Suрer Toss The Turtle

4.9 (9.9K)
597.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Suрer Toss The Turtle

4.9 out of 5
9.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Notta Human
A genuinely fun game
This app was based off a popular flash game. I remember playing toss the turtle on my computer in the early 2000s, and I really liked it, it worked well on the platform. I was thinking about it a few days ago, and it led me to this The good: The base game is really fun and addicting. I particularly love the prestige (post-game) mode. It is a good reward for beating the game. The different things you can interact with are really fun and creative. The different cannon, guns, and power-ups, are really good ideas. The bad: The game is updated much too little. The base game is pretty short. It only took me a few days to beat, but that may be because I played a lot. (the game is addicting). My verdict: Get it. If you are on the fence, in my personal opinion the game is extremely rewarding, and fun. What really makes the game spectacular, is the humour. The description for each jet pack, chest bomb, power-up, gun, and cannon, are genuinely funny. Another thing are the characters. I love the many creative character you can toss. My personal favourite is a hulk-like teddy bear. Other characters are oxymorons like that. Get the game! Btw this is my first app review.
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6 years ago, Grantvenom
Nostalgic and Fun
I used to play this game in high school during class on the computer whenever the teacher wasn’t looking, and I had the hardest time remembering what it was called. After a while I finally remembered it had to do with a turtle being shot out of a canon. A simple google led me here and I am so glad it did. My friends and I would always compete to see who could go the furthest, while also trying to not make it obvious we were playing a game instead of working. It takes me right back to those good old days so for that I give 5 stars. Love this game for some reason. Haven’t encountered any bugs so far.
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5 years ago, Turt Kreischer
Great game, but...
I loved playing the original on Newgrounds, and this app has improved and added greatly. However, I did notice something that bothers me. Whenever I try to log in with my Google account, it doesn’t go through. I’ve done it 5 times and it still hasn’t worked. I’m one of those people who loves getting achievements, so if this could be worked out, that would be nice. I still am not sure if this is a bug or not, so if I find out what’s wrong, then disregard this review (except for the compliments. Read those)
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7 years ago, ahsdrummer26
A Mediocre Game to Kill Time
While it's great to see a mobile release of this game that was originally released as a flash game online, the small screen of a phone creates one glaring issue. One of the many obstacles in this game are spikes, this creates a problem, as you are flying at high speeds on a tiny phone screen you have no way to adequately dodge them when the give you tips to use your bullets to avoid such hazards. It is just simply frustrating to know you can fly 15,00+ meters but only go 2000 when you died to a spike you couldn't see coming, predict or adequately avoid. While I don't think this is a bad game, it is just simply mediocre with a glaring flaw that could deter new players.
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6 years ago, Kieran ennis
Needs an unnecessary sequel!
Because why not? When you have turtles paying you to hurl them and shoot at them just so they can give you a bit more when they inevitably land on a giant plane made out of spikes in space, 3,000,000 from once you shot him (using a ton of awesome things including but not limited to... a giant bow and arrow that explodes, a hypersonic railgun, and that huge tank that your cousin “acquired”) only to get back up and spit in your face as to say “ is that all you got?” Well I’ll tell you what... Throw some nukes at the guy! Rig him to explode just before he dies! Turn that old science experiment you did when you were in elementary school and turn it up to eleven! Anything to keep this sucker in the air. Oh and not to mention the meme-like memories you are certain to get when looking at all the original art. What are you waiting for?! Start shooing that turtle! ( Seriously, this needs a sequel! )
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4 years ago, PycoPanda
This is what games on mobile should aspire to be like.
Usually I’m not a person who enjoys mobile games. This game is one of the rare few I not only enjoy, but genuinely love playing. Unlike many other mobile games, the controls are very simple and not cramped together. The visuals looks great and, if you also grew up playing flash games, it can create a sense of nostalgia. Stone McKnuckle did what he does best and thanks to him, the music adds to the fun and silliness of the game. Can’t recommend this game enough.
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2 years ago, Loo_ga_roo
Fun Game! Found a bug though 😂
Been playing the game to pass the time and have fun every time. However, I came across an interesting bug. I was pairing Nukes with Gate Openers multiple times in a row to slingshot across larger distances and after the third round my distance counter jumped down from mid 2,000,000 to high 1,000,000 and started counting backwards. I ended up at -1,159,239 and got $-1,159,239 for distance at the end of the run. Hope the developers can see this so they are made aware. Till they fix it, be careful with multiple Nukes and Gate Openers in quick succession. 🤣
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3 years ago, TurtleTosser69
I love this game
I’d like to start off by saying that you don’t need to watch ads. You are never forced to and it won’t help you progress in gameplay, only give you new characters with nothing but funny faces. Not only is this FREE game not forcing people to watch ads, but it’s also plenty of fun and has a degree of replay-ability that makes it fun for hours. I remember the original game from what feels like a decade ago and this game lives up to the expectations by the last and exceeds it. I love this game
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4 years ago, Beepto
One problem, but great game.
One problem: needs to have more indication that you’re about to hit the ground, raising the scenery could easily fix that. Sweet game though. Was definitely the game to play while not doing your homework, except that game was easily completed within two periods tops because it was never updated. I remember wishing they would add something so you could keep playing but this version is my wish come true so thank you.
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2 years ago, AaronL215
Upgrading is disappointing - Gets boring as a result
It starts out a very fun game but quickly gets boring. I found myself really motivated to upgrade and shoot my character further and further. However, the lack of payoff is incredibly disappointing. It takes a lot of time getting sufficient XP to upgrade so one would think that the upgrades would be worth it. That is not the case. Often, the upgraded items are just not good. Sometimes they are less powerful and sometimes they have stupid gimmicks. It’s really frustrating saving up a million XP only to get a completely underwhelming reward.
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1 year ago, TysonC
Awesome game!
I was searching for a cannon type game like I played back in the day. I found this gem and just wanted to say you all did a great job! Everything about this game was well thought out and executed. The graphics, music, controls and upgrade system all come together and have me hooked. Good games are hard to find in the app store, most are just ad delivery systems, but not this one.
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3 years ago, Sir Bighi
An Extremely Pleasant Surprise
I vividly remember playing this game back in middle school. Used to spend hours on addictinggames playing this. Always had a love for distance games, and this was one of the first and remained one of the best. Now there’s an app for it?! The icing on the cake is NO ADS! You can of course volunteer to watch ads for cosmetic rewards, but it’s not an ad per throw. Great game and I highly recommend for anybody that enjoys distance/upgrade games.
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3 years ago, Wadeeri The Liberator
Fun game but it broke
This game is entertaining and really fun to play but broken! I rolled to unlock a new character and the game froze so I tried closing out of the app. When I reopened it I got an error message that said “something went wrong try reinstalling”. I tried offloading the all first so I didn’t lose my data but that didn’t work so now I’m forced to start all over again with no data! 😭 keep this in mind if you plan on doing any in app purchases, you could potentially lose a lot of money.
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6 months ago, D43dk1llj0y
10/10 recommend
This game is such a nostalgic one for me and to be able to play it on my iPhone is amazing I love the way it was improved but still kept Its beautiful artistic style and charm all the new characters and items are soooo cute it’s a bonus is not full of annoying ads and whatnot unless you want extra shells lol :)
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2 years ago, Ricky nicky dicky and dawn
Love it
I really love this game, the details that where added to this are amazing! I really recommend this game to people who love animation games with gore. I’m really addicted to this game because of the background and mostly the random stuff that you don’t know is going to hit you. Overall, I really love the game and really really recommend this game to other people!
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10 months ago, AmNiceGuyy
Back for more!
It’s been years since I completed this game! Something sparked a memory of it so I checked if it was still available and it is and I’m just having a blast again! I can’t wait to 100% again and do it all over again years from now! Hopefully if it’s still up!
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7 years ago, T3rr0r01
Insane Fun
As cynical as I may sound for me to say this, this turtle helps me relieve stress, especially when it hits the spikes. Great game, great improvement and a great way to port the controls to PC over to touch screen, I defiantly recommend this, but only if you don’t have anything else to do because once you start, that’s about 4 hours down the drain before you realize. 🤣
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6 years ago, Wmoore04
I absolutely love this game and I can’t stop playing it! My only problem is it won’t let me log in to get achievements and leaderboards? I enter my gmail info and it asks for me to allow it to access the info and log in, but then it just goes back to the main screen and I’m not logged in... I’d like to log in to get achievements because a tip said some achievements give in game bonuses... help? Otherwise it’s an absolutely fantastic game!
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3 years ago, Dr. Nipple
Perfect Game for Mobile
This game has the perfect formula for mobile gaming. It has just enough complexity to keep you focused and interacting, but is simple enough to play with your legs crossed, or kickin’ back in a recliner. It’s extremely colorful and charming aesthetically; and satisfying, well paced, and just plain fun gameplay wise. Get it. Have fun. Thank you, Gonzo. ❤️
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3 years ago, TopShelfThots
Wonderfully entertaining little time waster.
I wish there were more games that are physics/distance based games. There are a handful but it’s really only this one and Doofus Drop that get close to being perfect, but what I really appreciate in this game is the reasonable amount of ads or the freemium model that respects its users. Thanks for this game, devs.
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3 years ago, fookinweirdo
I wish i could give this nostalgic gem a good rating
one of the things they added in this mobile version of the game that made me into a “100%-er” from my childhood is the characters feature. I didn't mind it much, you earn some little shells and unlock new characters to fling with cannons and keep flying with rockets and guns and whatever. Right up until I unlocked the “Cupid” character, it is a BLATANT racist caricature, and I cannot fathom what possessed some developer to put it in this game that used to be free of anything that might remind someone looking for escapism of how terrible the world is.
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5 years ago, Jay:)9989999
Could be better
The game used to be close to perfect. The problem now is that the developers added a new obstacle- planes. There are enough obstacles to make it slightly challenging. But with the planes, making genuine progress is much more difficult. You could be having a great run, but then the plane appears and ruins it. Not only can it sent you straight back to the ground, there will be two or three at a time, keeping you there.
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7 months ago, thesleepingbag
Absolute Classic
One of the greatest, if not the greatest, flash games of all time returns with a definitive edition that will blow the minds of players old and new. I can’t recommend this game enough. Thank you to the developer for putting this game on iOS. Seriously, the time and effort put into this game is not in vain, this game rocks.
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2 years ago, Fishtick boi
Very fun and addicting
I have been playing toss the turtle since the old flash days when it came out and this mobile version comes jam-packed with all new features like a skin system, more diverse cannon and weapon selection and much more. I highly recommend this app
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6 years ago, Awesome34412
Please bring back the leaderboards
I love the app it’s one of my most favorite games to play and pass time with but the one thing I find missing most of the time now is being able to compete with my friends to see who can do better because there is no leaderboard. Please bring it back.
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6 years ago, cheeseburgers2457
Can’t stop playing!
I love the base game of this app, but I was hesitant to activate prestige, but I had over 1,000 shells so I could buy the best cash booster to catch up really fast. I activated prestige and it was probably the best thing I’ve done in this game so far. I absolutely love the combo of the mini gun and the rail-gun cannon. I really hope you guys make a third Toss the Turtle.
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2 years ago, xXWaveXx FTW
I need moooooorrrreeee
This game is very fun and addicting. I love the artwork, the music fits very well, and each time I start a new game it always feels like a different experience I’ve made it to the end multiple times My only problem with it is that it doesn’t have a sequel
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3 years ago, Veebert
Everything a mobile game should be.
Remembered playing this game on New Grounds to pass the time. Still holds up and is a bit more challenging on mobile. Great pick up and play that doesn’t try to be more 3deep5u like a lot of current games that want to have like a deeper message about stuff man.
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4 years ago, 2tylers
Great Flash Game & Great Mobile Game
Played this on my chrome book on school and maxed out everything and got all achievements and have recently done so with the mobile version , and I have to say it has to be top 5 mobile games in my opinion and a immediate play for anyone fan of classic flash games !
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5 years ago, chewbaccadoggo
not angry, just disappointed. but doesn’t mean i won’t still play it
I like the enthusiasm for bringing to your pocket the ever so beloved pc game; the only problem is that even when screen lock is off the games orientation does not shift. It’s rather frustrating to be such a trivial, easy to solve thing.
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5 years ago, 935uhhht
Perfect game, and not like those other annoying apps.
I actually love this game, because of how many times when I end my runs, I won't get ads non stop. And it's fun to play also, And I admire that this is a company that doesn't advertise most of the time, and so I won't be annoyed getting the SAME ad.
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3 years ago, Snodgrass72
I played this game with my cousins easily over 10 years ago on our computer, it’s so nostalgic and still holds up til this day. Was so excited when I realized it was on mobile, and upgraded from what the original game was. Absolutely love it. This is the first time I’ve ever left a review lol I had to
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6 years ago, osielv1224
This game is amazing, but the stupid planes are appearing way too often. I know the latest update claims to fix the plane appearing at the start of a launch, but the issue is still there. I’ve restarted a launch at least 4 times in a row only to have the plane keep appearing every time. Please fix this
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6 years ago, Jokerzandzombies
Only one thing needed
Great game, always loved it. The developers really did this Toss the Turtle justice with this reboot. The only thing I’d say it needs is an option to get rid of ads. Whether it be through a purchase or not I don’t really care. I hate ads interrupting the game and I’d love to send a little money their way.
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6 years ago, Orgy D
Love it!
The web version of this nearly drove me crazy almost a year ago and almost a decade later I’m back at it again. Grey game! Ignoring how fun it is I’d probably still give five stars solely based on the fact that it’s the only game on the store with fairly priced items and no pay-to-win.
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Kept my adhd in check
Bro took me four months to complete the game to even get prestige I used to play this in high school all the time so I knew quality and where to find it Thank you creating this game highly recommend :)
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4 years ago, littlegod8080
A game from the good days
I remember playing this on my computer and having a lot of fun and my friends told me about the mobile version and honestly it’s as fun as I remember it and I’m glad to see this game again and how it’s evolved I love the art style and all of the effort Gonzossm put into this game
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1 year ago, Killian Bodin
Needs ability to reset progress.
I’ve maxed everything. Bought all the cannons, guns, everything. I’d like to have the ability to reset my progress so that I can start over again. Playing becomes pointless once there’s nothing left to unlock. Other than that it’s a fun game. The ads can be annoying.
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5 years ago, Sir Lags allot
Love it!
Loved the old flash game, this app brings back memories and also adds new fun to the mix. App is very well done and best of all it’s not littered with adds. The only ads you have to deal with are the ones you chose to watch. All around great game and app. Definitely worthy of 5 stars
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5 years ago, Technowolf79
I love it but a slight problem
I have played for ages, but the problem is that I just realized I wasn't logged in and did that. I had no achievements and no distance record. Before that I had a lot of achievements and and over 3 million meter record
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5 years ago, dank yeet
Trouble logging in
I play on iOS and every time I try to lig in for achievements and leaderboard it will bring me to the screen to log in. When I complete that it brings me back to the menu without registering that I logged in. I don't know if this is a big or something like that but I do hope that is fixed
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3 years ago, she fhrr fda sdh
This game improves on the fun and charm of the original by adding many new maps, items, weapons, characters, and more. If you loved the original flash game, you have to check this one out.
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10 months ago, Elmo Sahn
Adult Swim pc games throwback to when I was bored in computer class in school
Loved this game since I found it on adult swim like 12+ years ago!! Wish they made more of the games into apps but whatevs this’ll do donkey this’ll do
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4 years ago, scionyx315
I used to play this game on newgrounds at least a decade ago, and beaten it many times but since gonzosme has added a lot, like new canons, guns, backgrounds and stuff to smash into. So far I love nothing but nostalgia remembering the hours I spent in front of my parents computer.
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7 years ago, Vekkirvkirsv
Fun to play with in downtime
Shoot the turtle and build your way up. I admit it can get boring overtime but it brings nostalgia and has no required ads!! Also it's something to play o your way to commute or when you're trying to kill time
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4 months ago, hee free hdhejd
“Very Amazing Game” Holds up to this day!
Great game, the physics are outstanding, doesn’t put ads in your face, and every upgrade feels like it’s a advancement instead of reskin guns, cannons, and boosts. Hope people like this game and remember this hidden gem!
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2 years ago, LoPan23
Good game For eating time
This game was nostalgic for me and was a memory so I downloaded it since it was one of my old favorite flash games and it met all my expectations it was very fun few bugs but that’s all so I rate 5 stars
Show more
3 years ago, Messa1111
Good Game
Amazing game download and get addicted all my friends play etc. If you don’t have it get it. But... there is this bug that makes you go either 100,000 meters forward or backwards and it quite annoying so please fix this soon.
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4 years ago, alyeri
Its a great game! Better then burrito bison, but theres a problem
I can’t log in. This makes the game pace incredibly slow, because I don’t have any buffs. I hit login three times and nothing happened. I even waited two minutes for it to load, but nothing happened.
Show more
6 years ago, Emmitt107
Good but could use a bit more polishing
This game is really fun and I am good a the game but some times there is a glitch where if you hold the direction you want to go with any cannon the meter won’t show up and once you release it you with go nowhere. (Oh and are all the characters in the game genetically modified turtles.)
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