Struckd - 3D Game Creator

4.8 (15.1K)
329.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Struckd - 3D Game Creator

4.76 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
6 months ago, AA studios
Great Game- But I NEED HELP!
This is a great game, and I truly recommend it. But I am really mad, because of two glitches. I like to play my own game before it is finished- more than once- to test out everything. But months ago I had finished building a game, and I tried to play it to publish it, but when I tried to move, it did- but REALLY slowly. The screen got really pixely, and I was immediately killed because I could not do anything! The same thing happened AGAIN with another of my games shortly after. And now I can’t work on or publish ANY of my draft builds, because they have all suddenly DISAPPEARED. THEY ARE ALL GONE!!!!!!!! Hours of work has been deleted! Please, if there is a way to return them, then please do so! I also think that you might want to add some animals that look a bit more realistic. You know, something that would blend in a bit better with some of the other characters. Maybe a cat with the right proportions, a wolf that doesn’t always look like the enemy. And maybe a lion, or a tiger, or a mouse. I also think some story templates would be nice. Sort of like some of the games on Roblox. Or RP! Thank you for you time!
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7 months ago, BreadSticks601
This game is def one of my favorite games on mobile to date. However, there are some limitations. I have this game called Struckd Battle Royale, as well as two sequels, and I kinda struggled to make the battle royale aspect work as there is no true battle royale mode. You guys added a deathmatch game mode, and I think you should add a battle royale game mode that you can toggle. This will make it where you must be the last one standing. It’d be cool, and on your profile you could add a thing that displayed the players number of battle royale wins, that will first appear when you first play a match. You should also add a cutscene maker, that’s triggered by some sort of one-time sensor. My last request is that you add something where you can section your map. Basically, one part could be snowy, one part grass, one part jungle or something, etc. also make it where you can dig into the ground to allow more interesting map design. Now, let’s talk about something… I made a game where you need to gain xp to level up your character. However, this was bad since players saved progress when they played every time, meaning soon they’d be way too overpowered for any new players. So I got rid of the premium items, which were guns. However, this did nothing as the game uploaded still tells me savegame is mandatory due to there being premium content. Help!!!
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2 years ago, Bubstaa
Devs, please read.
Hello Struckd Developers! First things first, Struckd is a great 3D game creator game, and I decided to hop on it today. I was in the middle of making my game, and saw that the trading system was broken. I also found if you put a collectible in your map, play the game and collect it, your unable to delete it after. The chat… so I have a BIG game with missions and big conversations between the characters, one day I thought about updating it, so I did, and I happened to go into one of the conversations, and it got deleted the moment I clicked on it. So I played the game and checked all the others, and they were fine. Curious, I clicked on another, and it deleted… so devs, please please PLEASE fix these bugs! I think there may be a few more that I can’t think of off the top of my head right now, but for now, PLEASE fix these bugs, and others you find, it’ll make the game better in all, and give people a better building experience! I would also like to note one last thing - I’m sure you update the game a lot, but when you gave it that big update, (for instance, the catalog was a darker blue, and the fonts of some words were changed) that’s when these bugs started to happen. Sincerely, Anonymous
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3 months ago, Jake Ekaterinburg
Add a tank zombie + a bug
Add a tank zombie that picks up everything except the map and throws stuff add it along with the other update I wished for also add a wrong door that grabs you if you open it and also add wrong TVs that pull you in or have a monster come out and add anomalies and ones with no legs that run on their hands and add teddy bears that come to life and get you and there is this bug where I can't move or do anything with a character and make it where any dead body doesn't disappear and make it where there are dead bodies that you spawn some have lost insides or limbs some have no eyes they can be citizens, cops, or animals they can also have limbs split in half and if you push them they flop on the ground also add arms in first person and make it where you can see your full body in first person and make it Where if you open a door or grab something or do anything with your hands you see your hand open the door and add jumpscares and cutscenes that you add also add girl zombies
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2 years ago, Zryne
I’ve never
I’m sure it’s been said countlessly on many apps, however; I don’t normally write reviews for mobile “games”. This app is so fricken cool tho! It gives you a lot of preset objects you can add to a scene & you’re able to rotate them and size them to fit in the scene. The ability to create your own unique environment with preset material is rly amazing! It takes time and can be difficult to select an object within multiple objects you have set as the bigger object take priority. Objects are of different poly counts so some objects are smoother than others and may not fit in the same scene? This allows for a wider range of game content but can limit you to certain objects to fit your games style. I’ve been working on my game for some time and the detail is…a lot lol. I’m a bit worried my game draft could potentially be wiped with an update, tho that hasn’t happened yet. It’s truly a sandbox you build on, being able to change the ground, water level, sound, air & fog level. I truly enjoy being able to create! Not to mention being able to play other peoples creations in the community!
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5 months ago, Shrekterd
Good but needs improvement
The game is really fun and entertaining. Once I got in the first time, I made a superhero game. But it was not like I expected, instead, I had to use a Fantasy Hero or something and I did not want my super hero to have a sword nor a shield. But I went through it. At least add like a Superhero or some Superhero variants like “Shield Hero” or “Suit Hero” or “Muscle Hero” or “Swing Hero”. You know what I mean. Also, when I create games, I drag an asset right in front of me. But for some reason, it goes the opposite side. I do not know how to explain it though. And then in the search bar, I searched fire. And when I clicked all of it, the most interesting one, the fire ring, was not there for some reason. It just was not in my inventory. Some other assets did this and the thing was all of them contained racing. Only about half of the racing assets where appearing in my inventory. Please fix this, and if you have a chance, add Superhero’s I guess. But don’t put straight up Spider-Man into the game or you might be Copyrighted.
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11 months ago, good and stupid
Complaints and suggestions
So I know you love suggestions so that’s what I’ll start off at. First of all the game is awesome but it’d be cool if there was a quest system or like a story mode template! I also wish you guys added back the poly characters they were better then the new ones. Now here are all my complaints Speaking of new characters, the new characters have a very slow punch speed could you fix it or make a fist editing system? Another complaint is about how a lot of characters can’t have certain weapons especially the new characters, it’s very irritating how I can’t give business man 1 or 2 and all the other characters a gun. This is my biggest complaint, I know that it could be my phone but when ever I’m playing or making games and I stop playing or I click the undo button it just crashes it gets on my nerves and makes me extremely angry when I’m trying to make a game. Thanks for reading please reply so I can feel heard. Love your app tho!
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3 years ago, hdshsgus
Changed my life
This game made me realize what I’m passionate for I love making games but I have a few ideas for the app *UPDATES* I think a graphic update would be cool for mobile because it looks great but I know it can look better I would like that and I’m sure everyone else would. 2. I would like a friend system and a microphone chat during games also I would like a search system so if one of my friends tells me about a game I can search it world wide I know there’s a chat but I want like a chat that pulls up everything no filter also. 3. I would like a co op build where you can make maps with your friends and it will rage there name *example* (made by FURAI_MaN74)(blahblahblah) yes FURAI_MaN74 I’d my user name. 4 easier aircraft controls for mobile that’s all from me but seriously this game made me realize I love to make games and I enjoy people having as much fun as I do making them even if it’s a short or long game thanks 🤟🏻
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5 months ago, Jacksover10's
Please read developers
This had to be one of my favorite games so I can make stuff but there’s a couple problems number one you can’t model your own characters like you have to use the premade models in the ones that don’t move like the ones that you model that you can’t move like why don’t you make it like so you can move the arms and joints around to make it in certain positions.2: make your own houses and buildings and stuff like what I mean by this is like the other one you have to use premade houses and buildings like why can’t you just let us open up a certain thing and we can use that feature to build houses and cool stuff for different purposes.3: The one thing I cannot get over is that there’s only like a couple drivable cars and a couple models that you can like fight against wanna get a straight respect me to make a survival game using three types of zombies zombies like at least let us model some different time times I’m not trying to be mean, but this game is great but it does need a little work
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7 months ago, James.Grant
I have some ideas with a new update
Make it to where you can record like sounds in your house like you can make it silent and you can make custom music. That would be cool. You can make random survival scenarios like epic combat music custom combat music which would be pretty cool instead of the normal combat which I’m not hating I’m just adding brand new music ideas like the recorder so you could click record, and it will be recording every single sound you make not trying to be creepy but you can make like voices like from the sound effect or you can turn on audio and make custom music for the game not if it’s not going to save but it’s going to save for that one game. This might take two months one month or I don’t care it might even take a year I’m not trying to I am not trying to predict time you can take however, long, I don’t care I just hope you get this message, right🤔
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3 years ago, Bluemuffinz
Some Ideas+ a bug
Being able to edit the color of assets would be helpful. For example I like the attack cooldown on the sugar unicorn asset because breaking dungeon chest is faster than candy; but none of its skins really fit with my maps I plan on creating. The pink one looks to bright, the red mane is close but it’s body is grey which blends in too much in my opinion so having a way to edit would be helpful. Another idea is being able to enable a feature that lets you separate the pickup items into tabs other than having them as a single score; along with the assets pictures (Mario for example). This could also work as another way to win a game. Also there is a bug in which sometimes you phase through pickups like the alien clusters and the red, green crystals at least as an animal as I know of.
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2 weeks ago, HonestOpinionsReveiwer
Great Game! But it’s got issues
Let me first admit that Struckd is a great way to create and explore! Its endless catalogs of games, the well made graphics, and (for the most part) the nice selection of assets and characters really make the game look and perform well. This game, however, has issues. For one, it would really be nice to have more than one map for some games. Second, there should be a way to toggle the ground. Games that happen in the sky or in space, and others, would be greatly improved and easier to make. And of course, you die when you fall past a certain limit. Finally, and maybe a most pressing issue, characters with wings CANNOT EVEN FLY! It’s not the same to just hover!!!! This probably is the most annoying thing I have encountered why making games. When playing as that character, and they don’t have to do this when idle or not played, you should have access to the flying controls! Please fix this.
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4 months ago, Dawone Anoly
Major bug made me drop the app
Was having lots of fun building games, i’d use the multiple asset selector to move assets around free of the grid limitation and was able to make really interesting and detailed things. I was having an absolute blast, but now that gridless movement is only possible if you select more than one thing with the multiple asset selector. I know this makes sense since it is for the purpose of selecting multiple assets, but it really dampened my fun and my ability to make things. If you guys can possibly make a selector that allows you to move parts smoothly instead of having them snap around that would be incredibly appreciated. You could also just revert the change and have the selector already implemented allow for smooth movement when only one asset is selected. If anything, a proper game studio should have snap to grid as well as free moving options for placing assets, it has gotten extremely difficult to make things when everything is snapping around
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7 months ago, ScorchXVI
Suggestion 3 epic tree
Add map voting, you can make 1 main lobby area, then players are presented with a map to choose, you can toggle map voting in settings for your game. When you do, it lets you add mini maps, it will choose 3 random ones and it makes a popup message for people to vote a map. Bots vote randomly. If there is any tie, it chooses a random tied one. It then sends players and the character they choose with any weapons or anything to the voted map. Then you just have to win in that map (you can choose to make a timer), or reaching certain amount of points. Things like enemies, pickups, or anything than can disappear or move out of place, will be reset back to their main position when the map starts. you can name the mini maps to be shown during voting, and also take a picture of them.
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3 months ago, cHaCo_sMaSh
Urgent needs
So we need updated combat and development freedom so first for combat the players should be able to implement a finisher when there enemy is at low health and we need a reworked running system like here the player when they are creating a game they should be able to add a stamina bar to it if they want and for the animation on running it just feels so janky it needs to be more realistic but now this part tho the ragdoll physics a player when creating a game should be able to add ragdoll physics to there npcs and the playable characters and the gore we need to have some blood and dismemberment not too Gory tho just some simple ones but we need actual slash and blunt weapons blunt is like a hammer and slash in like a knife and now we need a climbing system a playable character should be able to climb objects same with npcs and the ai system we need more options for there behavior
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1 year ago, Liam Miguel garica
Developers please read this review thank you
I have a lot of fun on Struckd bunch of new assets and more but there’s one thing we need more sound design and more weapons instead of the military rifle or the high tech rifle or assault rifle I feel like we need more weapons and better sound design also can you add if you get a chance In you’re next update or future update can you allow to extract audio from screen recording and also can you add more military stuff and I really like the game halo can you add like more troopers not exactly from the game just pretty close and can you add battle royal mode that will be really fun and can you also add maybe make our own models and other stuff that will be helpful and cutscenes and we need more light scorces than just candles and can you add more sci fi stuff that will be amazing and more zombies thank you and that’s all I have to say bye :)
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5 months ago, Gdawg1272
Absolutely amazing game-just a few personal suggestions
I absolutely love this game maker so much. I’m not the best at making games but it’s literally my favorite thing to do. I recently even bought some coins and used them to buy a couple asset packs and they’re pretty awesome. I do want to suggest a couple of things though, I think if you remove the limitations on things like an entity’s health points and damage and some small things like that would be great. Also maybe you could add some kind of abilities or powers that could be added to different entities. One last suggestion, it would be amazing if you could somehow add controller support to the game. Sorry for such a long review, I just really love this game and it’s community and would love to see it continue to improve and grow.
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9 months ago, Darth Holt
So, I absolutely adore this app, and it’s very easy to use. My biggest concern was that when I saw the advertising for the game, it was gonna be too complicated, and I was going to be too frustrated with that. But, it’s amazing. My only thing is, my games are not getting out there and the reason why is everyone else can build! I can’t build. Do you know why? I am visually impaired. Everyone else relies on so much detail and that’s why they get their games up there, and I can’t. my games are just functional, adding what needs to be added, and that’s it, just flatlands, hardly any trees. No detail elements, still don’t really know how to use a lot of the stuff. It may be my blindness, or I might just need a little bit of assistance somehow. Thank you.
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4 months ago, IM SO MAD rn like omg
Stop these people please
Developers please read this I love the app, in every way there’s 3-D stuff and you can make your own stuff and etc, but there is just one big problem there are these people that are begging for people to play their game it has gone so out of control that I saw one comment on one of the games he or she copy the game and called it their game and said that is the best without giving credits so can you please put a report option on the comments for begging because this is so annoying that I can’t can’t stand it and I mean can’t like every game. I click on it every beggar trying to get people to play their game and it’s literally so annoying so game developers if you’re reading this, please fix this
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4 weeks ago, PrinceV300
Easily create space games!
This game is good I have a suggestion that you should add that will make making space games easier. Can you try and editor you can set the map to planets mode where now the entire world will be converted into a sphere which will have realistic gravity and there is a button so you can add more planets, stars and etc. I hope you add this in this will help me make space games easier. PLANET EDITOR: in this new update I want you to customize planets Probably want to go get this option where are you can edit the planet from the space view or the map view I want you to be able to add Riggs astrospheres and being able to create gas giants and any planet you can imagine I know you can do it thank you this app
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3 years ago, ThatSpyOutside
I’m Amazed!!!
This is probably the best game developer platform on mobile devices. This thing is amazing but I’d like it to have a little more features like making sequences for Ai like you talk to the Ai and after you do he walks away. Also if Ai can drop, hold and give items to the player. Next is multiplayer, if that is added, you’ll probably gain a lot more gamers/creators. And last but not least. Ai spawner and censers. It would be nice where whenever the player walks on, by, or biles them stuff could happen and if you add spawners those censors could activate those spawners and make enemies, items, or Ai spawn. Oh and one more thing. Could you make an better upgrade system. Thank you and have a great day.
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7 months ago, D3stroy3r 2
Ideas and bugs devs fix these and add these
So what I’ve seen this review a million times add a 3d editor for monsters and stuff and I agree really well and also for that add a item maker monster (or friendly) editor and weapon editor it would also be cool that you make the game have coding for the editors end of ideas:bugs so the only bug I’ve seen is a shield being glitched the name is x_warriershield_pickup it doesn’t fit right with the menu what I’m saying is it sticks out like a sore thumb and I would appreciate it if you would fix it. I know your working your butts off and I get it a game can be made in under a day or a decade you’ve worked really hard on this game and I appreciate it it’s amazing that you have the patience and skill Sincerely Matthew-
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10 months ago, Paul Javier
This game is perfect, well, almost perfect. I actually have a suggestion or two. It’s three, I have three. Well first of all, I would love if you made every character compatible with every weapon, it would improve game making a lot. You should also add armor that you can pick up and equip, and also make it so you. Can edit a characters amount of inventory slots. Other than those, this game is perfect, and I would really recommend it. Although I have recently found a bug where for one of the knight assets (the short one with the huge sword) they have a second sword appearing out of there fore arm, and it stretches about half the map. Devs, pls read this.
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7 months ago, Baller_526
Great game
You guys should add a timer where characters spawn or lava falls at this time, a rollercoaster maker, a hotel, friends, so friends can work on a game together, character maker where you use can use an image to make that a character, a theme park maker, if you made it so you can control where things go, like you draw a line around a park or something and you put like infinite times, and a preview that players can watch before they play your game. Like just a bunch of images or short 10 second videos. Thank you have a great day! {I think for my ideas if you use them I should get unlimited struckd coins, Account: AstroStar Studios}
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9 months ago, cartardahl
this is amazing,just one complaint.
I just downloaded this and it turned out to be AMAZING,I have Never Seen something as Good as this,it’s easy to make games and play games,BUT there is problem for me,when I join I game,My screen just goes pitch black and I can’t exit out the app,I can only hear the ambiance of the game I’m playing,then if I I try to turn my iPad off the sound keeps going and then my iPad actually turns off and then it joins the game and disconnects,so I can’t really play any games without my screen going black the only times when it doesn’t go black in the app is when im creating the games,and testing them I guess,but if this gets fixed it is a perfect five star,overall the game is pretty good.
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10 months ago, Caramel cat 🍮🧡💭
Amazing creation engine
Hi struckd, your game is very high quality although I have a few suggestions; -QUESTS *do quests for NPCS to get an item(s) or unlock something -DAY/NIGHT CYCLE *A cycle in which the sky changes in game which can be configured in ways such as, seconds until switch, what sky it switches to -MORE CHARACTERS *While there are many assets, it’s difficult to find ones for things such as school, most of the asset characters aren’t really that good… -NPC ROUTINE *Npc can optionally have a routine in which the following can be configured, Seconds until activity change, what will the npc do during an ‘activity, which is something like if in 3 seconds the character walks to this area’ -OPTIONAL HUNGER BAR *creator can turn this off/on in advanced world settings. The bar can be made such as, seconds until depletion, how much is a depletion, if this is turned on then the ‘food’ pickups can replenish it. -SPECIAL NPC CIRCUMSTANCE *If [example] event occurs, an npc can be made to change, react. Thank you for reading, have a good day or night.
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2 days ago, by gh J day no
I love this Game engine, But I have a few suggestions
You should add Health bars at the top or bottom of the screen for bosses, If you was making a Elder scrolls type game Maybe add more options for effects, and maybe add an easy animation creator for characters. There should also be cutscenes and stuff if your making a big high quality game. For bigger creators that want to publish games in steam or something. Can you add better textures and graphics too I know I’m asking for a lot,But I think if you add these More people would use Struckd as there main game engine!
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9 months ago, mvjgsh gvd sbjhmsjzbmgmshcbgd
Read this for me I’m only nine.
This game is not that much good but it’s good so I think I read this at four out of 4.5 out of 10 so because there’s not so much games and I think we need a little more stuff in the game and I hate when the floor doesn’t let me go onto the second room so please do this for me and I really really need help because I am a fourth grader please do it and I wrote this much and I think we need to stop here. Now we’re still here because it’s the next day and I still am doing this and my friends think it’s a little good but not that much show if I can play how would I even name myself I can’t even name my name so I’m anonymous OK bye.
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2 years ago, martinezoller
Great game! But…
This game has so much to offer but here are 2 must haves in order to make this game the best maker game on the App Store. 1. Being able to delete publish games. This one is so easy to do since you already have that feature for drafts so why not add it on publish? I have a game published that I want to take off but it won’t let me so please add that is really easy to add and will make a huge difference. 2. Being able to edit publish games. This one’s the most important. I’m super sad right now that you can’t do that… I have been working on the game and wanting to publish and make future updates on the game but the app itself won’t allow me. This will make a big difference and allow players to come back to games and have more fun! If you read this please comment on here so I know you read it. Also please add this on the next update, I get furniture is important for building. But in my opinion this is more important to get in the game. -thanks for reading
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2 months ago, djsjjsjdjdmdndhhdyf
Im only making this 5 stars so you can see it, I downloaded this game a while ago but it keeps freezing and closing the app so i deleted it, i just now found it back so i downloaded it and pressed “create a game” when i was done with the tutorial and started to play the game it happened again and i could turn off or do anything to my ipad i was so scared then it turned completely off then turned on by itself so i deleted it again if this happens delete it fast it can lag your device 😔
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4 months ago, Gamerglitch78
Developers we need to talk
So it won’t be long to read I like your game and all but there’s some issues I go to. It’s called zooid bladderAnd it’s about missions in the feeding stuff so every time I go on there and I never experienced this before so every time I go in there in a few if I’m spending too long on the game, it will kick me out the whole app and then I’ll have to go back in the app and then after that it lags for a long time can you please guys fix this because I really want to keep updating on my game and I this is a problem
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2 years ago, KingT503!
My review and requests.
I like this game. I really do. Although not to ask for much. But in a future update of the game, Can you add a feature where characters are allowed to have unlimited lives. And also can you allow chase music and add a death scene, Cutscenes and allow enemies to hear things if you drop An item which reminds me can you also update items where if you drop them, it makes noise. I will be thankful if you even do just one. But other than that, This game is really fun. And really enjoyable!
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3 years ago, ApexDestroyer88
I have been using struckd for almost two years and I have loved where it’s been heading. Recently I got a pop up asking for my age and when I entered it I was locked out and now I can’t use struckd! This is not cool because I have spent lots of time and effort on struckd and just because my age is not valid I can now no longer continue it! Why is struckd now becoming an app for older people?! It was fine before and now I have to be a certain age. In my opinion you should have limited access If your at a lower age if that’s the direction you guys want struckd to go. Regardless this is very unnecessary and I suggest that if you don’t want to loose a large amount of your community base you should fix it. As of now I will not be returning and I will no longer support struckd.
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2 months ago, Please don’t tell home
amazing game but something is wrong
I love this game and I mean love it but IT keeps on kicking me out every single time I am in the game I’m making for a minute or LESS and I really just want to make a space game called space wars so please oh please oh please fix this cause I just want to make a amazing game that makes the player say wow who ever made this is AMAZING so if you can please fix this and if this keeps going on then I might have to delete the game and get it again which will delete the games I made and am making so please.
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3 years ago, Ash.Gamer
This is a great game! Maybe consider adding an ambience changer? For Struckd games that alternate biomes? A bigger map for stronger devices? Smaller-sized maps for laggy devices, medium-sized maps for the little bit stronger devices, and finally larger-sized maps for high-end devices? Also, a glitch I discovered with this game is that, when you use the human archer and select another NPC like Cole the Adventurer, he won’t follow the human archer. You think you can fix that? But, still, this game, I love it. Continue to update this game and keep its community alive. Good luck!
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6 months ago, wyatt mark bivens
GREAT game, but 1 thing i would like
Struckd is a great game and i highly recommend it, because its a really easy game creator and because it needs ALOT more players to spice servers up 🔥🔥 but ive been using minecraft education witch is also really good, but not realistic, can you please add coding like minecraft education? Because i wont be able to publish games on minecraft education. So please add coding maybe so languages like lua or javascript, but i would also like basic coding languages like scratch or blocks. Thank you!
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3 years ago, HKH1977
Great start!
Struckd is an amazing game! I have been playing it for about two years or so on Samsung and once it was released for iOS I had to get it! I love struckd so much but it think it need s some more features such as a way to advertise your games to get traffic, A way to make cutscenes, and damage physics. I also think it would be cool to have a feature that allows users to get followers and those followers receive a notification once a bed game is released by the person the follow. I think struckd is a great start s d has so much more potential! Continue the great work!
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9 months ago, Unknown 2080
You cannot submit a world within 50 final space
Give me a update that allows me to submit one of my best world that took me a couple days to submit because I cannot submit it because there are so many objects. It takes up too many space in the Struckd files make that update that allows you to submit a route, no matter what what I will receive my reading at one star struct that’s right I know your account name I know who’s on the other side of that screen and if you do not make this update, I will delete the game from my phone and never play it again and the best thing I can give you about the multiple options I can give you is leaving it at a one star rating make the update Struckd I’m counting on you
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6 days ago, MineBroke628
You need to fix something
I was using your newest version but something weird keeps happening. My published games keep going in unpublished and published. And the create new button is also in publish! Another problem, your assets keep going in the sky and duplicating when I least expect it. There’s also a losing glitch! Once the score reaches zero, you lose! Sometimes, the app just freezes. Also, sometimes after you talk to people, they start to glitch. Or they glitch on their own. Please fix!
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10 months ago, Batman200@
Just 2 Suggestions.
The game is amazing! I understand it is in development, and not much yet. But 2 ESSENTIAL things to bring people in: Followers, And possibly a tycoon thing like you press button and spend points to get like parts or points or some. The game is amazing and is one of the best mobile dev games out there. Love the game. Also a bug. If you have a long text element when you go to edit it it deleted everyone but about 10 letters in the front. Other than that all good!
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12 months ago, Zombie_boi18180
It’s a nice place the create but I have some suggestions
Hello Developers I hope you don’t mind me asking for some suggestions. Well This suggestion is probably disturbing don't get mad but you could add corpses like skeletons or the more graphic ones into the game. And some more monsters and zombies. And a anchor button to stay and place for all of the items but I know you have like a scale thing for some items but not all of the items so it’s like that but with all the items.
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2 years ago, logunnnnnn
Greatest game I have ever played!!!
First of all start with the building OK so the building is so much fun and the fact that you could make anything a player not a player and you can make other teams it’s just so cool and the fact that it’s on iPhone is even better and you can publish your games without even having an account is so good. and you can play other peoples games with them it’s just so cool I recommend getting this game if you enjoy creating new types of games.
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3 months ago, desdello
I have some ideas for Struckd!
I have ideas for updates Add passenger or cargo plane A320 add cargo planes private, jets fighter jets add missile shooting system don’t forget to add battle royale weld system to make their own characters don’t forget airport assets and AI aircraft system add aircraft carriers or military ships and don’t forget cargo ships more helicopters don’t forget sandbox mode and armored cars crashed ships and helicopters don’t forget extra terrain assets airport sounds apocalypse sound don’t forget workshops to download assets and more buildings.
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3 months ago, Blah blahusngwy
Could use more options and fixes
This game is pretty good, but there are some things that I want to be in the game. First, when you edit a gun, make an option where it needs ammo to shoot and you can pick anything as the ammo. Next, I want there to be a way for NPC’s to do other things like making an option where the NPC walks to a certain place when you walk into there detection range. Also, it would be cool to add more monsters. Or, even make some of them more scary! That would be great. Please, at least do one of these! That would make me play this game everyday!
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2 months ago, ndnsmwhihc
You need to add this and it will be great
This game is good and it is really easy to use but you need to add a flashlight,ceiling light or a light emitter and it has to work because if your making a map and it has houses that are dark because you chose a dark style it will be difficult to see and it will add realism if you and things that have light that works so that’s something that you need to add hope you read this and add something to fix this Epic game !!!!
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4 months ago, Nova-Kane Fan Girl
I like your game because the ability to create but also play things the only thing is your characters and play buttons, they are a struggle to play with but other than that great job on the game I enjoy playing it and also you might need some upgrades to the game for me at least to play this instead of roblox which gives me nothing to get time on this game for whoever made this you did a great job on your game play it all is good but it’s hard to not play roblox instead like I said!!!
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3 years ago, Big Shotty
Needing much more
Solid game builder I like it! My only problem is the save feature always goes oops and I have to power down the device to load up again. Then once it’s reloaded it shows I have multiple saves when I only had the one. Also way to many videos when selecting an item to craft. I’d like to see more ground tiles and a better terrain tool. Camp fires and a option to chose race on my characters. A tool to let us add voice overs. More water tiles and a option to create a game where one of the objects in the game is to build a base. Real time strategy components.
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6 months ago, jdifhri
Needs more customization
I love this game and every thing you can do with it but I don’t like that you can place anything in your game but not all characters are compatible. Meaning I place in weapons and other stuff that not every character can use and I would like this game much more if this was fixed. Also it would be really cool if there was more vehicle options like motorcycles, maybe a bmx, and skateboards. Yeah definitely skateboards that would be a great addition! So if nothing else PLEASE add skateboards lol thanks
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1 month ago, Kaylieu
Few suggestions
I like the game a lot but I would like a few more things like when you go into a game and you just straight up go into the game without going a main menu like maybe make it so you can add buttons like play or settings but make it so it’s different variations of those button and at least 5% better graphics but the biggest problem (that we can’t fix) is that people now a days just make random stuff on there! Lastly fix all the bugs.
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11 months ago, C_H_13
The update
Hello I have an update idea I thought it would be cool if there was a character creator option were you can use different parts from different characters and creatures to make your own for example I used a golem body with a Cerberus head holy dragon wings and warrior bear arms and legs. Oh and also have a section with only the ones YOU make and also go there to make more and it would say Add new. So that’s all I have to say so I hope you add it!
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