Sun East Federal Credit Union

4.8 (2.7K)
45.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sun East Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sun East Federal Credit Union

4.79 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Steffin63
Limit on mobile deposit , lack of options on mobile app
I get really big checks and i cant even deposit them sometimes because of the low limit..... annoying.... my primary bank navyfed lets me deposit up to 10,000 by mobile.... and your hours to the bank are terrible. Also the mobile app is behind on a lot of things my navyfed app does
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4 years ago, reilly125
Needs improvements
First, make it easier for members to apply and obtain loans via the app. Why will chase and citi bank loan me ten thousand dollars with just a phone call, but the credit union I’ve been a member of for 30+ years makes me jump through hoops for a loan. My credit is 800+ and my employment is easily confirmed by my direct deposits. I just bought a car but used the dealerships financing bc I didn’t have the time to go into a branch and sign a bunch of paperwork. You want my loan business? Make it easy to refi my new car loan via this app. I’ll input the numbers, you get back to me w the best rate and payment etc. that would be a great feature. Also, why can’t my kids get accounts with atm cards?? They have money, I want to teach them responsible banking. The Nottingham branch won’t allow it until they’re 18. That’s dumb. Link them to my account if you’re worried about an overdraft. It’s a stupid rule.
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7 years ago, AudreyRose08
Great, but mobile check deposit lacking
Wish I could give more stars because I love Sun East. The app itself is great and lets me see my balances when I'm away from a computer. My issue is with the mobile check deposit. I attempted to upload a check using the mobile check upload, but was given an unclear error message. Naturally, I attempted a few more times thinking I took a bad picture, even though it was clear and centered on my end. I was annoyed because it's now endorsed for Sun East mobile deposit only, so I can't take it elsewhere. I usually use the PNC mobile check upload and have never had problems. Customer support was very understanding, helpful, and nice, even though they couldn't find the reason why it kept rejecting the check. I ended up having to mail the check into them to deposit for me (I no longer live near a branch and the closest shared branch is an hour away), so I appreciated that they offer this option and I didn't have to drive an hour to cash it. Luckily I'm not in dire need for the money, otherwise I would be an unhappy camper. Moral of the story, be wary of mobile check deposit if you're in a time crunch, but customer service is super nice and helped me through my options.
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7 years ago, Ryan123zzzzzz
Lacking credit card support
Overall I think the app is good and user friendly. I can easily transfer money, pay bills, and check my accounts. A huge downfall is that you cannot check the balance of your Sun East credit card. This was available on the previous app. You can make payments to your credit card, but the only way to know how much you owe is to wait for the statement in the mail or to log into your account through a web browser. This is cumbersome. Sun East please fix.
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5 years ago, TKP1974
Love this bank
I am impressed with their desire to be technologically current. I love mobile banking and this app makes it so easy! Their new feature mobile deposit is fantastic! I have been a member for 27+ years. Not going anywhere !! If I have one complaint is that I cannot access my credit card information/balance through the app and not am I able to make a payment to the MasterCard like I can through the desk top site.
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8 years ago, Táy
Easy as 123
Transferring money from accounts ( savings/checkings) is so easy.. i was in line and i swiped my card, it said decided (embarrassing 😂) but had forgotten all my money was in my savings, i pulled my sun east app right up and transferred however much money i wanted into my checkings WHILE i was still in line .. deposit checks from ur camera, find atms, find branches.. very easy and convenient app 💯
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2 years ago, BonesMello
Mobile Deposit Error
Currently, the mobile deposit error is that when you try to take a picture of the check, the app tells you to turn your phone sideways, but does not recognize it when you turn your phone sideways. The error message stays on the screen even with the phone sideways, I have tried to fix it using the rotational lock feature, but this does not work. Based on the fact that there are two reviews from October saying the same thing, this is not a new problem. Please fix this.
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7 years ago, Bpeen
Couldn't be simpler
Suneast is an amazing bank and now they have an app that lives up to their name. I do not live physically close to a branch anymore so the ability to deposit checks through the app is amazing. Transfers are simple and the interface is very clean and quick. 10/10
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4 years ago, mondoro728
Not enough
The app would be much better if it allowed you to pay loans and make transfers to and from outside banks. Every other bill you pay can be done from any bank. Why not Sun East?
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2 years ago, Deldeb
Mobile check deposit error
I normally love this app but for about the past 3 weeks the mobile check deposit is not functioning. I don’t need to say what the issue is because plenty of other reviewers have explained it. Please fix this bug so customers can enjoy this convenient feature.
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10 months ago, 0verwatch36O
Pop ups galore
Get rid of the dang pop ups. Goodness!!! I login to my account and just want to check my balance but I’m inundated with so many pop ups that checking my account balances that should only take 30 seconds takes me 10 minutes. What are you actually trying to accomplish except to frustrate your users? Do your marketing somewhere else and let us actually use the app without being assaulted by 50,000 pop ups. 🙄
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7 years ago, NikiWelch
Convenient & simple
The app continues to improve and I love the deposit feature!! Recently I’ve noticed a significant delay when loading account history, sometimes switching to another feature (like deposit) and the back to accounts will help the history load.
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2 years ago, Flyersfan1969
Mobile deposit not working
I am not able to complete a mobile deposit from my phone. Please put in a fix for this
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6 years ago, ddawson0818
I work for this credit union & I do most of my bill paying online & use the app frequently. Only thing I wish they would add is being able to check & pay your MasterCard through the app.
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3 years ago, Lezistud
I like the online banking but….
I tryed to get a line they denied me at SunEast but I was accepted at RocketMorgage and now I’m the proud owner of a duplex and now I am a landlord so I guess everything happens for a reason. Low interest rate and low down payment
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2 years ago, StrangeLove6614
This app has been a life saver! I like that I can put funds into checking and savings and everything in between!
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1 month ago, dicajugfngiwjfiqknfskviodgn
Miss Sarah B
I’m an 18 year old who banks with Sun East, I had an issue with a document that I didn't understand and decided to try the text help feature in the app to resolve it. After explaining the situation to the representative, Sarah B, she ended the session with no explanation and absolutely no help. The app works fine so this rating is really for Sarah B since they decided to ask how I’m liking the app directly after she ended the session.
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2 years ago, Love it! Buttttt
Sun East app
I use this app 24/7 it’s very important to have. Keep track of everything and it’s so fast and the support is amazing when I need them (:
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7 years ago, JessEwing
Love it!
Downloaded the initial app and have loved the support and added features in each release since! Mobile deposit feature is *IDEAL*!
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5 years ago, chrisl9595
Credit card
They should have a slot for your credit card like the car loan
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5 years ago, Goodwitch50
Very useful app
It is so convenient to have all your up-to-date balances at your fingertips. I use this app daily.
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6 years ago, tntkms
Outstanding service, I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years.
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6 years ago, Dino and Gus
Online banking
I wish I could see the transactions of my MC with online banking. For some reason it does not show up. Why? This is the only complaint I have.
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8 years ago, LWBC
Simple to use app
What a relief after so many years of sending checks for deposit by mail. This app makes depositing checks a piece of cake and super-quick.
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5 years ago, jendhfydhdj
Wasteful message/ Cashback notes
Stop the mindless messages on this app
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5 years ago, heatherbrant24
Credit card access
I should be able to access my credit card using this app. See the balance and purchases and pay the balance.
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5 years ago, Plasticsaurus
Credit card option
I wish I could use the app to see my credit card
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5 years ago, CSS996
Behind the times
Very difficult to make a payment. Cannot pay directly from the app. Clunky interface. Needs a complete overhaul.
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2 years ago, Green4Brean
Can’t make deposits.
The photo feature for depositing checks via mobile deposit isn’t working correctly.
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6 years ago, Briaaboss
Love this app! It’s always been great and easy to use for me!
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5 years ago, Yaseen jihad
Good app
Very good app and works perfect just the touch of the finger.
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2 years ago, Gamer Kid 123456789
Buggy, cant deposit checks
Check deposit Never rotates properly
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8 years ago, Rob game
Suneast a great app
Every one that has suneast ... it is a must have app
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4 years ago, Peety2487
Love it
Great app love it
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4 years ago, credit card pay needed
Needs to add more functions
The credit car
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4 years ago, hooter123345677
Doesnt allow me to view account says im signed in but says no calid accounts
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9 years ago, Brittygraces
No Check Deposit Option
Works great for transfers & bill pay. However, there isn't an option for depositing checks via pictures, despite the advertisement of it being there. That was the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place. Disappointed.
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4 years ago, HappyThoughts444
App is down!
App is down!
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9 years ago, My dog loves it
My banking made easy!
I love the app!! I can transfer money and not have to go to my computer. Works great while I am out shopping so I can check my balance and not overdraft my account. I love this app!!!
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9 years ago, Amccoy16
Huge improvement
This app does everything you need a banking app to do. Looking forward to the next version with remote deposit.
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10 years ago, Lola 915
Amazing and Easy
This is so convenient for home banking and all other assortments! I love it because I can check my account any and everywhere I go. No complaints!
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10 years ago, BilRups
Thank you!
Great! User friendly on laptop, iPad or iPhone. The only improvement I can see would be access to MasterCard transactions.
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8 years ago, Dcole07
Love It
I love the app. The only suggestion is to tell people what to write on the back of the check before one is trying to deposit one.
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8 years ago, Nmmal
Really great!
Love the new Touch ID login feature. The app is very user-friendly, aesthetically attractive and functional. It's quick and simple, a great app.
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8 years ago, livy is a sexy beast
Really love mobile check deposit feature
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10 years ago, Danorganic
Great App
Only thing missing is the ability to deposit online.
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10 years ago, Mike K 1985
Easy to install. Easy to use! Great features on the iPhone and even more on the iPad. Home run!!!
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8 years ago, CoffeeMate
Better With Each Upgrade
Makes one financial life less stressful. Keep it up, SunEast
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9 years ago, Nette228
Pretty cool
It would be awesome if they actually allowed the check deposits via the app.
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8 years ago, MCampagnini
Check deposit
Check deposit is incredibly painful. It takes a dozen attempts to recognize the check images, even when they are computer printed.
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