings
6 years ago, xray98
A seriously powerful app
I started using this app only 5 days ago, but it’s already making huge differences in my life. I feel that, because of this app, I can really start achieving the goals I’ve been wanting to achieve. This might sound gross, but I’ve always struggled to make sure to brush and floss my teeth twice a day. Since using this app, I haven’t missed it once. I’ve started getting back into reading by setting a daily goal of reading an hour a day. I’ve made sure to be working out at least 5 days a week because of this app. I’ve started journaling at the end of each day because of this app. I’ve set weight goals for myself that I’m tracking, and it even gives a projection for my weight by my goal date based on how much progress I’m making so far. The app is basically just a daily to-do list, and that may sound super simple, but it’s so powerful. I feel accomplished completing my goals each day, and the app encourages me to stick with it and achieve more. Thanks to Strides, I’m able to form the habits I’ve been wanting to form, and break my goals up into pieces each day, which makes them much easier to achieve. I really just want to say thank you to the developers for helping me better myself and better my life. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to do the same.
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4 years ago, Greenkg24
Awesome habit/goal tracker.. one issue
Love the apps functions, UI/UX. It has been pivotal in tracking my progress and staying on top of my goals. My only issue and something I think should be changed is the tagging and archive features. I love the tagging feature to organize my goals.. BUT I track daily goals tagged by their month/year and I also track my annual goals tagged as annual/year. BUT in my due today tab the daily goals that have a goal date that is in the past they still appear in the due today tab. First problem, the due today tab should only show you the items that are within the set period of time for the specific goal. For example, I have a goal that is a target number to hit for the period of January 1 -31. On February 1, that same goal was still showing up as due today. Second issue, to try to fix the first issue I decided to archive the goals that have “expired”, which seems to alleviate this because they no longer appear in my due today tab. BUT when I click the drop down to sort by tags, my January 2020 tag is now empty because I archived those goals. So, it should be possible to archive any and all goals but still be able to sort by their other tags. Would love to see a solution to this issue, whether it’s the one I described or another one. Thanks! Still absolutely love the app, just a few minor suggestions for optimization.
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7 years ago, Karrots125
Sleek, Simple Strides
So I downloaded several different apps of this type of goal-tracker app. I was able to quickly narrow it down to this and one other by virtue of how easy it is to add custom goals and track them. Over the coarse of a month this one has become by far my favorite. It allows me to customize what, how many, how often,and track with an easy swipe left or right. It gives me reminders but doesn't annoy me. I can easily go back to log days I've done (or not) but haven't logged and I can see at a glance whether I'm improving the frequency of my goals. This has quickly become one of my most frequently used apps! Highly recommend for all ages of goal-setters and (hopefully) accompish-ers! Update: I’ve been using this for about six months now and still think this is by far the best goal-tracker app. I love the personalized goals and being able to look back over the months and see how I’m improving long-term. I’m slowly adding goals and know this app is what is keeping me focused!
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2 years ago, maineerin13
Allow more than 3 habits without paying
I really enjoyed your layout and the construction of your app. I did quite a lot of research to pick your app out from the multiple other goal apps. I think you are unfortunately going to loose quite a few customers due to making people pay money to have more than 3 habits. Statistics may state you should only focus on a couple habits but you shouldn’t make people feel like they can’t have more than 3 unless they pay. Also, the individuals who are using an app to help organize their habits most likely need an app because they have multiple habits they need to keep track of. I would highly recommend you increasing the amount of habits before people have to pay because consumers are going to get frustrated and go to an app that doesn’t make them pay for more than 3 habits. I will pay for an app after I use it for a couple weeks and have grown to appreciate the app on a day to day basis. You are not allowing a certain group of people try out your app for a couple weeks for free if they have more than 3 habits so they will delete it immediately. At least let people track more habits so they can grow to appreciate your app before they have to pay.
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6 years ago, EmilyKazoo
Well planned, I find myself saying ‘Aha!’
I can’t find any tools in this app that I don’t like. The more you play with it the more ingenious it is. Looks great, simple, works. You can work on good or bad habits, projects or track how much you do something. I did want to create a goal for working on art 3x a week. I made the goal by choosing to track numbers instead of a habit. I wasn’t getting into the studio as often as I liked so I made a new goal by choosing to track it as a habit and that gives you a little calendar graphic which the other trackers don’t have. You can’t change a goal type once you’ve made it but you can make a new one. Otherwise, all sorts of other settings in each goal are changeable as you go along. Everything shows streaks, averages and if you’ve met your goal or not for the given period. Then, you can even set a goal for streaks, so that’s another layer of consistency tracking. I had to read a little and play with it a little, but I like it and subscribed for a year. I use it with Trello which I use as a broader idea and task tracking pinboard.
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9 months ago, Sithmaith
I love this app
Every time that I think of something that I’d like it to do, I find that it already does it. When I thought of something minor I’d like it to do that it doesn’t, I found the a feature suggestions page and it was easy to both suggest features and vote for things that I didn’t even know that I needed. I especially love that I can customize each different habit. I run my life via habits and this covers them all It’s well worth the subscription, but even the free version allows you three habits, I think, and three habits is enough to change your life. I got the lifetime subscription because there are a lot of habits that I want to track. I made the decision to do that after less than a week of the free trial. Plus their customer service is awesome. When I had a question about subscriptions, I emailed the feedback line and got a quick answer from the CEO that resolved my issue. I highly recommend this app. It could change your life.
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3 years ago, Unknowen99
Great app
It took me a while to actually get into this one. I was just about to buy the full version of another app. Something in me just couldn’t get behind it though. I am never going to find everything I want cause I’m that picky lol I’ll admit it. Classic me at the twelfth hour before making a choice what app I was going to go with I tried this one and it changed my mind all together. You have to get behind holding yourself accountable as well this isn’t going to be that app that is going to blow your phone up with reminders if you don’t set them. Once I started putting in behaviors and habits good and bad I couldn’t stop myself. I have been using the app for about a week now and wow I’m here for all of this. I get up it reminds me of my habits and goals . The fact I’m now into the streak thing is kinda cool. I would recommend if simple and you don’t need a babysitter for yourself is something your looking for.
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5 years ago, espresssoshots
Unfortunate limiting subscription model
Probably one of my favorite productivity, habit-tracking apps I've tried. Moreover, the app is intuitive and I feel like it has been well tested for user experience. It meets many use-cases of habit-tracking and goal forming (progress by percent, by target accumulation, splitting into milestones, etc). However, I don't agree with justification for a subscription model, as posted by the app author. The subscription is supposed to pay for hosting services, but I don't see why I need to pay for hosting? Simply save my data locally or offer connection to cloud service (i.e. dropbox) if users really want to sync. (For example, 1password has a subscription model, but offers a lifetime license for $60). I know plenty of people who would have used this app if it was a simple one-time purchase. In my opinion as a fellow developer, tracker apps are not difficult to build, and it is only a matter of time a more affordable app similar to strides will enter the market - I would love to support this if it made more sense than subscribing so you can "sync". Would be happy to pay a legitimate software license price for it, it is clearly worth more than a $10 app. Thanks though, hope you will take it into consideration.
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2 years ago, Magik🫶🏾
Invest in Thyself
Been using the app for about an week an some change now, didnt like i had to pay to add more than 3 trackers but upon thinking it through a little bit more an comparing it to other tracker apps $5-6 really isnt a bad deal. I like to think of it as another way to invest in myself -I pay for prime an netflix an all these other things monthly that don’t-really help me achieve anything but waste time so 6$/a month to track my productivity an help me stay motivated is a steal!!! Also like the widgets an that i can use it on the home screen of my apple watch - it holds me that much more accountable an is so much better than keeping a list ill barley look at or writing it on paper each an everyday….also no ads for the most part an thats a plus. An this is all coming from the free version literally about to subscribe after this review- Thank u for making this 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
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6 years ago, Momomo122811
The subscription fee is insane!
I’ve already read the creator’s response regarding the reasoning behind the subscription vs. a one-time cost. This app is great - but most people that are working on improving habits would like to work on more than 7. I promoted this app for a while on my productivity social media platform, but kept getting that same feedback from followers, and I do agree with them. If the ability to sync across platforms is causing an expensive subscription, perhaps there could be an option with one-time payment that simply allows users to have more goals? The other “perks” that the subscription includes to try to defend its $30/year price tag are nice, but the majority would agree they aren’t proportionally useful. When you look at other apps in this space - Things 3, for example - that cost significantly less (and do not rehire a subscription) and do significantly more in terms of achieving increased productivity, it makes you wonder what the issue is here. I am always more than happy to pay plenty for an app when the value is there, but it’s just not here in this case.
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3 years ago, Humility36
What a Versatile app
What I really like about this app is the way that it can be used! Finance/ working out / losing weight. You can also go the opposite way meaning if you’re trying to quit something then less is more. It is very intuitive and if you want to create your own tracker, there’s a number of different customizations you do to make it your own. A couple of suggestions that I would have would be a motivational quote everyday as a reminder and possibly introducing some more gestures. The app is visually appealing and I love the celebratory theme when you hit a personal best streak or goal. I don’t know how much of a community is out there, but I could help create a coaching bot that is filled with encouragement , accountability, and affirmation. I’ve shared this app with a couple of friends and they’ve reached out to me with different questions. Now that they’re used to it, they like it also.
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4 years ago, WW3NSide
I tried several apps to help quit smoking and nothing compares
I tried well over 10 apps to log every cigarette and countdown correctly as a negative habit with goals each week and the app looking at not reaching that number as a positive instead of a negative and none of them came close to doing what this app does. I tried habit list, tally, done, multiple timer apps and countdown apps, atracker, streaks, quit that, not to do list, quit genius, habit tracker ++, say no addiction, less alcohol tracker and I could go on. Strides is the only app that allows you to customize tracking less is more, with a set goal and capable of telling Siri to smoke a cigarette to log a cigarette count. Atracker is the only other app with almost all of the perks that this one has but strides is by far superior to stop or quit bad habits by counting down to zero. I am now using it to keep up with my healthy habits now too.
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6 years ago, Bbb!
Bugs out when you change time zones?
So far, this was the best habit tracker I found that gave me 7 habits without having to pay sub fees >.< anyway, I was finding the app pretty awesome but then I went from the pacific time zone to the eastern time zone on holiday and all streaks and checks got completely messed up! I didn’t understand what was going on so I went back through time and rechecked days that had previously been checked but I couldn’t remember everything for what I did on what days. I was so confused why some became unchecked! After thinking about it a bit though, I realized I’m guessing the ones that were ‘unchecked’ were actually completed after midnight in EST but before midnight PST so they rolled over to the next day. This was so confusing!!! I’m guessing if I had left them and gone back to PST it would have fixed itself but I likely already screwed them all up. Please fix this bug 🙏 or let me know how else this could have happened
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3 years ago, EveM53
Excellent app and great support
I love this app! I have some big goals for this year and it’s an excellent way to keep track, to be inspired, see where I am struggling, see where I am excelling, clarify what’s actually important and impactful, and plan for the future. I had subscribed to Strides Plus so I could export data and this morning was having an issue with function. I emailed support and within a couple of hours had a response from Kyle the CEO! I was not expecting a fast response; in fact, honestly I was expecting no response and so Kyles polite and helpful email was a most pleasant surprise! The information he shared was to the point and I was up and running again in minutes! I have never written a review of an app in my life and yet this one was easy to post! If you are looking for a helpful and effective goal tracking app - with helpful service - this is it!!!
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7 years ago, Young and Naive
Well Designed and Intuitive
I am one of the apps free users. This is a well designed and intuitive goal tracking app. Very simple to use but with nice customizations. I had used it for a few months this spring, and was really building some great new habits, when I fell out of use for unrelated reasons. I jumped back into the app this fall and am truly amazed about how the awareness and mindfulness of regular goal tracking motivates me to move towards my goals. I really am puzzled by how quickly I started flossing, getting up earlier, and reading more books once I started using the app again which were goals that didn’t change between spring and summer. I currently track 9 goals, and am allowed 10 total free. I enter my progress in the morning and evenings for my daily goals and weekly goals. My longer term goals I enter an update when there is something related to them. I like the way they present my progress. Thanks Strides Team!
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6 years ago, gbearrrrrrrrrrrr
The only habit tracker I’ve stuck with
I’ve tried so many and Strides is by far the best! It’s also one of the more basic and simple (by design). I’ve been using it for about a year and a half and haven’t looked back. It’s impossible to improve or change your habits without tracking them. Strides makes it easy and it’s really neat to see some of the stats over long periods of time. I’ve always been able to make the “right” kind of habit with this app (good vs. bad, daily vs. weekly, multiple reminders, and a lot more), there is a ton of customization you can do. Dropped in to say I LOVE the new Daily Goals view. It makes checking in at the end of the day a breeze. The old way was slightly clunkier. Thank you for this app, and continuing to update it, it’s really helped me become a better person by changing some of my habits!
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5 years ago, SalMus88
Great app, some improvements would make it perfect!
This is an amazing app, it’s helped me a lot in tracking my habits. I especially love the feature of being able to quantify my habits with numbers, instead of just a yes/no option. (So for my reading habit, I can put in the number of minutes I’m reading per day and it also shows me my average, which is really helpful.) However, I have a couple of suggestions. 1. It would be awesome if the “best streak” statistic would show up for numerical/quantity habits too(in addition to the “current streak” stat) like it does for yes/no habits, since it gives me something to compare myself to. The same for the monthly log that can be seen in yes/no habits, (this too is absent in numerical habits) 2. It would be great if in addition to the average, it could show me total number done (so for eg: in addition to showing that my jogging average/day is 35 minutes, it also shows that jogging was done for a total of 9,000 minutes) This would were as a great motivator/confidence booster! 2. It would be helpful if I could pause/suspend habits, and skip them since some of them are seasonal/mightbbe cancelled for the week, and I don’t want my average messed up. [On a side note, the archive feature is really great for habits that you’re done with but don’t want to delete!] Last but not least, kudos to the app developers for doing a really great job!!
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3 years ago, TifaaaaT
Gets the job done w/ room for improvements
I enjoy using Strides because it’s simple and does exactly what I need it to - simple way to track habits. Best part is that it’s easy to use, easy to setup, and the free version is more than enough for me, which I really appreciate. However, one drawback / potentially bug I want to point out - the notification / reminder function. When I use it I have to turn off notification altogether because it’s wayyyy too aggressive. I tried to customize and set the reminder / alert time and log time, but it STILL just pushes me notifications and saying I haven’t logged progress ALL THE TIME. I think it’s good for someone who needs some nudge to track the goals, like if you set goals for drinking water and needs constant reminder, it’s great. For me it’s just annoying. I hope this gets fixed and we can getbetter customization functions.
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5 years ago, For Habits Sake
Loving this app!
I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now to track my daily habits. I absolutely love it so far. I can track up to 7 habits without having to pay a monthly fee. It is easy to add notes to my habits, see a calendar that shows my consistency, the ability to set reminders at certain times if I wish, and so much more! I used to use the app Productive and it was good but I got tired of all the ads to upgrade and that they changed it from 5 free habits to only 3 free habits. I actually prefer to use Strides over Productive anyway. This app is simple to use. They also want your feed back and respond about ways to make it better. I only wish you could customize different habits by colors. I believe that is something they are already looking into. Overall I would highly recommend this app to anyone!
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4 years ago, caseyjayner
Outstanding App & Support
I started using a few different habit apps in 2016 to track my physical therapy exercises, and Strides is still my favorite! I now use it for everything. The ease with which I can track both good and bad habits is unparalleled in other apps, as are the progress bar view. Don’t get me wrong, many apps have these- but most are clunky or unintuitive I’m a way that made sticking to a habit less sticky. I look forward to completing the task with strides! && I see a few features I’m excited about that they are working on developing now :D. After moving devices and having such an old purchase I had an issue with my account- one email later I had a kind, quick, easy fix that I rarely see! I can’t say enough good things about this app and the company. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Run4daysXC
Well thought out, great for tracking progress!
This is a great app for tracking your progress on you habits. Ever since all the great updates recently created this year, the app is among the best planning tools. Personally, I prefer to use my physical paper planning tools for this sort of stuff, but the format of the app makes it worth it. It gives a clean view of your progress and an easy way to track it. The last great part for me is that it keeps me accountable. I cringe each time I have to mark a "No" for my habit that day, and it motivates me to do it. Being a teenager in high school, normally I NEVER take the time to write a review for something. This is only the third thing I have ever reviewed on the Internet, and it's only if I find something incredible. If you actually use this app for real, and go out and do the work, you can develop very successful goal setting habits. Don't wait for New Years Eve to start. START TODAY! Go out all accomplish your goals! Strides can help you do that if you willing to put in the work and dedicate yourself. However, remember that even the best of productivity tools can't make you productive if you don't go out there in real life and crank out that workout or whatever your trying to do. Thank you Strides for the great app!
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4 years ago, Dylan_B_S
Great app, UI could use work
For the longest time I had a separate list for habits in my Reminders app, but I hated that I couldn’t see the progress I’d been making on my habits. Then began my search for the best habit tracker on the App Store. I’ve tried Productive, Habit, Done, Fabulous, Streaks, a few other mediocre apps, and finally Strides. I have to say as far as usability goes, Strides is far above the rest. You get the sense that this is a team that keeps up with the latest trends and pushes updates constantly. One area where I think it falls behind is in general appearance. Specifically, I’d love it if the UI was more differentiated from the Apple Reminders app, which I already use a ton, and was more focused on showing you how far you’ve progressed in the last week. “Done”, “Habit”, and “Streaks” all do a really good job of this with beautiful interfaces, but they lack the functionality of Strides. “Fabulous” was pretty annoying as an app, but I think one thing it does well is offering motivational paths and programs. I think if small things like this were more closely integrated into the Strides it would feel a little more friendly and optimistic. Maybe let people write motivational quotes in each tracker that would pop up when you get a notification? Overall great app though, and my habit tracker of choice on the App Store.
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2 years ago, IfUnicornsAreReal
Highly recommend!
I genuinely have never written a review for an app but I definitely recommend this one. I have adhd and find it very difficult to keep up with my tasks and consistently complete them. I’ve had this for maybe a week or two and have seriously been considering purchasing a 12-month subscription. The format of the app is very clean, organized, and easy to use. There are plenty of helpful features. Although I don’t always keep up with my goals, I still find much more motivation then I used to have. I love using this for big projects, books, and workout goals. You can track your progress in many different ways. So, if you’ve got adhd like me and have had a hard time finding tracker apps, I highly recommend this one!
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4 years ago, FarFlungHeel
Simple and Effective
The app is great for tracking progress against goals (in my case various exercise goals for the year), letting you know if you are ahead or behind pace. Having it on the front page of my phone helps reminds me to do those push-up's, squats, trips to the pool, etc. - with the help of the app, for the last 2+ years I’ve been able to sustain - or catch back up upon - an exercise regimen that in the past I’d begin to neglect and then abandon over time. I’m sure others can dream up all sorts of other features that could be incorporated into the app, but I like it for its simplicity. I did have an issue where the app ceased opening. The developer was great for fixing the problem: responsive, thorough and worked out a fix via Apple Test Flight.
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1 year ago, DJ J Lane
Not easy to use
I downloaded the app with the purpose of tracking numerous daily, weekly, monthly and annual objectives for my business. While I understand the steps to achieving goals, what I don’t understand is how to customize them with this app. For example, I want to set a goal for monthly revenue of $500,000. I want to see by the day how close my team is, by entering a figure that I receive from a daily report. I can’t figure out how to do that. Another example, I have a goal for my team to make 10 introduction calls a day. That’s 50 calls per week. I get a report, but want to log those numbers into the app myself daily, and know their progress. I’m sure this can be done. But it’s not that easy to understand how. I downloaded the “Upgrade” for 7 days with the intent to purchase the “Lifetime Subscription” and once I understand it, roll it out to my management team. The tutorials are great motivation. It would have been helpful to have some simple step by step instructions.
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4 years ago, podcoast
Most powerful habit app - one problem with syncing
This app does everything I need it to do. It’s extremely powerful and flexible and I keep coming back to it after trying other app options. However, the reason why I keep testing other apps is that the syncing can be frustrating. The data is all there, but when I log numerical habits, the app has issues showing this is logged in other places (e.g. Today Widget or other devices). Thus, I’ll check later and think that nothing is logged. It can be frustrating to feel like you are losing logs when you are just trying to focus on a habit, not troubleshooting an app. They need to smooth out their syncing such that logging any habit, especially numerical ones, will always result in that habit being ‘checked off’ in the Today widget and other devices.
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5 years ago, Shine soccer 08
It is the best planner type of app ever. I tried many different apps of this sort but none of the other apps were really that useful unless you were willing to pay to switch to the premium version. Although this app also does have a premium option, you can still function using the normal version. Even without premium, you can still set seven goals/reminders. You can also personalize and track all of your progress towards reaching those goals. You can even use this app to track your progress towards completing a project, which I have found extremely useful because I used to be a huge procrastinator😂. This app has really helped me keep my time organized and my life on track. I highly recommend this app.
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7 years ago, danr789012
Guessing at entries and duplicating entries
Hi again, Updating this to 5 stars as was partially user error ( I had previous log enabled) and partially a new bug Kyle was very happy to look into and help with. My logging worked as good as ever so5 stars. Great app to easily and efficiently track key life metrics Hi, I have been using the app for several months now and think it is really great. In the past few weeks there have been a few glitches listed below I can't seem to resolve that are increasing over time to the point I am close to finding a new app - sometimes the app seems to guess at the number of miles I have run in a day for example which is annoying - when I change this I end up with 2 entries in my history log (I can turn 1 entry to 0 but can not seem to delete the entry all together) and sometimes it sticks with multiple entries for day. Even when I turn to zero a positive number comes back - if that happens more than once a day I end up with a few entries in a day which makes it frustrating when reviewing history Again great app and I would appreciate any insights on ways to fix these glitches . Thank you,
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2 years ago, ideanow
Missing_Key_ Feature
The app and more specifically, a goal needs a focus timer that is triggered when a reminder is due. The timer should have a pause and also have mini timers within to sub divide study methods within one goal/ study. Say your studying a language. Set the timer for 30min vocab then another 30 for sentence practice and or another for listening or writing. So far the app has a good UI and intuitive thinking behind the build with mini help question marks next to fe@ture on/off toggles. Has a simple clean UI with a themed color and not cluttered with picture icons (that can take away someones focus or motivation) . I would also suggest not asking for a review right after setting a goal. Allow the user to work through the app within a reasonable time. I'd like to increase the star rating after support keeps in touch and implements a focus timer. Thanks
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6 years ago, Tauro10
Great App! Bad business model
Really liked the app. It does what suppose to do, well designed. Five starts! Two starts down on the business model. Don’t see a reason to pay a subscription service for a tracking app. I don’t mind to pay one time fee for it. Most app developers seem to be entrench with subscription models now but not everything fits that model! Even though seems tempting to move in that direction because of more revenue; which is a downside because a lot of people are opting for not using the apps at all when the subscription doesn’t have merit. You can track 7 habits/goals with the free version, it works well but I need to track more things. I decided to move to the next best app I found (Habitify) because it has a one time fee only even though Strides design and architecture seems better. They both get the job done.
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1 week ago, Greglhoover
List Making to the Max!
I am a list maker. For as long as I can remember. I literally have file folders with my weekly lists in them going back 30 years. And I’ve seen multiple applications for my phone that just were nothing more than a “type your list/goals here”. Finally, this is an app that not only lets me list, but keep track of my goals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, adjust the metrics for the different types of goals, and lets me know of the standing items that I want to accomplish every day. I first found this 20 months ago and it is absolutely the perfect app for me. Can’t recommend it highly enough – and the more I learn the better I like it.
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1 year ago, AMIV13
Going well so far
I downloaded about 5 different goal tracking apps to try and this is the only one I’ve really enjoyed. The interface is simple and easy to interact with. Others were to complicated or gamified things too much. This allows me to add to my totals throughout the day and to track multiple goals across different time frames. I’ve been using the free version for about a week. The paid version is a bit higher than I wanted to spend, but I will likely get it if I keep up usage. The free version limits the number of goals you can track and now that I’m doing it I keep thinking of new things I want to track or have daily reminders of.
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6 years ago, Infoplayr
Let’s you make multiple entries per day
I love this app. I use it every day to track everything from #books read per year to hours of piano practice per week. I like that it allows me to make several entries for a category per day. For instance, I may practice my piano for 20 min in the morning and then again for 30 min in the afternoon. The app lets me make multiple entries for the same day and records the time stamp of each entry. Other apps that I tried didn’t have this feature. The only thing lacking is ability to change the time stamp. (Sometimes I forget to add an event until later in the day, and then the time stamp is messed up. It would be nice to be able to edit the time stamp of each entry.)
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4 years ago, keiko m.
Really helps me!!
This app has really helped me to get better at all kinds of healthy habits (sleeping, drinking water, exercising, etc.) I just hit a 100 day streak of drinking 2L of water 🥳💧so I figured it would be a good time to post a review! (at least, I think I didn’t post one before? haha) I think it takes a specific personality type to respond well to this sort of app, but thankfully I like achieving goals and checking things off lists so I do well ☺️ One thing I especially love is that it allows me to go back and edit/add to previous days goals if I forget or want to “catch up”. haha Some may think catching up is cheating but I feel like it’s better to catch up than not do it at all 🤷🏻‍♀️ I also like being able to add stuff to previous days since I stay up late so my days end way past midnight. haha so even though it’s the next day I’m still logging stuff for yesterday! 😂 My only complaint is sometimes it seems to not always sync between devices but it’s rare and at least I usually catch it because I’ll be like “hey I met my goal for that yesterday but it says I didn’t” haha Thank you for a great app!! 😊👍
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4 years ago, jskadnyc
Favorite Goal Setting App
I downloaded and used a few different goal setting apps to find the one I liked best, and Strides was the winner. What makes Strides stand out is how customizable it is—I can set some goals to track only on weekdays, and others to track daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I can also choose the number of times per day, per week, etc. that I want to complete a particular goal and variable start dates for each goal. These and other customizable features make Strides the one and only app I’ll ever need for goal setting. And, even with so many options, creating your set of goals is fast and easy—the app is very user friendly. A+ for this app.
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2 years ago, mr.bean.hi
Good app, removed feature without warning
This applies to the free version. I was using the free version because I didn’t need the premium features and I liked the UI more than other apps. It included a few trackers, a calendar that was good for showing streaks, and a percentage of completions, which is exactly what I wanted. I figured I’d upgrade to premium once I was ready and could afford it. Then POOF. Calendar was removed from the free version. Now I get it’s the free version and developers can do what they want. I’m not paying so why complain? Well, all that time tracking my progress is now gone. It would’ve been nice to have a warning. I’ve seen a lot of growth while using the app. I’ve even recommended the app via word of mouth. And now I can’t see my progress. Just kinda sad.
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6 years ago, FaerieAmy
Disappointed- Apple Watch
I really like this app and really would love to use it. I have looked at almost all of the habit apps and love how this incorporates goals and how you can mark some habits as “bad” to reduce the frequency of the habit. My big complaint and disappointment is with the watch app. I want to be able to see my progress on the watch and this app, while it does have an interface in the watch, does not have any complications listed to put on the watch face. It seems so minor, but this is important to me to keep on track with my goals and habits. Sadly I will just have to keep looking in the App Store for something else, but I had really thought I found the app I was looking for with this. Maybe if they decide to add this at some point I would consider using it, but once I find an app I am happy with I don’t know if I would want to change entire apps suddenly.
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4 years ago, jpsteadman
A powerful and important tool
I’ve been using this app for I don’t know how many years now. It has a ton of functions that I can’t find in any other app, and has helped me reach several goals every year since I started using it. My only complaint has been that it is very slow, and it appears that with a recent update it is very responsive and fast! The developer has been very responsive to feedback and there is a built-in function for suggesting and voting on potential features which I think has made this app continue to be one of the best apps on my phone for several years.
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3 years ago, AvaLynnB.
Great considering its free
I got this app hoping it would help me sort out all the things I have to get done in a day, but I have 2 issues... 1 is that I can not afford to pay $5 a month to have unlimited habit trackers, sure 3 is enough for some people but other have to be able to freely put as many trackers as we need. Idk about anyone else, but I have to keep track of way more than 3 things at a time. The 2nd issue is that the reminders do not go off unless the app is open. I’m not sure if this is an issue on my part but from my personal experience, the reminders do NOT go off unless you always have the app open. Other than those two things its a great app!
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6 years ago, rararag
Much Better Than Similar Free Apps
I looked everywhere for an app to replace my series of reminders on my Apple reminder app, which becomes too stressful. I tried a few apps that had limitations to how many tasks you could set. This app has many tasks available in the free version (at least 6). I also love that you can categorize a task as a percentage goal, a yes/no, a bad habit, and a numerical goal. I struggle with feeling depressed and unmotivated. I also have a chronic illness that I need to treat, and I find myself unable to keep up with treatments. The streak tracker and calendar in the app motivate me to do all my tasks because I have a visual. I'm getting everything I need done. I love this app!
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2 years ago, KingreyTN
Stay in The Word
Great tool to set goals and stay on pace for anything. Super easy to use. I set a goal to read the Bible more. I set how many days a week. It’s just a 5-10 minute read. I get reminded to do it every morning. In 2 years of using this app, being reminded daily, being able to see even I missed and when I followed my goal, I’ve practically highlighted the whole Bible. That was the Tactual goal. But I’ve learned so much. I’ve been blessed so much. The Holy Spirit has driven me but this little app has helped more than I care to admit. And it works the same for anything. I’m happy to write this review. It’s a well done tool.
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4 years ago, RT8248
The path to change is a goal but a habit
And Strides encourages the formation of good habits. I am not sure there is a lot of difference in habit trackers. I chose Strides because I use a keyboard with my iPad Pro. That means it is locked in landscape mode. Strides was the only tracker I could find that works in landscape. I will say that it is easy to use. I like the way it quietly notifies me through the day without nagging. Quite an accomplishment, now that I think about it. I have not figured out the negative habits feature yet. But that has forced me to restate them as positive habits. Much better to make a habit of giving my food my full attention than to not using social media at mealtime.
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7 years ago, Debrozina
Brings future consequences forward.
Love this app - and Tempe developer response. 24 hrs after reporting a bug they fixed it. Yay! So I'm updating this review. I've been using it for a long time. Just keeping track of something brings awareness and shifts it in the desired direction. When there are multiple habits needed to make a change (health, creative projects) it gets more complicated. This app does the job simply. And I like simple. I've gotten my nightly average of sleep up to 7 hours. My meditation practice is on track. Some of the creative projects that I track have gone a little off course. Yet I know that this app will help me get them back on track.
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2 years ago, ivy durden
So many bugs with so much potential
Not sure how this app has 4.8 something stars and so many positive reviews. I’m guessing people gave a review 20 minutes into downloading the app before they experienced the bugs. First I’ll say this is by far the best habit tracker app on the App Store. In terms of concept. I have scorched the entire App Store for a habit tracker, goal achieving app. This one was the closest to what I wanted. The problem are the bugs. The creator of this app had another app called summit. I really wanted that one to work as well. But it had similar bugs. The first bug is, sometimes if you mark no, it won’t mark as no. I would press no, it wouldn’t do anything. And continue to mark it a habit as no. Still wouldn’t do anything. Until I check the history of the habit, and they are all listed there. Yet it never moved. This problem also happens when you have a habit that requires more than once a day. So let’s say you want to drink water 10 times a day, if you press no. It doesn’t do anything. Another problem is the Apple Watch app. It bugs out, if you press yes or no, doesn’t do anything at times. Yet it will track it on the phone.
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6 months ago, altbdk
Love This App
I am so grateful for this app. There are so many things that I have wanted to bring into my daily, weekly, and monthly practice, but have been unable to maintain on my own. With this app, I have been able to achieve so many goals that I have wanted to have in my life for so many years. I have done my daily devotional, prayers, journaling, five fruits/vegetables a day, running, yoga, mailing handwritten letters, meditating, and doing my physical therapy exercises for several months now without missing a goal. I can’t emphasize how worthwhile this app has been and how transformational it has been in my life.
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2 years ago, Sky633
Almost there!!
This app is incredible. BUT, as a coach, it is missing a key component. ACCOUNTABILITY. I would have every single one of my clients (100 people) on this app if it had a way that I could see my clients data reports and keep them accountable. Hoping to see this feature come in soon! Until then I am using a really simple app called habit share with clients. It has limited functionality and reports, but at least it shares data with me so I can keep clients accountable! Excited for the future of strides! As soon as they have a shared accountability feature, I will be ALL IN. Also, I would pay even MORE for a white label version of this app as a leader
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2 years ago, snuffymontana
This app will keep you on track!
Love this app! There is something about setting a goal and being able to visualize it that keeps me motivated. I guess I don’t want to let myself down or let myself off the hook for skipping a workout and being able too actually see it is effective. My goal is to workout 4 days a week and I just completed 28 weeks! This app has made working out an easy habit like brushing your teeth. Taking care of my body is now just part of my lifestyle instead of just trying to get in shape for a beach vacation like I used to do. I love it!
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7 years ago, OctaveBlazerFrog
Notifications have problems
The app for the most part works fine and is helpful. However, the notifications have been broken for me I think as long as I've had the app, which has been several months. The notifications and the red notification icon don't clear away when I open the app and fill out my goals. I also recently changed the times I want to be reminded to fill out my goals, but I'm still getting notifications at the old times. Really bugs me that I have to go through and manually clear all the Strides notifications. All my other apps work fine with Notification Center. I'm on an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3, if that's helpful.
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5 years ago, lexybel
Best App for Habit Tracking/Goals
I love this app. Simple, effective and well designed. I love the flexibility of setting each tracker for different things I’m trying to achieve (saving goals and daily exercise goals have different criteria so it’s nice to adjust each tracker for what would best suit each goal). This app gives me real data on how I’m improving and shows I’m actually doing the things that are important to me. I think that’s really important for making and changing habits—seeing progress keeps me dedicated and excited about the progress in making. Also the CEO is so nice & personable! I want to tell everyone about this app!! THANK YOU!!
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7 years ago, Gingerlydia
List makers and dieters, rejoice!!!!
I am a freak for making lists and seeing visible results by crossing off accomplishments, but often times what I want to mark off as done is something I do daily, and don't want to make the same list out every day just to take those things off it. This is PERFECT for me! As a sedentary woman working on a long term goal of losing weight, I'm concentrating on getting the recommended amount of fiber and protein daily, but nutrition apps are WAAAYYYY too overwhelming for me as I'm starting out. This app has been great as I can just concentrate on protein, fiber, and water intake goals, then count calories and fat content later.
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