Studio for Podcast

4.7 (6.1K)
75.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spreaker Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Studio for Podcast

4.72 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
5 years ago, BeaversDen
The broadcast is great... the functionality of the channel...
To pay a monthly fee for a limited amount of time to broadcast without being able to select sponsors and breaking the segments per the show is extremely limited. If I could combine the functions of Spreaker with Anchor, I would have the best podcast ever. But each app has functions I like better than the other. I like the time availability for spreaker more than anchor. I like the monetisations for anchor better. I like spreaker better for the broadcast and use of audiobus. But I like the show elements of anchor. I can keep track of my show log in anchor. I can’t with spreaker. I like anchors ability to navigate all the tools necessary for podcast in one app. Spreaker requires a 2nd app. That’s lame. I kinda wish I went with anchor for the professional appeal for everything.
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6 years ago, Grock to the second power
No support
The platform is a good idea but the support is the worst. You are on your own so you better be Tech savvy. Certain things about it are great but if you use it on different devices you’ll have different drafts saved and maybe different looks. My board on one computer looks totally different then on my other computer. I have drafts saved on one computer that don’t show up on my other computer in drafts. I’ve not been able to go live for the last two weeks. I emailed support and got nothing. So until I find better I’m here but can’t recommend.
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6 years ago, Oaklandsunshine
App is incredible
I was looking for an app that I could make the search for my podcast by others easier and tried alot of other app but hands down they are the best do a quick search on how to setup iTunes, stitcher, etc. And start recording even adding effects. It's versitile so you can simply use your phones mic or use the PC version and do it a bit more professional. However if you use Hardware for your iPhone like I do it is not compatible yet. I have A Sure MV88 that I use for video apps and other podcasting apps because I can EQ my mic to sound just how I want for everything from live music to speech. This app will get 5 stars after they add this but it's so hard because it's literally filled with all the features for a professional that most all other apps don't provide. PLEASE ADD support for the SURE MOTIV PRODUCTS and thank you for this awesome app!
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2 years ago, JordanAKAJMan
I started my career with SPREAKER
I just want to start by saying how great it was to start my radio and podcast career on this app in 2011 to have the 30 minute record limit instead of 15 minute limit like it is now it was perfect for my little crappy music talk podcast but since then now in 2022 I now host a great successful podcast and a radio show interviewing incrediblely talented indie artists and bands my way and love it I will always love Spreaker! Spreaker for now I have to say goodbye but this is just a see you later I have this 4 star rating because of the time limit on live recordings everything else is great 😊 10/10 I recommend them!
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5 years ago, babelins 2357
Amazing 😉
So I have Been using this app or around two months and I have made 19 podcasts and spend in a really big help and the app Spreaker podcast radio is also pretty good so I can listen to my podcast and find out about things but this podcast app is that this is like a free studio but you have to pay for like extra time and I had a question spreaker “ why in the App Store does it say it’s a pack but when you get it through the app it says it’s a subscription so is it a subscription or is it one pack?”
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4 years ago, Emilio The SARGE Juarez
Live Video
Spreaker App has done wonders for my podcast shows and my broadcast shows of High School Sports and More. I was wondering if any platforms to add the capabilities to do live video feeds have ever been thought about. My podcast and broadcast would for surely benefit from being able to do a live video feed with my shows. I’m sure I won’t be the only Spreaker Subscriber that would benefit. Please give it some thought and I’d be more than happy to upgrade my subscription to have live video feeds. Thank You
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5 years ago, racindave99
I’ve done over 156 episodes so far
Hey Dave here from Dumbing it Down with Dave. I’ve done over 156 episodes so far over 3 years since 2016. I love Spreaker and this app. I’m excited about any improvements. I’d like more selection opportunities in effects. I only have 5. I’d like more. At least 10. I have to learn how to use playlists. Also in the comments section I’d like to be able to respond to comments individually. Like on Facebook. Love this app and I love Spreaker!!!
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5 years ago, Rattleheadxyz
Monthly Fees for Pro Account? Are You Kidding Me?
I can definitely get behind apps that offer limited features for free, but then allow the user to pay a one-time fee to unlock everything. I consider that practice to be perfectly reasonable. But, oh look, here comes Spreaker. They have the brilliant idea of charging a MONTHLY FEE. A monthly fee? How greedy can you be Spreaker? I find this practice to be utterly ridiculous. Spreaker can’t just take a one time payment, they need to get your money every single month! They need your money over and over again until either you die or you come to your senses and use one of the many, many other podcasting apps available. And, gasp! Some of them have the audacity to only charge you once or even more shocking, some apps are free! Never, ever, eveeeeer, will I be using any of your apps, Spreaker. It’s entirely possible to profit from an app without resorting to such unbelievable, greed-filled tactics but Spreaker has no interest in that apparently. Because of this, I have no interest in Spreaker.
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3 years ago, Theoloscience
Excellent for Live and Podcast
I use the Spreaker Studio mainly on my apple computer. I like having the music right there from the Epidemic sound company. I have tried the Spreaker Studio with several good mics both condenser and dynamic. I also employ a good pre-amplifier. I believe monetizing is relative. For example, if your goal is to monetize your podcast, you will do well with Spreaker if you have millions of followers.
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5 years ago, GestW
App is trash when it comes to recording
I have the iPad Pro 2018 and I was hoping that it would be really easy to record podcast on the go but clearly its still a hot mess. Can’t us headphones to make sure levels are good or anything. Support for more than one mic isn’t there either. You are better off using garage band then uploading the file that way. The IPad Pro is more than powerful enough to do the little things I’m asking. I pay for a monthly service and I honestly feel as if its not worth it and my move to a different host. But YMMV if you do just a basic podcast this should be just fine as long as you don’t want to monitor the audio.
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5 years ago, Yahchanan Abiyah
What’s Not To Like?
Everything one needs to start and scale a podcast. Very intuitive set up for beginners but advanced enough for pros to have fun. An idea and an iPhone and the show is ready to go! Then easily distribute to major platforms with a simple touch. Spreaker did the hard part, now we can focus on what we love to do. I have spent money and time on several podcast hosting sites but I find myself running right back to Spreaker and now I am here to talk “out of my sound mind!” Shameless show plug! LOL
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2 years ago, StrumRockSchool
App vs. Desktop
I prefer working from my desktop because everything is easier and you have more options. However, I suppose if you are on the go you could record from the app with a few sound effects. I have found that managing my podcast is easier from the app but uploading and recording the podcast is easier from the desktop. It’s nice having both.
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4 months ago, Fsvmnvbfxkhfsvgfbskjh
This app is very great
I really like it has good voice. It has a really good action. It has very good inbuilt Mike it’s very nice how you can change your voice. You can talk about anything you can express your feelings and when you sign in it’s great you can share it with the entire world everybody it’s great it’s the best app I’ve ever had even if I’m 10 years old
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5 years ago, Wendigohunter
Great for publishing your podcasts.
I haven’t really used the recording feature but I do upload to the app after recording and publish. Published to all major providers with ease. And it’s worth signing up for on air talent just to have the ability to have your content hosted and be able to have a back up to rely on. Thank you for the service spreaker
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7 years ago, redsolocupsonghater1
I liked it until...
I was having a blast creating a podcast and enjoyed how easy it was to add effects and music to it; but as I was about to publish it I realized there was a problem. The app allows you to add music from your music library on your phone, which is awesome except for the fact that adding songs you’ve purchased via iTunes to your podcast infringes on the copyright laws. Thankfully I did not publish the podcast, but instead had to delete it so as not to risk getting into trouble.
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3 years ago, MsBoss33
I Love Being Able To Go Live
One of my favorite things about Spreaker is the fact that I can go live from anywhere. We had really bad weather and my internet kept going in and out. I was able to go live right from my phone. I love the fact that I can incorporate music in my show as well.
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8 months ago, nightshade101 (she)
If you upload to apple podcast it takes your email and asks to unlock it after you put it in however they are trying to steal you info don’t make the mistakes I made save your self Developers if you don’t respond with something reasonable it’s proof of this
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5 years ago, Lowpezzz
Here is what is not good; you cannot go back in and add to a recording once you hit stop. While recording our podcast it froze twice and we had to start over twice because once it is in drafts you can’t add on. Also if you want to upgrade your service you can’t do it until your old level status expired so now we are stuck with 45 min episodes for the next month instead of the 90 min ones we need. For a paid subscription this should work better.
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6 years ago, Brad Brodie
Good app
This app is a solid app that I used to do a lot of my Podcasts. My only concern is that when I try to load songs from Apple Music library that it does not allow me to load those songs on the mobile app I have to use the cloud storage server to upload the songs on my iPhone. Anyway you can fix this so that way the songs that I purchased on iTunes I can actually play?
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3 years ago, T.S. Lewis
Spreaker Not
I originally tried Spreaker because it seemed to give the quality sound of a studio on the go. As time progressed though, some of my audio wasn’t uploaded to the platforms chosen. Constant issues with billing and technical issues increased and the customer service is slow to respond. Overall it has been a frustrating and disappointing experience.
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6 years ago, Big OG🎙
Awesome App
Best audio podcast production app out for it’s simple interface. Would like to be able to edit & cut my drafts and change my logo icon on iHeartRadio connect but overall Spreaker gets it done. Plenty of publishing options, would like to be able to import extracted audio from iMovie or recorded video.
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12 months ago, MadMoll
I❤️radio screwed us
When I❤️radio bought spreaker they took our PAID stream and downgraded us and then reduced our stream time when we re-upped to our previous subscription. We were unlimited and now three hours when we live stream for more time than that at the same rate. Shame on you for price gouging and pooping on those who got your attention in tue first place
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4 years ago, Omar Ladner
Can’t recommend
I lost a 3 hour podcast, they couldn’t help me to recover it. 2 weeks later I lost a 2.5 hour podcast. I have no faith they will help me recover it. I am about to be done with this app and look for another site. I am wasting time and money 2 things I cannot get back. I am so frustrated I feel like they’re just taking my money and not even caring to respond back in a timely manner or with any information that I don’t know myself. I am just extremely upset and disappointed to get this kind of service from something that has a value of $20 a month.
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3 years ago, Righteousgrits
Super great app
This is a great app for those who like to broadcast. I like it because it is easy to use. Also I can broadcast all the music I like and the songs I have written for the world to hear Keep up the good work. The console works great on my iPad. Easy to use. Thank you
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3 years ago, MeiMei Panda
User Friendly & Fun
I am new to the podcast world and this app makes me feel like a pro right of the gate! I have a lot to learn, I feel, and so it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Well, not with spreaker studio! If you are ready to record like a pro then look no further. This sweet app is going to be your best friend!
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2 years ago, SmokeB4fire
Awesome platform
I love speaker it is easy to use and has alot of features. I started on anchor first but I like the setup of speaker better. I would recommend this app for anyone starting a pod cast. Yes you have to pay but it worth it. Way better than anchor.
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4 years ago, Joshiian
I've been charge for two month however after uploading three chapters (1hr each) it wont let me upload anymore. It keeps telling me that i reach the max of my 500 hr pro service. Im trying to restore and communicate via the app service but they have been unsuccessful in resolving the issue. Its easy to write that kind of response. But you are still charging me and no service. I sent the screen shots to that email already. Give me a phone number to talk with one of your agents o with you.
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1 year ago, Calisur Zeno fm
Best app for creating podcasts now days
I have been using spreaker studio for more than 5 years now ,and I would like to recommend (highly recommended) to podcasters or anyone whose love recording music for fun or professional level.
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3 years ago, Only1JackieB
I’m in love
I’ve done research like crazy when I began to tap into the podcast realm and have found Spreaker to be amazing for all my needs. I’m still learning how to take calls through the app or so. That’s the only issue I have. But it’s temporary.
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6 years ago, UsetobeAndroidGuy
So close! Give iPhone the iPad features!
This app is good on the iPhone but great on the iPad. I really want to use this exclusively on the iPhone. Developers please add auto-ducking, monitoring, and gain/volume control to the iPhone or just have the iPhone behave like the iPad in landscape mode. Please? Only other suggestion would be to add a 'notes' tab to effects and chat. Thanks!
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5 years ago, DuncanLindsey
Perfect for mobile podcast
With playlist and effects, you can produce a studio quality show from anywhere. I wish the mobile app had Skype integration like the desktop app does but I’m not complaining.
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6 years ago, Veromejia
Upload resets
I love this app, but lately it has been very difficult to upload episodes, unless i stay on the app with my phone on. everytime the screen shuts or i go to another app, and then come back to Spreaker Studio, the episodes starts to upload from 0% and does this over and over again. Helppp!!!!
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6 years ago, Thedarkjediknight
Love the app, not forced ads.
Although I absolutely love the app, the new ads forced onto my episodes at the beginning and ends is mildly annoying. And if you’re going to add ads, at least let me choose them. Some of the ads are completely counter intuitive to my Podcast about Homesteading, gardening and Sustainable living.
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4 years ago, Haniya2006
Is glitching
I love this app a lot! It helps me record my podcast! But, I was trying to get on the app and it kept switching off! It wouldn’t let me in the app! I tried shutting of my phone, deleting apps, and there is no update! So I’m really sad because I don’t know how to post my podcast now! 😫
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2 years ago, Henrystenzel
Dysfunctional with paywalls
When trying to record my microphone hardly ever functions even though there’s nothing wrong with my hardware. I need two separate apps to even make a podcast. Honestly I’m highly dissatisfied make a functional app that’s free and allows you to upload and record with no issues. Sadly these days that’s no longer possible it seems.
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5 years ago, Eescott1901
What I most like about studio is the organization that it provides. I love how I can keep track of my episodes in one place. I’ll definitely recommend this app to my friends if they ever want to do some sort of a radio show.
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5 years ago, DJ Sty FOCUZ
I’ve been on this app since 2011 love the features but?
I’ve been using this app since 2011 I love the new features but when you set up your music from your iTunes library it freezes up can someone look into that
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6 years ago, b2the4thpower
My main app
I use this app to do every podcast I have made it is simple to use anyone can do it and it can be used anywhere I produce my podcast on the go and the upload can be done with and cell service fast and easy Angry Dad Podcast Approved
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6 years ago, SmartBipson
I will give 5 stars after they fix it
This app makes very simple to podcast, but after the last update, it crashes in my iPad mini and iPhone 5. I need to create more content, please fix it, I love studio spreaker when it works.
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5 years ago, Silvey116
I love the app.....when it works
I always seem to have problems with the app working. When it opens, none of the buttons work. Its basically like looking at a screenshot. Nothing ever happens. I close it out and try again and it doesnt work. I dont know what the deal is with that. Is it a bug? Is it something to do with my phone? I dont know but its irritating.
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8 months ago, avengerdeath12
Perfect app! So fun, love the effects and other simple stuff. If you just sign in and agree to the terms, you can distribute your podcast to other apps! One thing is one bug! It will not record.
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5 years ago, Angry Bicyclist
Really great app👏
I’m impressed with the ease of using this app. I can add my own songs and special effects for the opening. I really use it as a backup to support my blog articles with an added dimension. I haven’t found anything wrong with it.
Show more
7 years ago, Miles Duk
Thank you so much for making
One thing, could you fix the iHeart radio broadcasts section when you are about to go live. It doesn’t work for me... Thank you so much for making this app. It’s the best one out their.
Show more
5 years ago, PastoraDiana
God Bless everyone
I have loved speaker throughout the past few years I just paid the yearly subscription as I did I did a sermon service a few weeks everyone is not receiving sound I pray that this tech. Situation will clear thus is an amazing website that reaches many people
Show more
2 years ago, Efphotog
New to the service
So far, been pleased with using the app. Have it on my phone and laptop, have podcasts recorded on another package and it’s easy to import them over.
Show more
5 years ago, Recovery coach
Very good
This app makes it so easy to share on different platforms! So grateful for this app. Support isn’t the best, only able to get emails but no real live person. But I haven’t needed too much help, they do make it easy.
Show more
2 years ago, JaycobDalton
This app is awesome!
I’ve never done a pod cast and I thought it was going to be a headache… this app made it so easy that I felt like I was a professional lol. Seriously this is a fantastic program hands down!
Show more
3 years ago, AnthonyChism
love the app
can you please have it so we can add even more sound effects PLEASE ! can you also have it so the links are clickable in the description? i love the mixer you have for the microphone on the mobile version.
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1 year ago, wesman7
I miss the web console function it was so much better
It worked so much better with making a show flow
Show more
4 years ago, Mpyle84
Great App But Won’t Upgrade To Better Pro Plan
Been using the app for almost a dozen episodes under “On-Air Talent” pro plan subscription. Love it. But when I wanted to upgrade to the “Broadcaster” Pro Plan subscription, it will not allow it. Apple subscriptions only allows to cancel and resubscribe to the same old pro plan. What is the deal?!
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