Study Bunny: Focus Timer

4.8 (11.7K)
119.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Justin Patrick Silang
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Study Bunny: Focus Timer

4.79 out of 5
11.7K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Wohooooooo!!
Life Changing
I’ve been using this app for months and it’s life changing. It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to actually sit down and study for hours on end (my highest is about 3 and a half hours total!). Because of this app, i actually have a chance of passing chemistry!! I’ve tried tons of other studying apps before, but they’ve never been able to really keep me for as long as this one, which is probably for a couple of reasons. First of all, studybunny looks like those old adobe flash games which is really really nostalgic for me, so I always want to earn rewards and make my bunny happy. I think the streak is also a really nice touch, it’s made me get on even when I don’t feel like studying for the sake of my streak. Another thing I really really really love is the music options. Between lofi to piano to white noise, it’s helped me focus much more easily, and it’s just not an option a lot of apps provide. Ive been recommending this app to all my friends, and that’s probably not going to stop any time soon. (If anyone from studybunny is reading this then I just wanted to say thank you! I really could not have made it through this school year without this app.)
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3 years ago, Amsicle28
Best study app😻
I’ve been looking for a lot of productivity apps to help me accomplish my goal of learning Japanese. All of them I would sort of try out and then never touch them again. But I love this app! It really motivates me to study every day. I really like how you have a little bunny that you can name and buy stuff for. I think that’s what sets it apart from other study apps. You have a motivation to come back and keep studying so you can get things for your bunny. It is nice how you have to get lots of points to buy something, you really feel like it’s an accomplishment when you do end up getting something. It also has a chart where you can see how many hours you study each day and how long you studied for each session, which is really helpful. I try to study for an hour a day, and the chart really actually helps me see how long I’ve studied instead of just guessing. Also, you can make your own sets of flash cards which is a nice feature. This app is really cute and has really helped me study more and continue to move forward with my goals. I definitely recommend it! 😺
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1 year ago, specking up and standing out
I love it so far
I love the study part wish there was a video or photos the first time you press something for instructions I also wish there was A empty room and you can buy things like a bed, desk, nightstand, etc, to buy so you can make your own room and lock stuff in place and I wish my bunny could move around like habit rabbit I always go to move or shrink my bunny bc I feel like it’s in the way in the middle of the screen and it just waves at me 😔 but my review so far is good I finally figured out the basics but I still had other things to figure out as I studied with it but I’m un-schooled (it’s like homeschooling but without a schedule set for you or topics you have to do) and I have a hard time sitting down and doing school work even if it’s a hobby I enjoy that I’m also learning from I just can focas but taking care of my bunny helps me focas although when I don’t do it on a day it makes me sad being able to turn it off on days like the weekend so if you don’t study on the weekends bc you have a lot of plans and can’t or your going on vacation I think that would be a good idea. (Edit: I found out you can move the bunny around but the more in depth tutorial would be nice)
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2 years ago, Ireland222
Great app. I would recommend this to anyone if ads could really disappear
I am still getting an ad after countdown goes off. I have never minded them but this last one was with sexual content. This is the first time it has happened. Bottom was an old review with three stars and it is now 5 star because they listen to their customers. Wow, thanks so much guys. I love all the updates. I’m so excited to keep using your app. This would be great if my iPad can shut off while timer is going so it doesn’t use battery. Also I study with my iPad at times as well but the timer shuts off when I pull up another app for my study. I would suggest those two fixes. Also all the ads can be very distracting and it goes against the whole purpose of the app helping one study more. I’d say let users gain carrots and coins by how much they study. If ads are how you get paid maybe charge a few dollars a month or a yearly prescription to those who don’t want to see the ads. Maybe make it optional for the user. Just a few suggestions. Love the idea of the app and it’s fun to use but can be frustrating that I can’t pull up my study apps while timer is in process.
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4 years ago, wvyrv
The reason I’m doing well in school again
With our current situation it’s hard to keep track of the amount of time that you study. At least that was the case for me. I can no longer estimate my study time by thinking “oh yeah I was at the library for 2 hours = I studied for 2 hours” so having a timer app is incredibly life changing, but not just any app, the bunny timer app! You get coins the more you study. And you’re able to see exactly how long you studied because it stays recorded. Which is incredibly satisfying. It’s a great incentive. Plus you get to spend your coins on cute items and outfits for your study bunny buddy. It’s amazing. Before using this app I would think that I studied for a long time because I would sit on my desk all day but I wouldn’t be getting any actual work done. My tip with using this app is using the Pomodoro Method. I only study for 25-30 minute intervals and I take short breaks where I do something fun (like grab a snack or watch a funny video). This way I’m able to study more efficiently and for longer times. So yeah this app is one of the best things of 2020. Thank you to the creators!
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2 years ago, Writer Girl 2
Good, but a few things…
Overall, I really enjoy this app. I downloaded it last August, and it really helps me focus when I’m doing schoolwork, and motivates me to do more. However, recently, I’ve been having two problems with the app, and I’m not sure why. One, the language feature. I used to switch it into a different language I was trying to learn (such as Spanish, French, or Chinese) just so my brain could get more exposure to the language, but for whatever reason, it’s been stuck to English lately, and nothing happens when I try to switch. Secondly, for some reason, I can no longer watch ads to earn coins and carrots. Every time I try, it tells me “load ad failed; check your Internet connection” and every time, I am fully connected to the Internet, and can access other apps that require Internet access. I don’t understand why this is happening. I uninstalled the app, redownloaded it, and loaded my save, and could temporarily watch ads again that way, but soon it stopped working again. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but same thing. I have a lot saved up, so this isn’t a big deal yet, but in the future, it might be.
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8 months ago, ADHDriana
Only study app for 3+ years
As a busy undergrad and adult with ADHD this has been the greatest app for me. Its so easy to use, I love that it keeps track of every single minute and you get rewarded for time spent. i love buying things and decorating. On e i run out of money I was really motivated to study more for more little trinkets For classes that need extra hours of work like chem, bio, physics it helped me keep track that i need to study more hours or I was going just fine. I love the pomodor effect. I walk away for 10 mins and I am in another world so the break timer is super useful. During the pandemic when studying felt impossible just doing 5 mins increments then 10 felt so doable Now as an graduate student it helps me keep track of my hours to see which classes i need to balance out with more time. I love that the range is whatever i want, i can put 45 mins. Super useful that each category has a different color. Only thing that drives me crazy is the 24 hour clock instead of having 12hrs AM/PM I gotta calculate in my head or go back and forth to figure what the real time is even editing my study time.
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2 years ago, Kelly Chen 🐰🌈
I really love this app! It motivates me and I’m currently taking online classes right now. I saw it updated and now it added “honesty challenge.” By using honesty challenge, the app will tell me if I’m distracted if I left the app. If I tap no, nothing happen and if I tap yes, the wheel of doom arrives. (Lol, I called it wheel of doom.) Well, it spins by itself and decide your fate, either you lose 1-2 coins or watch an ad. I tested it and lost 2 coins, but it’s okay since I study a lot. Every function in the app is amazing! I love the shop choices and music! I type my assignments on the to-do list and use the flashcards to study. Well, I got nothing for to say about this amazing, motivating app. Keep it up with the updates! I’ll appreciate every update this app brings and I’ll surely update this review every time a big update comes. By the way, I love bunnies, it’s my ultimate favorite animal! Bugs: Power Save Mode - When I turn on power save mode, every time I scroll down or up something, it’s slow. Including, the shop, to-do list, music, or flashcards. - Kelly, a bunny lover 💖
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3 years ago, itz winning
Great app for school!
As a 4.0 student, studying is absolutely necessary for good grades. This app is a very good app for school. It is almost like a game. There are no in app purchases in this app unlike other studying apps. There is just the content which I am very in to. I really like the coin system and how you can buy things to customize your bunny. You set a timer or stop watch for your study time, and you get a certain amount of coins depending on how long you study. You then can use the coins to buy cute accessories for your study bunny. I also like the to-do list feature and the fact that you can check your progress to see what your study hours look like. The flash cards are another useful feature inside the app were you can quiz yourself. The app gets updated often which is very cool too, but when you need to use your phone/tablet while studying, having your device using a timer is annoying. Also, the app does not take up full screen on an iPad, and you can’t use it in landscape mode. Overall the app is very motivational, cute, and great for studying and school.
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10 months ago, good he got
Cute study app
Get this app right now. I normally don’t write reviews, but this app is so good, I don’t have a choice :) Keeping the bunny happy and being able to customize the room, the bunny, the accessories, the music, is just awesome. It motivates me so much! It also includes EVERYTHING you need, including music, timer, a to-do list and even flash cards to help you study! And most of the features are for FREE!This is unlike most other apps, who don’t include as much features, and if they do, make you pay for them :/. It also includes charts and other stuff to help you track, and things like Honest Mode and Challenge Mode to motivate you even more! And most of all, the bunny is literally so fricking ADORABLE!!! Who wouldn’t want to study with such a cute little thing? This is one of my favorite apps, and I just got it recently. If you read this far, thank you, and get it now. It’s a game changer!
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8 months ago, decarali
Sounds and Ads
This is a great concept, and I used it for a couple of weeks. I want to find something similar that incentivizes studying in this way. I am working on my dissertation for my PhD, and I tried this app for the pomodoro technique. Problems. When I have my phone turned on, there are annoying click click sounds. There’s probably a way to turn this off, but I don’t have time to figure out the details. That’s why I would say the app is not user-friendly. I already spent too much time trying to figure out how to purchase it without ads. Again, I think I may have found a way, but I won’t know until I spend the money. The ads are the most frustrating part for me. The ads this app generates are for mega churches and scam offers. That’s the main reason I’m deleting the app. Oh, several glitches when it goes to pause mode. Basically, between the glitches and ads and navigating the features, I spent more time trying to make the app work for me than I did writing. I will keep searching. Study Bunny is close to what I need but doesn’t quite cut it.
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3 years ago, Oof and yeet love Roblox
This got me threw grades
You may think Study Bunny is just a good old basic timer, well… you are incorrect. Study Bunny is an app that allows you to be organized, productive and have a good study session. This app includes free flash cards, task list, music to listen to when studying, and a chart of daily study hours. In addition, this app also has a reward system. Depending on the certain amount of time studying, you will be rewarded with coins when you are finished. You may be wondering what you can use the coins on? Well.. you can use it on a ton. Such as, clothes, accessories, backgrounds, stickers, food, pets, affects, badges and music. This app also includes a bunny. Your bunny is basically the main part of the app. It has moods, and a name (of your choice). Your bunnies mood can go up by you studying/ put on the timer or by eating carrots. Overall, this app is the best app I have ever used for school. It is such a big help and it allows you to be VERY productive. The only downfall I have about this app is that it allows you to go on to different apps while the timer is on. It does have a setting that is called “Honesty Mode” where the bunny asks you if you went on a different app while the timer was on, but it is not automatically on. That is the end of my review! Definitely five stars!!
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4 years ago, mooxx422
best study app ever
I never write reviews for apps but if you’re in school and you procrastinate, have no motivation, and tend to go on your phone a lot you need this app! I never really knew how much I was studying because I would get distracted a lot and now I can MAKE myself study for as long as I want. If i want to study for at least one or two hours before I get a break, then this app helps me do that. With the pandemic and online classes, I am more distracted than normal. I love that you can get cute accessories for your bunny and it actually makes me want to study to buy stuff. I like that it lets you have a to do list so you can specifically work on that during your study time. I like to use the pomodoro method sometimes and this lets me do that manually. I tried other pomodoro timers and I didn’t like how they looked so it didn’t motivate me to study. Try this app you won’t regret it :)
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2 years ago, little gamer girl 1547
Helpful friend
This app is great you get a cute little friend to study with you. You can dress them up and feed them. It has links to peaceful study music and you can set your timer for however long you want and it will automatically go on break afterwards. You can leave the app to and the timer keeps going in case you have to switch apps as a part of your studying. My issue is the fact that you lose coins leaving or pausing the timer you might need to take a bathroom break or get a drink of water but you kinda feel bad about doing that and that’s not healthy. Also you can work consistently for a couple of hours and not earn that much coins or carrots to accessorize your bunny. I hope this was helpful I honestly really like this app but these are suggestions that I personally think would make it better.
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3 years ago, larimar :))
Great app
I got this app when it had around 30 reviews and I wanted to find a study timer that was simple and I enjoyed using. This one is great because it’s super cute and has many features, yet the timer is basic and super simple to set. It tracks the time you study and you can divide it into different classes/activities (which helps me know how long I worked on something). The only thing is that since you’re allowed to get off the app sometimes I become distracted, but at the same time I like it since I have certain things I use to study on my phone. A suggestion would be that if users got off the app lets say for longer than 10 Seconds they would not get the coins ( and have an option to allow you to get off the app if you have certain tasks to do on it) thank you so much for such an amazing app!
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3 years ago, ʟʜʜ
This app is great! I’m learning more and getting lots of As but.
This app is great but I would like to have the prices down for the bunny clothes cause there really high and I’ve have to study all day Long to get them! But other than that this app is amazing! I’m gonna tell my friend mom about it so her kid ( my friend) to study more! This app makes it fun to study and you even get three rewards 1: you get better grades because you study 2: you get a reward like some cool stuff for you bunny! 3: it’s fun! I love this game! This is a high recommended for people who struggle with studding cause they don’t want to. This app is great for school and I love it so much! I don’t have much items for my bunny name: nerdy. Sadly I don’t have lots of items for my bunny because I only get to have time to study like 35 minutes. So my only tweet is to change the prices of the items! But that’s all, have a great year!
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1 year ago, Ahz_785
your app is great and wonderful. the idea and details are so improved during latest updates. but there are a few problems i really appricate to be considered by developer team. 1. the idea for reading itself gives a lot of time and when you do finish your task and you get only 2 or 3 or just a few coins, that's dissssapointing!!! that means you have to read a lot with the app to just get one laptop thing which costs 150 coins....!!!! please make these prices more logical and inspiring. 2. i usually use the app on mac but it consumes lots of lots of cpu and battery my mac keyboard gets hot even when it is running in the background. please consider this too in newer updates. That's it thanks PLEASE KEEP GOING WITH YOUR INCREDIBLE APP UPDATES. :))
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1 year ago, Ahz_785
your app is great and wonderful. the idea and details are so improved during latest updates. but there are a few problems i really appricate to be considered by developer team. 1. the idea for reading itself gives a lot of time and when you do finish your task and you get only 2 or 3 or just a few coins, that's dissssapointing!!! that means you have to read a lot with the app to just get one laptop thing which costs 150 coins....!!!! please make these prices more logical and inspiring. 2. i usually use the app on mac but it consumes lots of lots of cpu and battery my mac keyboard gets hot even when it is running in the background. please consider this too in newer updates. That's it thanks PLEASE KEEP GOING WITH YOUR INCREDIBLE APP UPDATES. :))
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2 weeks ago, marci🤍
So cute and helpful
This helps me be so much more productive because of how many attributes it’s has. When I first got the app it just seemed like a cute study timer but it actually is really helpful! It has a to do list, and little things you can buy with coins from studying. It’s so cute and I love how it makes me want to study. So far I have seen no bugs and the bunny is so cute. The only thing I do not like about it is how you only get i coin when you study sometimes but that might just be the certain you study for your a glitch in my phone but I really do like this game it is so cute and helpful and I hope it gets update for more helpful things. ( I would really like it if there was a calendar on the app )
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1 year ago, Inkling000
Very useful for studying!
I usually never write reviews but after using this app & seeing how useful it is I felt compelled to do so. As someone who is working full time and started recently studying again at a community college, this app really helped me to manage my time effectively & kept my motivated. The rabbit health tracker reminds me to check in, & I love the focus timer as it’s a very neat way to make sure you are actually studying. Even when you press ‘pause’ there is a countdown! I downloaded Habbit Rabbit to try tracking my habits to reach my health & mindfulness goals. Highly recommend for students & those who’ve been out of school for a while & need that additional push to go back into study mode!
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2 years ago, ella ha tran
I love it but I have some suggestions! ♡
This app is so motivational for studying and homework. It’s the only reason I study to be honest. The concept is just adorable but I have some suggestions/ideas for the app 1. task due date I think it would be nice for in the to do list that we can add due dates for some task. It would b rlly useful for assignments and stuff. Also maybe u can get a notification before the task is due. 2. Be able to go out the app without the timer stoping Sometimes I have study bunny on my phone but some of my assignments I have to do on my phone online so I think it would be useful to have an option in the setting to have the timer on even when ur out of the app. 3. Study bunny widget Basically just a cute little widget of ur study bunny with the task on the side and the timer too. So if u go out of the app (by using my last idea) u can still see the timer. I just thought this would b kind of cute lol Well I love the app sm so that’s why my review is so long but thank you for this app idk what I would do without it and also if ur reading this thinking if you should get the app or not get it.
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3 years ago, Diane2001109
Improved My Life
This app is fantastic for studying it gives me the incentive to do homework. I cheat and use it for other things like cleaning and studying French. And I can keep track of all I do because there is a bar chart of what subject you studied. I love the music, I don’t just use it to study, I sleep to it every night. The music says to my brain „work time“ and most of the don’t make me sleep! The Progression of getting coins is slow but I don’t frankly care bc I got all I want for my bunny in 650 coins and I usually buy music with coins. My only problem is sometimes I forget I have the stopwatch on and I see when I wake up I see „get your reward“ but it’s fine bc you can remove coins. I highly recommend this app it has greatly improved my life.
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3 years ago, NovaStar1224
Great app! One minor wish though...
I’ve been using this app for several months now. It helps me keep track of time spent on different subjects and is a really cute motivation to start things. Coin collecting is rather slow when you aren’t using it excessively (1 coin every five minutes, but not two till 15 minutes). However, this doesn’t bug me much. What I would really like to see would be a way to move objects in-front of or behind other objects. It seems like each object is pre-set to a specific layer and it’s frustrating when trying to arrange things (I bought a jacket to go over my bunny’s sweater, but it’s pre-set behind the sweater and so now I can’t use both 😭).
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4 years ago, GummyWorm638
Best app!!!
I can honestly say this is the of the best studying apps that I have used. Everything is completely free! I like how on other studying apps you have to make and account and pay for a subscription and all that crap, but Study Bunny does not! I use this app to make sure I am reading and not just sitting around doing nothing. I feel bad when the bunny happy meter goes to orange so I always make sure to study everyday! The items in the store are definitely expensive, but I like that because then you have things to save up for, and it will take a while to get them so you have to study more! It’s like a game really because you can save up your coins to buy awesome things like backgrounds, small pets, instruments, and even foods! Great app! 📖🐰❤️
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3 years ago, potaetoiii
The only app that has ever worked for me
I don’t usually like to leave ratings but THIS APP IS GODLY. It’s amazing because it’s quite simple of a design but it’s concise and it does the trick, and it’s so great aystssiocisndkdiis. I am currently using all available functions except for the flash cards because I don’t like studying with flash cards personally. Everything from the timer to the customization to the to do list (my favorite feature) is just so useful and fun. The cute design is what initially compelled me to download this app but I just can’t express how good everything isss! Using this app makes my process of studying and time management way more fun so I highly recommend 😌
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3 years ago, Kiinjal Bhargava
🐇 So helpful! 🐰
Study bunny is totally amazing! And I recommend it to those who have problems with procrastination which I have. This app makes me know that I have bunny who’s studying with me and is focusing. Whenever I pause for a break or what so ever reason, there’s always this motivating message that makes me smile and feel more confident! The only problem is that there is no use for the food you buy for your bunny, it doesn’t eat it. You can’t put the bunny to sleep basically interact with it, the only thing you can do is move the book and bunny. So if you could make ur more interactive it’d be a better studying app! Please don’t feel bad from anything negative I said, the game is great overall! ☺️💕🌷✨ I hope this helped! Have a great day! 🌈💕🌷
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3 years ago, girly_gamerr
Good study app!
I love studying with this app! It helps me concentrate and love to study! I was stressed out and I had to study for 3 big tests. I was really worried on the history test. I got this app to help me! I went to school, took the test, and got 100%! The only thing I don’t like is how everything is really expensive, and if I don’t do it for a day my bunny (cinnamon) mood will go all the way down! I understand that several people probably like that, but I’m not a big fan of it! You may do whatever you would like with this app because it’s not mine. But I hope you try to make some sort of update on that part in the future! Thank you for reading this! Stay safe! 😷🧼
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3 years ago, WhiteTiger82
Best study app!
I’ve used a bunch of different study apps and this is by far the best! I love how the bunny studies with you and how you can buy more stuff for your friend by studying, but really all of the little features are so adorable and encourage me to do my work! The only real complaint I have about this app (and it’s not a big one obviously— I gave it 5 stars, after all) is that the music quality for the songs in the app (at least on my phone) is pretty tinny. This doesn’t impede on the main functionality of the app at all— I’m already used to using my own playlists when I study— but it would also be nice if the music in the app had better sound quality so I could listen to it, too.
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3 years ago, SuperStarPianist
Makes Studying Much More Fun
Hello! I am a straight-A’s student who has a very busy schedule. I have been looking for a helpful app to help me with time management for a while now. Surprisingly enough, I soon found Study Bunny! This app sets a timer for your estimate of how long you want to study, and it even has a “pause” action with it! Although I find distractions a way to excuse myself from studying, it really helps having a pause to have a short break! It also adds fun for the fact that you have to ability to customize your bunny, and it’s background! This is an amazing app, and helps me stay on track with my assignments, and continuous study sessions! ✨🤍
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2 years ago, Rating with stars
This app is AMAZING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Let me just start off saying that this app is great. I would have to do my homework or just focus on certain things for school and work and all that. Study Bunny is what i would look forward to. I would look forward to collecting my coins and carrots after studying. I love to set goals on what my next outfit for my bunny will look like then add up all the money and set that as my goal to get to. I also have the app Habit Rabbit and no doubt that it is just as good. If you get Study Bunny I highly recommend also getting Habit Rabbit. They just go together and both help. I give great love and thanks to all the creators of Study Bunny and Habit Rabbit!!!!
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3 months ago, JustaJunior
The app takes a few seconds to load before it opens because of the unity logo, interrupting a seamless study experience. It is a cute timer that motivates me to use it with rewards; however, some of their color pallet es do not match the additional backgrounds you can unlock with coins. There is a variety of music to choose from within the app. I really enjoy the lofi beats mix. Unfortunately, I cannot pause or play the music from my headphones or with shortcuts. You can only do it by directly pressing the pause/play button, but at least it plays when the phone is locked now. Overall, this app is worth your time and I highly recommend that you at least try it.
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3 years ago, love kjhg
From a fellow procrastinator
Sadly I am starting college and have most of them online. Which is hard for me because I am someone that likes to ask questions and get the answer right there and then. Finishing high school online was really difficult especially with not procrastinating which I did often lol. I am still doing it even in college (freshman btw). But I got this app and idk it helps stay focus when studying. I use the 50-10 format which is studying for 50 mins and taking a 10 min break and I’ve gotten so much done. I recommend this app to anyone who is like me I love it! Also it’s so adorable being able to feed a bunny lol.
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2 years ago, study cloud🌿
Amazing! ✨
I love this app so much! When I study, I’m able to set timers and focus well. And when you want to take a break, you can always use the break timer to make sure you don’t procrastinate too much! I also like that there is a motivational study bunny that motivates you to study more! And you can go to the store to accessorize your bunny! What I also really like about this app is that when you are feeling like giving up, if you click the pause button on the study timer, this wise bunny will tell you a motivational quote to keep you feeling great! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good studying app! 🥰🌿
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3 years ago, Rider3885883
Charming & Motivating!
This app does exactly what it’s set out to do, and with charm to boot! I love the little studying animations and calm vibe :) Even though I just started using it today, I gladly spent hours more being productive today just because of this app....and I am so happy for it! 🐰 It helps make me excited to get up tomorrow and do more useful things!😄 I love the ability to create and track tags for different activities! Thanks so much for this gift of an app ☺️ (P.S.- If the creator is reading this, just fyi that if you *happened* to put bunny noses and whiskers as new shop items one day, I’d happily work extra hard to earn those for my bunny! Just sayin’ 😉)
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2 years ago, hdhfhvyvf :)
This is a really good study apps. There’s some bad reviews and i read them and honestly they’re really stupid reasons. Like one was saying it has so many ads and the graphics were like 2004 but it literally only has like the SHORTEST ads and only when you just finished your study session. You don’t even have to do that ad. You only have to watch it if you want double the coins. And yes it doesn’t give you very many coins but if you just study a little bit every day you’ll get a lot. It’s a super good app and it’s so motivational, whenever I finish studying I just want to study more! This app is super great, NO app ever!!!
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3 years ago, Ishtiaq_DMR
Best app I have ever used!!!📔
12 January 2021 is the day I downloaded this app. And the day I downloaded this app I immediately loved it!! I read like 16 books 📖 in a day and finished my homework in 10 to 15 minutes. And every time my bunny 🐰 is sad I start reading or writing ✍🏻. And I saved 60 coins like that. I had the most fun giving the name of my bunny at last I named my bunny Bun Bun. Before I downloaded this app I always forgot when I have started reading or writing and I also forgot how much it has been but this app has changed all those problems. Thank you 😊 so much for reading this review and please download this app.
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2 years ago, meg50011
i STAN this app
this app has really seen it all with me. 20 Credit semesters at college, LSAT predation, job searching and application— the literal works. It has never once let me down. You can put the timer all the way to 3 hours. You can set it up for a pomodoro type vibe. You can customize your friend. I named mine Floof. You can give your friend decor and even their OWN LITTLE FRIEND! This thing is one of the most simple yet aesthetic and effective study tools I have ever come across, and trust when I say I’ve been through QUITE a few. Not anymore, I have found my forever friend and study buddy 🥹 Thank you so much to the dev!!!
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2 years ago, em en
One of my favorite apps EVER
I got an 83 on my social studies test, and I was not proud of it. But, I used Study Bunny and my grades went up with my confidence by their side! Study Bunny is adorable, convenient, helpful, and clever. The makers of this app were obviously VERY smart! My Bunny, Emmy, is always happy and well fed! However, I do have a little concern. I rated this five stars because the concern is very little, but while I’m sleeping, my study bunny isn’t happy. Emmy isn’t at all fed, and her bar is at yellow. If the creators of the app would make a way for you (maybe even Emmy) to go to sleep, I would REALLY appreciate it. Thank you for such a great app, -Emma
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4 years ago, mdvolley21
Awesome app but...
Personally I think this app is super great, cute, aesthetic, and efficient. My only issues with it are as follows. I like to use my iPad to study and I find my phone as a distraction. So when it’s time to study I like to set it up on my iPad rather than my phone. I really wished that it was compatible with the iPad in the sense that it could fill up the whole screen and so it’s not in iPhone format. I also notice that sometimes I use my phone to do to do list, or quick timers during class and it doesn’t transfer to my iPad and I have to do it manually which is a pain and I have lost my data and coins doing this. I’d really love if the app had automatic syncing!
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2 years ago, NikoGaming2005
The app rocks but lacks some features
This app is great for people who want to get motivated by studying. It has many good features, but I want to mention about one feature that could be improved, which is the friends feature. I like the idea of the Friends feature, because your friends can motivate you in studying and you can motivate them as well, but the problem lies on the sole fact that you and your friends can’t see each other in the same room but you can only see the room host, and the host can see everyone. It’s a very minor issue and hopefully you guys will fix it. Thank you for reading.
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3 years ago, LUNCHWARS
Love this app
This app is awesome! I use it every weekday since I’m a home schooler and it helps a lot. I only just started using this app this year and it’s already helping me get done with my school faster. Another thing that I really like is that your can combine items to make it look like something else. For instance, I combined a microphone and a glow stick and made a lightsaber for my bunny. One thing I would like to see added though is if you could attach items to other ones so they move together. But any ways this is a really good app so you should definitely get it, have a nice day
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2 years ago, Duck and sushi 👍
I have a book that I have barley started reading but I had to finish it soon. I saw a video about this app and decided to give it a try. I started my book earlier this week and I am already on page 162!!! This app also motivated me to study and read everyday. You can earn cool things and it makes you feel really good and accomplished when you finish . Today I read for 40 minutes and I have never really done that before but with study bunny it went by so quick and I did not want to put the book down!!! What are you waiting for…..DOWNLOAD THIS APP ASAP
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3 years ago, studious bunny
Good app but needs improvements
I like this app a lot. It motivates me to study so I can afford to splurge on my bunny. However, I’m not sure how long I would use this app given some of the issues. Firstly, there are so many ads. The whole point of this app is to clear distractions, so why include so many ads and then expect people to watch more ads for coins. I get that the app needs money but there are way too many. My biggest concern is that the graphics look like they were made on Microsoft paint circa 2004. If you are going to make us watch ads at least put more money into cosmetic changes. I say this because the appeal of the game comes from buying your bunny items for aesthetics but they look so unskillfully hand drawn. Please consider updating the cosmetics of the app, it has so much potential.
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4 years ago, !dkU+70t!
Wonderful app! But...
I have severe ADHD, and this is the first app that has actually helped me. I love studying with my cute little bunny to keep her happy, change her surroundings, and buy her little gifts. It's basically an adorable productivity game. However, I generally study/take notes/read on my iPad mini. It would be great if the app was actually compatible with my device. Instead, it's formatted for a phone, basically, and doesn't take up the full screen. If that were resolved, I would give the app five stars! Other than that, if you're looking for ways to make productivity easier or more fun, definitely download it. It's customizable, easy to use, and very motivational/cute.
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3 years ago, Devoted Robloxian
the BEST app for neurodivergent students!!!
i have adhd and this app is quite possibly the most helpful study app i have ever used! adhd brains are reward-based, so because this app is set up to be like a game where you have to keep the bunny happy and earn coins and carrots by studying, it turns homework into a game!! and because its also a study app, it really helps me stay accountable because if i lie about how much i studied, i don’t get that dopamine accomplished happy feeling, this app is life changing!! if you have adhd, autism, any kind of learning disability YOU NEED THIS APP because it’s practically designed for your brain!!!
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7 months ago, booboo546
Great app! So helpful!
Hey, if you are reading this, then you need to know that if you have a hard time concentrating on anything like that, then this is the perfect app for you! I can't concentrate easily, so making goals and timers on this app has been really helpful. There is just one problem… if I exit the app, the timer does not stay on and I have to restart it, but other than that this app is amazing and you should definitely download this. It even has a button that can allow you to invite friends who also have the game! Download now!
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3 years ago, Not a Human, a Zoe
Want an Ad Free Version
I love this app! I use it every day, and it’s been very helpful in motivating myself to study. However, it is always very frustrating to me that every time I stop the timer, I get an ad. This seems counterproductive, because the whole point of the app is to help me stay focused on work, and getting ads distracts me from being able to do that. I understand that ad revenue is really important, and genuinely I would be willing to pay to not have to see ads. I use the app enough that I would happily pay a couple dollars for it.
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3 years ago, KawaiiNinja113
I love this app
I totally recomend the study bunny app! It has a super easily accesible interface, cute characters, keeps you focused, and helps you study! I like how you can customize your timers to fit you schedule. I also enjoy getting coins and carrots for you bunny to increase its happiness. I think that if study bunny needed something to improve, i would say that you should earn carrots too by studying instead of having to watch ads for carrots. Overall though, this is an amazing app and i would totally recomend to anybody, whether they have a hard time focusing or not. Great job to the developer! Thanks so much.
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3 years ago, 1l0veav0cad0s
Super Helpful
When I study I always get really distracted. I have a lot of different classes this year with lots to study. At the beginning of the year I would spend hours studying only a couple pages of things. When I got this app I studied a whole bunch of material in 30 minutes. Then I got a break so that my mind was refreshed. This app helped my grades go up and helped me stay focused. I also love that it’s a bunny study buddy, and that you can customize it. You can also make flash cards and to do lists. This is one of the best apps I ever got.
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2 years ago, lilian / リリアン
I love it!!
I just got this app a few days ago and it has already turned my life around. Something about all of the features this app has really made me motivated to study. Seeing my progress with the color-coordinated graph and room decor is really encouraging. I also love the stopwatch and flashcard functions. I’ve tried other apps before but none of them ever helped me stay on track like this one has. I highly recommend Study Bunny if you have trouble getting yourself to study, especially for long periods of time.
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