Sugar Rush

4.5 (6)
49.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Full Fat Productions Ltd
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sugar Rush

4.5 out of 5
6 Ratings
11 years ago, IapetusNeume
Great time waster. Some people say it's a rip off of Candy Crush and that's not true. Candy Crush is much more like bejeweled and Sugar Rush isn't like that game format. Now if one wants to argue about if the rip-off aspect has to do with the theme of both games, that is a completely different topic and might totally be plausible. I'll admit I know very little about the history of both games so that's not going to be a topic I'll debate. But on gameplay alone? They're definitely two different games. I enjoy it, and am glad I downloaded it.
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5 years ago, loveisacid
It crashes upon opening the app when connected to Facebook. If I delete it and download again and don’t connect to Facebook it is fine and doesn’t crash.
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11 years ago, Ashley Escobar
Love it!
I love playing this game when I have time to waste. The only thing I would change is the hearts' durability. They go so fast and takes forever to gain them back if you don't like asking people for energy. Other than that, I really like it
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10 years ago, Yi Han Ng
Fun game but...
Keeps crashing when I am close to level 50. Does not record the score and the app crashes. Does not crash when game ends with zero score... When I reopen the app the previous score was not recorded. It keeps happening and from other reviews, seems like it is happening to other people too. Otherwise, fun game to while away time...
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11 years ago, Chrisv23c
The best
This game is super addictive and, it's ten times better than Candy Crush Saga, but I rather buy it for $ .99 or $1.99 and not worry about the hearts, but other than that it's the most addictive game I've played (:
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11 years ago, MainesGirl
I really like this game it's addicting. My friend and I battle on candy crush all the time, but now that I have started playing Sugar Rush, I barely even play Candy Crush anymore.
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11 years ago, sharnon007
Can't get enough!!!
There's very few games that I've ever been 'addicted' to, but this is one of them! It's nearly impossible to put down! Fast-paced & challenging.
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11 years ago, AAbert3000
Big Al
I agree... better than Candy Crush, but still I do not like the concept of having to pay two advance in any game. I would be more willing to "buy" the game at the start, then I could enjoy the challenge of advancing via skill, not by how much money I spend.
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11 years ago, charmwalker
Great App Support!
I had an issue with the app. My purchased tickets disappeared. I contacted support. Not only did they give me back what I paid for, they gave me extra. The game is fun and addicting.
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11 years ago, Fotorose
Fun game
I have been happy with the game up until yesterday. I am a couple of games away from reaching level 50 and it crashes every time I finish a game--before giving me my points.
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11 years ago, xxsoulkoolxx
5 stars
Awesome way better than candy crush saga really love it and recommend it!!! If you hate candy crush saga then this is the game!!!!!!
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11 years ago, LadyCapricorn09
Sugar Rush
I'm liking this game but wanted to see if you could add levels to the game and achievements to make it even more entertaining.
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10 years ago, Blah USA
I've had this game for several months. But.… only one thing I have to say… WHY WON'T IT GIVE ME MY DAILY REWARD? I've been good (lol) but seriously. I want my daily reward. And btw.… fix the freaking glitches please.
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11 years ago, Emmakitten from minecraft
Nice game not a knock off
Its its own game similar to candy crush and nothing like wreck it ralphs sugar rush. sugar rush is a racing game not a game like this but i give it a 5 out of 5 stars
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10 years ago, Heartbane
Easy and fun to play. My go-to when stuck on a level of Candy Crush.
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11 years ago, Pampaks_
Awesome app
I really do enjoy playing this app! You should definitely give it a try
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11 years ago, Hilogirl77
Needs improvement
I've been stuck on level 65 for about 3-4 months. I've tried purchasing to have extra lives and seem to never be successful. Please fix and assist in helping so I could actually enjoy the game
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11 years ago, tmatch
Really? not worth the time, compete don't copy
Somebody needed to compete with candy crush and just put out a game you can buy and play but NO …. you guys just copied all the bad things from candy crush with a game that isn't as challenging. I'm not going to buy lives to play or bug friends on facebook. bye.
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11 years ago, Ms.weety
Game is ok for sitting in boring place like doctors office but you only have one board. You get bored playing the same level over and over. You have nothing to look forward to.
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11 years ago, Tone519
Keeps my baby occupied when we have long waits wherever : )
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11 years ago, 12345678910know
Waste of time. They only give you so much money, then they make you spend all of it then, gives you coins for finishing the tutorial, but don't give back the gold tickets that they make you spend. Not to mention its boring all you do is pop candy
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11 years ago, Peach pie55
Sugar Crush
This game is really fun to play its better than candy crush any day!!
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11 years ago, S1s1s1s2
I like to play with my kids. We all like it, especially the power ups or the special items like the little solider :)
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11 years ago, JoettaC
Gay game!!
Worst game ever. Very stupid! It's a candy crush wannabe game don't download. Save time and get candy crush its a lot better :)
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11 years ago, Wingeddelinquent
Simple fun
Not much to it but it works well and you can play without getting gouged. The daily & weekly tournaments are fun too
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11 years ago, Flanua
Nice game, i like it
Nicely, well done game! So far not boring. But please do screen rotation..
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11 years ago, Iresist_iexist
Unless you like to play what will feel like the same level over and over, this game is not for you. At least with candy crush, there were real objectives
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11 years ago, Anabell Green
Fun game
I love to play this game! My favorite part is when the heart fairy comes!!!
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11 years ago, Meadalee
Helps pass the time.
Good way to pass the time.
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11 years ago, Petacky23
I like this better than Candy Crush! :)
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11 years ago, Mor3na_1nolvidable
Rate: 7 out of 10
Better than Diamond Dash. Good for kids and teens❤
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11 years ago, Drawt
Tried to play and it wouldn't let me go to the next round without either connecting to fb or buying the bonus things.
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11 years ago, Babybindaroo
Sugar Rush
I really like this game! I also really like Candy Crush a lot too!
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11 years ago, Destroyer76
Stupidly simple and awful
Maybe a five year old would like this for 2 or 3 games. Simply tapping on groups of 3 or more colors is not a game. Oh, and gameplay has nothing to do with Candy Crush.
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11 years ago, MarkeithC
Rip off! But good game
Though the game is really good, its misleading. This is not sugar rush from wreck it Ralph! This game is a knock off! Change the name of the game!
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11 years ago, imxmikute
Fun and easy game !
I love this game, it helps keep the boredness away c:
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11 years ago, Ortno5
It's fun! I like playing it on my down time
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11 years ago, Newgamer23
Sugar Rush
No levels. Same thing over and over. Updated my game and cleared everything I had saved. Just want you to buy stuff.
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11 years ago, Bklynzu
No objective & mindless
Popping candy can only be fun for so long without a don't download unless you like pointless popping games with no level increases and objectives.
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11 years ago, ScruffyNerfherdette
Fun Game
Have to pay $ to really play it, but enjoyable regardless.
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11 years ago, DoraTheExploradora
Candy Crush saga
its the crappy version of camdy crush saga dont waste your time get candy crush saga instead
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11 years ago, Rebecca Felton/Styles
Good game
I don't recall buying anything.
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9 years ago, TranquilVision
Yet another IAP cash-grab app.
Look at the character designs, completely ripped off of Candy Crush. Do not download or play. Full Fat: you should be ASHAMED of yourselves.
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11 years ago, Jvb games
Sugar rush
Love this game. It's fast and challenging
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11 years ago, Punkin pickle
Fun game
Fun fun fun Both my children love to play, too 3 and 9 years old
Show more
11 years ago, JP0987
Login with Facebook?
Why are you trying to force me to log into Facebook. I don't want to SPAM my friends
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11 years ago, Survivor2003
Sugar Rush
I love this game. I'm addicted. Lots of fun.
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11 years ago, rightthereagb
You're lucky there's no 0 star .
Full fat , don't copy candy crush , you'll never get as far .
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11 years ago, Atryaband5
Super fun and addictive game
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11 years ago, Hunter Forest
Sugar Crush
Terrible unless you wanna pay to play
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