Sugar Meet: Hookup, Dating App

4.3 (8.2K)
74.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sugar Meet: Hookup, Dating App

4.31 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
3 years ago, chris apodaca
It’s a scam they stole 40$ from my wife and I was keeping track of one of the scammers but they blocked me from the app completely. Please don’t download this it’s a scam. This app is a scam. They will not give you money. They will not give you anything. They will steal from you then try and make you pay more. Or “they’ll cancel your order and you’ll lose your money.” I’m already geting ready to file a lawsuit. We also have photo evidence so I’m not to worried.
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3 years ago, Lexyplex
please please beware of scammers
I downloaded this because I thought it was the app for the website sugar daddy meet - it is in fact not. also I’m not exaggerating when I say every single person that has tried to interact with me is literally a scammer. they usually offering an exorbitant amount of money per week for “your conversation, no intimacy” and need your “compete trust or this won’t work.” they usually all say the same thing, ask for your payment info and say oh “you have to pay an authorization fee before I send” or send a screenshot that has a message pop up that says “beware this account has been associated with scamming.” all of these are more than likely taken from google images. or the older methods of “I need to sign into your account to add my account/card to add it and make your payment”. and never NEVER let them try to send you a check, they’re fraudulent but yet they will clear in your account temporarily and then you will get back charged
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3 years ago, Hehshhshshdhfh
Giving 5 stars so people see this. there is not a single real person on this app. People are using the same pictures of people on dif accounts to message you the same copy and pasted message. stick to seeking arrangements. That’s legit. And for those of you new sugar babies. If anyone ever asks you to text them on what’sapp or Kik then it’s a scam and real sugar daddies don’t offer money on the first exchange. Be safe
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1 year ago, amy and heejoon's dad
100% Total scam site
It’s appalling how many scammers contacted me after I signed up. Men, women, it didn’t matter my profile said I was looking for women. They were all the same offering to be a SD or SM and huge sums of $ with other ways to contact them I reported and blocked all of them but after just one week 100% of my emails were from scammers, i deleted my account. This site is a total fraud and complete waste of time. Run away!! You’ve been warned. And anyone who gives this app more than one star rating is either working for the app or is a scammer themselves. How many scammer’s did it take to get this fake app a 4.3 rating? The bots be busy.
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8 months ago, Pinkcello95
This app should be taken down! They want you to pay the premium to talk on their app to “keep you safe” from scammers. Which many of the people claiming to be sugar mommies or daddies are scammers! They want you to pay a fee in order to get funds and they will leach you into giving personal information. I am suffering a data breach because of this site. Thank god I didn’t give a dime to any of the scum that are on this app but I ended up giving out some information they could use to attempt to get into my accounts or email. This app is not safe at all and should be removed immediately!!!
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2 years ago, PhattBabee
Scam! Scam!
I’m so frustrated and I should have read the comments. I trusted this guy on there thinking he would be real. It all seemed real and he sent checks. Come to behold the checks were fake and they closed my account
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4 years ago, ggggggiiiiiippppp
Do not use this site
This site claims in its description you would meet local people. Far from the truth. Every female I met eventually lured you in with pretty pictures and then wants money for some reason or another. They bait you with sweet talk. Most of the conversations are the same and the English seems robotic or foreign in nature. Had one woman post the same blurb twice. I asked her if she copied and pasted it. She said she had to look that up on the internet to find out what that meant. How can you not know what that means. Avoid this site at all costs.
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3 years ago, isbshans
Waste of time
I downloaded this app last night and went to sleep. I woke up with 2000 messages and of course I got excited. It took me 20 minutes of messaging a few people and ACTUALLY reading different messages to realize that the whole app is a scam. Everyone send you the same message more or less. And I’m telling you DONT DOWNLOAD it because there is not 1 real person at all. The creators OF the app are scamming you. I don’t know how this is on the App Store still. They’re literally making fake reviews for themselves.
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3 years ago, natalizabo
scam page
This page is dedicated to scamming people, I have read the previous comment and wanted to check for myself, and I have seen more than 200 messages arrive offering money. but once added I have started conversations they even asked for a photo of my credit card, they asked to deposit money to some PayPal accounts and other modus operandi. In conclusion this page should not exist because it is only to rob innocent people.
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2 years ago, Scubamikey90
False advertisement and app isn’t what it seems!
Now that i can’t contact anyone due to me having to pay just to send even my first message. It will resort in a negative review and a 1 star review as well! I refuse to let my fellow peers think they should download an app and create an account. (As well as get hassled by relentless spam emails) Only to be gypped by finding out they need to pay to send there first message! Or any type of contact there after!
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2 years ago, harrysmithy
I can register or login
Each time I tried to login it says something went wrong that I should contact the help center please I need solution
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1 year ago, monika11225
This app has nothing BUT scammers on it. Excuse yourself for being a dumass if you didn’t notice the obvious, same after same, style of message sent from each user. If you actually got scammed, it’s no wonder scammers like this even exist. People will fall for anything thinking they getting something out of it. Save your time and money and just report this app as garbage. It’s fraud at its finest while doing the least. All the best
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3 years ago, nina Glamz
This app is a scam, they allow scam to happen in every corner. The ppl who invented the app have their kids, grandkids auto reply to scam men , women, animals if they could. This is the worst $12 I ever paid. The messages are all copy n paste from ppl who are over seas with the WhatsApp and rushing you out of the app to get bank information so they can take ur Identify and who knows what else. Don’t click bait this app. Is a family owned business of scammers. Can’t believe Apple allows them here.
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3 years ago, bb_kell
SCAM not what’s advertised
This app is filled with robots, scam artists, and is far from a meet up dating app. 17?? The hour I spend on this it was all random robots sending me the same copied remark about getting WhatsApp and getting paid to be their sugar baby immediately through cash app. Not to mention you have to pay in this app to even message people. Waste of time and energy and I really was hoping to report this app but I can’t figure it out.
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2 years ago, ThalliaG
I paid all these fees 60$ , 45$, $25 , 12$ , 25$ , 12$ and for them to tell me I need to purchase $20 iTunes gift card an when I said I don’t want to continue with this I'm done they said they can’t send back any of my money I sent like common all these ppl on here fake an scamming hard working ppl please don’t believe a word they say all the sweet talk about how they’re real an will take care of you they don’t
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2 years ago, tfk707070
Login issues
I was trying to login my account on this new phone but it alway say error and I contacted the customer support no response
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10 months ago, wakewatson18
Follow notifications
We want notifications when we follow each other
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4 years ago, Sc2530
Meet app
So easy to use to meet new people in my area! Amazing way to network with people whether it's for meeting new people and finding people who share a love for hobbies.
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3 years ago, RachelReign
This app is all a scam. It’s a bunch of robots and fake people do NOT DOWNLOAD. No one is sending you money , as good as the messages do look. Your not talking to ANY REAL person , all there going to do is have a 2 min conversation with you , if that they usually get straight to the point and ask for your cash app , but then ask you to send money. Lol . This app really needs to get reported .
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3 years ago, Mrs. Persuasive
i am here to warn any new sugar babies like myself i literally just got scammed 133$ today that i can’t get back!!!! please read this!!!! no one on this app is the real deal please turn away from this app . don’t risk looking through this app this app is literally SCAMMERS PARADISE!!!!! pray i get my money back all i can do now is let go an let god . Sorry to the victims that fell for the trap like i.
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3 years ago, JorLoc
Don’t get this app
I put this as 5 star so it gets seen. Please don’t get this app. I thought it was a way to meet Sugar Daddies/ Mommas. It’s not. Everyone on here is a scammer. DONT GET IT!
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1 year ago, stefesmallz
This app is a scam not worth the time you’re not gonna find anyone on here. all it is is people asking for money. And when you block someone on the app they can still message you! And will repeatedly message you asking to talk outside of the app and then ask you to send money for a “registration fee”. Literal waste of time.
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4 years ago, 15478shr
Please be careful
If you see anybody from Guyana Africa please be aware. It is a total scam. I went down the road. Watch how their English is when they write you. All of the sudden it is almost perfect English. I caught them red handed. They send you pics as the STORY goes on. Ask them to send a pic of them doing things. You need to use your imagination at that time.
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4 years ago, Sky@..@
Am a young man looking for a serious relationship for anyone who was interested in me
Am a young man looking for a serious relationship for anyone who was interested in me
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3 years ago, natashaloca
This is the most fake website I’ve ever seen. Some one had sent me a check threw via txt message an it was photoshop they wanted me to deposit it into my bank which I didn’t an they kept telling me to go ahead an do it. Please save ur time. An don’t down load no one will send u money A real sugar daddy won’t ask u to send them money
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3 years ago, cutaaaaa
This app is a scam! Wants you to pay to use it and still can’t use the features to use the app properly and everyone on the app has the same conversation leading up to where they start asking you for money... well telling you they will send you money but if you want to recieve it you need to pay some fee. What a joke!
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4 years ago, Cmw012813
Easy date
The meet up app is terrific! It is a fully functional way to create, edit, and communicate with members.
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2 years ago, Angry single mom 41
Everyone on here is scammers! They all want to tell you they will send you $5000 but need a fee! Very surprised that the owners allow these people to even be on here without checking them first! People need their money. We probably came on here because we need a little help for small services! Shame on them
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1 year ago, JayMay7
Every person, over 50 so far, that has contacted me tried scamming me. And when I report them the app does nothing. They keep their account up even though I send proof that they are scammers. And even when I paid for the membership they still allowed not verified members to contact me which clogged up my DMs. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.
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2 years ago, flynnlover69
scam app
don’t believe me? read all the other reviews, or just download it yourself. you’ll be bombarded with messages asking for your cashapp, saying you’ll be paid $2000 up front for “no nudes, no intimacy, just honesty.” the scam comes when you try to respond to these people and they give you fraudulent funds. you’ll get in more trouble than just going without this app. and no one is local either. very difficult to meet people and the profiles and messages are all copied from other accounts. avoid this app at all costs
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3 years ago, cat4080
Literally ew. This app is so annoying. They all say the same thing saying they have the payment ready and all you need to do is send them a fee to get your AlOwAnCe. Don't send them any money. They're like bots just rolling in with the messages every minute. How does this app have such a good overall review.
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3 years ago, NSwayne
I’m so confused on how this app even has stars. It’s so not user-friendly there’s no way to communicate with people it makes absolutely no sense I had it for about 30 minutes and deleted it because it’s absolutely impossible to even meet people or talk to people. Don’t waste your time. Stay with seeking
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4 years ago, bubzsis
One of the best
I have had this app Over a year and I’ve meet some awesome people and have met some of them in person
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3 years ago, wilsonpaul012
Pls I log out my account and I can’t login again why
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4 years ago, ekd4
Active dating app!
The chat feature is so active. I have chatted with some people in a short time.
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1 year ago, Jennasside95
i paid for premium for a month yesterday and it’s not giving me premium anything yet it charged my card and shows up in my apple subscriptions. You guys need to do something about this or it’s just a complete ripoff from start to end.
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3 years ago, made me rate it to save photo
I promise almost every person on this app is a scam. Every message is almost identical to one another. I do not recommended using this app ever for any purpose. It’s a waist of time and even when I tried to contact support it wouldn’t let me. I had to report many accounts because they were all just clearly scams. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
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4 years ago, Original song lover
A useful meet up app
It's quite simple and I can chat with other people easily.
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2 years ago, Martha G M
SCAM 🚩🚩🚩🚩
Not one real person it was all scammers. I got about 200 messages in 2 days and the were all fake. Wanting my number or snap, most messages were copy and pasted so the same message almost word for word by 20 guys just different “Names”. 😒 Don’t waste your time or money 💰
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2 months ago, oooooppppssss:;;:,:;
I’m getting flooded with scammers. I don’t enjoy the jigsaw puzzles. I would at least like a trail of premium to see how I like the app before proceeding to premium. I don’t want to pay for something that I’m not sure if I’m going to have nothing but scammers or fake accounts.
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3 years ago, vids for blog
Fakest app invented
Don’t fall for it it’s some type of computer system or something bunch of different faces same messages when they dm you and same story line when they try and get money from you etc . Don’t fall for it nor give them any of your hard earned money !
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4 years ago, erwinkristy
Meeting people is easy
and also it's easy and simple to use
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1 year ago, hahajfkfck ivusjshdj
I can’t even count how many people I have talked to on here and every single person is trying to scam you. Please do not download this app just save your time. If you do, please never pay these stupid fees they say you need to make to get money.
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3 years ago, cudjo wan
Useless app!!
This is one of the most useless dating app I have come across my entire life . This site is full of scammers and not even one person is genuine there ! Every body writes you the first time and they all promise you allowance you have not even worked for . What a waste of reseources to download this app
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4 years ago, shandathatthang
Meet local people
A date app that helps me meet the people you wish to meet.
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4 years ago, Brod562
I would recommend
It's for people who want to meet new people
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4 years ago, Tashyla Lidgertwood
This dating app is your choice
If you are ready to find someone, this dating appis your choice.
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3 years ago, ddst1
Do not download
Majority of the people on this app are scams! That send you messages all day asking for you to make a deposit to get thousands of dollars! Literally every message is a scam! I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone all the other reviews must be fake because this app is not beneficial what so ever!
Show more
4 years ago, Lorinza Bozward
Similar to Uber!
We can instantly chat with others!
Show more
2 years ago, JazzyTheresa2013
Seeking legal actions
Currently seeking legal actions after the creators and owners of this app. They are putting people in danger allowing a app to scam people. They are aware and are doing nothing. Someone will respond probably under here and say they are but trust me when I tell you it’s nothing legal or safe on this app.
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