Strike! Ten Pin Bowling

4.3 (1.3K)
158.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Touch Mechanics
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Strike! Ten Pin Bowling

4.26 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Nade2000
Almost the best bowling game yet!
There is one other bowling game that came out years ago called championship bowling that reviled all others at that time. Since then Strike has taken its place which I find to be the easiest to play and with most accurate ball to pin reaction. There are only two things missing from this game. "Championship Bowling" had the back ground sounds you would hear in a real bowling alley; music of the times (it had two time periods, the fifties and modern times), and various vocals from the house management. If "Strike" had those incorporated into the game, nothing would compete with it. Otherwise I would give it five stars.
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6 years ago, Brady .S
Fun but could be better
I like this game but when you hit in to the half pocket it just leaves a spilt and the ball doesn't hook much. This game could be better if you would add a hook rating on your bowling ball and some pin action when you hit in the half pocket. Update: The new update in the game is just not so good and here is some reasons why. 1. The balls just hits the pins like their rubber and once the ball gets to the pins you will notice it doesn’t drive through the pins like in real life, it just just deflects like is a 8 pound ball. 2. The ball really over hooks, the ball itself didn’t do that in the old version of this game and the amount of rotation the ball gets you would think it can drive through the pins, but in this game it doesn’t for some reason. 3. When you try to add some speed on your ball in this game it just slows down even though your swiping the screen really hard and that causes the ball to hook a lot. I hope you had the time to read this and understand what’s going on with your game.
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4 years ago, HornetsNation342
By Far the Best Bowling game
This bowling game is the best one out there and it’s not even close. The minigames are very interesting every time you play them, they’re is 2 players at a time on the same phone, which is surprisingly uncommon, and the physics are very accurate. However, the new update actually brought on a funny glitch where sometimes the bowling ball comes out of the pit. This normally doesn’t do anything, but sometimes it does. When I was trying for 300, I left the 4 pin, but the ball came out and knocked it down. It actually counted as a strike. However, there is t really a downside to this game at all.
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2 years ago, Not Well Adjusted
Added to a previous review for which the developers must have removed because they didn’t like the review. This app has gotten much worse over the years. It used to be pocket shots were strikes. Now, sometimes the ball bounces and results in splits. Some weird splits. Pocket shot strikes that result in splits do not make for a realistic game as the developers claim. After a 2 year break from updates the game was finally updated a few days ago. Not sure where the alleged bug fixes were, but not with the issue I speak of. As a software engineer we always try to make an app or a game better over time, not worse. These guys don’t subscribe to that belief apparently. I certainly will never spend another dime on a game that gets so little care and whe it does it gets worse.
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4 years ago, boothy52
Strike ten pin
I really enjoy this game and play it a lot especially the candlepin. All the lanes are closed here during the cov19 and I can practice. But there are a few things and one of them and is a little unsettling is the screen goes black this is the fourth time I reloaded the game. One episode in a while the ball goes through a pin and once I knocked all the pins down and it did count as a spare and gave me another ball with no pins standing. Those are small compared to the game blacking out and having to reload. Thanks for such a good candlepin game.
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6 years ago, Glass half empty
Great potential. But...
Physics are a bit off. Pin action isn’t quite the same as real life. It’s close but: Pins appear bottom heavy or too large of a base. Pins should fall over but remain standing at an angle, or worse, slide across the floor without falling down. Pin fall acts as if your using a 10-12 pound ball. Would prefer the option to use a heavier ball. It makes a big difference. Especially as you watch shots bounce off sleepers that normally should carry both pins. In 20+ years of real bowling I never saw the amount of splits resulting from pocket shots. And I had only seen a 5-7-10 split once in real life and that was from a shot that missed the headpin altogether. I’ve had 3 in the last 2 days using this app. All from pocket shots. The required replay after ever shot gets old. Need a way to turn it off. Not much in the way of customer support. All attempts at contact have been ignored. This app has the potential to be really good. But fear this is the best it will ever be without support from the designer.
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2 years ago, /////----////----;$$$
This games the best
This is by far the best bowling game out there, I think I’ve played them all, this is the most realistic bowling game that I’ve found, the only real problem I’ve had is sometimes in the middle of the game it’ll flash off and say I forfeited when I did not. And all you people out there playing this game when you start a game please finish it, I’m so tired of people forfeiting half way through the game just because I’m winning. This game makes other bowling games look cheap, great job.
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6 years ago, Absent-minded Technician
I have really enjoyed playing this game. Scored a 300 on the regular game after about 2 weeks of casual play. I am working through the variations now. Even bought a special ball pack (Planets I think it’s called). If you want an interesting bowling themed simulation with near realistic pin action, this is it. If you want honest pin action physics and a sore shoulder, go to a bowling alley. Otherwise don’t gripe when a pin doesn’t fall the way you think it should. I would like to see balls with different mass and traction characteristics. Next version maybe?
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5 years ago, nedkinsand
When someone gets out in the middle of the game, the credit you with the win and also asks if u want to continue. So you are bowling a real good game (that’s why the opponent leaves) and you have a chance to improve your average. But.... when u r done, the marks are there, but no score at the end, therefore u can’t improve your game. Very very frustrating if you have many strikes in a roll, and you can’t continue to improve avg when opponent leaves. Going to try other bowling games. They should’ve left the old game before this one alone. I do like the not so long wait for another bowler. The last one was awful in that regard. This one is too frustrating..
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5 years ago, 6riddles
I started emailing back and forth with someone named CARL, he kept telling me they were looking into the mechanics of the update. Finally this guy just told me to “play something else” which I have the emails to verify this statement. If you want to be aggravated and frustrated go ahead and keep playing it. Also look at the review dates carefully the best that are five stars were way before the update, 1y ago, 3y ago its not worth your time to contact this company which is a complete joke like the game after the update.
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3 years ago, nonicknamesavailable56
Not realistic at all.
I used this game to help me practice,But uninstalled bc the pin and bowling ball reactions are inconsistent. For starters, the pin reactions are too wild. Pins normally do not jump in the air when you hit them, unless you’re throwing a 16 pound ball with power. Nor do they typically spin around when hit. Also, there are no choices of weight when selecting a bowling ball. The pin reaction is more like that of an 8 pound ball and the game leaves a lot of splits no matter what ball you use. This needs to change. The graphics are good, but for some reason there are no pinsetters, and no guard comes down when you make your first throw. These should be added to give the game a more natural look. Thanks for ruining a once good game.
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6 years ago, CO JW
First let me say this is the best bowling game on the App Store hands-down...And I have tried all of them. I have one major complaint, the online vs match mode is completely unfair. I have only been playing a couple of weeks and my skills are not yet very good...I average less than 200 per game, yet I have been beaten twice by people who have bowled a perfect game and I rarely am matched up with anyone who averages less than 250. This game would be a complete five star if we could just play more within our skill level and not have to play people who are masters when we are yet novices. Update...what is up with the connections? Take FOREVER to connect in vs mode. Too long, most of the time, to wait. Update 2-The people that play this game are a bunch of imbeciles. If their score isn’t going the way they want it to they just resign, what a bunch of chumps. This is a great game but it’s the people that play at that make it crap.
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7 years ago, Zachary CFO
Great game, only small improvements needed
The game is quite good. I love playing it. There are a few times were a pin will get knocked and it will just basically stand up on the edge of the pin, which is a little annoying. Also trying to play a friend over multiplayer is the most difficult task in the world. Do you have to be near the person? If so, that is not clearly spelled out. I wish long distance multiplayer was possible.
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4 years ago, benmart1n
Very Realistic, Great Game
This app is one of the most realistic bowling games out there. The pin carry is very close to bowling in real life. One thing I may recommend is being able to curve the ball more; in real life the pros hook the ball a lot and in this cane you are only able to hook the ball a little but. I would also recommend the ability to switch balls during the game, this would make it more realistic. Overall though, wonderful app.
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4 years ago, Hamp63
Fix the hysteresis
This is the most frustrating game on the App Store. Apple needs to allow zero stars to be an option. The game has to be restarted about every second or third game because the controller characteristics change as the game is being played. I play numerous other accelerometer-based games on the App Store and don’t have this issue. There is some form hysteresis taking place. If the programmer/developer would study this issue and correct it, I would increase my rating substantially because the game is otherwise a nice game. However, no matter how good a game is generally, it is awful if the player has to constantly restart it.
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5 years ago, CloutGod47
Why no music?
This game is really fun I have to admit but the fact that I can’t listen to my own music while I play annoys me. It’s the only reason I don’t play this game as much as I would like to. If your a developer and you’re reading this right now I just want to let you know that if you guys disabled whatever is not letting me listen while I play, it would definitely put your game at 5 stars for me. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Godly4Life
Really Liking the Game
I really like this game. However, this game, as well as others always limit it to being played vertically. I would really like to make the choice myself when I’m playing on different devices. Please consider this change. I’m quite sure that I am not the only person that would appreciate this change. Thank you in advance.
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7 years ago, SteelerFan316
Very Realistic, Great Feel, Needs Stats
The bowling experience is so real and how you throw the ball, how you can curve it feels natural and feels like it was mimicked from throwing a bowling ball in real life. BUT, there is one thing lacking that would be so simple to add... Stats, Stats, Stats. Things like Average... last ten or so games... best ten scores... games played, etc. Please add this and the game goes to 5 stars for me.
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6 years ago, LEO80096.Leo
It’s an amazing bowling game
Alright, I love the graphics and realism, nothing is 100% real life but it’s the closest you can get and that’s good. Physics are great, graphics are great, and I love the replays showing great shots again, and how it is slo-mo when you convert a split. I would love if you could add oil patterns to match the hook. I’m still fine with how it is now and keep up the good work
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5 years ago, KIDSON704
New update.
Nice improvement! The pins aren’t that stiff like they used to be. The lanes seem super slick now.. Ball hooks like crazy when I swipe in a perfect straight direction. Love the new graphics and all the extra game modes. A few tweaks and this game is perfect. Definitely the best bowling game on here. 5 stars just for improving and updating this game! Thanks
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7 years ago, iipiiman
Love this game !!!
Graphics are top notch, action is fantastic....but by far the best feature of this game is that they are not this greedy in-app purchases game that you have to spend your life savings just to play. This is one of very few games that is truly a free to play game... definitely one of the best .. play and you will see
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6 years ago, Savage on the streets
Pretty good
Over all it’s a nice little bowling app. I don’t think the purchases improve your chances. I’ve bowled 300 with a house ball and with the upgrade. Match play is fun and so are the other skills games. High pocket hits seem to be the way to go. Ordinary pocket shots do seem to produce a lot of splits. But you can learn to make them in the splits game.
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6 years ago, King, Peter
To Whom It May Concern,
This update is terribly inconsistent. I honestly don’t know where to start. I have many suggestions though; more pin action, the ball just hits and deflects, the purchased balls should have different hook ratings, the graphics are honestly wonderful, BUT the gameplay just doesn’t match with latest update, too many corner pins on pocket strikes, sloppy strikes on headpin hits. I bowl competively and this update disappoints me. I’m sure your team can figure it out ASAP. -King, Peter
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5 years ago, Perfectly Craveable
Great job on the new version!
This review is long overdue. I love the new Strike! I've noticed that I'm improving very quickly. Before, I hit my best score and couldn't move past it. You fixed the ghost pins, the physics are more realistic, and I love the bright graphics. You nailed it with this new version!
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5 years ago, Gelf
So excited to have such an excellent version of Candlepin Bowling, the type of bowling I grew up with. Sadly, this type of bowling doesn’t exist where I live so I am so happy to be able to play this version with my five year old son who really loves it. Worth every penny I spent on it. Also great Apple TV app.
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5 years ago, Following through
Nice, but candle pin needs work.
I have enjoyed the new 10 pin updates on this app, however, having been a candlepin bowler all of my life I find the game here wanting. The pin fall for the game is pretty much 10 pin bowling with skinny pins and little bowling balls. There is little to no deadwood to play off of and there is no randomness of pin fall based on hitting track. Not fun and does not hold your interest.
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4 years ago, LLEEGGSS73
Loved the previous version better. This version has connection issues that are more severe than the previous version. I “rematch” a lot, just to continue the connection. Love playing this game,”when I can connect”.
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4 years ago, pinballll
Offline Play
This is a great game! My intention is to play this while offline, but none of my in-app purchases are available when offline. Please correct this issue, as I am eager to play with the extra balls I purchased. Thanks!
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7 years ago, AeroDesigns
Well done
Realistic and fun, I've had this app for several years, other apps come and go, but this one I'm keeping. Also a great stress reliever. Had a bad day? Play a few rounds and you just might have forgotten about your problems...
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1 year ago, Heifgdl
Worst game ever
I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun. The game is called strike! Obviously you should get one when you get the ball straight after a while. Also when you aim the ball straight it sabotages you and it aims the wrong way. I know it is not my screen lagging because I tried restarting so if you download this get ready for a waist of your life . By the way my screen is brand new so no this is not fake.
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7 years ago, Inuko15
Great bowling game!
This game is a lot of fun and a good game to play when you need to kill some time. Yes there are in game purchases, but they are for extra bowling balls. You do not need them to progress or get a hire score in the game. All in all a wonderful game for those who enjoy bowling.
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7 years ago, Tigersfan1956
Love this game.
Just love this. It has the mechanics of real bowling. I can't bowl anymore, so this brings back a lot of memories. Here's what I would like to see tho. Bowling tournaments. Went to a lot of them. Would be fun. Also if you bowl against other people, put in a mechanism to befriend that person.
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7 years ago, clem1031
Nice game
Pretty good game. Addicting. I haven't upgraded to any of the fancy bowling balls and after about 30 games rolled my first 200 game. Very easy to get splits. If you are a bowler you will relate to this statement, it's like using a 10 lb "house ball"against 4 lb pins. (Typical pins are 3 lb 6-8 ounces). Easy to hook the ball and play the Ditch.
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4 years ago, Crowski1
Could Be Much More Accurate
Too many times pins that should fall NEVER DO. If you are a solid gamer, forget about a perfect game it just never happens for my team. I see all of these 300 games players l do not know how. 7-8 strikes in a row and then the inevitable 7 pin standing with a perfect ball. Enjoyed this game in the beginning those days have faded. Good luck if you're looking for a 300 game not here.
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6 years ago, 3beaglesandme
Sweet Game
I’ve played a few iOS bowling games and this is my favorite so far. One thing on my wish list - ability to keep ball and pin sounds but turn off background sounds (alley mechanics).
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6 years ago, "The" joeyCes
Last update murdered this game....
Seriously, this was a simple and fun game. The update made the physics not work properly, there are navigation issues such as getting stuck at certain menus without a way back to main screen, etc.. seems like this wasn’t thoroughly tested, or the developers were trying out a new concept of killing a perfectly working game. If that’s the case, job well done!
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6 years ago, Joe5042
New Update Excellent
I think a little tougher and more realistic which is an excellent upgrade, the graphics are good with all the different options of games are good keep up the excellent work.
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7 years ago, Ivan SK Cheung
Game needs in-app purchases to continue
Game was enjoyable at first, but I faced problems of not being able to strike down pins in some games no matter how much I try because they are placed in a way that one pin is far from another. This essentially requires me to buy a bowling ball pack to finish a game.
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4 years ago, witttiger93
Physics much improved!
The pin action is SO MUCH BETTER after the 1.11.1 update! Thank you for finally addressing and fixing the physics issue. We can now actually get a strike when solidly hitting the pocket.👍
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6 years ago, ggbowl
Fun game but the pin action is nothing like real bowling. You can throw a great shot and it will leave you with the most horrific splits you have ever seen. Gets frustrating when you have a decent game going and it messes you up.
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5 years ago, Al the bean
Not fun any more
Ruined the skillz game w a new update. Right when we were all having fun and tons of games going through . Now it’s like 20 percent as busy as it was if that . They need to switch back the game play ASAP if they want to keep any of there long term players. They need to do it like now before every one leaves and stops playing , Horrible game play . It was 1000 percent better before .
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7 years ago, JegasLLC
How you throw and the physics makes it
This game look right, the throws feel right, and the physics makes it all act right and the sounds are spot on also! 😎😎😎
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7 years ago, Klaude Bawls
Really Cool Game
I've played it to death! Still stuck on 286 I think but it won't be long. All of the different little games are very well designed as well A+.
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3 years ago, Audi10389
Used to be a favorite… til it no longer responded to motion
This game is (well, was) a favorite of my families. So many laughs were had over it. But now, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t respond to the remotes motion, so you can’t play at all. I contacted support and heard nothing. I wish they would fix the issue so we could play it again!
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11 months ago, Grist
Best bowling simulation in App Store
Several kinds of bowling, all challenging and fun and off-line. Only negative is very few people are playing online.
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7 years ago, Juskolmeal
The best...
I am a bowler and I have tried many bowling games. This is the best one yet. The pin physics are about as good as it gets. The ball mechanics a really dependent on how you move your fingers. This is bowling at its best.
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7 years ago, Fedak54
Strike! Ten Pin Bowling
This is a fun game and not easy to get high scores. I have played many games trying to get past 200. Almost gotten it. I recommend this app.
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7 years ago, iamtina2
Great time waster. Fun little bowling app that works well. There are options to buy different balls that I haven't tried yet, but I enjoy it just the same.
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7 years ago, MVP75977
I love the game! I play a little on line against others. I can play friends and it's pretty challenging. No complaints at all! Thanks! I bought a ball package too! Good stuff
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5 years ago, Jim in SDCA
Physics are totally different
Recent update has made it impossible to score. I'll put a clockwise spin in the ball and it will go to the left. It slows inexplicably and goes in gutter. Not the same game at all. Feels like a carnival game where the pins magnetized to stay up. I used to enjoy the game and invite friends to play.
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