StyleSeat - Salon Appointments

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StyleSeat, Inc.
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for StyleSeat - Salon Appointments

4.92 out of 5
259.6K Ratings
3 years ago, hair by bre
I love StyleSeat
I’ve read some of the comments and some are bad but imma say this try it out for yourself don’t let me or the rest of use make that decision for you you must experience it for your self imma also say this if $35 a month is too much for you this this isn’t the app for you $35 is nothing compared to-the-Unnecessary things that we spend on a daily $35 to make an investment in your business is nothing $35 a month put me at $60,000 a year within three years in revenue and that’s with out me fully Marketing myself I’ve been using StyleSeat since 2018 and its like my back bone I can’t see myself running a successful business without it and honestly they have to make up dates they have to improve themselves as we do as a business who wants to be in the same position they was in last year don’t you up grade your business how can u expect them not to they have to learn new ways to market us ❤️ but again that’s jus me and my experience I love it here ❤️🙏🏽❤️
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3 years ago, Liftedstrandsbymorcia
Not Business Friendly
I have been using StyleSeat for eight years!! The honeymoon years were great when there was no monthly fee and my clients weren’t charged to booked. After the monthly fee for stylists was set everything about the quality seemed to change. My issue isn’t the monthly fee but it seemed to give StyleSeat a false sense of permission to control my appointments. I’m aware that there is a commission based type booking option but why would I pay StyleSeat for the work I do. Especially if I’m not getting business friendly performance from it. I’ve tried adjusting the premium pricing but it keeps resurfacing. I’ve turned off the auto-checkout and my clients have also but it is still set when my clients book. And it can’t be removed. I don’t accept normally payments thru StyleSeat because there’s another 3% fee on top of the monthly fee I pay and the $1 for booking that my clients pay. But the auto-checkout forces me to accept payment thru StyleSeat and receive a payout minus their cut. And at least 5 times out of the week I try to access my calendar and I literally get a blank screen for extended periods of time. Sometimes i cannot even tell my client what their total is because I’m looking at a blank white screen! I’ve tried resetting the app and I even bought a new phone. I’m at my wits end and ready to switch to another booking application. This app slows me down in checking out clients and it makes me look unprofessional and unorganized in front of my clients.
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5 years ago, Desty130
I have been using this app for at least 6+ years. In the beginning clients along with myself loved the app! It was so user friendly and helped out a lot. As the years have gone by- especially once they started charging a high monthly fee of $35- the glitches started and constant updating. Now they have a feature where clients HAVE to put in a credit card in order to book. In the past this was always an option and the stylist had control to keep it on or not. I am finding this very frustrating & clients cards are getting "auto checked out" when they have always been cash & check customers. With the amount of data breaches I don't blame anyone for not wanting to store their card in a system. The app is constantly changing and it's difficult for myself and clients to keep up with. I never know the exact protocol. Also, it's near impossible to get a sincere response from their customer service. There still is no customer service phone number listed anywhere- simply email. When I do send emails most the time I get an auto response back and very generic directions or steps forward. This is especially frustrating dealing with payments. If you asked me 4 years ago how I like this app I would have had nothing but great things to say! Moving forward now I'm hoping to find something more reliable and hopefully not so expensive. Look else where before you sign up for styleseat
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5 years ago, kristinfell
Customer service is awful
*********ATTENTION!!!!!!****** think long and hard and do your research before joining this company!!!!!! I don’t even know where to start. It is not near impossible to get in contact to fix a problem, it is just impossible! Which was THE number determining factor of me switching services. How on earth after being around for so long, do they have zero support when needing to talk to someone other than email????? I don’t get it. Especially when their competitors do. I unsubscribed last month to finally make a switch. This past week i had an oops on my part and missed a day if transferring times of appts. I’m lucky my first client was so understanding of my mistake. I tried to contact styleseat to see what i can do to just see my books to make sure i wasn’t missing any other days. No one responded or be found! So today i get an email saying i have an appt. but won’t say what just the time. i thought i could quickly check and unsubscribe right away without having to pay a whole month I’m not using. Nope it’s pending in my back account. No customer care to call. They have a phone number on my bank statement from previous withdrawals with styleseat so my bank gave me that phone number. Which just goes to a recording of a different company.... If you’re on the fence about joining or switching, don’t join and definitely switch! Far better services that offer so much more and they are cheaper! And have all the support you need :)
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5 years ago, TanyaRenee5
Inconvenienced and FED UP!!!!
I have been using StyleSeat since August 2016. It took some time to get adjusted to the way things work with them. And I started liking it, even started using them for deposits. BIG MISTAKE!!! I had to reach out to them recently about a deposit of mine and they took FOREVER to respond. There’s no phone number to call, if you email over the weekend, you can forget about even getting a response. With square, I can change my debit card information for deposits, and still be able to receive my deposit the same day. With StyleSeat, they hold on to the money. I understand it is for precautionary measures, but there should be a more convenient way of verifying changes so that way it doesn’t stop the process for business owners. I expressed this to them three times and told them how I would be leaving StyleSeat because of how inconvenient it is and they basically said ok. Yesterday they confirmed with me that my deposit was going to the account that I had just updated it to. This morning i checked and they sent it to the WRONG ACCOUNT!!! So now I won’t even see my money!!! (I changed accounts for a reason) I get that I’m not the only stylist utilizing StyleSeat, however, QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE goes a very long way and they lack it. So I refuse to keep paying $35 a month when I can’t even speak to a real person or get an quicker reply. I’m fed up, and I’m done!!! StyleSeat will not get my business any longer. I will be transitioning out.
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4 years ago, Bubblesthekeke
Terrible app
never get this app unless you know the stylist personally and have met them. The stylist are also a problem with this app. This company is terrible and it doesn’t help the costumers at all, this app is a complete scam in my opinion. Charging customers a $1 for an appointment is outrages and auto setting a tip for $30 is stupid. My main concern is the entire system. Their should be videos on how to do everything but it’s not. No phone number for customer service which i believe to be very unprofessional and then stylists themselves are very disorganized. Why are y’all allowing Stylist to set up without them adding a Address or Phone number to reach them at. Once again very unprofessional, i feel like i wasted my time with this app. I’ve emailed dozens of time and i get no response and i made sure to not only use my phone and Devices when I tried to cancel my appointment and it did not work. The set up is very crazy. at first I just went out to reschedule my appointment but when I tried to do that it would not let me and then there was no button for the cancellation. When i read the hat to do i did just that but the app is just not working. I made sure to click everywhere and nothing work besides the payment option it’s clear this app just wants my money, i’m considering taking legal action because i can point out multiple law breaking issues. This is not the last time you’ll will be hearing from me.
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7 months ago, Sikaba ceil
Horrible scam. Don’t book!!!!!!!!!
It was my first time using this app to book for a stylist and I wanted to sign in as a guest but it wouldn’t allow me so I created an account with my email and password. Right after putting in my info including my credit card info,and booking my appointment it logged me out and I’ve tried everything to log back in but they tell me my credentials are invalid. I tried doing the forgot my password and I didn’t even get the email to change it. Now, I want to cancel my appointment but I cannot log in to cancel. They keep telling me invalid credentials even though I got an email confirmation that I join and use the same password I did like 3 minutes ago. ( I wrote the password down) they already charged me $5 and I just want to cancel my appointment so I don’t get charged. I actually think this is some sort of scam because why can’t I log in and can’t even get a chance to change my “wrong” password. I also submitted a ticket like they said because they don’t have any actual person on their “live chat”, just a robot who keeps saying,it doesn’t have the answers right now. It’d gotten to a point where I have to call my bank to make changes to get a new card and lock my account because it’s ridiculous. They don’t have anyone to talk to at all and they take 3-4 business days before you get a reply.
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7 months ago, NetteL1991
Unprofessional platform and stylist
I URGE EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!! I used this app based on reviews. to book a Stylist for my daughter. I caught an Uber to make my appointment on time, and the stylist not only didn’t show up, but she didn’t communicate with me at all. I messaged her in the app that I would like my money back, she ignored me for 2 weeks, and finally she told me no because she didn’t check the app and didn’t know about the appointment. She didn’t realize the app was showing an incorrect address for her appointments. IF YOU’RE IN ATLANTA STAY AWAY FROM HAIR BY TAVIA. SHE IS A SCAM. She didn’t see my numerous messages and calls until a few days ago and said she wasn’t checking the app. I said I understand you’re busy but I do expect to be compensated for you not showing up to an appointment your schedule said was available, and not communicating. I’ve reached out to the help desk numerous times and they say that they can’t help, but I’m asking how do you allow a professional to have a fraudulent account and still operate on the profile? They can very well message her to compensate me, but are refusing to. They offered a $40 credit for my next appointment, but why would I use the app when what I’ve gotten is that StyleSeat verifies professionals without due process. At this point how do I know who’s real or isn’t? STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!!!!
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2 years ago, Sdc9
Do not use this app as a client. Please read and save your money.
I have been using styleseat for a couple years now. Never had any issues until recently. Issue #1: styleseat recently changed their terms of service and no longer allows you to handle transaction disputes with them/within the app. Issue #2 StyleSeat allows you to save your credit/debit card information but DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO REMOVE IT if you have an upcoming appt unless you cancel the appt. Which bring me to issue number #3 and #4. I received 4 notification emails this morning from styleseat. Two of them were were notifications of appts that were booked FOR me by a professional. Two of them stated that these appts were also prepaid for, the times the appts were scheduled for haven’t even happened yet. Circling back to issue #1, styleseat doesn’t allow me to dispute transaction anymore, and circling back to issue #2 I could not remove my card to stop further transactions unless I canceled the appts. But I could not cancel either of these appts because they were FRAUDULENTLY PREPAID for. This means that this exploit could have continuously charged me funds had I not contacted my bank. This is the poorest and most irresponsible design I’ve seen around the transaction aspect of an application. I will never use this platform again and I advise others not to as well.
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3 years ago, Alos2576
I had been with StyleSeat for 3 years or so with everything going great. There were times the app glitched up or had some problems but I can look over that. The problem I have is their customer service. It’s horrible. I had been looking at switching because styleseat sends out prompts to clients saying “put your credit card on file” or texts clients saying an “opening became available” but it’s not the right time frame for that client. Clients get confused because now they think they can get in earlier but really it was an opening just for a haircut not color and cut. BUT the past two days I’ve had to deal with their customer service and it’s awful. I needed my 1099 form which I never received. Simple request. Apparently not for them. For some reason after 3 years they had to “verify” my account and they held this over my head before the would provide me with my 1099. They said do this and do that THEN we’ll send your 1099 form. Honey, that’s not how this works. Because of this I CANCELLED styleseat. Let me tell you to cancel isn’t easy either. Long story short I’m so happy I left StyleSeat. Besides the monthly fee and all the little charges our clients get it’s ridiculous. It was a little nerve wracking to switch but I’m so happy I did. So, thank you StyleSeat for making me switch to another app!
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2 years ago, King Nay
All of the 5star rating are fake, SCAM app
If you are a professional stylist BE WEARY OF USING THIS APP. Check the BBB for StyleSeat, they have hundreds of complaints from stylists & client, along with an F rating. Currently searching for alternatives to this app because it does not work in a professional stylists favor. 1. You pay $35 monthly for the possible acquisition of new clients, heavy on the possible. 2. StyleSeat takes a percentage of every card payment processes through the app. 3. StyleSeat forces all clients to pay through the app by telling them “This stylist PREFERS touchless payments only” while telling the stylist “This customer prefers touchless payments & wants to pay through the app.” Which are BOTH LIES to make them more profit. Because they’re so concerned with profits, they allow ANYONE to use their platform without verifying if the card put on file is legitimate. Therefore clients can come in under the guise of TOUCHLESS payments, get a service done, leave & “the card on file” DECLINES. The only help StyleSeat offers is to “Reach out to the client to pay with a different card.” Or “block the client from making future appointments with you.” The money and time lost is completely on the stylist and StyleSeat takes NO accountability. Then if you complain THEY SHADOW BAN YOUR ACCOUNT so that any prospective clients cannot book with you.
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1 year ago, H2TArtistryByShea
Questioning is it even worth it!
As a pro stylist thats been on styeseat for some years now. the app has its pros but it has just as many cons, especially when it comes to payouts, how much percentage is being taken, and the fact that since i took out a loan with stripe, I am noticing that I HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING MY TIPS! Styleseat also claims to take 25% on clients they send you FOR THE FIRST TIME. My problem is that i am being charged HIGH fees for my well ESTABLISHED CLIENTS...and since signing up for a stripe loan my tips has not been coming to me... my next question is if tips are soley left to the stylist why are you taking them and making the tips looks like its a part of the full transaction?? I reached out to stripe and they informed me that BASED ON HOW THE TOTAL AMOUNT IS REPORTED IN THE SYSTEM BETWEEN YOUR PLATFORM (STYLESEAT) AND STRIPE CAPITAL TIPS ARE INCLUDED WITHIN THE TOTAL SALES AMOUNT... THIS IS SHADY PRACTICES, MY NEXT PROBLEM IS UPON SUBMITTING A TICKET TO STYLESEAT YOUR CUSTOMER SERICE REP BLEW ME OFF AND WAS NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE MATTER AT ALL, NOR WAS SHE TRYING TO HELP. I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING ANOTHER BOOKING APP, KEPT TELLING ME TO REACH OUT TO STRIP IN WHICH I DID AND SENT THE EMAIL OF WHAT STRIPE SAID TO ME. I NEED ANSWERS BECAUSE I RUFUSE TO KEEP GETTING ALL MY TIPS SNATCHED AND NOBODY HAS A SOULOUTION ON WHATS GOING ON, THERE AARE OTHER BOOKING APPS. I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.
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5 years ago, MadfanLaFemme
StyleSeat, you have seriously lost your mind.
How do you take perfectly loyal monthly paying subscribing stylists of 10 years and then suddenly, with no notification, begin contacting our clientele we trusted you with and force them to enter their credit card info, directly charge them a $1 every time they book online, text them that they can book for an earlier slot if they pay Styleseat a percentage of the cost posted next to stylists listed service cost (completely unsolicited and with no options to stop them from doing so) and then, when asked why, they answer it’s because it’s GOING to be a better service for the client in the near future? Not now. But in the future. Who does that? I have no idea who took over from the people that originally started this company but I seriously feel I’ve encountered the mob. I’m not joking. I’m worried for the security of my account, personal info and all 300 of my clients who we should have been able to trust them with. If I didn’t have to spend all my energy and time right now having to start over again and transition everything with a whole new company, I’d seriously like to sue the crap out of you. You are horrible people. And a horrible company. You don’t know anything about customer service, business ethics or basic human morals.
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9 months ago,
StyleSeat Isn’t Worth It.
I never had a problem using StyleSeat no matter the circumstances , till I experienced a no call no show. It’s not StyleSeat fault, but it’s the person I almost gave my money too fault. I just wish StyleSeat did things a little differently when it comes to situations like this. I sent out a refund because I never received service, the lady gave me the wrong address, and she didn’t answer her phone at all or text me back till I had issued a refund. In certain circumstances , I wish StyleSeat didn’t have to make you pay an additional fee to cancel your appointment the day of, especially since I was stood up by this hairdresser. I understand we’re valuing people’s time who’s doing the services we’re trying to pay for and that’s fine, but not in this scenario .. Unfortunately I had to cancel the appointment the time we were supposed to start to avoid a late fee. I’m waiting on StyleSeat to reply back to my refund which is still pending in my bank. Update: Styleseat still hasn’t reached back to me soon enough to issue my refund. The $30 is not pending anymore on my bank statement. The lady has my money now , which she never showed up or gave me any service . I’m never using this app ever again. Customer service is horrible.
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5 years ago, Emichalhair
Tired of being harassed into using their credit card system
I’ve been using StyleSeat for over 7 years and it worked great. I used to highly recommend it to my co-workers. They have developed over the years to add a lot more features (yay!) which you could level up to use or elect not to. Then they started adding credit card processing as an elective feature, which was fine at first until my client were constantly being asked for their credit card numbers (even though I do not use style seat for credit card payments and have been reassured multiple times by their support staff that that prompt has been turned off). Most recently, they’ve added a .99 booking fee to the clients for booking with me, WITHOUT MY KNOWING. The result is that my clients are now calling and texting me instead of booking through StyleSeat (because we allllll know how common data breaches are these days...) so I ask, why am I paying for an online booking service when my clients no longer want to use it to book online?? Currently searching for alternatives and hoping StyleSeat will re-evaluate their options and plans. They used to offer a lot of freedom in using their system but have since forced their subscribers to fully adopt them in every area. I’m bummed and frustrated at this point.
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1 year ago, Sheacotton
Getting worser by the year! I am highly upset
Ive been on styleseat for some years now. the app has its pros but it has just as many cons, especially when it comes to payouts, how much percentage is being taken, and the fact that since i took out a loan with stripe, I am noticing that I HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING MY TIPS! Styleseat also claims to take 25% on clients they send you FOR THE FIRST TIME. My problem is that i am being charged HIGH fees for my well ESTABLISHED CLIENTS...and since signing up for a stripe loan my tips has not been coming to me... my next question is if tips are soley left to the stylist why are you taking them and making the tips looks like its a part of the full transaction?? I reached out to stripe and they informed me that BASED ON HOW THE TOTAL AMOUNT IS REPORTED IN THE SYSTEM BETWEEN YOUR PLATFORM (STYLESEAT) AND STRIPE CAPITAL TIPS ARE INCLUDED WITHIN THE TOTAL SALES AMOUNT... THIS IS SHADY PRACTICES, MY NEXT PROBLEM IS UPON SUBMITTING A TICKET TO STYLESEAT YOUR CUSTOMER SERICE REP BLEW ME OFF AND WAS NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE MATTER AT ALL, NOR WAS SHE TRYING TO HELP. I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING ANOTHER BOOKING APP, KEPT TELLING ME TO REACH OUT TO STRIP IN WHICH I DID AND SENT THE EMAIL OF WHAT STRIPE SAID TO ME. I NEED ANSWERS BECAUSE I RUFUSE TO KEEP GETTING ALL MY TIPS SNATCHED AND NOBODY HAS A SOULOUTION ON WHATS GOING ON, THERE AARE OTHER BOOKING APPS. I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.
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4 years ago, Ghostcincinnati
Taking advantage of their clients and mine at this point
Around 7 years ago when this app started it was good .. it was a little glitchy but it was fair and it was functional and it made my booking life way easier.. fast forward to the last couple months. Without a warning they started charging my clients a dollar on top of me already paying $35 monthly and they take 3% from checkouts. So that being said I told them I’d rather them not take a dollar from my clients because I’m already paying the fee .. they said this isn’t an option and they were doing what other booking sites do (ive yet to see if that’s true but Im looking today on my day off). So after deciding after all these years of me promoting their app because I have a very successful business they would at least consider how unfair this is .. they refused and now they are making all the people check out automatically when some people just pay me cash or use Venmo ... they are making it very difficult for me and my business and I feel trapped because all my clients info is in here and allllll my future appts .. also .. THE APP IS STILL SUPER GLITCHY!!! Like the worst app I have on my phone so thanks a lot styleseat for treating ur clients like crap because ur greedy
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4 years ago, Cs630
Disappointed with Payments
My stylist chooses to use Style Seat. I’ve never loved the functionality - I often make two appointments at a time for my mom and myself, and I don’t like the home screen setup when you have an existing appointment and want to make a new appointment. Now I’m really unhappy with the $1/booking situation and I’m even more unhappy that the only way to use the app is to give StyleSeat my credit card information. No PayPal or Apple Pay option? And the “booking fee” goes to Style Seat to “improve user experience” - I haven’t seen much functionality improvement on the customer side in the years I’ve been using this app. Maybe it’s for the ongoing security updates they will need to protect all of our now-required credit card info? Plus, my card will be automatically charged for my mom’s appointment, and I can’t remove my credit card info without cancelling her appointment. She doesn’t even own a cell phone, so she can’t use the app herself. I like the convenience of being able to make or change appointments without bothering my stylist, but the surprise new credit card requirement is awful. My stylist will allow me to book via text, but now he will be losing the usefulness of the app. This is a poor business model.
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6 years ago, CRKT1
Fed Up
I’ve been a long time user of this site. But it DOES NOT protect its merchants! It’s common practice in the beauty industry to have a late cancel no show policy in place. They don’t follow through with ensuring it’s properly enforced. Even with the updates not allowing clients to use prepaid cards you still wind up getting screwed if your actually able to collect a payment all the client has to do is dispute with the bank. It’s insane because there is an agreement between client and merchant that has to be checked off before an appointment is confirmed. Shouldn’t that be binding? After paying a hefty monthly fee for a service the last thing I want to be doing is fighting a dispute through a third party company who does nothing to protect you. We have no direct contact with the bank so we aren’t actually sure what information is being sent. It’s also pretty frustrating not being able to collect a deposit for services through the site. I’ve had to begin using an outside payment system to ensure payment is received for services as I can’t rely on StyleSeat. This service is supposed to act as an assistant. It’s supposed to provide convenience the payment system is everything BUT that.
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2 years ago, Roberta Frost
Stylists might be scammers
You are risking your time and sanity booking appointments with this app. 90% of the stylists I contact with the app a) don't even know they are on the app (their children or friend set it up for them) b) don't know how to properly use the app or c) will not even show up to your appointment and ignore your phone calls and text messages. I contacted style seat about this and they said they are working on quality control but they are not. This app has had this issue since day one and it hasn't gotten any better. In the very least they can allow users to rate stylists so people know who is good and who isn't. Use this app to find stylists but do not book through the app. Call them, find out if they are legit and book appointment over the phone. Pay them up front, not through style seat. 2022 Update: was looking for a specific natural style and got my money swindled and times wasted again. The app automatically charged me for an appt the stylist cancelled last minute. The stylist said they didn’t receive the money. Style seat says only she can refund me. She says she can’t because she doesn’t know how it works and didn’t get the money. Called my bank to report fraud.
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2 years ago, ALANN HUTCH
A true Company that takes advantage of loyal users
I have been using Styleseat for over 6 years. First was free, now $35 a month. Cool chalked it up and kept using because of the clientele I had built in my database and clients were used to using. Now even my clients are fed up with all the extra booking and hidden fees. This company is a true example of money hungry. No integrity whatsoever. No real customer service. No urgency to assist with important matters of the users and spa professionals. Sneaky to say the least. Currently looking for a new booking system, my clients have informed me they would be perfectly fine with that and that I should indeed cancel my styleseat membership. Of course I will probably loose all my stored information, hundreds of positive reviews & client lists because I’m sure they have no way of providing us this valuable data by email or any other form. Won’t miss styleseat at all at this point, when i’m sure there are plenty of other platforms for free or for the same pricing & with better communication & offerings. The professional has no control over pricing editing costs, and so much more. I used to feel like styleseat was a rare & great find, now I just feel taken advantage of.
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2 years ago, stylist from NY
Steals money from clients and professionals
I liked this app at first because it actually felt like style seat was sending me clients but come to find out they don’t. I shared my booking link on Fb and IG and I always ask my new clients how did they find me and they tell me I booked through the link on your fb or IG.. (that’s basically me advertising myself so I should get the FULL price that I charged the client right?) but no StyleSeat takes a cut every time someone books AND when they use their card. Style Seat wants you to accept ONLY CARDS so they can get paid too. Last but not least professionals put in their business location and they are found when someone looks up ex: natural hair, once they look that up it shows who is near you by radius but StyleSeat claims they do all the work when really they do nothing but take from licensed professionals and then delete your business account once you start taking cash payments smh. I am very upset because it’s almost the end of the year and I have do taxes in a few months and I have no record of the days my clients came how much I charged how much tax was taken ect because STYLESEAT DELETED MY ACCOUNT AFTER I STARTED TAKING CASH PAYMENTS THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED.
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2 years ago, cheesey901
The App Needs Fixing & Better Tech Support
The stylists you find on this app are amazing! But the actual app itself is awful. I can’t see any of my future appointments anymore besides when I’m booking them. They disappear and don’t appear on my “Appts” tab at all. I’ve emailed them about this many times and they just said “well, we can see it on our end, so email your stylist” lol.. the stylist doesn’t control the app and user experience. Luckily I know my stylist personally and can just send a quick text if I need to reschedule or cancel or if I forget the date/time before I’m able to put it on my personal calendar, but since your future appointments no longer show up, you run the risk of not being able to reach your stylist and being charged for missing or being late to any booked appointments. And the tipping feature is awful as well. Why can’t someone add a tip after your stylist checks you out on their end like any other service platform? Waiting for an email or text that may or may not come though is awful. I’ve had times where the text/email never came through and since I don’t carry cash, I have to download cash app/Venmo so I can tip my stylist.
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5 years ago, Kburks
Very skilled, considerate professional.
I am a native New Yorker who has spent a lot of time in the American South. Unfortunately, as I move a lot, my hair is too often a casualty. I am happy to have found a hair care specialist in Seattle who listens, and is responsive to the needs and concerns of their customers. Many stylist I have come across treat my hair like weave hair, which makes for pretty hair that isn’t necessarily healthy (I.e., bone straightening natural hair, which in my case leads to damage.) I came in for a visit a few weeks ago to talk about my hair type, needs and concerns. When I came back later for style, she remembered all of our conversation. While I have never used any of the products that ELLEtique carries (several different lines and types), I am happy say that I left with my hair feeling and looking amazingly healthy. Cheers to long, healthy hair by way of transitioning from a customer to client.
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1 year ago, Cessillya
Style Seat artist user
It’s been eight years since I started using StyleSeat. The reason I started was because the app requires a credit card on file to secure appointments with a very strict, late cancellation and no-show fee. That is a major perk in this industry. However, throughout the years they have been nickel and diming not only myself, but my clients. There is an actual charge in order to book appointments for my clients not only that I pay a monthly fee as well. As if I charge client through the booking site they take a portion. My problem with Style Seat is they say they’re going to promote you as a stylist, but you have to use them to check out which I already pay a fee so I don’t feel they should be taking extra money from me or my clients. Then today I had a new client booking for a full service of $199. Style Seat offered a discount of. $56 without asking my permission, and when I spoke to the client she said the price was full price 199+ a percentage of 20% so they were going to keep $56 along with $40. This is ridiculous. They are nickel and diming myself and my clients and this needs to change or I am going to have to find a different booking site.
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1 year ago, Dcmade
Professional review
I have been using this app for years since about 2017 but recently it has given way too many problems . It charges YOU the professional for having a new client book with you. If a client that you know and are familiar with ask you to cancel their appointment it will start to direct them to other professionals and limit your visibility if they can book with you . It doesn’t always directly deposit money, especially on weekends , it has taken at least 40$ off of the total income of what was produced in a day quite a few times , and the app stalls sometimes where you can’t even use it . when all of these things break down there is no one to call, no one to talk to not even a love or virtual assistant like on the bank apps and it’s too much money involved for that not to be in place . It also takes them a long time returning your email and it’s very frustrating and most Times when they return an email it isn’t helpful and doesn’t solve the issue . Stay away from style seat
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3 years ago, getit19
I really love this app…but some of the stylists I went to were really bad :(
I don’t know if there is a way to screen these stylists. 4/5 that I went to had terrible attitudes. Maybe this is not universal…maybe just in my city so take my review with a grain of salt. This last stylist literally waited an hour be4 my appointment to cancel but I showed up before I saw her cancellation…no explanation, message or phone call. Then when I arrive I am treated like trash as I try to find out which stylist I am seeing in a crowed shop. My hair turned out ok…her assistant basically did all the work. When I finally did get in her chair, she kept claiming I wasn’t keeping my head straight. Then after the appointment says she doesn’t take payments through the app in an attempt to embarrass me in front of the whole shop. I can’t make this up. One of the WORST experiences I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know if there is a way to screen these stylists to make sure they actually want to take the appointments. I did not feel that the service or hairstyle was worth $85. It a shame because she could have had a loyal and repeat customer.
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3 years ago, nessas thang
Never Again
I have only used the app twice and both were disasters. I booked an appointment the first time for a sew in style. The first red flag should have been when they never even responded to my text with questions beforehand. Once I was seated, the stylist questioned how I made my payment. I thought that was awkward. But she went on to say StyleSeat takes too much of her money, and she recommends her clients pay by cash app or zelle. She literally refunded my money, had me pay by cash app. If it hasn’t been so late in the day, and I’d already screwed up by bringing the wrong hair, I would have left. This appeared very shady, as if she was trying to cut out the middle man. She’s based near Plano, TX. The second person was guilty of false advertising. She actually canceled my appointment because she claimed I was misinformed on her prices. That was not the case. After much back and forth by texts, I just chose to delete the app and block her. I did not appreciate that she still managed to contact me trying to plead her case. It really bordered on harassment. This app is pure trash. I actually miss the old days of going in person and paying cash. This stylist is based in far southern Dallas.
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5 years ago, Claire3513
Unauthorized charging and subscribing
The stylist, Natalie, rescheduled my appointment for 45 min later than the original scheduled time (okay, fine), but then we had wait an additional 30 minutes for her after we arrived. Due to this, I chose not to tip her. She then tipped herself through the StyleSeat app (how and why does she have the ability to do that!?) I took this as an expensive lesson to not return to her for service and not use the app to book future appointments. I wanted to leave a review to alert future customers but there wasn’t a link to leave reviews, so I thought surely I’d receive an email to do so. I forgot about the incident until I received an email reminder to rebook so I thought I must have missed the review email, but when I searched my inbox I found no such thing. I emailed StyleSeat’s customer support and they said I didn’t receive the email because I wasn’t subscribed to emails and then subscribed me without permission. When I responded to express my concern with their policies, the return I received was just as unhelpful (actually said they were sorry they can’t help me, the time to leave a review has passed). I will not be using the app in the future and would not recommend.
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5 years ago, @JoshuaLeeHair
Annoying issues / Clients experiencing glitches
Having issues with incorrect reporting and running promotions. Email support takes forever and when they do email they don’t answer the specific questions I asked. It sounds automated. I have had several customers before the holidays asking if the site is being updated or something because of glitches that happen during booking. Texting me to confirm their booking went thru. They did not give any warning about their site overall and their new look. My business manager was afraid maybe a hacker had taken the site hostage to collect clients information. So when I emailed them regarding this issue, along with other questions. One of the questions was answered and that was their was indeed a new logo which is a lion that displays when loading. They said in the email the story behind this would be told in the new year! Ha thanks for the heads up. As a company you should see how this is frustrating. I honestly think the old layout was more professional looking. And the new layout with dark black lines around my profile pic and reviews looks very cheap and unprofessional. Bring back the old interface.
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5 years ago, the1Kendall
Not great
Update: StyleSeat now charges clients $1.00 to book online. They made this change without informing stylists or professionals. This is unacceptable. I’ve used StyleSeat since it was free, and I haven’t seen much improvement in the service since I’ve been paying for it. Their server was down last Saturday making it unusable. Any stylist knows how highly inconvenient this is. Their latest scheme is to find new ways to take money from stylists with the Premium Requests and the “advanced marketing;” if you use their payment system, they will take part of your profits. They regularly text my clients asking them for their credit card information, which is not how I like to roll with existing clients. (I appreciate that it’s required for new clients to book online, as a form of no-show protection.). Overall, I appreciate the things it does to make my life as a stylist easier, like appointment reminders and online booking, but I’m beginning to think my life might be better without it. Most StyleSeat users are independent stylists, and we like to be in control. Don’t take that control away, StyleSeat.
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6 years ago, m.hadi23
Love the app minus the glitches sometimes
I love styleseat and the flexibility of 24/7 access to allow clients to book at all times especially when you’re receptionist is on vacation or you’re on the move and not in the salon to see scheduling. There are glitches too often on my behalf as a stylist and with my clients I’d rate 10 stars if I could and if the glitches weren’t as frequent and often. My phone is updated with the current software as well as my app and it still takes minutes to load sometimes as well as not always getting notifications in a timely manner amongst other issues and on my clients behalf they’ve told me they’d try to schedule for a day when I’d have no one booked and it’ll only show evening appointments or no appointments at all and I haven’t altered my schedule but then they’ll go back on in an hour or a day and slots are available. But aside from the weird glitches no other app is as convenient as styleseat has been for me thus far.
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6 years ago, Nail Industry
1 HUGE problem that NEEDS to be recognized
This would be a 5 Star if this single problem would be fixed. At the moment, there should be an option to not be contacted via Style Seat messages. You cannot reply through the application. I don't want to open a link on my phone(via text message) that takes me to the website, and makes me put all my login info in rather than just opening the Styleseat app. Please make this an option in the future if you cannot make the app itself notify you(like any other app) and takes you straight to messages from the alert. It would also be great if you brought the message icon to the front page upon opening the application, along with a noticeable number indicator of how many unread messages there are. These messages are typically urgent in this industry and it would be nice not to open the messages up (which you can only see if you hit the “more...” button) and have 10 unread messages. Thanks.
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2 years ago, hairbyjaren
I have loyally used StyleSeat for 7 years. I wish I would’ve been reading these reviews over the last couple years after the countless issues I’ve had for reassurance I wasn’t alone and to switch companies sooner. Not even barley touching on their “marketing tools” which are just small ways they start trying to micro-manage your business. Taking my money for clients they “sent me” which were clients I’ve already had in my client list. Charging my long term loyal customers fees to book. Just no. But my NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT - ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. How in the h e l l is this company still standing with zero customer Service number. The fact that I have been running my entire business and all of my transactions through a company that not only doesn’t even have a phone number but also doesn’t even respond to emails within 24-48+++ hours is UNFATHOMABLE. It’s took two weeks of emails to get my 1099 last year. UNACCEPTABLE. This isn’t a petty side gig I’m using StyleSeat for, I bring in a successful income and have used StyleSeat to fulfill these transactions and the way they treat their professionals is disrespectful. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
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3 years ago, chrissy lashon
This app protects the stylus more then the clients!
I actually liked this app at first but after a while it got terrible. This app likes to protect the stylus more than they do the actual clients. Let me explain why when you book an appointment with StyleSeat as a clients it automatically takes out one dollar as A deposit to actually book your appointment which is fine but I had an incident where I showed up to the stylus‘s house and she told me that she was at work so they charge me half of my appointment even though I never got a Service done and when I try to specify on the app that she was the one who canceled on me I couldn’t because there’s no thing on the app for that and then another thing happened to me where I paid the stylist in Cash and StyleSeat took the money out of my account because the stylus didn’t tell them that I was paying in cash and when the stylus tried to tell them that I was paying in cash there was no button for that so they just took the money out of my account I’m done with style seat yall need to get better.
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2 years ago, dianell328
Scammers everywhere
First of all this app doesn’t protect anybody except themselves. I downloaded the app thinking I could avoid the scammers on FB and instagram and find a stylist to do some braids for me and my daughter. Customers should never be forced to save a card. I let that go because I thought surely the developers wouldn’t leave me unprotected. Should’ve never made my appointment and followed my first mind. Second there is no way for the client to get any recourse or protection from scammers. I’ve literally been texting and emailing the person I made an appointment with since yesterday for her address. It is 9:12 am and my appointment is at 9:15 am and she hasn’t responded to me at all. Autopay was set up and I can’t cancel it only the stylist can. As soon as she tries to get paid I’m calling my bank to refund it because StyleSeat doesn’t have any contact info so you can talk to a person. This is a scammers paradise and there is no way they are verifying that all these people are real stylist. It is really unprofessional to model yourself as a safe place for people to do business and allow no protection from scammers.
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3 years ago, Oscaloris
SCAM Stylists on this App - BEWARE !
These people have no standards as to who they accept to be on their app. My first experience confirmed my initial apprehension, As soon as I booked the stylist she blocked me! and was a No-Show! She had no intention of showing up. Second experience, I shared the style with the stylist and she said she can do medium sized knotless braids. I booked her (Armani) upon arrival I showed her again to be reminded. But she went ahead and did what she wanted to do and I had to stop her… she had the worst attitude and said she can’t do it like other stylists and I insisted on not paying for what I absolutely do not like while she lied about what she can do only for her to confirm that can’t do it. She ended up leaving… hardly getting my hair done and not willing to get it done right. She left and said ‘I get what I get…’. Had she said she couldn’t do it I wouldn’t have even wasted my time booking this unprofessional snarky little girl. I have to reach out to my bank and Styleseat to void the transaction yet again… all in one week! Save your time… these people use Styleseat to steal money that they don’t care to earn !
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6 months ago, goodbye styleseat
Looking for an alternative
I’ve been using StyleSeat for over 5 years. In the beginning it was great. I love their mission to help clients find stylist in their area for certain styles. StyleSeat has changed a lot for the worst: from allowing clients to book and their card declines/fail payments, clients book even if the time is blocked out, up charging clients to book online, charging stylist extra fees when client use their card, or they send a client your way. I have contacted StyleSeat about “MY CLIENTS” finding me on my social media and using my link to schedule an appointment and they would try to say they send them my way, LIES. I have learned that they also removed my account for client’s search me in my area/state. Smh They created a so call “marketing program “ to steal money from stylists. It’s disappointing that as a stylist I pay $35 to this company and they are stealing money from me. I love when their mission was to help build that client/ professional relationship. Now StyleSeat is a money hungry company. I will be transitioning to another booking company. For other professionals DO WASTE YOUR TIME.
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4 years ago, P Salon
Questioning if I should stay
I’ve been using this app for a few years myself. And truly loved it. My problem now is that you already charge me a 35 dollar fee to use the site (no problem)but now your charging our clients a booking fee for $1. It use to be $1 dollar hold that went towards the clients service but now clients are actually getting charged. And if they have more then one service they are not able to book all services at one time- they have to book each service individually and they are being charged a dollars each service. My client just had to pay 6 dollars to book all her services for one appointment . This is a lil out of control now. The app from the phone is not allowing our clients to reschedule appointments without having to completely checking out and comeback in even if they before 24hrs. And as of right now the app has updated and it is really messing up with the glitches! It will not get off the new growth production set up- I’m trying to handle other things and payments and it keeps going back to that. I can’t even send in a trouble shoot because of the glitch - via reason why I’m posting this review as we speak to get help on that. Also needs to me more user friendly to add service from phone. Specially combination services. I do like the app for the most part but need to be user friendly for clients and owners-and stop charging clients these ridiculous fees.
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2 years ago, LocGod20
Not a professional benefit
I have been using StyleSeat for a year now as a professional. It has been a terrible experience!!! Clients book only paying $1 and then come into the shop wanting to pay cash or use other methods of payments. And the professional is held responsible for that decision. Not only that, they took money out of my personal account without any warning or correspondence that they were. Nothing about StyleSeat benefits the professional unless you are using them as your main calendar. I’ve only received a new client 2-3 times out of a month. They give away coupons that modifies the professionals pricing that the professional doesn’t receive. To me I have lost more money doing business with StyleSeat than I have earned. And let’s not forget the customer service. There is no phone number to contact and if you create a ticket they’ll never get back to you! Being honest I had better customer service and experience using booksy than StyleSeat.
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4 years ago, Terri1801
Money hungry company!!!
I have been a loyal customer for over 7 yrs and I am transitioning over to switch to Square! This company used to be very good, but now I realize they are just money hungry sitting back racking up off of how many people I book. Their membership fee is $35, then of course they charge a fee for every card transaction. Then on top of that they charge my client $1.00 every time they book with me, so if I book 100 clients that month, StyleSeat gets $100, if I book 500 clients that month, StyleSeat gets $500 that month. And the bad part about it is I didn’t even know this until I had my clients calling about $1 charges on their account! This can’t be legal! I didn’t sign up for you to make money off of the amount of clientele I have! Also you don’t give us any option on if we want to require a card or not anymore! And sometimes it automatically checks my clients out that was gonna pay cash and messed up one of my clients bank account! She always pays cash! I want control over my own business! You got some things to change about your service before I’ll be back!
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5 years ago, Addicted2prettyy
As a client it’s convenient, but as a stylist you get ROBBED!
So, I’ve been using StyleSeat for 5 years back when it was FREE for stylists. Then it evolved to where they started charging a 50% “finders fee”. Pretty much if a new client said they found you on StyleSeat, during checkout it they would take half of your money. Imagine doing a service for $300 and you only receive $150. Uh no! Because of this, I stopped using StyleSeat for a while then when I returned they started charging a monthly fee of $35. Wasn’t too thrilled about this, but I eventually paid it until I could find another place to schedule my clients. Now, they’ve started this profile boost crap. Nobody asked for this. I didn’t ask to have my profile boosted to find new clients. It’s forcing you to pay for marketing they you don’t even opt in for. Basically, they’re back to charging the 50% “finder fee” but instead of take the money at checkout they take it up front as a deposit. Not exactly sure how it works, but when you see the amount at checkout it’s only 50% of the service. I’m done with StyleSeat. It’s not worth it at all.
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4 years ago, Kristancakes
Losing a loyal customer
As a stylist StyleSeat was the best booking app for me. It was user friendly for myself and my clients. The cancellation policy is what’s kept me so long. The reason I’m leaving is because my app literally never works. I try to open it and it just loads. I thought maybe it was my phone but I struggle getting the website to load as well. Also, how does the StyleSeat team have time for all these new ideas to get money from our clients but no way to make our lives as professionals easier? The email marketing is basic and doesn’t allow much modification. There’s no way to turn off new clients booking. I know they get paid per transaction but as the owner I deserve to decide when my clientele is full. The random promos offered to my clients without my permission was confusing and unnecessary. I really could keep complaining but most importantly I can’t open the darn app so it’s useless to me. I’ll be switching ASAP. Oh yeah. The two stars are simply for the “good times” in the beginning years.
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4 years ago, Neicee08
Worst app for clients- Encourage stylists to cancel them!!
This is the worst appointment app. My stylist uses it and it’s the only reason why I’m forced to tolerate it. I’m thinking about telling my stylist that I’ll sponsor her appointment app costs if she leaves this company. They automatically charge my card every appointment, even though I have autopay turned off. Sometimes I like to pay in cash or I add services. This makes it hard on my stylist to stop what she’s doing and check it. My appointment is usually not over before it’s already checking me out automatically. Don’t bother reaching out to them because they didn’t respond. They also charge clients for booking appointments, as if it’s our fault that our stylist uses this platform. I highly recommend that stylists steer clear unless you want unhappy clients. Clients, encourage your stylists to use MyTime or other apps that don’t make the client’s life a complete nightmare. Update to dev response: Lies. They’ve literally shown me proof that autopay is not own. It’s also not on my end. Yet, the app checked me out and my appointment still wasn’t over.
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5 years ago, SemajBowens
Searching for another options.....
I’ve been with StyleSeat since it was free. Not much changed to justify being forced to pay $35. Then recently they decided to start charging clients $1 per appointment that they book. They did not share this info with we the professionals until we started inquiring about rumors of this change. The way they went about it caused my clients to think that I was the one who made the change. They have implemented a “premium service” option that I choose not to take advantage of. I have a set schedule and new clients think they can just request any time if they don’t see an open appointment. I want to turn that feature off but I can’t. I feel like I’m getting a “shake down” from the mob or something. Not cool and they have lost a customer. Most of the professionals I know that are using StyleSeat are also looking for other options. I’m very disappointed. Please don’t hit me with the “reach out to us” response. All you are going to do is explain your reasons for the change but not offer me anything that will make me stay.
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2 years ago, Akandns
Crappy App and “professionals”
If your professional does not show, it will still charge you and you have to file a complaint though your bank. It no longer allows you to cancel your appointment. This has been the worst app with the worst stylist I have ever dealt with. After my payment clears today from a woman who has an invalid number on her profile and did not answer her door, I’m deleting! Save yourself the issues since the app creators and beauticians have no integrity. Update: I had to completely clear the app and my card. Some lady was able to schedule an appointment without me knowing because I did not get a notification and it set it up prepaid. There should be a required verification for the client when this happens. People can basically make up an appointment, charge you since it doesn’t always let you cancel (even before the required 24 hours) and you have to pay. This is truly the most poorly designed app created by money hungry people who do not care about customers. Just money.
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6 years ago, LadiDi85
Paying $35 and it’s not working for me
I have been with style seat for some years as a professional. When i first decided to use styleseat it was free and kind of basic so i couldn’t complain much about that. But I feel like since I’ve been forced to pay $35 a month this app should be working for me and not me working for myself. I feel like I should have more control over my schedule of what customer can schedule and where. Also i wish when a customer clicks on a service the information for that service automatically pop up. I find my self getting ask question that’s already in the information tab but they don’t know to hit the information to see more. Sometimes it’s not showing customers my availability which gets annoying. I’m Having some major issues as well as other professionals i have spoken to with it being really slow and freezing on a blank screen a lot which slows me down when I’m trying to book an appointment or check my schedule.
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7 years ago, sol salon
This company is fraud
From a professional standpoint they take your money every month for membership , charge you for all your credit card transactions but then can't contest any disputes that scamming clients file. I had a late cancellation policy in place with style-seat and even still they allowed the clients bank to give her her money back. What's the point of using styleseat when anyone could dispute and you end up losing money and giving a scammer a free hair service. Style-SEAT has done it to me various times with over $300 dollars even after to ask for you provide legitimate proof that the client is in the wrong. As a business owner what benefits do I get from a company that I have a to pay $35 a month to for a membership plus pay a fee for credit card transactions and then on top of that they can't contest unfair disputes on your behalf (with proof) even when your their more valuable client snd you created the cancellation policy with THEM! Honestly to any professional be careful with style-seat , if any client disputes they always win no matter what proof you show.
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3 years ago, PAPJ$
Worst experiences ever
I was looking for good professional salons in the northern Virginia area. The first time I used it it for my anniversary it wasn’t too bad. I went and got my nails done but when I got home a scratched my arm and 2 nails came off when I contacted the tech to fix them he told me he was on bed rest and not sure when he would be able to fix them. I got my hair done with someone different but she burned my natural hair and when I got a wig installed the glue she used burned my forehead. I recently booked an appointment for my lashes but they rescheduled me 3 times up until the day of my trip and had to cancel because I was going out of town. I booked a hair appointment and she had an attitude and then said she could not do the style I wanted. So I’m my last hopes I booked another hair appointment ordered the wig from him which was $475 and paid a $50 deposit just for him to push back my appointment as well. In my experience none of these stylists are professional and will take your deposit and do whatever they want.
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2 years ago, chantel williams
Tired of Style Seat
Let me start by saying I loved style seating once I got on but after the pandemic it just kept getting worst and worst. They put my clients on auto checkout without a on or off switch… they charge clients a extra 10 for notifying I have a earlier opening that I don’t even get a part of . They offer clients 15 percent off without stylist permission and not they are asking clients to pay a fee to secure they deposit smh… it’s like they are trying to get money any type of way from all clients and stylist it’s pathetic at this point .. also I noticed if you cancel appointments on a auto check out it results in them not promoting your website … i looked up what I do in my area under high ratings which I do have and my name didn’t came up nowhere smh people with zero stars showed but not mines smh so they pushed me and clients away . We both can’t stand them so now I’m in the process of leaving… I would not recommend this site to anyone.
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