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User Reviews for STRIKE: BITCOIN

4.75 out of 5
15.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Grinding Pepper
My favorite bitcoin & lightning ⚡️ app!!
Strike is the best app I’ve used when interacting with bitcoin and the lightning network! What Jack and his team have built is something incredible and very underestimated by many. The onramp to buying bitcoin is the best one I’ve seen, just link your bank account and load up a balance and you’re off to the races. I probably use Strike at least once a week, when some exchanges are down I’ve been able to buy bitcoin and send straight to my hardware wallet. Also I’ve had lots of fun interacting with many other wallets using Strike. Finally the opportunity that it’s bringing for Salvadoran families here in the US and in El Salvador to transfer cents with minimal fees is what gets me the most excited! Big fan of Strike and I can’t wait to test the Pay Me in bitcoin feature once it rolls out.
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2 years ago, InfoSearcher
Cannot get past opening
This may be the worst experience with a crypto app I’ve ever had. After providing them the information requested I received a notice saying I needed to provide additional documents. They want a picture of me holding up my license. The only reason as to why they need this is bc they didn’t like the email address I provided. I eventually gave up as I won’t provide such sensitive information to a company whose support team makes me question the apps entire legitimacy. I’ve never been asked to provide such sensitive information before and I’ve dealt with ridiculous KYC issues in the past. Then my wife tried to open an account and transferred a small amount of money to it. At that point they flagged her account, unlinked the bank and are now refusing to give us the money back until we can prove her name is on the bank statement of the account she tried to link. Interesting that the account was fine for them to take money from but not send the money back to. So now we are having to deal with this scammy support staff again to get her money back bc they presume to know more about our bank accounts than we do. Im totally blown away at how terrible this experience has been especially given the high praise this app has gotten recently. Either this app is a total scam or they need to relax their KYC policies down a tad. What a huge disappointment.
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2 months ago, NW1234
Overly-intrusive KYC, no reply from Support in a week
Sent all documents to verify account, including True ID, passport, local utility bill & pay stubs. All matching my local address. Also linked my local bank—again, matching my name/address. Strike, through payment partner Plaid, accepted money from my local bank. But then they want me to upload a video of myself moving around. Last I checked, professional models get PAID for video shots. If the troves of sensitive, private data Stike has already collected isn’t enough to verify my identity, they should at least respond to my support request to close my account and remove my private data from their database. But in over a week, Strike has STILL NOT REPLIED TO MY REQUESTS. AT&T is just one in a long list of recent wealthy, tech savvy companies to suffer a massive customer data breach. If it can happen to these larger, wealthier companies, it can happen to Strike. Who compensates and protects consumers once our increasingly sensitive data—now including current video feed of us—is stollen due to ever more sophisticated corporate database hacks? Then it’s just YOUR problem. Not the company’s. Not to mention the already robust dark market for KYC verification packets INCLUDING video feed. The entire purpose of a federal ID (new True ID) is for the photo ID to serve as a security-vetted federal ID! Next, these apps will be demanding blood/DNA samples. Enough is enough.
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2 years ago, tkane28
Heart Broken
It’s really disheartening going through the reviews and seeing people comments, how strike have treated them badly with same problem, I don’t think this developer report or gives people review to the support. In the right sense once you signed up an app and you get verified, there’s no reason for the system to get account locked immediately you receive funds in your strike account and not even once or twice it’s all the time you receive funds you get frozen or blocked (madness) cause that’s the major challenges people are facing, have just been worried why you will get blocked or frozen after you are verified to receive funds and you are not reported for fraud, you’ll just get “under review” immediately you receive the funds. You guys don’t have a PO Box or call contact to reach then you should get live support in the app so that you can chat with people and get the problem resolved easily. The issues people are having is more than good report it’s getting too much, App Store or playstore might take down your app. Right now I’m scared cause I just make a deposit into my strike if I had gone through the reviews before I won’t deposit funds in my account. I hope my account doesn’t get under review once I receive the money in my strike account. If it doesn’t happened I will update my stars to 5
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3 weeks ago, Dhhdhdjjxj
Used to be great
When I started using this app to buy and send crypto a few months ago, it worked great. Verification was super fast and I could buy and send btc IMMEDIATELY after purchasing it, regardless of using ACH or debit. Then, with my last purchase, I purchased about $200 worth of btc using ACH. Could not send as the the funds were waiting to settle. Whatever, as it says in their TOS it will take a few business days. A few days go by, still hasn’t settled. Purchase a little more using debit and it still won’t let me send any, even what I bought with debit. Their TOS says debit is available instantly. Fast forward now about a week and a half later and none of my funds have settled. It is saying it won’t be available for another month. That includes my debit amount. Opened multiple chats with support and all they say is “well you should be able to send the stuff you bought with debit”. That’s all. No help. No resolution. Just closing each chat after their copy and paste message. As soon as this money settles, I will be deleting this account. If you are looking for a place to buy and send quickly with relatively low fees, THIS IS NO LONGER THE PLACE. Such a shame.
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2 years ago, chjrfff
Feels dishonest and like a scam.
For some reason, I had made a $10 deposit into my account and went back about 2 months or so later just to see how bitcoin was doing. I had noticed it said I owed them $10, yet I traced my transactions on my bank statement and the payment had gone through. Regardless, I thought maybe the transaction might had gotten “lost” somehow. I decided to reach out to the support team and got literally no help. They said “upon careful review, we have determined your account has engaged in prohibited use and we have permanently disabled your account, and you have no access to our services. And we are unable to provide you with further updates.” I just want the money I’m entitled to. None of it makes any sense. Over a $10 “malfunction” they will just shut your account down. Really sad, and I’ll make sure to be more careful looking for the next app. You guys showed me to be a lot more careful. To the people reading this, I recommend taking your business elsewhere to avoid future hassle. Can’t wait to see how much of a pain it’ll be to get my money back. If it’s even worth the fight for the $20 I put in.
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1 year ago, HugoEnder
Be warned. Will refuse to delete your personal info after denying you.
They required SSN, drivers license pictures, pictures of my face, address, the whole nine yards. I was hesitant to provide so much personal information but alas I fell for it. After providing all of this information they denied the application stating that they could not “authenticate your account”. I’ve never given a company so much personal information and they have the audacity to say they couldn’t authenticate?! When I asked what else they would need they would not say. When I asked for them to delete all the information I gave them they replied saying “ At this time, we have determined that we are unable to fulfill your request. We currently continue to maintain information collected in regards to your account, as it is restricted from deletion by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).” So there you have it. I gave them ALL of my information, they refused to accept my application without giving a valid reason, and now refuse to delete my info from their servers. I can’t believe I fell for this. Let this be a warning for everyone else.
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1 year ago, emjaaaayyy
Closed my account after collecting my personal data
I decided to download this app after hearing so much about it. I mainly use cashapp and coinbase and heard strike was better. However, after creating an account and sending my personal information, I was notified that my account wasn’t approved. I checked and it said they needed more info. Upon opening the app, I find out they closed my account. Contacting support was pretty useless. They didn’t provide any valid reason and just said I can’t open an account with them. Now the question is why? I had no issues with other platforms such as cashapp, coinbase, binance and others. Even paypal gives me no problem. Did they just collect my personal info? Or is this a case of discrimination? I feel uncomfortable having provided sensitive KYC info for them to just close my account without giving any valid reason. I’ll just stick to using cashapp and coinbase. I do not recommend strike. They can easily take your info and close your account. Hopefully they can at least purge my info they collected so I can feel more safe.
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2 years ago, Macrosmatic
Even banks treat you with more respect
For a company trying to build the next generation of financial services, Strike manages to somehow treat potential customers worse than the big banks. They have an incredibly opaque account opening process that excludes legitimate users. I have no problem opening accounts with banks, fintechs, credit cards, crypto exchanges, but somehow I cannot open a Strike account even if I offer to provide more documentation to help them verify whatever they need. They’re just not interested in helping. It seems like Strike values potential customers very little, and typical risk or effort in vetting a customer is not worth it to them. They just want the low-hanging fruit customers. And despite their cringey social media brand of being trendy and supposedly in tune with users’ needs, they also respond incredibly impersonally to actual issues for a company their size. I’m sure they’ll respond that my feedback will be forwarded to their team for review or that I can email the same support email that already told me I can’t open an account.
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2 years ago, Jersey Viking
Has survived every single crash including the FTX crash so far
Simple , Efficient , and will save you a ton of money in fees . I trust Strike more than any other exchange. And that is coming from someone who distrusts all exchanges . Strike makes it easy to buy and send Bitcoin and also to even get paid in Bitcoin if you so choose . All withdrawals and transfers are free allowing you to build your wallet over time and your buy-in can be as little as 50 cents . I know in Latin America this is already a hugely popular app that people use where Bitcoin is their native currency. And wow it is way faster than anything else doing Bitcoin
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1 year ago, sychou
The worst of Bitcoin and tradfi
I am a fan of Bitcoin and have accounts at Coinbase, Swan, Robinhood, and Cash. I also hold most of my BTC in my own wallet. In the BTC community, Mallers and Strike are frequently cited so I was excited to give it a go. Sadly my experience was not good. Read the negative reviews - setting aside the self-inflicted wounds like people sending their BTC to the wrong address, most are about their horrible customer support. Either the unnecessarily intrusive KYC, slow response, or poor treatment. After my personal experience, I caution others to take these critical reviews seriously (and tbh, wonder at how they could have such a high rating). Strike customer support unilaterally decided to ban me for asking to change my email during the sign up and KYC process. I had already provided all necessary docs but the support person decided they didn't like my tone and banned me. I may have been frustrated but def not disrespectful. There was no discussion, no appeal. As a SaaS founder, I am sympathetic to custom support. It's a tough job. But there's no excuse for Strike to treat customers so poorly. Strike consolidates power into the bands of petty bureacrats, going against the ethos of Bitcoin. I have no issue with their KYC requirements but they need to better screen their support personnel. Thank goodness there are so many alternatives to Strike. I'd suggest Swan for stacking BTC. And don't spend BTC for your daily expenses for Pete's sake.
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2 years ago, 3machine
This deposit amount cannot be processed from your account.
I have received this painfully frustrating message and deposit rejections too many times, where I am unable to depot even 4$ to buy any bitcoin, especially these things happen during downtrends, the fact that I even have to post this is incredibly frustrating. I left all other exchanges for this exact reason, and it seems like by magic my cash deposits get rejected when there is a dip, funny how that works eh? And EVERY. SINGLE, TIME. but I'm SURE it's just a coincidence.. When there is a downtrend. So this is feeling like the same manipulation that Coinbase pulls during dips, "QUICK HAULT DEPOSITS SO THEY CAN'T BUY!" Is what this is looking like. Very frustrated now and very disappointed, I thought better of you strike and now it seems like you're not much better than Coinbase if this type of garbage continues. This must be fixed or I will not only stop recommending you guys, I will like the others, abandon you entirely.
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1 year ago, ACDawg
Used to be good
I used to love the app. Easy to use, good UI, and great (lack thereof) fees. After the latest update, the UI is terrible. Not intuitive, things are hidden, and just overall bad. I can’t add a bank account after the new update either so I can deposit funds. I go through the plaid process, open my password manager (Bitwarden) to enter my bank login info, and then get stuck in a Face ID loop and it exits out of the add an account screen and just goes to the home screen of the app. Terrible and unusable. Update: As promised by the response received by Strike, I am now able to add a bank account without getting stuck in a Face ID loop. The UI has been updated to make it slightly better & more user friendly, but could still use some work.
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2 years ago, ToriTootsieroll
took my personal info and closed my account
giving a fair warning now that if your bank is not available on Plaid, DO NOT USE THIS APP. they had me upload front and back photos of my GOV ISSUED ID, give them the LAST FOUR DIGITS OF MY SSN, and as soon as all of those things were uploaded, my account was IMMEDIATELY closed. i had two referrals in that account, $20 completely lost on top of them having very personal information about me. when i asked support for reasoning on this action, they simply told me they “could not authenticate my account” and couldn’t offer any further justification for it. it is incredibly interesting to me that i was able to open the account just fine and as soon as i gave my personal info and sent referrals out, they shut me down and now “can’t provide reasoning” to this. how is it possible you can’t authenticate an account when someone offers as much personal information as you asked for? really? my social security number and you can’t authenticate? meanwhile all the other money apps i use have never had an issue like this. crypto, cash app, venmo, yotta, prize pool etc. and this ONE can’t authenticate my identity? i’ll be letting my friends and family know this app is scammy and unsafe. if i see any suspicious activity on my accounts, Strike will be hearing from me again. DO NOT get this app.
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3 years ago, Mike louisiana
I’m upset with the way you handle my account
I mistakenly got my strike account into a minus $205 which made my account become restricted I’ve paid back the debt for the past 1 week now and I also used that opportunity to request for an increase in deposit my account has still not been reinstated since then I’ve sent over 20 emails to strike support but got no reply, when I had the debt y’all replied fast enough but now that I’ve got money in my account y’all decided not to reply my emails anymore. Y’all locked my account with funds in it, can’t do nothing the account is just useless I was asked to send verification pictures which I’ve done over a week ago. I’ve since then sent emails I even tried calling the cellphone number I got online it was like y’all be avoiding me It’s unfair really I just called customer support and they told me to send an email then hung up I’ve sent over 20 emails but got no reply
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2 years ago, AngelaRose26
Won’t let me withdraw
I signup using someone’s referral and got $12 but when I went to withdraw from my account it said that my account needs to be reviewed so I contacted support like the pop up mentioned. When I did I received an automated message in my email saying they are looking into it and they get back to me soon.I had to email them several times because I previously weeks ago sent the same email but they never got back with me . I tried it again yesterday and they still haven’t responded. This is one of the most sketchy apps I came across. It’s odd how my account needs to be reviewed after I got my $12 and that when I first did a deposit I never had a problem. Also I just sent out the new emails along with my info so you can fix this you guys should take a look at it right now so I don’t have to keep contacting you guys like I been doing for the past couple of weeks
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1 year ago, Chasereyn
Think twice before supporting this company
A podcaster I listen to often talks about Strike sometimes (I think he has some sort of privileged position with them) so I’ve wanted to give it a try. In the past year or so I’ve tried twice to have my account verified. I get the same pathetic reply so many people get; Strike couldn’t verify my account and my account has been closed permanently with no explanation. They didn’t even try. There is not a single sketchy thing about me. I’m in the US, valid email, valid phone number, and if they ever asked for it, I have multiple valid IDs as well. I’m thankful they weren’t able to steal any money from me like others have reported, but Bitcoin is about transparency, and being permission-less. I don’t want to support any company in the BTC space that so clearly does NOT support that mission or offer even the slightest level of customer service to anyone.
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2 weeks ago, 1231riley
I want to rate it fantastic but
I’ve used Strike for a couple of years. When it works, it is great. Unfortunately, when it comes to its interface with USD and banks, it is not. Honestly I would rate it about 50%. At least half of the time I want to deposit money there’s a delay, something on the Fritz, wait a week, wait for support—which is never less than a day. Today I wanted to withdraw funds and my bank account information is missing AGAIN. So I’ll have to re enter everything and then who knows how long before it will get approved. Meanwhile I’ve sold BTC to withdraw today and it’ll probably go up and I’ll be pulling my hair. I LOVE the idea of this, unfortunately I would not want to rely on Strike and I’m not so sure about recommending it to my friends any more.
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3 years ago, JakaySwordgrl
So my father asked me to download this app because it is safer and easier to transfer money back and forth if we needed to. The problem is our checking account has my husbands name in it so the money is just sitting there. I am interested in the debit card so the money that family has sent for my kids for Christmas could actually get used for things. It is also super sketchy that I can’t just put a router number and account number and I have to put in my sign in and password for my bank account. Hmm I thought passwords were not to be shared with anyone. I guess I am old fashioned and trust my husband since he is the one that works in our house but whatever. It also would be nice to be able to buy different currencies besides just Bitcoin.
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5 months ago, Foggy0147
I created an account and verified it immediately and when fully set I added my bank account and then deposited $540 into my strike I was told it will take 3- 5 days for my money to be available in it. So I the 5th the money left my bank account already so I decided to check my strike app only for me to see I was restricted for no reason, So I reached out to the customer service it took the about 48hours to reply to my complaint and they want me to reverify my account again. I was like ok please refund the money to my account I can’t keep doing verification everytime money is sent to this app. The customer care just took down my account without any message or refunding me or a simple sorry this has happened to a friend of mine in the past too but I have learned the hard way. I hope this app is take down from all platform and be flagged for fraud. I just lost $540
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3 years ago, Mr. DeFi
Account Opening Nightmare and No Customer Support
I was excited about using this app and try it’s supposedly groundbreaking technology to move money around the world in seconds. However, they have not mastered the most basic thing in financial services - account opening. While most of Fintechs have streamlined their account opening process and minimize the process to 3min, this company kept saying that their compliance team needed additional information to open a simple account. This information was highly sensitive and not even banks would ask for it. The account opening was finally turned down without a specific reason and I have been trying to contact with the company so they can explain me their data storage policy to avoid been misused. I am very concerned that this information could be fraudulently used ad the company and it’s representatives have gone MIA.
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2 years ago, umkmowm
Works well overall but…
Customer support is a huge pain to deal with, mostly not worth the time and frustration. I referred my friend, he logged in and was going through the KYC stuff, I could see him in the app and thought all was well. A day or two later he called me and told me Strike had closed his account and blocked his email. He was able to use a different email and apparently the app is working like it should for him, but we never got the $10 referral credit and now can’t see each other in the app. So, the app does work getting part of your pay, wages, earnings, etc. changed into BTC… but, if you need help or expect their referral system to actually work for you then (it may, but) good luck. I won’t bother messing with it any more.
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10 months ago, DMC-84
Poor Customer Service and Spend Limits
2 Weeks - Spend Limit $25 Credit score 836, Verified ID Made a successful referral Multiple requests for increase, each time denied. No explanation why. No estimated time when my limit would be increased, or by how much. Their customer support only replies saying that limits will automatically increase with use of their service. How can I use it when the things I want to buy cost more than they allow me to spend? I would have liked using Strike, if only they’d allow me to spend my own money. I’m going to “use” their service by sending $25 a day to another financial institute like River, CashApp, or Swan and see if they treat their customers better. Update (9/7/23): Today marks my 1 month anniversary since my account was created. I still have a $25/day limit even after several requests for a limit increase.
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12 months ago, FredBrewer
Too good to be true?! - I used this app a couple years ago then was informed my state laws no longer allowed me to use it. They recently worked things out and allowed me to reopen my account. It’s just as easy to use now as it was then! I’ve used this app to test out the Lightning network for the first time! - I keep waiting to find out what the ‘catch’ is, but I’m convinced there isn’t one! It’s nice to have an app I can trust that doesn’t charge insane fees or a price margin when buying BTC! Strike is the world’s link between fiat and Bitcoin! (I don’t leave many reviews, but wanted to for my experience here!)
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2 years ago, Seanchanite
Friends and family
I’ve been using this app for a while and have always enjoyed it. That being said, I’ve gotten people I know to use it and they always get confused on how you do any sort of payment transfers. For someone not tech inclined, sending or receiving dollars or bitcoin is not intuitive for them. This might be in the works for an upgrade in the future already, but in the mean time they end up doing something else with an easier interface. Thank you for all you continue to do.
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2 years ago, unitedwestand857633
Best way to stack sats
I love this app, it is the best way to stack sats cheap. For now you can only buy $1000 per week, it will be a great day when they up that limit. Also i love the fact as soon as you buy your BTC you can withdraw it without waiting for the funds to clear like most exchanges. Their customer service is top notch, I’ve had times where my transaction wouldn’t go thru at dirt cheap levels and they credited me, also when the spread on the price i paid was really high they also credited me. Great people building an amazing app.
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2 years ago, Emko91
Best App for BTC by FAR!
The app is so easy to use. It’s simple and clear. And you can quickly deposit into the app and make a Bitcoin purchase. Withdrawal is easy too. No strings attached. Their customer service is fast too. They actually reply if you email them. I hope they continue with their quality app and customer service. Please don’t become out-of-touch like other platforms. I never write reviews but I felt like people should know about this app. 10/10 would recommend.
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3 years ago, i_love_norway
Satoshi Would ‘Not’ Approve
In order to get an account you need your real first and last name, real address, social security number so strike can communicate with your overlords about your activities, your phone number, your driver’s license front and back and then there is a verification process of this data. Can someone please hurry up and provide a decentralized version of this layer two application. Money should be conducted freely and not monitored by the whims of a political central authority who may or may not have your best interest at heart. Satoshi would be very upset at this process. Your welcome by the way. Find a better solution or better yet make or develop it your self for a better world. No one should be peeking into your BTC bank account wallet. No one. Not even your Mom.
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4 years ago, Sat Stacker
Stack Sats
I use this app to pay Lightning invoices on Fold App for 3%+ satoshis (bitcoin) back on different purchases that I would buy anyways. I’ve noticed sometimes because the middle man of VISA/MasterCard aren’t getting their 2-3% cut of the transaction fee anymore, the Fold App Lightning invoices are actually cheaper sometimes when you pay via Strike. On the rare occasion you might have to add a couple extra cents in order to pay the invoice. That’s pretty much my only complaint, however. Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks Jack Mallers and team!
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2 years ago, brodrig66
Unimpressed W/ Account Opening Procedure
I had a very poor experience with the account opening process. First of all, there is no status of where you are if it doesn’t open right away. No one will inform you or reach out to you from Support. You have to constantly reach out to them. On top of that, I had to wait over a week to get any type of traction on what else was required to continue with the account opening process. And they still don’t provide any meaningful feedback after you do establish communication with them. All in all, a poor experience. My recommendation is if you have the same issues, another alternative is Cash App. They have less restriction limits on bitcoin transactions as well. Happy hunting!
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2 years ago, ShaRelle22
Poor service
I have 50 dollars on my account which I cannot access due to needing to review my account they say it could take minutes but so far isn’t been 5 hours I don’t understand why there isn’t a number that you could use to contact customer support I’ve gotten the same email 5 times saying they’ll get with me shortly I think its an automated response I just want my money 😤 Update it’s been handled and the customer service was of great help❤️
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2 years ago, i dont believe you~
Just Do Not DD
Do not direct deposit a significant amount of money to your Strike account. Upon doing so, they lock your account! Trying to get access to your money afterwards is a total nightmare. Support is a joke. It’s all automated text messaging on their platform. Going back to CoinBase. *Update* After nearly 48 hours, Strike support responded stating that my account had been locked through an automated process in error. After my account was unlocked I moved my over 13K DD to my bank account with no issue. I wanted to like this app and have it hold my bitcoin, however, the slow support response has broke my confidence.
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3 years ago, RWeish
Can’t verify bank info
I was referred to this app by a friend and just assumed he was using it for a while but turns out he just wanted the $5 credit but the app had no issues taking my money but now that I want it back it says it can’t link my bank account and I’ve been looking threw the reviews finally and noticed that all the 5 stars look shady like they were written bypeople that do it for a living The issue was never resolved my support was just closed. Update it’s not necessarily strikes fault on my issue but I still think bank info should be verified before they take your money
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10 months ago, rapidroythatstockcarboy
You gotta try Strike
I wrote this 2 years ago’ish. Still accurate & I’m a daily user. Jacks the man! Easiest/best interface. A 10 year old can use Strike and buy BTC in about six seconds. Now you can send funds around the world on Strike for free: it’s faster, better, cheaper, permissionless and payments are final. Send dollars from USA to other countries and your payment settles as local currency - there is no loss of value from Bitcoin fluctuation - payments happen in seconds. Check it out.
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12 months ago, Spirit1818
Amazing App!
Bitcoin made simple! I’m not sure why so many people have issues, but from my own experience it has been great. Only had to do one thing to verify my account then I was up and running. I’ve been able to deposit & withdrawal cash and buy btc without any issues. So I would definitely recommend this app and will continue to use it. Thank you to the team at Strike for developing this app. Keep up the good work, bank the unbanked!
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2 years ago, Chae888
No fee btc buys and withdrawals? Alright!
Too good to be true? No, I bought btc the other day and transferred to my cold storage wallet without paying anything. The transaction, from depositing usd all the way to the cold storage withdraw was free. It was very nice and I’m honestly not sure how they make it work. But the btc was deposited on my personal wallet within minutes. I used once to make a lightning network transaction on fold app and it took like 2 seconds to go through, was very impressed. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, DreiwBird
Contact phishing ripoff and waste of time
This app and it’s processes have been beyond my tolerance for incompetence. I’ve been locked out of my account, I have my renewed drivers license to verify my account, I have not received two of my three referral bonuses, to which no limit or cap was stated upon referring, I made the referrals individually and stated I would receive 10$ every time I invited a new individual, of which I know 3 of my referrals have been fully verified accounts, totaling 20$ remaining owed to me from strike. If these issues are not resolved in what I consider a timely manner, my experience as well as opinion, being up to this point a complete waste of time and space on my phone, a needless risk to my personal information and what is leading me to believe and illegal scam of some sort. The new hashtag linked to this app will accurately be #strikethebootlegcashapp #strikewannabecashapp #strikeratedworstbankingappinappstore #strikeajokethatisntfunny I can’t believe I’m even contacting support like I enjoy being disappointed by this company … --- Andrew Callison
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2 years ago, ntpyles
Unable to buy Bitcoin. UPDATE: works now
I downloaded the app and added $200. When I try to buy Bitcoin it says that I need to contact support. I’ve been trying every day for a week and no response. I can’t withdraw my money either. I’m hopeful that they eventually respond to me, but I’m not very happy at the moment. UPDATE: after of week of not being able to use the app, it’s working perfectly now. I’ve changed my rating for 2 to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Tallulah Bankhead
Zero Customer Service
My account has been hacked and my pin was changed rendering me incapable of getting into my account. I tried the phone number but it was a recording. I only resorted to calling because the communication via email was just going in circles. They kept asking for me to send a picture of myself with a specifically worded message and to include the date. I’ve now done this 5 times and, as always, they say I did it wrong. In the meantime I’m getting messages telling me that someone is making money using an account that I can’t access on top of not being able to speak with a human to explain because it’s clear the emails are auto generated. I need help.
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3 years ago, ChristianCares
Won’t let me move my money after an entire month.
Thankfully I only put $50 in. But I can’t move or withdraw my money. I sent an email immediately with no response after a month. I just sent another email. We’ll see if they even reply. But I probably won’t see that $50 again. Definitely don’t use. Edit: They were able to fix my account and I was then able to transfer money. Since then, the app seems to be working properly.
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2 years ago, twill288
Has potential
I signed up got my ten dollars and I referred a few people and received ten dollars for each person.I was very happy with this I bought some btc and withdrew the money. I later tried to deposit money on the app and my limit is set to ten dollars I did some reading on their site and it says when I verify my id and information I should have 1000 dollars deposit limit. I have emailed support and it has been four days with no response. It seems like a great app I just am not able to use it because my deposit limit is at 10 dollars for 2 weeks even after verifying all my info.
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3 years ago, parsingh559
Undependable Purchasing Power
Hello, I used strike for two transactions successfully. I purchased Bitcoin and sent it to a different wallet. I was impressed, it was a streamlined and easy process. However, on my third attempt to purchase Bitcoin, it keeps giving me an error message “This order cannot be completed at this time. Try again later.” This is bad if you are trying to buy a dip. Strike wallet is great .. when it works. However I wouldn’t bet on it always working, keep your options open to purchasing elsewhere during their down times.
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2 years ago, CryotoD
Account not working
I never write reviews but I have been forced to in this case. I sent a fair amount of money into my Strike wallet account and was able to buy Bitcoin and transfer it. I then tried to do this again but my account was locked with no explanation. I have already been fully verified. And now my money is locked with Strike and there is no number to call. And the email communication with them is useless because You don’t get a response. The concept behind this wallet seems good but don’t use it if you want to protect your assets. Stay away from this scam wallet. They have $1500 of my money and have frozen my account with no customer support. Stay away
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6 months ago, Nick E90
Strike is the future! BItcoin and Lightning are the future!
One app for all my BTC needs! Direct deposit that lets you pay yourself in BTC! This app lets you send and receive BTC both on chain and Lightning. It’s also the best place to DCA your BTC purchases with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly DCA buys! For those who are sending long distance remittance payments, this app is without question the easiest and cheapest option! This app is a must have for every BTC maxi out there!!!
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1 year ago, Just a hopeful
SCAM!!! They are stealing information.
Stay very far away from this app! After providing my drivers license last 4 number of my SSN and photo identification my account was immediately closed. Only a scammer gathering information would do this. It is so obvious right after giving them very sensitive information. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Now I’m keeping an eye on my money like a hawk.
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3 years ago, Alexa Lexa
I opened an account for over a month and have sent in the accepted identifications and I have never heard back from the app. I don’t know what’s taking so long or is that the normal duration for verification. My friend recommended me this app which was supposed to be great app for crypto, and they got approved on their account in less than a week. I am not sure if it’s worth it to delete my account and make a new one or look else where for a better app.
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2 years ago, Vincent203
So Far So Good
I have been using strike for about 2 months now and haven’t had any issues with it. I really like the option of hourly DCA as it allows me to consistently buy Bitcoin and not have to worry about timing it in any way. I see myself continuing to use this app to purchase Bitcoin in the future! The only thing I wish this app had would be a system that makes it easier to file taxes.
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3 years ago, qkorjd
Can’t deposit funds b/c 3DS
This is aggravating. I made deposits beforehand minutes b4. You have to 1st deposit then you can buy - it should be like cash app where you can just buy… 1 step THIS IS COMMON SENSE. Anyway Now I can’t buy any bitcoin on APP. I am buying on cashapp again. Cash app is seamless and simple and works 100% and truly intuitive. And you can make larger deposits for people who have money to invest!!!
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2 years ago, IrisFath123
They discriminated against me and won’t let me create an account because I’m disabled and live at a long term rv park. They claim it is impossible for someone to live somewhere other than a house or an apt complex but those are not always allowed. I provided proof of not only my pay stubs but also my unemployment and snap being mailed to this address. This is the ONLY time I have ever had a problem getting something to this address. Every single state agency acknowledges it as residential. It is zoned as residential. Every single other app acknowledges it as residential. Every single delivery service acknowledges it as a residential address.
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3 years ago, Poodagrape
Scam likely app don’t use
I’m very convinced and concerned that this app is a app used to scam people out of the information needed to steal their identity. It looks like a real app but nothing works. And it asks for pictures of the front and back of your id, your social , your address etc. just stick with cashapp. Because I’m pretty sure that mine as well as my friends just gave scammers the info they need to steal our identity. And every since I signed up for the app I’ve been receiving weird text message links. I’m usually more careful than this but my friend who referred me was a trustworthy friend and didn’t think much of it. DO NOT USE THIS APP
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