Strong Mind Puzzles

4 (7)
127.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Donalee Markus
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Strong Mind Puzzles

4 out of 5
7 Ratings
5 years ago, Supersillywill
Liking the revamped version!
Thanks for the revamp! This app has definitely helped on my recovery from a mTBI. Some critique of this latest version: 1) what happened to the saved progress? The quick “Play Now” button helped users start off where they last finished. 2) I cannot utilize the Expert level at all as some of the color differences are so subtle that the color-blind amongst us (yes that’s me) deeply struggle to discern the shapes’ colors. I particularly am red-green color-blind and find the yellow/green, pink/purple, and green/red impossible to sort out despite applying different backgrounds and adjusting lighting. PLEASE put in an option to change shape color schemes!
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6 months ago, Striving to heal
Icons way too small on advanced levels.
I just recently bought this app, as it was recommended by the creator to help with my mild TBI. On the advanced and expert levels (the creator advised me to start on the advanced level) with 48 shapes per page, the icons are SOOOO tiny on a majority of the choices. For ten levels and 480 shapes, I find myself having to individually open up hundreds of the icons to read the description in order to verify which rules apply. This becomes incredibly and unnecessarily time consuming, as well as exhausting. As I already struggle with intense fatigue, this becomes clearly detrimental rather than beneficial. As recommended by the creator, I bought the biggest iPad I could afford, which they assured me would be an appropriate size. (The next size up would have cost over $1000.) Even worse, if you miss even one icon choice out of the 48, you have to reopen every icon again to reread the description in order to discern which one you may have inadvertently missed. I’ve done multitudes of these exercises on paper, as part of my therapy. Those go extremely quickly, as I’ve never found this exercise to be difficult. This becomes incredibly frustrating and I hate both how much time it takes and how much effort and energy must be expended in order to complete. I wish I’d never bought this app, for this reason.
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7 years ago, Discreetfire
Good concept
I think it would be helpful to keep track of your progress instead of resetting every time. That way you can see if you are improving. Also, it seems it presents the correct solution too often and for the entire level. Maybe that's on purpose?
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14 years ago, Savysilver
Amazing and fun
I love the colors. I like being able to do this when I'm waiting in airports especially. It helps the time go by and I feel I am using a part of my brain that doesn't get challenged. I want to know when the next level will come out!
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13 years ago, Anon1985
Saw the review below and had to post
I always played this game on my friends iPod, and I just bought it today. The levels are not incredibly hard like the prior post says, but the game is really challenging if you try to complete each level as fast as you can. At first, each level took me a while to do, maybe 4:00, but now I am able to complete each level in under 2:00. Hope this helps, and I would definitely suggest buying the game. It is fun, and a nice little challenge when you have some downtime.
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14 years ago, Pu22led
So many levels, easy to challenging!
It's so nice to have a puzzle app that actually makes me think in more ways than one! While the graphics are simple, the puzzles are complicated. If you want to challenge yourself, I fully recommend it.
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12 years ago, JPword
The challenge is scoring well within the time limit. The higher levels require a very structured thought process.
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14 years ago, Sum1hukilsu jk
My math tutor told me to get this app because it is suppose to challenge a bunch of my brain that I usually don't challenge and therefore smarter and it is really great he is also a big admirer of the woman who designed it
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13 years ago, ElCazador_7
The nine levels of difficulty are not very challenging. I love the concept and the fact that it says the test is used by scientists and engineers sounded promising, but even on level 9 I barely broke a mental sweat..
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12 years ago, Creative lifestyle magnet
Strong Mind Puzzles
Love this new app! Like a personal trainer working your brain!
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12 years ago, Ricksterbus
Mind Puzzles
Actually, I am unable to rate this app because the sound does not work. Is there a bug of some kind that needs to be fixed?
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14 years ago, diamond47
Great mind game. Fun & Fast.
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9 years ago, KLSmGe
Stopped working
I paid for this app and now I can't use it. "Play Now" isn't active so the app won't even begin. When it works I definitely recommend this app.
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14 years ago, Dr007ebyl
Not worth it
There are only 9 levels. It us effortless and you will be done the entire app in 15 min. Don't bother with this one.
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9 years ago, Jynstein
Crashes instantly
Waste of time trying to run this app.
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9 years ago, Will Boutte
Crash... It should be an auto app.
It never opened once.
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6 years ago, MathPoly
v3.01 (23 May 2018) is buggy
I like v2.5 of Strong Minds, but find v3.0 to be very awkward (with a variety of bugs and poor design choices); my initial impression is that v3.0 is a late-alpha/early-beta for a promising redesign of a very good tool. I will keep v2.5 on my iPod (and wish I knew how to un-upgrade v3.0 from my iPad). I have emailed the developer with my offer to provide detailed comments; I will update this review no later than mid-June 2018. 25-May — Minor update to my prior (17-May) review: v3.01 has a partial fix to bugs involving display of app's Help about images. The developer has not yet responded to my email.
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