4.8 (596.7K)
109.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
PeopleFun CG, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for ▻Sudoku

4.78 out of 5
596.7K Ratings
6 months ago, 86smopuiM
Best sudoku for iOS.
I've been playing sudoku using this iOS game for years, but very sporadically. Yet I've always loved it. The interface is perfect in that it doesnt provide cheats or shortcuts, but does help to keep track of things that are otherwise not the fun part of solving a sudoku (for instance removing all the scratch notes for a digit once you've solved something that eliminates the possibility of them being in other squares. Lately I have been playing more and I had the urge to try different tile sets. And for the first time playing this game I experienced an ad (I think they normally only play after you have won a game and then elect to start a new one... I'm usually too spent). The ad played and within 5 seconds the sudoku call game creators had it set to let me skip it. And get right back to playing. Then it dawned on me how much I appreciated not getting ads thrown at me left and right, not having them interrupt me at any time during a game, and even on the rare occasions when they did play, being able to skip. Bought it immediately for $4.99. Too cheap. I wish I could show the developers my appreciation more. Add a tip jar! And thank you!
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8 months ago, ah091023
Best Sudoku App I’ve ever Used
I rarely write reviews, but in this case, I really had to. I’ve had this app for a few years now, and it’s the only game that I’ve kept on my phone and used consistently. I have adhd, so my apps tend to have a a quicker turnover than normal. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ I also have a very painful chronic illness that keeps me bedridden in pain more days than it doesn’t these days sadly. When you have to deal with that amount of pain, with no real end to the suffering in sight, you have to find mindless, yet stimulating, low-impact activities to help distract your brain and body… at least enough so that you make it through. Your app has provided me with countless hours of entertainment/ distraction over the years, and I thank you so much for that. And thank you so much for taking the time to develop such a high quality, smart, seamless app. It has helped me tremendously. 🙏❤️ To all the people complaining about ads, especially those who have been playing for years… you do know that you can remove the ads for like $2, right? 🤣🤣
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2 years ago, MortgageMecca
hours and years of fun
i’ve enjoyed this app and game for years and the only thing that could make it better is to see how i match up against others, or if they could list a highest possible score just to know where we stand. They nailed the colors and look years ago and i’m so happy they haven’t messed with success. i’ve tried others, but this one is just right for me - and it seems 508,000 others enjoy it as well. One day i’ll go for the paid version, but i keep this one because of the ads and feel like the developer probably makes more regular income this way. Nobody likes ads, but when i grew up that’s all there was in tv and that was the time we took a break. Enjoy the game and it’s levels. i normally play level “Hard” and my highest score so far is 59,669 Scoring is interesting and the plan is to finish off boxes and lines, filling in voids one at a time doesn’t score well and you’ll probably remain around the 40,000’s vs the 50,000’s in level “Hard” without a good strategy
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5 years ago, Clionamac
Miserable, money grubbing!
First off, let me say that I have loved this game and that this has to be the only game that I actually consistently played. However the pop ups have made my enjoyment of the game non existent....in fact, they only serve to aggravate me to the point that I’ve stopped playing the game for weeks at a time. I frequently give up playing after one or two games because the ads and the pop ups just take so much from my enjoyment of the game that it’s just not worth it. No more. I’ve been playing it for years, and in fact I have paid to be rid of these ads. However after one of your upgrades this fact was apparently lost and in spite of having paid, I am again stuck with ads. This I find not only poor business practice but rather typical of the underhanded manner in which Apple finds ways to take money from unsuspecting customers. I was so desperate to play that I was willing to pay again, just to be free of those ads! However..... when I looked for a way to pay for the game, none was evident, which means the ad revenue is way more than what you get from me when I pay! Well, I’ve had enough. This customer is not satisfied. You’ve taken my money from me and continue to force me to watch ads. Unless you restore my paid up status, I will no longer play this game.
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7 years ago, she-la23
Great game not so great scoring
This is one of my "go to" games. It was one of the first games I downloaded years ago when I got my first smart phone. I love the interface, the colors, the layout. The highlighting of the buttons makes it easy to see which number you are working on. The note function is great. I usually turn the sound off on any game I'm playing, but I actually like the sound effects! My only real issue is with scoring. Why is the score based on which number I "finish"? Currently you get a higher score if you finish all the 9's or 8's first. Sudoku is a game about patterns, not the actual value of the numbers you're entering in the squares. The scoring should be based on finishing any given number not the numerical value of that number. I finished a game in less time, with the multiplier at a higher number than my last game but had a lower score because the pattern of the lower numbers (1,2,3) was easier to figure out than the higher numbers (7,8,9). Please change this or have the option to turn the scoring off.
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2 months ago, Gamma 🥰
Long time player
Absolutely love playing this game and have for years. Never have updated, just continue with the original version. I’m not competitive so I do not try to do anything but enjoy playing… and teaching our grandchildren making memories of time together… This review is probably two years old and I am saying the very same thing, and still enjoy doing this each time I come to this app! I never tire of playing this game, especially this iPad app! 2023, March… Oh my goodness! Here we are April, 2024, and I still continue to play this game and continue to enjoy the fact that I’m not competing with anybody but myself! And best of all, I still give it to deserve five stars because it fits me just fine. I have enjoyed teaching the grandchildren how to play using this very same program.
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3 months ago, Joefromravenna
Really good app, but not hard enough
Y’all need to consider either revamping your hard/ expert levels or adding another level of hard. All because for me the difference between hard and expert level is that i have only 1 loss on hard level and 6 losses on expert level after 3 years of play. I haven’t had a loss on the expert level in like 2 years. I’ve played well over 1000 puzzles in just the last 2 years. If i had to give you guys a recommendation then i would scrap the hard level and call your current expert level “hard”. I say so because my best times to solve the 2 levels are only 30 seconds apart. Not enough to set the two levels apart in a meaningful way. At least the bottom 3 levels have an appreciable difference in difficulty. In keeping with that appreciable growth in difficulty add another level or two of difficulty to the new and improved “expert” level. Otherwise i like the app. It’s robust, i can play offline while in a weak signal area, and it has a pleasant visual. Thanks for your hard work.
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7 years ago, BritBrit559
Good app but...
There are some issues that need to be worked out. I've just noticed that despite my phone being on silent, any time a game is finished and a new game begins, the first tile I touch makes a sound. The first time this happened, I double checked and sure enough my phone was silent but perhaps I was hearing things? Nope, it still happens... I also wish the buttons were a little more sensitive. Going back and forth between the notes function and the live tiles, I often click the notes button to turn it on and end up laying a live tile because it didn't actually kick on. Of course when this happens it is typically the wrong tile that goes down and I get a penalty mark. Also with the screen sensitivity, many times I accidentally grab the wrong tile but it's too late and I get a penalty. I wish there was some sort of time delay where if you press the correct tile within like .2 seconds it would let you put that one down and not be penalized. Otherwise this is the best sudoku app I've found in the App Store.
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7 years ago, JediHoth
Solid game
I've played this Sudoku game for a while before rating it. It's also the only time I've ever played a sudoku game. I think the app is great. I especially like the note taking ability to solve the puzzle, writing in numbers that are possible in squares. At first I didn't think it valuable but it is important on the higher/harder difficulties. The whole user interface of highlighting boxes (all of that same number on the grid) is useful. Selecting numbers, removing them s from the board when they are all used (found) is smart thinking by the developers. Bottom line, I think the developers thought through and put into the game all the elements a player would want and need. This is definitely a game I'm keeping. Because it is a free game it is a true winner that you should have in your games selection!
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7 years ago, stine0202
Great game
I have been addicted to this app for years, and it is certainly the best sudoku app that I've ever downloaded. I do not play every level- only hard and occasionally expert, but every puzzle seems to use the same two or three go-to numbers . I can almost always guarantee that the numbers 4 and 6 are going to be the first completed on every single hard level puzzle. It's irritating to be continually playing what seems to be the exact puzzle over and over again with the numbers just moved around in different patterns. This is not an issue that many reviewers have, and it is extremely minor compared to glitches in the app that others have had. It's just obnoxious. It doesn't stop me from playing constantly though! I just brush it off as my OCD and keep playing.
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2 years ago, Crash Flash
The Best Way To Learn Sudoku!
When I started playing this game I knew what Sudoku was, but really didn’t get it. I started with easy, and flash and did pretty good. Then I started playing with edit mode, and went to medium and hard. The key is to fill it out completely and eliminate as you go. I’ve done the expert mode, and my best time is just under 15min. I’ve played other sudoku games, but they don’t have an interface that lets you know what’s going on. I don’t use the sound, but when you get it wrong it makes a big deal about it. If you fill it completely, you still will have to make educated guesses. The other thing you have to do is make sure your educated guesses are 50/50, and have an impact on another 50/50 guess. To sum up, one of the best games ever!
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5 months ago, kelslaw
Ad free without a new app? Please??
To preface, I love this app. I’ve had it for a good ten years and it’s by far the best sudoku app out there. I’ve played over 720 hours, but I don’t play it hardly ever anymore because of the ads. They used to be every other game and it was tolerable. But now, it’s before and after every single game. It’s just a lot so I just choose other games to play. I can see that I can get an ad free version.. but it’s a whole new app. Which bums me out. I have stats going back 10 years with over 10,000 games played, and I don’t want to lose that data. I accidentally reset my stats about 8 years ago and I don’t want to have to restart everything all over again. If there was a way to pay for the ad free AND keep my stats, I’d be so sold. I want to pay for the ad free, but I can’t seem to give up my stats :(
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7 years ago, smboomsslt
Fun Version of Sudoku
I've spent a lot of time playing this game, and it's good. My only complaint is the mistake tracker. I wish I could be allowed to be able to make mistakes without being given the answer. At least there should be a setting where I have that choice. Sometimes at the end, I'm trying to make a good time and I've got it figured out and I accidentally hit the wrong key, or I don't change from the permanent selection to the notes selection and I get a mistake. Also, on expert, sometimes I do actually 'guess' between two possibilities to see which one will play out. I can't do that with this version because I'm marked with a mistake and the answer is given. But, considering how often I use the app, I think it would be hypocritical to give it less than a 4 star rating.
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4 years ago, icea's
Really enjoy playing puzzles, always have. Now, in the senior years of my life, I slowly learned to play Sudoku. The more I played the better my game. Like most, I started with the easiest game, and hesitated to try the harder ones, but, eventually I did. I love the challenge of trying to reach a higher score. My highest is in the 89... I do much better in Sudoku, than I do at Crosswords. However, recently Sudoku has introduced a lot of advertising, that interrupts the flow of my game, and I’ve even thought of deleting the app from my iPad. I really don’t like those adds, I’m just not interested! I have cut down my playing, however... I get a least one game in each morning, only to notice that I’m getting slower as I age. Still, I love the game, and glad I learned it. Irene.
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7 years ago, I'MGONNAWRECKIT!!
Really awesome for a free app.
Update: Most of the issues I had with the UI from before have been resolved. I'm glad that pausing no longer takes away multipliers, too! Still my favorite Sudoku app, and I come back to it often these days. It has made me a better Sudoku player overall haha. Original review: For the most part, this is a fabulous sudoku app. I like that the rounds are timed--adds a little more suspense. I also really like that it's connected to GameCenter. My only problems are with the touch responses and the pause screen. Whenever you pause (either by accident--tapping a blank square too many times prompts the pause screen to show up--or on purpose) takes a multiplier away automatically. I also accidentally tap the ads A LOT, since they're so close to the number row and I have fat finger syndrome. Any time you come back from an ad click-away, you lose another multiplier. Super-aggravating when you're on a roll and you're about to beat your old high score. Combined, these are the only reasons I'm taking away a star. Other than the minor UI annoyances and how little stupid things cause your multiplier to decrease, this really is a great Sudoku app (even better that it's free!). I don't like using normal Sudoku apps now that I'm so used to racing against the clock!
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7 years ago, drhdw
a bit addicting
I like how the game keeps track of previous scores; you can push yourself for better speed & accuracy. For a free app, the adverts are acceptably visible but non-obtrusive. To make the ‘expert’ level more challenging, I only allow up to three ‘hints’ of any given number per block of nine; if, say, a number six has four possible squares inside a given block, I won’t enter any hints for six in that block until one of those squares is solved by another number. One more twist: at ‘expert’ level, sometimes at the outset a new game will give you none of the squares in a certain block solved. I’ll enter hints only (three max) in that block and never actually enter the solutions, but only take away incorrect numbers as the game progresses. Long review, I know, but hey, I’m kinda like addicted...
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5 years ago, Pongo5295
This game is broken...
The developers are aware of how the update broke a previously flawless game. To their credit, I got a response almost 5 weeks ago that they were going to fix it. Evidently, it is not high on their list of things to fix. In their efforts to incorporate even more obnoxious advertising, they somehow have broken the game. I realize they are entitled to earn money. But to break something in that quest is hardly a way to do it. I will admit, though, that they have created or allowed the MOST OBNOXIOUS ADS I've ever seen in a game. I hope the advertisers are listening because I will NEVER buy any product that SCREAMS at you to buy it! Advertising can be effective without being obnoxious. Things like the distracting penguins will never cause me to even consider buying the product.
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5 years ago, Elianastar
HANDS DOWN best Sudoku app!
When my old iPad was no longer supported for this app, I downloaded & tested out about a dozen other apps. I JUST want to play Sudoku. I don’t want/need “jazzed up bells & whistles,” just make GAME PLAY useful w/as little frustration as possible, thank you. ONLY Sudoku app I’ve found that does THAT. I deleted ALL the alternatives & just played “old fashioned” paper & pencil Sudoku. Returned to iPhone last week & am ECSTATIC to discover my FAVORITE Sudoku app available again! Forgot what a PLEASURE playing Sudoku could be! Find the perfect settings for how YOU like to play & forget all those others! All I need is to have current digit I’m looking for HIGHLIGHTED on board & remove optional numbers below when I’ve found all of that digit = easy to please 😁 so why was that so hard for all those other apps???
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7 years ago, Adude1111
Good for a few minutes, but flaws become noticeable.
First off I got about 25 hours of play time on this the last year so this is by no means a first players impression. Let me say right off the bat this is a fun game but it is also too easy. Right now my fastest expert is 1:59 and that is due to the UI limitation of having to select each number and each tile vs just sticking with the last number you used. This brings me to my next point. The scoring system makes no sense. For 3 months my highest score was a Hard puzzle complete in 6 minutes mean while my under 3 minute expert puzzles were always 6-9 thousand points under the score. That was even after solving all numbers in direct descending order. Frankly if you're playing for the score it might as well be "Whose Line is it Anyway". A global leaderboard would be nice and get rid of that dumb cheer, man is it annoying.
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4 years ago, iThnkdifrnt
I Like Sudoku
Great help getting my mind off things. Sudoku is a puzzle game that really doesn’t have anything to do with numbers aside from being symbols. If you’ve never played, give this a try and begin with the “Flash” game. It is easiest for beginners. It is a very simple game and is only more challenging once you begin games with less numbers/symbols. Note to developer: You could give more direction and explanation for beginners and even use some simple pics or letters instead of numbers for a set of puzzles. (Should I give this app less than five stars? Nah.) I’ve been doing sudoku for decades. I spent a great deal on sudoku puzzle books in years past. Glad I don’t have to anymore. Thanks for your work on design and I wish you continued success. Be well.
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1 year ago, im777ark
Still the best
I’ve had this version for just over 11 years and only have 2 complaints. The gameplay mechanics could only be improved by the addition of the option to fill multiple blocks. This is a minor inconvenience that I’d rather them not implement if it would change the interface. The second, more important complaint, is that over the last several months the adds have begun opening browser windows. This is the only reason that I am only giving 4 stars. That being said, I’ve played this game thousands and thousands of times and the only real problem is the adds. I’ve gotten more than enough enjoyment from this free game to justify buying the add-free version but hadn’t done it before because this version works so well.
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6 years ago, mediamannaman
Excellent game
This is a well-done app. Light years beyond pencil and paper! My favorite feature is that when I enter "notes" showing possible numbers for a square, and then I figure out the number of another square in the same dimension, it will auto-remove that number from the note if I configure the game to allow that. My main problem is that my fat finger sometimes touches the wrong key accidentally, but not much they can do about that. Update: They DID do something about it! Instead of dragging a number onto the squares, I can tap the destination square to select it, and then tap the number, and if I hold my finger on the number for a second it will display the number above my finger to verify before I release. This is a very well-designed game!!
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5 years ago, Sandydz1
Free and fun
This is the first game or app I’ve seen that’s totally free… No in app purchases! Woo hoo! And not only that it’s a fun addicting game of Suduko. I recently had to delete every app that I bought something on. Sometimes you don’t know how much you’re actually spending on those in app purchases. And there’s been a couple times they’ve added things that they shouldn’t have… All you apps are use in app purchases… You know who I’m talking about... They make it impossible to get anything done without spending some money. It’s an app guys… It’s supposed to be fun and I’d rather have them charge me 1 fee in the beginning And be done with it. If this game can do it for free and be a good fun game. Then Others can too! So basically this game is great fun and free! Thank you!
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1 year ago, robertallenpayne
Deleted because it is SO millennial
It’s a good implementation of the game. But when you open the game, there’s a bunch of cheering and yelling in the background like it’s a spacex launch. You go back to the main menu? The same. Click into a new game before the cheering is done? Don’t worry. It will follow you. Are the developers in such desperate need of approval that they need an approval soundtrack? Didn’t get enough participation trophies as kids? Here’s the thing. First time you hear it, it’s fine. The hundredth time you hear it it has just built up to the point of rage. So, the devs ability to turn out a good game? Gold star. Ability to keep their customers coming back to see their ads and therefore pay their salaries? Let’s just say that life doesn’t give out participation trophies. Deleted. Moving on after more than 100 games. I’m sure I can find another soduko on the App Store.
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4 years ago, Nessalora
Great app, expert puzzles disappointing
I genuinely think this is one of the better sudoku apps out there. I love that the notes are also highlighted when selecting a number, that the numbers on the bottom disappear when all are used, and I like the soft clicking sounds. The only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because of the quality of the puzzles themselves, namely on expert mode. I’ve gotten to the point where 9 out of 10 expert puzzles aren’t solveable by a sudoku method other than chaining out possible options - or basically guess and check. No XY wing, no swordfish.... just guess and check. It’s so not fun. I’ve even tested this with sudoku solving apps and putting in some of the puzzles. None of the other difficulties have any of these advanced strategies, so the jump from hard mode to expert mode is just introducing the guess and check. It’s a huge bummer.
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5 years ago, bflowolf
Audio ads - no thank you
I never bought the ad free version of you app since you do not seem to care about my complaint that the tile size for selecting numbers is too small and they are too close together for my fingers. It’s frustrating to get penalized because your finger hits an adjacent number in error frequently. Today though. I am ready to dump this app all together, 5 times in a fairly short period of time, an audio ad started playing while I was playing the game, not in between games like the other ads. My phone was muted, but still the sound played, you may think I have no choice but to be bombarded by sound as even when I am choosing to play with my sound off, but I can delete your abusive ap and never download another app created by you. Maybe you will take this seriously, maybe not. I am going to give you a few days to change your policy before I delete it.
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6 years ago, mynamehere
Great app, annoying ads
This is one of the better sudoku apps out there. I play a few games a day and have no issues with performance or crashes. The scoring system is confusing (I feel like “Best Run” is always the same as “This Run” so I’m not sure what any of that means), but that’s a minor complaint. The only other issue I have is the way the ads work. I understand ads are important to keep this app free, so I’m fine with placing a tower in some tower defense demo between games and hitting the “X” to close out. But the ad pops up after the “Play Again” button, so I often click on the ad when I’m trying to start a new game. If the ad played before the next game, or if the “Play Again” button popped up after the ad, it would be fine. Just a minor critique of an otherwise awesome app :)
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1 year ago, LeaSchort
May I respectfully ask why I had 6 video ads pop up before I even started to play this morning? And why a double-video ad pops up between each move I make? This happened once before with an update, but I don’t see an update in the AppStore. I re-set and tried again, but they pop up without me finishing the game, at which time I don’t mind seeing the ads. I do watch them. But between every “move” to enter a number seems to be too much. Thank you. Your is the best Sudoku game I have found, and I have recommended it to others. I am retired and on a fixed budget, but I feel this keeps my mind sharp. I use the medium games as I don’t have time to do the harder ones. Please help!
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7 years ago, Alphadogtucker
Good Enough but Not Perfect
The quality of the game is not great, but for a free game, the problems are not severe enough to subtract more than one star. 1. The layouts are random, not symmetrical the way quality Sudoku puzzles are supposed to be. This makes the level of difficulty vary within a given level. 2. You have to switch back and forth between writing notes and filling cells. 3. On a small screen, cells are difficult to select, especially along the right side. 4. Due to 3 and 4, it's easy to make marks you didn't intend. You can undo notes, but there's no Undo that lets you take back a mistake if you fill a cell that you only meant to make a note in. 5. The programmers recognize this and compensate by letting you make three mistakes before counting it against you. On the fourth mistake, the game is treated as a loss. 6. It would be nice to have a Reset that allows you to repeat a setup that you lost or got stuck on. 7. The notes are small. It would be helpful if the contrast were enhanced for folks with marginal eyesight. 8. Ads are unobtrusive, but it's easy to touch them by mistake, and then you have to go through the process of closing the browser and finding your way back to the game.
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5 years ago, SoTiredOfLookingForAnAppleID
The game I love to hate.
I live this game and play it constantly. Despite the replies from finger art, there is absolutely inconsistencies in the scoring. You can play an eight minute game and get a higher score than you can and a four minute game. For those of us who just want to know if we play our best game ever, this game makes it impossible. If it were not for the outstanding user interface, this would be a one star app. They have done a great job there. After several years of getting pounded in their reviews, the company still has not responded and even made a second option of scoring system. So my one star review will hopefully get their attention and prompt them to fix it and or offer an option
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5 years ago, PeanutButterBrown
Sudoku 2
Love this game. Have it on my iPhone and when I got my iPad mini I just had to transfer it over. The best one out of all the sudoku games I have played. 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈It has been a while back since I downloaded this Sudoku game. I have tried other Sudoku Games and still I continue to come back to this game. I just love the setup. As long as you continue to update, I will still be playing it. It's the 💣💣💣💣💣 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Still playing and loving this app.✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ I 'm still playing this Sudoku setup because I just love it. I have tried others and I just keep coming back to this one. I like the graphics 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
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5 years ago, meixi
The fonts are very hard to read because of the shapes and size of the letters and the amount of contrast. I have trouble distinguishing between 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9, and I often hit a wrong number by accident. It's also irritating that the keys aren't sensitive enough, and I often have to tap over and over to get a response, and one little slip of the finger puts in a wrong number. I got rid of the ads by purchasing the game, which would be well worth the price except for the difficulties I have described, which can make it very frustrating. It would be nice if you had ratings, so players can see how their level compares with others.
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4 years ago, BTarver
Mediocre, with too many taps
This game looks nice, but play is frustrating. This version of Soduku has a scoring system that is meaningless. You're rewarded more for completing higher numbers first, but the randomness of the board at start makes for nothing but random scores. The quicker you solve, the more points you're supposed to make, but I consistently get lower scores on quicker solves. It’s all about what you’re presented with and n the board first. For instance, a 7-minute completion on Expert where there are no 9’s to start yields a 78,000 point score, but a 12-minute one resulted in an 81,000 point score, all because there were more 9’s on the board to start. It's frustrating and silly and random. I’ve taken to just restarting the moment I see few 9’s and 8’s at the start of the game. Should that really be the way to score high? Likewise, switching between modes to write possible solutions often results in accidentally trying a guess rather than a penciled in possibility. Switching modes also adds time, which (in theory, if the scoring system worked) should produce lower scores. It'd be much better to have the possibilities up top, and the real guesses below. All in all, a pretty game that functions only marginally.
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5 years ago, Rnctlc
Love It, but...
I’ve had this app for years and have always enjoyed it. I like that you gain points by racing a clock. I’m always trying to better my times and scores. BUT, recently the app has started closing itself mid game, sometimes several times during the game. Prior to closing, it doesn’t save the last couple of moves so when I reopen the app, I need to review the board to see what has been lost, losing time and points. I am playing on an iPhone 7 Plus with 12.3.1 software. Prior to posting this review, I looked through the app for tech support so I could report the problem, but all I could find was an email option. I thought GREAT, however, it opened my email app and listed the game in the subject, but there wasn’t an email address entered on the send line or anywhere to be found in the game app. Thank you!
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5 years ago, A plane gal
App support needed
While this is a fun game that I play often, I have recently been having a problem. Normally I would submit an email via app support but no email address is provided, no email address is automatically filled in when trying to write a support request, and your app support option on the App Store display does not seem to be functional. For the past 3-4 days, while in the midst of a game, the screen goes black and then I am taken to my Home Page (iPhone X). While I can resume the game in progress, this is extremely frustrating. I loaded the most current IOS update thinking that might be the problem but the issue occurred before and after the IOS update.
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7 years ago, Hopegrace
Love the different levels
Update from previous version: It is no longer difficult to close the advertisement! Thanks for fixing this! Still enjoying the app! It's wonderful to have the different levels of play. The easy level is easy...unlike another app I have. Sometimes, I just want to goof off. Other times, I love the challenge. Only one thing that could be better. The advertisement is very close to the toggle icon between Notes and Numbers and when I hit it accidentally, the app closes and starts loading my browser. :(. It takes a while to get back to my game. But overall, I really like this app. Would definitely recommend it!
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5 years ago, Application is crap
Needs better spacing
I'm 80 years old and like this program with one major exception for us older players. When setting possibilities, the numbers are well spaced out and easy to us. Wen actually trying to put a final number into a square the numbers are crammed together and it's very easy to hit the wrong number and end up with an unintended error. There are occasional problems with the app calling a correct response wrong. An example of this is a matrix only one open space and the app calling the only missing number an error. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. Another problem is that some puzzles don't contain enough information for thee user to solve it logic sudoku is supposed to be a game of logic not ones guessing ability. I totally dislike the new looks - all of them. All the lights and colors are very distracting. Please make one of the look options the original look. There are 2 bugs that bother me in the new version: 1. The pen switches from the note to the entry mode without being touched. This usually happens after several note entries are rapidly made 2. False errors - you put in a number and get an error. You enter the same number a second time and it's accepted.
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7 years ago, NoboForm
5 star game except bottom numbers overlap and cause mistakes
Update many months later--the overlapping numbers you must tap at the bottom of the screen is still an issue!! I hate loosing points because of touching a neighboring button that overlaps the button i want to touch!!! These number buttons are too small on an iPhone 6+ I love this game except that the numbers on the bottom overlap each other causing the incorrect number to be selected very often thereby lowering the score. It would be better to stack them (which will cost vertical space), or make them smaller in one row, but with definite clear space between each button. I'm using an iPhone 6 plus, which has a large screen, but those overlapping buttons are maddening. I always try fir no mistakes games so it is very maddening.
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3 years ago, Evraday
Locked Out
No matter how much you may enjoy this app, be aware that you are subject to additional coercion to pay the piper. At the owners’ requests, I have submitted 5-star ratings for Sudoku 2 on multiple occasions. But he other day, they asked me to change my privacy settings so they could personalize the ads they send me. Their thanks for my past support was not enough to convince me to further spread my personal data for their profit. They have frozen the app to prevent further use. Sorry if this choice offends those who are less sympathetic to my refusal or those who support the wisdom of this retaliation by the LLC toward a customer. Sometimes someone has to say no.
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5 years ago, 1900katie
Good, but...
The game has lots of great options and generally runs smoothly without bugs. But there are these weird visual theatrics like the numbers flipping and turning when you do well, which actually causes the game to slow down, maybe only milliseconds, but it is times and those moments add up. Plus they are annoying. It forces you to play slowly bc if you make a selection too quickly, it deselects and when you enter in your number it makes an annoying sound to tell you that you messed up, but it was actually the game. It’s getting frustrating. Looking for a new sudoku if they don’t fix it or give you an option to turn off these effects.
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5 years ago, PC747
Simply the Best Sudoku App
Long time Sudoku player at the highest levels. New landscape/horizontal mode is a huge improvement. People talk about guessing. There is no need to ever guess in Sudoku. If you ever have to guess it means you don't know enough about the game. The only suggestion I have is that this game now needs advanced solution training modules like those in the better Sudoku books and in the Mensa guide to Sudoku. Thanks... P.S. Only serious complaint is that as of May 2019 there are suddenly constant pop ups of advertising that never occurred before. Extremely irritating and often interferes with ability to reach a high score
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1 year ago, Bifferooni
Avoid Version 7.4
This used to be an enjoyable game, but the June 8, 2019 release, version 7.4, is extremely unstable, with very frequent crashes, display bugs, and very rapid battery drain. I also notice that my iPhone gets very warm when I play this version. Previous versions had none of these problems. If you have an older version, skip version 7.4. If you don’t already have this game, wait until at least the next version before installing. After having this game on several devices over the years, I decided to delete it from my iPhone because of its continued poor behavior. Version 7.4 is one of the worst app updates I’ve encountered. March 2023 Update: the gameplay of this app is quite good, but the ads in the app are obnoxious, with intrusive audio and distracting, hard to dismiss videos. Once again, a decent app gets ruined by aggressive advertising.
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6 years ago, Dongers_Nguyen
Game works for the most part
The gameplay is usually fine, but there are a few things that need to be fixed but haven’t been for a long time. First, a somewhat rare glitch that will remove a number from the number tray even when it hasn’t been fully used up. So if I figured out where a 6 fit on the board, occasionally the 6 will already be gone as if I’ve already put the full amount of 6’s on the board. This can be fixed by simply retreating to the main menu and then resuming the game, but it has messed with my games multiple times which is really irritating. Second, there should really be an option to play the game as if you were playing it on paper, so no telling the player whether or not a number is right or wrong until the board is totally filled. This is not only good practice but also a bigger challenge when you’re entirely on your own. Overall the game is fine though. My only other gripe is that they put ‘2’ in the title of their game, which doesn’t really make any sense at all because it’s sudoku and how could there be a sequel to sudoku? Seems like misguided marketing.
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8 years ago, Sarajsh
Works well and is fun
No glitches that I can I see and the ads are every other game, brief, non-annoying, easy to move on. (And ads annoy me easily, so I really mean it.) A nice side note that probably won't apply to many, when I very recently got my first smartphone, an iPhone, I found the tiny screen and letters hard to hit accurately. The numbers/squares on this game are just about the same size as the keyboard letters. In less than a week, playing the game taught me how to accurately hit the correct things and in no time I was rarely making mistakes. (Both in the game and typing on the tiny keyboard!) Might help you, too, and have fun at the same time.
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1 year ago, loriisme
Like many have said, the pop up ads in the game are ruining the experience. I play with sounds of so I’m not sure what they are because my screen just goes blank like it’s trying to play a video and failing. Regardless, it’s completely distracting when you’re trying to figure out a tile, then you have to figure out where you where before you were interrupted. Also, the timer doesn’t stop while this is happening, so your score is impacted. Look I get it, ads are a part of every free game on the planet. I’ve never had an issue with any of the ads on the game until recently. But ads that are disruptive should not be tolerated and the fact that the developers don’t seem to care based on their comments, is frankly, a little alarming. It’s almost like they don’t care if we play. Fair enough, I don’t care if I play either 🤷🏻‍♀️
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7 years ago, Sylviana Morrigan
I'm just here to solve puzzles without having to carry around a book, pencil and eraser around with me everywhere. I don't care about "score" how many people really care about keeping score with paper?? And since that's the entirety of the experience I'm looking for I wish to have the option to turn off scoring. There's no compelling reason not to allow one to opt out of this system. None. And I /really/ can't stand that both the score and the time flashes at you every time it goes down, regardless of turning off the time keeping. Having it there seems like it is more denigrating than anything. I'm sorry I'm not solving this fast enough for you like I might have been able to do at one point. Honestly it's so annoying I'll probably try other apps instead. Otherwise it's a really good app though.
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11 months ago, DesigningRight
Bad changes to the timer!
Recently this app has added advertisements to their game. I do not mind and I understand the want to monetize their “free” game. However, why does the timer to the game run behind a new game? I have sent them multiple emails informing them of this and was told “We will investigate” but so far there has been no change. Most of the time it is just 25-45 seconds, however tonight when I was allowed to X out of the advertisement the timer was at 2:05 BEFORE I EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO BEGIN THE GAME. When the game is based on completing the number board based on time this is very frustrating and makes the game I play to relax not worthwhile so I will be deleting the app and looking into another Sudoku game. It’s a shame because I have been playing this game for years AND I have friends at People Fun. LOL
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7 years ago, ChefAniB
New Quirks
I've been playing Sudoku for quite a while. (Think pencil and eraser days.) I was delighted to find it on my first tablet even though most note taking was (and still is) pretty awkward. But my Paper and Pencil days were over. Your group has definitely produced the best version. The reason I'm responding to your review request is to say that I've recently noticed a big change in the game. The design seems to be "We know where we're going ... But you're going to have a heck of a time figuring it out." My time and error numbers have increased a lot ...with perfect games rare. It hasn't soured me but it's taken some of the pleasure out. On the other hand maybe it's just Alzheimer's joining the game! Thanks for the fun.
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7 years ago, travanna0723
Fun Times
Well, it's Sudoku. If you enjoy playing sudoku in a book with a pen then you will enjoy this app, guaranteed. I never experience any glitches or anything like that, it's a solid time killer, very straight forward/user friendly, no strange gameplay modes and the app will not close out an incomplete puzzle without user consent for a considerable time period. The difficulty levels are very well done to the extent that someone's first attempt at solving a Sudoku puzzle would be able to solve it. This fact remains for a seasoned veteran looking for a challenge could find it every time they do a puzzle on "expert" mode. I absolutely love it!!
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5 years ago, AppleUserWN
Sneaky ad audio
I re-downloaded this Sudoku game that I used to play years ago. Minutes into play, I begin hearing a commercial out of “nowhere”. I’m in a place that requires silence and my phone is muted, but still, a commercial at full volume and no way to stop it. I check all my open apps but it wasn’t coming from any of them. As I close them one by one, I discover it’s coming from Sudoku. No option to mute it. I play several other games that serve ads - developers deserve to make money! But to run full length audio commercials at full volume even while a phone’s volume is turned off, and give no option to mute the ad, is rude, obtrusive, and something I’ve never seen in other games. I often play games when there’s a bit of time to kill in places where silence is necessary or expected, like professional settings. I am deleting this app.
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