Style DNA: Fashion AI Stylist

4.3 (4K)
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Current version
AI Style by DNA S.L.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Style DNA: Fashion AI Stylist

4.28 out of 5
4K Ratings
5 months ago, AmelieAmourette
Keep the vision alive! This app has potential.
I can’t wait to see the improvements that the app developers will implement in the future! Because I plan on using this app for a while! Especially since I have invested time to take a photo of every item in my wardrobe! 😅 The idea and vision is there - just not quiet well executed. Here are some features that could use work: 1. [I want to exclude]: This feature doesn’t seem to work at all. I don’t wear pants (shorts, jeans, etc.) regularly, but, even having pants checked off, I get most suggestions with PANTS 😂 2. Would be nice if there was a way to delete the outfit suggestions that we don’t like. 3. The Style Type is such a cool concept! I was excited about it (which is why I subscribed to premium). My personal style matches the “Vibrant” type - but none of my suggested outfits really match the style at all. Like, if my style type asks for a more “elongated silhouette with mandatory emphasis on a waist”, then why does AI keeps giving me all these baggy t-shirt and baggy pants outfit suggestions? Anyway, these are only suggestions. I like the app, and can’t wait to see what it will become!
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1 year ago, sophiart16
A good start?
This is getting an additional star for the exciting vision, at least what I gather is the vision for this app. However, the execution is sadly lacking to the point where this is not currently useful. A minimum set of features would include more/better shopping filters and the ability to correct what the AI gets wrong (e.g., several casual day dresses I own were cataloged as cocktail dresses). While I’m aware that my personal color is rather unique — very difficult to “fit in” any category for really any system I’ve tried — the AI seemed to want to place me either in bright winter or true summer, two very different palettes and both not quite right. (I ended up choosing cold winter). Finally, using only facial features is not comprehensive enough to Dwyn Larson’s personal style system, and the little quiz to refine it was also too short/constrained. Also, the examples to look at when choosing manually only included photos of three white women (thin young celebrities at that) each. Finally, the selection of clothing items is extremely limited for women plus-sized items. There were only a handful available by each category and they were all black with some navy and a couple of eggplant colored pieces. This app has a serious diversity issue. Disappointing.
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1 year ago, EGMfan303
Addicting and informative
This has been super informative so far! I’m embarrassed at how my current wardrobe barely has any of the colors in the palette the app identified for me, but when I pulled out a cardigan in my palette for a job interview and looked in the mirror, I was actually shocked at how my skin, hair, and eyes were glowing. The AI nailed it!! I think I’m starting to develop an “eye” for what works for me and what doesn’t, and that’s really exciting. I typically hate shopping for myself but this app has made it fun!! I love that it identifies when items are on sale and that there are a wide range of price points and sizes. I have yet to add my wardrobe but I’ve purchased a few things for myself already and I’m excited to start a wardrobe journey that finally makes me feel confident. My only suggestion for improvement would be a sorting feature so that perhaps you could sort items by price, new additions, etc. but without the sorting feature, I’m still enjoying it because it’s encouraging me to consider items I ordinarily wouldn’t. Love this so much!!
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5 months ago, DCarter23103
New User—Good but not Great
I like the concept of this app but it still has a ways to go. From a color perspective, it typed me as a bright spring but I have had a professional color analysis done and I’m actually a True Spring, which means I have warmer colors I can choose from. The AI constantly suggests outfits with stark white tops. White is actually not an optimal color for any of the Spring seasons—-our neutral, light colors are ivory/cream. So I would love to be able to change my season in the app and have the AI recognize the change and stop suggesting white tops. I’m a plus size woman and your AI does a terrible job suggesting outfits for women like me. I have yet to find a suggested outfit or article of clothing that is actually available in a plus size. Maybe the store carries some plus sizes (usually not) but most of the suggested items are sized XS or S. This is too bad because 1. It’s frustrating as a consumer and 2. I have the large clothing budget but I can’t spend it on the items presented. Last but not least, I would love to be able to build my own outfits using items from my wardrobe. I know how to change items that the AI suggests but haven’t yet seen a way to build an outfit from scratch or add an additional item to an AI-generated outfit. If the areas above were fixed, this would be an awesome app! Do you have any of these items on your roadmap?
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1 month ago, KatieH20
I really wanted to use this app to have a catalog of all of my clothes that I could mix and match without having to try everything on. I kept trying to swap out the auto-generated items in the outfits, but it would swap out an item other than the one I clicked on! Happened multiple times, very frustrating. And the AI itself is still a little off - why have an outfit with 2 different shoes, or a dress and pants, or no pants at all?? I get that it’s going to be wrong sometimes, but at least have the option to manually overwrite it! AI doesn’t always know best. I also would like the option to put outfits together on my own, but the functionality just isn’t there. This was a lot to pay for an app that I probably won’t use beyond today, and I’m super bummed. Yeah, there might be another app that has that functionality, but I already paid for this one. It took me a long time to take photos of all of my clothes, and I really don’t want to do it again 😓
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2 years ago, puffymo
Some issues to address
The concept for the app is excellent and I really enjoy searching for items by color and style. However, the color palette scanner and style profile leave a lot to be desired. For the auto palette scanner, my first scan mis identified my eye color (something I wasn’t able to manually adjust). When I scanned again, my correct eye color was identified but my skin tone and hair color were labeled with it as well?! Now I have two palette profiles with varying incorrect information that I cant manually adjust or merge. To top it off - this is my issue with the style profile as well - I only get one more chance to ‘get it right’. Why would scans need to be capped for paying users? Even if your model had excellent detection, this scan cap leaves a lot to be desired. If i dye my hair in the future, or am interested in exploring a different style, I wouldn’t be able to do it with this app as it is now.
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1 year ago, dgillen
Simply Amazing
I've had expensive professional color and style analysis done, and tried this out just to see if the results would line up. Surprisingly they did, and the fact that you also provide links to clothes that would be best for me is amazing! I initially paid for a trial period membership, but quickly upgraded to a year. It's a great value for what you get. A huge time saver - instead of looking through different stores & websites for something that might be a good match for me, unlimited complete outfits are instantly available for me to browse on the app. And I love that I can just click from the app, but, and add to my "wardrobe" section of the app. Brilliant. I'm in love. Thanks so much.
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4 years ago, Asdffhjiitcf
Awful message
I love that you have to provide so many specific details. I really enjoyed the color analysis of my complexion, along with recommended palettes. I agree with the other review that the stores referenced are ones I have no access to. I was rather taken aback by the analysis of my figure. After entering my measurements, I read each description. Most of them started with a paragraph telling me I was at a disadvantage, had a flaw, or could overcome some disproportion just like a celebrity did. What the hell? Who said there is one standard of beauty that women need to live up to? And that if I don’t meet those measurements I am somehow flawed?! This is an awful, shameful message to send to females. There are plenty of ways for us to learn to dress our bodies. Clothes ought to work for us, but not “fix” us. Shame on the developers for using such disparaging language and sending such a cruel message. I have received fashion advice from others in the past—none of which have shamed me so.
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10 months ago, thehayster
Decent Color Matching / Style Matching, Not so great AI Recognition for Clothes
This app matched my color correctly and convinced me of my classic/romantic style, but the AI for taking photos of your existing clothes is off. I hand picked various clothing items I knew matched my colors perfectly. It told me 2 of 10 test items were a color match. I tried one dress I knew should have ticked off every one of their criteria and it only picked up fabric and pattern both on me and on a hanger. Additionally, it seldom recommended to me clothes I would actually wear. If I agree with you on my style, that shouldn’t happen! I’d say if you want your colors done and your style detected, have at it but I’ve had free websites do it and it was the same result. The other features they’re trying to sell to you are lacking finesse at this time.
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2 days ago, CVMarquis
Very disappointing
I am updating my review to say that my issue has been sorted. Now I’m just getting used to navigating the app but so far I love the features. I hope the customer service link is sorted because this review would not have been posted if I the link worked. Thanks for resolving my issue and responding. ***I paid for the premium plan online when I was promoted but it is not syncing with the app. The app shows me as free and I’m unable to use any of the features and response to my query seems slow. Clicking the contact in the email and on this app information gives a 404 error which is really frustrating. I was excited for this and now it seems I have just lost my money.
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1 year ago, bitmojifreak
I downloaded this app with the hope that it could tell me what colors look best with my skin tone. And. Well. Apparently the colors I love the most of what I should be wearing just based on my skin tone etc. so instead of feeling like I should be wearing all the colors now I know I can wear all the colors but in my palette range. I know exactly what I'm doing when I'm shopping instead of being so random. Only that they assemble outfits that are super cute ! So. All to say, I am a fan and this is a godsend. thank you smart person who thought of this and actually took the time to put this app together for we don't have the ability to do it on our own! Dr. Stylist, thank you.
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12 months ago, Over the Lecturing
It’s a neat app, but far from perfect
I gave this app try hoping it would help connect me with compatible clothing. I’m a hard Kibbe type to style (FG) so I’m always looking for stores that sell petite sizes with lots of patterns/details. I was surprised at how well the app correctly predicted my body type. It got my color season wrong, but not far off, and the lighting in my selfie wasn’t the best ever so it’s understandable. But when it popped up the clothing recs, very few of the outfits were FG lines. As far as I can tell, the app populates outfit recs in your color season only, it doesn’t take body type into account. I did not end up finding any clothing I liked though the app as a result. I do like the feature where you can find garments by color, though. I can see myself using that in the future.
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2 months ago, PinkStrawberriesB
Great app, has so much potential for more
The app is good at picking your color palette and style. The shopping capabilities are really great. The outfits presented to buy are good, but very expensive. There’s no option to fix miscategorized clothing by the AI of your wardrobe. It mysteriously filters out specific clothing items that still have store tags from being used in outfit options. You cannot make your own outfit from your wardrobe. It makes real life shopping different as you can take a photo of what you want to purchase and ask the AI if it is a match. Sometimes the outfits can be strange due to AI miscategorizing the item. Overall, I really like the app.
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1 year ago, its_mia_yall
Lots of issues
The app won’t let you search for clothing items anywhere. It won’t work with my specific style at all. It’s giving me very mixed messages on my color palette with and without a white piece of paper. Not inclusive to all body types. Pictures of clothing items need the flash since they appear much darker in the picture than irl. All the outfits are too formal. Brands that are offered in shop by store aren’t offered in the catalog. Unless your color palette is obvious (which you can find out easily online), the app is useless and a waste of money. They also force you to get a subscription to even use the app and there is no trial faze. Both options are extremely expensive. It won’t generate a ton of outfit options. The app won’t allow you to apply filters anywhere when looking for clothing. Decent concept but not thought out or developed at all.
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1 year ago, DisabledAndCute
Not accessible and doesn’t do it’s job well
I think the makers of this app are under the assumption that everyone can still see without glasses. Bad assumption. For some us, glasses are necessary and not fashion accessories. For both their fast and more in-depth photos they insist you take your glasses off, but flash all manner of instructions when you don’t get it right, not leaving it up long enough for you to see it after you’ve gotten your glasses back on. After about 20 photos it finally liked two of mine in the enhanced (both with my making horrible faces trying to get my eyes wide enough that it liked it) and after all of that rigamorole, I’m pretty sure it’s color profile on my is pretty messed up since the app thinks I have grey eyes when in fact, they are clearly blue. Which basically means I can’t trust any of its advice from the getgo. I would like my money back. If you can see without glasses, you’ll probably be okay? If not, I’d skip. It also doesn’t seem to like attempts to do the photos seated (or didn’t on me) and doesn’t take into account folks who may need to sit to do these due to orthostatic intolerance/POTS/dysautonomia. It’s 2023. You might all start thinking more about accessibility please. At least for now, it’s the law, not an option.
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10 months ago, Shanfart
Useful for this beginner of intentionally curating her appearance
I’m not someone who thinks a lot about clothes and at 37, I’m not absorbing culture like I used to. I’m using this app in a minimal effort to learn about styling myself. I’ve been on it for about an hour and am enjoying learning via an interface that can take some individualized details into consideration, most impressively, the technology that gathers information from a face photo. In the free version, this app has provided recommendations for colors and style as well as an explanation for those recommendations. For where I’m at in investigating how to intentionally curate my appearance, this app has been a great tool.
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3 years ago, Alksinger
Great idea, but seems to have flaws
I think this is a great app idea, but I’m a little confused on some of the ways it analyzed my figure when I inputted my measurements. It says I have a small bust and small hips, but I am a J cup bra size and like a 12-14 in pants due to my hip size, so these descriptors are not accurate at all for me. Not sure how the AI analyzes measurements, but it clearly needs some calibration. However it is a great idea! It’s hard to make these judgments about ourselves so having an app that can tell us objectively is nice. One other complaint is that the recommended clothes are way out of my budget, even though I checked off the cheapest option ($ instead of $$, $$$, or $$$$). The options displayed are hundreds of dollars, not sure how that’s considered cheap.
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1 year ago, zero to hundred
App Needs development
I was excited about this, but it just didn’t work well. Love the concept. I have medium olive skin, so the app decided I’m Autumn. If I wear green, I look green. Warm colors really make me look seriously ill. I hoped the app would tell me if I’m clear, bright or deep winter. I manually set to Winter that a professional selected for me years ago. I liked that the app selected my “neutrals” from my skin, hair and eye colors. I like being able to shop by color. Most items were super expensive and not my style. The clothes were very “music video” style and I’m a business professional in my late 50s. The outfits didn’t go together weather-wise. There would be cute shorts and sandals with a thick sweater and parka. I may try this again after more AI development.
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1 year ago, Naniki29
Good app needs some adjustments
Hi I find this app to be very useful for shopping within my color season. The issues i have with it are the color pallets for each color season are very limiting and do not include neutrals appropriate for that season. Like the light spring color season absolutely includes purples and reds and pinks that are warm and light meeting the characteristics of that color season, but these are left off of the color palette of ‘light spring’ in the app. Same with neutrals, light springs can wear soft olive, cognac and tawny. And yet there are no neutrals in the color palette. Id like to build a wardrobe not just have pops of color. Lastly, when looking at a color palette and selecting a color the app shows you shopping options for that color but does not allow you to filter down the search to certain stores or price points. Products shown are too expensive, if it is desired for this app to have a wider reach, people who wouldn’t pay more than $25 for a shirt need to be represented better. I would never pay a lot of the prices I see. The everyday person is not looking for $300 designer tops. Hope this feedback helps, thank you!
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1 year ago, kkanester
Interesting technology but they’re only shilling for clothing brands
Subscribed to this by accident yesterday, so I started playing with it today. The color analysis provided is a little suspect but I will continue to keep an open mind. HOWEVER, the whole point of this app is apparently to sell clothing and accessories. Again, disappointing but I guess it’s fair game if all they want to do is make money from affiliates versus focusing on the stated purpose of the app. But at least pay attention to my profile requests: I asked for NO fast fashion recommendations and yet the first brands offered up practically *define* fast fashion: Zara, H&M, Old Navy… And secondly, I’m 61, not 27. Not only the brands but the promoted cropped tops and cutout dresses are laughable for someone my age (who isn’t trying to relive their youth or spending times in clubs.) Disappointed.
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9 months ago, blackizthesoul
The first time using the app it guessed my body type AND seasonal color palette correctly! i thought that was really impressive. I love the feature where you can take a picture of an item to see if it suits your body and color palette! it's so useful BUT a little inaccurate sometimes, I've taken pictures of things that were DEFINITELY in my color palette, but it said it wasn't, but as long as I know it's my color it doesn't really matter, but I still think it could be a little more accurate. I'm using the free version and honestly don't feel the need to upgrade, it's great how it is!
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1 year ago, klasserre
It’s interesting
I think it needs better details for measurements. The app asks you to measure your arm width under your arm but the picture indicates the elbow. It also asks you to measure your leg length, not inseam, at an undetermined hip starting point. I think it should use the measurements to nudge people to choose the right body shape instead of asking for the user to pick one. I’m petite with a short waist. Somewhat hourglass but with smaller bust so I had a hard time choosing the right shape myself. Also, I feel the 45+ age group is too inclusive. I’m 51 but don’t dress like my grandmother.
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2 years ago, Spacekittee
Great idea but doesn't work
I just downloaded and then immediately removed from my phone after trying it. I tried both taking a selfie as they suggested, and then again, with a white piece of paper. The color recommendations were totally inappropriate for my coloring. The AI couldn't detect my actually eye color/hair color/or skin color, and there should be a manual input option for these. Furthermore, the style test is a joke. They don't ask any pertinent questions about what your aesthetic is, (for instance, I hate prints 99.9% of the time and like minimalist fashion with clean lines, which is on trends right now, and yet, not an option) or if there are colors you gravitate towards. The recommendations were a hodge-podge of styles, rather than having any sense of being curated for me, even after I took their quiz. It was a colossal waste of $20 and I'm bitter 😕
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3 months ago, feduphaygirl
Scam!! Not worth one star.
This is a scam. I’m out $69 and for nothing but being an idiot and going against my better judgement. I am really upset Facebook allows these con companies which after going down the rabbit hole there’s multiple. It all starts with the quiz and then you’re signed up for some subscription you don’t want or need and I’ve been redirected to three different app sites, Lumi, Style me now, title: outfits from stylists when trying to figure out how to cancel. I’m hoping that by canceling at PayPal I will not have anymore charges because this could drain my entire account. This should not be allowed and I see a lot of their adds aimed towards older people which is very concerning. Please don’t be an idiot like me, but unfortunately I didn’t think to leave ok at reviews until it was too late.
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4 months ago, jessielight1983
Don’t bother
I would implore you not to waste your money. I have never once been complimented in the color scheme they claimed was for me. I never wear pastels, they completely wash me out. They gave me a “sophisticated” style suggestion, which I’m so casual as a mom of 3 and would never wear these couture angled outfits with heels everyday. I also toyed around and selected different styles because you can manually do that - and with color palettes! And I got the same beige outfit in almost every category, even when I chose “playful” as my style category. It was a total waste of the $15 subscription I chose, and the add-on for another $15 revealed nothing. I could think of so many other things to spend $30 on. Oh! And I chose stores on the less expensive side but continuously suggested $1,000 sweaters lol. What a joke.
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1 year ago, Volleyball65839
High hopes
This app seemed like it was the solution to all my fashion problems. Although, once I tried adding clothes to my wardrobe I was so frustrated I knew I wouldn’t use it again and deleted the app. The AI crop tool does not work well and you cannot edit the image afterwards. When I was unsatisfied with the image and tried to return to the previous page, it rerouted me back to the start page. It’d be nice to be able to cycle back through the screens and not have to restart each time. I also tried entering information (description, brand, etc.) and it kept glitching/changing my information. Good idea but the app needs some back end work.
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1 year ago, Ghostofbumpiespast
Just meh
I think the app has a lot of potential but it’s just not there yet. I’m almost 40 and work in a conservative field (think business formal). I wish there was more of a way to insert your taste and preferences into the recommendations because everything it’s recommending for me looks like my 9 year old dressed me for the club. Actually, she would probably do a better job than this app. The pictures I took of my wardrobe came out much darker than they are in person and the recommendations don’t make a ton of sense. As other users have pointed out, a lot of the stores are inaccessible, but I did appreciate that I could manually enter my color season when the app got it wrong. I don’t know how they sourced their stores and brands, but I didn’t recognize most of them and several that I do regularly engage with weren’t listed. Do I wish there had been a trial period before plunking down money? Yes. I guess I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to work on the app during the commitment period.
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8 months ago, sleepnumberachiever
My go to Stylist
This app is incredible, especially for those looking to understand how to level up their style with their current wardrobe or who may need to upgrade a few pieces. This app is easy to use and provides real time feedback that gives you the confidence to shine in all your activities: work, weekend, everyday, and party! This app helps you stay focused when shopping and provides guidance for all styling questions. Its a total game changer and my go to Stylist! I highly recommend.
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1 year ago, 110011100021100011100012120001
Essential shopping app
This app is one of my most used apps. I love how informative it is and you get a wide variety of clothes based on your color and style type. I recommend it to all my friends. It’s a paid app which as a college student isn’t my favorite part, but for how much information you get and how frequently the app is updated, my wallet will have to accept it lol. I wish I could recommend it to men because I think they’d find this app very useful and it would widen their target audience.
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1 year ago, jewelvan96
Love it
I don’t understand why folks call this a cash grab when it’s literally meant to help you shop. I truly believe in shapes and colors complimenting our bodies rather than trying to fit our bodies into trends. This app helps open my eyes to possibilities that work specifically for me. How cool is that!?! It’s early days and I know some little bugs will get improved but even as it is now I’m really happy to have this as a digital shopping pal in a sea of sooo many fashion options. Well worth it if you want to look your best without getting overwhelmed.
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1 year ago, 6 stars for blue letter bible
Nice concept, misleading subscription
This app is a good idea, but the subscription options are misleading. First of all, it doesn’t display all the options for subscriptions when it pressures you to purchase one. Secondly, when it shows you the weekly price, it makes it seem like they will charge you weekly but then charges you by the year. This happened to me, and I was charged $42 that was taken out of my bank account within minutes and I could not see how to cancel or get a refund. If the developers see this, I would like for the app to be more clear about its intentions with purchasing subscriptions, and I would also like a refund.
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10 months ago, Mermaid_Mama
Wrong analysis (updated review)
I am a winter, yet this app tells me I’m a cool summer. I know 100% that I’m a winter. I didn’t need this app for analysis purposes, just thought I would check it out to see what features it offers, but it can’t even get my analysis right. Also, I was in my sunroom with nothing but great natural lighting and I did the analysis over and over again with it being consistently wrong. So no excuses. Update: they reached out and corrected it!! 5 stars for great customer service!!
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4 years ago, Double Letter Lady
Great for color, but...
First of all, i really love the concept of the app. It told me my season in less than 30 seconds after trying to diy it for years and not being satisfied. I also live the idea of linking shopping sites to the app so that I can shop directly from their filters. It would be super helpful. However the shopping feature is useless because it’s not at stores I would actually shop at and it’s not in my currency. Also the style guide just froze up without ever giving me a result. Bummer. I do love the concept, might reinstall if it is updated.
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12 months ago, MetaModa
Useful, needs refinement
Incredibly helpful tool for determining body type and color pallets. There are some bugs though - Work, party, etc filters on the outfits page don’t work, UI to tell which filter is selected isn’t obvious enough (Need something more then text color change) Also, when adding outfit element exclusions (no dresses, for example), allow immediate regeneration of outfits. Currently it only does it once per day.
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10 months ago, QueenBee00
Inaccurate color analysis, and the outfits are laughable
I received 2 different color analyses in this app, and both are contradictions of each other. The outfit recommendations are extremely tacky…not classy, trendy, or fashionable. Just, tacky. The individual piece recommendations are about 2 for 20. Out of every 20 recommendations, 2 might be tolerable. The app makes you pay before receiving your results, and they only show you 3 pricing options, all of which you have to pay several months at a time, but in the subscription portion of my Apple profile it appears as though there’s a monthly option as well…except you can’t find that option in the app itself. It feels like a scam.
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10 months ago, Kcarman
I came across this company through an ad on Pinterest. In a web browser thru the ad, it had me step through the assessment, create an account, and pay for the membership before seeing the results. It then told me to download the app. In the app, there was no place to login. The only option was to step thru the assessment and pay again. So essentially I paid for nothing. I’ve reached out multiple times and nothing has been resolved in over a week now. Extremely disappointed. I saw other ppl have this issue through their ads, so it’s either an oversight on the company’s side or an easy way to cheat people out of their money. Beware y’all!
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1 year ago, emmaria23
Technology needs to be improved
I really love this idea as I’ve been struggling with my color palette for so long, but I tried out the AI stylist and have some confusion over what is a match vs what isn’t a match. I used a screenshot from a website because I really liked a gym set (top and shorts) and the AI told me the bottoms were a perfect match but the top wasn’t a match because it wasn’t the right color for me. It was a matching set, the tops and bottoms were the exact same color… I experimented more with different sets and I keep getting the same results. The bottoms are always perfect, but the top isn’t. It makes no sense to me. I also wish gym fits were its own category because the app keeps recommending I wear biker shorts with a blouse and blazer, which is just odd. Overall I think there is value to this app, the AI technology just needs to be perfected and from the sound of other reviews, also needs to be more inclusive!
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1 year ago, Funsize/Trey
Great app, very easy to use, just one problem…
There are no options for men. It makes me sad to know that as a man I’m unable to use an app like this that would definitely be used to help me style myself, and future outfits. But I am unable to use half of the app because it is focused on only women’s clothing. Even when given the option to choose a body type, there are no men’s body types. It seems as if men weren’t a part of the equation when creating the app, but I feel like with a few tweaks, you are opening yourself up to be able to be used by the other 50% of the planet. Just a thought.
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2 years ago, Weppter Fyters
Recommend this app
I was undecided for such a long time. I put it off and thought it was a boring and stupid process on my phone. But when I caved, I was really happy with it. Every day I see new look ideas, which saves time in the morning. What’s more, I can see 5-6 ways to wear each piece in my wardrobe. It’s like I have 10x the amount of things to wear now. And shopping is fun. I’ve never felt so relaxed when shopping. I’m insanely grateful
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1 year ago, AlexPlotnik
Bright Spring gang
This app is an absolute game changer. I never would have gone to a “seasonal analyst” on my own but the app’s AI is a fine substitute. I used to think I was a “dark autumn,” mostly because of my warm, high-contrast coloring and because I liked the colors/vibe. Finding out I’m actually a “bright spring” lead me to the purchase of my first-ever bright pink lipstick, quickly followed by the application of fuchsia nail polish. Like I said, total game changer. I’m going to embrace the bright!
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9 months ago, Cabinfever8273829
Not worth the money
It was interesting getting my color season and palette acording to my photo. I feel like it is pretty accurate if you do your selfie the way it specificifies. Thats where is ends for me. They rest was not useful at all for me. When I entered my measurements the app came back with comments about my body shape that were not exactly kind or even accurate honestly. Doesnt exactly make me feel like continuing with the process. Also there is a pretty narrow style preference, none fit my personal style. Very few of the clothing suggestions were my taste. Sad to say I would not recommend.
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1 year ago, its all aesthetics
I paid for the full version, got a new phone and can’t access full version anymore
I got my new phone and found out there’s no way to sign into my account. So I paid all that money and now can’t sign into it. The app itself isn’t super worth paying for anyway, the free version is just about the same as the paid one, so don’t pay the money. If I could, I’d go back and not pay for the full version at all and just use the free version. They kind of trick you when you first download the app at the beginning, making it seem like you HAVE to pay for it but it’s basically the same if you just reject the payment screen.
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9 months ago, deborahpib
This app doesn’t really help you with your current Wardrobe
This app is about selling your new products it is not about helping you figure out your current wardrobe it is very and user-friendly for your current stuff and basically just says nothing you own matches your style at all and then only submits ideas for you to spend money with a very limited number of stores. The concept would be good if it wasn’t about just making you spend even more money on clothes when you already have a large wardrobe you’re trying to whittle down first
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12 months ago, Alicia Monee' Daniels
I don’t know if there’s a glitch but I’ve read and watched videos on this and I’m a colorist (hair)by trade, but this app is telling me the opposite of everything I’ve read and know about myself. I have tan skin green veins chocolate brown eyes but it’s calling me a winter. I tan easily I look best in gold I believe I should be an autumn but I know for a fact I have to be either that or spring. I tried another app and I’m deep autumn there so I guess this one just isn’t gonna do it for me, it’s disappointing because the other features seem really useful.
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1 year ago, alaina_b21
Only good for color therapy
I like the color theory of the app & that’s about it. It asks about body measurements to help figure out an “ideal” style but really nothing about what you actually like. Between these 4 print styles, which do you like best. Between these 4 white shirts, which do you like best. So it doesn’t actually study what types of clothing you like & then how to find pieces/cuts/style that would flatter your body. For example, my results were gambine style, which feels preppy with slight undertones of soft grunge. So this isn’t really my actual taste.
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1 year ago, Ssededx ddrrddd sseerd.
This app has very bad taste
I can’t really put my finger on what it is about this app but it goes against all basic fashion laws. The color palette it assigned to me did not suit my skin tone at all. I have an olive skin tone and it was recommending me things that didn’t flatter it whatsoever. I also have an hourglass body shape and they recommended me blouses with frilled sleeves and boxy cuts? This isn’t flattering for hourglass shapes. And they paired a red floral print sundress with a bright purple blazer and green heels, and a different floral print bag. Another design was with a comme des garcons cardigan suited for fall weather.. with a sundress?? No way. I think the ai needs some more work before they reccomend these outfits to people.
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1 year ago, yymemerr
App seems cool but pricing is deceptive.
The price is listed with the monthly amount in BOLD with the yearly price next to it, not in bold, which leads you to think that you’re going to be charged the monthly amount. However as soon as I hit subscribe, I was charged the full $41. I can’t afford this! The app needs to make this more clear - I’m happy to pay for things but the way it was laid out seems purposefully deceptive. I would not have bought this if I knew I’d be charged the full amount. Why even list the monthly price at all? It’s irrelevant.
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3 months ago, 9765Beth
Total Waste of Money
I was so disappointed with this app. I followed the instructions exactly while submitting my selfie and was first declared to be a Summer. Out of curiosity, about an hour later, I decided to try again. I did not change my makeup or hair, and stood in the exact same spot in front of the window. Now, I was suddenly a Winter. And the information you receive about your seasons, even after paying for the extra report, is minimal at best. I feel so stupid for wasting my money on this worthless app. I contacted the app developers to explain my problem, but never received a response. Beware.
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6 days ago, thebrownbyrd
Shady pricing
CONSUMER BEWARE. I’ve been trying to upgrade my closet and wear colors closest to my color season. I was excited when I found this app because it was advertised as showing you your color palate and helping you find clothing that compliments that. I was hesitant to purchase a premium plan but decided to splurge, I felt that finding my color palate would be worth it. Come to find out your full color palate is hidden behind yet another paywall. I’m super disappointed as this app is essentially useless to me now. I wish I never would have purchased the premium plan. HOW IS IT PREMIUM IF YOU ONLY GET ACCESS TO BASIC FEATURES??
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11 months ago, ChesieCheese
Great idea, poor execution
TL;DR: This isn’t worth the money or time it takes to set up. I downloaded this app shortly after I did a professional color analysis. I gave the AI three chances and not once did I get the right result. It also did not give the same result each time, proving that the app is the issue. But I’d paid for it so I went ahead and snapped pictures of my wardrobe anyway, thinking it would at least be a good styling tool. And it’s not. Even when I filter on my wardrobe, each outfit suggestion uses only ONE piece I already own. And most of the other filters don’t work at all. I’m also getting fewer and fewer suggestions per day: started at 5-8, now I’m down to two. Poor color analysis aside, I’d love this app if it styled outfits using mostly or exclusively items in my wardrobe. I’d be more inclined to shop its suggestions then, too, because I’d be spending more time using it. As it is, I’m annoyed I spent the money.
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