- Number Games

4.8 (1.6M)
171.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for - Number Games

4.76 out of 5
1.6M Ratings
2 years ago, BrainierRain
I’m trying to learn sudoku
I have never played sudoku before and I decided to try to learn it. I got this app and chose easy mode. i read the rules and started playing. It was discouraging to see that it only let me make 3 mistakes 😔. you should make some sort of free play/practice board where people don’t get a limited number of mistakes (but they don’t get stars/points for playing). it would be helpful for beginners like me who don’t really care about stars/points at first they just want to learn how to play. also, the ads and their placement is really annoying. the banner-style ads that are at the bottom while you play are in the way. if i try to click a number and i press too low, i click an ad! i know you have to put ads to get money but please put the banner style ones at the top of the playing board where people will see them but not click them on accident. also, the video ads are really long and there are LOTS of them. i really don’t want to pay FIVE DOLLARS to get rid of them. other than those complaints i have, the app is very nice and neat. i like being able to change the board color for free. the erasing sound is very nice. i haven’t tried any challenges yet because i am on my first puzzle, but they sound interesting. the hints are terrific! it suggests where to put a number and explains why it put it there. i’m glad i decided to learn how to play sudoku! 😀
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2 months ago, Benjamin Green
Solid app, these features would make it even better
Worth the $5 for sure. If you play this game often, buy it and support the developers. Love the UI with the ability to quickly change the colors. Also the app is fast it doesn’t glitch or lag, allowing me to play fast. Some other apps are laggy and it slows me down. Please make the following changes: 1. The HINT button needs to be renamed. It is not a “hint” it just reveals the square. Call it REVEAL. 2. Add a setting to allow paying users to remove the HINT button. I keep accidentally tapping it 3. Create an actual HINT button that gives a hint 4. Make the “tournaments” real, with players competing against each other instead of a scoreboard full of fake users and fake scores 5. Prevent users from doing unlimited HINTS or reveals in tournament games. 6. This is BIG one that would make things so much easier. Please add a calendar selection feature so that players can easily browse to past daily puzzles. Currently players must swipe one month at a time. If I have completed the past two years worth of puzzles and want to play some older ones, I would have to swipe 24 times to get to the puzzles that I want to play! Take a look at the NYT Games crossword app and the way they handle the calendar.
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4 months ago, jaimeLynn25
Bad timing for commercials
I recently got into Sudoku again quite a few years ago I dappled in it now I have seven apps for different makers of the sudoku game. I’m gonna narrow it down to two or three that I like the most and I’m playing them back to back playing a couple games in each one until I figure out what I do and don’t like so originally I like this one the most because it was the first one I downloaded in this recent journey of getting back into it but what I’ve came to realize is it gives the ads at all the wrong times you’re just getting on a roll and it congratulates you if you finish a number or a cell or a block whatever and how it congratulates you by giving you an ad it’ll be like a cute little emoji congratulations way to go you’re doing great and then Bam you gonna add I understand these apps to be free have to have ads but it’s just all bad timing. Maybe if you mess up or something give you an ad give you an ad when you finish the game or when you start a new game something like that, I’ll try and keep track of what the other ones do but I’ve played the other ones all a few times and I was not annoyed with the ad so this must have the most ones out of the seven that I have and it’s super annoying because you just get on a roll, you got numbers in your head what you’re gonna play next and then you gotta wait for an ad and you lose it all in your mindso if it wasn’t for that, I would probably give it a five star
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2 months ago, DaDernskie
Ads and Statistics
You guys used to run a lot less ads. I get needing revenue to continue running the app but I have pretty quick times. There’s no reason I should have to watch 3 ads for a 2:20 minute level. Secondly, I used to have a flawless statistic sheet across the board. 100% wins. Just recently I noticed I dropped to 99% and saw that I have 131 started and 130 won. But my streak is 130… that means I should’ve lost the first one I ever started and I never should’ve had 100% wins. Which means the loss was randomly added to my account. It’s also on the daily challenges which you CANT reset not to mention no one wants to reset 130 games. Please fix whatever glitch happened on my account so I can have my 100% back. I dealt with the ads because of my statistics, but with my statistics being skewed and now not flawless anymore; its not worth staying on an app I already have other issues with. Your generic computer response because you scanned the word “ads” has cost you a player. I may be a drop in the bucket but maybe enough people will get fed up with the lack of respect and the obnoxious level of advertising that ruins timed runs. The main issue, and most of my review has to do with the statistic glitch. And even if; I watch 45 seconds of nonskippable ads to play a 2.5 minute level. Having ads to run a game and being overkill are very different. I’d argue having close to a 1/3 of my time on this app being spent in adds is overkill.
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11 months ago, tbett6922
If it’s not broken why try to fix it?
I loved this app but the sudden change to a new interface is really bugging me. There was no actual app update to indicate the change. There now is significant lag that is eating away at my times and making it so I have to touch numbers or blocks multiple times for it to register. The scoring has also noticeably changed and my new scores don’t even hit my previous averages. Less important but still worth discussing: Completing a block or a row is now less visually satisfying. In dark mode there still is a wave of blocks to indicate the completion, but it’s a wave of black instead of a wave of light, which makes it more difficult to see the effect and takes away some of the sparkle for me. I used to try leaving the center block blank for the satisfying ripple of total puzzle completion and now I’m not really as motivated to play seeing the kinda dismal wave of darkness. I do like the completed puzzle being displayed upon finishing, but i feel it is clunky to have to scroll just to see all the stats of the completed puzzle, when the original layout displayed everything in a completely fine way. (Edit: after seeing so many new comments about the ads getting worse I change my tune about paying for the app. It was worth it before but unless the update is reverted or fixed it seems like it’s downgraded either way)
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2 years ago, Matthew1911
Best Sudoku app
Giving it 4 stars because the evil difficulty seems to be broken. I finally got comfortable with the expert level puzzles and I decided to test out the Evil difficulty. The only problem is the puzzles are extremely easy. I’m solving them in about 5 minutes and the only thing slowing me down is because I can barely type the numbers in that fast. There is zero thought process or advanced techniques needed. The puzzles are somewhere between hard and medium difficulty. One more thing. I’d love it if daily games and event games counted toward stats. I largely ignore all of the events because they don’t affect my stats. Is there a way to change that? I remember another issue. Once a cell has been determined, why is it even possible to go and change it to an incorrect square? I can’t even fathom the amount of puzzles I’ve solved that have been ruined because I accidentally misclick while entering the solution. Especially while competing for my fastest time. I know it’s my fault, but removing the option would be a great addition.
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4 weeks ago, FoxLife4629
Not great…
I would rate this ZERO stars if I could. I don’t want to get some crappy developer response that was probably put here by AI, I want something real to be done because honestly a computer made response won’t change anything, so if I get one I will know that no developer ACTUALLY read this. Okay, if you are someone who misclicks a lot or you’re good at sudoku, do not buy this game. For starters, I love playing the NYT sudoku and wanted a game where I could just play sudoku without having to wait for the next daily puzzles. I saw this game and it’s good reviews and thought hey, why not. I was very displeased to find that you couldn’t start at an even the expert level, which by the way is easier than the NYT medium puzzle. I spent so much tedious time having to play levels that I finished in under ten minutes to be able to get to my level of sudoku, which I still have not found. These levels are simply not difficult enough if you actually know how to play sudoku and are good at it. What I dislike the most about this game is the fact that if you accidentally click the wrong number or the wrong box, which is easy to do since everything is so clustered, it counts it as a mistake, and then you have to start all over after simply making three mistakes. So much tedious time out in and for nothing. And the amount of ads? What is up with that? Also, the second chances don’t even work, even when you’re right. Really not a fair system, and I would not recommend.
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11 months ago, GBF2019
Was perfect, now barely playable
* I appreciate the devs responsiveness, upped the rating by a star. This was the perfect balance of everything before. Recently I updated and now anything I do results in advertisements. If I just pause the timer willingly, I can’t return to the game without an ad. Any time I finishing finding all of one number on a board I get an ad??? Completely ridiculous. Just too many examples of ads interrupting a game where I’m trying to get a good time on the board but interrupted over and over. Awful now. Looking for a new app. *Developer response: It is completely understandable that the app has ads, we all know that free apps need to run ads to sustain them. The problem isn’t just the fact that there’s ads, it’s the frequency and the timing of when the ads are interrupting the experience of the application. If during 1 game of sudoku (roughly 5-10 min on average I’m guessing) there are ads interrupting anytime a user needs to pause, completes a box, or completes all instances of a number on the board, it becomes a pretty sizable time of the gameplay and pretty much ruins any momentum for people playing the game, which as we all know is part of sudoku as exponentially things get quicker the more you figure out. It’s not really just about ads existing on the app.
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1 year ago, OnlyPatMan
Best features but latest version is broke
Update after developer response: so a working feature that I use was deliberately broken because no one else uses it, so get with the program. Even tho there are multiple reviews complaining about it. OK. Dropping a star and continuing my quest for a replacement. Original review: This version of Sudoku is worth paying the $5 no-ad fee in my opinion - it has the best features and is the easiest layout on the eyes that I have found. However, the latest version (5.1.1) is broken in at least one way - the hints no longer work consistently. Hidden pairs are not seen and asking for a hint after clearing notes once a hidden pair is found results in the game forcing you to add back in the notes you cleared. Asking for a hint at that point gets you a “pick a cell to solve” response, which just puts the correct number in the cell you choose without explaining why it is correct. And maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing others saying the same thing here in reviews - the new “evil” difficulty level seems to be easier than “expert” on previous versions, as I am solving them much faster than before. I will update this review if things get better, but I’m looking around for another version in the meantime…
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1 year ago, Jaredchasedheraround
Ad raging / horrible hints
I am in no need of a sudoku game. I do enjoy it, but I do not enjoy 15-30 second ad pop ups interrupting my experience. It was actually taking away from my time to do other things so in a way, I thank you for helping me remove this app from my phone. Also what’s up with the hints? I was playing on expert and trying to get the hang of little to no details, I narrowed down the 3rd row from the top running horizontal. 4/7 in left box, 3/6, 3/6 in middle section, 4/7 in right box as well as other areas. I hit the hint and it wanted to say I didn’t have enough info in the inner boxes and added back the 4/7 in the middle. If I could show a pic I would. The horrible hint wanted to further confuse what I had simplified. How is someone to be more “advanced” if the hints are the opposite of useful? I later solved the puzzle with no thanks to the hints and also proved that only 3/6 would fit in those middle boxes. This wasn’t the first time I noticed this garbage hint. Though there were some moments when it would help me see where I messed up and how I should have reasonably seen a number I missed. So if the “hint” wants to add numbers to the uncertain boxes, you’d better screenshot it and double check. It sent me backwards on my progress
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1 year ago, C4clayton
Was it something I said? Hmmm let see
Love that the devs listen to the users about the app on what could be better, I changed my rating from 3 to 4 stars, bravo keep up the good work! Keeps me opening the app on a daily basis, that being said before the grand update, I had got my skill level to be able to handle hard levels and up! I’ve noticed the evil levels can be challenging now. But my daily challenges seem to be stuck on medium :(. I figured, after some thought, on a way to allow the us to choose our gameplay difficulty. I like the choice of choosing the difficulty when I select new game and that should never change. BUT for daily challenges and events I think that through the settings menu we could set a custom difficulty threshold like for someone still learning they can set the maximum difficulty to hard or medium and what would be a suitable option for more advanced players would be to set a minimum threshold of hard. It would work similar to high pass and low pass filters on an EQ (for those who work on the creation of audio/music would truly understand this )
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6 years ago, Purdueet
Ad placement lousy
First, with a couple exceptions I really like the app. It has great features. For the challenge I like to play it with no extra tools or hints that I’ve made a wrong entry. At times I get to the end and there’s a problem I can’t undo easily so I just want to start over. I can’t see how to do that without “un-doing” every move, or selecting each square and hitting erase. Please add a button to clear the puzzle to start over. My second concern is irritating enough to delete the app and find another game. On my IPhone 6s it’s the tight placement of the ad banner next to the number entry at the bottom of the screen. If I play with two hands inevitably I miss the number and hit the ad banner which takes me to another page. I understand the need for ads with a free game. But, that placement is so close that I mistakenly hit the ad many many times during a puzzle and I lose my place or thought process. It is maddening. I don’t even look at the ad, I get frustrated and immediately hit the button to return to sudoku. I’m glad you get the clicks for the advertising revenue but it feels like a setup with the layout so you get those clicks. Please fix these. It would be a 5 Star review otherwise!
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3 years ago, Katherina Jake
Fantastic Game, Pleasantly Surprised
I use this app a lot and it took about a year for me to decide to pay to remove adsbecause the was a bit pricey and I assumed I would still have to watch ads for a “second chance” feature and the “auto fill” feature (optional features that have you watch an ad in full to use) as in other apps I have. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I no longer have any ads ever. Well worth the price and I wish I had decided to do it sooner. I also love the events, badges, and trophy systems! I love the events and the artwork that appears on the event page, it would be cool if during the event there was a setting to have that art appear on the actual puzzle screen so we could enjoy it more since not much time is spent where we select the next event puzzle. It would also be cool if, along with the completion trophies/badges, we could then unlock that background to use in general. Just some thoughts, I like art and feel like a lot of effort goes into those event screens that may be under appreciated.
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3 months ago, xdaemonisx
You can make a one time payment to remove ads!
I have no idea how many Sudoku apps I’ve tried, but I’ve finally found this one; a Sudoku app that lets me make a one time payment to remove the ads after every round. There were so many other apps that I tried where they either wanted me to pay for a subscription, or didn’t have the option to remove ads at all. Alongside that fact, I also love the touch controls. I turned on some number lock option in the settings of the game. Now, I can lock in a number and swipe to fill multiple boxes with notes (or, mistakenly, numbers…) instead of having to tap every single cell. Of course, aside from the touch controls… Sudoku is sudoku. It plays the same no matter where you play it. You are able to turn off the app marking mistakes for you. I do like that it records my statistics and compares me to others playing Sudoku as well. All in all, it’s been wonderful playing Sudoku on this app. I recommend paying the $4.99 one time to remove ads.
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2 months ago, Tyndyl
No high difficulty levels anymore
I stopped playing for a few months, and when I came back, no difficulty level is challenging anymore. You may think this is a humble brag, but it's not me. Even the "extreme" levels don't take longer than 3-5 minutes, and zero thought. The highest level used to be expert and usually took 17-20 minutes, with lots of hard thinking and careful notes. Now I can finish any level in a few minutes and hardly ever need notes at all. It's like they only create medium level difficulty anymore. Disappointing. Also, I KNOW I can't fill in a pre filled square. I just misclicked. WHY is there a pop up every single time you accidentally fat finger it, and you have to tap again to dismiss it, and THEN you can place your number in the adjacent square. It didn't used to do that and it's surprisingly annoying. There was nothing wrong with the app how it was last year. I don't know where the idea came from that tech products have to be endlessly changing but it really grinds my gears. You should only change the UI if it's actually going to IMPROVE the UX. Don't change things just because you have to change something this quarter. So frustrating.
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3 years ago, Tommy-O2545678Hello
Wonderful Game, but Beware of Ads Filling Your Storage
As I said, great Sudoku game, crisp and simple format, blessedly lacking the foo-foo weird variations of other apps. If you want pure sudoku without the other silliness, this is your app. But beware, as I have played and won about 900 expert level games, the app has grown like a sinister blob monster and has filled an insane 6.86 GB of storage on my iPhone, more than all my other apps combined! Tech support replies politely and speedily, but only action recommended is to delete and reload the app, losing all of your progress and trophies. You have to start all over. Explanation being it’s the ads filling and gumming up your OS. Heavy sigh... Only other criticism is I wish it had cell coloring ability so I could use advanced solving techniques taught by the brilliant Sudoku Swami. In any event, you’re going to love this app, if you’re a sudoku purist and use pure logic to solve puzzles. And if you get stuck, it does give you hints... but the price is ads! Storage-Stuffing ads!
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7 months ago, StefaniMichelleP
Great Sudoku game, but needs better note numbers
I really like this game, that you can play sudoku as many times as you want in one day, and the combos of different levels in the daily puzzles, but I had to deduct a star, because you have to click the “notes” button to change the numbers to just “notes”. I have accidentally missed clicking it so many times and in turn, lost a point for entering the wrong number in a square, where I would have had a perfect score otherwise. In other apps, the sudoku games have a separate row of numbers (in smaller print) for the notes. This makes it quicker to make notes, as well as less likely to enter an incorrect number accidentally when you are not actually trying to enter a final number in a square. Hopefully that makes sense. For Developers- Check out Puzzle Page app’s Sudoku puzzles to see what I am referencing. Also, it has Killer and standard Sudoku, as well as Futoshiki (another similar game to Sudoku) in the same app. That would be awesome if you could put all three types of Sudoku in one app!
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12 months ago, esowers4
the latest update made the game worse.
I have been playing sudoku on this app for a long time, so long that i’ve completed every single daily challenge available. I loved the mechanics of the app and the simplicity. I really didn’t mind the ads either. The latest batch of updates not only added ads in the middle of the levels, which wrecks the flow of the game, but they also removed the most novel part of the game, which was the hint button. It used to SHOW you, step by step, how to improve your gameplay and give you a helping hand. It would allow you to see where you need to go next to solve the puzzle. Now, all it does is fill in a random box without even showing you where it filled in. If you blink you’ll miss it, and it seems to have no rhyme or reason to it. ik these are all trivial, but I loved the aspects of the game before the updates, and now it feels a lot less like it was made by someone who actually plays the game and wants others to enjoy it, but by a company who wants to run as many ads as possible to make money. Just bring back the helpful hints feature at LEAST.
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4 months ago, Malia Groothy
Advertisement Overload
I’m a big fan of sudoku puzzles and this app has loads of them. There’s different difficulty levels to play which is fun for a good challenge, although you do have to play a certain amount of puzzles at each level to unlock the harder ones. I’ve never had a repeated puzzle (to my knowledge, that is) and the daily challenges always get me thinking. However, I’ve never seen more relentless advertising than through this app. Whether you’re starting a puzzle, in the middle of completing one, or just finishing a puzzle, there’s ALWAYS an ad. No exaggeration, without fail, every. single. time. I’ll see an average of five ads per one puzzle I complete. It’s entirely ridiculous. An emoji pops up and says “Keep going!” when you hit a milestone directly before it cuts to an ad and the irony is almost laughable. It’s gotten to the point where I can only tolerate this app on airplane mode. The NYT & Washing Post offer the same content ad-free on their websites and apps, so if you’re looking for a relaxing game I would recommend those apps over this one 100% of the time. Quite sad how a quick dollar is valued over experience these days. Do better please.
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1 year ago, ~Avalon~
Simple & Great-except cages
Although the ads are many, and annoying, the app is pretty nice. However, with start of new ‘adventure’, I’m seeing the ‘cage’ version for first time. It’s, quite simply, nightmarish. I play on dark mode because I get migraines a lot, and my eyes are already very sensitive to bright lights to begin with. Because of how busy the screen is, trying to figure out where the boundaries of the 9 3x3 areas are becomes an exercise of straining to see the dividers or constantly counting squares, etc. I nearly never make mistakes, but quickly made 2 of my allotted 3 on the FIRST adventure puzzle because I couldn’t see what I needed to see due to all the dotted lines everywhere confusing the situation and breaking up pattern recognition. If that is the object of cage (making it harder by disrupting visual abilities), I’ll just avoid it. But, my understanding is that it allows less numbers to be given at the start since it gives an additional way to arrive at answers. That’s not happening on the Dark setting, though. Please look into that.
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1 week ago, Fae_b
Difficulty level and new look
I rarely ever update my apps, so when I updated Suduko I was greeted by the horrible new set up. I get this is a personal preference but I have been playing this game for years with the same look. I think we should be able to customise the set up for the game and have different ways to organise how the game looks. The difficulty level has decreased significantly. Prior to the addition exterme and master levels, the difficult level was more challenging then both of them. A whole number would be missing to make it difficult. In the new levels I rarely ever use advanced techniques and actually think logically to solve it. But rather have to use the same easy methods over and over again. Before the update I used to take 15-40 minutes on a difficult/ hard level but after the update it literally takes me 10 minutes to do an extreme level. I am outraged because I want to be challenged and use every part of my brain to try to solve the puzzle. To think of techniques that might work but now it’s incredibly easy. Please make the extreme almost impossible to solve And the ads are getting out of control. I have to turn off my wifi so I stop getting ads
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1 year ago, EricaEVN
Too many ads
First of all I would like to say, I have had this game for quite a long time, longer than I keep most apps on my phone. I enjoy the daily challenges, event puzzles, and the free play option. My biggest concern is the number of ads that I am having to watch in order to complete one challenge. They are now before, in the middle of, and after every challenge I attempt/complete. After reading other reviews I see that you promised another user that the mid-challenge ads would be removed, OVER A YEAR AGO. I understand that there is an option to buy the ad free version for $5; however, I play this as a way to wind down and it’s not something I play very diligently. I can not justify spending $5 just to remove ads for a game that I might open once or twice a week. I do also understand that ads are how you make your revenue on a free to play game, but it is getting excessive at this point. My fiancé recommended a sudoku app in the Apple Arcade, and I have been hesitant to switch because I have had this one for so long, but I am honestly very tempted to make the change now.
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1 year ago, KJRettew
Bad Changes
I knew something felt wrong with the last update. I know the design has been overhauled but there are some things I’m really upset about. The notes/hints being changed telling me that I have missing notes when I’ve intentionally removed numbers. I’m really upset about this because I’ve gained so much of my knowledge and tricks from this app. How will new players understand hidden doubles/bowman’s bingo, y-wings, etc if the “hints” are just filling in random squares. That’s not hinting, it’s solving. Also, I really loved going back and playing previous monthly challenges. You used to be able to hit the trophy button and click on the month you want to complete. Now you have to go to daily challenges, and swipe backwards to try and get to the month you’re completing. Super frustrating. It seems that the update also reset my average scores and winning streaks. And the timed challenges I love so much are 50% easy/medium when they used to be mostly hard/difficult. I hope some positive changes come soon, because I spend way too much time on this app, but I can feel it dwindling.
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4 years ago, Brian Buie
Great game! One minor feature I would love to see...
I love this app! The events are awesome and the interface is super intuitive. Also, the smart hints that don’t just give you a number and actually show you the strategy are incredible!!! One minor nitpick has to do with the tap-and-hold a number feature that allows you to quickly enter it into multiple cells. I love that when in the default entry mode, you can select a cell with a number already in it and see all of those numbered notes in bold on the other cells. Currently, when you tap-and-hold a digit, the cells containing that digit show a grey background (which is awesome!), I just wish the notes were also bolded. I find myself deselecting the held digit, tapping a cell to see the notes bolded, making a mental note of where I need to enter the new notes, and quickly going back to the held digit to enter them all (and mistakes get made!) Thank you for the great app and actually responding to user reviews, it means a lot!
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4 years ago, Jessamine LeFeu
Great sudoku app, best I’ve tried
I spend so much time in this app, I find sudoku very soothing and the interface is smooth and great. (I’ve paid for it, because ads are not soothing and devs deserve money. And I appreciate something that doesn’t have microtransactions.) I absolutely love the “killer” sudoku in the new event, and I hope they’re introduced as a regular option to play, because I’ve just finished the event and I already miss them! My only real issue is that the 1 is so narrow and so close to the edge of the screen that it’s incredibly difficult for me to successfully hold it down to select it—a huge amount of the time I end up too far to the left and then when I try to correct I end up brushing 2 and it changes the number in whatever square I last entered and I rack up mistakes for no reason because I’m fighting with the interface. It would be nice to be able to rotate my phone sideways and have the numbers up the side of the puzzle instead.
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1 year ago, gaxguy
Statistics Lacking
I like the game just fine but your statistics leave something to be desired. The stats for different levels (easy, medium, hard, expert) don’t include daily games or event games. Event games and daily games come in all the various levels but are never added to the stats for those various levels. I play all the daily games and try to complete most of the events. As such I have completed hundreds of games at all levels but when I go to statistics, each level only has a handful of games represented. And the separate statistics for daily challenges is a combination of multiple levels. What is the value of the best time or average time stats when it is a combination of easy, medium, hard and expert? I saw another review where someone complained about this and you responded that you had to keep them separate and that you didn’t have any plans to change the statistics set up. Apparently, it’s not a worthwhile issue for you or is too hard to implement. With an attitude like that, I can’t give this game 5 stars.
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5 years ago, ASParadise79
Keeps CRASHING since update!!!😡
Fantastic game, can’t stop playing!!! It’s my go to game! However since your latest update while in the middle of playing the game, it keeps crashing.. the screen goes completely black except for the advertisements at the bottom of the screen! I’ve tried closing the app and restarting the game but it happens again immediately after opening up the game. I’ve tried starting a new game and again the screen goes black all except for the advertisements at the bottom. Then I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and guess what? It happens again! No other apps do this on my iPad so I know it’s not the problem, plus if it were my iPad then the advertisements would go black too and they don’t. Every single time the screen goes black it still shows the advertisements at the bottom and the rest of the screen is black! I pray you get this fixed ASAP! This is my favorite game to play on a daily basis and since I couldn’t play using this app anymore, I was forced to download another sudoku app in order to get my daily sudoku fix. I will however continue to check this app regularly to see if the problem has been resolved or not but in the meantime I’ll be using another sudoku app!
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3 days ago, SamwiseGamgee97
Used to be GREAT
I downloaded this sudoku app years ago, paid for no ads, and was very satisfied with the quality of the game. The interface is fantastic. Easy puzzles were nice for when I wanted to just breeze through and hard puzzles were great for when I wanted a challenge. However, a recent update modified the difficulty scaling, and I am quite disappointed. The most difficult of the scale, ‘Extreme,’ is LESS challenging than the ‘Expert’ difficulty was before this update. I have not needed a single advanced tactic since this update was released and I am quite dissatisfied about that. Not that I always want a puzzle that hard, but so called Master and Extreme difficulty levels should require, shall we say, master level techniques to solve. It’s disappointing that the bar has been lowered so that simply filling in notes and scanning the screen with a small amount of deduction is all that is required to solve these ‘high difficulty’ puzzles. I hope an update will be released to make the hard puzzles hard again. If that happens, I’d gladly give 5/5, but, as it stands, 3/5 is generous.
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9 months ago, VLaw100414
6-8 ad interruptions in one game is crazyyyy
I used to love this app so much. I played it non stop; however, I lost interest and deleted the app. After reinstalling the app a few months ago, I’ve noticed the ads becoming VERYYY intrusive. I don’t mind watching short ads in the beginning or the end of the game but to CONSISTENTLY make me watch 10 seconds of an ad, and MAKING the ad for said app pop slide up on my screen with the “download” button, is WAY too much. Especially when it’s constantly during the game after you eliminate all the numbers of a certain number. If it’s not every time I eliminate, then it’s every other time. So you’re looking at me being forced to watch ads, forced to close the App Store notification to download that app, then close the ad itself about 6-8 times during a single game. A SINGLE GAME THAT HAS SIX TO EIGHT ADS IM FORCED TO WATCH AT LEAST 5-10 SECONDS, THEN DELINE THE AP’S DOWNLOAD OPTION, AND THENNNN CLOSE OUT OF THE AD (carefully having to close out because lord forbid that I miss that tiny X in the corner and chance watching the again) IS JUST RIDICULOUS FOR ONE SINGLE GAME So goodbye Easy Brain, we had a great run, on and off for 4 years, but I can’t stand the constant interruptions mid game anymore.
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10 months ago, new_slang19
Complete UI change is too disruptive
I completely agree with the review left by tbett6922. I’ve been playing the ad-free version of this app for over a year, and I love that the hints teach you strategies to play the game better! However, the new UI showed up for me today, and it’s completely different than it used to be. It’s not as visually satisfying, especially in dark mode as tbett6922 said, and the developer added a bubble that pops up every time you tap a pre-filled square saying you can’t fill it in (obviously you can’t, that’s how sudoku works). Before today’s new UI, I would drag my finger over a whole row to fill in the notes, and then remove notes methodically to solve the puzzle. It’s a calming and satisfying way to play sudoku. Now that new bubble pops up over and over and over and over again when dragging to fill in the notes, with no way to turn it off. The meditative calm I used to gain from this game is harder to get because of this single change. I will be looking for a new sudoku app that doesn’t disrupt the flow of playing the game.
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2 months ago, gcfdjtdfdnejudtdyfhf
Insane amount of ads
This would be a great game app... except for the fact that there are SO MANY ADS. Every time you clear a number, there's an ad (So that's 9 ads per game just there). When you complete a game, there's an ad. There's an ad before you begin a new game (This makes a total of ELEVEN ads minimum per game) . Anytime you pause the game for even a second, there's an ad when you restart it... even if you paused it immediately after finishing an ad... there's ALWAYS another ad. This is especially frustrating when you hit a streak and see where things are supposed to go.... only to be interrupted by another friggin' ad. Normally you can put your phone on airplane mode if you just wanna veg out and play uninterrupted by ads... but nope, NOT with this app.... There are even ads while in airplane mode and I don't understand HOW! And they aren't just quick ads either... most of them are the 45-60 second long. Which is a shame because otherwise I'd rate it 5 stars... but as it stands, this is the most annoying game app I've ever used, so annoying that the two stars I gave it is being generous.
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3 years ago, 121211113114142536383
Could Use Some Improvements
Sudoku is my absolute favorite game, it trains your mind and helps build brain activity, as well as helps focusing on other things (like a break). There are many sudoku games on the internet, and this one is by far my favorite. It has a lot of very customizable features, such as the background color and several other settings. I, however, have a few suggestions that I think could significantly improve the game. I’ll start by mentioning a few quality of life features. One problem I have is that my grandparents often play sudoku on my iPhone, and they have massive fingers so always make mistakes because they miscible on a tile for a number. I would recommend a zoom feature by I don’t know, dragging with two fingers or something. It would help out larger people, and also I tend to work on a single square within the three by three, so it might also help me focus a more. Another feature I might suggest would be the option to turn off the explanation for a hint. I know how to play sudoku, have since I was three or four years old. However, I sometimes just get stuck and need to use a hint. But the excessive explanation is too boring for me and I have to quickly click through it to continue playing, but I understand why the hint is right, so it just gets annoying. Anyways, I hope y’all devs read this and consider my suggestions. It would certainly bring my rating up to a five out of five stars! - Sathare
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5 months ago, Matt 123 456 789
Too many ads
Let me preface this by saying that I understand why a developer needs to put in ads for a free version of their app. You need to incorporate them somehow in order to generate some kind of revenue. But the sheer number of ads and their placement is just overboard. You Play an ad before you start every game. Play an ad after you finish every game. There’s banner ads at the bottom right by the numbers that you tap. There’s even ads that take up the whole screen in the middle of a game which is extremely distracting. The ads also have forward and skip buttons but pressing them only starts up a new ad for the same game. Hitting the “X” button doesn’t do anything, except for just playing a new version of the same ad… Sudoku is a game that requires concentration and the constant ads are very distracting. And yes, I know I could buy the ad free version but five dollars is just way too much for a little puzzle game. The mobile version of GTA five costs five dollars and it’s a far more complex mobile game than sudoku. Either reduce the price or reduce the number of ads. Uninstalled.
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2 years ago, jeff12345
Terrible UI
So many UI frustrations! I’d turn on notes, make some and then turn it off so I could mark a different square with a number - and all my notes would be marked as wrong answers! No, no, no, they’re still just notes! I also had to be very careful to start my game by clicking on an existing number. If I clicked on an empty square the game would fill it with a number - when I didn’t mean to fill it with anything yet - and more than likely it would be wrong. And once I made a wrong guess on the last instance of a number. The game hides the number in the navigation row at the bottom when you’ve finished marking every instance of that number, and that’s exactly what it did even though my last guess was marked wrong. Absolutely no way to fix it! I gave up after two games that end early simply because I clicked in the wrong way. Deleted app but would be willing to try it again (and re-rate) if these problems were fixed. Confirmation asks or toggles would be nice and greying out the nav numbers instead of disappearing them would be helpful. Ignore notes as guesses in any mode.
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3 years ago, ashernorton
App is excellent except the hint mechanism
I’ve been using this app for at least two years (hey, I want that trophy at the end of the month/year!) and it has been appealingly consistent with updates and the ad placement doesn’t bother me in the slightest, mostly because it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t get in the way. Edit 1: Still a great app and I do at least the daily challenge every day, if not more. That being said, with this most recent update (today is 20 May 2021), the style and buttons all changed. Normally this is fine, but in dark mode (which i have to use for my eyes ) where the background is dark grey and the numbers are white and pale blue, this most recent update means that the pencilled in numbers grey out to invisibility instead of highlighting brightly like they used to. Before, when I’d choose a number for final input (where it would go blue and easy to see), every other identical number on the entire board would be bright white. Now, it greys out and it’s impossible to see where matching numbers are across the board.
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2 years ago, UAMed
Great app
I like this app to do puzzles but would like if I could have friends and do time competitions against them or even a dual play like you both work on the same puzzle. However, we would be limited to 3 numbers or chances per turn before the next player has their turn. A dual or team game would either be an elimination challenge where each play is limited to 3 wrong number before they are eliminated. Or even a time challenge with friends where each player work on the same puzzle and the first person to fill the puzzle completely and accurately will be the winner kind of the a bingo game. However, each wrong answer will deduct points or even add more time so even they are the first to fill in the puzzle completely, accurately is also a factor instead of a person doing a quick trial and error. I would enjoy this app more if I didn’t have to do it alone.
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3 months ago, Bdnxjjdnskckzlsn
Sudoku Adventure
Hello, I would like to start by saying this is probably my favourite game on my phone, and I play it all the time. I can hardly put it down! I would even say it's deserving of five stars, but there is one tiny little thing that irks me. You see, I love the little events most of all, and sudoku adventure used to be just regular Sudoku. Now, every Sudoku adventure is just an advertisement for killer sudoku, and kudos t you, you made two successful games, but as someone who doesn't enjoy killer sudoku, I find it unfair that for three days after an event I can't play my sudoku because it's suddenly killer sudoku. Instead, I have to do the levels, which are not nearly as fun as the events. I would understand if I was playing the app killer sudoku, but l'm not, so why is killer sudoku in my non killer sudoku app? There's already advertisements for your game, which again, advertising is good I don't mind, but I don't enjoy an entire event catered to a game I'm not even playing. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, Fawntaco
Love the game and the app
I’ve been playing sudoku for a while on the website, and I decided that I should get the app for a more immersed experience and so far I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s smoother and more stream-lined and overall a better experience than the website. My one complaint is that as someone who has past experience playing sudoku and was playing higher level difficulties is that you need to start out on the lower levels to unlock hard levels. I wish that you would be free to choose your difficulty so that experienced players just getting the app wouldn’t have to play easy levels just so they can play ones more their difficulty. It makes it slow and boring at the start until you can get to harder levels. Overall a good app and great for beginners, just one little complaint over having to unlock hard levels.
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4 years ago, Aaqueous
Love the game, wish there was a little something more
Longtime puzzler! I’ve been using this specific app for quite some time! I haven’t found one that’s comparable to it, however I wish there were either more than one puzzle for the daily challenge or more events. I love doing the events and I’ve only missed one since the start of the new year! Even if they were just weekly events instead of specific holidays I would love that. There’s something really charming about reaching the end of the event and getting the medals. Opening the app and clicking new game every time and then selecting the difficulty doesn’t have the same charm as working up from easy to hard as in the events. It’s a lot harder for me to keep track of how many puzzles I did in a day but starting new games and such. Overall I really like the app and the design and layout. It’s easy to customize it a bit so you can make it more or less of a challenge, but I wish there was a bit more to the events.
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2 years ago, Want2BSexymama
Fun game, but lots of ads
I love sudoku and have since I was younger. I downloaded this app a couple years ago. When I first downloaded it, the ads weren't too bad. They only came at the end of a game, which is reasonable for any free download. Now I get at least 2 during a single game and it's really annoying. It's annoying to the point where I will go weeks/months without playing on this app, only due to not wanting to deal with all the ads that interfere with my game. It gets so obnoxious that I will quit playing in the middle of a game, when an ad pops up, just so I don't have to waste my time watching it. The other thing that bugs me is that when I win a game, it will say that the time I finished at was my fastest time (for that particular level) when I know for a fact I've gotten faster times at said level. I don't really play to keep track of my times, so it's not too big a deal. I mostly just wish it only did that when it really was my fastest time, instead of seeming to circle through "achievements". I don't need a participation trophy 😂 Other than that I love that I can customize my settings. I love that there's no wasted paper. I love that I can turn off the setting that tells me if I got something wrong, but can turn it back on if I'm stumped about where I made a mistake. I love that I can challenge my brain on my phone instead of always mind-numbingly scrolling social media. Get rid of all the ads during games and I'd probably play more.
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1 year ago, ginger plants
Rewarded with more ads
I get the free games have ads and I understand that , but when I’m in the middle of a game and finish eliminating one number from the board , and get a reward of it breaking away to another ad even though I just watched one , is not only really annoying but greedy and unnecessary. I can’t get over that , the reward is another ad . It def makes it difficult to concentrate, when I get going and I get in a zone and start breaking it down , to have it cut in the middle of my game for every number eliminated smh there is a very basic process in getting a game to be addictive and that’s the reward mechanism in your brain . If every time you achieve something , you get interrupted, it’s like Pavlov’s dog, you are conditioning me to be repelled against achieving any numbers to completion . If it was just ads before each level I could deal with that but I cannot play a game with this many interruptions . Idk how this is so highly rated , maybe it didn’t used to be this way . Part of why I like sudoku is getting into a meditative state while solving . That’s just not achievable here, there are better options .
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1 year ago, ChrisN318
Hints and Evil mode are problems
In previous versions of the app, whenever I was stuck on a difficult level I was able to use hints to see if I was missing something or if it was bowman’s bingo. Now, every time I use the hint, it prefills all empty cells with all possible answers without consideration for numbers that can be indirectly eliminated. This leads to populating many cells with completely unnecessary numbers that I have already eliminated and I usually have to erase everything and start over. This makes the hint feature essentially useless for higher level puzzles. The Evil game mode also could use some work. It seems like every puzzle follows the same pattern to solve and becomes overly repetitive and predictable. I had high hopes that it would provide a new challenge that would be even more difficult than the expert mode but have found the expert mode is usually more difficult and has more variety than the evil mode is.
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1 year ago, DiJuno
Obnoxious and deceitful ads. Play on the web instead.
The game is interrupted every time you finish a number, box, or line and after the ad your flow is gone cause you’ve lost track. Some of the ads don’t play out like commercials but instead present a screen that’s designed to trick you into thinking it’s interactive so you’ll click it and be kicked out of the game completely. On top of that there’s always an ad bar at the bottom that never stops moving and it’s hard to ignore. The ad that made me delete the app was a banner with a fake, bright, strobing message notification. On top of being the most distracting and annoying ad I’ve seen in my life, it’s also terrible cause those kinds of ads are deceitful and are how people get viruses. It’s a shame cause the app is built well otherwise and I would have put up with the ads if they didn’t feel like a punishment and weren’t designed to manipulate people by lying to them. I’m not falling for it but there are plenty of people who will and in the future it will lead to them having their identities stolen. Shame on you for allowing those kinds of ads.
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7 months ago, DavidP 4200
Swiping for notes is back (mostly)
Well, swiping has been reenabled, sort of. The first number touched displays feedback, but the rest of the numbers swiped over appear as dead. Poor UI, worse implementation, terrible QA. Okay, 3 stars instead of 1. They’ll have to impress me to get higher than that. This app used to have of the best overall interfaces for Sudoku. It used to have the best feature set as well. But the developer continues to lobotomize this app for whatever reason, without any announcement of changes. When you purchase an app and features start disappearing, you learn to distrust the developer. I’d select zero starts if I could to express my disappointment with this developer. Changes over the last few months: - the ability to swipe across the number pad to enter notes : GONE. While not needed in portrait mode, losing this feature in landscape mode is a total FAIL that should never have happened. - left-hand mode : GONE Another completely unnecessary FAIL. - hints to educate about X wings : GONE. - hints to educate about Y wings : GONE. - hints to educate about XY wings : GONE. - hints to educate about Swordfishes : GONE. - hints to educate about Bob’s Bingo : GONE. These have all apparently been replaced with a hint of “what cell would you like solved?” A cheap substitute for a unique feature set. All play levels feel like they’ve been dumbed down about a half a notch. Perhaps this is how the developer justifies dropping all that great functionality.
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3 years ago, Mountairy
I love Sudoku; it is one of my favorites and I play it quite a bit from many sources so I thought I would give your app a try. I chose easy for first game to allow me to see how your app operated in terms of filling in the grids. I had a bit of trouble with the game placing numbers in the chosen square; they landed in a square adjacent to where I chose. Quickly the game ended saying I had made three mistakes and game was over. They were not mistakes I made by choosing the wrong square intentionally but rather by a square inadvertently being touched or my not knowing exactly how your game operated. I do not like the feature where the game ends if 3 mistakes are made; especially on the very first game when a player is still trying to understand how your app functions in terms of number placement. In fact, I like to work my sudoku puzzles to completion and if I make an occasional mistake, I like the challenge of finding and fixing it. I do not want the game to kick me out. As a result your app is gone. I have plenty of other sudoku games to play that are both challenging and fun and they do not aggravate me with unnecessary restrictions.
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4 years ago, Brianna Shuffle
events should have fewer levels
First off, I love this app. It has a simply beautiful interface and it’s easy to use. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sudoku app. My favorite part of the app is completing the seasonal events. They’re fun and I like collecting the medals. However, recently the number of levels in an event has been increasing and I think that having to complete 100 levels in a week to receive a “gold” is excessive. It’s doable, but it’s majorly time consuming (especially when people have work, etc). For me, I don’t really like getting bronze/silver so if I get past the “bronze level”, I’ll play for hours on end until I complete the event to get gold. But at that point, the fun is taken out of the game - I’m just playing to complete levels and it’s not enjoyable anymore. If the events continue to have an insane amount of levels, i probably just won’t start them anymore. In my opinion, the events should be more around 20-30 levels (at least <50).
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4 years ago, Hollie Daré
Decent, but the mistakes limit is awful
I like brain games and this app is a decent digital version of sudoku but there are some strange problems. Example being the "limit mistakes" setting which does nothing; you can restart the game, wait, restart the app, no matter what you'll get screwed over by the mistakes. Hit one wrong button and the game boots you, and by mistake I mean hitting the wrong button, because sometimes the notes are off and you're just trying to mark a possibility, nope, you're a dunce for not seeing the slight difference in colour. To be fair, this might just be me but the fact that I can't let myself make a few mistakes more than the crazy difficult tiny three limit is upsetting. The setting is there; why doesn't it work. This is a big drawback for me but besides that the app is just fine: good UI design, nice looking, it's easy to tell when you've done right and what you started with, generally pretty good. But that one problem that I presume to be a glitch or a miscommunication really takes a lot out of it.
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5 years ago, ._G_.
Love it!
The game functions well. It features settings to change whether the game is timed, whether you want limits on how many you get incorrect, along with lots of other options. It’s very simplistic without flashy colors, and has three different color options for different times of the day (white, yellow, black) similar to functions on an internet browser, so your eyes don’t strain from white light etc. It doesn’t take up much of my battery usage, and works on airplane mode/without data, so it’s nice for a flight or a road trip. The single downside to this app is the ads before and/or after each puzzle is completed, and if you have a limit on how many you can get correct it plays an ad before you can continue, but again the limit can be turned off in the settings. Overall, this app is fantastic and I definitely recommend downloading it if you are a fan of sudoku.
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4 years ago, Ov3rworld
From a Sudoku Amateur / Enthusiast
So I’ve been paying this game for awhile now, and after completing all the daily challenges possible (as of right now, 678), I think its a relatively good time to finally make a review. I just want to saw that the minimalism feel of this game is just personally very good. Compared to other sudoku apps, I think this app nailed the note taking aspect especially, note taking is usually infuriating for me, but this app in my opinion is very easy to make quick, easy, and simple notes. The reason I gave it 4/5 stars was: 1. Not enough sudoku diversity (i.e. more killer sudoku or maybe sudoku w/ chess twist, etc.) 2. The diversity this app does have is just the same easy-medium sudokus in the events and daily challenges, not really unique at all, I could just go to the regular easy / medium sudokus What I do want to suggest: 1. New optional themes, provide choices for something other than minimalism or maybe different fonts) 2. More note-taking styles (i.e. highlighting could be added) 3. More creative sudokus To clarify, I really like the minimalist look, and I don’t want the app to sacrifice its minimalistic look for a more crowded sudoku even if it meant more note-taking styles and etc., but if you can provide more choices, then please add more themes, note-taking styles, and etc. At the very least, please provide more diverse sudokus, your sudoku generator-bot is already nailing the difficulty pretty dang well already :P
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10 months ago, Foreverwestwyoming
I used to love this app
I play the daily as a way to quickly tickle my brain. But I really hate the latest update. I only get medium and hard puzzles now. If I want to play hard puzzles, I would go in and choose intentionally to do so. I hate that I now have no choice. It would be great if you guys would add a setting where we could choose the level of difficulty for the daily puzzles. I often only have a couple of minutes to play. And now I’m about to stop playing altogether because I don’t like to use the hint feature or just guess a bunch of times, but that’s what I’m having to resort to because I don’t have an hour to solve a hard puzzle, and I’m driven to get the gold coin on the stupid calendar to show I played each day 😂. I really do enjoy this app. I had never play sudoku in my life until this app. I like the features. I just don’t like that I never get a puzzle I can solve in 3-5 minutes anymore.
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