Sugar Smash: Book of Life

4.7 (21.4K)
158 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sugar Smash: Book of Life

4.74 out of 5
21.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Mickijay
This use to be a really fun game. About a year or so ago, something went on with an update, and the game use to crash out after about 3 plays. It stunk but you could restart it and continue. Now, it will not even load. Developers says reinstall, but you will start back on level 1 and lose all your achievements. If you purchased anything over the life of the game, consider it thrown away.... DO NOT waste your time with this game. It is broken and they obviously can’t or don’t want to fix it. It has been over year like this, so stay away...
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6 years ago, Lmo527
Play at your own risk
I have been playing this game since it first came out. About a year ago there was a bad update and I went from level 800 all the way back to level 1. I was very confused. Out of curiosity, I replayed level 1 and then it jumped up about 10 levels. So, I continued playing this way until I was caught back up to where I had been. It took me about a month and I never complained. Then there was this terrible update about a week ago. I did not lose levels but I lost the majority of coins and boosters that I had won through challenges and contests. It took me a very long time to earn all of those coins and boosters. I contacted app support. They did not respond for a few days then said, “Install the new update and it will be fixed.” Wrong. I was still missing everything. Then they said to send them a screenshot of my purchases. I reiterated that I did not purchase the boosters but had earned them. Then I had to send them a screenshot of my account. In the end they credited me some coins but I am still missing around 50 rainbow boosters and over 20 of each of the other boosters. Then today the developer responds and says it’s been fixed?????? Well, it hasn’t been fixed and I believe they have no intention of fixing it. Moral of the story: only play this game if you are prepared to periodically lose all progress and earnings. I’m going back to Farm Heroes Saga. They have never lost my progress or earnings during an update.
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6 years ago, smiles_lines
Fun but...
This is the only game that I will literally waste hours of my time on. It’s fun and challenging, but I swear some of these levels, regardless of what the developers try to tell you, are impossible to beat without boosters or extra moves. I’m the type of person who won’t progress to the next level until I score 3 stars on a level — I’ve been playing level 66 for over a month now, a bunch of times every single day, and cannot for the life of me get 3 stars. And there are some levels (like the first one in the latest Pepe challenge) where you cannot get the required medallions without the column/row destroying candies which are provided by the blue jewels, but those jewels sometimes don’t show up at all and you waste all your moves. If there’s something I’m doing wrong, then maybe they should give better instructions on how to obtain the things you need. There’s also a really dumb glitch where it will scramble the board even though there are plenty of matches to be made. I’ve got a feeling it’s meant to do that to mess things up for you so that you buy boosters or extra moves.
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2 years ago, ugh.2021
Game can’t keep up
I reached the the end of the game and it takes a long time for them to create new scenes so have to keep re-playing old ones. I try to go back to really old scenes but you have to scroll and wait for the next screen to load, scroll more, wait for screen to load, and on and on. Additionally, it feels like it isn’t always playing by its own rules…pieces get blown away but should not due to placement and how adjoining pieces should behave. This happens so fast it is hard to say that is the case with 100% clarity but I started noticing this in the newer games (3800+) One Petty complaint: I hate that they trick you into rating them 5 stars by conveniently popping the 5 star button where the Start button is supposed to be - same color/size/shape.
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3 years ago, kimberlooneytunes
Excellent game
This game has everything going for it except one thing which is the comments the voice says. One is:”That poor kid never had a chance” which I’m sure is mean to sympathise with the looser. However, what it does is imply two unhealthy things: 1) that the kids achievements were nothing as there never was a chance -which teaches kids not to try. 2) that the kid is downtrodden and the world is against them. PLEASE take that comment out and replace it with something like: “Keep trying! You’ll get there!” This will make the game awesome as it is fun and challenging.
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6 years ago, Jnl2011
Love this game until it crashed *update*
I love this game. It’s a fun easy way to pass the time ... I just hate that I was on level 300 something and it crashed and when I reopened it, it started me back at level 1... lost all my power ups and everything. That’s very disappointing *update* After an update with the app I was back at the level I was previously with all my power ups. Very happy the developers were able to fix this issue and respond to let me know it was fixed. Now I can happily go back to playing for hours :)
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1 year ago, 12292003
This game is only somewhat entertaining for three reasons. First, parts of it doesn’t work right. The daily reward regularly gets stuck on the first reward and won’t move for days. The other reward present that twirls around has not work for me for a very long time I haven’t tried it for many months. Lastly is the level of difficulty. I am not by any means an an expert but some of these games are insanely difficult. Also, I personally don’t like the rewards that are given but the frequency of the treasure chest makes up for it . Have good day. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Beanie-44
One of my favorite games, but ...
Like many others, I absolutely love this game, but the freezing of the game has made it impossible to buy anything because I would lose what I bought when this game freezes up on me. This has happened too many times in my experience. It just happened again tonight, so I have to delete the game and start all over again. Many games do this “freezing up”, it is not just Sugar Smash. Will continue to enjoy this game, but will never spend money on it again.
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6 years ago, ITUNEJUNKEY
Used to love
I used to love this game. I’ve played it on different phones and devices for the last few years but lately there are so many pop ups (from the game itself) that you’re closing out like six things to even get to the main page and another two to four to play the next level. I don’t care that you have ten promotions going on or some extra game challenge, I don’t want to pay to keep plying my level, yeah I’m sure, ok I lost the sombrero streak I don’t need to see it every level I beat and really don’t need to sit there and wait for it slide down to the’s gotten so annoying that I barely play the game anymore.
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2 years ago, etasing
Where are the freebies?
I was stuck on one level for probably one year and I finally aced it. In the meantime every singleOnline game gives you extra points for looking at a advertisement or whatever and this game does not. I love the sound effects and it’s very fun but I’m giving up pretty soon. No freebies!I totally agree with this review OK so I’m a different person I don’t know how to do my own review but it takes forever to get off anything and you get nothing for it
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2 years ago, 7mouths
It’s okay
So I’ve literally been playing this game over seven years. I have five kids so waiting at practices, games, doctors, dances…. I have a LOT of waiting time. This is the only game I really play “religiously”. It’s a good game but it does cheat. Unfortunately, I’ve played it long enough where I can tell when it’s cheating me. I’ve made plays where I memorize what’s supposed to happen, just to have things change completely for no reason. Not sure why the designers made it so obvious. Anyway, it’s a fun game to pass the time. Just don’t expect to use your brain to much, unless you wanna get mind f-ed 😆. Otherwise, enjoy.
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2 years ago, eshan1984
Mindless Fun!
I’m an adult and I love this game! You have to watch a lot of quick adds to get free stuff but it’s fine- some of the adds are cool. I do wish they offered more “added moves” to be able to select before playing a level. You’re able to get rainbow balls, infinity lives, coins(barely ever do u get) and the square thing but they never have added moves in the gift box or available to get ever as a surprise. It’d be nice to earn more coins too that’s why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. But the sound effects & level of fun are great!!
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5 years ago, Madam Nica
Great BUT...
So I’m 520+ levels in to the game and it’s fun, generous with rewards, and graphics are good. However this game has way too many pop ups and the animation is slow. Like chuy moving to the next level is way too slow if your in your mojo of playing. You can’t just click on the next level to make it quicker. There are also animations and pop ups you can’t interrupt by just clicking on whatever. You literally can’t do anything until the animation is done. This game also annoying freezes a lot. I enter a new level, got my steak, and it’s dead. Frozen as in won’t react to touch. The game is going but I can’t do anything like my touchscreen just stopped working. So I have to restart the app. Annoying. So please, less pop ups, faster animation, and figure out the freezing part. Might be too heavy graphics 🤷🏻‍♀️. But seeing as there had been similar feedbacks from a years ago and the same issues are still there, I guess developers are not listening.
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7 months ago, yakxin
Used to be my favorite game. Now it is AGAIN!!!
Unfortunately the game keeps crashing. Hope they have plans to fix it. UPDATE: The developer quickly responded to my issue. I had already tried everything suggested. I tried it again with no luck so I deleted the app. I waited several days and decided to try one more time. The app is working PERFECTLY now. I am use glad something worked because this is my favorite game.
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3 years ago, mari And jessie
I love book of life !!!!!!
I love this game ,me and my mom love playing this app . I really will like more people like the mom the dad his family when you are play and I will love if you can put more money because I have nothing I am broke in this game (lol) . A few days ago I was traveling and I did not have internet so I was playing this game to the gas station . I love the music . This makes me calm .So thank you for making this game and have a great evening.😇
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3 years ago, teaching mom of 3
Used to love it…
ADS! 😡Too many ads now—they pop up every time you change screens. I’ve been playing this game for years! It {was} one of my favorites! The last few updates have been frustrating though. They keep adding more and more ads in different places, not the ones you watch for a freebie of some sort. I’ve also noticed the higher you go in levels over 1000, the more times you have to play to beat it. It’s also become inconsistent on how some plays work. 1 time they’ll knock out several directions and the next time it won’t, even though you did the same thing. It’s not fun anymore… I’ll find another game.
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6 years ago, Catterifik
Great but few things...
Love this game, and play it for hours at a time. However: 1) you only get offered to watch a video for 5 free moves if it won't help you in any way. If you needed only five moves to complete the level it will NOT ever offer you that feature. 2) I don't bother with the daily gift or watching videos for any reason because it will exit the video and ask me if I want to watch that video, like it doesn't remember me watching it. If I really want the gift I have to watch the video 3-10x before it registers I watched it.
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6 years ago, DieselpunkOranges
This latest update....
Been absolutely loving this game - used to have it on my phone, then got it on my iPad. Recommended it to my mom as well. However, this latest update put out wiped all my progress and acted like I’d just downloaded the game new. I was up past level 620, and now I’m back down at level 2.... I don’t know if there’s any way to fix this, but thought I’d put this out as a warning to others of what might happen with this new update.
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6 years ago, Snowwhitecheddar
I can’t stop playing
I’ve had this game in my phone for over 3 years now, and I’m still not tired of it! It’s addicting, I’m at level 312 now and it’s insane how many more levels there still are. :)) Also, I’ve never paid a dime for anything in it, and it’s still just as much playable if you’re patient and determined. Thank you so much for making an incredible game that’s perfect for late night or waiting around for things.
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2 years ago, Thea-longer-than-anyone-else
Better Than…
… many of the other match-&-smash games. MUCH less frustrating. Even when I’m not succeeding in knocking out a level I still enjoy the chase. There are enough small wins along the way, on each level, that one doesn’t feel enraged at every step. I throughly enjoy playing Sugar Smash, almost to the exclusion of all the other ‘similar’ games. Thanks for this!
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2 years ago, VEPMV
Sugar Smash Jam city
I have been playing this game on multiple devices I am on level 3790 anytime I purchase a package from jam city I don’t receive it then have to go through a lot of mess to receive my purchase I still haven’t received my package I purchased last week and they are pretending as if they cannot credit me because of the use on multiple devices. I really love playing this game but don’t as much because of the reasons stated above
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2 years ago, dadphil1
Level 2111
I’ve played and enjoyed this game for sometime,it seems that along the way there’s bonuses of plenty to help get to the next level but for sometime the bonuses seem to go away and I’m stuck and also there were a few bugs such as the game would just stop and you would have to start that level over
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4 years ago, Mia Byb
Sugar smash
I am tired of this game quitting in the middle of a session. Also, having to download after completing a round it goes back to the app. You have some work to do on this app. This game is getting worse. It stops in the middle of a session. Can’t collect awards. What is the problem? Either take off the game from the App Store or fix it. Very annoying.
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6 years ago, Sophiedoggy
Took away free time
I have been playing this game for over a year. It is one of two that I play. When I went on Sunday I was given I think it was 144 hours to play. I thought wow this is great. As of last night I had 113 hours left. This morning I went on to play and they were gone. Needless to say I was very upset. Don’t give the time if you’re going to take it away. Otherwise I really love the game.
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5 years ago, n1k13
I’ve been playing this game for a while now. And it’s fun but it gets frustrating because some of the levels you have to destroy certain items to beat it and you only have a certain number of moves. Sometimes you can’t beat it because once you destroy most of the items needed they don’t give you anymore and then you run out of moves and lose the level. It’s stupid. Also, if you watch an advertisement for a life, sometimes it makes you watch it twice.
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4 years ago, Birch 7902
Sugar Smash: Book of Life
This is a great game which I played for many years on my old iPhone 5s. However, for some reason it will not work properly on my iPhone 11. One weekend I get Epic Fiesta and the next weekend I don’t. One week I get Chuy’s Charge and the next week it’s gone. I loaded on my new iPad mini and it works perfectly. I wish someone could tell me why this is happening. Or better yet fix it.
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5 years ago, skcdkc71
Sugar Smash
I have been playing this game for about a year and a half and really enjoyed playing the game but it will not let me play now. When I hit play and wait for the game to open it never does and after a few seconds goes off. I have tried everything to open the game back up and nothing has worked. What can I do?
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6 years ago, LBG21
Was in level 86 now back to 1???
I really enjoy this game but this week it asked for my age?? Started me at level 1 BUT for the last 5 days I’ve been back and forth with Email support I did everything she asked me to do before she told me to do it that’s was in my original email we’re Day 5 and she keeps responding with same comments and questions. I would think after answering steps 1-5 in 2nd email seeing the pics I sent that by day 5 of emails back and forth shed just tell me yes we’ll put you at your previous level or no sorry you have to start over. So my one is for customer support.
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6 years ago, Chelladurai Simon
I love your game sugar smash I have played your game and I actually did more than a 100 games and last week I bought a new I - Phone and when we tried to transfer all the games and contents into the new phone we lost sugar smash completely and so I am starting this game all over again it is good I thank you for your game sugar smash Thank you Sincerely Chelladurai Simon
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5 years ago, quietdream77
My favorite game!!
Level 2024! It’s just a great game! Lots of chances for unlimited lives for hours on end, watch ads for free boosters and prizes too. Right now with iOS 12.1.3 on the iPhone, anytime I watch an ad to save a streak, earn a free booster or add 5 moves at the end of a game the app freezes after the ad has played and it has to be force closed. Usually this game is perfect :)
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6 years ago, guessnomoresugarsmashforme
Don’t Update!!
Unfortunately, my iPad auto updated this app. I lost a ton of coins and almost all the boosters I had saved up. My mother’s app started her back to level 1 when she was well above 1500. Was told to install latest update and things would be fixed. Well, it didn’t work and I have now not heard back from customer service. Very frustrating. I know my mother will delete the app before starting from the beginning again. Seems like something could be done since it looks as if this is happening to just about everyone that installed the update.
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6 years ago, Mandyc01
Don’t update!
Update: the update from today took me back to the correct level & gave me my weapons back. DO NOT UPDATE. I was close to level 700 & I had a bunch of weapons or whatever they’re called, in my inventory and after the update it took me back to level 353 & all of my weapons are all gone! I am not happy. This is the only game I have ever spent money on by buying in-app purchases but, no more with this game, I am done.
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4 years ago, FairyPryncess
Black Screen
Played a couple of levels and had unlimited lives for a hour and various bonuses. Then the screen went black and then everything was lost. After playing a couple of levels the screen turns black. This happens too often and makes this game hard to enjoy. Don’t know what the problem is but if it is not fixed soon, I will be deleting this game. Game is much too hard on the upper levels. Takes weeks to pass levels. Don’t play as much, levels are too hard and it’s not fun anymore. Will be deleting this game.
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6 years ago, Perkygirl13
Coins to expensive!
I would rather have paid for the app like $4.99 or $9.99, then have to pay for the expensive coins. And I shared on Facebook because it kept telling me to share on Facebook and get free stuff. So I did, but it continues to want me to keep asking people and I don’t like that about the app. Basically, I have a hate/love attitude with this game.
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4 years ago, dee0222
Freezes now
I’ve really enjoyed playing this game. It has been my end of the evening relaxation. But with in the past couple months it continues to freeze on the “loading map” screen. It’s happening now and happened a few months back and took over a week to just resolve itself. I don’t want to delete and reload because I made it all the way to the last level and I don’t want to lose that progress.
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6 years ago, Maniac_15
Favorite way to waste my time
Love, love this game and have been playing for years, however this last update took me back over 1,000 levels and lost most of my bonus items that I have earned. Contacted support and awaiting a response. Just warning others out there about this latest update
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6 years ago, hscott17
Latest update what went wrong
I love this game , but in the most recent update I lost all the helpers I win with the community chest and majority of the coins I bought during the holidays! And the biggest issue was I was at level 948 and now I am at level 696. This has never happened before . Very disappointed!
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4 years ago, Rosey5085
Enjoy the game ... but the platform stinks!
I really enjoy actually playing this game, and if I didn’t I would DELETE this game. The MAJORITY of the time (99%) that I watch a video ad to either save my level, earn extra plays, or to receive boosts, I either have to chose to watch the ad multiple times before I receive the “reward”, or the game completely shuts down without giving me the reward AFTER I’ve watched the ad in full! To say the least, this is very ANNOYING and FRUSTRATING! PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!
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1 year ago, umi-moon
Fun time passer
I used to play this when I had my first phone 7 years ago. And decided to get it back after remembering about this. And its even better then I last remembered. It really helps when I have nothing to do. The levels are easy!
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3 years ago, JW Cats
Okay until level 1000
When you get to the upper levels it becomes annoying because it takes me a week or more sometimes to concer one level. I understand that the higher the level the harder it gets, BUT this started out to be a stress reliever for me and now it’s frustrating chore!
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4 years ago, Whitelilyrose
Awesome Game But...
This is a great game, challenging and fun. But after the last update it crashes constantly and it knocked me from level 300 something back to level 1. And it’s still crashing. When I opt to watch videos to save my Sombrero Streak, it won’t always work and I lose all I’ve gained. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, WellOpinonatedWriter
Not a hand to hand all day review person
I click on the stars of my enjoyment. Although it has its downsides and flaws. I just think it’s a funny game but needs more advanced levels. From 1-4 it felt like the same thing from the first level(I know it’s only level). But it could of changes the appearance of the levels and range from intermediate to advance.
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6 years ago, bluebayoubrooke
Playing for years, but just lost almost 100 levels with recent update
I’ve been playing for three to four years now on both my iPad and iPhone. After the most recent update on both devices, I lost nearly 100 levels!! This has never happened before! Not sure I want to put the time or effort into replaying those levels now. Is there any way my levels can be restored?
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3 years ago, Gimme Music247
Keeps Crashing
I absolutely love this game and can’t play it because it won’t load or will crash after I play a level or two. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app a few times and also followed the troubleshooting suggestions on the app support website, but nothing has helped - the app just stopped working one day for no good reason and nothing has fixed the issue.
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6 years ago, Nina buddy curly
Candy crush and sugar smash I've been addicted. Just one suggestion you should have the option to skip a level. Like 1 for every 100 levels. Sometimes it's very frustrating. Was thinking is stopping. But can't I'm sure most players would agree
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7 months ago, Cmiranda2023
Stops working
The game is not working properly like it used to. Now it turns the screen blank when opening the app and when it opens and lets you play 1 life, then the game stops working again. Follow with not letting close the CLAIM page
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7 months ago, Vickigirl1950
Sugar smash
There are some bugs that need to be fixed. I have had to download several times and start over back to 1. I have purchased some packages and lost them as well as my money. Love the game but you need to do some serious bug relief. Vicki
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2 years ago, g Barry2
The best game ever
This game is the best it has so many levels it is so much fun to play with friends and family I so much suggest you should play this game we’re on level like 300 and something in it is so fun when you accomplish something we complete a level!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Big sahs mom
Great game SUGAR SMASH
I have been playing this game for years even though it can be very difficult! It just takes LOTS OF PATIENCE. Sure wish they would give better options to win. I do not pay for any advantages. Just keep plugging along and eventually get the game win.
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3 years ago, Maizeblu
Crashed again
Thought this was fixed. Had this problem last week and had to reload. Just won and it froze up again. Page got dark!
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